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  • SoCal AirDan
    SoCal AirDan Day ago


  • Michael
    Michael 2 days ago

    Who wants to see a roided up baseball player hit a few dingers?

  • Levetator 2000
    Levetator 2000 2 days ago

    One day I made a super deep hole

  • matthew guilfoyle
    matthew guilfoyle 2 days ago


  • Patrick Henderson
    Patrick Henderson 7 days ago

    When Walt said “Jesse” I felt that

  • Chris Beach
    Chris Beach 8 days ago

    I think you forgot a couple “jessie’s” from the show

  • MrGameAndPlay
    MrGameAndPlay 11 days ago

    "But morlocks are from the future"

  • Pat Weibe
    Pat Weibe 11 days ago

    See I told you I was she would say you would be if you keep on digging you end up in 🇨🇳

  • Pat Weibe
    Pat Weibe 11 days ago

    If you have fun at takes to end up China because Canada goes to China if you keep on digging Street no thank you years to go to China your gonna have to go around the earth core because it’s very hot so straight straight there a big curve dead dead takes three again that’s all you’ll get past the court I dare ask Lisa and she’ll tell you the same thing

  • rhino king
    rhino king 11 days ago

    Digging for drugs Theres no drugs out there No of course not

  • Zacky Ducky
    Zacky Ducky 13 days ago

    he gonna fall into lava and lose his diamonds

  • jasminne mcdonald
    jasminne mcdonald 13 days ago

    Bart has become an archaeologist.

  • Ghettoartiz
    Ghettoartiz 14 days ago

    L-11K+ awesome work homie I have been at it like this since the 90's myself. Although, I draw the gang instead. I don't collect but this video may have given me a change of art. Please check some of my Simpsons artwork which I tie into my instrumental and beats. Keep me in mind for collaboration. I am also a pro graphic designer and visual artist stay blessed my friend awesome things going on for you, you have my support stay blessed. Glad to find more like-minded people on here I see some enjoy the Simpsons oppose to cherishing them. It's neither here nor there but finding friends on a common ground of the Simpsons.

  • Ian Finrir
    Ian Finrir 15 days ago

    This was me as a kid. I used to spend hours in the backyard digging holes for no reason

  • Lijia Qiu
    Lijia Qiu 16 days ago

    hiu g

  • Warframe Veteran
    Warframe Veteran 17 days ago

    I like how walt tells louder each time

  • Beavinator
    Beavinator 17 days ago

    Miners: We’re digging because we want to find minerals. Random people digging: Oh we’re digging because the dirt from the hole can be used for things we need or something like that. Bart: d i g.

  • Regina Smith
    Regina Smith 21 day ago


  • m_udwhitman
    m_udwhitman 21 day ago

    Uh, did Bart took more Focusyn??

  • Somia Salehie
    Somia Salehie 22 days ago

  • 100 subs with no vid challenge

    It feels weird when you hear it allot

  • Anthony Shedd
    Anthony Shedd 29 days ago

    For what reason do you think he was digging for?

    • Jovan Janevski
      Jovan Janevski 27 days ago

      Potatoes, deep down in the potatoe mines, containing enriched potassium...

  • Harr Twins
    Harr Twins Month ago

    Digging to China

  • Corey Wilson
    Corey Wilson Month ago


  • Dogan Keklik
    Dogan Keklik Month ago

    Dis kid most to be dead he dit not eat

  • Mary Winters
    Mary Winters Month ago

    I think he's looking for drugs for his teacher

  • Mason Rivas
    Mason Rivas Month ago

    Lisa said that bart would end up im china but Lisa was wrong bart would emd up on the middle of the indian ocean so bart sholdve started digging in argentina or chile

  • gizmo killer14
    gizmo killer14 Month ago

    Bart=nugget so he diggin the new nuget cave

  • Haylie Brown
    Haylie Brown Month ago

    "might be digging for drugs"

  • Rap Leaker
    Rap Leaker Month ago

    Jesse is such a weird name after a while of hearing it

  • Ryan Jackson
    Ryan Jackson Month ago

    Marge: Why you big....


    If Bart were to dig right through to the other side. He won't make it to China He will reach the Indian Ocean. True fact

  • Zachwhitetrash YT

    Bart is like me when j was a kid i would dog these massive holes and fill em with dirt and sand and mud and water

  • Roberto Acevedo
    Roberto Acevedo Month ago

    Shitty ass writing brought to you by a no talent staff.

  • Domino Rakentaja
    Domino Rakentaja Month ago

    Jesse Jese Jesi Zesi

  • Mike's Workshop
    Mike's Workshop Month ago

    Over a third of this video is season 5 alone

  • KPs Toys
    KPs Toys Month ago

    I like the part where he says Jesse

  • Василий Ванин

    waltman - even this can be fanfictioned

  • Nick Scheriber
    Nick Scheriber Month ago

    If no one gonna say it I am thank God the Actor for this judge woman is freakin dead may she burn in h***

  • Dayana Fuentes
    Dayana Fuentes Month ago

    Bart loves to dig a big hole ❤️🌭🧼🥨🍟🍕

  • Anthony Semeno
    Anthony Semeno Month ago

    So why was he digging a hole

  • Carly Cooper
    Carly Cooper Month ago


  • julie gray
    julie gray Month ago

    Quagmire:nice hole oh giggity giggity giggity goo

  • TheTwilitHero
    TheTwilitHero Month ago

    The lack of minecraft references in the comments disturbs me.

  • Fryd Fish
    Fryd Fish Month ago

    Me and my brother used to go down to beaches and just fuckin dig

  • Jeremy Foster
    Jeremy Foster Month ago

    I just watched the seasons and now I find myself screaming "JESSE!" around the house

  • Lucywon
    Lucywon Month ago

    This makes Walter White look like a creep, oh, nevermind.

  • julie gray
    julie gray Month ago

    He's digging for barred treasure

  • Alexander Epstein


  • Shane of the Mario fans.

    Homer Simpson: Me Bart Simpson: KO Guy: Mario

  • Colin Flaherty Videos Daily

    its amazing how many varieties he brings to such a simple word.

  • Colin Flaherty Videos Daily

    sorry but bryan cranston IS breaking bad.

  • Anthony Shedd
    Anthony Shedd Month ago

    Why is Bart digging?

  • Chickenasaurus
    Chickenasaurus Month ago

    I want to see the rest of this

  • Madeline Darkhart

    666th like lol

  • RaptorPlayz
    RaptorPlayz Month ago

    OMG is the bird ok

  • JREVY22
    JREVY22 Month ago

    Praise the lord for Mountain Dew

  • pollo20x6
    pollo20x6 Month ago

    It doesn't even sound like a name anymore

  • Thepatoexperience2
    Thepatoexperience2 2 months ago

    'I was downing Jesse Pinkman'.

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith 2 months ago

    Macedonian name

  • Vrabo
    Vrabo 2 months ago

    The more I hear it, the more it sounds like a girl's name.

  • Sandesh Khade
    Sandesh Khade 2 months ago

    Kids shouldn't have secrets

  • jake armitage
    jake armitage 2 months ago

    That satellite LMFAO!!!

  • Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez 2 months ago

    My dad's always yelling that Whitey's keeping him down. LOL!

  • R0CKy
    R0CKy 2 months ago


  • Gaster Poppe10000
    Gaster Poppe10000 2 months ago

    0:05 - 0:17 - 0:20 - 0:21 How he says little tho XD

  • Oliver Cuenca
    Oliver Cuenca 2 months ago


  • Kendrick Roche Lanzot
    Kendrick Roche Lanzot 2 months ago

    I had that phase, everytime I went to the beach I dug a massive hole

  • Geoff Green
    Geoff Green 2 months ago

    What kids did before Minecraft.

  • Benedict Solpico
    Benedict Solpico 2 months ago

    6:25 my favorite

  • GilotoVlogi
    GilotoVlogi 2 months ago

    They even repeated the same audio sample for 4 times. :D

  • Steve Vigilante
    Steve Vigilante 2 months ago

    Tell me why I did the same thing as Bart. But instead of my mother and father worrying. There were at a bar, while my sister was recording me digging, just for her youtube account...

  • Joe Crockrell
    Joe Crockrell 2 months ago

    “There’s no drugs out there.” Homer: oh yea of course not 😈

  • Lewis Edwards
    Lewis Edwards 2 months ago

    I can't help but feel this is a reference to the holes film. But I don't know which came out first.

  • Eric Thorpe
    Eric Thorpe 2 months ago

    Reminds me of Jesse Pinkman digging outside that tweakers house, trying to lure him out.

  • montel houghton
    montel houghton 2 months ago

    So the Simpson’s were black

  • Jennifer Ritts
    Jennifer Ritts 2 months ago


  • Esoteric Wolf
    Esoteric Wolf 2 months ago

    (((Dr. Kaufmann)))

  • Nacho
    Nacho 2 months ago

    Strange to see Lisa make the error that the US is antipodal to China. Almost no northen hemisphere country is antipodal to land. You could dig to China only from the souther cone countries of south america, like Argentina or Chile.

  • Sarkis Balyan
    Sarkis Balyan 2 months ago

    Homer barried duff in the yard for safe keeping

  • Red Orb Pikachu
    Red Orb Pikachu 2 months ago

    0:12 why would she have heard of a school project for 2 grades above?

  • I can't find a good yt name

    Digging through to China is based on the thought (at a time before common sense) that the earth is flat, when in real life you'd probably dig to a pipe, concrete, or if none of these like in the middle of no-where, close to the core which is the hottest part of the earth (Heat danger, escaping without a rope and harness + people on standby is suicide). The deeper you go, the hotter it gets and there's less oxygen considering you are making a deep vaccuum tube in the ground. Plus if the hole collapses, RIP.

  • James Kelvin
    James Kelvin 2 months ago

    Well, why was he digging???

  • ShyGuy Animates
    ShyGuy Animates 2 months ago

    “Probably digging for drugs” Im dying🤣

  • shade the mystic
    shade the mystic 2 months ago

    What do you think the best quote from the Simpsons is I think it is "Why is the clouds Brown " "Because of pollution " "Why is the grass green" "Because it's artificial " Because you can say it the people in the future

  • Lailaa Abdelmobem
    Lailaa Abdelmobem 2 months ago

    I think Bart wants to dig to china

  • Maurissa Sealy
    Maurissa Sealy 2 months ago

    Keshawn Mohammed

    • Maurissa Sealy
      Maurissa Sealy 2 months ago


  • Sighsmic Drop
    Sighsmic Drop 2 months ago

    Probably digging for drugs

  • Dutch Plan Der Linde
    Dutch Plan Der Linde 2 months ago


  • Fallout Freeman
    Fallout Freeman 3 months ago

    At 00:11, Lisa says "It's not a school project, I'd have heard of it." This is a clever way of letting the audience know that Lisa knows a lot about school. She then tells Homer, and also the audience, that she's going to go check it out. This is also an integral part of the script; if Lisa had just walked outside and asked Bart what he was doing, there would be no way for the audience to know why she was standing there. Subtle touches like these are a testament to the amazing writing staff, as well as the love that goes into crafting each episode.

    CHRISPLAYER951 3 months ago

    Early 2000s was a weird era for the show

  • Deku Baku
    Deku Baku 3 months ago

    Kaufman is my last name

  • Noel Anderson
    Noel Anderson 3 months ago

    0:25 HANG HIM!!!

  • King Ace Hernandez
    King Ace Hernandez 3 months ago

    Probably digging for drugs lol

  • Calvin And Hobbes Bear

    Am i the only one who used to dig holes for fun as a kid? Nowhere near barts hole, of course, but stuff like tunnels or whatever for matchbox cars and stuff.

  • Jack Salvin
    Jack Salvin 3 months ago


  • TheNeonGuy
    TheNeonGuy 3 months ago

    Bart was a prediction of Elon Musk.

  • E S
    E S 3 months ago

    Basically me and my friends in a nutshell

  • MOLE
    MOLE 3 months ago

    We males have all done this

    • Damir Jelic
      Damir Jelic 3 months ago

      And our mothers destroyed our holes.