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I got her pregnant...
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  • David T
    David T 2 seconds ago

    Noah bought rug 10 grand worth of Gucci but Rug couldn’t get Noah a decent car.

  • Henil Doshi
    Henil Doshi 9 seconds ago

    Best prank on rug in a long time

  • ZakirN777 Gaming
    ZakirN777 Gaming 13 seconds ago

    FaZe Noa

  • Tiffany Kimes
    Tiffany Kimes 15 seconds ago

    OK the only thing I'm confused about is if no one really bought all that Gucci for Brian then why the HELL is it not packaged the way Gucci does it. Everything should have been in a dust bag wrapped in tissue paper with a bow around the box.. hmmmm Something is off..

  • Sam Huss
    Sam Huss 15 seconds ago

    Happy birthday

  • Joker
    Joker 54 seconds ago

    Rug why have you been faking your vids lately

  • Eric Colin
    Eric Colin Minute ago

    Why does Noah moves his head to much😂🤣🤣💀

  • Phenny Abanilla
    Phenny Abanilla Minute ago


  • Adi Yadav
    Adi Yadav 2 minutes ago

    I got dizzy just watching this

  • Isaac Diaz
    Isaac Diaz 3 minutes ago

    Happy birthday I love you videos

  • Sm0kY
    Sm0kY 3 minutes ago

    Noah is so entertaining

  • Gloc Beam
    Gloc Beam 3 minutes ago

    Bruh anyone else know that faze rugs secretly dating his camera man

  • Isaac Diaz
    Isaac Diaz 3 minutes ago

    Happy birthday

  • Ashley Lagos
    Ashley Lagos 3 minutes ago

    omg his hype when he opens up the presents 😍 his voice gets all cute & girly honestly he deserves this bc he does this to a lot of people he pranks them & gives them with something nice and he needed something like this back to him 🥰😊

  • deshon barber
    deshon barber 4 minutes ago

    This video deserves 2 million views so heart warming

  • Raiderdiego T916
    Raiderdiego T916 4 minutes ago

    Everyone Smash That Like Button For Rugs Birthday!!!

  • Vanessa Brown
    Vanessa Brown 5 minutes ago

    I like how his father spoke like he knew him already..

  • Parsamateen Shirmo
    Parsamateen Shirmo 5 minutes ago

    Go to canada 👍 if yo agree 🔽

  • Kevin Solano
    Kevin Solano 6 minutes ago

    Noah should be in ALL of Rug’s videos

  • Action Jack's SlimeTime

    For my yt channel I have to think of different slimes every two days of the week 😢 Lol

  • Mallory Alesna
    Mallory Alesna 6 minutes ago

    Noah must be making some good money working for rug lol

  • Yo.lb.king.jasonn
    Yo.lb.king.jasonn 7 minutes ago

    Y’all needa appreciate rug this shows he loves his job and fans

  • Jesse Gomez
    Jesse Gomez 7 minutes ago

    12:46 trips falls the chain saw ends up in his mouth..Oooooooof 💀🤦‍♂️😂

  • Hugh Hamilton
    Hugh Hamilton 7 minutes ago

    i loooooooove black liqorce

  • Alyosha Zsanet
    Alyosha Zsanet 7 minutes ago

    Its comedy seeing these people act so terrible jajaja

  • Richie Perez
    Richie Perez 8 minutes ago

    Noah should make his own TVclip channel is very interesting!!!

  • Okay Alright
    Okay Alright 9 minutes ago

    Can't ignore the guy that won the phone is cute

  • Payton Berry
    Payton Berry 9 minutes ago

    Happy birthday

  • adamisbigdaddy
    adamisbigdaddy 10 minutes ago


  • Wsp_Omar
    Wsp_Omar 10 minutes ago

    RIP Cuervo, we all love you.. you’re a beautiful angel in the sky now.

  • R3X Productions
    R3X Productions 12 minutes ago

    10k just shows that rug treats him and pays him well

  • 10 Tse10
    10 Tse10 12 minutes ago

    Nova love you bro

  • Ankith Jaggi
    Ankith Jaggi 12 minutes ago

    i think sumone blowed a punch to nova look at his eye

  • jade isa ruri
    jade isa ruri 13 minutes ago

    i love this video

  • Wild Spiritlynx
    Wild Spiritlynx 13 minutes ago

    Whoever disliked the video just couldn’t see from tears on how this video is amazing it’s beautiful.

  • Fredy Castanon
    Fredy Castanon 14 minutes ago

    Happy birthday 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Nabeel
    Nabeel 14 minutes ago

    noah would be a great youtuber

  • Nabeel
    Nabeel 14 minutes ago

    we love noah

  • Luna Arias
    Luna Arias 15 minutes ago

    Please subscribe to my channel!!

  • TechGamer 99
    TechGamer 99 16 minutes ago

    Rug had the gucci bag already in past

  • Ric-Zairhus Gambol
    Ric-Zairhus Gambol 17 minutes ago

    Well done Noah You can be a great TVclipR

  • Angel Madrigal
    Angel Madrigal 17 minutes ago

    Does anyone remember when Noah was quiet behind the camera, then he was annoying, then was quiet again and now hes cool, chill and funny asf.😂

  • Ghost Viper
    Ghost Viper 17 minutes ago

    Wow faze rug called me weird becsue my name is spelled Bryan when his is spelled Brian

  • J M B H
    J M B H 18 minutes ago

    Camara men don't get the credit they deserve

  • Erin Brown
    Erin Brown 19 minutes ago

    I read full description

  • IH Entertainment
    IH Entertainment 19 minutes ago

    Noah is such a nice guy

  • Ulisito Serrano
    Ulisito Serrano 20 minutes ago

    Warning: there is self promoters in the comment section

  • shashika. 2000
    shashika. 2000 20 minutes ago

    10:35 why is that painting blurred??😂

  • Cosmmo _
    Cosmmo _ 20 minutes ago

    dude noah brings positive vibes

  • Zinz
    Zinz 20 minutes ago

    You surprised him with things he already had.I know what you did 😠

  • lil Mario ontiveros
    lil Mario ontiveros 21 minute ago


  • Auston Luttrell
    Auston Luttrell 21 minute ago

    Noah you’re a G.

  • Yo.lb.king.jasonn
    Yo.lb.king.jasonn 22 minutes ago

    This nigga faze rug treats his camera guy better then any TVclipr out there

  • Keshav Samtani
    Keshav Samtani 23 minutes ago

    How Is Noah so rich🤣

  • Damian Mendez
    Damian Mendez 25 minutes ago


  • Luis Crispin
    Luis Crispin 26 minutes ago

    I really like this Noah guy not gonna lie 🤔

  • Youngsinatra Duran
    Youngsinatra Duran 26 minutes ago

    Is it just me or u find it Sus that the Gucci wasn’t packaged nicely and none of them had dust bags the first shoes he opened looked like they were just thrown in

  • Apathyslayer
    Apathyslayer 26 minutes ago


  • Abyss Wtf
    Abyss Wtf 26 minutes ago

    Who watched the video when it said $5000 worth of gucci;)

  • gnarlymyguy
    gnarlymyguy 26 minutes ago

    *this producer I payed for 24 hours made a song for 24 hours* *oh also he added auto tune* Nah this is actually fire though

  • alexa rosas
    alexa rosas 26 minutes ago

    Noah should make his own TVclip channel

  • Jennifer Here
    Jennifer Here 27 minutes ago

    I laughed so hard! Your mom when she saw you guys in the heels, so funny! 🤣

  • BH Bonilla
    BH Bonilla 27 minutes ago

    Nice video bro

  • nikhil colaco
    nikhil colaco 27 minutes ago

    Nova do more pranks please

  • Xxwolfifang xX
    Xxwolfifang xX 29 minutes ago

    What do you call a person with long hair Rug:what A RUGRAT HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA sorry for the bad joke;-;

  • Jaron Moore
    Jaron Moore 29 minutes ago


  • Yesenia Oxlaj
    Yesenia Oxlaj 29 minutes ago

    Noah you are funny when u said I just meet Santa and the pics u took I was laughing 😂 U should start ur own channel like fr bye u are a good TVclip even rug

  • kyle youtube
    kyle youtube 29 minutes ago

    Noah’s the goat

  • Layla Qasim
    Layla Qasim 29 minutes ago

    Happy b-day Bryan hope u have a great day👑💯‼️

  • Cranking Quick
    Cranking Quick 29 minutes ago

    All of them

  • Sharp X
    Sharp X 29 minutes ago

    The best videooooo

  • Jenn Zapata
    Jenn Zapata 29 minutes ago

    Can kaitlyn and rug get back together ❤

  • Nathaniel pedraza
    Nathaniel pedraza 29 minutes ago

    17:04 i thought she said no fries

  • Mason Oss
    Mason Oss 30 minutes ago


  • Damian Mendez
    Damian Mendez 30 minutes ago

    I will come pal

  • Venom 69
    Venom 69 31 minute ago

    How can Noah afford all this 😬

  • Jonqthan
    Jonqthan 31 minute ago

    One day I needa catch rug at Fashion valley wtf i always been there and never see any1

  • khalid Ibrahim
    khalid Ibrahim 31 minute ago

    Hbd faze rug you the best

  • shashika. 2000
    shashika. 2000 31 minute ago

    Love u bro 🔥❤🔥

  • Jelvin W
    Jelvin W 31 minute ago

    Happy birthday 🎂🎁🎈🎉🎊

  • Diana Hernandez
    Diana Hernandez 31 minute ago

    Ok I didn’t understand anything and I’m mexican :/

  • Caroline C
    Caroline C 32 minutes ago

    I like Noah on camera

    THE CAV FAM 33 minutes ago

    Okay so why wasnt the back wrapped? Why did the red sweater look cropped was it just me. But did this look rehearsed?

      THE CAV FAM 31 minute ago

      Also arent gucci always wrapped in there own little bag?

  • Daisy Martinez
    Daisy Martinez 33 minutes ago

    Noah should make his own TVclip channel

  • Daisy Martinez
    Daisy Martinez 33 minutes ago

    The fact that he was willing to film on his birthday, shows how committed and how much he loves his fans. So much respect towards him !

  • Alfonso Reyes
    Alfonso Reyes 33 minutes ago

    Bro-Ship 9000 love dis

  • Yuliana Gomez
    Yuliana Gomez 33 minutes ago

    This video was so funny love you so much and you always make my day

  • Arhoni Ngullie
    Arhoni Ngullie 34 minutes ago

    @noah... You did a great job😂😂 Love ya Rug

  • Jdjd dHdj
    Jdjd dHdj 34 minutes ago

    Any body else just skip trough most of the video

  • Ruvalcaba Aiden
    Ruvalcaba Aiden 34 minutes ago

    Faze Rug: you can’t mess up desert! Gordon Ramsey at the 9 pm dinner service: U didn’t get all the deserts out in time *also cusses out* u ruined it come on now!

  • Papi Johzay
    Papi Johzay 34 minutes ago

    Noah shouldve just kept this prank for his youtube channel

  • Ezra Gurrero
    Ezra Gurrero 34 minutes ago

    YoOOooooooooooOOOoooOooooo (I’m a poop)

  • Josand
    Josand 35 minutes ago

    Title changed from 5,000 to 10,000 interesting

  • Gamer 77
    Gamer 77 35 minutes ago

    So good video hahahha

  • Bryson Dunn
    Bryson Dunn 35 minutes ago

    Jack doarty howhe said it LOL!!!📞-_- :O B-) ^^ :-$ :-* :-[ :-* :-! :'(

  • Malak Hawa
    Malak Hawa 35 minutes ago

    Sorry I’m not trynna be rude but im a Gucci buyer too and how come half the stuff he bought wasn’t wrapped the only thing that was wrapped was one pair of shoes that Noah bought but the bag n other shoes wasn’t wrapped at all it seems like rug was in on it and i don’t know if you guys know but rug always wears those black Gucci shoes literally I’m not dumb when you buy something from Gucci it’s wrapped like 50 times it seems like rug just got his stuff and chucked it in with Noah’s shoe that he bought Noah bought one pair of shoes that was wrapped how come the other pair wasn’t and was just in the box ???

  • Scary M7
    Scary M7 36 minutes ago

    Why are there dislikes on this video?

  • Tute Taua
    Tute Taua 36 minutes ago

    Noah is a true cameraman/editor and true friend

  • Sway G2
    Sway G2 36 minutes ago

    More pranks on Brian!!!!!!!

  • Kayy Infinityy
    Kayy Infinityy 36 minutes ago

    Yay that’s cute