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JOKER - Final Trailer
Views 38M24 days ago
SHAFT - Legacy Featurette
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JOKER - Teaser Trailer
Views 60M5 months ago
The Curse of La Llorona 360
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Annabelle Comes Home
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SHAZAM! - In Theaters April 5
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THE MULE - Official Trailer
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  • Jslayallday92 S
    Jslayallday92 S Minute ago

    Tf is this shit?

  • Pa Pa
    Pa Pa 3 minutes ago

    @WB please Release this movie in Hindi also in India!😥

  • Knotty Buds
    Knotty Buds 4 minutes ago

    You know that one video with the guy doing his joker laugh and getting made fun of by his brother/roomates? I kinda wish he got the part lol

  • PepeLePew
    PepeLePew 13 minutes ago

    Eddy is also right.

  • Gamerkid Gamer
    Gamerkid Gamer 14 minutes ago

    I'm batman

  • Guardian Po
    Guardian Po 15 minutes ago

    Georgie 0:31 😭😭😭😭😭😭😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😭😭😭😭 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

  • Some Guy Paragon
    Some Guy Paragon 22 minutes ago

    Goddamit I've lost count how many times I have seen this trailer! IT'S THAT GOOD!

  • PepeLePew
    PepeLePew 23 minutes ago

    Bill is right.

  • Ovi Tina
    Ovi Tina 28 minutes ago

    must watch

  • Lilly Spoelstra
    Lilly Spoelstra 29 minutes ago

    These McDonald’s commercials are getting out of hand...

  • Dave Stock
    Dave Stock 35 minutes ago

    And now the climate will be nice. 70degrees everywhere, no rain or snow...free college and health care. O boy,

  • The Film Effect
    The Film Effect 37 minutes ago

    That leaked footage that came out was just insane and sold me on this movie completely. This movie is going to be really brutal and Phoenix is just mesmerizing.

  • Steven H
    Steven H 38 minutes ago

    This is what happened to the Democrats after Trump won.

  • Cael the Player
    Cael the Player 42 minutes ago


  • ArchJasiri The Dakotaraptor

    Honestly one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. This fucking trailer was edited PERFECTLY.

  • Rajas A
    Rajas A 47 minutes ago

    Best Kubrick Movie Ever.

  • Alberta the dragon
    Alberta the dragon 49 minutes ago

    Put on a happy face and be a jerk!

  • d e
    d e 51 minute ago

    Hader is above this type of movie!

  • Jamie
    Jamie 56 minutes ago

    Me: *Watches trailer over 50+ times* Therapist: "You can't keep watching the joker trailer-" Me: "I CAN...AND I WILL UNTIL I AM SATISFIED!"

  • Edwin Ramos
    Edwin Ramos Hour ago

    The chills man when the announcer saids send in the clown. This movie is gonna be great

  • Lucid Bl1tz
    Lucid Bl1tz Hour ago

    Who’s here after watching It 2 👇

  • Mike McDermott
    Mike McDermott Hour ago

    And the academy award for best picture goes to ....Joker teaser trailer!

  • No
    No Hour ago

    oK but this is a book?! This trailer is absolutely beautiful and yes I did find this from Finn BUT SERIOUSLY THIS LOOKS SO GOOD I REALLY WANNA READ THE BOOK NOW

  • Loretha Jemison
    Loretha Jemison Hour ago

    I love these movies

  • Aila Culebra
    Aila Culebra Hour ago

    Interesting. But no one can beat Heath Ledger, ever.

  • Lols Mo
    Lols Mo Hour ago

    A new dceu.. but it all started with the Joker.

  • elsa1942
    elsa1942 Hour ago

    I just saw the movie on Tuesday. BLEW ME AWAY!!!!

  • Life is Amazing Without Effort

    This is the best horror movie i've ever watched even though it's not scary haha this movie is the best!

  • Faton Jusufi
    Faton Jusufi Hour ago

    I want Rampage 2 !!!

  • bat noob
    bat noob Hour ago

    an absolute masterpiece

  • Keith Held
    Keith Held Hour ago

    Not even scary

  • Keith Held
    Keith Held Hour ago


  • Unavailable
    Unavailable Hour ago

    1: You punched me in the face. 2: You made me walk in shitty water 3: You brought me to fucking crackheads house And now We need to kill this fucking clown.

  • Fenris Wolf
    Fenris Wolf Hour ago

    Danny Torrance kinda looks like Jamie Lannister

  • pennywise dancing clown

    It me pennywise every one who is watching I'm coming for you and in your dreams and at night

  • Simon Owpaluk
    Simon Owpaluk Hour ago

    This Is My Type Of Trailer

  • BlueSleeper86
    BlueSleeper86 Hour ago

    Well this doesn't look like the book at all! Eh, I'll still watch it.

  • D Wr
    D Wr Hour ago

    1:45 fallout fans to Bethesda.

  • Skorpious
    Skorpious Hour ago

    Kid: *Looks bored* Joker: *Makes funny faces and entertains kid* Mom: "PEDOPHILE!!!!"

  • Abdullah
    Abdullah Hour ago

    Crap music ruined the trailer.

  • Lizzie Maughan
    Lizzie Maughan Hour ago

    The old lady scene scared me somuch it gave me goosebumps on my face when she paused n her face was close to the camera omg😖😖😖

  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson Hour ago

    Finding someone who's broken pieces match with our own broken pieces

  • The Gray Area
    The Gray Area Hour ago

    Yes a black girl!

  • Nacho De la torre

    Is beautiful

  • dragon slayer
    dragon slayer Hour ago

    Daniel was supposed to wear a bright red tie :(

  • Toy Sonic The Robot Hedgehog Br

    I love thids music

  • Abby Dreher
    Abby Dreher Hour ago

    Bill hader

  • Nords Rj
    Nords Rj Hour ago

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  • tabitha generica

    We all made Joker. We are all guilty. 😞

  • Gamingfreak 78
    Gamingfreak 78 2 hours ago

    Joker: All I have a negative thoughts Suicidal teenagers:😭😭 Touching

  • Kenaniah Visillas
    Kenaniah Visillas 2 hours ago

    Marvel: we did a movie about a villain first... DC fans: is Batman gonna be in the movie? I hope so...

  • tabitha generica
    tabitha generica 2 hours ago

    We all made Joker. We are all guilty. 😞

  • Garrett Ly
    Garrett Ly 2 hours ago

    Who's here after IT Chapter 2?

  • Mohd Faris Syed Ahmad

    Maybe It Pennywise 2017 Does Pennywise Makeup After Georgie

  • 1968 Ford Mustang GT

    Billie Eillish: Uh oh stinky, poopy, hahaha 14 yr old girls: 0:44

  • whitwhit87
    whitwhit87 2 hours ago

    It was ok..even my three year old was like why is pikachu talking? Lol..it was just alright.

  • Penelope Picchietti
    Penelope Picchietti 2 hours ago

    I can't wait to see this

  • pelra indonesia
    pelra indonesia 2 hours ago

    There are three Jokers

  • Rodney Hill
    Rodney Hill 2 hours ago

    Heath ledger holds a special place in my heart for his performance As a human being incorporating the monstrous side of yourself is important that’s why this appeals so much I believe he’s done it I believe this will give us all that feeling

  • Bluestorm 217
    Bluestorm 217 2 hours ago

    Who else at first thought it was the it chapter 2 trailer

  • Alex Lore
    Alex Lore 2 hours ago


  • Busted Out
    Busted Out 2 hours ago

    Can't wait to see Joker In The Tonight show Starring Jimmy Fallon🔥👌

  • Alexa Farrell
    Alexa Farrell 2 hours ago

    Unpopular opinion but the first IT is better and creepier than IT Chapter 2

  • Adrian Borinsky
    Adrian Borinsky 2 hours ago

    I am a straight white male, but I'll watch anything with bradley cooper in it, that man is just amazing

  • Shreyans Amin
    Shreyans Amin 2 hours ago

    Ah, I see you're here for another daily dose of this trailer. Same

  • huldu
    huldu 2 hours ago

    2013?! Where did all those years ago. Thought I saw this movie last year or something...

  • Jahkeel4 Real
    Jahkeel4 Real 2 hours ago

    I'm over here crying like a little bitch and thats just the trailer

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  • Paulo Carreiro
    Paulo Carreiro 2 hours ago

    Best movie ive seen in a wile!!! A must, believe me!!! Got goosebumps most of the times, made me travel to the good old 80's.

  • mickey lomeli
    mickey lomeli 3 hours ago

    1:59 that scared the shit out me at the movies LOL 😂

  • Your Manz
    Your Manz 3 hours ago

    Bruh.... they left me out

  • VR fun life
    VR fun life 3 hours ago

    So funny how She walks 😂 like is she ok did she brake her leg or something

  • Robert the Robot
    Robert the Robot 3 hours ago

    the movie is so slow, the trailer just showed half the movie

  • VintageNujabes
    VintageNujabes 3 hours ago

    I am so ready for this!!!!!

  • Eniac Acrobat
    Eniac Acrobat 3 hours ago

    Yes, because I'm afraid of women too. Especially make believe movie women.

  • Arya Akbar
    Arya Akbar 3 hours ago

    I Will Prefer Robert Englund's Freddy Krueger Than This Pile Of Donkey Kong Poop

  • willia451
    willia451 3 hours ago

    1:50 It's all you need to know.

  • Durward Johnson
    Durward Johnson 3 hours ago

    This is the WHITE MAN’s black panther

  • personM4N
    personM4N 3 hours ago

    Mike Hanlon: HELLO, PENNYWISE...look at your man. NOW BACK AT ME. Now back at your man. NOW BACK TO ME.

  • Sneax 2552
    Sneax 2552 3 hours ago

    If your boss asks you if you can work overtime 00:23

  • Billie Edwards
    Billie Edwards 3 hours ago

    Mourning the 80's boy, we had a blast! We didn't need the tech gadgets kids have today, We had pure fun without them. You had to actually use your brain to make up ways to enjoy yourself.

  • Isaac The Dragon
    Isaac The Dragon 3 hours ago

    Who else is watching in 2019? Like if you are

  • Faithful Collections

    Marvel: let's get a ton of half assed mediocre actors together that each have their own movie trilogy to play a bunch of superheros with million dollar special effects to make a huge summer blockbuster! DC: Joaquin Phoenix...

  • Bigman44
    Bigman44 3 hours ago

    ready for round two?

  • The Joker
    The Joker 3 hours ago

    Who's excited to see my movie?

  • The Joker
    The Joker 3 hours ago

    She doesn't listen. All I have are negative thoughts.

  • Thomas Al
    Thomas Al 3 hours ago

    So your telling me they killed pennywise by insulting it??

  • Gibbons & Griffiths Inc

    I feel that out of this trailer and the final trailer. This trailer is the better of the two because you can feel the sadness in Arthur Fleck and you can see the dark progression of the good man losing his grip on the world. I love the music and cinematography in this trailer too. The final trailer is amazing too because of the amount of extra details and extra scenes which does give us a broader idea and to see Jaoquin Phoenix as The Joker is amazing but he doesn't need to say much in this trailer to make us believe that he is the clown Prince of crime. Bring on October 4th

    NINJPLAYZ 3 hours ago

    When my parents are going to make cookies but they don’t want me to eat it. WHERES MY COOKIES 1:19

    INCOGNIGO 3 hours ago

    You wanna love him But you're gonna fear him...

  • eksine
    eksine 3 hours ago

    Every animal get irradiated and turns into a giant, why isn't there a giant irradiated human? maybe call him hulk or spiderman, or whatever. also how is a moth the 2nd most powerful monster?

    • Ron
      Ron Hour ago

      Are you new to the kajui universe? confirm your answer by watching them all them you will understand

  • Arigames
    Arigames 3 hours ago

    Is grandma naked when she ran cuz ew

  • DiamondPeople
    DiamondPeople 4 hours ago

    When I heard zinthos I thought it said thanos XD

  • Conrad MacMahone
    Conrad MacMahone 4 hours ago

    But this movie is profiting off of heath ledgers death

    • Luke Benson
      Luke Benson Hour ago

      Conrad MacMahone Oh fuck off lmao.

  • dragon gherbher and evil gherbhie

    who will win when your cry the music final trailer music = comment comic con music = like

  • Ilm o Fun
    Ilm o Fun 4 hours ago

    "Is this movie any good?" has left the chat.

  • 50zcarsman
    50zcarsman 4 hours ago

    Looks like too literal an interpretation of the character. He didn't become The Joker b/c he was a failed comedian, or a hustling street clown. The Joker persona, complete with purple rainment and a taste for gadgets, comes from something deeper than this, and less transparently related to his pre-criminal life or occupation(s).

  • غزل غزل
    غزل غزل 4 hours ago

    موجود عرب هنانه اذا موجود أثبت وجودك

  • Mariah Blakely
    Mariah Blakely 4 hours ago

    This movie is not better Annabelle

  • Sensu XXIV
    Sensu XXIV 4 hours ago

    Joker: wanna know how I got these (O)SCARS?