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  • Boaz Mathew
    Boaz Mathew 3 hours ago

    Oklahoma 45 LSU 42 👍🏽🤣

  • richie wheeler
    richie wheeler 3 hours ago

    Bro this is wack everyone I’ve watched nobody has picked osu there acting like Clemson has beat a good team this hole season I’m weak😂

  • Grouper Gary
    Grouper Gary 3 hours ago

    Clemson coming in "fresh" playing cupcakes so no wear and tear on them.

  • LardGreystoke
    LardGreystoke 4 hours ago

    I expect a 1-score game. OSU is well coached this year. Clemson may jump out early but the coaches will adjust just as they did against Wisconsin II.

  • Grouper Gary
    Grouper Gary 4 hours ago

    If buckeyes had the same teams, schedule they to would be racking up the stats Clemson did. Clemson year dominance over cupcakes.

  • Samuel Bowers
    Samuel Bowers 4 hours ago

    Just your typical gagging on the Clemson nutsack from the CBS guys. I knew before i even watched a second of the video they would dismiss Ohio State and that's exactly what happend.

  • Ross Burns
    Ross Burns 4 hours ago

    Go Tigers!!!

  • Jersey Carr
    Jersey Carr 4 hours ago

    LSU is on upset alert!!!!

  • armydlguy
    armydlguy 4 hours ago

    One argument can be made for OSU, at least they earned the right to be there this time, as opposed to three years ago.

  • guezcisco
    guezcisco 4 hours ago

    They will go down as the Best Ever Period! at cheating

  • Derek Lust
    Derek Lust 4 hours ago

    These guys get paid to make these ridiculous statements😂😂😂

  • DarNyBiscuits_23
    DarNyBiscuits_23 4 hours ago

    How about a good team. That may help

  • guezcisco
    guezcisco 4 hours ago

    Gaytriot's at kt again.

  • Angel Ramirez
    Angel Ramirez 4 hours ago

    Cowboys suck!

  • Andy Butterbaugh
    Andy Butterbaugh 4 hours ago

    Whats it matter? Goodell and the NFL will let them skate again. Their championships mean nothing in my opinion.

  • FriscogalSF49
    FriscogalSF49 4 hours ago

    Haha.... I love the hate... The 49ers know what ppl are saying that's why they keep winning. Good job haters keep up the good work.

  • Bryan Petrillo
    Bryan Petrillo 4 hours ago

    Thank you Jim for being rational and using critical thinking unlike a lot of these “analysts” that are straight 🗑

  • adam fair
    adam fair 4 hours ago

    Everyone acts like the patriots are the only cheaters in NFL History, Remember the 2009 Saints where they paid players extra money to intentionally injure other players? probably not, because all you guys worry about is the patriots. Remember when the colts deflated footballs and blamed it on the patriots probably not because you all you haters just think the patriots do it because they are good.

  • 13BadassMetal
    13BadassMetal 4 hours ago

    Hell yeah.Who dat?

  • Robert Lopez
    Robert Lopez 4 hours ago

    Isn't this what everyone said about Texas vs. Georgia!? Bears will be tougher and will outplay them. Sic'em Bears!

  • Keion Chase
    Keion Chase 4 hours ago

    #COWBOYNATION 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Norman Webb
    Norman Webb 4 hours ago

    Fields better then fromm lol

  • Derick Douangnouanexay

    The only way we can win is to stop jalen hurts run and pass game he will mix it up like ole miss did to us our d line is not 100% probably 90% d line don’t forget he did beat us last year when he was in Alabama so he kno the sec to well

  • robert johnson
    robert johnson 4 hours ago

    who that

  • Kyle Sprague
    Kyle Sprague 4 hours ago

    Ou will win watch jalen hurts he want to win so I think he will go off this game and they almost lost to texas

  • Jakari Anderson
    Jakari Anderson 4 hours ago

    Did he say he would take Clemson's secondary over Ohio State's

    • Dee Gee
      Dee Gee 4 hours ago

      Yea he's drunk out his fking mind

  • Sean Buzbee
    Sean Buzbee 4 hours ago

    The inevitable is coming for OU defense

    XdTOXICKNIVES77 4 hours ago

    35-17 osu wins

    • LardGreystoke
      LardGreystoke 4 hours ago

      I would like that but can't see it happening. Clemson is no pushover.

    XdTOXICKNIVES77 4 hours ago

    North Carolina is good competition there not ranked not top 25 but yet consider that competition

  • WarLord
    WarLord 4 hours ago

    Yes we are. Let’s go!!! ########28!!!!!!!

    XdTOXICKNIVES77 4 hours ago

    When your in ACC you can’t talk about good rusher

  • Fredrick Williams
    Fredrick Williams 4 hours ago

    Undisciplined is not the character of Oklahoma. You guys on the LSU bandwagon is fools gold. They are not heads and shoulders above any team in the playoffs. Georgia, Auburn, A&M, Gators good. Florida was&just didn't have enough, Auburn? Laid blueprint. Justin left and had a phenomenal season can play and bring more to the table. Trevor no one wants any part of him and Clemson with athletes all over. The running game of OKL. & OSU are formidable.

  • John Van Dam Jr
    John Van Dam Jr 4 hours ago

    So sick and tired hearing about Clemson. Go ohio state

  • Joe Lirag
    Joe Lirag 5 hours ago

    In my humble opinion, I feel that the Yankees will have their next dynasty with the addition of Cole. When the Yankees signed CC back in 09, the core were already past their prime. With the young new core that is Judge, Severino, Sanchez, & Gleyber still in their 20's, I'm thinking at least 2 - 3 rings. Maybe 4. Just my opinion folks. Not trying to ruffle any feathers.

  • stanhry
    stanhry 5 hours ago

    Hope Dallas takes out the Rams. To keep the bears play off changes alive.

  • D'vontay Robinson
    D'vontay Robinson 5 hours ago

    I dont think the media could suck off Clemson any harder than they are. They talk about Ohio state like they've got a bunch of 3 star players. We gone see come the 28th. #GoBucks

  • Brad Willis
    Brad Willis 5 hours ago

    I love how these bucknut fans think Clemson is suppose to be scared LOL This will be a matchup nightmare for OSU, the Tigers will completely shut down Fields . These are the kind of QBs Clemson usually feast on. Ohio St will make a few early stops but the Tigers will get it rolling. Too much talent, experience and just knowing how to win the CFP. CU -38 OSU-10

    • Jeffrey Jones
      Jeffrey Jones 4 hours ago

      Brad Willis Clemson May win but it will be 34-31 or 31-28.

  • kaiden lutsch
    kaiden lutsch 5 hours ago

    they are dickriding clemson. ohio state is going to shit on them. they are saying clemson is better in every area. i call bull bro

  • Tonetwisters
    Tonetwisters 5 hours ago

    GEE, BRYANT ... Give him a chance to prove himself! Seems he has the dynamic personality to make it all happen.Good answer, Jeff.

  • Jesus Plaza
    Jesus Plaza 5 hours ago

    Big contracts is a bad decision most of the time

  • Toby White
    Toby White 5 hours ago

    Tiki can’t get a word in. Dumb show

  • atwilliams8
    atwilliams8 5 hours ago

    Thank you Thank you Thank you...

  • Steven Jackson
    Steven Jackson 5 hours ago

    This well be a great game if Ou plays the Best game of the Year for TWO games d The Best game Yet this would be the Right time Surprise the World like never before Remember the unbetted super bowl team ..... Well Remember what happen Thats why they still play the Games anything can happen

  • John bro
    John bro 5 hours ago

    But you can't win with Dolan fat joe if Kevin Durant just cared about money he would've stayed in the bay

  • Steven Fischer
    Steven Fischer 5 hours ago

    Lol jimmy has been a stud since day 1. These guys are just now figuring it out? Gtfo

  • lee jay Funk
    lee jay Funk 5 hours ago

    Tha more u say LSU the less I believe it🤣

  • Brian Stevens
    Brian Stevens 5 hours ago

    I live in Kansas City. I love the Chiefs. That said, I do not consider spying as cheating. You should expect to be spied upon.

  • John Barton
    John Barton 5 hours ago

    OHIO versus the World. And we wouldn't want it any other way. GO BUCKEYES!!!!

  • Jamen Thomas
    Jamen Thomas 5 hours ago

    Justin Fields has 40 TDS to just 1 int... and account for 50... tell me that Trevor Lawrence is better again and I’ll flip. The secondary for Clemson isn’t better than Ohio State, Jeff Okudah, top 5 pick, Shaun Wade, Damon Arnette plz just stop. They’ve allowed more than 21 pts ONCE... and let’s not mention that monster named CHASE YOUNG... and the disrespect card that Dabo has been playing, that’s what Ohio State should be playing because EVERYONE is picking Clemson

  • Armando Rodriguez
    Armando Rodriguez 5 hours ago

    Yes yes Rome,YES!

    OBESPRING1982 5 hours ago


  • Rick Williams
    Rick Williams 5 hours ago

    osu better than usual, yet I'm going with history 31 0 3 and 0

  • Andrew Gill
    Andrew Gill 5 hours ago

    I love all this... Go Bucks!

  • Sheldon Turley
    Sheldon Turley 5 hours ago

    Why in the hell-fuc? Would you spy on a (1---12) team??????

  • TheEinSteve
    TheEinSteve 5 hours ago

    I am going with the best team over the course of the season, Ohio St. When it comes down to it, Ohio St. had a brutal final 3 games and proved themselves against some really good defensive teams. I really like Clemson too and have nothing but respect for them. This will be a dog fight. The winner of this game beats LSU either way.

  • official PRODICAL
    official PRODICAL 5 hours ago

    You guys need to quit smoking Reggie😂 GO BUCKEYES

  • JohnnyinCLE
    JohnnyinCLE 5 hours ago

    Thanks for the bulletin board material.

  • Yabe Nathan
    Yabe Nathan 5 hours ago

    Picking OSU

  • Tackle Berry985
    Tackle Berry985 5 hours ago

    Clyde will have over 200 yards all purpose

  • Andrew
    Andrew 5 hours ago

    Navy is going to waterboard them...

  • Invidious
    Invidious 5 hours ago

    Gonna be a good game. Geaux Tigahs.

  • Sandra Wolgamott
    Sandra Wolgamott 5 hours ago

    Y'all expect less from a franchise that just got caught getting happy endings by underage sex slaves? Epstein, I mean Kraft, belichick, and Brady are all in on this and you think they just cheated 3 rings? Hell no how many times did they not get caught. I don't believe the pats rings, they're all rip offs. Cheaters. Where's all the loud Pat's fans now? Lol explains why suddenly their defense is so good they know routes better than the wrs

  • Jack Vanatsky
    Jack Vanatsky 5 hours ago

    I'm convinced Barrett Sallee has never watched an OSU or Clemson game. Clemson's o-line is their one hole on the roster, OSU's is fantastic. And the idea that they're better than last years team is just laughable, you're gonna put up better numbers when you play worse competition. Not saying OSU is gonna win but they're not gonna be boatraced like these clowns say.

  • patriotsfootballplc
    patriotsfootballplc 5 hours ago

    Pats admitted it so nothing to defend BUT can talking heads at least call some things straight. 2019 We KNOW the Bengals record is not good and currently 1-12 2007 The Jets were 0-0 in Wk1 NOT 4-12. No ONE knew what their record would be. Jim Rome comparing the two as the same thing is ridiculous, same nonsense like below 2007 ONLY "offensive" helmet communication was used - "defensive" signals could be recorded on video 2019 "defensive" signals are called in with helmet communication as that was put in place in 2008(right after spy-gate) - Let me guess people think the Pats were recording radio waves with their video camera LOL

  • Martavis Smith
    Martavis Smith 5 hours ago

    Man get jalen won on his on tua good but jalen that’s his

  • Butch Fleniken
    Butch Fleniken 5 hours ago

    When they see blood they are like a cobra!?...maybe he meant shark. Regardless, FOREVER LSU...Geaux Tigers

  • Acacia Sprouse
    Acacia Sprouse 5 hours ago

    Don’t forget that OU beat Texas with same amount of points that LSU did.

  • Mazdak Mina
    Mazdak Mina 5 hours ago

    Brady, Belichick, and Kraft need to be banned from football, their titles stripped, and be given the Lance Armstrong treatment as frauds of the sport! I've been saying it for years. They are a disgrace to this league and this sport. They are frauds! Plain and simple.

  • # one
    # one 5 hours ago

    Hakeem Olajuwon top 5 bitches

  • MyChevyTruck 1998Z1
    MyChevyTruck 1998Z1 5 hours ago

    Jags don't need a DT unless they cut Campbell/Dareus/Jones. I rather them draft Simmons

  • # one
    # one 5 hours ago

    What da fukk is curry doing in the top10 all time and bird is not top 10 either, bird top 20 maybe, were is the Dream at he top 10 fa sho

  • Nebraska Fan
    Nebraska Fan 6 hours ago

    lol Everyone knows the angry pissed off Clemson is going to dismantle Ohio State like never before. It's going to be a massacre.

  • Tyler Dora
    Tyler Dora 6 hours ago

    Clemson about to beat the breaks off of OSU.. Again.

  • line jumper
    line jumper 6 hours ago

    Bias much ?

  • Jay
    Jay 6 hours ago

    LSU will win easily

  • The Murray
    The Murray 6 hours ago

    Ok I live in Norman so I'm not an "OU hater" - but this is a bad mismatch - the ONLY thing OU might have going for them is Jalen Hurts' familiarity with LSU from his Alabama days. I'm thinking LSU 59 - OU 31 (and the 31 might be generous)

  • Elijah Isreal
    Elijah Isreal 6 hours ago

    xysxnz, my gators the what, Clemson 3-0 buckass's overrated.

  • canton7180
    canton7180 6 hours ago

    Lets put it this way, Joe is no Ryan Leaf

  • Bob Brock
    Bob Brock 6 hours ago

    I know that the colts are having a rough time right now, but I am glad that they didn't land McDaniels. I would want no part of that cheating culture. It is hard for me to even watch football with the defending champions having cheated the past two decades.

  • pitbull912808
    pitbull912808 6 hours ago

    #1 offense that played in the sec vs the #2 offense that played in the big 12....big difference

  • wolfgangzrx Smith
    wolfgangzrx Smith 6 hours ago

    I can't wait,is this on the 28TH too?? Are they back to back games?? Again I can't wait!

  • Dj House
    Dj House 6 hours ago

    Two great offenses and average defenses. Should be high scoring and uncertain who will win.

  • pitbull912808
    pitbull912808 6 hours ago

    OU needed overtime to beat Baylor....Baylor 🤣

    • Justin Hagedorn
      Justin Hagedorn 6 hours ago

      yes baylor. a great team........ you needed God to save your D to beat vanderbilt and ole miss

  • Sundara Lakshmi Lanka

    I'm still trying to find out how LSU's defense held UGA to just 61 yards rushing, 2.4 yds per carry. Their run defense is awesome, very overlooked because of that Ole Miss game

  • Jonathan Chapman
    Jonathan Chapman 6 hours ago

    He just said Clemson would be the favorite against any of the top 4 LMMFAO

      XdTOXICKNIVES77 4 hours ago

      If osu lost they won’t tho LSU would make dabo Sweeney retire

    • Clemson Hive
      Clemson Hive 5 hours ago

      Its a fact, thats what Vegas has them at.

  • Jonathan Chapman
    Jonathan Chapman 6 hours ago


  • Big Jay
    Big Jay 6 hours ago

    Is why all the Patriots superbowls should have an asterisk and Brady can never be considered to be the GOAT!!!! But I'm not surprised! Isn't their owner the same guy that was caught getting sexual services at a massage parlor known for human smuggling?

  • Kevin Bridges
    Kevin Bridges 6 hours ago

    Don't listen to that RAT POISON!! GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!

  • Jon Pike
    Jon Pike 6 hours ago

    Watch out for Fant and Hockenson

  • Jon Pike
    Jon Pike 6 hours ago

    George Kittle was a great blocker at Iowa and he was able to make some great catches.

  • martin villegas
    martin villegas 6 hours ago

    Black vs white all I see. White player such high IQ black player so athletic. Media will never say black Qb has a leadership high IQ level.

  • Wassup Boi
    Wassup Boi 6 hours ago

    Who here talkin bad about my LSU Tigers? Oh hell no ooh whoa O ho whoa !!!

  • James Barron
    James Barron 6 hours ago

    Ultimate payback. 31-0 OSU.

  • Sheldon Mackey
    Sheldon Mackey 6 hours ago

    The thing is the people keep forgetting is that Robert Kraft and Roger Goodell are actually good friends the Patriots have the Commissioner in their back pocket

  • Jonathan Chapman
    Jonathan Chapman 6 hours ago

    Clemson is good but they haven't played a team like Ohio State, I got state by 10

    • Deformed Cow
      Deformed Cow 4 hours ago

      @Clemson Hive You can say the same for Clemson beating highschool teams ain't gonna cut it

    • Clemson Hive
      Clemson Hive 5 hours ago

      OSU is good, but they havent played a team like Clemson.

  • Able Sanchez
    Able Sanchez 6 hours ago

    Bill is a POS coward! Must be removed... Goodell too for letting this happen time and time again!

  • David Nadig
    David Nadig 6 hours ago

    Why is it that media thinks they’re cool to protect patriots? Stick to facts and drop the excuses. Cheaters cheat. Serial cheaters are well, cheaters. Facts please. Not an advantage?? So if a millionaire robs the 7-11, that’s ok cuz he didn’t need the $ ? Come on!!

  • P K
    P K 6 hours ago

    Did some hot woman in Minnesota break your heart, Prisco? Jesus Christ. He has some hatred for the Vikings. FU

  • Revolution of The Classics

    The 106 plus dislikes are from bitter Cowboy fans

  • LaMarr Mayo
    LaMarr Mayo 6 hours ago

    The X factor in this match up will be the line. Will Clemson be able to adjust to blocking Young with more then one player and leaving others to come free to Trevor? I do not think Trevor will be able to keep up with scrambling and throwing off the run accurately. OSU is as focused as I have ever seen them and the in game adjustments they make are amazing. If the OC/DC for Clemson can not keep up with that it will be hard to stop.

    • LaMarr Mayo
      LaMarr Mayo 4 hours ago

      Will Cosper ok that is a good fact! What is also a fact is what I said. Clemson has not had to block a player like Young one on one all year. I feel there is no tackle who can block him one on one for longer then 3 seconds. If they try that and he gets to Trevor it will be problems.

    • Will Cosper
      Will Cosper 5 hours ago

      Clemson by far best O-Line OSU has faced. Lawrence has been sacked twelve times, compared to 28 for Justin Fields