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  • Eschaton Zenith
    Eschaton Zenith 3 hours ago

    They were enslaved for a reason.

  • Mary Palya
    Mary Palya 3 hours ago

    Look to 10 all time I. TDs yards owns NYG records in every category 1 0f 32 teams of course he's a HOFer

  • Mario Chavira
    Mario Chavira 3 hours ago

    Crossing my fingers for gross matos🤞 ravens should think of finding a wide receiver in the free agency

  • WT Actual. . .
    WT Actual. . . 3 hours ago

    White people just think they can make up all the rules.

  • User Name
    User Name 4 hours ago

    obsolete farm equipment.

  • Wannabe Boomer
    Wannabe Boomer 4 hours ago

    FFS just let the pitcher and catcher run out and talk for 5 seconds between each pitch.

  • Terrence Trent
    Terrence Trent 4 hours ago

    That's defamation of character #22 got big bank like the college kid and the INDIAN DRUMMER.

  • Ken Shearson
    Ken Shearson 4 hours ago

    He didn't do nuthin! They're suspendin him for no reason! It's racism. If a white player threw a chair at someone, nothin woulda happen to him!

  • Xclusive
    Xclusive 4 hours ago

    That shoulder gonna get fooked up if he continues using it. I can see it getting separated by doing that.

  • Sage The Assassin -Super Gamer

    Kansas is weird

  • RJman101
    RJman101 4 hours ago

    As a Clemson fan, I hate black people.

  • billy welfare
    billy welfare 5 hours ago

    Top 10 wtf Kobe is like top 5 I'm disgusted...

  • Ruth Hernandez
    Ruth Hernandez 5 hours ago

    What the hell are they saying. They're playing for free. How much money is the university making on their behalf. And they don't see a cent

  • Marcus Wilkins
    Marcus Wilkins 5 hours ago

    🔆It's amazing how much they put into talking about black athletes when they make a mistake.💯

  • Luke Enno
    Luke Enno 5 hours ago

    Glad that there is a show in this mode which focuses on baseball. We get plenty of NBA/NFL coverage already. I want to hear the hot takes in baseball.

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 5 hours ago

    Guy with chair needs asault charges and banned from NCAA games

  • Bryce Williams
    Bryce Williams 5 hours ago

    Yes I agree he deserves to be suspended but he did not start the fight, the player on K State who stole the ball while down was the one who started the fight

  • Chiefs Kingdom
    Chiefs Kingdom 5 hours ago

    Kyle is a good coach so they say cuz his dad is on the outside coaching for him!!!! I see the Broncos offense in the 49ers!!!!! He's a good coach cuz of Mike period!!!!!!

  • Boyd Oden
    Boyd Oden 5 hours ago

    Stop being so hypocritical hockey players fight almost every game you're not all that outraged when that happens when he's black athletes have an altercation did it say end of the world and also they don't owe the NCAA anything

  • Robert Anderson
    Robert Anderson 5 hours ago

    Next year we have Tim Hudson, Mark Buehrle, Barry Zito, and Torii Hunter, those are the top 1st time guys for 2021. All those guys may fall off the ballots, even Hunter with his impressive stats....... Hudson has 222 wins, he could stay on a few years. Shame for Jeter just one bloody vote short..... I hope that person gets fired if they ever find them! That's just ridiculous......

  • The Juice Alert !
    The Juice Alert ! 5 hours ago

    Aaron Rodgers Not top 5?? Get out of here lol.

  • Chris Karas
    Chris Karas 5 hours ago

    This kid will end up on the streets. Arrested within 5 years. Bet.

  • Ranger9700
    Ranger9700 5 hours ago

    Dummie cowboy shoulda taken him to the ground IMMEDIATELY. Hope Khabib destroys that smart alec punk leprechaun

  • Veronica Lopez
    Veronica Lopez 6 hours ago

    That's a stupid question! Fuck yeah they care! WTH banned all those cheating aholes for life, stripped them from the title & fined them! This is humiliation to the sport itself! What a disgrace!

  • Jack Obeck
    Jack Obeck 6 hours ago

    Panthers all day

  • Goose W
    Goose W 6 hours ago

    John rothstein is like that dude who didn’t vote for Derek Jeter to hof

    • Deplorable Centrist
      Deplorable Centrist 5 hours ago

      Goose W....nobody gives two shits about baseball and its deep legacy of cheating.

  • Nemesis Enforcer
    Nemesis Enforcer 6 hours ago

    A 2X Champs that forever be written in Patriots sad history should be a unamnimous 1st ballot HOF in my opinion.

  • James Jackson
    James Jackson 6 hours ago

    It's all very simple, eliminate athletic scholarships.

    • Steven Hughes
      Steven Hughes 4 hours ago

      James Jackson You want to punish thousands of kids for the actions of a few? How lame is that?

  • don brassco
    don brassco 6 hours ago

    Bos Writer🤪😎

  • robert r
    robert r 6 hours ago

    Mahones is like having Jeter as your quarterback involved in every play.

  • steve vermillion
    steve vermillion 7 hours ago

    As noted on another show, a player is EXPECTED to jump in when he feels his teammate is being attacked. It's always been OK in major league baseball, as well as hockey. In fact, if a player stays on the bench and does not jump in there is always the sense that he doesn't have your back. The fucking colleges want the top athletes in the country but they pay them nothing! And so many athletes come from places where they have no choice but to jump in...Now they want to keep the NCAA Lilly white and pretend these guys are thugs. It makes me sick...

  • Brad Lewis
    Brad Lewis 7 hours ago

    The major thing to watch for in the coming weeks on this is whether Bill Self decides on the suspension being longer! It was the Big 12 who decided on 12 games, but Self could hold him out longer! Will be interesting how Self personally handles him

  • Ruben Fabela
    Ruben Fabela 7 hours ago

    He’ll never give credit to the Niners bc he’s still bitter about not being drafted by them. He thought throughout his career he was going to teach them a lesson n so far so not good 😳😆😂

  • Robert Jerome
    Robert Jerome 7 hours ago

    Sit back and embrace the horror

  • Brad Lewis
    Brad Lewis 7 hours ago

    He's very fortunate he won't miss post-season play in March, but until then it could greatly affect how Kansas gets seeded in the NCAA's, depending on how they do with him suspended until the conference tournament! He should send the Big 12 a huge thank you for letting him off from what I believe should have been a more severe punishment! Espec considering he could have severely injured someone

  • Daniel Solorio
    Daniel Solorio 7 hours ago

    It was a borring fight.😔👎👎

  • Maihiti Anu
    Maihiti Anu 7 hours ago

    3rd eyes calling Zion his man what a bandwagon fan you are. He wont even make it through the year just like your marriage, coward boy.

  • keahistight
    keahistight 7 hours ago

    Good. He’s a ghetto punk.

    JOE SIX PACK 7 hours ago

    41-25 KC

  • best wishes
    best wishes 7 hours ago

    Lol boy! You pl as if the fool!

  • geoff williams
    geoff williams 7 hours ago

    Fourth and facemask and the Pass masters will win by 7 pts.

  • Gary Metrovich
    Gary Metrovich 7 hours ago

    You guys know nothing about the Niners they're going to beat the queefs by punching them in the mouth and putting them on their ass I can't wait!! You idiots haven't even seen half the Playbook yet!!!💪👊 😂

  • Legend Troy
    Legend Troy 7 hours ago

    Little brother did nothing like his big brother did

  • Dave Valant
    Dave Valant 7 hours ago

    Vacate titles, all players involved BANNED FOR LIFE.

  • Legend Troy
    Legend Troy 7 hours ago

    Little brother was not half as good as big brother was

  • Jesse Wentworth
    Jesse Wentworth 7 hours ago

    Maaaaaaaaan you GOTTA respekt Masvidal

  • snowboard424
    snowboard424 7 hours ago

    The last few years he suffered at the hands of terrible management, poor coaching, a crippled defense, and an offensive line that couldn’t give him 2 seconds. People forget how strong of a player he was in the prime of his career. NYG will never have another like him. These types of players only come around once in a franchise

  • admtahoe
    admtahoe 8 hours ago

    Oh look, the assholes that go against the 49ers on every game

  • Mike Bostic
    Mike Bostic 8 hours ago

    Good job tiki I'm sure Eli Manning doesn't give a rats ass about you thanking him. It's nice to hear from ol tiki.

  • AWretchLikeThee
    AWretchLikeThee 8 hours ago

    He should wrestle the undertaker at WrestleMania 36.

  • MsLacy707
    MsLacy707 8 hours ago

    They are young and have more testosterone than the commentators. Colleges and team owners should be honored to have such lively units of products. All the best on all sides.

    • Deplorable Centrist
      Deplorable Centrist 5 hours ago

      MsLacy707....they should be honored to have thug ball players from the concrete jungle?

  • Waylon Valnes
    Waylon Valnes 8 hours ago

    Start making these entitled athletes sign paperwork to make them stay for there 4 years of college if they get scholarships!! Other wish find your Owen way to the big dance!! Make it a NCAA RULE!! So they cannot use another school and abuse there schools!!!

    • Macabree
      Macabree 5 hours ago

      @G Smith lol you didn't have to correct him like that LMAO. Everyone is different

    • G Smith
      G Smith 7 hours ago

      (*wise *own *their) You're welcome

  • affluent couple
    affluent couple 8 hours ago

    I'll let you all in on a little secret. Boston wives cheat on their husbands more than any other wives. When she told you that she registered for yoga class on Thursdays, that was no registration at all, my tiny dick boston dudes.

  • MOD 7MGT35R
    MOD 7MGT35R 8 hours ago

    Cbs sports did say packers will beat the Niners for the nfc championship. Hahaha!

  • Poker Beast
    Poker Beast 8 hours ago

    I just have Frisco

  • shernigz
    shernigz 8 hours ago

    This hurts. Thank you, so much #10. Your character and mental state was so strong and you rarely got rattled. I'll take you over any QB in the superbowl. Fuck the haters. This is a sad day in Giants nation.

  • Luke Enno
    Luke Enno 8 hours ago

    David Samson is doing a really good job with this podcast. I didn't like him at all when he was with the Marlins. But he knows his stuff and he has a lot of INSIGHTFUL hot takes that are very interesting to hear. He was a deep insider for a long time so he knows more than most people could possibly know about how all of these things work like contracts.

  • Ivan Wilson
    Ivan Wilson 8 hours ago

    CBS Sports is trash😂😂

  • iamphil84
    iamphil84 8 hours ago

    Good , he should be! Horrible sportsmanship. You're a real tough guy blocking a shot and standing over a player while you're winning by over 20 👌🏿

    • S D
      S D 4 hours ago

      iamphil84 shut up

  • Jason Harris
    Jason Harris 8 hours ago

    is he a Hall of Famer? I'm just a Bronco fan but I say he is bc while his #s r kinda bad, he won when it mattered most! 🏉🥩🍺🇦🇺🇦🇺🏉🍺🥩🇦🇺

  • Daniel Nguyen
    Daniel Nguyen 8 hours ago

    Tiki , you're trash and glad you never got that and championship

  • Erick Lemoine
    Erick Lemoine 8 hours ago

    Anyone that picked Clemson knows nothing about college football. They didn't watch LSU all year.

  • MMG
    MMG 8 hours ago

    Great career hall of famer for sure -Patriots fan

  • Rob Small
    Rob Small 8 hours ago

    Prisco either hates the 49ers with a passion, or he is just that bad and should find a new line of work. How could you get THIS far in any career being THAT bad?!

  • Jen-Wei Huang
    Jen-Wei Huang 8 hours ago

    All this hand-wringing for a scuffle. Give me a break. 'Horrific?' Horrific was that shooting in Utah this past week. We're going to clutch our pearls when these kids--and they are kids despite their grown-up bodies--push each other around a little bit? No one got hurt so don't ruin their lives over nothing. Especially when they're young enough to learn from these kinds of mistakes.

  • Kuruma Uzamaki
    Kuruma Uzamaki 8 hours ago

    People hating the one guy who didn’t vote for jeter but we should be thanking him as HOF should be based on ability not how they act unless it’s extremely bad jeter simply didnt have the ability to be unanimous

    • The Remnant
      The Remnant 6 hours ago

      What are you babbling on about? Lol

  • Mossy B 4 Prez
    Mossy B 4 Prez 8 hours ago

    This was just a bad decision. Especially with him being a Junior. I don't follow this school as far as sports goes, but if he has any talent, he may have delayed his overall blessing in getting into the NBA.

  • Jake Miketta
    Jake Miketta 8 hours ago

    Tough break De Sousa

    • Tasmar
      Tasmar 4 hours ago

      The dude is an idiot.

  • Johnny Good
    Johnny Good 8 hours ago

    I'm gonna be pretty pissed off if these kids don't get fined 10% of their salary... -_-

  • Catherine Chaimanont

    If the chief had to face the 49ers every week in the regular season, 16 games, could chiefs even make the playoffs?

  • Ventaris King
    Ventaris King 8 hours ago

    The disrespect 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • frank mccollum
    frank mccollum 8 hours ago

    You really shouldnt speak much on this game against Packers.. A small town high school team couldve beat the Packers that game. C'mon man..! Chiefs All the way!!!!

  • Daniel Jackson
    Daniel Jackson 8 hours ago

    Jay has his chance to prove it wasn't him. In Duvallllllllllllll

  • tom11zz884
    tom11zz884 9 hours ago

    I think His shot at the NBA is shot, but he can still make a good living playing overseas or in the g league.

  • sudilos117
    sudilos117 9 hours ago

    It’s a Culture problem and it shouldn’t be accepted at all by anyone.

    • C V
      C V 4 hours ago

      @jason baker yes that's a black mentality culture problem. Always gotta "keep it real"

    • jason baker
      jason baker 8 hours ago

      the guy rejected him and stood over him, hes a bitch if he doesnt get up and fight. thats not a culture problem, nobody got hurt, it was barely anything

  • jason Wilkerson
    jason Wilkerson 9 hours ago

    There's no suspensions or consequences for anyone under 21. Everyone is special. :)

  • jason baker
    jason baker 9 hours ago

    way to bring in the bootlicking university spokesman to shame people who compete physically every day.. who cares that was barely a fight...

  • yoog
    yoog 9 hours ago

    15:12 Plays like this cannot be overstated. Jimmy knows where the defense is going and he has two options...a blast by Mostert to the left or a reverse by Deebo to the right. Juice Check sells it by initially going left and all three LBs bite. He turns on a dime and picks up the DB that was covering Sanders. The DB on Deebo is taken out of the play when he lets him go. Juice Check easily manhandles the free DB that was on Sanders, sending him backpedaling into oblivion. How will KC cope with this? Kittle and Juice Check run 4.5 and 4.7s 40s respectively. They are linebacker sized and can block defensive ends. They simply run over cornerbacks and like they aren't even there...

  • jason Wilkerson
    jason Wilkerson 9 hours ago

    The worst thing since? Come on man. You guys sound like fwo teenaged drama queens. 1,100 views? The worst? Really? What's next? The NFFL? National Flag Football Leauge. Two republicans suddenly trying to be overly liberal pc cause it's the trendy thing to do.

  • Jay Dubau
    Jay Dubau 9 hours ago

    Wow, basketball fans have become snow flakes over the years. Remember Detroit Pistons and NY Knicks in the 90's?

  • Bryan Ryan
    Bryan Ryan 9 hours ago

    1st rule of fight club...

    • Deplorable Centrist
      Deplorable Centrist 5 hours ago

      Bryan Ryan....1st rule about fight club is we don't talk about fight club. Oh, and his name was Robert Pulson.

  • mjethier
    mjethier 9 hours ago

    you can take the homey out the hood, but you cant take the hood out the homey. lol what a piece of crap. good riddens

  • B B
    B B 9 hours ago

    Everybody making a big deal because they’re black. Lol. You guys are a joke, the funny thing is most racist people are irrelevant.

  • Jarvice Randolph
    Jarvice Randolph 9 hours ago

    Im sure at some level - a white guy will get blaimed for this

  • Rich Johnson
    Rich Johnson 9 hours ago

    He (de sousa)blocked a shot after the ceramonious dribble out the clock cause you have no chance,then he stood over the Kstate player...WRONG BY TWO PLAYERS Should have been ended with a taunting technical foul on KU.But then the Kstate bench player came to the rescue and pushed De sousa and the fight began...Every one of these reporters have a strong opinion ,but say they have not seen the whole video.Do not talk or make money talking if you do not know the facts.This should be an in house....IE KU/ Kstate punishment decision.Stop being judge mental and appalled just to make news. You would think it was nuclear war or something.

    • Rich Johnson
      Rich Johnson 9 hours ago

      And that ladie that said it was in the handicap section of all things..Then the dude that said that fans don't get hurt in hocky fights because of a barrier???????Whatever. BS.Sensationalism at it's best.Go home and feel good about you're pay check.

  • lovechild tre
    lovechild tre 9 hours ago

    Since they are “prestigious”...they should pay their athletes...

    • lovechild tre
      lovechild tre 8 hours ago

      Ken Grantham Are you referring to the white players as well because I’m referring to ALL the players...white, black, brown...they deserve it. The school makes millions and the coaches make millions...the students should be guaranteed an education and a check for their services rendered...that’s all I was saying. Keep your mean and racist comments to yourself...keyboard gangster

    • Ken Grantham
      Ken Grantham 8 hours ago

      lovechild tre, Universities are giving these thug players scholarships to play a sport, because they are too dumb to get an educational scholarship. Once they “graduate”, they go pro and make millions. Perhaps they should re-pay universities for their scholarships. My opinion trumps your opinion.

  • Kev L
    Kev L 9 hours ago

    Sad to see Eli go but tiki is trying to make it seem he was his best friend but actually he was shooting shots at Eli all the time

  • You are Great
    You are Great 9 hours ago

    *In Super Bowl , over confident San Francisco 49ers will get their ass Whiped by a 24 old kid. Wait & see.*

  • C Cage
    C Cage 9 hours ago

    I think the 49ers are going to absolutely blow the Chiefs out. It will be like Superbowl 48. I don't actually think the Chiefs will get on the board until late in the 4th.

  • Art is 2020
    Art is 2020 9 hours ago

    So in other word, you stop Mahomie you win the game... no problem. KC has one main weapon vs. SF with a TEAM of weapons and a season long #1 ranked offense, yeah that's a no brainer.

  • Scuderia Kasey Dixon

    Thank you for beating New England twice. Most of the NFL thanks you Eli. Enjoy retirement.

  • Yung Hustle Records
    Yung Hustle Records 9 hours ago

    Say by to your scholarship

  • A J
    A J 9 hours ago

    Oh stop wasn't even bad.. Blowing it out of proportion

  • Mark Y
    Mark Y 9 hours ago

    Love you A-Rod you're a true Pro. Spot on straight from the Pack leader! Absolutely nothing to hang out heads on just a bad game at the wrong time and place.

  • Rob Ceriani
    Rob Ceriani 9 hours ago

    Young man ruins his reputation and maybe his career because he can't keep his emotions in check

  • Mike
    Mike 9 hours ago

    NBA is a joke and so is college. Its funny to watch the NBA, they are giving away tickets...makes sense since there fans are broke ass.....

    • Deplorable Centrist
      Deplorable Centrist 5 hours ago

      Mike....these china loving nba teams are actually giving away tickets? Wow, the nba is pathetic. But we can't be hypocrites here, nfl teams are doing it too- at times, they are practically BEGGING 'fans' to come to their games.

  • Stan Katic
    Stan Katic 9 hours ago

    Congrats to Ted Simmons, well deserved!Great catcher.

  • I'm just saying
    I'm just saying 9 hours ago

    I suspect the reason for that voter was that we can't have more than 1 unanimous inductee. Mariano already got that. Yes, it's that petty.

    • Kuruma Uzamaki
      Kuruma Uzamaki 8 hours ago

      No Mariano had the ability to be unanimous jeter didn’t he just had the personality and behavior which shouldn’t decide who should be in the HOF only ability

  • Jhovana Giron
    Jhovana Giron 9 hours ago

    U will be missed Eli, never will forget all the great memories 🤙🏻💜👏🏻 #ThankYouEli

  • Stan Katic
    Stan Katic 9 hours ago

    Compare Don Mattingly's lifetime stats to Larry Walker's stats. Larry Walker had more HR's but he played in Coors Conaveral. I'm not saying he didn't deserve enshrinement but Don Mattingly DOES !