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Flying a JET SUIT!
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Building Stormbreaker: Part 1
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  • billy song
    billy song 5 minutes ago

    Open to remote software developers?

  • SinfulBreeze
    SinfulBreeze 8 minutes ago

    can you make the ZF1 from the movie the Fifth Element? Functioning with the exception of the replay fire option of course. But think of the launching net, flame thrower, and rocket launcher all in one hand held battle ready device. can it be done?

  • Prop Maker
    Prop Maker 11 minutes ago

    You should make eggsy’s pistol from kingsman

  • CharRus
    CharRus 13 minutes ago

    I wish I was born sooner to work at a place like this

    THIRD EYE 14 minutes ago

    You sure will make it come true..and do invite me to your place in stark tower to be member..will LOVE it

  • TheRobweb
    TheRobweb 17 minutes ago

    100 lbs. are 45 kg.

  • Prozerran
    Prozerran 20 minutes ago

    In the future can I join in the stark industries because I'm only 12year old and I want to be an computer engineering

  • Flash harsh
    Flash harsh 27 minutes ago

    Love from India...

  • ফাজিল বাঙ্গালী

    I would like to join your crew but I live too far from u If there has any possibility to have a chance to join your crew from any other country like Bangladesh, then please reply my comment... and also congratulation to u for making a impossible to possible by using science and technology... hope you understand how madly I want to work with Hanksmith Industry

  • prathmesh X
    prathmesh X 34 minutes ago

    Please fire your videos editor n director... He's cheesy

  • Andrew Huang
    Andrew Huang 46 minutes ago

    Oof! i really want to join the hacksmith team cuz i also like making videos and building things, but i'm in middle school! i really hope that the hacksmith is still doing great and still having job applications by the time i'm done with highschool. Love your channel btw! keep up the great work.

  • bnell ganda
    bnell ganda 49 minutes ago

    Make spiederman iron arms

  • Gabriell Amarice
    Gabriell Amarice 50 minutes ago

    i want to join.

  • Rohit Hinduja
    Rohit Hinduja 52 minutes ago

    Kudos to you and your work!!!

  • Cal3bplays 101
    Cal3bplays 101 52 minutes ago

    Did you actually make the gun to make that sound or did you edit the sound in?

  • Santiago Rangel
    Santiago Rangel 57 minutes ago


  • tenzin tenphel
    tenzin tenphel 58 minutes ago

    This is getting more exciting

  • jagadish tech
    jagadish tech Hour ago

    Saktiman Indian super hero can u do that sir

  • Gamer ghost Enjoy reviews

    Hl3 confirmed 555+

  • lean van lomocso

    Every video always make me wow!!

  • Ayano aishi
    Ayano aishi Hour ago

    This guy exist Now you want titan to exist aswell?

  • Lam Kharkongor
    Lam Kharkongor Hour ago

    you look like chris evans

  • Asa Edwards
    Asa Edwards Hour ago

    Imagine slapping someone’s ass with that

  • Kurai Tsuki
    Kurai Tsuki Hour ago

    Please make it real... The actual 3d gear where we can all fly. (Even if it's suicidal)

  • Daniel Camara
    Daniel Camara Hour ago

    Amaru's grappling hook

  • Jacko Studio
    Jacko Studio Hour ago

    I want one

  • Deepak Saini
    Deepak Saini Hour ago

    Please make the rates of things that you buy

  • Helder De Almeida

    Ahh 7 million subscribers is not almost 8 million

  • Helder De Almeida

    Thank you TVclip for that

  • Rovenzo Abastillas

    make time machine

  • Eric Simpson
    Eric Simpson Hour ago

    Brilliant I can't believe these guys are actually doing this

  • mercuriallimit
    mercuriallimit Hour ago

    First time on the channel and damnnn applause for your success!!

    SARBAJIT DAS Hour ago

    Great work and great journey by ur keep it on god bless you

    SARBAJIT DAS Hour ago

    Love to work with you...I'm an electronics engineering students I'm from India...can I work with you

  • Jimmy Kashyap
    Jimmy Kashyap Hour ago

    Honest respect to your work and dedication, you and your team became an inspiration for me, love and respect from India.

  • jaxson Coley
    jaxson Coley Hour ago

    Hi I know you probably get this request/suggestion alot but I would like to see a Back to The Future floating bord and I know you guys would be the most likely to make one 👍👍

  • jrzen42
    jrzen42 Hour ago

    Congrats guys!! Great Achievement!

  • Joshua Cho
    Joshua Cho Hour ago

    Huh didn't know vibranium was real

  • Wolf Bury
    Wolf Bury 2 hours ago

    Construction/moving vlogs!

    EVERYTHING IN ONE 2 hours ago

    Can I work with u bro

  • Donavan Hillman
    Donavan Hillman 2 hours ago

    Why must you be located so far away??? Lol I'd really love to work with you guys, but getting to watch will do. I love watching the channel!

  • Nami LazyBones
    Nami LazyBones 2 hours ago

    Dman, looks pretty awesome, but dangerous as well

  • SetlingAxe Cosmos
    SetlingAxe Cosmos 2 hours ago

    If you can make this Why not starlord’s gun

    ILOVEYOU YOULUVEME 2 hours ago


  • Biniwale Suraj
    Biniwale Suraj 2 hours ago

    You look like Mysterio in tony's gogals.

  • matt gagne
    matt gagne 2 hours ago

    Can you come to Orleans

  • Aby
    Aby 2 hours ago

    Can i get a job ??...iam from kerala,India

  • Dante
    Dante 2 hours ago

    Hey whats up i am a new sub. And i will admit i am interested about you guys hiring. I do have experience editing. But limited on things to go crazy on it. I use apps on my phone to edit my videos for youtube. And i dont know if it applies to anything but i do have some carpenter experience when i went to job corps. Which i graduated from... And if any demons need slaying im your guy hehe 😅

  • khakhashi Sam
    khakhashi Sam 2 hours ago

    Please do a Minions fartgun

  • Sting Like A Bee '
    Sting Like A Bee ' 2 hours ago

    Black panteeeeer! 😉

  • Ryan Chung
    Ryan Chung 2 hours ago

    Y does the hacksmith legit remind me of Maverick.

  • BlueEyesRaptor
    BlueEyesRaptor 2 hours ago

    Sorry broke but I wish you the best

  • speedy thrill
    speedy thrill 2 hours ago

    idk how that isn't flipping over?

  • FiRe UpDaTe
    FiRe UpDaTe 2 hours ago

    Sir why can't you develop a software like jarvis??

  • Jack C
    Jack C 3 hours ago

    I would like to see a voice command and I know you guys are skilled enough to do it

  • kurodiggs o
    kurodiggs o 3 hours ago

    Congratulations, dude! I would totally work for you if I lived in Canada or y know. Actually had any applicable skills other than powder coating.

    RAHUL SASIDHARAN 3 hours ago

    7 million subscribers...... OMG

  • SmoshlyGaming_YT Anonymous

    Fuzes gadget

  • Sean C
    Sean C 3 hours ago

    This is my new hydraulic press channel. (cookie monster sounds)

  • Jeffrey Lucas
    Jeffrey Lucas 3 hours ago

    I am glad I found this channel? Can I work with you?

  • William Dunnaway
    William Dunnaway 3 hours ago

    you said it is light make it jump like the real one

  • Pls Dont Mind My ProfilePicture

    Spider-Man: I think i find the next real IRON MAN...

  • Gabriel Vlogs
    Gabriel Vlogs 3 hours ago

    Hi po philippines heheheheheehehehehehehehehhehhehrhrhrhehrhrhrhrhrhrheheheehehhhhhhh

  • Jeremy Schnittman
    Jeremy Schnittman 3 hours ago

    hes tony stark. only a few more years till he starts making nukes

  • reddeugemo
    reddeugemo 3 hours ago

    if just 1 in 8 subscribers gave them 5$, they would make 5 million dollars each month.

  • AJ to the M
    AJ to the M 3 hours ago

    The world is evolving. Comic fantasies are becoming real. Thanos may be found in Area 51.

  • Reducto Stuff
    Reducto Stuff 3 hours ago

    Now you need to figure out how to change the color

  • Sunshine Stoutenger
    Sunshine Stoutenger 3 hours ago

    That's cool

  • Darkraihs
    Darkraihs 3 hours ago

    Marvel should hire this guy

  • Adonis Contreras
    Adonis Contreras 3 hours ago

    Good lock Guys I can’t wait to see you guys in the grand opening.

  • Cole Smat
    Cole Smat 3 hours ago

    Only reply if in 2020

  • Allen Davis
    Allen Davis 3 hours ago

    Y’all should make crescent rose from RWBY next

  • Tan Anton Anton
    Tan Anton Anton 3 hours ago

    if this in indonesia i want join you , i am creative too but no money what u did , i am just dreaming

  • Cheese Lover
    Cheese Lover 4 hours ago

    Make a video on star lord dual quad blasters

    FRAMER GAMING 4 hours ago


  • Vader Productions
    Vader Productions 4 hours ago

    I play world of tanks blitz

  • Gaming Hydro4300X
    Gaming Hydro4300X 4 hours ago

    I like to work with you but I just passed high school. I also have lots of stuff to work on that will change world. Hope I will meet you after my graduation

  • Philbert
    Philbert 4 hours ago

    This channel will go down in history, you will inspire future generations. I have a goal to make a company like yours, I'm not that smart but I wanna event a power suit. I have some ideas on how to make it, itll be like the one from fallout.

  • J Lee
    J Lee 4 hours ago

    After your done make a minecraft sword out of steel

  • Vickk Mure
    Vickk Mure 4 hours ago


  • JaminoVlog
    JaminoVlog 4 hours ago

    Lol good luck bro

  • Joshua Warren
    Joshua Warren 4 hours ago

    You need to make a battery using graphine that will fit in the hilt of the lightsaber. Also, can use it with the metals, to make them much lighter and stronger, so you can use a telescoping retracting “blade”. You could also use a laser hilt, shooting a very strong beam into a diamond tip and have it bounce back down to hilt into another diamond that bounces back and forth. Boom. A ACTUAL lightsaber. , you can also have different color blades due to different laser lights: you’re welcomed

  • xXSony_ZeroXx The op gamer

    Top 10 People that will survive the zombie apocalypse 1.Hacksmith

  • Sohan M
    Sohan M 4 hours ago

    I also tried to bulid then I understood that I don't have tools .I almost made dublicate of it

  • Joshua Warren
    Joshua Warren 4 hours ago

    You need to start using graphine. That is the missing ingredient to any and all your projects.

  • SilkyWetMilk
    SilkyWetMilk 4 hours ago

    Do Montange’s shield

  • Juan Illanes
    Juan Illanes 4 hours ago

    You should keep making videos about the progress made in the warehouse

  • Silence Raid
    Silence Raid 4 hours ago

    IQ’s hand computer

  • lol Ninja
    lol Ninja 4 hours ago

    try black smithing just an idea

  • Noah Pettit
    Noah Pettit 5 hours ago

    Dang I was born in 2009

  • Niel Kent
    Niel Kent 5 hours ago

    Plz make the gravity hammer from Halo 5

  • xboxjjkiller360
    xboxjjkiller360 5 hours ago

    you should make the suitcase shield from kingsman the golden circle

  • Rocket master 22334P

    The first groot is dabbing I love that ❤️ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Johny Dragonborn
    Johny Dragonborn 5 hours ago

    Xenogenesis is the perfect song for a time lapse!

  • good job
    good job 5 hours ago

    where is the work out center gonna go?

  • Vanely Veillard
    Vanely Veillard 5 hours ago

    i love your videos i wish i could build what you can build

  • Eric
    Eric 5 hours ago

    Dang makes me wish i lived in Canada and i worked on my engineering skills more after high school working on robotics.

  • hairy ainsley
    hairy ainsley 5 hours ago

    11:46 i thought he was about to touch it lol

  • blazing
    blazing 5 hours ago

    you deserve this

  • Carson Zlotnick
    Carson Zlotnick 5 hours ago

    What if Star Wars was a prediction that was meant to happen and the force hasn’t been found yet.