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Selena Gomez - Bad Liar
Views 301M2 years ago
Selena Gomez - Good For You
Views 455M4 years ago


  • Sam jakers
    Sam jakers 32 minutes ago

    Ayu.e bisa Kaya boneka berbie

  • Angel Reyes
    Angel Reyes 32 minutes ago

    You go Girl!!! I hope you get number one

  • Rayan Tahraoui
    Rayan Tahraoui 33 minutes ago

    I really understand you my dear selena . But we re on the same boate . All i can advice you with is perseverence. Time will heal us both

  • Mrgarita Franco
    Mrgarita Franco 33 minutes ago


  • Rodrigo Oliveira
    Rodrigo Oliveira 34 minutes ago

    DEUSA DO CARALHOO😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • M. Mallaiah
    M. Mallaiah 35 minutes ago

    Yummy : 80M views RARE: 27M views

  • Magdalena Auer
    Magdalena Auer 36 minutes ago

    Really cool music video 👍

  • Millena Vieira
    Millena Vieira 39 minutes ago

    The beginning reminded me so much of Never be the same

  • Matt Mitchell
    Matt Mitchell 39 minutes ago

    Not a fan of the video. Amazing song. She is really very talented.

  • Jameson Beck
    Jameson Beck 40 minutes ago

    2:57 ligit fire

  • Şehnaz Çelikler
    Şehnaz Çelikler 40 minutes ago


  • Francesca Esposito
    Francesca Esposito 40 minutes ago

    "And now the chapter is closed and done" BUT YOU DON'T DO IT! Go ahead,use yet Justin's name to make people talk about you!

  • Payal Raut
    Payal Raut 40 minutes ago

    I'm addicted to this song...😍 This song makes me feel RARE😌

  • Mia Khalifa
    Mia Khalifa 42 minutes ago

    Hii Love you all😍

  • JVL
    JVL 44 minutes ago

    This album is definitely rare!!! I love it!❤❤❤❤

  • Johanes Gbegbe
    Johanes Gbegbe 45 minutes ago

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  • Angela Barham
    Angela Barham 45 minutes ago

    love it

  • Zx Racing
    Zx Racing 46 minutes ago

    I NEED 1 MILLION PEOPLE TO CASHAPP ME 1 DOLLAR $xadket THANKS I’ll give it back next week

  • dαvílα hєlєnα
    dαvílα hєlєnα 48 minutes ago

    Selena não é nada sem Justin Bieber

  • Stevie Armando
    Stevie Armando 49 minutes ago

    This song gives me chills.

  • Anjali Sachdeva
    Anjali Sachdeva 49 minutes ago

    Tried my best on this song, do watch it guys 😊

  • PomZ TV
    PomZ TV 50 minutes ago

    I wanna marry you selena😭😭😭

  • Naslihan Burak
    Naslihan Burak 50 minutes ago

    I was in the same situation even I got stronger, wiser and older I still feel hurting I don't know why

  • Isabella River
    Isabella River 51 minute ago

    Muy buen tema 😎

  • levi
    levi 51 minute ago

    I don't know why but I hate this song, sorry

  • take and go
    take and go 51 minute ago

    Lmfao this dumb chick is still hung on bieber

  • sasha Nord
    sasha Nord 51 minute ago

    Dance 🔥 🕺🏿💃💣 👉 #позовитенаташу

  • Shanaz Parvin
    Shanaz Parvin 51 minute ago

    imagine to love someone like she/he is your life & you just lost him/her. #jelena.

  • Eric Garcia
    Eric Garcia 53 minutes ago

    Who else has played this everyday since it was released? IT SLAPS. 😭

  • Chen niey
    Chen niey 53 minutes ago

    Queen 👑

  • D Day
    D Day 56 minutes ago

    Two feedbacks: 1. If this song was about relationships (I mean about JB), then some serious type video would have been more appropriate...those fancy dress or funcy video are not matching with respect to context or current situation... 2. If you gonna make fancy type video, then the energy or pitch of the song could have been raise a little bit.. -Just my opinion

  • Anif Nafira
    Anif Nafira 56 minutes ago


  • Saber Mlayeh
    Saber Mlayeh 56 minutes ago

    Please go and buy the album, plus stream it, let it be Number 1 <3<3<3

  • velez sarfield acosta
    velez sarfield acosta 57 minutes ago

    how not to love you queen if you are great i love you your argentinian fan

  • Elvisa Pepaj
    Elvisa Pepaj 57 minutes ago

    You look like fun

  • IZZY J
    IZZY J 59 minutes ago


  • Latoya Reid
    Latoya Reid Hour ago

    First album other than exodus i sat n listen all d songs to d end .i love it oh god

  • bella
    bella Hour ago


  • Ariff Hamid
    Ariff Hamid Hour ago

    Justin is probably listening this in his Lamborghini when Hailey is not with him.

  • Laura bzbz
    Laura bzbz Hour ago

    It reminds me of derniere danse - Indila

  • Sushi San
    Sushi San Hour ago

    After Selena's heartbreak, she's stronger and stronger, we can tell. I'm a Bieber, but this time it went too far.

  • Farah Yunos
    Farah Yunos Hour ago

    The lyrics be hit different to fucking hurts :”)

  • Katie M
    Katie M Hour ago

    I feel like every song is about justin

  • Hello Been
    Hello Been Hour ago

    Откуда тексты или специально з.....

  • Lili M
    Lili M Hour ago

    justine - yummy selena - rare hailey B. - what the fvck?

  • Giada Cesarano
    Giada Cesarano Hour ago

    Molto simile a quello di Camila Cabello ( Living proof)

  • Arcadio jose Barrera

    Eres la mejor sele te mereces lo mejor amiga siga adelante las cosas siempre son para bien cuando mas nos duelen

  • Lili M
    Lili M Hour ago


  • Elvisa Pepaj
    Elvisa Pepaj Hour ago

    Beautiful song

  • mj gonzales
    mj gonzales Hour ago


  • Yaneli D. G
    Yaneli D. G Hour ago


  • Pchel
    Pchel Hour ago

    Славянам привет, остальным соболезную

  • Yaneli D. G
    Yaneli D. G Hour ago


  • Yaneli D. G
    Yaneli D. G Hour ago


  • Yaneli D. G
    Yaneli D. G Hour ago


  • Yaneli D. G
    Yaneli D. G Hour ago


  • areeba akram21
    areeba akram21 Hour ago

    idk why but i think this song for some reason might look good in strangerthings.......

  • manav mohan
    manav mohan Hour ago

    Anybody else feel Shiloh Fernandez is more attractive than Justin bieber.?

  • Yourbrother_ Blkbear

    Selena really did pick the right songs to promote this album as singles. All the songs are bops but the singles are the best to me😁

  • MannyVlogs
    MannyVlogs Hour ago


  • Ryann Rose
    Ryann Rose Hour ago

    This Is My Favorite Song On This Album!!! I Relate To This Lyrica On A Whole Other Level. Hope You Make A Video To This Track!

  • Wow_Iplay Roblox

    Omg I like this song

  • Mahmd Mahmd
    Mahmd Mahmd Hour ago

    😍 😘 😚 ❤ ❤ 😚 ❤

  • Uriel Espinosa
    Uriel Espinosa Hour ago

    New world order tag MK-ultra

  • Mahmd Mahmd
    Mahmd Mahmd Hour ago

    😍 😚 😘 😚 ❤

  • Cinsiyetsiz İnsan

    Klip efsaneeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Blue Rose
    Blue Rose Hour ago

    Roddy Rich brought me here

  • Pech Sreynich
    Pech Sreynich Hour ago

    Im rare, and Special okay😊

  • Petra Holda
    Petra Holda Hour ago

    Sometimes the video remind Zlata Ognevich- Gravity .....

  • Ammore 1418
    Ammore 1418 Hour ago

    ولا تول رنق رنق همارا انتي كلي زق🙂

  • Sarcastic Sid
    Sarcastic Sid Hour ago

    Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Me: 0:23

  • Ana zlt
    Ana zlt Hour ago

    "having no fear, heaven is near." Y E S

  • Bhavee Rathod
    Bhavee Rathod Hour ago

    is there gonna be a food fight vid?

  • Rehab Alkamakhle

    "I'll stay vulnerable"

  • Sanjeev Verma
    Sanjeev Verma Hour ago

    Jb sung "I don't care" and Selena mentions that on 1:46 saying "you don't care?" Isn't that coincidental

  • Bhavee Rathod
    Bhavee Rathod Hour ago

    this is really beautiful

  • David Tan
    David Tan Hour ago

    btw i am enjoing this song at the same time with the song yummy

  • dobrev nina
    dobrev nina Hour ago


  • Dipti Ekka
    Dipti Ekka Hour ago

    Awesome song😍

  • elisa zeneli
    elisa zeneli Hour ago

    What the hell i am loving way too much this album its like heavennn.I am dead serious,i really feel like she has always wanted to do songs because of her emotions and not because of Money.


    Selena Go

  • Sarcastic Sid
    Sarcastic Sid Hour ago


  • If u see my acc says go to study. Thank You!

    i hope you deserve better :( .

  • Rated R
    Rated R Hour ago


  • Issaad Narimene
    Issaad Narimene Hour ago

    "I still can taste it i HATE it..." damn i felt that

    THATIDIOT Hour ago

    Shoot on IPhone 11pro

  • Nomer Tumala
    Nomer Tumala Hour ago

    Whos listening this in 2020

  • Seif Ibrahim
    Seif Ibrahim Hour ago

    Selena Gomez is Alex from Wizards Of A Waverly Place

  • Britta Brashears

    Pretty "me centric" . "I'm so special I'm so rare." Get over yourself. I don't come away with a healthy self image... Just a conceited one.

  • MadWave MadMen
    MadWave MadMen Hour ago

    And I'm too happy if you happy and when i see you haw you smiled or just say somthing

  • Rayson H
    Rayson H Hour ago

    This deserve way more views would be satisfied if it got at least over 100 million views

  • Rated R
    Rated R Hour ago

    I need a video for this song asap

  • ImDax
    ImDax Hour ago

    I’m just here cause King Roddy told me

  • MadWave MadMen
    MadWave MadMen Hour ago

    Поэтому я думаю это придает этой песне особое звучание

  • MadWave MadMen
    MadWave MadMen Hour ago

    И мне нравится твой голос он очень приятный

  • Ballet Forever
    Ballet Forever Hour ago

    Who remembers Selena from wizards of waverly place

  • 희원
    희원 Hour ago

    노래 ㅈㅎ다

  • MadWave MadMen
    MadWave MadMen Hour ago

    Ведь ты вдохновляешь и даешь силу

  • Phanie Erdnie
    Phanie Erdnie Hour ago

    MV? Might be? Suggestions? Me (up up)

  • MadWave MadMen
    MadWave MadMen Hour ago

    Все что могу я дать жто поддержку