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  • Holly Drury
    Holly Drury Minute ago

    This has helped us much. Please do motivational Mondays!!!

  • XPLR Girl
    XPLR Girl 2 minutes ago

    i'm not crying, you are 🤧🥺

  • Emily Perdue
    Emily Perdue 3 minutes ago

    P paused it on the clown 😭😭

  • Be Kyungsoo
    Be Kyungsoo 3 minutes ago

    Apa benda la mat saleh ni.. Banyak benda boleh buat kat sini.. Benda mengarut juga dia nak buat kat tempat kita.. Anjir

  • Harith Harith
    Harith Harith 6 minutes ago

    It's not a bedbug its just ants hahahahha

  • Misha Chu
    Misha Chu 10 minutes ago

    The needle disposer, regardless if it be for drug needs or diabetics, it's still a safer way of disposing them in a separate container rather than the trash can...

  • Armynda Ochoa
    Armynda Ochoa 11 minutes ago

    I love this do it more💯💗💗❤

  • Emily Perdue
    Emily Perdue 14 minutes ago

    When he said Jake thought I farted I laughed 😂

  • Lorraine Harris
    Lorraine Harris 15 minutes ago

    Think he's turned in to 1960 hippy or he's on drugs

    FROSTY YT 15 minutes ago

    I heard a laugh in the background when you were looking at the grave

  • Shanika Robinson
    Shanika Robinson 19 minutes ago


  • Lauren Beazley 60 (STUDENT)

    They could spread germs

  • Adrian Mendoza
    Adrian Mendoza 20 minutes ago

    Of course it's a great clips

  • Jacklyn Nguyen
    Jacklyn Nguyen 23 minutes ago

    I love you

  • Emily Perdue
    Emily Perdue 28 minutes ago

    Brennan's face is like 😭😭😭😭🤐😧🤡

  • kenya valenzuela
    kenya valenzuela 29 minutes ago

    Hi Brennen, if your reading this i thank you for this video because i have been havig a hard time in school. School has been stress lately and in this video it has helped me relax and help me feel better finally i have had time to hear something good and that will help🙏🙏❤❤

  • Dnyanada Pardeshi
    Dnyanada Pardeshi 30 minutes ago

    You make me smile.... thanks Brennan. I start marination now, i promise you. I definitely find my great side. I Greatfull to you bcz i learn something from u today🙏.

  • Emily Perdue
    Emily Perdue 33 minutes ago

    You can tell Brennen is scared 😬

  • Vetsafie West
    Vetsafie West 34 minutes ago

    You should make a video with Amber Scholl again.

  • ninja boy
    ninja boy 34 minutes ago

    Anyone realised that the pig mask is from SAW the horror movie

  • Torres_ShashinJutsu
    Torres_ShashinJutsu 37 minutes ago

    I always ask for light ice anywhere I buy a drink

  • Morina Kabua
    Morina Kabua 44 minutes ago

    the starbucks one is because the vt cup has heavy ice

  • Heathergrace mcloughlin
    Heathergrace mcloughlin 52 minutes ago

    Guys if you more coffe in a venti ask for no ice

  • Natalia Lesniewska
    Natalia Lesniewska 53 minutes ago

    This actually helped me because I really am grateful for what I have, When I have family problems or problems in general I do set my mind into positive thoughts because I know that bad things turn into good things, when I’m down your videos always cheer me up thank u ❤️❤️❤️

  • Kayleigh Johnson
    Kayleigh Johnson 58 minutes ago

    I hope someone builds Kim a small home.

    SRFK SNIPEZ 59 minutes ago

    He’s so insecure nobody said anything about his body and he just started talking about the hippo in the room lmaoo

  • Tessa Erasmus
    Tessa Erasmus Hour ago

    Colby did WAAAYYYY better I don't know how good of a artist he really is but he won against Brennen with a Bob Ross tutorial

  • Brayan Bedolla
    Brayan Bedolla Hour ago

    you make so much money and your bitching about 70 bucks

  • Chua Yuuki
    Chua Yuuki Hour ago

    Lets get this thing clear . Well I'm as a Malaysian i wanna say sorry to you at first . Basically why this hotel was cheapest it's because normally people who would like to have sex and etc they will checked in and living there to have it . So i hope you will think twice after this if u visit Malaysia . You can get a better hotel with low price. Enjoyed ur video very much.

  • Not _Youngjustice

    I’m not..ahhh wait aghh I’m aghhh pu aghhh😂😂😂

  • nigskillz
    nigskillz Hour ago

    The drink one is still the same amount of drink but just spaced out with icd

    SRFK SNIPEZ Hour ago

    Thanks for the reviews

  • ScoobTheDog
    ScoobTheDog Hour ago

    Jake: *HEY HOW YOU DOING MAN!?,* *clown sees them* *Jake:That moment you knew, you fucked up*

  • Emily Twizzlerbee

    Come to Reno Nevada

  • Graham Wise
    Graham Wise Hour ago

    How is that up to the 5 star standard. Did the hotel just decide to award themselves it’s own stars 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Namerzz
    Namerzz Hour ago

    Crazy russian hacker did the egg peeler one first

  • Scott W
    Scott W Hour ago

    Looks like the MGM Grand

  • Michael McNeal
    Michael McNeal Hour ago

    This ruined my appetite bad

  • jeon y/n kim
    jeon y/n kim Hour ago

    saminana hey hey wakawaka I'm GAY

  • Josh Cellini
    Josh Cellini Hour ago

    Thank you dude! Im going through a divorce right now and im thinking this will help me a great deal

    SAVVAGE SEAN Hour ago

    Anyone who thinks the Starbucks one is amazing is dumb, the ice takes up the mass of the cup making it fill up more

  • The No Self Help Junkie

    I knew it

  • GoldenState
    GoldenState Hour ago

    It wasn't a roach in the Kung Pao, it was probably a dried pepper and flies are repelled by vinegar. I wonder if these guys even like good Chinese food?

  • Fluffy172
    Fluffy172 Hour ago

    The drink one isn’t even a life hack lmao. Tht shits just logic haha

  • Aidan Wanner
    Aidan Wanner Hour ago

    This guy loves the word "aesthetic"

  • Eve O’Connor
    Eve O’Connor Hour ago

    Brennen needs to shave his armpits

  • David Payne
    David Payne Hour ago

    Wait, pigs are damonic

  • norma villarreal

    Wow , thanks hope everything goes well for u ,

  • David Payne
    David Payne Hour ago

    Get help

    HOUSE OF HARRIS Hour ago

    The drink one is the fact that the ice takes up the space so it’s not saving you money. Lol

  • Marlene *Marlissimo* C.

    Please please please do this series, more people need it than they even know, THANK YOU!!!!

  • Joseph Tenecela
    Joseph Tenecela 2 hours ago

    Well brennen pay up $50 😂😂😂

  • Colby Br0ck
    Colby Br0ck 2 hours ago

    Brennen I love more then anything I really want u to know that♥️♥️

  • Laylay Prettyyy
    Laylay Prettyyy 2 hours ago

    I’ve been waiting for someone to do this 😂😂

  • Joseph Tenecela
    Joseph Tenecela 2 hours ago

    The moment jake said yo brennen your the one that gets the reaction the lights flicker

  • Joey Gutierrez
    Joey Gutierrez 2 hours ago

    Is this the map from advance warefare?

  • Live Karma
    Live Karma 2 hours ago

    Brennan, definitely doing gods work. And at such a young age too. Incredible

  • Courtney Ihde
    Courtney Ihde 2 hours ago

    In and out has a secret menu. I usually get the animal frys but they also have a animal burger. Try it sometime. 😊 They bomb asf.

  • Jack Linford
    Jack Linford 2 hours ago

    3 million subscribers because of gordon Ramsay lol

  • joe smith_axe
    joe smith_axe 2 hours ago

    I was the 3,000,000th sub btw

  • BeckahNisbet
    BeckahNisbet 2 hours ago

    I was waiting for something to be the push in the right direction and bring me back to where I need to be mentally and this is it. Thank you.

  • Sam • Colby • And • Brennen

    This helped SOO much

  • Thankful & Grateful
    Thankful & Grateful 2 hours ago

    I would like to mention that in your clip in the beginning a guy added 2 slices of pizza in the pizza in the window...sooo, where did those 2 pieces come don't make pizza like sus. They took left over pizza from someone's leftovers and added it to the missing pieces pizza...look at the amount of "whole" pizzas...hmmm,🤔

  • GoddessSapphire5
    GoddessSapphire5 2 hours ago

    Stop the go fund and take her to buy her necessities or try to get her help for her drug addiction

  • Ali Altamimi
    Ali Altamimi 2 hours ago

    Am I the only one who noticed that in the intro he wrote "fortunate" instead of "unfortunate"? Like if u saw it too.

  • David Davis
    David Davis 2 hours ago

    U didn’t put the egg next to the glass..

  • Ashlee Burgoon
    Ashlee Burgoon 2 hours ago

    I have a lot of vegan friends. It's a lifestyle and mental commitment. Non vegans cant really give a review on vegan food because you haven't changed your mentality 🤷‍♀️

  • Baee Loves
    Baee Loves 2 hours ago

    You should have got her a cheap ass apartment and got her off the streets instead of keep buying her f****** tents that's really nice what you're doing for a dude but you're still full of s***.

  • Test Booty Whip
    Test Booty Whip 2 hours ago

    Patagonia gang

  • boo bunga
    boo bunga 2 hours ago

    Meditation is demonic. Turn to Jesus for peace not the lies and demonic practices of satan. Btw the "power of the universe" is God. Dont be so easily decieved. Jesus is the ONLY way to heaven

  • FaRhyst Hunterz
    FaRhyst Hunterz 2 hours ago

    They: Bedbugs Me: ITS FCKIN ANT😂

  • Alexus Emerson
    Alexus Emerson 2 hours ago

    Shine your light 😇😇🌞

  • kenia corro
    kenia corro 2 hours ago

    I need this. Keep posting these ❤

  • F188 Gh188
    F188 Gh188 2 hours ago

    Huge house besides her tent but no one could habour her

  • SouthernBabe 101
    SouthernBabe 101 2 hours ago

    I honestly feel like Brennan could have got her the size she asked for because for one I’m sure he made thousands of dollars on this video for putting homeless in the title. People think just because homeless people don’t have anything that it’s ok to just give them anything and that’s not cool. It makes more sense to really go all out to help them.

  • lilrush151
    lilrush151 2 hours ago

    absolutely never make a woke video again lol

  • supreme killa
    supreme killa 2 hours ago

    The third one there is battery acid in the class

  • Anayelly Rodriguez
    Anayelly Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    Once you read Philosophy’s , your whole view on the world and yourself changes. 💋

  • Mark Vank
    Mark Vank 2 hours ago

    Absolutely loved this

  • tanya apollos
    tanya apollos 2 hours ago

    i really needed this. i always think negative and Im always stress. So thank you and we love you too ❤

    THE OG ROLE PLAYERS 2 hours ago

    1:21 My Hero Academia shirt

  • alyce Spruell
    alyce Spruell 2 hours ago

    Get kim off the both of you go check out other Kim's living on the street I sure theres lots that have special personalities like kim dont use her for views but I'm thinking kim will get a place just because of this...wanna see your new place KIM

  • Zoe Holland
    Zoe Holland 2 hours ago

    Law of attraction my guy

  • F188 Gh188
    F188 Gh188 2 hours ago

    God will bless you to move you away from homelessness

  • Danele Pierce
    Danele Pierce 3 hours ago

    I honestly love this. Keep it up! #motivationalmondays

  • cava
    cava 3 hours ago

    it can be good but not better than pizza in my place, Italy.

  • H.Heremaia
    H.Heremaia 3 hours ago

    3:18 :0 Wow his shirt is washable I've never seen such thing

  • Gamer Squad Akividal

    The flip the bottle one works but u need vinegar water and sugar

  • Jit Kakwa
    Jit Kakwa 3 hours ago

    i just hit the subscribe button at 2.99 n hit the like button

  • whiteworms
    whiteworms 3 hours ago

    and here come the salty solby fans, screaming because brennen and sam made a video calmly settling the problem you people created.

  • alyce Spruell
    alyce Spruell 3 hours ago

    Whaz up with the outfit iguss she know they were coming lip stick an all tell me she dont lay in the tent dressed like that .. all day.WHAT GUYS COMEN IN AN OUT OF THE TENT....

  • Garcia Moore
    Garcia Moore 3 hours ago

    2019 🤗 From 🇵🇷

  • 1.0 fishing
    1.0 fishing 3 hours ago

    Yo my name is brennan

  • Craft With Kori
    Craft With Kori 3 hours ago

    I cannot wait for Monday's now ❤️ so proud of you dude. Keep going!

  • bianca de bruijn
    bianca de bruijn 3 hours ago

    Smart Brennen!..

  • The Squad vlogs
    The Squad vlogs 3 hours ago

    Dude as soon as it said zozo I got a tight felling in my chest and as I started to type zozo my phone started doing weired thing

  • Tameem Ghassan
    Tameem Ghassan 3 hours ago

    You’re gay lad

  • Rachel Roberts
    Rachel Roberts 3 hours ago

    I just get a venti with no ice you get way more sooo

  • BuckeyeBro44
    BuckeyeBro44 3 hours ago

    Damn. I’m gonna try this

  • Spartan 35
    Spartan 35 3 hours ago

    Amen brother 🙏🏼