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  • Greson Villaluz
    Greson Villaluz 2 months ago

    FOX Programming on other channels: The Simpsons_FXX Family Guy_FXX & [adult swim] Bob’s Burgers_FXX & [adult swim] King of the Hill_Comedy Central The Cleveland Show_Comedy Central American Dad!_[adult swim]

  • domisthebomb09
    domisthebomb09 11 months ago

    She's like a tiny Jigsaw. Love it

  • Past Times Garage

    So awful lol 😂

  • Mr. Scoot Scooter

    I randomly clicked on this while about to hit my vape and it's episode 420 ? Fuck yeah#

  • J.P. D
    J.P. D Year ago

    Loved it whenever Nash said, "Bubba."

  • Greson Villaluz
    Greson Villaluz Year ago

    FOX shows right now have a secondary channel! American Dad! - [adult swim] Bob’s Burgers - [adult swim] Family Guy - [adult swim] Futurama - Comedy Central King of the Hill - Comedy Central The Cleveland Show - [adult swim] The Simpsons - FXX

  • InjectedTarroAE
    InjectedTarroAE Year ago

    This is what I grew up on:')

  • gnrdude
    gnrdude Year ago

    Ok Was The SFPD Officer that Checked the Dead guys Pulse Kevin Sorbo>?

  • Bert Hollander
    Bert Hollander 2 years ago

    Favorite cuda , nice!!

    SQUAD UP BABY 2 years ago

    PLEASE HELP . I am looking for a beat that was on adult swim bump kinda like this one (black background with white words) and it’s an Indian woman kind of humming over the beat . I can’t find it anywhere . I believe the beat was in 2011

  • SuperColonel91
    SuperColonel91 2 years ago

    Me too...the 90s was Awsome!

  • RMaster007
    RMaster007 3 years ago

    Great work.

  • RoadTrip R
    RoadTrip R 3 years ago

    Wow I've never herd the siren used on Nash's Cuda until now! Used to love this show!

  • Audio Free
    Audio Free 3 years ago

    Great work! You might like my new royalty free tracks. Would be glad if you found them useful!

  • Timothy Cote
    Timothy Cote 3 years ago

    the guy rolled over the hood of the stopped cop car and hes dead?? SICK CUDA THOUGH

  • Соня Матвиец

    п -пошлость

  • Camila
    Camila 3 years ago

    OMG I think I'm in love with this guy. He is soooooo handsome. I want to marry him

    • Leesie Merkley
      Leesie Merkley 3 months ago

      That's Patrick Wilson and he is a good looking dude!!! He is an amazing actor!!!!

    • CreamOf Weber
      CreamOf Weber 2 years ago

      See that word "plays," Mr. Gabe? That's a key word. I suggest looking into it.

    • Mr. Gabe
      Mr. Gabe 3 years ago

      except he plays a sick pedophile murderer X-D

  • mitchell laurio
    mitchell laurio 5 years ago

    you gotta love 90s acting! lol

  • Roma L
    Roma L 6 years ago

    Damn she does well at playing a seductive-ass 14 year old lmao kudos Ellen Page

  • Muhammad Yunus
    Muhammad Yunus 6 years ago

    Looks just like Michael Wentworth

  • Yusuf Islam
    Yusuf Islam 6 years ago

    Me too :D

  • Abdulaziz hawsh
    Abdulaziz hawsh 6 years ago

    beyond two souls Brought me here !!! (Ellen Page) Precisely

  • kiomaru1
    kiomaru1 6 years ago

    whathever the reason is , the act itself deserve an harsh punishment

  • Red Rabbit
    Red Rabbit 6 years ago

    you didn't get the point of the movie did you ...xD? He was involved in the murder, and she didn't cut his balls off she made him think she did.

  • nash bridges
    nash bridges 6 years ago


  • 1234irmaforever
    1234irmaforever 6 years ago

    Please don't write spoilers.

  • Praise Hermie
    Praise Hermie 6 years ago

    yes - any adult who meets up with teenagers via the internet(or otherwise) for inappropriate reasons DOES MOST CERTAINLY deserve everything that dude got...and then some. Your opinion is WRONG. That is all.

  • UltimateOwnz
    UltimateOwnz 6 years ago

    She looks like Justin Bieber here a bit.

  • Nathan Taylor
    Nathan Taylor 6 years ago

    u feminist

    • Rae Smith
      Rae Smith Year ago

      Do you support pedophiles? The man in the movie killed and raped a different girl.

  • Abhishek Kumar Gautam

    Yeah this is justin beider with fucking Breast....

  • philly kitty
    philly kitty 6 years ago

    this movie was kinda boring for me. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  • Sal Vito
    Sal Vito 6 years ago

    Where are American Dad and Boondocks?

  • Manuel Kazan
    Manuel Kazan 6 years ago

    This movie was so good

  • Keelan Freeman
    Keelan Freeman 7 years ago

    Yes he shouldn't be meeting up with teenagers and shouldn't pretend he's a teenager on the internet but really, it didn't deserve having his balls took out and sown the skin back together or being hung.

  • kelbelrainbow
    kelbelrainbow 7 years ago

    in some way she is teaching him a lesson to not meet younger girls on the internet.

  • Chris England
    Chris England 7 years ago

    is that justin beiber ?

  • samspace81
    samspace81 7 years ago

    throw him in the 'Cuda and take em to jail!

  • tmcdllr
    tmcdllr 7 years ago

    That machine needs some serious lubrication. It should never ever squeak like that.

  • Malik
    Malik 7 years ago

    She is evil he wasn't the guy and still she would drug him, cut his balls off, grind them, and make him kill himself or she would fake like he was raping her...

  • Andrew Flood
    Andrew Flood 7 years ago


  • D Belle
    D Belle 7 years ago

    I never felt bad for him, every pedophiles deserves that. The girl is a revenge angel <3

  • Gucci Gambino
    Gucci Gambino 7 years ago

    Go Nash!

  • JPzyx
    JPzyx 7 years ago

    the original trailer wasn't good enough. Yours is better, but... the priginal trailer kept us intrigued - who is the victim, what is happening, whoose side to take. You trailer is a retelling - we know she comes to his house, she puts something in his drink, ties him up, everything is put in their places.

  • CreativeSuperNova
    CreativeSuperNova 7 years ago

    Agree with so many others, this trailer is so much better then the original one... and the movie is so good

  • That Bear Gamer
    That Bear Gamer 8 years ago

    this is really good :) im actually helping work on a Fan game for sonic the hedgehog and i saw this and it made me think of when you go onto a level the banner that pops up with the name of the level. which we don't have actually....hmmmm anyway i wanted to say i like this maybe we can come up with something like this for our game

  • Andrei Felix
    Andrei Felix 8 years ago

    Congrats! It looks great!

  • jhimfilms
    jhimfilms 8 years ago

    download please

  • marquista96
    marquista96 8 years ago

    can you please make a tutorial, thanks :)

  • JDFree
    JDFree 8 years ago

    @MusLtngBlue Haha. Yeah, this one and about 4 other ones. Priceless learning experiences... lol

  • JDFree
    JDFree 8 years ago

    kent state eh?

  • FroppyGaming
    FroppyGaming 9 years ago

    is that the girl from juno? yes?

  • Emma H
    Emma H 9 years ago

    wow, you put so many scenes and lines etc in it that i hadn't heard in all the other thingeys on the internet. thank you. :D

  • Drífa Hrönn
    Drífa Hrönn 9 years ago

    This trailer is better then the original :)

  • JetScreamerJr
    JetScreamerJr 9 years ago

    So somebody tell me, did she or did she not castrate him? When he got up from the table and looked down at his groin area, he said "I'm all here." What gives?

  • alyakure2
    alyakure2 9 years ago

    Hi there. I hve one question to ask. Is there any exact/right term that is used to describe the graphic effects used on tv shows. Like some Korean TV shows, they used the term 'Graphic overtitles'. or it is really called 'motion graphic'. I find it hard to find references like what you did here...Pardon me if my english is hard to understand...Thank you.

  • Maxime Martinez
    Maxime Martinez 9 years ago


  • Michael Tarr
    Michael Tarr 9 years ago

    Can you PLEASE make a tutorial. If so... THANKS!

  • Bec Hess
    Bec Hess 9 years ago

    Hope you got an A+!

  • eat4peace
    eat4peace 9 years ago

    Nice trailer man! :)

  • Elvis Glazier
    Elvis Glazier 9 years ago

    I really like your lower third title bar. Would you mind sharing it with me?

  • eruption257
    eruption257 9 years ago

    Damn man, that's really good. Looks like something HBO would do.

  • Trains of Chicagoland and Beyond...

    Dude, I am seriously envious of that class. Nice work.

  • Snubby J
    Snubby J 10 years ago

    Haha very cool :-D Great work!

  • RedBev59
    RedBev59 10 years ago

    AWESOME!!!! 5*

  • Kyle Kubovcik
    Kyle Kubovcik 11 years ago

    Ah Tony at :31! haha

  • bluemanmarcuslover
    bluemanmarcuslover 11 years ago

    amagad fave for sure You rock <3