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GRWM: Fall Hair + Beauty 2018
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Eye Candy | GUESS
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  • Marcie Ramirez
    Marcie Ramirez 18 hours ago


  • Tamatha Snead
    Tamatha Snead Day ago

    Your home is gorgeous! My inspiration home 🏡💕

  • Jackie S Andrews

    Hello Jessi Do you decorate your home for Fall

  • Jackie S Andrews

    Hi jessi What do you call those feathers?

  • Jackie S Andrews

    What do you call those feather look like in your dining room? They're so adorable! Great taste

  • Sherry Hamilton
    Sherry Hamilton 3 days ago

    Would never buy anything that was Chrissy Teigan🤮

  • Dir Hassan
    Dir Hassan 3 days ago

    Beautiful home i love the kitchen please i want donations for built a house 100 metres

  • Ktel14
    Ktel14 5 days ago

    You were so great!! Such a natural dancer

  • Meliza Baez
    Meliza Baez 5 days ago

    Excelente muy bien

  • Priyanga jayasooriya


  • Mayra Lopez
    Mayra Lopez 6 days ago

    Love it! Where did you get the green tropical leaf that big?

  • ChicReal
    ChicReal 8 days ago

    Hi Jessi, First off, love every detail to your beautiful abode. Love your own contemporary personal touches throughout. The marble and white cabinets are GORGE but since you asked for advice, I would replace the cabinet knobs with brushed nickel hardware to compliment your refrigerator. What do you think? Btw, what is your and your hubby's heritage? You ARE GORGEOUS! I'm part Filipino. And your baby girl Ale is Uber ADORABLE! ❣️🙏😘🌺

  • Sashaboo72
    Sashaboo72 8 days ago

    How many times does she need to touch and swish her hair?

    • Sashaboo72
      Sashaboo72 Day ago

      Sarah_danen D I know right? That’s one hell of a pressure 😬😂xx

    • Sarah_danen D
      Sarah_danen D 2 days ago

      Sashaboo72 imagine feeling like you have to be perfect ALL THE TIME. 😖

  • Yasmine Ft
    Yasmine Ft 8 days ago

    honestly i love that youre dancing again and a dancing playlist video would be awesome if youre looking for video to make.

  • sanchita kundu
    sanchita kundu 8 days ago

    bf think you got alerje on face

  • sanchita kundu
    sanchita kundu 8 days ago

    o my god it look pink vissible check

  • Juanita Brown
    Juanita Brown 8 days ago

    That routine was so good, and you killed it. But, your b-day party video shows how you still be gettin' it.💃 I'm glad you found time for yourself. Also, your Fabletics choices looked amazing on you, girl!!! Tfs... 💖💕

  • pajaro gris
    pajaro gris 9 days ago

    Femeile din ziua de azi s-or prostit total 🤤

  • Victoria Otero
    Victoria Otero 9 days ago

    for your kitchen, you don’t need to necessarily change the cabinet color but gold handle bars would make a difference!!! but all and all, your house looks perfect!!!

  • Lukas Zima
    Lukas Zima 9 days ago

    We need new music, Jessi!

    • Lukas Zima
      Lukas Zima 7 days ago

      Jessi Malay thank you, Give Me Life album is still on heavy rotation on my iPod! #bops

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 7 days ago

      Lukas Zima coming SO soon I promise!! Putting finishing touches on 3 new songs! 💃🏻🙌🏽 Stay tuned Xx

  • Angie T
    Angie T 9 days ago

    please where do I buy those large pink feathers from the dining room

  • Katie K
    Katie K 9 days ago

    Would love to see more day in a life vlog type videos!!

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 9 days ago

      Katie K yesss definitely getting to filming more vlogs like that! Stay tuned babe Xx 😊

    DENISE LOCKE 10 days ago

    JessiMalay what are those necklaces you have on ?

  • maria velazquez
    maria velazquez 10 days ago

    Love this vlog! Makes me want to go dance 💃🏻

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 9 days ago

      maria velazquez haha yesss get to it!! 😉💃🏻

  • behape_4evr
    behape_4evr 10 days ago

    Damm girl- you still got it!

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 9 days ago

      behape_4evr haha feeling a bit rusty, but thank you so much!! 😘

  • kim lopezz
    kim lopezz 10 days ago

    So happy I watched this video, I stopped dancing about 4 years ago. Danced professionally and idk why it’s taken me so long but you’ve inspired me to sign up for a class ASAP! I miss it x I understand everything you said and you danced beautifully that Choreography was everything

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 9 days ago

      kim lopezz omg so incredibly happy to hear that love 🤗🤗 the hardest part for me was just starting back up again, but now I’ve gotten into a routine and can’t believe how much I missed it!! So excited for you to get that feeling again! 😘

  • Katherine Lazaro
    Katherine Lazaro 10 days ago

    Where's your necklace from!!

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 7 days ago

      Katherine Lazaro it’s from Tiffany’s :)

  • Kvng-D
    Kvng-D 10 days ago

    congrats queen! When you feel confident enough you should dance in one of Brinn's videos!

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 9 days ago

      Kvng-D thank you! Haha would love to after a few more sessions 🙈 Stay tuned!!

  • Annie Bear
    Annie Bear 10 days ago

    Hi miss Jessi just wanna ask are you a filipina?

  • Kiara Harding
    Kiara Harding 10 days ago

    It must come naturally to you because it doesn't seem like you ever stopped and you look amazing!

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 9 days ago

      Kiara Harding aww thank you!! I do feel a bit rusty starting back up again 🙈, but definitely trying my hardest!

  • Delilah Jasmine
    Delilah Jasmine 10 days ago

    Jessi! I think it’s so great you’re sharing this! I started dancing 2.5 years ago from zero experience (it was a HUGE FEAR of mine to learn choreography as an adult) and Brinn is a huge idol of mine! I remember when I first saw one of your dance posts I was in awe!! What CAN’T you do?! I took an intensive with Brinn and she mentioned coming back after a baby can be tough at times but if you stay consistent and committed it’s worth it!! I can’t wait to see more videos, you didn’t miss a beat!!

  • Tara De Castro
    Tara De Castro 10 days ago

    Gurlll you don't look one bit of rusty to me 😂😍 You're sooo smooth! I can totally relate when you say that dancing makes you feel so alive and confident. I was a Polynesian dancer for the past 7 years but eventually stopped when I became a mom. There's truly nothing like expression through the art of dance 💃🏽

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 10 days ago

      Tara De Castro omg haha thank you girl! And wow that’s amazing!! The hardest part was starting after such a long break, but now I’ve gotten into a routine and it feels SO good to be back!! Hope you start back up again too 🤗

  • Michelle Jodhan
    Michelle Jodhan 10 days ago

    Jessi! You're doing amazing! Keep it up ❤❤❤

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 10 days ago

      Michelle Jodhan thank you so much!! Feels so good to be back 🤗

  • stelliiie
    stelliiie 10 days ago

    Omg gurl your dancing is soo good i really want to be able to dance like that too!! And your figure is stunning and that after having a baby!! Wow mom goals

    • stelliiie
      stelliiie 10 days ago

      @Jessi Malay yes dancing just makes me feel so relaxed and free 😍

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 10 days ago

      stelliiie ahh thank you love!! You’re so sweet 😘 and yess dancing is the best for the body and soul right?!

  • Ivan Santiago
    Ivan Santiago 10 days ago

    You dance so good i remember seeing you at the danity kane show in SF 💜 you were on fire!!! 🔥 can’t wait to see you perform again 🥰

    • Ivan Santiago
      Ivan Santiago 8 days ago

      Jessi Malay im glad can’t wait to hear new music 😉

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 10 days ago

      Ivan Santiago Ahh yesss the good days!! 🙌🏽 thank you so much! So happy to be getting back into it :)

  • Sonia V
    Sonia V 10 days ago

    Looking amazing mama

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 10 days ago

      Sonia V thank you!! 😘🙏🏽

  • Juliette Joy Andersen

    Are you going to sing again I love your voice a lot. I listing all your music and I started dancing.

    • Juliette Joy Andersen
      Juliette Joy Andersen 10 days ago

      Jessi Malay oh okay. There’s no Rush take your time. Xoxoxoxox

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 10 days ago

      Juliette Joy Andersen Yesss I promise! Coming out with new music so soon 🙏🏽 stay tuned Xx

  • TheRosesFamily
    TheRosesFamily 10 days ago

    You’re so beautiful momma

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 10 days ago

      TheRosesFamily aww thank you my love! Your family is beautiful too! 😘 Xo

  • Riley Mathews
    Riley Mathews 10 days ago

    Love it!!! Love dancing and expressing ourselves through this type of art! Keep it up💗

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 10 days ago

      Riley Mathews My thoughts exactly!! Thank you for watching ☺️

  • Rose Juncaj
    Rose Juncaj 10 days ago

    Looks like you never stopped dancing!! You go girl 👌 being a mom is the best thing in the world but we often lose ourselves trying to be super everything. We all need breaks, glad you’re doing something that you love and taking the time to re-energize you’re body, mind, and spirt. 😊

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 10 days ago

      Rose Juncaj aww that makes me so happy to hear! And I couldn’t agree more!! It’s easy to get caught up in everyday responsibilities and not make time for yourself, but so important to just press pause and do what you love! 🙏🏽

  • Julia Schneider
    Julia Schneider 10 days ago

    So excited to start seeing more dance videos!! And love the first black set..I love a good really high waist legging :)

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 10 days ago

      Julia Schneider yay can’t wait to do more dance videos too! 🤗 And yesss these are such a good high-rise legging and won’t slip!

  • Alexa Style Book
    Alexa Style Book 10 days ago

    That workout outfit is da bomb 💋 body goalzzzz

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 10 days ago

      Alexa Style Book aww you’re too sweet! Thank you so much my love 😘 Hope you have a great weekend! Xx

  • Ashley Gipson
    Ashley Gipson 10 days ago

    Where are your curtains from in the formal living room?

  • HannahMurphy141
    HannahMurphy141 11 days ago

    Any chance of the chords for this?

  • Reactipup
    Reactipup 11 days ago

    This called me broke in 267 different languages-_-

  • Nastashia Young
    Nastashia Young 11 days ago

    Omg the little girl is just adorable.

  • Barbara Hanson
    Barbara Hanson 14 days ago

    I wouldn't paint the cabinets keep them white and change hardware to gold.

  • Sissey John
    Sissey John 14 days ago

    Absolutely love it thanks for sharing! it has helped me with so many ideas,lots of love to you all💕😘💯

  • FD11-11Ministries
    FD11-11Ministries 14 days ago

    She looks like @mandymoore

  • Maria A
    Maria A 16 days ago

    If you have ancestors from Spain that means you’re white Europeans- I’m from Spain and we are WHITE and proud of our racial identity. American ppl always talk about white privilege and bash whites but yet always get so eager to visit our nations lol

  • michelle pfeiffer
    michelle pfeiffer 17 days ago

    Where is your top and jeans from? The outfit in your thumbnail.

  • Kordana Rose
    Kordana Rose 17 days ago

    What do u guys do to afford such a nice big place 😩 I love ur house style . Really beautiful

  • Frank V
    Frank V 18 days ago

    Yea keep dreaming because no men would allow women to do a girly closet like that foh

  • Nastaran Taheri
    Nastaran Taheri 19 days ago

    You somehow look like cardib

  • Ananya Das
    Ananya Das 19 days ago

    Most vulgar dressed house tour...eyaaaaaaak!!

  • Mrs. Amy
    Mrs. Amy 20 days ago

    I personally wounldnt change anything in your kitchen it flows with the rest of the house but if I may suggest add gold accents..

  • Emily Phillips
    Emily Phillips 22 days ago

    She sounds like Desi Perkins

  • Lora Alamri
    Lora Alamri 22 days ago

    Love your style so refreshing 😍💜💜👌🏼

  • shannon acia
    shannon acia 22 days ago

    aww shoot, thought u were actually cooking your own recipes!

  • Hope Gorman
    Hope Gorman 23 days ago

    paint the cabinets a pink color!!! That would be so different and pretty

  • Tammy Pham
    Tammy Pham 23 days ago

    It Carly from no secrets 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  • kora saldaña
    kora saldaña 24 days ago

    Muy chula tu casita !

  • Olivia Midori
    Olivia Midori 24 days ago

    thats what i thought when i first saw u you looked like half

  • Olivia Midori
    Olivia Midori 24 days ago

    thank u

  • Nayera Yasser
    Nayera Yasser 24 days ago

    jennifer lopez ???!!!??

  • Priyanga jayasooriya

    Between 5 years and now👻👻👻👻👌🏼

  • Priyanga jayasooriya


  • Vesna Sna
    Vesna Sna 25 days ago

    This is georgues!And you are so cute!Like Eva Longoria woman!

  • Tim Uchwat
    Tim Uchwat 26 days ago

    I am going to be a charity worker and it is something that I would love to do for the rest of my life. I really like to help others. awesome video

  • Adriana Coman
    Adriana Coman 26 days ago

    GOALS 💃🏻😘

  • Gina henkel
    Gina henkel 27 days ago

    Happy birthday jessi, hope you had a best birthday ever beautiful! Now that's my kind of party, food, laughter and lots of dancing..😘🎉🍸

  • behape_4evr
    behape_4evr 28 days ago


  • i love jisub
    i love jisub 28 days ago

    Nice house

  • Juanita Brown
    Juanita Brown 28 days ago

    🎈Happy birthday, JM!!! Girl, that party, though... 🍾🥂🎉 It looked so so lit!!! The music was awesome. Way to keep it cute, for the turn-up. And, were your parents there too??? 🙊🙈 Lol Tfs... 💖💫

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 28 days ago

      +Juanita Brown Thank you love!! ♥️ I had the best time!! And yes haha my dad stopped by! 🙊🙈

  • Yvonne Montez
    Yvonne Montez 29 days ago

    So cute🌸 and fun💃🏻 HAPPY BIRTHDAY💝Girl🥰

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 28 days ago

      +Yvonne Montez Thank you so much my love!! ♥️ Xo

  • Jorge González
    Jorge González 29 days ago

    damn girl, you can really dance

    • Jorge González
      Jorge González 27 days ago

      @Jessi Malay what would you call it than?

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 28 days ago

      +Jorge Gonzalez omg hahah nothing like a dance party! 🙊🙈

  • Reb Ruc
    Reb Ruc 29 days ago

    Happy Birthday Jessi!!🎈Looks like you had a great time on your special day. Thx&see ya😁

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 28 days ago

      +Reb Ruc Thanks girl!! We had the best time ever! 💃🏻

  • Cecilia Garza
    Cecilia Garza 29 days ago

    Happy birthday 🎂 Gorgeous!!!♥️💃🏻

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 28 days ago

      +Cecilia Garza Thank you babe!! Hope you're having a great week! 💋

  • Finding Life
    Finding Life 29 days ago

    Horribly constructed video

  • Lazaro Machado
    Lazaro Machado 29 days ago

    Happy Birthday Malay 🎂Beautiful party!!!! 🎉🎊you look Spectacular and good dancer. Kisses, Gloria y Lazarito. 🍰🎊🎁🎉👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 28 days ago

      +Lazaro Machado Thanks girl!! 💋Glad you enjoyed the video :)

  • Meta Stubbe
    Meta Stubbe 29 days ago

    Happy bday gorgeous....💋💃

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 28 days ago

      +Meta Stubbe Thanks girl!! ♥️

  • Sylvia Charlet Ademoyewa

    Happy birthday my dear may you be blessed beyond measures. Are you also a August baby like me

    • Sylvia Charlet Ademoyewa
      Sylvia Charlet Ademoyewa 28 days ago

      @Jessi Malay oh ok dear. Mine is 25 August and thank you.

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 28 days ago

      +Sylvia Charlet Ademoyewa Thank you so much 💝 My birthday was July 25th! Hope you have an amazing Birthday fellow Leo! 🎂

  • TheRosesFamily
    TheRosesFamily 29 days ago

    Beautiful video momma

    • TheRosesFamily
      TheRosesFamily 28 days ago

      You’re welcome hot momma

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 28 days ago

      +TheRosesFamily glad you loved the video, thank you for watching!! ♥️ Xx

  • Stacey Kimble
    Stacey Kimble 29 days ago

    Now that's my kind of party 😁 Wishing you a very Happy and blessed Birthday 🎂

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 29 days ago

      Stacey Kimble thanks my love!!!! And yessssss literally felt like an old school high school party and everyone came ready!

  • Genesis Morfin
    Genesis Morfin 29 days ago

    the level of adult i’m trying to hit for myself

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 29 days ago

      Genesis Morfin YAAAASSSSS HAHAHA

  • yahi roman
    yahi roman 29 days ago

    Oh yeah there we are eating tacos 😝 So much fun! Glad we made it xoxo

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 29 days ago

      yahi roman hahahahaha so happy you guys got to come and happy I got to share taco time with you ha!

  • maria velazquez
    maria velazquez 29 days ago

    Happy Birthday!!! 🎊🎂 so much fun 🥰

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 29 days ago

      maria velazquez thnxxx my love!!!!! We love a good house party!

  • Rosemary Igpit
    Rosemary Igpit 29 days ago

    Loves 🇨🇦

  • V I V I A N A
    V I V I A N A Month ago

    Beautiful decor on your amazing house! I am dying for those palms in the dining table!!!! amazing... and that white little piano!!! oh my god too cute

  • V I V I A N A
    V I V I A N A Month ago

    DEFINITELY SWITCH THE HANDLES AND HARDWARE of kitchen, golden, rose gold tone would look great!

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 28 days ago

      + V I V I A N A yes yes would love to do something gold-toned!!

  • islem ben abdelaziz

    holyi thought this was jennifer lopez

  • Ingrid Pena
    Ingrid Pena Month ago

    Your skin looks so flawless even without makeup if you don’t mind me asking what color shade is your concealer?

  • Kelly Torrs
    Kelly Torrs Month ago

    Are you related to Michelle Phan? you guys look alike and even talk alike.. did you take classes on how to talk on camera? you and michelle talk in a certain neutral way...i don't know how to explain it.

  • Ariana Kumar
    Ariana Kumar Month ago

    Ew u guys wanna be the ace family so bad

  • Liam Maple
    Liam Maple Month ago

    Why don't you have anything showing that this is an ad?

  • Linda Bernard julmis

    She's so adorable 🤗💕. You have a beautiful home 💕. Everything is fabulous. You got a new Subscriber here today. Hope you do the same thing for me as well. Thanks for your support. Let's stay connected 💕

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 28 days ago

      +Linda Bernard julmis aww thank you my love that's so sweet of you!! Welcome to the fam :) Xx 💕

  • Annie Bear
    Annie Bear Month ago

    She look like a filipina?

  • Lele Lanaee
    Lele Lanaee Month ago

    That’s would look beautiful to change the hardwear to brass

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 28 days ago

      +Lele Lanaee Yesss!! I think I'm gonna go for it!

  • Lele Lanaee
    Lele Lanaee Month ago

    I love the home congratulations and the design is beautiful love it

    • Jessi Malay
      Jessi Malay 28 days ago

      +Lele Lanaee Thank you so much babe!! Glad you enjoyed the video :) Xo

  • CentricSista
    CentricSista Month ago

    What size are your bralettes?