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Will It Break? - Challenge
Views 1.2M5 months ago
DON'T Look Away Challenge..
Views 334K5 months ago
Pool Noodle Face Off Part 2!
Views 504K6 months ago
We Found Our Twins Online..
Views 726K7 months ago


  • F. A
    F. A 6 hours ago

    Guys if u don’t now Michael isn’t in this video since he was doing a tik tok and he was jumping from the balcony to the pool but he slipped so he hit his leg or something on the concrete so he then said he’s OK but he ended up in hospital if you don’t believe me go check his TikTok so pray for him people

  • XxAlways EllaxX
    XxAlways EllaxX 6 hours ago

    Be NICE THERES a chilD

  • monica fernandez
    monica fernandez 6 hours ago

    Hahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahha Idied of laughter Hahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah

  • Fatima Masood
    Fatima Masood 6 hours ago

    Oh Cenna

  • Nessie 1735
    Nessie 1735 6 hours ago

    Jeremy hutchins (dk if i spelt his name right) kinda looks like Zak Herron, idk it might be just me

  • Liresh King
    Liresh King 6 hours ago

    We need Tal back Bring back Tal campaign

  • Ysabelle Ocampo
    Ysabelle Ocampo 6 hours ago

    Is that a shooky bt21 character I see at 4:24??!!!!!

  • ಅಶ್ವಿನ್ Ashwin K V ಕನ್ನಡಿಗ

    The last prank was the best

  • Suksri Fidler
    Suksri Fidler 6 hours ago

    They spit over their dishes😑

  • Wert 1234
    Wert 1234 6 hours ago


  • Suksri Fidler
    Suksri Fidler 6 hours ago

    Nick won

  • Lucky Shetty
    Lucky Shetty 6 hours ago

    At least we can see Tal in between as a vine 👍👍👍

  • Mina Sladic
    Mina Sladic 6 hours ago

    Oml Jeremy is so attractive

  • Dhairyah Shroff
    Dhairyah Shroff 7 hours ago

    1:30 tal making a guest appearance

  • Chamod Paranga
    Chamod Paranga 7 hours ago

    Where is tal??????

  • Lucky Shetty
    Lucky Shetty 7 hours ago

    Woah new boyz!!

  • 100 Subs with no Vids!!!!! HARD!!!!!!

    Why was Tal not there? This made my sad:(

  • Avisha Prasad
    Avisha Prasad 7 hours ago

    Who all miss tal and micheal?? 😢

  • NoOneCares 07
    NoOneCares 07 7 hours ago

    Is JoJo a half Asian?

  • fatima alshehhi
    fatima alshehhi 8 hours ago

    Where is Caylus and tal??

  • Kaila Van Eekelen
    Kaila Van Eekelen 8 hours ago

    bryce looks like one of the jonas brothers

  • Simran Sahota
    Simran Sahota 8 hours ago

    Awww caylus is cute actually

  • Dessica Oras
    Dessica Oras 8 hours ago're all too cute😍

  • Nasty Roid
    Nasty Roid 8 hours ago

    Lol i thought Anthony(nick's brother) was Tal🤣🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Bhienny
    Bhienny 8 hours ago

    No one: Adi: *always showing his muscle & abs on cam* hahaha

  • Just Vernessa
    Just Vernessa 8 hours ago

    Idk why but the fast motion part reminded me of the sims

  • Nasty Roid
    Nasty Roid 8 hours ago

    Longest to stay mid air wins $1,000,000

  • Mr Aussie
    Mr Aussie 8 hours ago

    How did Jojo get top 4 he had 3 chances

  • Its_ JNDL
    Its_ JNDL 8 hours ago

    My Fav. 😍💕

  • Madison Matthias
    Madison Matthias 8 hours ago

    Ok yea but like is no one gonna talk about Keira watching this lmao 😂

  • Nusrat Tanjima
    Nusrat Tanjima 8 hours ago

    I want Caylus in these videos

  • x_bethan _710_x
    x_bethan _710_x 8 hours ago

    Jeremyyyyy againnn, Ben and bryce ahhh I love them 😍

  • Helena Yesa D. Cabiad

    Jojooooo noooo! *poor boy gotta lick pee*

  • Sonnievasquez Dineros

    He touth the blue line

  • Kunzah Saeed
    Kunzah Saeed 8 hours ago


  • Gemma_is_awesome mckay

    3:32 said no girl ever

  • Xavier Kafoa
    Xavier Kafoa 9 hours ago

    I did it

  • Paige Foster
    Paige Foster 9 hours ago

    Who remeber's when the train would always tootoo

  • Bernadette Joyce Montano

    Wow Andre is Savage

  • Danial Raeed
    Danial Raeed 9 hours ago

    The pee is actually mountain dew

  • Johan Gurung
    Johan Gurung 9 hours ago

    When ur watching they cook in Asia Asian people:(ʘ言ʘ╬)

  • Fathema Begum
    Fathema Begum 9 hours ago

    Bring tal back😭

  • John Garcia
    John Garcia 9 hours ago

    He said no to James Charles and it was a lie I wonder who on top SHIP

  • Robert Gutierrez
    Robert Gutierrez 9 hours ago

    Imagine how many people looked in the description for there phone numbers🤣

  • Wolf assassin
    Wolf assassin 9 hours ago

    (Me) They're giving away 10,000 dollars to whoever is the last one jumping! Man and I'm over here broke 😂 (Me) sighn me up!

  • Saul Vargas
    Saul Vargas 9 hours ago

    Mr beast....

  • Madelin J
    Madelin J 9 hours ago


  • Madelin J
    Madelin J 9 hours ago


  • anyiplays roblox and I do giveaways

    Not a hate comment but he cheated he was not under watef

  • xLeo_16x YT
    xLeo_16x YT 9 hours ago

    Why its a age restricted😕

    ELENERD 10 hours ago

    I wanna see more Anthony and Michael like no lie they're my favorites

  • Soham Chaudhari
    Soham Chaudhari 10 hours ago

    You just lost the channel by bringing in those stupid tik tokers

  • Bella Boo
    Bella Boo 10 hours ago

    Did anyone else see Adi and JoJo putting their hands together at the beginning of the video???? I kinda ship

  • You Toober
    You Toober 10 hours ago

    I want to suck Adi 😋😘

  • Ryven Caaco
    Ryven Caaco 10 hours ago

    This video looks lonely without Tal

  • K Lee
    K Lee 10 hours ago

    Griffin and Bryce tho lmao

  • Sensei Chīsai
    Sensei Chīsai 10 hours ago

    Absolutely no one: If Tal was 50 years old, I would still smash him

  • Δέσποινα Δελημπαλτα

    I LOVE JOSEPH...❤❤❤

  • Ma Ro Hll
    Ma Ro Hll 10 hours ago

    Where's Tal btw?

  • Ebibi Kirstian
    Ebibi Kirstian 10 hours ago

    Where’s tal at??

  • K Lee
    K Lee 10 hours ago

    When I see Bryce... :)

  • Alma Barlizo
    Alma Barlizo 10 hours ago


  • Raeline Ledesma
    Raeline Ledesma 10 hours ago

    9:29 EVIL haha

  • Matthew Boii
    Matthew Boii 11 hours ago

    Mr beast copy’s ... wow that’s low

  • Jesus Ruiz
    Jesus Ruiz 11 hours ago

    6:00 when you think you are good at parkour

  • Death Stroke
    Death Stroke 11 hours ago

    Tony looks like chris hemsworth

  • candy apple
    candy apple 11 hours ago

    I HATE TIK TOK..only time its good is the complications on youtube

  • BiggestFan
    BiggestFan 11 hours ago

    Is Michael ok??

  • chris chow
    chris chow 11 hours ago

    are u like the next mr beast

  • Justin Ramos
    Justin Ramos 11 hours ago

    Adi is the winner of the losers haha

  • Lelei Hernandez
    Lelei Hernandez 11 hours ago

    Nick and Anthony(nicks older brother) are so cute

  • James Charles
    James Charles 11 hours ago

    6:40 yall so wrong for that but it was so funny 😂😂

  • Beatriz Playz
    Beatriz Playz 11 hours ago

    For some reason when I compare Tal and the rest I feel like im short like his friends....... (send help)

  • Yoongi Min
    Yoongi Min 11 hours ago

    9:57 Lol

  • carla nicole dawa
    carla nicole dawa 11 hours ago

    some of the tweets i found it in yt in savage quotes maybe they dont know wat to say so they look up some savage qoutes like "keep rolling ur eyes maybe youll find a brain back there"

  • Ayla Mocha
    Ayla Mocha 11 hours ago

    Where's Tal at??????? 😢😢

  • Albin Jackson
    Albin Jackson 11 hours ago

    Who was waiting for them to ask about kiera bridget

  • Evelyn Lucas
    Evelyn Lucas 11 hours ago

    Was anyone else staring at the llama earring the entire time he was jumping? That's a first I see that.

  • Katrina Perrott
    Katrina Perrott 11 hours ago


  • padrini gallardo
    padrini gallardo 11 hours ago

    “Knockout Sudden death” -“Super smash bros” or finished him by mortal kombat

  • Katrina Perrott
    Katrina Perrott 11 hours ago

    Caylus: Your soo ugly Tal Tal: mind: soo true* Anthony:*Slaps Tal* Caylus: Hey thats my job! Me: DID YOU JUST DO THAT? WELL CAYLUS UR NEVER GONNA DO THAT AGAIN CAUSE U WILL BE FAR AWAY

  • It's Anu patil
    It's Anu patil 11 hours ago

    1:33 i was just going to comment where's Tal ....🙁🙁 And he showed up 💕

  • Katrina Perrott
    Katrina Perrott 12 hours ago

    I love Freetime so much! And Tal don't listen to thoses haters!😊 Calyus you dont get ROASTED!

  • Roberto Vivas
    Roberto Vivas 12 hours ago

    i like caylus and tal in freetime videos

  • Maryanna Dehler
    Maryanna Dehler 12 hours ago

    1:33 OMG ITS TAL

  • Yoyo Trick shotters
    Yoyo Trick shotters 12 hours ago

    You still infinite food

  • Yoyo Trick shotters
    Yoyo Trick shotters 12 hours ago

    I hate you 😡😡😡

    GAMING JFV 12 hours ago

    I got grounded because I bought bang

  • Ricalyn Mendoza
    Ricalyn Mendoza 12 hours ago

    Nick and His brother Anthony isn't just brothers, they were best friends... i wish i had a brother.

  • Lilith Azami
    Lilith Azami 12 hours ago

    I miss Tal! Bring back Tal and Anthony and the rest of us will be happy hahahahaha

  • Gaming Striker'S
    Gaming Striker'S 12 hours ago

    Missing you tal please come back.

  • david tiu
    david tiu 12 hours ago


  • david tiu
    david tiu 12 hours ago

    Is that peee

  • Roshan Kumar
    Roshan Kumar 12 hours ago

    Where is tal

  • Peyton Albro
    Peyton Albro 12 hours ago

    Idk why I still watch this chanel😆 after watching this I never knew infinite was kinda a perve

  • Ruthy Cruz
    Ruthy Cruz 12 hours ago


  • Shanette sahipa
    Shanette sahipa 12 hours ago


  • Peyton Albro
    Peyton Albro 12 hours ago

    And kinda perverted

  • Peyton Albro
    Peyton Albro 12 hours ago

    U boys are just weird😆

  • Tiffany Anne Ostia
    Tiffany Anne Ostia 12 hours ago

    Jeremy is so cuteeee❤😭