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My FIRST LOVE...Fail :(
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  • PongGod
    PongGod 4 minutes ago

    Dang, he dissed B&B Butchers pretty hard.

  • KC Yang
    KC Yang 21 minute ago

    Philip Wang literally ate from the plate/bowl. So disrespectful, haven’t you been taught to serve the food you want onto your own plate instead of eating from the plate/bowl that has the serving for everyone itself? Disgusting, disrespectful, and disappointed.

    BRIAN KOBAYASHI 24 minutes ago

    Stop biting your nails and picking at your cuticles! You remind me of my kids! Lol

  • Josh Chavez
    Josh Chavez 26 minutes ago

    Can I get a job bro ? That pays enough for me to move out their to work lol 😂

  • rebel without a comma
    rebel without a comma 38 minutes ago

    I work all day in Paris. Yes, almost 5 hrs. Twice as much as everyone around me.

  • rurounikengyrl
    rurounikengyrl 53 minutes ago

    awww this made me miss my home, SF :(

  • TabbyAngel2
    TabbyAngel2 58 minutes ago

    I MISS JAPANESE BAKERIES 😓😓😓 they are so amazing. I miss my curry pans 😓

  • rebel without a comma

    I had the mushroom fried onion burger in the US. The beef was unrecognizable as McDonald's. It tasted more like what you would make at your house. The only difference between it, and their other hamburgers, they cooked it upon order.

  • Humberto Salas
    Humberto Salas Hour ago

    Come to Dallas

  • rebel without a comma

    LOL, I'm like, why did you dip it in ketchup Mikey: Oh, don't dip that in ketchup

  • Maryke Wiese
    Maryke Wiese Hour ago

    When he mispronounced Hermes and Abalone, I nearly fell of my chair.

  • Shadow Lenahan
    Shadow Lenahan Hour ago

    Mike i love you but warning you're restaurant is sat in a flood zone ma dude.

  • Shadow Lenahan
    Shadow Lenahan Hour ago

    bruh...you were at the memorial city mall then jumped to hieghts in November/December i never thought id see someone whos traveled the world and would say its cold here. NOOOO MIKE MIKE MIKEMIKE. SIR next time you are here go to "Shipley's Donuts" on 34th and Ella. Dont go to any other "Shipley Donuts" you see along the way. Go to the one on 34th and Ella. Made F R E S H and in house. If you thought Whataburger blew shake shack out Shipley's will make Krispy Kreme look like doo doo

  • William Duong
    William Duong Hour ago


  • Marisa Stone O'Brien

    That trail you were on a dusk has hella bugs, we try to avoid it the at all cost. Check out the Jerry Baker Velodrome on Friday evenings in the summer, they have a beer garden, fun bike races and always a great food truck.

  • Brad W
    Brad W Hour ago

    This baby should be playing baseball. Its all juiced up!

  • Deanie Sanchez
    Deanie Sanchez Hour ago

    Should of gone to taste of Texas

  • soschadao
    soschadao Hour ago

    i’m from boston, i always suggest oyster house for visitors. but in my little town of quincy we have Tony’s and they have buffalo clam strips, lobsta rolls on freshly buttered rolls and something for everyone. another favorite was the lobster shack in weymouth. my friends used to sail thier dinghy across the bay to get the freshest lobster.

  • 3477C
    3477C Hour ago

    Mini Wheats are good for you!

  • Asha Patel
    Asha Patel Hour ago

    The minced meat noodles look so fricken delicious. If I had a superpower, I would be able to see any food that I want and eat it!!!

  • nerissa dauth
    nerissa dauth 2 hours ago

    Haha..little fridge woow..your definitely in love with your food.good lord

  • Mustafa Khan
    Mustafa Khan 2 hours ago

    You went to Pakistan, uploaded one video, and it was of McDonalds and Burger King....

  • Marisa Stone O'Brien

    What...you are in my city...lol

  • Omar Siddiqui
    Omar Siddiqui 2 hours ago


  • Judy Logsdon
    Judy Logsdon 2 hours ago

    Road trip! Love a good Korean place. See ya in the summer. 😍

  • Tanya Hanna
    Tanya Hanna 2 hours ago

    Similar Cambodia air thier boxes... Yip! 🦊

  • nhb
    nhb 2 hours ago

    Cream pan places makes awesome pork sandwich. I miss that place. Now I regret not going to that ramen shop in China Town. There's a good burger joint North of the ramen shop.

  • QualityTradez
    QualityTradez 3 hours ago

    Very likely that beef burger was lamb.

  • William Davis
    William Davis 3 hours ago

    Creepy people again

  • Bloodywreckon
    Bloodywreckon 3 hours ago

    Mikey definitely smashed after eating the noodles 😊

  • Nelson Trapper
    Nelson Trapper 3 hours ago

    Noodle guy awesome videos

  • B Smith
    B Smith 3 hours ago

    I hope our qb starts a whataburger franchise in kc.

  • Purple Zucchinis
    Purple Zucchinis 3 hours ago

    I have trouble finding Chinese restaurants that are open on Christmas.

  • Genius Yoongi
    Genius Yoongi 3 hours ago

    WHaT hE wAs LiTeralLy 20 MiNuTes AWaY

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 4 hours ago


  • Japan Collections
    Japan Collections 4 hours ago


  • krovek
    krovek 4 hours ago

    im so excited for the resturant im in dallas so hopefully when it opens i can go down there

  • Ben Holmes
    Ben Holmes 4 hours ago

    You know Mikey is definitely hanging out the back of his ‘friend’

  • toasted chilly
    toasted chilly 5 hours ago

    Mike...Chinese restaurants are open on Thanksgiving.....and Christmas...my proof? My area and the movie "a Christmas story "

  • Nita Barber
    Nita Barber 5 hours ago

    Whataburger serves Hatch green chile.Try it next time.

  • Aubrey McDonald
    Aubrey McDonald 5 hours ago

    Yes Rita’s! Love seeing philly stuff all over

  • Courtney Queen
    Courtney Queen 5 hours ago

    very good for kids

  • Ruben Flores
    Ruben Flores 6 hours ago

    They're pretty stingy with the broth

  • Tanya Hanna
    Tanya Hanna 6 hours ago

    Subjects of Japan... Emperor Hirito II overnight yip! 🦊 ssddd

  • swaggz
    swaggz 6 hours ago

    phillip wang. nice

  • dinkelStormchaser Dutch weather

    Maybe a stupid question. The food and drinks in a airplane, must you buy it?

  • Gerardo Perez
    Gerardo Perez 6 hours ago

    Was that your hyna mike

  • Confused Fox
    Confused Fox 6 hours ago

    4:58 wow, I can still hear the cow moo Edit: LOL I commented this before I saw Mike say the exact same joke 🤣 It's pretty gross

  • caleb harris
    caleb harris 6 hours ago

    Bro got females all over tha world🤦🏾‍♂️ I started watching 2017

  • Carlos Ventura
    Carlos Ventura 6 hours ago

    In n Out, Five Guys, Shake Shack, Walhburguers, none of those are match for Whataburger

  • Jesus Salazar
    Jesus Salazar 7 hours ago

    I’m so excited bro. I will definitely be visiting.

  • y4ruhate?
    y4ruhate? 8 hours ago

    jammin that goonzquad soundtrack

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 8 hours ago

    This was not a good episode..

  • Cal
    Cal 8 hours ago

    Geez them black heads God damn

  • cole Z
    cole Z 8 hours ago

    “Alright so I got a little too much food” Me after every pay day

  • Deborah Nance
    Deborah Nance 9 hours ago

    I am sorry I thought that Coco curry is in Korea I thought it was in Japan. The one fish that I don't care for is salmon unless it is smoked. I can handle the humidity and heat because I live in Florida.

  • Alex Lopez
    Alex Lopez 9 hours ago

    Whataburger all time favorites is where it’s at that’s why it shits on In and Out and only real Whataburger fans know that 🤣

  • Jeremy Larson
    Jeremy Larson 9 hours ago

    Camera is zoomed in a little too much..

  • Wendy Smith
    Wendy Smith 9 hours ago

    Drives around for a five chicken sandwich lunch, then hops on a scooter to go get dessert, then eats more later. Either this guy spends every non-eating waking hour in the gym, or he must have an unbelievable metabolism. I am constantly amazed that year after year, he's the same size in every video, lol.

  • TM Romance
    TM Romance 9 hours ago

    I eat to his eating. <3

  • HydroGen
    HydroGen 9 hours ago

    I only like the dimsum spicy sauce (red) all over the chicken feet

  • Cali Dreams
    Cali Dreams 9 hours ago

    Irvine, Orange County.

  • Paliv
    Paliv 9 hours ago

    I miss living in San Antonio for those late night Whataburger runs more than anything. Patty Melt is ridiculously tasty.

  • fruit bat 🍒🦇
    fruit bat 🍒🦇 9 hours ago

    yeahhh the tune at 18:00 !!

  • QualityTradez
    QualityTradez 9 hours ago

    All the green around your home is common in wooded areas. Its called weeds. Get use to it :)

  • Jason Mejia
    Jason Mejia 10 hours ago

    and flakey apparently lol same

  • Lydia Smith
    Lydia Smith 10 hours ago

    If that’s what middle seats were always on any flight I’d be okay with it

  • valentin65
    valentin65 10 hours ago

    Sisisisisisssssisisisi. It's Chinese.

  • generic name
    generic name 10 hours ago

    "We don't like worms" That's about the only thing chinese people don't eat :D #coronavirus

  • AnToNcHaMp96
    AnToNcHaMp96 10 hours ago

    *Born N raised in Texas and I dont ever plan on leaving. I love this state. So many awesome things about it. Whataburger and kolaches is only the start.*

  • B. W. Starkey
    B. W. Starkey 10 hours ago

    WhataBurger is Great, BUT a Billy Bob's Burger or BK Whopper is 100 % BETTER !!!!

  • B. W. Starkey
    B. W. Starkey 10 hours ago

    They should have a Health Dept. Rule that Guys with Long Shaggy Untrimmed Beards , Pony Tail Hairstyles and or Mullets should not be allowed to serve Food in Restaurants unless they are covered ( Hat & Mask ) !!!!

  • HappyMeal-Jackal
    HappyMeal-Jackal 10 hours ago

    but have you had culvers

  • Debussy Chopin
    Debussy Chopin 10 hours ago

    oh, so jabba the hutt came to town?

  • 713AMC
    713AMC 11 hours ago

    I see you staying in the Memorial Area that area is nice! Lets go Astros! Texans! Rockets! & Dynamo! The restaurant is off White Oak great location the night life is really good & diverse in that area. Im going to have to check it out when it opens

  • beachiekeeeen
    beachiekeeeen 11 hours ago

    Watching this drooling and thinking of when I went to Ichiran in NY. 😍

  • Matt Kyle
    Matt Kyle 11 hours ago

    LMAO less moisture than Las Vegas

  • TheWuWu
    TheWuWu 12 hours ago


  • Pokemani Zach
    Pokemani Zach 12 hours ago

    I have an idea how you can create a new channel, catalog everything you eat during the video, then when the time comes sit on the john and critique the dump you take. Call the channel "Strictly Dumping"🤣🤣🤣

  • isaac garcia
    isaac garcia 12 hours ago

    I'm glad you liked whataburger. Texan Staple!!!

  • Melvin Jose
    Melvin Jose 12 hours ago

    0:46 - "I like food"

  • vintiago Elvira
    vintiago Elvira 13 hours ago

    Amazing airline service on the planes. Bvlgari is an expensive cologne and think they have a lotion also. Very nice scent

  • Chloe Parker
    Chloe Parker 13 hours ago

    I never learn I allways watch your videos on a empty tummy 😩😩😩😩

  • 한옥마을 Hanok Village

    I really enjoy watching your video! 와! 몬스터 누들 맛있겠네요^^

  • DJ Hasta
    DJ Hasta 13 hours ago

    Promoting your store and destroying the competition in 1 Vid? Noice

  • Albert Vu
    Albert Vu 13 hours ago

    Damn y'all hated on B&B? Should've went to Taste of Texas instead I guess.

  • Buck Denver
    Buck Denver 13 hours ago

    That guy has never rode a John Deere

  • olivia twyst
    olivia twyst 14 hours ago

    I'd rather pig feet! If you ever in a soul food place get some! BBQ pig feet are delish!#

  • Daniel Chos3nking
    Daniel Chos3nking 14 hours ago

    Guys let’s get Mikey to 1 million subs.... his almost there

  • Tao Tzu133
    Tao Tzu133 14 hours ago

    8:05 Mikey just ruined his chances with her when he tried to cook noodles for her. She was not impressed. Asian girls are the scourge of Yelp. They have such demanding palates that you'll never be able to satisfy any of them! LOL

  • Tierrany Rechelle
    Tierrany Rechelle 14 hours ago

    How safe are the fumes for consumption? :o

  • Keith Murray
    Keith Murray 14 hours ago

    You need Chick-fil-A sauce!

  • Victor Lui
    Victor Lui 14 hours ago

    Cool video but where is Jasmina?!!! Jasmina likes cheese ribs and tsukemen noodles too!!! 🙂

  • 王江
    王江 14 hours ago


  • Fanta Loon
    Fanta Loon 15 hours ago

    Can I have one of the notebooks and pen??? I only want that.

  • Carolyn Murtaza
    Carolyn Murtaza 15 hours ago

    So did you get 2 full amenity kits or 3

  • gambttm4u
    gambttm4u 15 hours ago

    OMG!! Phil is so HOT!!! I'm hitting his place TODAY, TOMORROW AND FOREVER!!! YYUUUMMMMYYYY!!!!

  • Pandya 927 TUBE
    Pandya 927 TUBE 15 hours ago

    Ui tried many different in US why Dont u try Indian foodd in US nd give review

  • Andrea Espinosa
    Andrea Espinosa 15 hours ago

    the best videos in youtube!

  • Cj Chow
    Cj Chow 15 hours ago

    The owner looks like a nerd whose entire life was despised by everyone around him and wished that he wasn't born so they don't have to feel guilty for his entire life and existence