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  • Glen Wade II
    Glen Wade II 11 minutes ago

    1. Book stores. 2. Hotel lounges Best location

  • Bryon Watkins
    Bryon Watkins 19 minutes ago

    i don’t like any of that makeup, fake tits, etc. That smells insecurity to me!!!! NOT good!!!

  • paigeguitarplayer
    paigeguitarplayer 33 minutes ago

    your channel is awesome man. this stuff is all true haha may seem fucked up but god damn i need a big notebook. haha. your channel is amazing

  • Hlomani Job
    Hlomani Job 34 minutes ago

    This is GOLD

  • jack
    jack Hour ago

    711% = 7 times make it easy for us

  • şefMașină
    şefMașină Hour ago

    Dude you show off so much and you say you're so rich you can't even afford a phone with basic video stabilisation...

  • jonathan cromartie
    jonathan cromartie 2 hours ago

    I definitely was mate glad I grew up. I had no idea how slutty all of my ex's were. Now I'm unplugged from the matrix

  • Xyience
    Xyience 3 hours ago

    Bro, my buddy got with this chick, both young they had two kids. She decides to get with my cousin after leaving my buddy. She HAS 2 MORE kids with my cousin, him not listening to me on how crazy this lady is, he finally gets a clue and he leaves her. Now she is with another dude and this guy also has 3 kids of his own. Cause the chick he was with dipped.

  • Juliette Zea
    Juliette Zea 3 hours ago

    I’m poor and I feel guys only care about money.

  • Davy Michael
    Davy Michael 4 hours ago

    I like your content. That seems like a lot of work to have a six girl rotation. I personally would find that more stressful then fun but I haven't done it so I can't judge. Do you expect these girls to have you as the only guy they are seeing or are you cool with them dating other people too?

  • MadLeed
    MadLeed 4 hours ago

    Matt, I love your content, but how about not being redpilled? How about just being strong and centered? Do we really need these philosophies?

  • AL Byrne
    AL Byrne 4 hours ago

    They aren't worth the time or effort. She does nothing, gets everything.

  • Ryan Malachy
    Ryan Malachy 4 hours ago

    How do you know when a woman is lying? Her lips are

  • Giacomo Occhino
    Giacomo Occhino 5 hours ago

    Excellent excellent advice here. Seriously.

  • Julio Chingaling
    Julio Chingaling 5 hours ago

    Listen to Mr M,he knows his shit.

  • Gary Mota
    Gary Mota 5 hours ago

    All these bitches have been ran thru hard, have saggy titties and c section scares and now they want a good guy....

  • Crypto Conscious
    Crypto Conscious 5 hours ago

    Lol if the bitch gone cheat she gone cheat.

  • Sound Offense
    Sound Offense 6 hours ago

    women kinda transform into the worst version of themselves at clubs, pretentious and kim kardashian wannabes

  • King Dingeling
    King Dingeling 6 hours ago

    Matt got the power and knowledge and this is our way we have to go we have to learn

  • new salt
    new salt 6 hours ago

    TVclip is basically gamers, guns and redpill. They tried to ban us off the internet forums in 2010, 11 and 12 so we took over TVclip.

  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez 6 hours ago


  • infoguy1978
    infoguy1978 6 hours ago

    Tom Leykis would always say, the more fun you have at a company party the worse it is for you career. they dont want you to have fun, they want to collect intel. i always follow that advice. i remember one woman dancing away she was fired within two weeks

  • Choois C
    Choois C 6 hours ago


  • Chris Brooks
    Chris Brooks 6 hours ago

    MGTOW is getting larger as ever!!! Good men stay very foward in life achieve your own goals.

  • Robert Shuping
    Robert Shuping 6 hours ago

    I charge premium prices for giving my attention to women. I take cash, gold, silver, platinum, gems, checks, money orders, credit & debit cards, cryptocurrency, and titles to assets.

  • Chris Brooks
    Chris Brooks 7 hours ago

    Women are more than being demanding. Control freaks, whiny, feisty, and you name it. Most of all thank goodness I'm very single and free.

  • Varun K
    Varun K 7 hours ago

    Who hurt you lmao !!! Gotta stop living by these old school mindsets. Let people be who they want to be. Not everything gotta end in marriage or with finding a mate. Just enjoy life. Plenty of 30+ dudes even worse.

  • Anthony Paliano
    Anthony Paliano 8 hours ago

    I hit the gym 4 days a week. I have alot of time during the day because my work schedule allows it. My wife has no clue, I've always had great genetics but in the past 3 months I'm blowing up gradually. She lays next to me and says I need to work out you look like a model. Keeping her on her toes

  • Ted Blake
    Ted Blake 9 hours ago

    What are you talking about spouse only. Do you mean employee only?

  • Neale Smith
    Neale Smith 10 hours ago

    This is a "company employee only" party. My company used to allow spouses at the party but then they changed to employee only to cut costs.

  • Ash Audi
    Ash Audi 10 hours ago

    AHAHAH Nice to hear origins of big M swinging pool sticks I did that shit too lol

  • lynx den
    lynx den 10 hours ago

    99% fail with beautiful woman because 99% of men want them

  • david mulligan
    david mulligan 10 hours ago

    will she cheat? Ye of course she will. Why? Because she has had a few drinks, and she thinks a "Slice off a cut loaf will never be missed", because I have screwed a couple of wives at a Christmas party, why not, it was on offer

  • jessy prince
    jessy prince 10 hours ago

    There are only two kind of woe-Men.... -the ones that are ugly -the ones that wear make-up...

  • sunny robinson
    sunny robinson 10 hours ago

    Click here faster than Lil Fizz being in love wit Apryl😃😃😃

  • Caleb Crawford
    Caleb Crawford 10 hours ago

    Dude only took 25 seconds to say what every dude was thinking, its like, if youve "had your fun" then i guess we arent fucking lol xD but something about this assuming entitlement, i just want to see beautiful women that think they can attain "nice guys" on the merit of "persisting at being physically attractive" be rejected by them... Its literally a "leave all my options on tbe table" mentality for women, theyll do anything to get someone who is utterly unattainable, not because of the guys status, or who hes with... Its something about "getting something you're not supposed to have." In general, so when some guys, say "just go". It means they dont need some hysterical redundant mess, youre a slut, if you can make it stop with a wishing stone, safe travels, otherwise idk what youre still doing standing hete...

  • r3d_ti3_guy
    r3d_ti3_guy 10 hours ago

    What have I learned from Matt? Question Everything

  • Rodrigo Ayala
    Rodrigo Ayala 11 hours ago

    Wow, almost same thing happened to me a year ago AND two years ago (from the same 3 years LTR). In my case it was HER who didn't want me to go. Of course she would say it was the policy of the company to blame it on them but I know for a fact that I didn't matter to that specific company because a friend I have who works there told me so. Funny enough, last year I had the christmas party from MY company in the SAME hotel she had hers, it was just different event hall. I said: "hey cool, my party is in the same place, maybe I'll visit you some time there" and then she told me the party was ONLY for employees. So I said: "What do you mean? its a HUGE hall and anyways is not like I will go there to eat the food, I'll just show up a little late to have a couple of dances with you". Still she cried about it make sure I didn't get there. So I immediately knew something weird was happening in these parties. And by the way, at the party of my company where I used to work (I decided to quit to do my own business) MANY girls were in fact slutting it out, trying to hook up, getting wasted, etc...AND some of the girls from the company DID NOT go to the party...which means they valued their relationships enough to stay with their partners home. About 5 moths later from that day things just got worst until I finally got the courage to dump her. THE ABILITY TO LEAVE is the real/best weapon we as men have at our disposal in shitty relatinships. So I just dumped her, at the beggining I had a hard time (not gonna lie here) BUT a month o two after things DO get better! I've met incredible girls since then :) To all you guys out there who have shitty girlfriends who are making you go through these embarrassing situations PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't waste more precious time and energy with them, it does not get better and they won't change, shitty girlfriends will most likely just turn into shitty wives. Thank you so much M for your content! it is specific and right on point! Few have the bawls out there to speak out the truth. Best regards and happy holidays!

  • Gerald Waldrop
    Gerald Waldrop 11 hours ago

    Was it Willy Wonka chocolate factory ?

  • Duvar Davis
    Duvar Davis 12 hours ago

    Great video..

  • David Patino
    David Patino 12 hours ago

    That's the girl who turned you into what you are now.

  • Martin Tóth
    Martin Tóth 12 hours ago

    What is ending music?

  • King Tiger
    King Tiger 12 hours ago

    I’m not interested is a level of interest lol

  • Narmeen Ulfdfd
    Narmeen Ulfdfd 12 hours ago

    Women They don’t want to tell the truth because they don’t want other women to know the truth it’s nature

  • Robert Ribot
    Robert Ribot 12 hours ago

    Matt, back in the 90s when I started to get red pilled, I remember the first book I read on the subject, surprisingly enough, the author was a woman. I’m pretty sure you heard of her, her name was or is I don’t know. Esther Vilar...great book, the manipulated man. I think it is a classic all men should read even today. And I remember a friend of mine and I started reading these materials, and we used to call blue pilled men “to my wife syndrome” because every time we picked up a book unrelated to red pilled of course and the author was a male, the book would almost certainly began with a dedication to his wife, and his wife had nothing to do with the book, back then we didn’t have the term blue/red pill, so the closest thing we could used to define blue pilled man was to my wife syndrome...I alway remember that and in hindsight I ask myself why didn’t the matrix movie came out but I guess even though we didn’t have the internet of today and the abundance of materials we got now, we didn’t do too bad...keep up the good work!

  • Steven CAPOCH
    Steven CAPOCH 13 hours ago

    France President is married to a twice older woman. So yes lets get them all young and ripe ahahah

  • Surfer 1972
    Surfer 1972 13 hours ago

    Christmas party - that is contradiction...🤔 and satanic also..😉 and what you expect than...?

  • Luis 702
    Luis 702 13 hours ago

    Yes Ethel M still has spouse only Christmas parties for those suckers

  • Mauricio Villamil
    Mauricio Villamil 13 hours ago

    espouse only glory hole themed Christmas party....

  • Solex
    Solex 13 hours ago

    For what you need “good women“?

  • lion THE KING
    lion THE KING 13 hours ago

    I was dating this woman, I pay for the 5 dates then the last I was paying the bill I said, next time you invite me, she responded ok however that's was the excuse to fight so I broke up with her. Like her but I didn't like she never had the intention to contribute financially to the relationship, she never offered to pay. Took me 2 month to let it go but now I'm clearly understand she is a selfish person.

  • Dan Burk
    Dan Burk 13 hours ago


  • Honour&Love &honour
    Honour&Love &honour 13 hours ago

    Woman have pretty faces, fun bags, and vaginas. Men have peni, and nipples. This is the the problem between men & woman. If you could solve this problem, we would have no more problems. No more violence. No more abuse. Just work & happiness.

  • Daniel Arnold
    Daniel Arnold 14 hours ago

    Matt, I like it that you actually admit you had a "Blue Pill" period in your life! That's refreshing on account of there's a lot of dudes acting like they have always been living in awareness (Red Pilled) and have always been Winning. To borrow from Jocko Willink, when we take ownership of everything in our lives, including our mistakes and failures, people will respect us even more!

  • Robert Paige
    Robert Paige 14 hours ago

    Is this guy Roissy (Chateau Heartiste)?

  • Denise White
    Denise White 14 hours ago

    Oh I thought the wall was at 25? Then it moved to 30? Now it’s 35? That wall sure seems to be getting further and further away. And that’s because It does not exist. As long as she’s hot. She’s good to go. Ask Jeff Bezos and Prince Harry. Lmao. The wall is simply coping mechanism for rejected beta males 😂😂

  • Kevin Crotty
    Kevin Crotty 14 hours ago

    Wife left after 23 years. I still want to pair bond. I’m 45.

  • John O.
    John O. 15 hours ago

    Thanks for the advice, I don't miss any of your videos

  • snakecharmer2011
    snakecharmer2011 15 hours ago


  • jesse Martin
    jesse Martin 15 hours ago

    Damm. No wonder your red pill

  • Denise White
    Denise White 15 hours ago

    You seem waaay too obsessed about women over a certain age. Why do you care so much? Leave them alone and date younger. You are sooo miserable 😂😂

    • The33Secrets
      The33Secrets 14 hours ago

      Why don't you ask yourself why are you soooo triggered by a yt video? Why are you wasting so much energy attempting to shame men who are clearly not interested in you? Sounds like you're obsessed with content that identifies you. The only one miserable is you...too bad you can't see your own self projection. Everything you say is a reflection of how much you hate your life.

  • Denise White
    Denise White 15 hours ago

    Lol I guess this is where all of the rejected men come to find comfort? Bond together gentlemen! 😂

  • Denise White
    Denise White 15 hours ago

    Give it up. This ain’t the old age. Studies have shown that women who marry young now are most likely to file for divorce before they are 30. Stop it 😂

    • The33Secrets
      The33Secrets 14 hours ago

      Says the female who could never hang out a man. If you stop pulling your research from CNN, the view, and huffpo, you would realize how wrong and unhappy with your life you are. Keep commenting here, since you have no man to please and no family of your own. #sad #thiaiswhatfeminismlookslike

  • Scott Bryan
    Scott Bryan 15 hours ago

    That's easy. If it's a Bigger better deal. Yes!

  • Vodka Puschkin
    Vodka Puschkin 15 hours ago

    Let them ride the cc, the wall will be there for them.

  • wenjingsaf
    wenjingsaf 16 hours ago

    his info might be true but is the role model u men wanna take advice from? ii find it odd hes so expert at women cant live without them doesnt mind commitment still chooses not to marry? All women he encountered were cheating sluts? Is he gonna be dating for the rest of his life? People who believe in God surely you must have faith that God has placed someone comapitble for you on this Earth? Why is everyone acting so hopeless?

  • Calx Royalty
    Calx Royalty 16 hours ago

    Lol spouse only Christmas party sounds like a drunk orgy just waiting to happen

  • Hélder Palma
    Hélder Palma 16 hours ago

    New generation of Girls dont usually cheat on parties, they cheat on social media (first)

  • Vito Anderson
    Vito Anderson 16 hours ago

    The Modern Day Woman: fake hair, fake nails, fake eye lashes, Make up, yoga pants, starbucks, chipotle, love and hip-hop, honda civic, 👶,

  • Ower_patterns James
    Ower_patterns James 16 hours ago

    As a woman I find men who do this to be crazy

  • lion THE KING
    lion THE KING 16 hours ago

    How do u change her mood? any suggestions?

  • xXNIGHTFOKSXx alavin
    xXNIGHTFOKSXx alavin 16 hours ago

    Forget about these fuckers in the comments. Feed me more info pls

  • Boromir Of Gondor
    Boromir Of Gondor 16 hours ago

    Women: "She could be old enough to be your daughter!!!" You: "She could be old enough to be *SOMEBODY ELSE'S DAUGHTER* too! AM i riiite??

  • John Irwin
    John Irwin 16 hours ago

    This is why it's good to have female friends/female orbiters. "Yeah, go, have a good time. I've got an old friend that's been wanting to get together. We'll go grab some drinks and I'll just meet up with you tomorrow."

  • Craig James
    Craig James 16 hours ago

    I realized this after divorce. 100

  • Dave Bickel
    Dave Bickel 17 hours ago

    I can suggest you can routinely suggest your life saving videos to not only "your friends" but also to your sons.

  • Zoey mrs. pie
    Zoey mrs. pie 17 hours ago

    Lol I had to hear this! So men never hit the wall huh? But your like 55 right? But Jennifer Lopez’s is 50? So you’re saying she hit the wall when she is killing any girl you ever had in your life and she can kick your ass too! Lol and you could never compare to her husband. He could get way more finer women than you can ever get in your whole life and you know why he doesn’t? Bcuz he knows one quality women is better than bunch of trash you’re used too and I’m 22 why would I want a old ugly guy when I can date a fine rich boy my age. Sorry young girls only want your money trust me I know

  • js7un
    js7un 17 hours ago

    I came to figure out the meaning of Spouse Only. It sounds like it should be Employee Only otherwise it sounds like they can bring their spouse only.

  • Limerickman
    Limerickman 17 hours ago

    The Wall for men is heavily depended on MONEY. Nothing else really matters to most women once man has the money she wants.

  • Danny Adames
    Danny Adames 17 hours ago

    MATT, AS MUCH AS I LEARN TO DEAL WITH WOMEN WITH YOU, I CAN'T HELP IT WHEN YOU IMITATE LOSERS AND GIRLS WHEN THEY TRY TO SHAME YOU. THIS IS HOW YOU IMPERSONATE THEM: " YOU ARE EVIL, STOP TEACHING THESE MEN ".(LOL!) I know what you teach is true but I also laugh alot! You you , look at your hair! Matt: little beta cock stop it, you can't shame me!

  • Ally Biggs
    Ally Biggs 17 hours ago

    What happens to the Simp mangina thinking he has scored a stunner by putting a ring on her finger.... " I'm just nipping out to get groceries hon" In reality she has hooked up and is getting double teamed by Tyrone and Jamal.

  • Charles B
    Charles B 17 hours ago


  • Macio Luko
    Macio Luko 17 hours ago

    @5:33 By the simple fact of logging on you have killed any "alpha" you may have had...

  • Tyrone norfleet Norfleet

    All WOMEN have a DICK AT WORK....

  • Genaro Flores
    Genaro Flores 17 hours ago

    This term 'spouse only' is really confusing when it's actually supposed to mean 'employees only without their spouse' right?

    • carultch
      carultch 6 hours ago

      I think it means only married employees get to bring a spouse. Everyone else comes alone.

  • Ally Biggs
    Ally Biggs 17 hours ago

    On point bro :) awesome as always.

  • adamcomedy2
    adamcomedy2 17 hours ago

    This is a great channel. Love the content. I tell you though. If you go and live in China or pretty much any where in Asia you won't have to worry about feminism. Woman are STILL very respectful towards their men. Head east and leave the west behind for awhile. The asian ladies are also very beautiful.

  • l M
    l M 18 hours ago

    I own a company and thank God we have no females at all 👍

  • Carlos Medina
    Carlos Medina 18 hours ago

    You are not only a couch you are a Master!!! Master M 😎

  • emanuel vini
    emanuel vini 18 hours ago

    you know wheme are mature adults ...and if they want not to drink ...nobody force them

  • brdprey1
    brdprey1 18 hours ago

    Just by the title alone the answer is yes

  • The Man from Cyprus
    The Man from Cyprus 18 hours ago

    Being 'the other guy' is the best way to see the many types of lying that women are capable of when they cheat. No better way to get insights on this.

  • Daniel Worrell
    Daniel Worrell 19 hours ago

    One of the biggest Subplots of Die Hard was Harry Ellis trying to get with John McClane's wife at the Christmas party. He even tried to get John killed, so he could step in and take his place. Business Christmas parties Ho, Ho, Ho indeed.

  • Ken Lewis
    Ken Lewis 19 hours ago

    Let me fix the title for you..... "BEWARE OF Christmas Parties! ( RED PILL) >>> SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM <<< >>> Expires or something."

  • Jagged Gent
    Jagged Gent 19 hours ago

    Do you have a twitter??

  • Alex Remnick
    Alex Remnick 19 hours ago

    Women now have choices. They can be married, not married, have a job, not have a job, be married with children, unmarried with children. Men have the same choice we've always had: work, or prison. Tim Allen

  • NPC #077451
    NPC #077451 19 hours ago

    71 roasties disliked this video 🤣

  • Michael Angst
    Michael Angst 19 hours ago

    haha.. you keep thinking that.. The prime years of a man is to have millions in the bank between 20-30.... Getting a young women naturally, who is genuinely interested in you, greatly diminishes at 30+, to the point she will be with you strictly for money reasons only..... keep selling your fucking bullshit coaching though....

  • JR Hamilton
    JR Hamilton 20 hours ago

    Aaaaand begins the parking lot pimpin after party CC.

  • shadow-wolf gaming
    shadow-wolf gaming 20 hours ago

    I wouldn't believe it was a spouse only party the bitches are just lying about that 🤔