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2 months ago

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  • Xavier Morgan
    Xavier Morgan Month ago

    I like you

  • 164sonu
    164sonu Month ago

    Hello. I am writing on behalf of my 6 years old daughter. Her name is Emaan Jacob. She is a big fan of your videos. She asked me to email you but I told her that I don't have their email so I will post this message. She wants to play with you with the game master. It is my humble request if you could please reply to this message and say Big Hi Emaan. Thank you and much appreciated.

  • DJ Creator77
    DJ Creator77 Month ago

    come to my house now

  • Natalie Reeves
    Natalie Reeves Month ago

    I won’t you see where did you No

  • Natalie Reeves
    Natalie Reeves Month ago


  • Damani Mitchell
    Damani Mitchell Month ago

    You girls are good

  • Ali Frontuto
    Ali Frontuto 2 months ago

    good place

  • gwendolyn colleton
    gwendolyn colleton 2 months ago

    i did so i wont a shot out

  • Lystra McCulley
    Lystra McCulley 2 months ago

    hi two super sisters

  • Lystra McCulley
    Lystra McCulley 2 months ago

    I gust went to say the two sister I Love videos all and it from Carissa 7 years old

  • Andrea Gray
    Andrea Gray 2 months ago


  • omario bailey
    omario bailey 2 months ago

    and i come from jamaica

  • omario bailey
    omario bailey 2 months ago

    i also subscribed and turn on notifications can i please get a shout out on next video i'm 11 years and my name is omario bailey

  • Deanna Goodson
    Deanna Goodson 3 months ago

    love your vids

  • sisters fun tube 2
    sisters fun tube 2 4 months ago

    hello ! we love all your videos! we live in Canada Toronto! if you are close by we would love to meet you!

  • gainz saifoloi
    gainz saifoloi 4 months ago

    can you decoreat or like creat a fish bowl house

  • Tamarah Tillman
    Tamarah Tillman 4 months ago


  • Jamelee Thompson
    Jamelee Thompson 4 months ago

    do real food vs prank slime

  • Valeriekathy Tafolla
    Valeriekathy Tafolla 5 months ago

    love your videos so much

  • Princetta Roberts
    Princetta Roberts 5 months ago

    ti saraiah i love sisters

  • Dhour Choat
    Dhour Choat 5 months ago

    where live you i live australia please tell me i want see you

  • L And Stell
    L And Stell 6 months ago

    Awesome channel guys very inspiring for us sisters!

  • Blessing Sandra
    Blessing Sandra 6 months ago

    i love your vids and i come from Britain :)

  • Paris Xatzidavid
    Paris Xatzidavid 7 months ago

    My daughter likes your videos a lot! ...I'm looking for a video of the girls pretending to shoot each other from cars until one gets hurt in the eye. Then Sophia pretends to be a doctor doing a surgery to remove a bunch of items from the eye! Please if you may, send me the link! My daughter keeps looking for this video for a while!

  • Robert Whipple
    Robert Whipple 7 months ago

    One of the funniest channels I've seen. The kids are natural comics-- especially Sarah.

  • auzinae allen
    auzinae allen 7 months ago

    you are so amising and when i'm sad you make me feel better

  • Linda Matthews
    Linda Matthews 7 months ago


  • Sorayah White
    Sorayah White 9 months ago


  • Angel Kids TV
    Angel Kids TV Year ago

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