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Trevor Noah - German Language
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  • Zubaidah Siti
    Zubaidah Siti 15 days ago

    Preet lu

  • ابن الموصل
    ابن الموصل 16 days ago


  • Honest Abe
    Honest Abe 23 days ago

    Trevor noah is pretty funny...never knew

  • Sense
    Sense 24 days ago

    Do not be wary of the enemy you've been taught to fear, be wary of those that want you to fight their battles for them instead of them fighting their own.

  • Александр Иванов

    Ты не знаешь русского чувак

  • Mohammed AL-HILAL

    Another brain-washed South African, Trevor Noah.

  • Maha Ot
    Maha Ot Month ago


  • Nadia Lay
    Nadia Lay Month ago

    Well that was offensive for Arabs!!

  • Ismayil Arifoglu
    Ismayil Arifoglu Month ago

    Fuck off, american village clown. French is not reachable to you.

  • Orchestra Brothers

    In arabic he said just two word : Allah = God Chokran = thank you

  • Amin M
    Amin M Month ago

    For all the Arabs in here, it’s second degree

  • Osama The Child Of KoЯn

    I'm Arab And Started Learning The Beautiful Russian Language, You Made Me Love Russian Even More!

  • Username
    Username 2 months ago

    This just means you only watch Hollywood. Nice impression though

  • Mohamed Ashraf
    Mohamed Ashraf 2 months ago

    If you look carefully at your ear you will see an Arabic word " الله " Research about it and you will know the truth of life

  • Malek Albakri
    Malek Albakri 2 months ago

    Do we really sound scary

  • ضياء ضياء
    ضياء ضياء 2 months ago

    مشاهدة روعه

  • خالد
    خالد 2 months ago

    هالله العظيم مسوي ابيض وامريكي يالعبد لا ويطقطق على اللغة العربية ! ماقد سمع لغة نيجيريا هو ؟

    • Ares
      Ares 16 days ago

      ما سوى نفسه ابيض؟ هو معترف انه اسود ما تعرف شيء عن African Americans؟

    EDEN BILLINGSLEY 2 months ago

    I lost it on the ou ou part😭

  • Nayea AlNeyadi
    Nayea AlNeyadi 2 months ago

    the Russian people always in mafia or drug dealers ,that’s what we see in movies about them.

  • angel lopez
    angel lopez 2 months ago

    I am an arav

  • angel lopez
    angel lopez 2 months ago

    I an arab

  • meidraw
    meidraw 2 months ago

    oh the bomb jokes

  • cops de27
    cops de27 2 months ago

    I am Arabic and I say to you it was funny but you didn't pronounce any Arabic word, just meaningless sounds :-) but it gives some humor.

  • Karl Caesaraul
    Karl Caesaraul 3 months ago

    This guy is handsome.

  • Mahdi Kassem
    Mahdi Kassem 3 months ago

    أنت رجل رائع جدا و عندك شخصيته I definitely just dissed you 🤣😂😂

  • Shohp BEK
    Shohp BEK 3 months ago

    Sure Arabic is scary language when clown like you speak with it Note : this Arabic what he speak with didn't even has one word with right pronunciation بالتاكيد العربيه مخيفه عندما يتحدث مهرج مثلك بها

  • Bassam Al Ma7meed
    Bassam Al Ma7meed 3 months ago

    But us arabs dont speak like that lol, it’s actually pretty funny if you listen to a couple of bahrainis fighting

  • june thackray
    june thackray 3 months ago

    love too see upto date one she probables know's the words now

  • Ayan Aden
    Ayan Aden 3 months ago

    He even don’t hear arabic only some movies 😂😂👊🏻👊🏻

  • Ayan Aden
    Ayan Aden 3 months ago

    Arabic is must beautiful language in this world

  • Ebtehal Al-Subaie
    Ebtehal Al-Subaie 3 months ago

    your Arabic actually sound like Hebrew more than Arabic.. 😊 But sure Arabic should be scary languages to them, gladly ~ but as long as it is sound scary to the Jews as it should it will be scary to theses people 😂😂😂 since the west and Americans are just like a ring in the Jews’s finger.

  • DrawingWithZu
    DrawingWithZu 3 months ago

    Aoothoobilla why is Arabic scary? Arabic is a beautiful language. Listen to the Quran!!!

  • Pxo Gamer
    Pxo Gamer 3 months ago

    It's called phobia, and you Americans have a really really bad one

  • Crash Bandicoot
    Crash Bandicoot 3 months ago

    The Arabic joke isn’t even funny fuck off

  • Number 9 Number nine
    Number 9 Number nine 3 months ago

    I'm arabic and i will travle to russia soon and i heard russian people don't like arabs people and they are rasict is that right please any russian person answer me is russia save for arabs people

  • Basil
    Basil 3 months ago

    كم حمار يترجم الكلام الذي انا اقولة الان؟

  • Lana A
    Lana A 3 months ago

    Poor Americans we don't know what we're talking about them in their faces like: !احب حذاء هذه الفتاة

  • Lana A
    Lana A 3 months ago

    احب لغتي وهي اصلا راقية في بعض المواقف وفي مواقف اخرى هي تبث الرعب في قلوب الحمقى والجهلة ايها الغبي المتعصب Hello Trevor, I love your shows very much ;D 💞

    • Abbas Abbas
      Abbas Abbas 24 days ago

      عندك انفصام باللغه 😂😂👌🏻انصحك تراجع طبيب لغه😁😁

    • Bassam Al Ma7meed
      Bassam Al Ma7meed 3 months ago

      Lana A هههههههه ماشالله على الترجمة

  • Ruby Mango
    Ruby Mango 4 months ago

    So Ignorant 😒

  • Gamer Galaxy107
    Gamer Galaxy107 4 months ago

    It’s funny how he says that but he he can pass as a morrocan Arab

  • mo nowa
    mo nowa 4 months ago


  • Ktoto Zachemto
    Ktoto Zachemto 4 months ago

    Русский язык просто Английский наоборот.

  • joletoronto
    joletoronto 4 months ago

    You base your opinion on stereotypes from Hollywood movies. Russian has nothing to do with this. Ask any Slav how real Russian language sounds to them. It is the softest and the smoothest language out of all Slavic languages. This rant is a brilliant example of racism, ignorance and xenophobia promoted by uneducated people.

  • A.A.G.
    A.A.G. 4 months ago

    Silly & racist

  • العـنقود ٰٓ
    العـنقود ٰٓ 4 months ago

    That's the effect of American media sweetie. He's mixed raced yea?

    • Apollo Christ
      Apollo Christ 3 months ago

      @العـنقود ٰٓ Not sure, I mostly hear only South Africans use it and African countries with high European populations.

    • العـنقود ٰٓ
      العـنقود ٰٓ 3 months ago

      @Apollo Christ oh I see. it's an African word?

    • Apollo Christ
      Apollo Christ 3 months ago

      @العـنقود ٰٓ A baby who is a by product of an African Father and an European Mother or vice versa.

    • العـنقود ٰٓ
      العـنقود ٰٓ 3 months ago

      @Apollo Christ what's mulatoo

    • Apollo Christ
      Apollo Christ 3 months ago

      Mulatoo from South Africa

  • Raymond Call
    Raymond Call 4 months ago

    Rip off from Russel Peter's and not even funny trevor sucks at standup go back to being the lefts puppet

  • Areegyol
    Areegyol 5 months ago

    To everyone who’s tired of all the offended froggies🙃 tvclip.biz/video/0kGBQSXX_GU/video.html P. S. Me is unnofended and I find his jokes russian Lol

  • Elegant
    Elegant 5 months ago

    That’s Hebrew language sounds akh kh not Arabic, unfortunately most of western thought Arabic sound rough but in the real Hebrew very hard to say words not easy at all

  • Dan Jakeway
    Dan Jakeway 5 months ago

    Afrikaans is really scary, when scumbags create false translations between Dutch and Swahili to cause conflict between Whites and Blacks.

  • watch movies
    watch movies 5 months ago

    racsit dude

  • Gagan Gangwal
    Gagan Gangwal 5 months ago


  • Mohammed Bin othman
    Mohammed Bin othman 5 months ago

    What an ugly gay...fuck you

  • Norell Leung
    Norell Leung 5 months ago

    id be interested to know how he did with his accent when speaking actual arabic and russian?

  • Nidal Fikri
    Nidal Fikri 5 months ago

    As an Arabic speaker I find this too funny :"D chill guys , this man didn't offend us or anything, sometimes the best way is just to laugh! Peace be upon you all <3

    • Areegyol
      Areegyol 5 months ago

      The only ones who offend me are the ppl that were offended by his jokes XD P. S. Me is russian boi

  • Zakir Hossain
    Zakir Hossain 6 months ago

    Arabic is one the most powerful and beautiful languages in the world by the way. But I still enjoyed this. I Love You Trevor.

  • hussein Shaban
    hussein Shaban 6 months ago

    Arabic can be really pretty if spoken correctly. Also different dialects or areas in the Arab world speak differently. But the humor is hilarious. But it is just movies making it seem like they are the enemy or hostile ect.

    • Areegyol
      Areegyol 5 months ago

      Pretty much same case with Russian

  • amir zakwan
    amir zakwan 6 months ago


  • Bickslow'sLover Harlequin

    Im weird, I find Russian accents sexy. It's my second favorite accent

  • Yacine Ayachi
    Yacine Ayachi 6 months ago

    That’s why Us marines piss their pants in middle east

  • ZigZach
    ZigZach 6 months ago

    Everyone who disliked this needs to grow some thicker skin and not be so offended by everything. "Oh no, he made fun of my culture (jokingly)! What am I to do!?"

  • Mesopotamian civilization

    This negro is mad at Arabs because the Arabs were the first men who enslaved Africans before the Europeans did

  • RS
    RS 6 months ago

    Guys, the sound he made about Arabic language belong to all Semitic languages as Hebrew

    • Bat today
      Bat today 6 months ago

      Afroasiatic languages not only semitic

  • P V
    P V 6 months ago

    DUDE WHY is this guy re-performing RUSSEL PETERS material.......the russian rewind joke is exactly what russelpeters performed like years ago

  • Ahmed Nesser
    Ahmed Nesser 7 months ago

    Racist dumb fuck

  • Lea Prepon
    Lea Prepon 7 months ago

    Yes Russian and Arabic scary languages only if America want them to be huh

  • Jawad Tahmeed
    Jawad Tahmeed 7 months ago

    this is what american media is doing to the whole world. showing a selective race as bad people..... brainwashing through fun... -_-

  • Andrew Fitzgerald
    Andrew Fitzgerald 7 months ago


  • Tatiana Druckrey
    Tatiana Druckrey 7 months ago

    No wonder all my coworkers are terrified of me. 😂 Poor Americans! 😆

    • Tatiana Druckrey
      Tatiana Druckrey 5 months ago

      Areegyol, yes, of course. I’ve been living here only for 20 years...

    • Areegyol
      Areegyol 5 months ago

      XD У Вас сохранился русский акцент?

  • Chillo.8
    Chillo.8 7 months ago

    In a brain of an american human being: Arabs= muslims ,deserts , money, isis Russian= scary Indian= dance Canadian= wall Mexican= gangs, tattoos, drugs Koreans= kpop Japan= technology and culture Paris= romantic place 🗼 America= trump Plz correct me if im wrong.

    • Yolo Top
      Yolo Top 7 months ago

      Arab its ( founded first college in history of human ) (astronomy/math/ philo/science/algebra) beautiful culture of music /clothe/food , america what is this ? No culture land of drug porn star criminal , serial kiler. Most disgusting people on earth .

    • Yolo Top
      Yolo Top 7 months ago

      Isis its creation of usa not arab

    • vMiiKA70
      vMiiKA70 7 months ago

      Chilloo you’re chechanya?

    • vMiiKA70
      vMiiKA70 7 months ago

      Chilloo i wish its about arab but it’s not Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world so the want the people to think that islam is bad to less the growing

    • Chillo.8
      Chillo.8 7 months ago

      @vMiiKA70 lol true.. They just wanna stereotype arabs into being bad ppl

  • Simile, Not Smile
    Simile, Not Smile 7 months ago

    For fuck's sake, can people stop getting offended? It's a joke. If you take comedians seriously, you're clapped.

    • Areegyol
      Areegyol 5 months ago

      Tbh his parody one Russians was the softest on I saw compared to anyone else

    • Areegyol
      Areegyol 5 months ago


    • Areegyol
      Areegyol 5 months ago

      Nah, they won’t

  • Baqsam
    Baqsam 7 months ago

    The Russian language is scary AF! But not in Trevor's context

  • Олеся Комарова

    I m rashen 😊😊 i over dain of fan!!! Sso fan men sso fan..aaaaa...jast to tiars..rashen very butiful, not mafia spiak..😊😊very faan...

    • О.о о.О
      О.о о.О 3 months ago

      Wat? :D

    • Areegyol
      Areegyol 5 months ago

      Вай со брокен инглиш, сис? XD

  • TOP music
    TOP music 7 months ago

    You are racist and stupid Your words express racism, ignorance and hatred Russians are good people. In the end, I would like to thank you for racism. I am an Arab from Syria

  • EL Surgeon
    EL Surgeon 7 months ago

    You don’t say even one correct Arabic litter .. So stop spread hatting Arabic is a very beautiful language having 12,ooo,ooo different words more than any other language on the planet

    • Sawbones
      Sawbones 5 months ago

      He was kidding, he was talking about how people are sort of conditioned to associated Russian and Arabic with bad things becaus of movies and such

    • Don't See My FEATURED CHANNELS!!!
      Don't See My FEATURED CHANNELS!!! 7 months ago

      he is just kidding... I speak Arabic btw...

  • Adam Muhamed
    Adam Muhamed 7 months ago

    I'm an Iraqi Arab ok so we are like Syria...we are not rich as a country we are traditional Arabs...and when we speak it does sound agressive but when we talk romance...ya habibi! We know how to get ze ladies ah 😉😉😂 🇮🇶🇸🇾🇩🇿

    • Gamers Strike
      Gamers Strike 5 months ago

      I am a Morrocan Arab we are a bit mixed in term of cultures and our arabic is different but its still the same

  • mostafa eldeeb
    mostafa eldeeb 7 months ago

    Its hebrow mother fucker its not arabic

  • Mo salah
    Mo salah 8 months ago

    Fuk you

  • alfayez a
    alfayez a 8 months ago

    Since you laughed at arabic, Listen to Arabic poetry then you decide tvclip.biz/video/cikO9FCtvJo/video.html

  • alfayez a
    alfayez a 8 months ago

    Since you laughed at Arabic, Listen then decide. tvclip.biz/video/oB14FKhqDwA/video.html

  • Кайл Лесинскй

    Сука блыат

  • Alex AskalD
    Alex AskalD 8 months ago

    Россия-Russia 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  • Dan Anthony
    Dan Anthony 8 months ago

    I’m pretty sure I pulled the biggest buger our of my nose last night.

  • Khuloudie Almaazmii
    Khuloudie Almaazmii 8 months ago

    wow,I feel so offended.

  • Reem Ax
    Reem Ax 8 months ago

    Its ok to say arabs and russian are criminals but its racist to say shut up *Nigger* ? !?

  • Shama Alsoufi
    Shama Alsoufi 8 months ago

    Because you are ignorant about languages all your goal to make people laugh unimportant is that right or wrong ! The Arabic language is totally different from the dialect that you used . An ancient language with more than 12 million words , which God chosed it to be the language of the last holly books ( Quran ) Add to this I am Arabic but you didn't say a simple word in Arabic

  • Marina Collins
    Marina Collins 8 months ago

    Try people to study Russian Languages by beautiful our SONGS))) and you will see the TRUTH!))) Вокальный квартет УЛЫБКА - Подари мне платок tvclip.biz/video/ULpe2l3iL5g/video.html Вокальный квартет УЛЫБКА - Здравствуй, Новый Год tvclip.biz/video/DTlbUMYthrQ/video.html Татьяна РУЗАВИНА, Сергей ТАЮШЕВ - Мне не хватает тебя tvclip.biz/video/vXO9R7Hmy6Y/video.html

  • Ali abdelrahim
    Ali abdelrahim 8 months ago

    The way he said Arabic made me cringe

    • Areegyol
      Areegyol 5 months ago

      Same with Russian for me at first, but then I understood what he meant and I was ok wid dat:)

    • Sawbones
      Sawbones 5 months ago

      It's his accent

  • haazz fz
    haazz fz 8 months ago

    Arabic is the most rich beautiful language ever . It is the only language worth to called language because it has what really language mean,it show how human brain could come up with many great words,great patterns to describe every little detail and to deliver the whole picture❤️

    • jeena djo
      jeena djo 2 months ago

      @Raymond Call that's because you know nothing☺

    • jeena djo
      jeena djo 2 months ago

      @R GP because simply you re an idiot ☺

    • Ehap Ahmed
      Ehap Ahmed 3 months ago

      @R GP Oh, no, please, how the earth will turn without your love idiot

    • unkouwn figure
      unkouwn figure 4 months ago

      I am a native Arab and I disagree on the "beautiful" part, it's beautiful with its structure, grammar, rich words, and hard vowels but it's in no way a beautifully spoken language, it does sound scary and we the native speakers may never notice that but when you speak Arabic you actually automatically get louder, it's a beautiful language and extremely precise, the language with most words in it (120 million words not to count the roots, then it would be billions), but not in any way appealing to the ear, extremely masculine language tho.

    • Spetsnaz Hunter
      Spetsnaz Hunter 4 months ago

      @R GP for example this is the original arabic language tvclip.biz/video/wjbbWegz4D4/video.html.

  • Choke Me
    Choke Me 9 months ago

    That’s mean.

  • Sharpie
    Sharpie 9 months ago

    So many arabs getting triggered lol

    • Ehap Ahmed
      Ehap Ahmed 3 months ago

      In fact what supposed to be Arabic is pretty much Hebrew, we don't want to push him to like Arabic, but if he wanna critique it, he should be accurate.

    • Gamers and otakus Den
      Gamers and otakus Den 4 months ago

      Because he didn’t even sound like Arabic, in term of Russian accent he nailed it but wtf did he just say is not anything like Arabic

    • Areegyol
      Areegyol 5 months ago

      He couldn’t not mumble when speaking any language he doesn’t know🙃

    • Emaad Mir
      Emaad Mir 7 months ago

      Me too

    • Don't See My FEATURED CHANNELS!!!
      Don't See My FEATURED CHANNELS!!! 7 months ago

      Not me... but I think they got mad because he literally was mumbling when was was speaking arabic, but I found it funny a little bit.

  • ItsSkyler
    ItsSkyler 9 months ago

    I love the Russian accent, I find it attractive and the language is weirdly relaxing for me.

  • Abdulimaguli
    Abdulimaguli 9 months ago

    Arabic and Russian aren’t supposed to be romantic language. We aren’t pussies! Our races breed strong men and influential women! And people like that need aggressive languages to contain our clout! 🇷🇺 🇸🇩

    • R GP
      R GP 5 months ago

      @Roz. That's what most Arabs say about whites, but it is actually the whites who changed technology, and made inventions, so technically whites are more superior

    • Roz.
      Roz. 5 months ago

      @R GP There isn't such a thing as being "inferior" to other races. That's dumb.

    • R GP
      R GP 5 months ago

      Arabic and russian aren't the same race. Russian is european. Arabic is inferior to Russian.

    • We are already dead Fam
      We are already dead Fam 6 months ago

      Revenant I was just counter acting his circle jerk. Arranged marriage is pretty common in the Middle East. Like fat asses are in the US. If someone was rambling about how Americans are real men. I wouldn’t have a problem with someone using that as a counterexample. He made a positive generalization, I made a negative one. I was actually helping his racism. He could have a quality other than being born somewhere.

    • Roz.
      Roz. 7 months ago

      @rose donna speak for yourself darling. We do have our rights, but I'd understand why you say that if you're living under a rock. Women had right thousand years ago when Mohammed (SLW) was alive, and they are taking their rights now ^^

  • Lucky Ducky
    Lucky Ducky 9 months ago

    Arabic and Russian are literally the two languages I’m learning to speak 😂

    • Allie Alnuaimi
      Allie Alnuaimi 14 days ago

      @Xiphez Yeah, and some countries can't even understand each other.. so if you bring someone from Kuwait they don't understand someone from Algeria lol. I guess they should learn the same modern standard Arabic everyone can understand, not the dialects because each country has a different dialect or style of Arabic.

    • Xiphez
      Xiphez 14 days ago

      Im arabic and accents are different by the country its really

    • Allie Alnuaimi
      Allie Alnuaimi 27 days ago

      I'm an Arab, if you need any help with Arabic lmk

    • Hadeel Saleh
      Hadeel Saleh Month ago

      Good for you don't give because the Arabic language is very very beautiful I don't know who the Russian looks so I can't say anything

    • Снут йоур битч асс уп Нигга
      Снут йоур битч асс уп Нигга 2 months ago

      Lucky Ducky why? You are a dumbass

  • Uchiha186
    Uchiha186 9 months ago

    Alot of Arabs are really nice and humble people though

    • Hn r Almu
      Hn r Almu Month ago

      Aww thanks

    • WBRPG
      WBRPG 2 months ago

      I am an arab when i went to America texas someone in the airport screamed at us terorists i was a kid like 9 and my father was very angry he was very very angry and my dad never hits only if i did a mistake he will but rarely

    • مطنوخ الهاجري
      مطنوخ الهاجري 2 months ago

      Bucanero TercerMundista sorry my friend dues vault won’t happen again

    • mona zahdan
      mona zahdan 3 months ago

      that's because most Arabs are Muslims. and we were taught 2 be nice and humble

    • Apollo Christ
      Apollo Christ 3 months ago

      @Jordan S Arab population is not even close to one billion, more like 200 million.

  • Jojixlight
    Jojixlight 9 months ago

    Lol that's so funny , keep going bro!

  • Jenny Garcia
    Jenny Garcia 9 months ago

    save that video for the future then show it to her pricelss

  • Jenny Garcia
    Jenny Garcia 9 months ago

    luv it

  • Sosotwix Dawilah
    Sosotwix Dawilah 9 months ago

    you know nothing about arabic arabic has lots of accents listen o them before making stuiped shows

  • Sarah Elsafty
    Sarah Elsafty 9 months ago

    I can't hear any Arabic in your silly talk ! You're just a blockhead person

  • Shiiiuo _
    Shiiiuo _ 9 months ago