The Royalty Family
The Royalty Family
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    APPU TCR Minute ago

    Friend can you give me iphone ihave no phone to see royalty family please

  • Genna Sebastiaan
    Genna Sebastiaan 3 minutes ago

    Why does Andrea s mom look so young i wish i looked so young

  • Dexter Heteroza
    Dexter Heteroza 4 minutes ago

    Watching from philippine, iloveyou royalty family god bless

  • Daud vlogs
    Daud vlogs 14 minutes ago

    Go! Ferrhan

  • salman loha
    salman loha 18 minutes ago

    Royalty family I am from Pakistan I see your every vlog my real name is Salman I love you

  • Martin Popov
    Martin Popov 31 minute ago

    I like the second

  • anita shrestha
    anita shrestha 49 minutes ago

    I love you guys

  • Genna Sebastiaan
    Genna Sebastiaan 54 minutes ago

    Can anyone tell me why theyre coment section is always disabled only on certain videos that its not or is it just my phone....

  • Kev
    Kev Hour ago

    i liked and subscribed and hit the bell

  • Hiba Elbuluk
    Hiba Elbuluk Hour ago

    I subscribed and turn on the bell I love your TVclip channel

  • Maria Bangtan
    Maria Bangtan Hour ago

    I love you so much the royalty family you give me inspection every day so thank you😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Zambaga Ayurzana

    hahaha noob

  • Ashlee Sagun
    Ashlee Sagun 2 hours ago

    Ilove your video❤❤❤❤❤

  • Ashlee Sagun
    Ashlee Sagun 2 hours ago

    I want the iphone xs max because idont have any phone im using a computer shop to watch this movie plsss plsss royalty family iwant the iphone xs max plssss plsss😭

  • KC Suralta
    KC Suralta 2 hours ago

    Ali and Ferran is the most prank master can i have shout out please

  • BandianoPH PH
    BandianoPH PH 2 hours ago


  • Dilmurod’s Lists
    Dilmurod’s Lists 2 hours ago

    Piper sucks stop inviting him to your video she is not cool but she thinks so

    DANUBY OCAYAREVALO 2 hours ago

    Hi royalty family I watch your videos every day after school when it is weekend I will watch your video every time. So can I please get a shout cause I never got a shout out before on every youtuber. I watch your videos from Philippines I learned English from you guys

  • asser 3uydigmobark
    asser 3uydigmobark 2 hours ago

    oh wow give you 1000

  • NeonLight X
    NeonLight X 2 hours ago

    Outfit 1 = 10! Outfit 2 = 10! Outfit 3 = 10!!💖 Outfit 4 =10!!💗❤ Outfit 5 = 100% 💓

  • George Mason
    George Mason 2 hours ago


  • George Mason
    George Mason 2 hours ago

    Have a wonderful time and I’ll be home soon I’ll see you later I love you guys

  • Xdpinpotknot XXgodxx


  • Bishal Khadka
    Bishal Khadka 2 hours ago

    I love your all video and i am the biggest fan of royalti family...... And I am the biggest fan of ali😍😍😍😍 Can I also be the member of royalti family......✌️✌️✌️✌️ From Nepal..

  • Rahemeen Nawaz
    Rahemeen Nawaz 2 hours ago

    1-8 outfit 2-9 outfit 3-10 outfit 4-

  • Betty La Loca
    Betty La Loca 2 hours ago

    I love you guys 🥰

  • Betty La Loca
    Betty La Loca 3 hours ago

    Team Royalty Family 💖😭

  • Jester Paredes
    Jester Paredes 3 hours ago

    How to join the royalty fam?

  • Keizo Nishiguro
    Keizo Nishiguro 3 hours ago

    Pls I love your vids I need you to reach and beat pewdiepie and do your work at TVclip we need 100M subs I follow Andrea and Ali and Ferran the king Andrea queen Ali the prince I do the handshake everyday can I pls get a shoutout i need the iPhone x for my dad PeAcE

  • Savannah Chanley
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  • Ashley Moffat
    Ashley Moffat 3 hours ago

    royalty fam I am subscribed and I cclicked the like button

  • Grace Gwyne
    Grace Gwyne 3 hours ago

    I Love you royalty fam

    SUPER MILK RJ 3 hours ago

    Hello royalty family please I want a shotout I like Ali and I am from Lebanon

  • Corazon Agarap
    Corazon Agarap 3 hours ago

    Also im from the Philippines in luzon bnt imus cavite

  • Corazon Agarap
    Corazon Agarap 3 hours ago

    Hey royalty fam I really love your videos and my favorite character is ferran I subscribed and hit that like button and i click the notification bell love you peace

  • Zodini Tlau
    Zodini Tlau 4 hours ago

    hi royalty fam i loveyou guys i never got a shout out in the world please give me a shout out some like i phone

  • adsharpy1975
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  • Arfan Ziyad
    Arfan Ziyad 4 hours ago

    I love Royalth family Terran

  • Aliza Shoaib
    Aliza Shoaib 4 hours ago

    Oh his grandma

  • Aliza Shoaib
    Aliza Shoaib 4 hours ago

    Who is that Even and did Andrea even was pregnant with ferran

  • Ali Haidari
    Ali Haidari 5 hours ago


  • Aarav Baisla
    Aarav Baisla 5 hours ago


  • Abbey Leoncio
    Abbey Leoncio 5 hours ago

    I think all of us was sad😦😦😟😟

  • Mila Penarroyo
    Mila Penarroyo 5 hours ago

    Ali and Ferran

  • James Storen
    James Storen 5 hours ago

    That was fire

  • Rafidah man
    Rafidah man 5 hours ago


  • Rafidah man
    Rafidah man 5 hours ago


  • Rafidah man
    Rafidah man 5 hours ago


  • Rafidah man
    Rafidah man 5 hours ago


  • Rafidah man
    Rafidah man 5 hours ago


  • Rafidah man
    Rafidah man 5 hours ago


  • Rafidah man
    Rafidah man 5 hours ago


  • XxProEshaxX
    XxProEshaxX 6 hours ago

    intro 2

  • XxProEshaxX
    XxProEshaxX 6 hours ago

    20:42 I like it

  • Keziah Enriquez
    Keziah Enriquez 6 hours ago

    i give andrea all 10

  • Keziah Enriquez
    Keziah Enriquez 6 hours ago

    outfitt #3 +10

  • Keziah Enriquez
    Keziah Enriquez 6 hours ago

    outfit 2 is a 10

  • Sankalp Narula
    Sankalp Narula 6 hours ago

    I love your vlogs stay royalty 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

  • shapiq z
    shapiq z 6 hours ago

    I really like your videos and you have a good relationship with your parent, son and animal.I hope I can win the giveaway.I from Malaysia.Nice to see your videos.BYE you guys.

  • Olivia Goodew
    Olivia Goodew 6 hours ago

    1.four that’s not a really good outfit 2.10 that’s so so pretty I love it ❤️❤️❤️ 3.nine pretty but not as pretty as the one before 4.8 because not that good but it’s ok 5.ten red I love red plus that beautiful Love you so much can I also have a shout out I have never got a shout out before can I have one please

  • Jackson McNulty
    Jackson McNulty 6 hours ago

    Sanamonicka intro

  • Aila Al rayssi
    Aila Al rayssi 6 hours ago

    Mass you1I like that 2 I like that 3👋 4 I like that 5 I like this

  • Tara Byrne
    Tara Byrne 6 hours ago


  • Samira Mahroei
    Samira Mahroei 6 hours ago

    That’s what they get for leaving you ferran good job

  • michelle sugui
    michelle sugui 6 hours ago

    hi ferran

  • Jofel Jayectin
    Jofel Jayectin 6 hours ago

    I like Andrea's outfit for me his all outfit is 10

  • Jinky Carcueba
    Jinky Carcueba 7 hours ago

    I want from fause 6

  • Abrar Fahim Rohit
    Abrar Fahim Rohit 7 hours ago

    I need apple watch

  • Jefferson Santos
    Jefferson Santos 7 hours ago

    Ferans dad gana mad

  • Elizabeth's Kids Corner

    10, 10, 10 they are all amazing

  • Mk Plays
    Mk Plays 7 hours ago

    piper is the real prank master@piperrockelle

  • Rachel Monae
    Rachel Monae 7 hours ago

    You suck b****

  • Mirfat Kryeziju
    Mirfat Kryeziju 7 hours ago


  • SG sweet gamers
    SG sweet gamers 7 hours ago

    Pliz do not forget like

  • Rupa Wasan
    Rupa Wasan 7 hours ago

    Best video seen ever amazing

  • ayesha motalab
    ayesha motalab 7 hours ago

    Andrea is always so so beautiful

  • Leena Pereira
    Leena Pereira 7 hours ago

    So sad.

  • Sagar Kumar
    Sagar Kumar 7 hours ago

    Nice video

  • Rickie Lee Nesbitt
    Rickie Lee Nesbitt 7 hours ago


  • laila madrid
    laila madrid 7 hours ago

    Great job

  • Rickie Lee Nesbitt
    Rickie Lee Nesbitt 7 hours ago


  • Devashish singh
    Devashish singh 8 hours ago


  • Kerwin Roman
    Kerwin Roman 8 hours ago

    Hi Royalty family I’m using my dads account in TVclip and I gave this video a big like and subscribed I love watching your videos everyday there so funny Andrea is the queen Ali is the king Ferran is the prince pincessa is the princess Gucci is the boss

  • Araceli Limos
    Araceli Limos 8 hours ago


  • Araceli Limos
    Araceli Limos 8 hours ago


  • Heidi Gregory
    Heidi Gregory 8 hours ago

    I am i royalty family member!!! I clicked sub button, like button, and bell 🛎 I love ur vids!

  • beepbeep carrot
    beepbeep carrot 8 hours ago

    New one

  • Ella Villafuerte
    Ella Villafuerte 8 hours ago

    Andrea is stunning!!!❤❤❤

  • MineCaft Tuber
    MineCaft Tuber 8 hours ago

    Hi Royalty Fam. Can you give me a shout out. Please. OK, if I got the gift please I don't need it. Cuz I'm not at your country and I live far away from you. If I told you the country u might hate me. Adrea cloth are all #Beautiful ...

  • Frezgt250 Talyssa
    Frezgt250 Talyssa 8 hours ago

    Not king you dad is

  • Damian Kinac
    Damian Kinac 9 hours ago

    Royalty I love dis amezing family and i do the hand shake

  • Shanynne Gojol
    Shanynne Gojol 9 hours ago

    yes stole it

  • Jerome Brisco
    Jerome Brisco 9 hours ago

    I like a subscribe I like I subscribe I you're the best

  • Divyansh Ojha
    Divyansh Ojha 9 hours ago

    Love u all

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  • Angelica gatcha killer

    I love you royalty family you are the best TVcliprs ever

  • Angelica gatcha killer

    10 for Andrea 💞💞💞💞💞💕💕💕💕💕💘💘💘💘

  • Davienna Callia
    Davienna Callia 10 hours ago

    Feran is the prank master

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    thedanisha edrina 10 hours ago


  • Tylan Powell
    Tylan Powell 10 hours ago

    Love your doing good at this check up on my channel @ty is lit