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  • Caffeine Kat
    Caffeine Kat Day ago

    Unff 😩😘

  • 10 Best Women's Products

    Girl you are the bomb 😜. I feel like so many influencers do the same thing over and over but you always seem to bring something new to the table 👌😍😜😜

  • tomatostellar
    tomatostellar 2 days ago

    Those products have shelf life. She has tons of em, and most of those would definitely go to waste.

  • Aimss YassSassx
    Aimss YassSassx 3 days ago

    I listened to nct dripping I must be cleansed

  • Maunalua Lulu
    Maunalua Lulu 4 days ago

    Awesome 😍😍

  • Prophetess Queen
    Prophetess Queen 5 days ago

    Where's the clothes?

  • Paola Valtierra
    Paola Valtierra 5 days ago

    You look so cute. I used a lot of cardigans. Lose tops, cute shoes maxi dress with a small belt.

  • Leeni Curneal
    Leeni Curneal 7 days ago


  • Latoya Andrews
    Latoya Andrews 9 days ago


  • Melissa Ortiz
    Melissa Ortiz 9 days ago

    Love it !!! Can you please please link your drapes and curtains rods please !! Thank you so much !!! 🥰🥰🥰

  • Rana akki
    Rana akki 9 days ago

    +60104230959 I love this song I need true love

  • Hadja Techtee
    Hadja Techtee 9 days ago

    Ooh my god I call my daughter someone peanut butter because she love peanut butter so much 🙈

  • Des Hayes
    Des Hayes 10 days ago

    This was the best video I’ve watched on TVclip ❤️😍😍 new subscriber here & your family is beautiful

  • Katelyn Paige
    Katelyn Paige 11 days ago

    her “junk room” is cleaner than my room💀💀

  • sabrinasjourney
    sabrinasjourney 11 days ago

    That's a lot of white to have with a small child!

  • TheDarkerKnight
    TheDarkerKnight 12 days ago

    He totally blew one of the hotel workers

  • TheDarkerKnight
    TheDarkerKnight 12 days ago

    Who's the father?

  • TheDarkerKnight
    TheDarkerKnight 12 days ago

    He totally blew the best man

  • surrected4526
    surrected4526 13 days ago

    For the changing pad, shouldn't that be put into an organizing pouch/separate bag within the diaper bag? If the changing station is dirty and one uses the changing pad on top, wouldn't germs and viruses be transferred to that? Or am I being too nit-picky? 🤔...🦋

    • TheDarkerKnight
      TheDarkerKnight 12 days ago

      You're being too nit picky. Suicidally nit picky

  • creepypastadragondogegamer and bros

    Cute kid by the way

  • Melissa Ortiz
    Melissa Ortiz 14 days ago

    @jessimalay Hey love !! I hope it’s not a bother to ask but after watching your home tour video omg I have to ask can you share a link to the black curtain rods in your living room and one odd question 🤦🏻‍♀️ can you send me a link or share where you purchased that big white ceramic spoon or is it called a ladle that’s on your kitchen counter top it’s so gorgeous and such a statement piece in the kitchen! Your house by the way is stunning god bless !!!! And thank you so so much for sharing with us !! Xoxoxo ♥️

    • TheDarkerKnight
      TheDarkerKnight 12 days ago

      Yes and while your add it please provide your pornhub account. Literally the only reason I clicked on this video, which popped up into my feed. No fault of my own. But yeah I'm only interested in seeing ya nude

  • outsiders
    outsiders 14 days ago

    Jesus Christ!!!! She only looks 46 to 48. That's 66% of her real age!! I've always looked young for my age ever since I was beyond 23 (I'm male). My aim has been to always look 75% of my age, which I've managed to do over the last 7 years. When I was 27 I looked about 18-19, which was annoying at times as I used to get refused to buy alcohol if I didn't have my driving license on me to prove my age. When I was 30, 2 separate people both guessed 22 and 24, so 23 in the middle is around 75-76% of 30. Its mostly genetics, but avoiding alcohol and smoking, as well as sunbeds and staying lean also helps massively. Its a lifestyle, not a cream you put on your face. The mum looks Asian. Is the daughter half Asian half European? She looks more European than she does Asian, she's beautiful either way.

  • Natalie Russ
    Natalie Russ 17 days ago

    I’m headed to Oahu in two weeks for two months so excited

  • Melissa Ortiz
    Melissa Ortiz 17 days ago

    Hi Jessi !!!! Omggg your house is absolutely gorgeous god bless !!! 🥰🥰🥰 I hope it’s not too much to ask but would it be possible to share a link to where you purchased your black living room curtain rods and odd question that big white spoon/ladle on your kitchen counter can you also share where it’s from if you don’t mind ?? Thank you soo much xoxo ♥️

  • kalene silva
    kalene silva 17 days ago


  • samanta santos
    samanta santos 18 days ago

    beautiful house!