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  • Bongie Tha Yung'N
    Bongie Tha Yung'N 12 days ago

    Nice content!

  • Emily Maclean
    Emily Maclean 2 months ago

    Can you guys reupload the PETA videos? More people should be aware of what PETA is doing. You're not libeling them or being slanderous if you have the proof/evidence, screw their legal team!

  • Daniel Aleshinloye
    Daniel Aleshinloye 2 months ago

    Do you guys have a Patreon page? I'm not rich mc money bags or anything but def feel like this is one of those channels that needs to stay around. GL

  • mshesh16
    mshesh16 2 months ago

    You guys are stuck in some type of 60's inspired understanding of "counter culture." Leftism isn't kool with the kids these days, you fucking idiots, this isn't the summer of love. Leftism is the establishment these days.

  • Harvey Haines
    Harvey Haines 2 months ago

    What happened to OPCDiscussion?! That show was awesome!

  • coreen roy
    coreen roy 2 months ago

    What happened to Pop Culture Discussion?!

  • Russell
    Russell 2 months ago

    Fuck your bullshit politics, I subbed for comedy and now I get sjw libtards.

  • G. Michael Thomas
    G. Michael Thomas 2 months ago

    Really miss the show OPCD (discussion). Would love to see some more long form videos. Although we all know the story about why people don't like long content any more, what this comment presupposes is...maybe they do?

  • Hanne Marie Maegaard
    Hanne Marie Maegaard 2 months ago

    I know it's a year old now, but it's so funny seeing you guys get ripped to pieces. I love it.

  • Nonaligned Videos
    Nonaligned Videos 2 months ago

    I really appreciate what Katy Stoll does on the channel in general and I'm bummed that PETA seems to have taken down her critical commentary AGAIN. Keep doing what you do, Ms. Stoll. You are braver than I.

    JEKAFISHER 3 months ago

    Used to be kind of funny, but it just turned in to crazed left propaganda and SJW rhetoric, more than half of their content is about how much they don't like Trump, while the rest of the content is getting old and tired. Just like Collage Humor, Cracked has fallen into the insanity pit of the left and political correctness. The channel is now one big temper tantrum by some butt hurt liberals. Shame.

  • Michael Ramsey
    Michael Ramsey 3 months ago

    PLEASE you guys need to get a veteran to pick apart Netflix's version of The Punisher. It is so bad. Their gaudy portrayel of veterans, having marines wear army camo, how pathetic they made the main character...

  • RunnerYote
    RunnerYote 3 months ago

    PETA took yo' shit down a second time! When will your third PETA expose be released? :D

  • Jared Bray
    Jared Bray 3 months ago

    Where the hell is Editor and Chief Jack O'brien? Nevermind, did a google search. Still posting this comment, sorry.

  • LokiTheTrixter
    LokiTheTrixter 3 months ago

    Done with your BS politics, i subbed because of After Hours, OCPD and SWAIM, unsubbed

  • Caitlin Smith
    Caitlin Smith 3 months ago

    I'm assuming the PETA video was taken down again for similar reasons to the first time?

  • Just Sayin'
    Just Sayin' 3 months ago

    I'm hoping for more Some News.

  • Mr.P-Fox
    Mr.P-Fox 3 months ago

    did the peta video get junked again. hahahaha

  • claframboise
    claframboise 3 months ago

    clicked on the video about PETA being litigious and it was removed... wonder if that was connected

    • Laff700
      Laff700 3 months ago

      It's connected. They got Cracked's last video on them taken down.

  • Bimon1234567
    Bimon1234567 3 months ago

    Where did that video about PETA go?

  • Greg Feneis
    Greg Feneis 3 months ago

    Hi Cracked, did PETA make you pull your video, titled, Why PETA Is A Nest Of Lies? I got a notification for it, but only got around to (trying to) view it apparently too late. What gives?

  • fuckfannyfiddlefart
    fuckfannyfiddlefart 3 months ago

    Did you delete that awful attack on PETA video? If so I would like to know if you are done with this crap so I can re-subscribe.

    • Missalove
      Missalove 3 months ago

      Keep supporting terrorists and stay off this channel if that is what you need to feel good about yourself snowflake

  • slavedemise
    slavedemise 3 months ago

    That new PETA bashing video didn't last long at all.... their lawyers already contact you again? After just 1 day???? LOL

  • Stephen Monchak
    Stephen Monchak 3 months ago

    This was a great channel... WAS...

  • Adam Anderson
    Adam Anderson 3 months ago

    I wonder if you have a hair on yer ass to do a parody of TVclip...? lol

  • jdblanch
    jdblanch 3 months ago

    It's funny how many people post they are unsubscribing because of Cracked's political views. Two things, one this is a comedy site, you're supposed to watch to laugh - political satire shouldn't be taken too seriously. Two, aren't conservatives the ones who complain about being politically correct and having "safe spaces", oh the irony. I'm a conservative and I love Cracked. Cracked is funny and in a way it provides opposition research. I'm not afraid to let my ideals stand on their own, if they are so delicate that they can't stand scrutiny, they probably weren't all that great to begin with. They've definitely had some videos I disagreed with, and Cody Johnson can say things I think go to far or miss characterize the situation, but a majority of the time they make good points. They make me think and make me laugh. If you don't like the political videos than don't watch them, the titles kind of give it away. On the off chance that some one from cracked reads this keep up the good work! I really loved EPCD, so I hope that you guys are just on a break and not done with that. Also the last few cracked responds have been amazing (Peter Sarsgaard is not a Skarsgard, so funny).

  • Beni Habibi
    Beni Habibi 3 months ago

    Heya Cracked, random TVclipr passing through. look, I really like your channel, but unfortunately, I had to unsub because you took the same dark turn as College Humor. you guys drank the Kool-aid, you stopped being funny and started producing shit, smearing your SJW bile in our faces when we wanted to be entertained.

  • Sam Vimes
    Sam Vimes 3 months ago

    Just an idea for an After Hours episode. Which evil genius invention would you want for Christmas? I think I want the Green Goblin Rocket Sled.

  • Courtney O'Brien
    Courtney O'Brien 3 months ago

    Hey guys, wanted to let you know I really enjoy the "Some News" series. I don't really buy into the criticism that your channel is too political, which by being publicly posted by these commenters, is a political statement unto itself, ironically. Political conversations need to be had right now, regardless of whether your made uncomfortable by it. I enjoy when you guys focus on policy (like in the recent video about how to fix congress) in addition to ideology/specific political figures.

  • Rad McCool
    Rad McCool 3 months ago

    please sir may i have *some news*

  • Gandalf the White
    Gandalf the White 3 months ago

    Miserable emasculated men are so annoying. Your self-mutilation is not funny or entertaining. Please stop. You're in the business of harm.

  • Michael Wandel
    Michael Wandel 3 months ago

    I'm unsubscribing until they fire the guy who does the "this week in how much I hate trump" rants. Political satire needs to be funny not just shouty.

  • Brooke Beetham
    Brooke Beetham 3 months ago

    This may not be the best place to ask this, but will there ever be anymore Obsessive Pop Culture Discussion? It was by far my favorite show on the site, and I'd love to see its return.

    • fredgarvinism
      fredgarvinism 3 months ago

      No they cancelled it with no particular fanfare. The only mention was a quick blurb on Daniel O'brien's twitter.

  • Stephen Buxton
    Stephen Buxton 3 months ago

    I know there is a lot to talk about regarding Trump and Gun Control, but could you please do a piece about how the argument that stopping people going mad with guns by having civilians shooting them is not a valid one? Trump has come out and said that gun laws won't be tightened, citing that the gunman was stopped by one such civilian, ignoring the fact that had there been tighter gun control in the first place, no one would have been doing any shooting

  • Omnom Nomnom
    Omnom Nomnom 3 months ago

    i miss epcd

  • Greg Reich
    Greg Reich 3 months ago

    I was hoping to find a video from you on Guy Fawkes, since everyone seems to think he was a hero because of V for Vendetta. I love it when you dispel common myths about history. Just a suggestion for a future video. Keep up the great work.

  • Beneveol
    Beneveol 3 months ago

    Just wanted to say I need more Swaim, make the Swaimcast happen! MAKE THE SWAIMCAST HAPPEN!

  • tshepp89
    tshepp89 3 months ago

    FYI - I love the after hours series but I'm unsubbing because of your political videos. Thanks for the laughs.

  • Seyed Amirhooshang Dehnadi

    Would you please make a video about the American government's antagonizing of nations that wouldn't give in?

  • MsSavor404
    MsSavor404 4 months ago

    Still waiting on "SOME NEWS THIS WEEK" I really look forward to each episode!!!!

  • Zombie840Slice
    Zombie840Slice 4 months ago

    This channel really needs to get its shit together.

  • Dakota Henzie
    Dakota Henzie 4 months ago

    Trying To Grow My Fanbase, If U Have The Time PLEASE Subscribe To My Channel

  • Zombie840Slice
    Zombie840Slice 4 months ago

    So you stop Obsessive Pop Culture Discussion and start all this short vid shit. lame.

  • Anesu
    Anesu 4 months ago

    where are the podcasts. your channel is too good to be hung up on pop culture news

  • Bierstadt54
    Bierstadt54 4 months ago

    Not funny anymore.

  • lordtan13
    lordtan13 4 months ago

    what happened to exclusive pop culture discussion?

  • Grizabeebles
    Grizabeebles 4 months ago

    Just in case Cody needs his faith in humanity restored after doing the next "Some News", get him to google "Sama's Lunchbox".

  • SuperStack01
    SuperStack01 4 months ago

    I am curious to know if this channel is related to the Cracked comedy comic .

  • Professor Who
    Professor Who 4 months ago

    Man, I wish I had read this months ago. I just recently unsubbed because of the SJW Anti-American, Anti-Male filth that comes from this channel these days. I mean they try to entice us back with Roger and the Honest Ads, but the rest of the channel is pure crap. Much like College Humor, Funny or Die, and 90% of TVclip it's only funny to people who hate men, hate Americans, and hate anyone who disagrees with SJWs.

  • hassi44
    hassi44 4 months ago

    You guys should discuss the theory that Disney is willfully perpetuating the notion that all people are bad and the world would be better without them on After Hours.

  • Nathan Higgins
    Nathan Higgins 4 months ago

    How the kid from Death Sentence became John Wick? Maybe?

  • pannekake2k
    pannekake2k 4 months ago

    Not gonna subscribe to this channel anymore. This channel have gotten to political. Mocking Trump is getting old... You guys should stick to comedy...

  • rubee vroom
    rubee vroom 4 months ago

    Some News is one of the best things ever. And Roger. Gotta lover Roger!

  • Jason Burlin
    Jason Burlin 4 months ago

    Do you guys employ conservatives?

  • Robert Hall
    Robert Hall 4 months ago

    I have been subbed for years. That was until i saw you sep30 video lionizing ANTIFA. While your leftist bias was always easy to see i was able to ignore it because i still enjoyed your content. But you have crossed the line from harmless leftist humor to dangerous support of a violent hate group who admit they WANT a violent civil war. I can no longer support cracked after that video. It was fun guys, but you backed a group that wants to turn nov.4 into the start of the 2nd American civil war..... And they want to fight people like me who's unforgivable hate crime is thinking different from them. I'm sure you will read this comment as just another "nazi" spreading hate somehow but the reality is i'm just a dude raising a daughter, taking care of his mother, and trying to not get killed(Or have TO kill ) in a war i don't want, that you guys are now trying to start with this intellectually dishonest and dangerous content. Wish you had chosen your allys more wisely. I could have been one..

  • pedro mutti
    pedro mutti 4 months ago

    We need Sorens Erotica pleaseeeee

  • Klashorian
    Klashorian 4 months ago

    Hey who is your new chief editor? Does he know how to speak into a camera or microphone, or does, he, uh, talk, like, Jack, O'Brien, who, is uh, really smart, but, uh, sucks at being, uh on camera?

  • Richard Graf
    Richard Graf 4 months ago

    Miss me some Obsessive Pop Culture Discussion. Where the new vids guys?

  • Vidia Gamara
    Vidia Gamara 4 months ago

    whats up with excessive pop culture discussion?

  • joeman1224
    joeman1224 4 months ago

    So is Obsessive Pop Culture Discussion not coming back? It was like making friends, and then finding out they don't want to talk to you anymore

  • MystiKasT
    MystiKasT 4 months ago

    Hopefully you guys get funny again instead of being SJW trash

  • The Whizzard
    The Whizzard 4 months ago

    Good documentaries about American history regarding oil monopolys: (includes piece about how first billionaire was son of a snake oil sales man)

  • Beetlebub
    Beetlebub 4 months ago

    This channel lost it's flair with the loss of Jack O'Brien. The video output has been astonishingly minimal. Most of it is their 'political" vomit, and their rehashed, dumbed down articles in video format. It seems like the golden age of Cracked has officially come to a close. All their articles, videos, photoplasties, etc are either recycled or political garbage.

  • MegaRetroRocket
    MegaRetroRocket 4 months ago

    Advertising After Hours as "Now Playing" in the Channel with the good crew, but only the crappy one is updated. meanwhile, ignorant, idiotic, and pointless "Some News" gets a new incoherent installment nearly daily.

  • ebaofvn
    ebaofvn 4 months ago

    Still waiting on an honest ad for law firms.

  • Elena Adams
    Elena Adams 4 months ago

    I freakin love this channel so much

  • Michael VPS
    Michael VPS 4 months ago

    Once upon a time, Cracked was not a promoter of Antifa terrorists... Those were the good days.

  • Live With In Christ's Kingdom 754

    Cracked I urge you to repent in the name of Yahushua, Jesus Christ the use of foul language can cause others to fall away from the word of God Yahuah. Don't be in danger of hell fire find salvation and seek Elohim God and Yahushua Jesus Christ, and have eternal life in the Kingdom of Elohim God. Colossians 3:8 - But now ye also put off all these; anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth. Ephesians 4:29 - Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers. Ephesians 5:4 - Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not convenient: but rather giving of thank

  • VoiceOfTheEmperor
    VoiceOfTheEmperor 4 months ago

    Dear Cracked. I am writing to you to warn you. This is a shot across your bow that I plan to make as many DMCA claims against your politically-charged videos as I can By Any Means Necessary. Which is, ironically, the name of a Alt-Left Group that you support. I will make sure to censor you as you have censored others. As Kruchev Said: We will bury you.

  • c_ez
    c_ez 4 months ago

    y'all aren't worth the subscription anymore

  • Nancy Volker
    Nancy Volker 4 months ago

    I sure am happy to make all yous guys and gays acquiescence's

  • Project Overload
    Project Overload 4 months ago

    Huge fans of Cracked, and your content The writers are talented, the editorials are informative and the humor is infectious Keep doing what you're doing and we'll keep watching

  • kevin brookes
    kevin brookes 4 months ago

    too political, bored...

  • Zombie840Slice
    Zombie840Slice 4 months ago

    Excessive Pop Culture Discussion please

  • shadesofmysoul
    shadesofmysoul 4 months ago

    are we ever gonna get pejorative readings by Cody? it's been nearly a year

  • Isiah Ball
    Isiah Ball 4 months ago

    What happened to "This Week In Excessive Pop Culture Discussion"?

  • Christopher Bedford
    Christopher Bedford 4 months ago

    OK here's something for an OPCD video: Casting directors can't tell the difference between "built" and "morbidly obese" Season 6, Ep 12 of 'House' cast Da'Vone McDonald as a football player who is supposed to be 'fast' and in such good shape that they put him on a treadmill for half an hour and they couldn't get his heart rate over 120. Well it's a good job that happened off screen because if they tried that with this actual actor he'd have a heart attack long before the half hour was up. He's tall, sure, but he's probably 100 lbs overweight - maybe more - with a huge double chin and a beer gut that sticks out way ahead of his flabby chest. He's knock-kneed and flat-footed and about as far from an athlete as it's possible to be and still be able to walk unaided. Another example that comes to mind is Quinton Aaron as Michael Oher in 'The Blind Side' - not as overweight as McDonald but still clearly not a football player. As I recall the movie, the only thing he has in common with the real Oher is his height. I'm sure Cracked can find lots of good examples of Hollywood not knowing the difference between 'big tub of lard' and 'muscled'.

  • Joshua Ryan
    Joshua Ryan 4 months ago

    Got a thought for After hours.....Movie Flops pre-1999 that should be remade. Movies that bombed at the Box Office and with the Critics, and have no cult following. You know the remakes Hollywood can't go wrong with.

  • LotusArt 67
    LotusArt 67 4 months ago

    Season 2 of People Watching ?

  • Ian Williams
    Ian Williams 4 months ago

    Why are most of the videos so short now?

  • shadesofmysoul
    shadesofmysoul 4 months ago

    Why did EPCD get cancelled?

  • S.C. Enver
    S.C. Enver 5 months ago

    Where the hell is the next Excessive Pop Culture Discussion episode?

  • MrCaptainXXJack
    MrCaptainXXJack 5 months ago

    I would suggest that you circulate your focus on almost vague and relatable content like your last video on smart people. It was way more interesting and kept me engaged and attentive to every sec of the clip. Rather than doing really specific topics because its hard to fine people to like everything you focus on. Obviously that's just my opinion so I wish you all the best.

  • Joshua Lamb
    Joshua Lamb 5 months ago

    its been a few videos since hes been gone, and wow. FUCK JACK, he fucking sucked the goodness right out all the videos and added some hipster snark.

  • Dexter Haven
    Dexter Haven 5 months ago

    You are revolting ego cases, unable to present video clips without ruining them with lame commentary that shifts the focus to yourselves. That is VANITY. And it's ugly. You seem blind to it, or you wouldn't do it.

  • Ryan007
    Ryan007 5 months ago

    Gotta love those cringey whiney AF politic videos... Why do you guys stoop so low?! Otherwise great content.

  • Rob Happier
    Rob Happier 5 months ago

    I disagree with your definition of 'free will'. I define 'free will' as having the ability to take action that is following God's will (Good) or not following God's will (Evil). Just thinking about something, is not taking action, and therefore not free will. Adam and Eve were tempted to sin (do evil), but didn't sin until they ate from the Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good and Evil (ACTION)(Genesis 3:6). Belief in something is not action, and therefore not free will. Falling in love with something or someone is not action, until you give in to your lusts or desires, but may or may not be sin depending how this is done. Falling in love with another Christian and having sex in marriage is following God's will (Good)(1 Corinthians 7:1-16). Taking action without thinking (impulsive or reflexive) may or may not be sin depending how this is done. If someone attacks you, and you don't turn the other cheek, but instead fight back, you may need to ask God for forgiveness (Matthew 5: 39)(Luke 6 :29). Married men who were thinking about committing adultery (cheating on their wives) commits, what Jesus calls, the sin of the heart (Matt. 5: 27-28), a different special type of sin that can also be forgiven by God. God's Love is Perfect, Pure, and the reason why we have 'free will'. God loved us so much that he shared his existence with us, and provided a way back to his True Love through his Son, Jesus Christ (John 3: 16). By accepting Jesus Christ's sacrifice on the cross as payment for all our sins, turning away from sin, and receiving the Holy Spirit, we become transformed, like Christ, to live a sinless life in Heaven (2 Corinthians 3: 18) (Romans 12:2). Here's a link to an interview of Dr. Ruth Kastner PhD.; philosopher at physics department at New York State University (who believes 'free will' is real and obeys the laws of quantum physics):

  • Dirk Dixon
    Dirk Dixon 5 months ago

    Love After Hours, Roger is freaking awesome.... I can't handle the other crap you have started pushing.. buh bye

  • Porki Chili
    Porki Chili 5 months ago

    Is there anything on this channel except fast talking americans?

  • Kevin Paul
    Kevin Paul 5 months ago

    You make statements that are false and it upsets me greatly because I know you do it to manipulate the way people think. You are humans to, so just give your own species a break please instead of plotting to get them your whole life like an evil horrible demon. I know you hate yourself so greatly that you have to act like that just please, learn to love, that is so impossible for you because you are luciferean like all other media organizations.

  • heresybob
    heresybob 5 months ago

    Please tackle the Orville - it's horrible, predictable and horribly predictable

  • ebaofvn
    ebaofvn 5 months ago

    Still asking: Honest Ambulance Chasing Lawyer ad...

  • candycaines
    candycaines 5 months ago

    Are you guys done with Excessive Pop Culture Discussion? I liked that show a lot.

  • revurand72
    revurand72 5 months ago

    When are we going to see another EPCD?

  • Cam Brogden
    Cam Brogden 5 months ago

    Constantly refreshing my subscriptions page in case #EPCD wasn't cancelled, and DOB was just joking.

  • Auvo Karhumaa
    Auvo Karhumaa 5 months ago

    y u no make exessive pop culture discussion?my favourite!

  • Timothy Myer
    Timothy Myer 5 months ago

    I'm really enjoying this channel. The only sets that i'm not a fan of are the ones where there is typing and reading... I guess I just prefer spoken dialog, so i don't need to be fully attentive of the screen. Second thing, I just started really watching this channel a lot, and I'm satisfied all the time. Keep up the good work, CRACKED!

  • Johan Persson
    Johan Persson 5 months ago

    I miss EPCD this week. What happed, everythng ok?

  • Studio Papa
    Studio Papa 5 months ago

    We all know that this channel is just a Collegehumor clone.

  • Victoria Rosette
    Victoria Rosette 5 months ago

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  • Kathleen Savoy
    Kathleen Savoy 5 months ago

    Any chance of getting more People Watching episodes? They're brilliant!

  • youtruckrek
    youtruckrek 5 months ago

    so this is where all the stupid people hang out , ok well you all have fun

  • SJM92
    SJM92 5 months ago

    more After the Trump please!!!!!!!!!

  • Craig VanArsdel
    Craig VanArsdel 5 months ago

    I feel like michael disappeared. Idk maybe I binged on old videos with him in it too much and it just seems like that. But Dan Michael and Cody need a series with the three of them in it. I like Codys news show and Dans hour long talk show a lot. But other than a monthly after hours and the rare escort mission where is michael!

  • Greg McMahan
    Greg McMahan 5 months ago

    Show idea: Have some fun with videos of bad magicians.

  • Luis Villanueva
    Luis Villanueva 5 months ago

    Im unsubscribing since this Cracked has become very political, and annoying, they cater to only one side of the political spectrum and has become really close minded to other people opinions on situations, they do have some good content but now it seems the bad outnumbers the good, until then thanks for the good times and the good content.

  • Dackson Flux
    Dackson Flux 5 months ago

    Also, you aren't funny when you're unscripted. Jus' sayin'

  • Dackson Flux
    Dackson Flux 5 months ago

    Guys, you're spamming my feed. Take a step back, reevaluate your careers, & stop getting involved with politics (you're not good at it).

  • Timothy Page
    Timothy Page 5 months ago

    I liked the channel. I just unsubscribed because it's turned into political rhetoric. I don't agree with Trump either, but I won't fire out stupid, derogatory statements either. For example, if he's SUCH a fascist, why is this TVclip channel allowed to post things? A fascist would have shut you down or had the writing staff arrested.

  • ImportantGuy
    ImportantGuy 5 months ago

    Less extremist bullshit and more funny stuff. We get it, you don't like Trump, stop acting like him and stop forcing your opinions on us. Grow the fuck up.

    BUN YOODER 5 months ago

    I think they might actually be getting better again...

  • ebaofvn
    ebaofvn 6 months ago

    Again: honest ad for lawyers please. How have you not done this one yet?

  • Harald Schmid
    Harald Schmid 6 months ago

    Cracked, where is the newest GoT commentary? I love that show. You even had extra time because of the leak :-)

  • Ross Michael Germon
    Ross Michael Germon 6 months ago

    Hey Cracked. As a stressed out person of color I would just like to say: Thanks. Your staff, at least the staff that appear in front of the camera, are mostly white. A year ago I would have been frustrated and tired to see a bunch of white people go out of their way to act extra progressive and liberal. However in 2017 I am very relieved to see my favorite website(sorry reddit but you are a cesspool of racist filth) take such a strong anti-nazi stance. The proper language to thank white people for being decent white people hasn't been invented yet(ideal majority?) but I am very thankful.

  • Andrew Snyder
    Andrew Snyder 6 months ago

    More than 50% of these video can and should be flagged for misleading titles/clickbait

  • Spike Robinson
    Spike Robinson 6 months ago

    Cody Johnston for President.

  • Xabier Salaberria
    Xabier Salaberria 6 months ago

    does someone know where the vid of the apprentice of the buler is where he re enacts the death of the hole familly?

  • NatGrady666
    NatGrady666 6 months ago

    ... has anyone in 'After hours' seen 'last action hero'? it seems like such an A-typical movie that actually fits the criteria of half their discussions, especially since it itself exists as meta commentary on action films.

  • ebaofvn
    ebaofvn 6 months ago

    Still asking: Honest Ad about lawyers and lawfirms and so forth... come on, folks.

  • salg
    salg 6 months ago

    Can we get an 'alternative history channel'? Like, what if obama did the shit trump did alternative history?

  • MastemaJack
    MastemaJack 6 months ago

    Why do you guys have an article supporting pedos

  • María Alejandra Valdez Cabrera

    Where the hell is the new episode of Winter is taking forever? I miss it :(

  • Jesse Lind
    Jesse Lind 6 months ago

    Do another show and tell. Just give us a wide swath of deep cuts in isolated doses from your many varied cast and crew.

  • Dimlak Gorkehgz
    Dimlak Gorkehgz 6 months ago

    wheres your patreon or donats buton? how do I give you money??

  • Ace Rockola
    Ace Rockola 6 months ago

    Reckless Disagreement!!!! good stuff. I say we have more!!!! and that says a lot. you know why? cuz i say a lot. a lot

  • H Mason
    H Mason 6 months ago

    why did you let a retarded whore wrote her own oppression article?

  • Ryan Cole
    Ryan Cole 6 months ago

    My After Hours-esque M*A*S*H Theory: The entire series is set in hell. They all died during the war, and every single high ranking official outside of their unit are demons. This is why all of their superior officers live such lavish, ridiculous lifestyles despite being in the middle of a war zone (Prostitutes, booze, their outfits and homes, sending entire divisions of supplies home to open stores, etc.) as well as why they appear to be indifferent to the suffering, needs, and desires of the folk of the 4077th, let alone the rest of the military personal there. None of the main cast are entirely good people, either, and many exhibit behaviors or hint at past transgressions that are, frankly, hell worthy trespasses (Klinger has a larcenist streak a mile wide; Hawkeye ordered a woman to kill a baby; Potter has been in several wars already and has killed folk; Margret is a bit of a whore and has a thing for her Father; Frank has definitely killed patients due to malpractice before; Charles is a greedy asshole who you know has stabbed folk in the back to move up the social ladder, etc.). Shit, even the Padre is prone to violent outbursts, and he is a prodigious fighter (Possible hints at a past life of being a street tough in a gang, perhaps?). Those who die in this personal hell are either soldiers doomed to eternal death/rebirth in a war zone due to their actions in life (not necessarily from the Korean Conflict, either. It occurs to me that Demons would get bored with waging the same old wars over and over, and might decide to mix things up a bit after a few millennia), or are those who have atoned and thus can move on (Henry Blake feeling remorse for cheating on his wife spurred his ascension to heaven (See: his entire story arc in Season 3). The reports of his “death” were an attempt by the demons to squash the hope that any of the lost souls would ever be able to return home in one piece.) The same can be said of those who return home without being dead (Frank Burns was spurned by Margret, and afterwords he realized what a horrible person, father, and husband he had been due to it; Trapper was a womanizing boozer who possibly was a bit abusive to his wife, (He took her car keys to Korea with him because she was a “lousy driver”) and who was also possibly a bit rapey (How he got his nickname), who stopped drinking so heavily, and was shown going after less and less woman as his third and final season set in (redemption arc), even down to comforting Margaret in her times of need without being too lecherous about it.) Even Radar, who appears innocent, is not all that innocent. In the first season he is an underhanded, sneaky, conniving individual, and there is little evidence to show that he changed all that much over the next few seasons as shown by his constant willingness to go over Henry’s head to get things done for Hawk and Trap. It was the death of Henry Blake and the arrival of Potter that really put the boot in his ass to change his ways, and that is when he started taking his responsibilities seriously, or at least more seriously than he had prior. He grew as a person, so was allowed to leave. M*A*S*H is set in hell.

  • Martin Moreno
    Martin Moreno 6 months ago

    Check this guys: Vader couldn't detect Leia or Luke as his children because they were actually Obi-Wan's! Following Obi-Wan's rule of reality/truth being based on "one's point of view" Anakin was made to believe that they were his because they were born with his name through their mother Padme. Only after he was made to believe that Luke was his son was he able so "sense" him, and by extension of Luke he picked up on Leia being Luke's "sister", and through this Point of View also his daughter, but if they weren't Obi-Wan's he would have most likely said, ", I have a daughter as well...". Can you guys at Cracked use this? :)

  • SJM92
    SJM92 7 months ago

    can you do a cracked responds on Comicon 2017?

  • Emerald Henderson
    Emerald Henderson 7 months ago

    I feel like the "If_____were honest" series is beginning to take a really hard anti-science lean. Especially when it comes to medication. Look into that, please.

  • Costlessstream
    Costlessstream 7 months ago

    PLEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MAKE MORE AFTER HOURS

  • Paul Merlino
    Paul Merlino 7 months ago

    cracked always has been fairly left (not liberal, god damn left) but boy oh boy has it been red lining it in high gear ever since the election

  • ebaofvn
    ebaofvn 7 months ago

    Please please PLEASE honest ad about lawyers, ambulance chasers and lawfirms. Please...

  • carl johnson
    carl johnson 7 months ago

    Oi Cracked! It was all just Charles Dreams. X men. BOOM.

  • Guy Kruger
    Guy Kruger 7 months ago

    Are there not going to be Game of Thrones season 7 episode reviews?

  • labib h blaze
    labib h blaze 7 months ago

    I like after hours a lot. It's like a comedy serial.

  • heyou
    heyou 7 months ago

    Topics got trashy, peace.

  • Mark ZingerBurger
    Mark ZingerBurger 7 months ago

    My favourite quality shitposting channel <3

  • George Munoz
    George Munoz 7 months ago

    Yep, except for after hours this channel sucks now. Un-sub.

  • EinThe DataDog
    EinThe DataDog 7 months ago

    I do not care if you get political or try to support a cause but your lack or any type of research and extreme bias is too much. You are giving well informed liberals a bad name and conservatives ammunition for leftist irrationality. This is part of the reason Trump got elected because you can't just call someone names because they have a different opinion then you. Goodbye Cracked, I hope your new audience is big enough.

    • EinThe DataDog
      EinThe DataDog 7 months ago

      Cut and pasted from "Some News" video. **I hope someone at Cracked reads this.** I unsubscribed from you guys recently because of your left leaning videos I found to be poorly researched and somewhat petty in their bias, however I should exclude this show. This series is on par with the best Daily Show segments and I thoroughly enjoy it. Well researched, great pacing, and acknowledges the parts that come across petty. The thing that frustrates me is when people who share many of my beliefs make videos that can be used against the liberal cause. When you make anything public that has shoddy research or attacks the president for things that do not matter it gives Trump supporters ammunition for their argument that there is no common ground to stand on. This video hit the president on big issues that are concerns for everyone regardless of political affiliation and makes it pretty damn funny too. Please do more of this.

  • Roronoa Zoro
    Roronoa Zoro 7 months ago

    If TVcliprs Were Honest - Honest Ads , make this

  • zignigma
    zignigma 7 months ago

    This channel is great. You know why? It's great because you make videos full of content that you want. People keep complaining about sjw on here, but who cares? It's yours! You all have my support. I love this channel. I don't always agree with everything, but I'm not going to be a troll and complain about it because if I don't like something on here, I don't need to watch it. Keep up the good work and dedication to this channel! (:

    • EinThe DataDog
      EinThe DataDog 7 months ago

      It is the lack research. It equate to misinformation. I am a registered democrat and this is not going to help us next election cycle. For every one view their video gets conservative videos logically tear apart their argument gets 2. They're like terrorists, by blowing up one you create 5 more. What we need is outreach.

  • FantasyMindedMan
    FantasyMindedMan 7 months ago

    Hiya, I was just watching some of the Honest adds playlists, Does anyone know what Video number 2 was about and why it was removed?

  • SJM92
    SJM92 7 months ago

    MORE AFTER THE TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • McKay Mellinger
    McKay Mellinger 7 months ago

    I hate that this channel is discriminating ferris bueller's day off!

  • J W
    J W 7 months ago

    What happened to the spit take? I love that series!

  • cnotleysmith
    cnotleysmith 7 months ago

    Love this channel so much. After the Trump is the best.

  • Kevin Gillihan
    Kevin Gillihan 7 months ago

    Way to forget what you started for and bowing down to liberalism.

  • David Southmayd
    David Southmayd 8 months ago

    Good for you big guy

  • David Southmayd
    David Southmayd 8 months ago

    Just saw Michael Swain on the Netflix Chapelle special, not even mad. Well mostly jealous, shit man how was that?

  • ebaofvn
    ebaofvn 8 months ago

    Please do an honest ad about law firms... the ambulance chasers.

  • Roulden
    Roulden 8 months ago

    In the event if After Hours ever does a segment on which Galactic Empire/Government they would like to live in, the first "Zeiram" movie would be a great contender.

  • mrtonyd816
    mrtonyd816 8 months ago

    whats with the ghost hand grabbing spidys junk on the after hours pic? does no one else see this?? is this a mystery?

  • wizard magician
    wizard magician 8 months ago

    did Michael Swain go see Chappelle's standup? I could have sworn that I saw him on the Netflix special

  • Octavio Bannach
    Octavio Bannach 8 months ago

    Donald Trump > Cracked

  • TheSchmuck2
    TheSchmuck2 8 months ago

    Hi! I've been a Cracked fan since it was only a magazine. I'm writing today to let you know I miss After the Trump. Please keep producing it. Pretending things are fiction is the only way I can cope with this horrible state of affairs.

  • Lois Lane
    Lois Lane 8 months ago

    I have followed this channel for years, and there are plenty of channels who are political commentators. How about you guys keep doing what you do, and stop with the anti-trump videos? that is NOT what I came here for! No need to drag politics in HERE TOO. I'll be stopping my support if they don't get back to what made them famous, which was being funny, not political.

  • Devin Laviolette
    Devin Laviolette 8 months ago

    Question for Daniel. Does Paul Blart Mall Cop fit the die hard formula?

  • SJM92
    SJM92 8 months ago

    More after the trump!

  • Jolly Green
    Jolly Green 8 months ago

    Ever thought about doing a video on "farmer's markets" ? They really aren't what people think they are!

  • ebaofvn
    ebaofvn 9 months ago

    Please please please do an honest ad about lawyers and lawfirms. It's so ripe for the picking. Don't be skeered.

  • Alan G
    Alan G 9 months ago

    i have an idea comparing movies about longevity for your 'after hours'. You said 'Lord of the Rings' was about the evil of cheating death. A more futuristic view is presented by the Dune series, by Frank Herbert, with excellent prequel/sequels by his son. The Dune series shows a whole in the future recovering from a time when they were all enslaved by their mechanized creations and the power hungry elite who sacrificed humanity to slavery so they could live a little longer. As we progress through the series, we meet lots of people all evolved to a niche in a sprawling galactic empire, who can summon the memories of over a 100 distant generations. I originally thought the series was an ode to the quote ' if there was no God we would have to invent one', because all these different factions have a supporting religion starting with the original slaves who were 'zen-sunni'. All these religions somehow see the advancement of their adherents as the prime directive of the universe. But the daily lives are filled with the quest to make their species live a little longer through genetics, re-birthing tanks, and/or memory transfers.

  • Darth Awar
    Darth Awar 9 months ago

    Dear +Cracked please do A Clockwatch Orange and how it is Mad Max!

  • Beast boy Johnson
    Beast boy Johnson 9 months ago

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  • SJM92
    SJM92 9 months ago

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    Can you do an after hours on why everyone in HIMYM is a horrible person

  • RSofficial22
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  • Painted Trillium
    Painted Trillium 9 months ago

    Are you going to do any more after the trump episodes?

  • MaskOf Reason
    MaskOf Reason 9 months ago

    Love the channel, though I have only just found it. Hey, you are always asking for suggestions: How about If DIVORCE was honest and If Funeral Homes were Honest. I LOVE those infotainment skits!!!

  • meteosurreal
    meteosurreal 10 months ago

    Good luck censoring the people below. Dumb-Fuckers. And don't tell People what they need to learn. Dumbass Preachers sucked since Jerry Falwell.

  • x-verbolten-x
    x-verbolten-x 10 months ago

    Why do all of your titles seem to be implying that every person that sees your video is a dumb sheep that must be thought the truth because its been fed BS

  • Darth Awar
    Darth Awar 10 months ago

    +Cracked Please do Smartphones!

  • lunacouer
    lunacouer 10 months ago

    Please, please, please - more After The Trump!

  • Co p
    Co p 10 months ago

    I really miss your old content, been binge re-watching after hours again. If im not wrong, didn't you guys used to have about 4 million subs, now 1.5 mil... Just food for thought, but this channel used to be probably the best on youtube, now its 90% uninspired crap. First episode of people watching was entertaining and quirky, but lost interest on the second. The 3 people at a table watching a video and talking about it with the most clickbait titles that you could possibly make is what caused me to unsub in the first place... Tbh that is some of the worst content from an established channel on youtube. Popculture, todays topics, and your lists are still quite interesting and usually well written and highly entertaining. The only problem i'd have with this content is that often there seems to be too strong of a political undercurrent/theme/message. I'm not against this in theory, but since the whole trump thing this shit if EVERYWHERE and goddamn, it gets tiring. I just wanna watch funny, interesting and amusing shit by you guys, not be preached to in the background. That said, lot of your overtly political videos are still quite interesting, but its just cringeworthy to have to get preached to in the background.

  • Oddie Yang
    Oddie Yang 10 months ago

    I think I'm finally unsubscribing. I signed up for After Hours and Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder, not politics and mute videos I can't leave playing in the background. First of all, what is with all these lazy ass videos with NO SPEAKING? I don't watch any of the text videos. TVclip is 80% radio for me. I want to hear Daniel and Soren and everyone speaking with their expressive voices, saying funny shit while I'm doing stuff. I don't want to put everything down and watch the screen for 5 minutes to find a lazily edited clickbaity ranking montage with next to no original content in it. Also, IDGAF about Trump, seeing as I'm not an American voter, but I do find the obsession with sneaking in potshots at the guy in every video to be annoying. Too much agenda on attacking Trump, not enough agenda on "Is this way of attacking him actually funny and humorous?" It's like some masturbatory inside joke that ya'll get but just doesn't work for me.

  • levar libiee
    levar libiee 10 months ago

    love the channel especially people watching i thought for a long time that i was alone in the way i see the world but i showed some vids of people waching to some some of my friends and i finaly found some people i can talk to about more then the dumb things most people talk about so thanks and i realy mean it thanks.

  • Natasa Forte
    Natasa Forte 10 months ago

    Nice video on Trump & Emoluments Clause, much appreciated to see people trying to show political participation can matter more than just votes!

  • TheDraconianViking
    TheDraconianViking 10 months ago

    I decided to come watch the few after hours I've missed since I've unsubbed... even those are getting worse...

  • Sean Leonard
    Sean Leonard 10 months ago

    in the new dave chapelle episode on netflix, we see the dude with the beard from cracked at 24:31 and that's pretty neat

  • Zombie840Slice
    Zombie840Slice 10 months ago

    WTF what happened to after the trump?

  • Codey Wynne
    Codey Wynne 10 months ago

    Idea for After Hours, 'The best and worst Team of super heroes.'

  • Octavio Bannach
    Octavio Bannach 10 months ago

    Cracked: For people to stupid to like Dane Cook.

  • Rolando Eduardo Valencia Espinoza

    What happened to After the Trump? This week material is spectacular (check the immunity request from Flyn)

  • Jane Lin
    Jane Lin 10 months ago

    Where's the new After the Trump??? Don't you guys know Michael Flynn is seeking immunity to testify for the FBI??? After the Trump, _please!_

  • lunacouer
    lunacouer 10 months ago

    More After The Trump please!!!

  • Octavio Bannach
    Octavio Bannach 10 months ago

    Cracked should be called: "And if Jontron was an unfunny twat".

  • Supreme2k
    Supreme2k 10 months ago

    Was Swaim on the Dave Chapelle special "Age of Spin"?

  • joel wright
    joel wright 11 months ago

    not sure what to make of this channel. watched a few random videos and was intrigued - but it seems to be just more quasi-intellectual, post-modern sifting of references, references to other references, and the same dull "fan theories" about who-gives-a-fuck. that said, the writing is occasionally sharp (except for all of the ones about dating sites - that shit is straight awful) and the hosts are not as irritating as most of the 10 million other people on youtube rambling on and on about how The Simpsons predicted the future or the 11 zaniest listicles about product integration. call it a C+

  • Henry Chapman
    Henry Chapman 11 months ago

    Am I the only one that saw one of your After Hours guys on the new Dave Chapelle comedy special?

  • Frostman411
    Frostman411 11 months ago

    Most common phrase in this fuckin discussion section is "SJW trash". The fuck y'all expect? Seriously they're comedians in California which fucking way you think they're gonna lean politically. They ain't the blue collar comedy tour, there's hardly any famous comedians who are politically right besides them. Go ahead and unsub, if you think that's gonna change their jokes and videos you've got some disappointment coming your way.

    • Octavio Bannach
      Octavio Bannach 10 months ago

      And seriously, somebody should punch DOucheBag. That guy is an idiot piece of shit.

    • Octavio Bannach
      Octavio Bannach 10 months ago

      "Seriously they're comedians". They aren't comedians. They are just sjw.

  • Patrick Johnson
    Patrick Johnson 11 months ago

    HOLY SHIT!! Watching the Dave Chappelle Netflix Stand Up Special, 24:31 Camera is on Michael's Face Laughing Love you Guys, & Love that I caught that.

  • Rad McCool
    Rad McCool 11 months ago

    one of the guys from after hours is in the new chapelle standup :O

  • Old Man Marx
    Old Man Marx 11 months ago

    Michael Swaim is in the audience of Dave Chapelle's The Age of The Spin comedy special

  • Charlie S.
    Charlie S. 11 months ago

    Michael Swaim makes an appearance in the new Dave Chappelle standup at 24:30

  • Kyle Trammell
    Kyle Trammell 11 months ago

    I think I saw Michael Swaim in the audience on Dave Chappelle's Netflix special. Am I imagining things or did someone else see it?

  • John Meadow
    John Meadow 11 months ago

    Saw swaim on the Dave chapelle stand up on netflix. At the 24:30 mark

    • saratoubi
      saratoubi 11 months ago

      I was absolutely shocked when I saw him lol. Had to go back and make sure.

  • Simon Thompson
    Simon Thompson 11 months ago

    Just binged After Hours, Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder, and Agents of Cracked. So good.

    • Rolando Eduardo Valencia Espinoza
      Rolando Eduardo Valencia Espinoza 10 months ago

      Try the Cracked Studios Series. They are all awesome, I can't get tired of them (perhap, but because I'm a crunky old-man lol)

    • Simon Thompson
      Simon Thompson 11 months ago

      oh and Escort Missions, aaaand the Cracked Podcast...

  • george aguero
    george aguero 11 months ago

    GUYS the chubby guy on After Hours is on Dave Chappele's new Netflix special at 24:32 as part of the audience

  • MetalPandah
    MetalPandah 11 months ago

    Yo Denial O'Brian, when's the next OPCD coming?