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Goodbye FaZe Rug...
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I got her pregnant...
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  • Aleksander Hila
    Aleksander Hila Hour ago

    Why are you lying your brother is home not invocation

  • golddust21 black

    RIP kobe Bryant

  • Haroldas Jok
    Haroldas Jok Hour ago

    10:38 Rip Kobe Bryant! <3

  • CLAYx Gaming
    CLAYx Gaming Hour ago


  • Venzie7
    Venzie7 Hour ago

    I would take a blanket and wrap the the candy and go in

  • Chad Farri
    Chad Farri Hour ago

    i think the girl will win

  • wy_vortex
    wy_vortex Hour ago

    no offense but faze rug is white so im not surprised that he came to check the house typical white ppl XD

  • Bilqees Ali
    Bilqees Ali Hour ago

    a lion is a lot storger than crocdiles

  • Damian Perez
    Damian Perez Hour ago

    3:10 you showed ur license plate before blocking it

  • Micah Bean
    Micah Bean Hour ago

    13:19 was so cute

  • Adrian Manning
    Adrian Manning Hour ago


  • DiamondMaster676

    All the baseball fans wanting that cat 7 😍

  • Kristýna Wenzlová

    Idk, this is just stupid. Like... its such a waste, not even going to watch the entire video...

  • Santiago Velosa
    Santiago Velosa Hour ago

    Every one loves Anthony

  • Santiago Velosa
    Santiago Velosa Hour ago

    Shut up bradon

  • Jake Hudson
    Jake Hudson Hour ago

    She has so many spots on her face but last time she didn't

  • Isabella Lowe
    Isabella Lowe Hour ago


  • demon spawn
    demon spawn Hour ago

    Beans are the greatest thing known to man

  • Moses Ramirez
    Moses Ramirez Hour ago

    Brroo rug you should buy it

  • Jeje Rose
    Jeje Rose Hour ago

    Youer mumes name is سناء🖤

  • Ninja Phoenix
    Ninja Phoenix Hour ago

    Yo faze a player from the lakers team died from a helicopter crash R.I.P ( I’m neutral just saying) Brawdismust be happy

  • FireArm ThePro
    FireArm ThePro Hour ago

    RIP Kobe , fly high man

  • Glitched Digital

    you know whats funny you pretty much ridden my planet coaster rides😂😂😂

  • MisterFlappy
    MisterFlappy Hour ago

    Rip Kobe he died in a helicopter crash 😔😔😔🥺🥺🤖 one like in this faze rug video it is one pray for kobe

  • Waqar Ali khan
    Waqar Ali khan Hour ago


    K ROHAN KUMAR Hour ago

    The most expensive house is Mukesh Ambani house

  • Critical BO55
    Critical BO55 Hour ago

    14:20 He did not censor it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Кристиян Пенчев

    Taht was morgz girlfriend

  • Richard Lambert
    Richard Lambert Hour ago

    Me:ahhhhhh glass in my eye My mum:it'll be fine

  • Thalan Nisanth
    Thalan Nisanth Hour ago

    i love you so much faze rug

  • Omar Ahmed
    Omar Ahmed Hour ago

    Yo do you know what I am Egyptian and I love you so much and I also talk Egyptian and I love you

  • Emely Gonzalez Moreno

    2:10 I hate yellow laffy taffy bannana or any kind of bannana candy

  • digna umana
    digna umana Hour ago

    Who is here after hearing about Kobe Bryant death 🙏😢

  • Isabella Zamores

    Me and my mom put it in her bag and my backpack

  • Daniel Pax
    Daniel Pax Hour ago

    R.I.P Kobe

  • Anthony Watson
    Anthony Watson Hour ago

    You called foul ball and out 3 fouls equals 1 out

  • Daacad Yare
    Daacad Yare Hour ago

    Ok anyone else the love for rug rats was like 100=======70 and then its went like 70=======100 again

  • mohamed bouimedourga


  • Darkness Gammer
    Darkness Gammer Hour ago

    Molly is so hot

  • Crystal Clarke
    Crystal Clarke Hour ago

    I tried to comment to far away cannot send

  • Crystal Clarke
    Crystal Clarke Hour ago

    Love you

  • SpawnAnubis
    SpawnAnubis Hour ago

    Was that justin bieber?

  • 69 bich
    69 bich Hour ago


  • RTNShain
    RTNShain Hour ago

    that black nigga is so fucking corny got the black ppl looking bad😂

  • Mohamed Alali
    Mohamed Alali Hour ago

    I would shave my head for an 11

  • 1the queen1
    1the queen1 Hour ago

    I did sneak snacks into a movie theater before but not only me it was me and my friends and all of us had bags so we just put it in the bag

  • Abdul Tarafder
    Abdul Tarafder Hour ago

    I ate a chocolate muffin like if u ate too comment if u didnt

  • SpawnAnubis
    SpawnAnubis Hour ago

    Lol I'm surprised no one said "where my 2020 peeps at?"

  • Tech Spase
    Tech Spase Hour ago


  • David Middleton
    David Middleton Hour ago

    I think Anthony will win

  • Pandas Asmr
    Pandas Asmr Hour ago

    God put you in his life for a purpose and his purpose was to help him out and give him a new beginning love you faze rug❤️✊🏽✌🏽 all respect and love.

  • Hasan Hammoud
    Hasan Hammoud Hour ago

    Little kid takes a hundred Little kid to his parents: who are u ?

  • Daacad Yare
    Daacad Yare Hour ago

    Having Arianna grande in your house or even MEET Arianna grande is 100/0 thats the sad truth guys so sad 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

  • 69 bich
    69 bich Hour ago

    I love the sloth

  • Trainer For Instinct

    I think IT is a 1

  • Estevan Ruvalcaba

    Take off ur wisdom teeth for a video and record the process

  • Yousef Yousef
    Yousef Yousef 2 hours ago

    13:35 I died😂😂

  • Andreas Walther
    Andreas Walther 2 hours ago

    Rip kobe bryant🙏🏼🙏🏼😩

  • Andrija Kleut
    Andrija Kleut 2 hours ago


  • Jana Lara
    Jana Lara 2 hours ago

    My name is Jana

  • Elena Angjusheva
    Elena Angjusheva 2 hours ago

    Do another video like this

    TOP TEN 2 hours ago

    ставь лайк если ты русский

  • B U L L O
    B U L L O 2 hours ago

    So my videos are getting recommended on this video.. plz don’t skip it🥺🥺🥺

  • Barelko _sb
    Barelko _sb 2 hours ago


  • Denicija Blazevska
    Denicija Blazevska 2 hours ago


  • Kimberly manrique
    Kimberly manrique 2 hours ago

    Oh come on we all laughed at that part🤣😂 14:41

  • Kinan قناة متنوعة

    Ho else is watching in 2020

  • FIRE RIDER Gaming
    FIRE RIDER Gaming 2 hours ago

    Faze rug category - gaming 😂😂🤣🤣

  • quix
    quix 2 hours ago


  • cozmic
    cozmic 2 hours ago

    Who else is here because of Charlie

  • Ghoulfuel 170
    Ghoulfuel 170 2 hours ago

    The reason it was cold at the end because when the temperature drops really low like instant it means there are spirts or ghost

  • jose petrinjak
    jose petrinjak 2 hours ago


  • Friendship Twins
    Friendship Twins 2 hours ago

    hmmmm… I didn't know that toothpaste could fix a phone AND change the color of it!

  • jose petrinjak
    jose petrinjak 2 hours ago

    They did it they went up to 2000000

  • ahmad raza
    ahmad raza 2 hours ago

    R.i.p dimond button

  • A f7
    A f7 2 hours ago

    Funny thing is that she closed the sink 😂

  • Adam
    Adam 2 hours ago

    He said just the outfield is 200-300 feet, oh lord who’s gonna tell him

  • 69 bich
    69 bich 2 hours ago

    Happy birthday mama fug

  • thayer parkington
    thayer parkington 2 hours ago

    When is your birthday again I thought it was November 14

  • Aroma Dehari
    Aroma Dehari 2 hours ago

    Bro how could a milionares cousin have one pairs of shoes,sorry for saying this.👏👏👏nice job bro

  • Trent Loud
    Trent Loud 2 hours ago

    Kaylin will probably treat you right. But Molly will DO you right 😂😍

  • Brenda Cerda
    Brenda Cerda 2 hours ago

    Sub to faze rug

  • Preston Flint
    Preston Flint 2 hours ago

    I come down to San Diego every spring break

  • Owen Lipinski
    Owen Lipinski 2 hours ago


  • 69 bich
    69 bich 2 hours ago

    That shit is ugly

  • Eastlynn Orr
    Eastlynn Orr 2 hours ago

    Who watch in 2020

  • Freddie Berger
    Freddie Berger 2 hours ago

    coming from a baseball player, this hurt to watch. and I would've hit at least 30 yayas. hitting from the outfield grass😭😭😭

  • Abigail Thomas
    Abigail Thomas 2 hours ago

    I cried when they cried

  • Harry Evans
    Harry Evans 2 hours ago

    Yo u can’t go to sea world and say in a video that loads of people will see and talk about sea world like that. Nothing against u but u can’t do that

  • Laura Avila
    Laura Avila 2 hours ago

    Your crush is about to ask you out say yes

  • Bryant Sailo
    Bryant Sailo 2 hours ago

    Faze Rug Kobe Bryant died R.I.P Kobe

  • Adam George
    Adam George 2 hours ago

    He dose know that the whole video is pointless because we are allowed our own snacks in the cinema anyway

  • Zainudeen Witbooi
    Zainudeen Witbooi 2 hours ago

    Who is here in 2020 If you are pls like

  • Fungal 3773
    Fungal 3773 2 hours ago

    I have the MacBook Pro with the touch bar and it is worth more than $1,000

  • Suavitel 33
    Suavitel 33 2 hours ago

    I would’ve hit dingers for days

  • Madden Vlogs
    Madden Vlogs 2 hours ago

    The Old one

  • maja Radan
    maja Radan 2 hours ago


  • Cassie Hodge
    Cassie Hodge 2 hours ago

    no cap thats the first thing i thought of too

  • Thunderz
    Thunderz 2 hours ago

    3:58 also do that one....