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  • b
    b 6 seconds ago

    this wasn’t that good either lol

  • Angela Jones
    Angela Jones 22 seconds ago

    Benefit counter episode 😊

  • MJ Pops
    MJ Pops 3 minutes ago

    Trish McEvoy

  • The hammah
    The hammah 5 minutes ago

    Whats that hand held camera you had in your left hand?

  • Zazoo Flores
    Zazoo Flores 7 minutes ago

    These girls shouldn't be able to charge for the shit they do. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

  • Devin Ryan
    Devin Ryan 8 minutes ago

    maybe at ulta but request only from the 'drugstore' side? not sure if that can be done or would just be super annoying for the worker hahahaha

  • mymakeupstash_
    mymakeupstash_ 9 minutes ago

    You’re so nice Taylor πŸ’• but let’s call a spade a spade...

  • Rachelle Spier
    Rachelle Spier 10 minutes ago

    I’m sorry but what makeup artists BLEND EYESHADOW LIKE THIS (coming from a fellow makeup artist). πŸ’” You should try going to a makeup artist that’s not a β€˜mall’ sales person makeup artist. Like go to a Freelance makeup artist!

  • TikkaHorse
    TikkaHorse 10 minutes ago

    I think it would be fun to see a Merle Norman makeover :-) My very first makeup was from when my grandma took me to the Merle Norman store. I remember exactly what I got too! Single eyeshadow in Fawn (never have found a dupe for that gorgeous color), a gold eyeshadow pencil, brown eyeliner, and a blush (which I still have and have also not found a dupe for). Such a great memory, I had such a good time that afternoon!

  • Amanda Jensen
    Amanda Jensen 10 minutes ago

    Do you know what the lip colors were that she used? I really like the color. I tried to track it down in the description but didn’t see the names πŸ€”

  • partridgemama
    partridgemama 14 minutes ago

    Sooooo much better than the last one! I see she was going for the light coverage foundation. Your skin still looked great even though you are used to fuller coverage. The eyes look great!!

  • sherrydopwell
    sherrydopwell 15 minutes ago

    The makeup looks waaay better than the Mac. I like the sultry eye look!

  • Tifalope867
    Tifalope867 16 minutes ago

    I love how youre so open to new methods and others teaching you about a product - some people think that theyre always doing things the right way and theres no alternative method to make something work 😊

  • Rose s
    Rose s 16 minutes ago

    No one has done this kind of "makeup done" from bareminerals and i love this video content!!! Ahh i just love your channel πŸ˜πŸ€©πŸ€—βœŒοΈπŸ§‘πŸ§‘πŸ§‘

  • Julie Anderson
    Julie Anderson 17 minutes ago

    I love bare minerals. I was hoping she’d use the mineral powder though! You are so sweet and I thought she did a good job- even with the eye shadow since it seems she had some crappy brushes to work with. I’d like to see you do a department store β€œoldie” next like EstΓ©e Lauder or Clinique.

  • Sprite B
    Sprite B 19 minutes ago

    Way better than MAC, but I’m not a huge fan of their cosmetics anyways. Love your eyeshadow!

  • Sweet Insanity
    Sweet Insanity 20 minutes ago

    I used to love the original loose powder foundation and veil when I was in my early-mid 20's, but now in my mid 30's, I haven't been able to wear any powder-only foundations, including this one. It looks absolutely horrible on me now, and it actually breaks me out really bad now for some reason when it never did before. I don't have much luck with their face products or eyeshadows except for that Complexion Rescue she used on you first. That thing is awesome! I use it completely alone because I prefer light coverage, but it's still pigmented enough to even out my skin tone. I set it with Lunatick Cosmetics Lab pressed powder (LOVE that stuff) and I get an almost flawless finish. Those 2 products work so well together...and best of all, it not only doesn't break me out, but seems to actually help my skin (which is usually unheard of with me and any sort of liquid foundations/tints). My one and only issue with it is that I wish it came in at least a shade lighter. The lightest one is still slightly too dark for me, which sucks. πŸ˜• Other than that, though, I love that stuff. As for your look, it wasn't bad. I bring out my shadow pretty far out like she did with yours because I like a really smoked out look anyway, but it also makes my small eyes look way bigger. So I personally liked it, I just think it could have used a bit more blending/defusing at the end. Other than the base, the rest looked good, though! I know you don't like lighter coverage, but if you want to try anything else again from them for a base, go with the Completion Rescue alone and use a sponge to apply it (I never liked brushes). You can set it with a setting powder, not a foundation powder, and maybe you'll like that.

  • Hope Bullard
    Hope Bullard 21 minute ago

    She did amazing!! Was Jeffree Starr in the background!??

  • Anne Smith
    Anne Smith 22 minutes ago

    Please try Charlotte Tilbury make over!

  • Carla56
    Carla56 22 minutes ago

    Only downside is the eyeshadow and the harsh bronzer

  • O Mundo Aqui Fora
    O Mundo Aqui Fora 23 minutes ago

    Really liking this series. I don't understand how makeup stores don't invest in better lighting... But she did really well!

  • Britt Fog
    Britt Fog 25 minutes ago

    Omg it looks amazing

  • Nicole V
    Nicole V 29 minutes ago

    Book suggs - oprah's A Path Forward anf Brene Brown's Rising Strong

  • Shalyn Mosley
    Shalyn Mosley 29 minutes ago

    Keep doing these❀️❀️

  • Danielle Purdy
    Danielle Purdy 29 minutes ago

    Are people just. Bad at makeup?

  • Ashley Ferris
    Ashley Ferris 29 minutes ago

    I liked it more than the Mac store she did a good job!

  • ziggy
    ziggy 30 minutes ago

    Unrelated but I'm getting visual asmr

  • Rachel Criswell
    Rachel Criswell 31 minute ago

    You are so stunning in any makeup look! You could blend crayons all over your face and it would look amazing!

  • Athena Eskenazi
    Athena Eskenazi 34 minutes ago

    I love the idea for this!! maybe do urban decay free standing store and a nyx free standing store!

  • Erin Hunter
    Erin Hunter 34 minutes ago

    Its a beautiful foundation but it doesn't last on me! Its a 3 to 4 hour foundation!

  • Alyssa Griste
    Alyssa Griste 35 minutes ago

    you should do an abh store or fenty counter if there’s any in your area!

  • jean eagles
    jean eagles 36 minutes ago

    The contour is too harsh on the cheek area in my opinion.

  • Xochi Ib
    Xochi Ib 37 minutes ago

    It was a total improvement from mac...but you still do a better job on yourself

  • Kla webs
    Kla webs 37 minutes ago

    Lol the blonde chick staring into your soul is Justin beibers wife

  • Tanealya C
    Tanealya C 37 minutes ago

    She did really well. Definitely way better than the last one at the MAC counter lol

  • Lex Sanchez
    Lex Sanchez 42 minutes ago

    Get a skincare consultation at lush!!!

    URSTANDINGONMYTOES 42 minutes ago

    I feel like the eyeshadow blending was poor, but it was still better than the MAC makeover so that is something.

  • 90'sBaby 70'sLady
    90'sBaby 70'sLady 42 minutes ago

    I'm not mad at the end result, not to bad. I was hoping that she used the baremineral original powder foundation.

  • Robyn Epstein
    Robyn Epstein 44 minutes ago

    DEF better than the MAC one! Also love that you don't know who Hailey Bieber is, never change.

  • shae roundy
    shae roundy 44 minutes ago

    I think she did a beautiful job, I honestly think she did a better job then MAC. I like how the makeup looks with the bare minerals then when you did the MAC video.

  • Teri Reiter
    Teri Reiter 45 minutes ago

    Beautiful highlighter 🌸

  • Kate Ven Horst
    Kate Ven Horst 45 minutes ago

    I see what she was trying to do with the eyeshadow, and it doesn’t look BAD by any means, but it does make the shape of the shadow look like a half circle instead of the nice almond shape people usually go for.

  • Megan Burnett
    Megan Burnett 47 minutes ago

    Dude! I was thinking the same thing about poster chick!! Lmao!

  • Erin Hunter
    Erin Hunter 47 minutes ago

    Did you try any false lashes when you got home to see if they'd complete the look? I used to use bare minerals powder foundation but now it makes me look older and dry.

  • Josie Robertson
    Josie Robertson 47 minutes ago

    Merile Norman please

  • Meghan White
    Meghan White 47 minutes ago

    I love these videos! You’re not trying to bash anyone or be mean, you’re honestly looking for new ways to use products and see other people’s techniques. I love it. =]

  • Lbeezy
    Lbeezy 48 minutes ago

    "That blonde chick" keeps popping up on all of my celebrity gossip feeds because she just married Justin Bieber for the 2nd time!!! Lol!! Hailey Baldwin's also a Bare Minerals ambassador. TBH, for your look, I didn't love the eyes afterwards, but as she was doing them I thought they looked great. Sometimes natural lighting can be very unforgiving.

  • Stephanie Gunnison
    Stephanie Gunnison 48 minutes ago

    I do definitely like this one better than the Mac one... she seemed VERY comfortable doing makeup and seemed to do it with ease which is always a huge plus lol I love that you just kind of give them free reign and see where they go with your makeup makes it more fun!!

  • Cathryn Thor
    Cathryn Thor 49 minutes ago

    I personally love those videos where you find the top rated and the lowest rated makeup artist in your area and letting them do your makeup 🀩🌸🌷🌷🌸.

  • catwomanva
    catwomanva 49 minutes ago

    I know you like their faux tan bronzer, but have you ever tried the invisible line? I got a set with the invisible bronze and the invisible glow (both in fair to light) a few years ago, I think from QVC, and that bronzer is one of my all-time faves. I haven't seen it in store (i.e. Ulta), but I know that Bare Minerals still has it on their website. The highlighter is definitely invisible, LOL, it's very subtle. But I love the bronzer and how it is hard to overdo it. With some you use a little and it goes a long way, this one is buildable so it's hard to go wrong.

  • Abbey Feenstra
    Abbey Feenstra 50 minutes ago

    Yass I’ve been obsessed with these kind of videos! πŸ–€πŸ–€

  • spacecadet
    spacecadet 50 minutes ago

    Not a fan. I think she did a sloppy job.

  • Ronnie-Lynn Dolan
    Ronnie-Lynn Dolan 52 minutes ago

    I personally like this look over the Mac one! My preference! Xoxo

  • Autumn Mabis
    Autumn Mabis 52 minutes ago

    Your eyes and lips ended up gorgeous!

  • Steffes Family
    Steffes Family 54 minutes ago

    Did I miss where you said how much that makeover was? I like it, but yes. I'm used to your eyeshadow ending higher. And it seemed uneven. But love the colors. And as always loved you and this video

  • Lyndsey Peterson
    Lyndsey Peterson 54 minutes ago

    You should branch off from this series and have some TVclip beauty gurus do your makeup! It would also be interesting to see you try Mary Kay and LipSense (can’t remember what the actual brand is called) except I don’t think they have makeup artists in stores. πŸ€”

  • Jenna Frazier
    Jenna Frazier 55 minutes ago

    I feel like you have to be a confident AF makeup artist, to allow someone with this many subs, to film you (even just hands & voice) while doing their makeup. I’d have a legit panic attack!

  • HalieRenee
    HalieRenee 56 minutes ago

    It reminds me of the finish of the Benefit cakeless concealer.

  • Emily Burns MUA
    Emily Burns MUA 56 minutes ago

    I’d love to see LancΓ΄me next!

  • Morgan McClure
    Morgan McClure 57 minutes ago

    Looks good, definitely better than MAC, but the products to be underwhelming. I really liked the eye look and agree some false lashes or maybe going brown instead if black would have looked better.

  • misstbikini
    misstbikini 58 minutes ago

    I agree with editing taylor :) its the products fault and she did such a better job than the mac lady. Nice very pretty! yes the poster was creepy lol

  • Chenoa Lee
    Chenoa Lee 59 minutes ago

    Definitely better then Mac! I’m honestly shocked they haven’t done any more natural looks as they are a little easier with blending ext. but overall it’s not horrible just not my favorite look with how patchy the outer V looks

  • aishah abdelnoor
    aishah abdelnoor 59 minutes ago

    Why dont ppl do their own makeup? Makeup is 100% natural skill but still, you can do makeup to suit you. Your makeup done by you looks better than this muddied blotchy unblended nightmare

  • emily hopson
    emily hopson 59 minutes ago

    I think the outcome was better than mac. But totally agree about the false lashes and also the smokey black going a bit too far out. I kind of wish she used the original loose powder foundation. Wanted to see if we would learn some tricks. Can't wait for the next one!!! I saw sephora changed their makeover things. I think it'd be fun to to see the different options they give you. :) the best for your buck. Love all your videos ❀❀

  • ᴄʀʏs
    ᴄʀʏs Hour ago

    I love bare minerals and all the products I have from them. It makes me smile you keep giving them a shot and this turned out super good!

  • TheLaydewlf
    TheLaydewlf Hour ago

    my daughter and i got quickie makeovers at origins once. the "artist" did my face first. she used the wand from the mascara tube, put it back. did my daughter's make up and used the same wand and put it back. i never wanted to wash make up off my face so bad. i was so tempted to contact corporate and report it.

  • Jessika Graley
    Jessika Graley Hour ago

    Turn of the key by Ruth ware.

  • Ardent AZ With Delilah

    Your hand just floating there looks so weird like a ghost LMAO

  • D Heredia
    D Heredia Hour ago

    It is interesting to see others techniques. But, I like the way you do hour makeup best!

  • StaceFubar
    StaceFubar Hour ago

    GIRL, your bare face is literally so stunning. You are glowing and not just from the La Roche Posay! So beautiful I cry. OKAY SO I feel like winging out a stranger's eye makeup must be so difficult not knowing their eye shape especially if they haven't seen the way someone usually does theirs. But if you showed them first it would be giving them a head start which is cheating lol. Very interesting to see. Maybe MUA's need to do the eyes at... eye level? The highlight looked so beautiful, and I really love their cleansing oil in case you ever want to try a new one. It is lavender scented, but as long as you like that, lavender is good for wound healing! Love ya πŸ’•πŸŒ―πŸ’•πŸŒ―πŸ’•πŸŒ―πŸ’•

  • EJ Garcia
    EJ Garcia Hour ago

    Did you like the overall look? I don’t think you said!

  • Sam Ryan
    Sam Ryan Hour ago

    love the name change. I used to always think it was That Ayla. so i still picture you as an Ayla! haha

  • Black_Canary 1241

    My favorite thing about this process is that you said your artist asked for feedback, β€œIf you could change one thing what would it be?” I love that she found a way to make sure you were satisfied with her work and also that she could continue growing with one question.

  • Missy Richert
    Missy Richert Hour ago

    I love getting my makeup done, it's weird but I think it's relaxing. I suck at makeup though.

  • Marie
    Marie Hour ago

    I think she did great but you definitely needed false lashes

  • Gray
    Gray Hour ago

    She nailed it!!!!!

  • Deb Edwards
    Deb Edwards Hour ago

    I don’t really like the eyeshadow look. It’s not bad, but I think you do it better.

  • Nadia Riggs
    Nadia Riggs Hour ago

    Hi! You’re such a wonderful human. What are your thoughts to going home, wiping off half the face, and using the SAME makeup that she used, except with your brushes/technique/know-how/preferences to recreate the look a la Taylor Wynn (yaaaaas rebranded πŸ‘ΈπŸ»!!)? I would love to see something like that!

  • Nana Azili
    Nana Azili Hour ago

    The look is very nice. This makeup artist is way better than the artist at MAC.

  • deborahdoesscrap

    I think from a normal viewing distance everything looked nice. I do prefer the way you do your e/s and sometimes that is because you know what looks best for your eye shape and what placement works for you. I like the skin care and the sculpting of the face but up close, didn't love the base. Better than MAC though, LOL!

  • Nene G.
    Nene G. Hour ago

    she definitely did a much better job than the MAC MUA πŸ˜† but I still didn't quite like the eye look, sorry 😬

  • Samantha Gaudet
    Samantha Gaudet Hour ago

    So much better than the Mac

  • Ellen Skoniecki
    Ellen Skoniecki Hour ago

    I would love to see a Benefit makeover

  • Marissa B
    Marissa B Hour ago

    I think you should get your makeup done at Ulta or Sephora! Maybe next time give them a little more direction of what you like and they might do better if they have something to go off. Some people actually like their makeup done that way. I see alot of people walking around like that. It's not my taste but it is a look. I wonder it Sephora will do better since they have every brand and brush at their disposal!

  • Sara Neff
    Sara Neff Hour ago

    Very pretty! Would have loved to seen the subtle look but also great that you went with the bold look to see what Bare Minerals is capable of.

  • Awkwardly, Angie

    Definitely like the way you do it better, but 1000's better than the MAC mua.. You'd look cute with different colors of dirt, sand, mud and clay as long as you were the one doing the blending..

  • Lisa Thomson
    Lisa Thomson Hour ago

    What do they do with the products used on you? Ie mascara, lip liner and lipstick? Do you have to buy them?

  • Luanne Santos
    Luanne Santos Hour ago

    Considering what she had to use for tools & products, your makeup looks good. I agree the eyeshadow is out a little too much. I like this look better than Mac Try the makeup counter at Macy’s next. 🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯BAERRITO FAM IS THE BEST FAM 🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯

  • Laura Hafner
    Laura Hafner Hour ago

    I liked this much better than the Mac version. I think she blended the eyeshadow much better and I too admired her technique for applying the eyeliner and mascara.

  • Marissa B
    Marissa B Hour ago

    You should try getting your make done at Ulta next! Or hiring a makeup artist. Love these videos!!

  • Prayon Kreutz
    Prayon Kreutz Hour ago

    Your complexion is GORGEOUS!!!πŸ₯°πŸ˜

  • Marissa B
    Marissa B Hour ago

    I do think this went better than Mac.. I'm just really confused as to how these people are makeup artists. I am no professional and I do eyeshadow a million times better and alot of times I only use 1-3 brushes. Idk it is crazy to me that people who don't really apply makeup very well can be called a makeup artist and work at store that requires putting make up on others...I am not trying to be mean but it's my opinion. She seemed really nice though and knowledgeable about the products.

  • Ms. Education
    Ms. Education Hour ago

    Girrrrllll, I was like who is Taylor Wynn, I don't follow her. K..I see what you did there!πŸ‘πŸ½

  • hahahahawipeout
    hahahahawipeout Hour ago

    Ooo please do a makeover at the Clinique counter at Ulta! I was hired by Clinique when I was 18 and pretty damn new to makeup... They only gave me one one day of training and threw me into the job with no preparation. I would love to see how their current employees apply makeup and if they have improved in terms of training

  • Kayla Lindsey
    Kayla Lindsey Hour ago

    I’d love to see this done at Ulta and Sephora!

  • captrebo
    captrebo Hour ago

    sephora next!

  • Jen Weston
    Jen Weston Hour ago

    I don’t know why they always bring the eyeshadow way out lol. It’s very dated looking. She did a good job on the skin though. Your contour and highlight is really nice.

  • Sarah Zeigler
    Sarah Zeigler Hour ago

    β€œLook at those cars” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Brittany Adams
    Brittany Adams Hour ago

    Do nars next! They have a counter in Nordstroms!! I wish you would have had a pro bare minerals person do the powder on you bc if you buff it with their brushes it really looks like liquid foundation but better, I'm a liquid foundation fan myself I dont wear powder but when I did ppls makeup at sephora and used BM it was awesome!!

  • Alexis Binstock
    Alexis Binstock Hour ago

    Wow, she did so good! I worked for Clinique and yes, we can SLAY our own face but doing good work on clients is not as easy at it looks. I love her mascara technique, totally avoids getting product on the lid and ruining shadow work!