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Try Not To SINK - Challenge
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  • Gaston Galvan
    Gaston Galvan 57 minutes ago

    When rug is wearing football gloves😂

  • -FortniteGaming6145-
    -FortniteGaming6145- 57 minutes ago

    Visit oregon

    ROGER JORDANIAN 57 minutes ago

    Take a week and come to India

  • Emily Santiago
    Emily Santiago 57 minutes ago

    Rug go to Bora Bora or Japan

  • Albert Fiset
    Albert Fiset 57 minutes ago

    Go in quebec (lac beauport)

  • Dangelo Curtis
    Dangelo Curtis 57 minutes ago

    Go to Chicago!

  • Keeks
    Keeks 57 minutes ago

    “Links in the description” he doesn’t even link the guy who hooked him up with the room lol

  • Tionna Keller
    Tionna Keller 57 minutes ago

    It’s crazy u gotta be rich for him to come to ur house

  • Anthony Garrido
    Anthony Garrido 57 minutes ago

    I'm in las Vegas please come my house real life please I'm fun I see your videos

  • Karen Khondkaryan
    Karen Khondkaryan 57 minutes ago

    Go to Armenia its so beautiful there

  • Lizbeth Cepeda
    Lizbeth Cepeda 57 minutes ago

    Come to Santiago,Dominican Republic.

  • Lizbeth Cepeda
    Lizbeth Cepeda 57 minutes ago

    Come to Santiago,Dominican Republic.

  • Zzplayz Gacha
    Zzplayz Gacha 57 minutes ago

    Ur that rich but you still have an iPhone x😂 U do know the iPhone 11 pro is out

    WOLFJOJO 57 minutes ago

    I live in Vegas

  • Trenton Eaton
    Trenton Eaton 58 minutes ago

    I have that same plane but we got a new one

  • Kaiden Talayumptewa
    Kaiden Talayumptewa 58 minutes ago

    Phoenix and Flagstaff Az

  • JestinOG
    JestinOG 58 minutes ago

    FaZe Rug In One Day: -Goes To Vegas In A Private Jet -Goes To A 2 Story Room In A Hotel Me In One Day: -Play Video Games -Eat Junk Food -Watching TVclip

  • Itta Prendez
    Itta Prendez 58 minutes ago

    Come to tucson

  • Alex
    Alex 58 minutes ago

    Rug and adapt were baked 😂😂

  • Jaycee 925
    Jaycee 925 58 minutes ago

    Wash that damn urus smh

  • Samuel Fisher
    Samuel Fisher 58 minutes ago

    Around 10:10 *Brian awkwardly giggles* 😂 *Is there someone sleeping in there* ? 😂 *Was that, that woman from the first video*? *Donlads mom/step-mom or Donald Sr's partner or something* *WTF* ? *Why nobody has warned either that sleeping person or you all or both* ? *Or if that person knew why didn't s/he looked the door* ? *Making it awkward for everyone* 😂

  • IS4 GANG
    IS4 GANG 58 minutes ago


  • Macias Duke
    Macias Duke 58 minutes ago

    bro I am mad I saw Rug snaps cнecĸ my last vid 😢

  • Alysson pina
    Alysson pina 58 minutes ago

    Cape Girardeau please i have never seen you in love you so much❤💚💜💙

  • Kyle Films
    Kyle Films 58 minutes ago

    Anyone else curious about how Mike is doing? (The one from the homeless videos)

  • dropzZzToReal Ytry
    dropzZzToReal Ytry 58 minutes ago

    stay anywhere you go for 2 days one day goes by to fast

  • Jed Paranormal
    Jed Paranormal 58 minutes ago

    "The Rug House" XDDD

  • FaZe Matthew
    FaZe Matthew 58 minutes ago

    I want u to play fortnite

  • Samuel Fisher
    Samuel Fisher 58 minutes ago

    Around 07:30 *If Tanner was there, who else's closed that off* ? 😂 *Also Tanner might get clusterophobic(or is it claustrophobic?) and suffocate with oxygen deficency* 🤔

  • Nathen Flores
    Nathen Flores 58 minutes ago

    plz go to houston

  • Ionic Temper
    Ionic Temper 58 minutes ago

    Was that logan paul in the background??

  • Melanie Gonzalez
    Melanie Gonzalez 58 minutes ago

    You should come to Hermiston Oregon

    THE UNKOWN 58 minutes ago

    18:48 do you see that red lightiin the back

  • terroriser fan ur the best

    Ur just flexing on us frick off

  • HellowazHere Cuffs
    HellowazHere Cuffs 58 minutes ago

    Who the hell goes on a vacation for one ☝️ day.

  • Elizabeth Navarro
    Elizabeth Navarro 58 minutes ago

    I love you both

  • Tredictions
    Tredictions 58 minutes ago

    i wish you would’ve stayed in your house with your mercedes:/

  • its ACrox
    its ACrox 58 minutes ago

    Rug in limo- we oredered a 2 storey suite Rug in suit- ayy there are litrelly stairs here dude I mean what did you think that there will be a ladder

  • Shabazy Khan
    Shabazy Khan 58 minutes ago

    Go to Dubai

  • Gurnaik Singh
    Gurnaik Singh 59 minutes ago

    Go to London england

  • Jacob Sparks
    Jacob Sparks 59 minutes ago

    You should travel to St George

  • MeMeOriEs
    MeMeOriEs 59 minutes ago

    In america you buy private jet in soveit russia private jet buy you

  • Madara Svindere
    Madara Svindere 59 minutes ago

    Lyyyyyy 💘

  • Stijn games
    Stijn games 59 minutes ago

    belgum visit it pls

  • Striker RRM
    Striker RRM 59 minutes ago

    Road to 50 sub's pls sub it will make my day

  • el sigis 1
    el sigis 1 59 minutes ago

    México, jerez Zacatecas come un April on the fair it gets lit

  • Justin Bravo
    Justin Bravo 59 minutes ago

    Come to New York

  • Obey the brick
    Obey the brick 59 minutes ago

    7:00=hot Kay and gf makeout

  • vOnlyBully
    vOnlyBully 59 minutes ago

    Go to Memphis Tennessee plz

  • Sarina D
    Sarina D 59 minutes ago

    At 11 minutes and 35-36 seconds, was that a pimple that popped on your face??? Hahahaha

  • Lil Ninja
    Lil Ninja 59 minutes ago

    Me:poor boy check :rug rich boy check

  • Samuel Fisher
    Samuel Fisher 59 minutes ago

    Around 00:50 *One of the biggest houses in the world* ? *I haven't done researches yet but I think there are way bigger and way more expensive houses in the world let alone in the world or in europe, but even in the USA* *There are some manors, mansions, castles with vineyards that is way bigger than that entire house* *When it comes to prices, I'm sure there are some ancient historic castles, mansions, manors that door knobs and candlesticks costs more than 70mln USD* *While this house looks beautiful and aesthetic with victorian /stone age looking furnitures, in reality most of those furnitures are not an original, antiquated historic items, but later manufactured duplicates* 🤓 _I'm not making fun of it tho_ _Coz I don't even own average-ass house yet_ 😂

  • Maarten Luehof
    Maarten Luehof 59 minutes ago

    Bro go for fun to the netherlands amsterdam hahahaha

  • Daniel Haskan
    Daniel Haskan 59 minutes ago

    It is nice and bigger that my house

  • Gaurav Ajbani
    Gaurav Ajbani 59 minutes ago

    Come to India of possible. It’ll really be worth

  • Mohamed Mohamed
    Mohamed Mohamed 59 minutes ago

    Houston @fazerug

  • Rexbot2
    Rexbot2 59 minutes ago

    Private JET

  • Joshua Duffield
    Joshua Duffield 59 minutes ago

    Jessica it is so hard not to look DAM!!!!

  • Dimitrije Niksic
    Dimitrije Niksic 59 minutes ago

    Gg ruggggg

  • Not_Nicks
    Not_Nicks 59 minutes ago

    Make this blue if u love rug ⬇(gifting to my next 30 loyal subs)

  • JLV Everything
    JLV Everything 59 minutes ago


  • bl._. cesar
    bl._. cesar 59 minutes ago

    He should get a suns wrap on the McLaren

  • Jordan Obi
    Jordan Obi 59 minutes ago

    I saw this on instagram

  • turtle 21
    turtle 21 59 minutes ago

    For real you should go to Japan

  • Aj flores Flores
    Aj flores Flores 59 minutes ago

    Yo that car is lit

  • Dunkz
    Dunkz 59 minutes ago

    Faze Adapt is so high

  • 4LClover
    4LClover 59 minutes ago

    so is everyone gonna ignore how faze rug hit 13m subs?

  • lord x
    lord x Hour ago


  • Jodi angotti
    Jodi angotti Hour ago

    You should go to west Washington

  • Steindor0404 soccerskin

    Come to iceland

  • Yeeters Yeeters
    Yeeters Yeeters Hour ago

    Dubai again

  • ha_you_dudu yt
    ha_you_dudu yt Hour ago

    Yay bosley

  • Aiden Pienaar
    Aiden Pienaar Hour ago

    I love your videos faze rug please reply

  • Jonathan Palomeque

    Go to Area 51

  • Juan Jaimes
    Juan Jaimes Hour ago


  • Samuel Gurgone
    Samuel Gurgone Hour ago

    more of this 1 day trips!!!!

  • Spam L2
    Spam L2 Hour ago

    U really deserve it with u're hard work both of u guys

  • Tyreek Hill
    Tyreek Hill Hour ago

    I thought Donald had the urus for a week

  • joseph Delarosa
    joseph Delarosa Hour ago


  • Infinity
    Infinity Hour ago

    You're officially addicted to flexing... I miss the old Rug

  • Joshua M
    Joshua M Hour ago

    wish i was that rich😂

  • ITS mantis
    ITS mantis Hour ago

    Travel to lithuania

  • Aceitoes
    Aceitoes Hour ago

    What about a McClaren P1 2mill car😂

  • Louis Mellor
    Louis Mellor Hour ago

    Rug said lit more than Kay has said INSNAE JARVIS

  • Joshua M
    Joshua M Hour ago

    wish i was that rich😂

  • Sofi The beaglier

    When you have too much money problems you gotta buy a jet

  • Amer Aldifaii
    Amer Aldifaii Hour ago

    Jacksonville Florida

  • CallMeVelocity
    CallMeVelocity Hour ago

    The corner

  • Zach
    Zach Hour ago

    This is how many times Brian said lit in this video I I I I


    RUG should surprise the homeless man AKA MIKE with $5000 Like if rug should do this

  • Ricky
    Ricky Hour ago

    Rug: I don't speak broke😎

  • Joachim Johansen

    Travel to new York

  • NrTdrzerz _YTツ

    Go to China no cap

    MEME BOY LUIS Hour ago


  • TTV bock0li
    TTV bock0li Hour ago

    me:goes to the dollar tree to get candy FaZe Rug: spends 100k on a 1 day trip

  • Skye Woolley
    Skye Woolley Hour ago

    Please stay in Britain Nottingham for a week at Please

  • OG LOC
    OG LOC Hour ago

    11:25 omg his arm scared the shit out of me😂😂😂

  • Dave Guernsey
    Dave Guernsey Hour ago


  • Ability synx
    Ability synx Hour ago

    Hey faze rug can you go to Chicago next?

  • Samuel Nicholas Olsen

    Pilot: Do you have a ride in Vegas. Rug: yea yea, we have a limo. Me:😄🔫