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  • Lola
    Lola 11 minutes ago

    She looks like the witch in snow white

  • John Smith
    John Smith Hour ago

    48 and single?? Damn that sucks

  • Victor Barron
    Victor Barron 2 hours ago

    One sis : there’s a problem with professionalism Also her: *goes away for 3 months cause she didn’t know what to do

  • John Jackson
    John Jackson 2 hours ago

    Someone ever told me if I don’t like it to leave. I’d knock the fuck outta that nigga

  • Aethryx
    Aethryx 2 hours ago

    She sings like she's swallowing a golf ball

  • JAZUMEZ Music
    JAZUMEZ Music 2 hours ago

    They should have a statue of Layla

  • PhantomHT1320
    PhantomHT1320 3 hours ago

    gwen has a great ass

  • PhantomHT1320
    PhantomHT1320 3 hours ago

    i just KNOW both those dumb bitches came back within what? ......... 3 months? 2 weeks? 2 hours? they saw the new upgrades and were immediately like "OMG we changed our mind we're STAYING!!!"

  • MIAdventureLife
    MIAdventureLife 4 hours ago

    ..... why do they all look like Ricky from Trailer Park Boys?

  • DarkKyugara
    DarkKyugara 4 hours ago

    I can swear I heared Gordon calling the guy "lmao".

  • RainMan 4669
    RainMan 4669 4 hours ago

    this was a really emotional ride. Im really happy Hotel Chester made it.

  • Pierre Assouad
    Pierre Assouad 5 hours ago

    I hope for the best 🤞🏻

  • PhantomHT1320
    PhantomHT1320 5 hours ago

    after watching the FIRST 2 mins, and that sad old dumbfuck say outright he has never looked at the hotel as a fuckign BUSINESS and NEVER WILL, why the fuck would gordon waste his damn time?

  • PhantomHT1320
    PhantomHT1320 6 hours ago

    i cant help but feel almost ALL of these episodes ive been binge watching, more than 1/2 or these owners see gordon coming a MILE away. the thought process is something like, damn, we need a hotel UPGRADE but we cant afford it, lets get gordon to come here. sure he will abuse us as owners a little but but we'll get exposure, upgraded rooms, updated kitchen recipes from gordon himself, and then as soon as he leaves we can go RIGHT BACK to business as usual, fuck his advise, but thanks for all the upgrades!. Overstock [dot] com must feel like all their help, efforts and FREE shit are like pissing in the wind years later. its a shame most of these owners are meglomaniacs taking advantage of everyone they know.

  • PhantomHT1320
    PhantomHT1320 6 hours ago

    dood thinks he's donald trump but hes more like a crack addicted pimp smoking butts off the ground while shitting in the bushes

  • Anonymous Youtuber
    Anonymous Youtuber 7 hours ago

    Why does he keep talking about killing Gordon ._.

  • PhantomHT1320
    PhantomHT1320 7 hours ago

    i thought the wife is pretty hot

  • Grace Gladman
    Grace Gladman 7 hours ago

    No one: Karen: 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Gratitude Guru
    Gratitude Guru 8 hours ago

    this has to be staged, one cannot be simply that delusional lol

  • Amish Arya
    Amish Arya 8 hours ago


  • Tasneem Mohamed
    Tasneem Mohamed 9 hours ago

    chefs cray

  • Tasneem Mohamed
    Tasneem Mohamed 9 hours ago


  • Quaw
    Quaw 10 hours ago

    ok this is wrong.... forget the fucking hotel gordon needed to hire a lawyer for her and done with it

  • J. Thomps
    J. Thomps 11 hours ago


  • Nirdosh Yadav
    Nirdosh Yadav 12 hours ago

    The earlier chef appeared a responsible staff.She should have been given the complete freedom of managing the kitchen.Moreover,the rest of the management should be handed over to some professional.The hotel,its property,its staff,etc are all potential assets provided utilised properly.

  • Paul Christopher Twohill

    Such a sweet couple and sweet family! So happy for them

  • Bradley7 Johnson
    Bradley7 Johnson 13 hours ago

    That salmon looks terrifying

  • Eric Santaella
    Eric Santaella 13 hours ago

    Excuse me I am the boss

  • Joe Mcdonald
    Joe Mcdonald 14 hours ago

    I hope they are doing wel. for all ye fuckers mocking them he should b ashamed

  • Mexican Randy
    Mexican Randy 14 hours ago

    how much you want to bet the entire wedding was fake, who the fug would want to get married in a school lul

  • Mexican Randy
    Mexican Randy 15 hours ago

    20:03 "you're a fuckin joke" BOOM!!!!!!

  • Mexican Randy
    Mexican Randy 15 hours ago


  • BlueYamato
    BlueYamato 16 hours ago

    the transformation is amazing

  • RandomlyFocused
    RandomlyFocused 17 hours ago

    This man is legitimately insane

  • CMoney Mark
    CMoney Mark 18 hours ago

    Why would students know anything about a hotel in town? They aren't the ones staying there.

  • jjsherrill 92
    jjsherrill 92 18 hours ago

    This is one of those rare moments where I hope that this is fake...

  • Empire Raichus
    Empire Raichus 19 hours ago

    "You're like a little butterfly, flying around, painting over holes" lmao

    ATG IMM 19 hours ago

    That dad is such a degenerate

  • Spectrumpicture
    Spectrumpicture 19 hours ago

    Why do we see Gordons blurred ass every episode? It must be in the contract.

  • Michael Lombard
    Michael Lombard 20 hours ago

    "i dont think there should be personal attacks" The bitch was quitting a job of like 40 years cause the owners are dickheads, and the owner goes im being attacked.

  • Maarttiin
    Maarttiin 21 hour ago

    After the make-over Karen changed completely. Kinda makes me happy, she seems nice and all of them deserve better.

  • gapjunction11
    gapjunction11 21 hour ago

    I find it weird how that lady at 33:45 talks nonstop, but her mouth doesn't seem to move.

  • Bbfishman
    Bbfishman 22 hours ago

    really "stunning"

  • TBNRmaster K
    TBNRmaster K 23 hours ago

    Why is she making Gordon pity her by telling how bad her life is and blah bla blaa. Those are just plain excuses

  • MafiaCityBoss
    MafiaCityBoss 23 hours ago

    did she turned all her customers into a doll?

  • Benzoato De Potasio
    Benzoato De Potasio 23 hours ago

    Have you ever wondered how would the hippies from the 60's end in the future? There you have it.



  • Gaias Rebirth
    Gaias Rebirth Day ago

    Still wondering, why people stay working when they don't get payed at all... if i cant get paid for more then a month I would leave...

  • marizatt
    marizatt Day ago

    I just looked up the hotel in TripAdvisor. 1. The good reviews seem false, too long and they share the same rhythm as Karan’s answers, they are too long, same as her answers, good reviews are short and on point, you only write down context when you are angry and need to vent, I truly believe they are fake. 2. The bad reviews are plenty, worse than anything they say are Karan’s responses , never says "I’m sorry your stay wasn’t good", instead she lectures the people writing them. 3. She mentions Gordon’s visit was awful and she despises him and his ideas which were absurd in her own words. 4. I think staying in this Inn is a result of seriously loosing a dare, otherwise no need to.

  • Angela Wu
    Angela Wu Day ago

    31:30 what happen to the handsome guy, man i loved this episode god bless that family 🙏

  • DayChan Taylor

    How in actual f**k do these people get their hands on enough money to open hotels and restaurants?

  • Brandrider1989

    it actually scares me when i see a woman who cant even pronounce the word ladies... even though it was spelled wrong lol

  • Jennifer Dalton

    All I can say is WOW !! Spoiled honey.

  • Michael
    Michael Day ago

    Around the 23 minute mark he whips out the SpunkRays and they all had a blast

  • Jennifer Dalton

    This one made me tear up. Such a sweet story.

  • Revolution Ricky

    You don't know where Gordon Ramsay got his accent? He got it from Stratford-upon-Avon England you idiot

  • Maiia
    Maiia Day ago

    At 29:30 she said "BIG bathroom" and looked in to the bedroom, I guess she likes to do nr 2 in bedrooms.

    LEEDAQ Day ago

    the owner is scary as fk

  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle Day ago

    Not to worry Martin, I saw in the reflection of Purnima's front window that there's a Subway across the street.

  • T R U T H
    T R U T H Day ago

    This is the garbage you watch when you're out of weed hence why I'm here.

  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle Day ago

    Did anyone notice that the old awning said "Dillons" but the new awning, under Purnima, said "Dillions"?

  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle Day ago

    This is what happens when you let Super Hans run a restaurant.

  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle Day ago

    "I make sure there's toilet paper to wipe your butt with." there any _non_ butt wipey toilet paper? Kitchen Nightmares viewers know that one of the core issues is shitty food. But at Dillon's, a lot of the food actually looks like it came out of a butthole.

  • Reichskommisar Artem Ponomarenko

    Guy seems like a degenerate with or without the weed. The weed's not doing it, it's just his lazy incompetent boomer ass. I smoke weed and eat mushrooms along with LSD and maybe if I can get my friend over that's like a half shaman he can guide my DMT high. People would call me a druggie if they only heard this side. But I work and most of the time I aint getting high. What you see above you is a hippie a fucking degenerate left over from the 60's modern day smokers and psycho naughts are not this retarded please remember he is an exception not the overall rule.

  • Sally smith
    Sally smith Day ago

    Aussie representation 🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • TexMechs
    TexMechs Day ago

    Like a breath of fresh air compared to the US version

  • Derrick Pack
    Derrick Pack Day ago

    This is why if I ever become a millionaire no I will not associate with people like this the guy that owns this hotel can screw off fucking snob

  • Akshay Gopalakrishnan

    I noticed the sisters said we make our own food. When actually their mom makes. Damn ridiculous these two people. And even in the end. They just got out to roam and do nothing. So basically they decided to go out and just enjoy and part again.

  • Joe Mattera
    Joe Mattera Day ago

    Starting at 20:32 I was in tears, by the time the episode was finished I could hardly see. There aren't enough people in this world like Gordon.

  • Pearl Sandcs
    Pearl Sandcs Day ago

    He looks like a peado.

  • Maffis F
    Maffis F Day ago

    I love how the UK version always shows Gordon's naked bod. Yummy

  • PureAnimation TV

    11:57 i didn’t think people actually used the word fortnight in common language, is this normal in England? (Notice how i didn’t say fortnite)

  • C Houghton
    C Houghton Day ago

    When the hotel closed, the wife must’ve been incredibly depressed. God bless her, oh and John is my dad’s name, which makes it a little awkward

  • Sonja Bloeser
    Sonja Bloeser Day ago

    “i wanted to let him know some of the history” “yeah so 3 people died in here”

  • Jenna Nair
    Jenna Nair Day ago

    This was the best episode such a sweet family! And I was in tears at the end. They really deserved a break. You can tell how kind they are. Esp suki i just loved her kind heart

  • Swazzy 808
    Swazzy 808 Day ago

    That Robert guy, has that Clueless “what am I doing” face and a very punchable face

  • Jonas B
    Jonas B Day ago

    Cordalane Idaho is were I used to live

  • Michael Lombard

    This is like doctor phil. These girls are fucked up.

  • Sucker Punch
    Sucker Punch Day ago

    I love this guy. I thought I hated him but he's golden. This episode hits home cause my parents where like this and they passed away struggling like most folks.

  • nightwishnemo
    nightwishnemo Day ago

    Asian does raisin. This episode is proof.

  • Michael Lombard

    "It feels like im in a women's fucking prison."

  • PredatorsGamingPS4

    I’m actually really happy to see that Gordon was able to turn this place around.

  • Michael Lombard

    "FUCK OFF!! Im done!....committed..." The bitch was running the place for you for years. And the bitch who bought it was never there.

  • Michael Lombard

    What a cunt, I guess two cunts, one for each sister.

  • MrProEdge
    MrProEdge Day ago

    My man was sleeping in a tub 😂😂😂😂

  • Gian de Guia
    Gian de Guia Day ago

    eat the rich

  • Ronika Carter
    Ronika Carter Day ago

    I need one of those lamps

  • Oddball Skull
    Oddball Skull Day ago

    “Had to swallow it, wasn’t enjoyable” That’s why you’re single

  • King Of Games 0604

    I think the ghost should be scared of gordan

  • Michael Lombard

    $900,000 in debt. Were in debt? Please dont say; you dont know!

  • Michael Lombard

    "The modern annex" Thats a great way to say shitty motel next to the historical hotel.

  • drunkpriest666

    When shit is so wrong that they need 2 episodes to show it all lmao

  • Oddball Skull
    Oddball Skull Day ago

    Ah Connecticut, miss ya

  • Oddball Skull
    Oddball Skull Day ago

    “The barking is unnerving” -with dog in hand at dog friendly hotel “The smoke is to thick” -with cigar in hand at hookah lounge

  • Oddball Skull
    Oddball Skull Day ago

    Those were like the fattest guests so far

  • Tech Tv
    Tech Tv Day ago

    Where is martin from from?

  • Michael Lombard

    OMG i cant believe the bitch died, then he started banging a different 60 year old lady. What a savage. Not enough gold digging is enough for this guy. Polishes off one then on to the next.

  • Michael Lombard

    He was a bartender who got into the hotel business because of how hot the cocktail waitresses were.

  • John Alvin Garcillan

    Thank Ghhhawd Gordon made Robert take off that ugly jacket. I thought I was the only one disturbed by it.

  • John Alvin Garcillan

    Me: that looks deli... Gordon: It’s hideous Me: uh ... ugh disgusting