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  • Syahirani Spartace
    Syahirani Spartace 4 hours ago

    i ship them since episode 2 running man

  • bhavana tatipaka
    bhavana tatipaka 10 hours ago

    Please any body tell about why he died what the reason please tell i am crying

  • MelanIe Valledor
    MelanIe Valledor 14 hours ago

    When are the bigbang members be back?

  • disagust
    disagust Day ago

    i have dreamed of being a idol for 8 years, and a kpop idol for 5 years. if you want to be a kpop idol, do these when you guys are young. (0-13) - take vocal lessons it will improve your vocals if you want to be in a vocal position and give you more confidence in singing. - take dance lessons it will I improve your performance and give you enough confidence to dance. hip hop is best, this is rare but kpop dance lessons exist and dances from the desired company is best. -take rap lessons want to be a rapper? this will help. can’t really say much i don’t wanna be a rapper. - do school musicals or go to camp on theater/acting (this is optional, but a great boost for people with low confidence) it will boost your confidence so you won’t panic or get extremely nervous maybe a anxiety attack (i don’t have any history with anxiety so i may be wrong) school musicals : millions of school musicals has to have you do a audition. most infront of other people auditioning so it can help with confidence. you are most likely to throw at least 5 performances so doing this will totally help. acting/theater camp : camps help but not as much as school musicals because you don’t have to audition and do 1 or 2 performance (from my experience). visual tips (visuals are very important in the industry so I’ll break it down in separate ways,) -do modeling it will help you pick up some moves, if you are excepted in to the agency you know you have nice visuals. (i have been scouted once when i was 9, my mom said no to the offer, why mom, why) if you are too afraid to audition(?) for the agency you can always be scouted. how to be scouted - hang out in a popular place but not a crowded space because recruiters can’t find you in a crowded space. - if you think you are pretty, go forward and do it, aint my fault if you wasted your time doing that for a year - look at the korean standards see if you fit the standards (3-10 standards to fit will be best) no need to be pale, tzuyu is considered tan but a visual still - lose weight look at thousands of idols, they have v lines v lines is just like one step to being a idols. -try to fit the companies wear clothes that fit the style of your desired company. dance in the desired companies style. getting tired af of writing this lol.

  • Fia Achmad
    Fia Achmad Day ago

    Tk tau kenapa q sangat amat suka dg GD,,,q rasa dr banyak idol baru,q rasa dia berbeda,mgkin skrg YG lg di uji tp inshaAllah smua akan kembali spt dahulu kala.kadang hati sakit liat artikel yg menyebut big bang tdk pantas jd boy band papan atas krn skandal,emg dulu yg di dengerin apa yakkk

  • Kimberly Coraima Ruiz Utrilla

    Ipues si se parecen 😲😲😲😲😲😍😍😍😮😮😮😮😮😍👑👑

  • Namjoon's ignored handshake

    Don't bash Yeri. We already failed to protect one of our beautiful idol. We don't wanna fail another time...

  • Han Su Manoban
    Han Su Manoban 3 days ago


  • blinks star
    blinks star 3 days ago

    before he debut or before entering yg? he said 10 years ago so maybe 2005?

  • Sharon X
    Sharon X 4 days ago

    Have 👏🏼 some 👏🏼 respect 👏🏼 bitch 👏🏼

  • Lady Salazar
    Lady Salazar 5 days ago

    No make up my ass

  • Hùng Thiện Lê
    Hùng Thiện Lê 5 days ago


  • XxJenniferxX Gacha
    XxJenniferxX Gacha 5 days ago

    Lee joohyun is not though 😔

  • Milkyway. edits
    Milkyway. edits 6 days ago

    Poor Yeri she must be in total shock and heartbroken :(

  • Anaïs Velia
    Anaïs Velia 6 days ago

    My dad did millitary for 3 years

  • Mayumi Matsuoka
    Mayumi Matsuoka 6 days ago

    I love u mother

  • Nisa Manich
    Nisa Manich 7 days ago

    she can be the main dancer but her attatude is too much anf she been kicked by 4 companies

  • XxSleeping WolfxX
    XxSleeping WolfxX 7 days ago

    Reasons why i can't be a kpop idol -im not asian im black and white -im really ugly -i dance like a baby/crazy person -when i sing i sound like a dying pig -i dont have enough self confidence -i think my parents and family would laugh plus I'd be too embarrassed to bring up the conversation -im no where near la new york or any of those places fo the global audition -i think people would laugh at me

  • Sona Kim
    Sona Kim 8 days ago

    трек можно вначале

  • lovely najwa girl
    lovely najwa girl 8 days ago

    Keliatan lemes banget yerin nya, aku kasihan

  • Viktoria Pawlowski
    Viktoria Pawlowski 8 days ago

    V???...😁😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Evalyn Lomod
    Evalyn Lomod 9 days ago

    I still don't understand why.....

  • Kpop Style
    Kpop Style 10 days ago

    You can also watch G Dragon's Military Discharge update here 👉 tvclip.biz/video/IlsqEOfWcwo/video.html

  • Zura TXT
    Zura TXT 10 days ago

    Kihyun oppa , stay strong mombebes are with you and I'll never forget you from my heart no matter what💙cause we love u a lot 💙 I love you kihyun ❤you are one of the best oppa

  • Zane Derp
    Zane Derp 11 days ago

    Damn, She looks the same with or without makeup. She's really beautiful.

  • Kpop Gamer
    Kpop Gamer 11 days ago

    Awwwww 💔😭😭😭 This broke my heart

  • cloudyxpgamer
    cloudyxpgamer 12 days ago

    When I saw Marco, I clicked as fast as I could.i a trash for him lol

  • oh mary
    oh mary 13 days ago

    myghad cassie

  • Rei tn
    Rei tn 13 days ago

    im not a fan of her nor defending her & yeah i think she should be in jail because she does alot of illegal stuff ((her parents r chaebol that's why she's still free)) but why are some of you blaming her and saying she ruined many idol's lives like can u not it's rlly annoying LOL your oppa ain't a kid no more they know what to do and what not to do with their own lives jfc they're grown ass man but guess what they still chose to do the something illegal in their country coz they think they can't get caught ((ur idols aren't perfect & we don't rlly know them sometimes they only show what we wanted to see from them)) anyways stop blaming the girl because it wasnt entirely her fault🤡

  • 1000 subs withou video? please

    *Lisa the queen dance machine saying twice with good dance skills❤🔥i love they friendshipe*

  • Anika’s_vlogs ????

    Obviously lisa. how can they ship blackpink with bts? Jennie and kai broke up bc they will call you a fake blink no wonder she really likes lisa.

    NADS IQ 15 days ago

    boy talk about cult. you guys are lame. worshipping pretty people when you are so ugly and cant get laid.

  • taekook shipper
    taekook shipper 15 days ago

    I'm so heart broken

  • Nikkita Kamay
    Nikkita Kamay 15 days ago

    I miss 2ne1

  • ChanheeisBaehee
    ChanheeisBaehee 17 days ago

    R.I.P Daniel

  • Reski Maulani
    Reski Maulani 17 days ago

    Jonghyun is the one cares about fx member and he is very lovely

  • hubby Park Chaeyoung

    My baby yeri is crying and if you hate yeri she is a good caring person in the world and I want to hug her so badly just like rose from blackpink did but to see her cry is so depressing #pooryeri

  • Jaffa Faner
    Jaffa Faner 18 days ago

    Guys its just a modeling for ong and he will never do that in reality ong wants to have money and job ong loves daniel i think maybe... When wanna one(well my favorite group but i'm sad they disband)disband he left ymc entertaiment(sorry if i do it wrong i dont)and got a solo album and modeling sorry for the ongniel ship if its sad and im telling the truth

  • Chan Thar
    Chan Thar 19 days ago


  • Herzie Santos
    Herzie Santos 19 days ago

    Cuteness overload! 😍😍😍😍😍

  • rahma mansouri
    rahma mansouri 19 days ago

    Zero makeup ? ..u blind sis !?

  • Worldwide Handsome BTS

    Jimin stay away from teaming as u might get influenced

    • U A
      U A 2 days ago

      Your idol is a grown man, I’m pretty sure he’s capable enough to decide for himself. Also, stop blaming other idols because of your misconceptions. Teamin isn’t smoking, It’s a chalk. Get your facts in check

  • - softie eri. //
    - softie eri. // 20 days ago

    my babyyyyy

  • sanduni fernando
    sanduni fernando 21 day ago

    oh my god.why do they do this to live and earn money?I can't watch my ong seong woo kissing another girl

  • Rhian shin Cabales
    Rhian shin Cabales 21 day ago

    Kala ko kapatid ni jinho bae

  • Mあに
    Mあに 21 day ago

    Dad jokes are funny.

  • Instant Death
    Instant Death 21 day ago

    *That intro...wtf*

  • jennierubyjane
    jennierubyjane 22 days ago

    sexy man because lisa can be sexy and a man at the same time 😉

  • Delvin Nathaniel
    Delvin Nathaniel 22 days ago


  • dawn lopez
    dawn lopez 23 days ago

    Sya ba Yung Kapatid ni jinho bae? ~justasking

    HENAU ANNS 24 days ago

    I like Nca n Marco 😍😍

  • Little Miss Bunny-Boo

    YGE is the Best ,, because if my idol are in same agencies then why should i cannot go their..

  • Nightcore Lover
    Nightcore Lover 26 days ago

    Lmao people forgettin about her and callin lana the first rzssian kpop idol

  • BTS my_WorLd
    BTS my_WorLd 26 days ago

    I'm broke totally broke into smallllllll pieces 😭😭😭

  • Eddy yxr
    Eddy yxr 27 days ago

    i don't understand why some people are crying for JongHyung's and meanwhile cyber bullying such a young girl who just lost her best friend. Come on, we all love our idols, but Jonghyung has his own friends and families who just lost a friend/family member.

  • Gadiva Aurelia Kim
    Gadiva Aurelia Kim 27 days ago

    kamu cakep dari dulu ternyta Ong 😅

  • jackson is my love
    jackson is my love 27 days ago

    Yeri your adorable and perfec and princess we love you ❤️😭❤️❤️

  • Austine Erhabor
    Austine Erhabor 29 days ago

    i want to audition but i'm a black girl, who lives in italy and doesn't know korean

  • Lou Mccool
    Lou Mccool 29 days ago

    Man people should really mind their own business 😒

  • 방탄 소년단KpopColl3ctor

    I miss 2ne1...

  • A.R.M.Y G
    A.R.M.Y G 29 days ago

    I wont to do it but i am super shy so i dont have confidence help

  • baekhyunn
    baekhyunn Month ago

    NSFW?????¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿??????? please educate me. what's nsfw

    KPOP MNET Month ago

    I think blackpink might be here

  • Jessica Isaaks
    Jessica Isaaks Month ago

    Please just be careful for your health and future career!!

  • Jessica Isaaks
    Jessica Isaaks Month ago

    Even if they do smoke,they can,cause they are grown ups!!

  • Samantha Youle
    Samantha Youle Month ago

    Me seeing expensive girl on here: TAKE IT OFF NOW GIRL DIM THE LIGHTS DOWN BABY (I'm not gonna type the most perverted parts)

  • Jimmy Gem
    Jimmy Gem Month ago

    An unexpected member Seo Soojin

  • Renata Ramirez
    Renata Ramirez Month ago

    Jimin also smokes tho

  • M î ĺ ķ Ť ë å Ğ Ĺ Î Ť Č H

    Other people thinks this as a family bond, im kinda weird because i think of this is a *date* -dont mind me because i ship them-

  • Jiminie Pabo
    Jiminie Pabo Month ago

    I was in Menards and they played Boy With Luv me and my cousin were singing along and I was so happy😃😃😃😃

  • Noelle L
    Noelle L Month ago

    Do you have to know Korean to audition in places even outside of Korea? Also when will the next global audition take place, or do they not know?

  • Jungkookie Iminda

    Om expensive girl is self explanatory

  • FlowerArmyLock 2k19

    I want to audition for jyp But I'm a black 14yrs old girl so I dont think they will accept me

  • jay_kay
    jay_kay Month ago

    some people leave such traces behind that they can never really be forgotten😭😭😭

  • Dhiaz Widiya
    Dhiaz Widiya Month ago

    DG, jaga diri baik baik Kembali lah dengan sehat

  • Budi Setiadi
    Budi Setiadi Month ago

    Oh it is from head? I thought it's from his ear

  • Ashley O'Hara
    Ashley O'Hara Month ago

    This is common in term of group k-pop..when one leave the group it would never be the same..i wish they just find substitute of Minzy instead of disbandment...in my opinion Minzy felt an outcast since majority of the atenttion from the fans are on the three girls namely BOM,CL & SANDARA.

    • Esther Bacelar
      Esther Bacelar 21 hour ago

      We can see you are not a blackjack. Real blackjack would never say 'find a replacement for Minzy' so the group could continue. Minzy wasnt an outcast she was depressed and had no reason to renew a contract with a company that left her with no solo work for 2 years and had no plans for a group return or for her career.

  • Vijayta Changoer
    Vijayta Changoer Month ago

    Rose is the sexiest ♥️🔥

  • Kpop Lover
    Kpop Lover Month ago

    I feel so sad for Krystal and Jessica. Jonghyun was like a close brother for them. please stay strong

    JENNIE MANOBAN Month ago


  • Stars Hollow
    Stars Hollow Month ago

    El no era el que estuvo en un escandalo sexual por hablar de chicas en chats privados?

  • Røś śië
    Røś śië Month ago


  • Yamile Galeano
    Yamile Galeano Month ago

    Mi ángel lo amo aunque ya no estés en este mundo siempre estarás en nuestros corazones no se muere quien se va si no quien se olvida 😘😘🙏😇😇

  • HAO H-A-O
    HAO H-A-O Month ago

    She said momo is the best dancer bcuz she don't want to boast herself even everyone know that Lisa dancing skill is much more better than momo! Be honest I'm not blink or once it's just my opinion

  • Najia Kashcool
    Najia Kashcool Month ago

    *Jonghyuna,* *Even I wish if I have a brother like you.*

  • Serpil Idriz
    Serpil Idriz Month ago

    Intro song????

  • DeLo Tae
    DeLo Tae Month ago

    😭😭😭💔 jonghyun i am so bad where are you i need yooou 😭💔

  • Yugyeom and jungkook the evil maknaes Have my heart

    I love her and jongyun too :(. I m so sad

  • バニー bunny doyoung ༄

    I know I'm commenting this a year and a half late...but RM didn't make Expensive Girl...

  • • L i x x i e •

    I hope who ever wants to be a kpop idol trains hard! And does their best :) - Practice finding your voice ;) -Dance as much as you can ( I dance practically ever day now. ) -Please stay healthy :) -Be Confident.

  • Yooniversally Suga

    The intro didn’t work well....

  • Stan Ten
    Stan Ten Month ago

    *plays trouble*

  • ZPrincess Unnie
    ZPrincess Unnie Month ago


  • Daunie Land
    Daunie Land Month ago

    I agree to this❤️

  • buddy옌니
    buddy옌니 Month ago

    예린언니 상태 보고 좀 빼줘요ㅠㅠ이 영상에서 매우 힘들어 보여요ㅠㅠㅠ맹장염 한 번 걸리면 엄청 고통스러운데 과격한 춤에다가 배를 움켜쥐고 하니 더 고통스럽죠ㅠㅠㅠ제발 매니저분들 여자친구언니들 건강상태 좀 확인해주세요ㅠㅠ부탁드릴게요ㅠㅠ

  • Ananya Mishra
    Ananya Mishra Month ago

    Why is it in my recommendations lol. And i never hear to Twice but dude accusing of stealing dance moves?? Blackpink got fewer moves which are common. It's not called copying.

  • SmackRamen
    SmackRamen Month ago

    Expensive girl was a cover that RM did when he was 15/16 so it’s not his song

  • BabyxX
    BabyxX Month ago

    jonghyun was such a precious soul I didn't know him personally but I feel what fans are feeling :(((

  • Paula Barb
    Paula Barb Month ago

    So I wrote something for jonghyun and I wanted to share it with the ones who are still sad and in pain for this enormous lose .I will always be by your side and I will always love you Jonghyun .I understand why you decided to leave this world ,even if I wish you could still be here by our side .None believes me,but I'll always believe in you and your feelings . "Now you're in heaven and I'm in hell Waiting for my chance to go there and sit next you Holding into you tight between my arms A skeleton flower is whispering its farewell To the stars above us Singing his last song to the pure souls Letting his words flow In the darkness of the moonless nightfall Feeling lonely in the middle of nowhere In the middle of sunflowers "

  • Diego Jose Bate
    Diego Jose Bate Month ago

    Yay Filipino