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A Salty Speedpaint
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I Live in a Dollhouse
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How I Animate
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Split Personality
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Draw My Life [Trailer]
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Ripped Pants
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Lemon Boi
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Apartment Atrocities
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Frequently Asked Questions
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Blood Drive
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How to Lucid Dream(Haunted)
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[MAP] Into You
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[MEME] Dab on those haters
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[MEME] Boom x4
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[MEME] excuses
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The Easter Bilby
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The Lunchlines
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Top 5 Worst Dates
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[MEME] Papito
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[MEME] Trump Gets Down
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[MEME] Happy Halloween
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Please Don't Let me Die
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[MEME] White Boi
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[MEME] Gimme Gimme
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poneh meme (original)
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Next to Me
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bootie bootie meme
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[MEME] Fazbear Pizza
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notice me senpai
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[MEME] Crazy Talk
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[MEME] the night shift
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The Mangle
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Die in a Fire
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Just Gold
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  • Guhf Hhdt
    Guhf Hhdt 34 minutes ago

    😖😖😖 advertising

  • Alex kiko
    Alex kiko 51 minute ago

    Who remembers her fnaf videos

  • Arkus does stuff

    Excuse me can you show me da wae

  • Joel Villagonzalo

    To much meme from that and from VR chat

  • moomoomatt5
    moomoomatt5 Hour ago

    here take my quote :3 so here it is on dark nights the sun will always rise.. -Moomoomatt5 hope you made you feel a bit better, and i know i just typed some words but hopefully will have touched someones heart a bit STAY AWESOME AND TRY TO LOVE YOURSELF

  • beyoncefanxoxo101

    Thank you for this sugar, I've had a hard time alot of nights sleeping with a clear concience but this video lifts some points out of my head

  • shangshang
    shangshang Hour ago

    Chotto Matte!! Are you a Mormon? :0

  • Gřëëñïšh Čãŕàmëĺ

    So beautiful and sad, also cute Im a new subscriber😄

  • Ramen Potatoz
    Ramen Potatoz 2 hours ago

    Who else laughs a little when shgurr says fnaf it sound faf just me ok... Not trying to be rude shgurr =3

  • full block alchemist


  • That_weird_girl 13
    That_weird_girl 13 2 hours ago

    Lemon boy? My dumbass: *I love that song*

  • stormybird
    stormybird 2 hours ago


  • Frosterionx-Zero Raiken Uchiha the ice prince

    But did they ever FIND the way?

  • woah why lol
    woah why lol 2 hours ago

    Wow are like meow

  • connor griffin
    connor griffin 2 hours ago

    You are actually the first Mormon TVclipr that I have seen :)

  • Luke the gamer
    Luke the gamer 2 hours ago


  • connor griffin
    connor griffin 2 hours ago

    Shgurr is a lds member Epic

  • natalye games gacha
    natalye games gacha 3 hours ago

    Nice music and nice animation i love!!

  • DishyDish 08
    DishyDish 08 3 hours ago

    Fortnite lame

  • nikko jimo
    nikko jimo 3 hours ago

    do you know the feeling when you have done something annoying for long time and you feel like you wanna go to sleep i got that from watching your retail i felt your pain when someone would go with wine glasses then people behind him or her would think its somehow your fault

  • TheRSC
    TheRSC 3 hours ago

    The guy from #1 sounds like he might of had a form of autism. Some of the things he did are what autisic people tend to do sometimes (usually when they’re young cause they tend to grow out of it/learn how to do things properly). Having autism myself it kinda makes sense.

  • Junior Espinoza
    Junior Espinoza 3 hours ago

    Créeme cuando te digo que siento ahora lo mismo que tú sentiste en su momento, claro nunca va a ser de la misma manera ni la misma situación, pero pude ver tu video, bueno de hecho lo conocí gracias al Fandub del canal de Daniella ya que aun no domino el ingles, pero creeme cuando te digo, gracias, muchas veces me detuve a pensar de que hay muchos que pasaron o estan pasando lo mismo, una depresión, y sé que muchos lo superaron, pero al ver tu video me hizo dar un poco de ánimo, la vida no tiene que ser triste si tú no quieres o al menos no dejas que te gane, espero poder superar esto, pero de antemano gracias, y a los que están pasando esto créanme que no están solos, siempre hay personas buenas a pesar de que todo parezca gris, y que es una lucha constante la que uno vive pero al final del día el que va a ganar tienes que ser tú. Bueno muchos abrazos y ojalá de algún tiempo pueda responder a este comentario y decir "lo hice/lo logre", hasta luego, Dios los bendiga.

  • jan u
    jan u 3 hours ago

    BTW what. happen to the cat

  • DoughMcFlo
    DoughMcFlo 3 hours ago

    0:40 *pop pop pop pop pop pop* *reloads* pulls back on gun* *blows smoke away*

  • jan u
    jan u 3 hours ago

    well how do they know

  • horrorkesh
    horrorkesh 4 hours ago

    In my 7th grade class for world history we covered one of my favorite mythology eras Greek and Egyptian mythology with the teacher I had it was so boring

  • Gacha Emma
    Gacha Emma 4 hours ago

    I want to cat but I’m allergic

  • Erick Christensen
    Erick Christensen 4 hours ago

    Your art style reminds me of Jaiden Animations and I enjoy it x3

  • the brick office ETN

    D o l l h o u s e

  • Don't Lewd The Loli
    Don't Lewd The Loli 4 hours ago

    I was one of those "old subscribers" and watched the fnaf videos back when I was young, but still in elementary school, and watched your fnaf song videos more just to see how an animation was made out of the song I already listened to. So I guess I could say I'm an old subscriber, but I haven't watched much of your other videos much, but have seen most of them.

  • • B l e u •
    • B l e u • 4 hours ago

    Papa : “Jonathan, I repeat once more, Jonathan” Johnny : “Yes Father?” Papa : “Have you’ve been consuming the following item that I have lectured you not to eat, sugar?” Johnny : “That claim is invalid” Papa : “Would you like to confirm” Johnny : “I once again confirm to you.” Papa : “ If that is so, present your smile bones “ Johnny : *Proceeds to run away*

  • Unicorn kitty
    Unicorn kitty 5 hours ago

    360 dollers for the blocks

  • Emilio Carrero
    Emilio Carrero 5 hours ago

    Soccer is my favorite sport

  • Sergio Nestor
    Sergio Nestor 5 hours ago

    It’s nice to donate blood but it shortens your life then living a full life💯😬

  • LittleSmoke
    LittleSmoke 5 hours ago

    im canadian!! ;D

  • Rainbow Osprey
    Rainbow Osprey 5 hours ago

    Hey… my name is Helen >:(

  • Soldier Fox
    Soldier Fox 5 hours ago

    This song is the definition of a lot of people in my school

  • Funtime foxy the Animintronic Fox

    0:52 Foxy is triggred...

  • DoughMcFlo
    DoughMcFlo 5 hours ago

    I'm in my roomin the morning just laying in my bed looking straight at a wall that my bed is against and I felt knuckles hit the side of my head I look over and seen nothing my haert was pounding I rushed to my mom's room and told here she didn't believe me because I was 8 at the time so I rushed to my sister's room and told her she believed me and this was when I was relaxing in my bed because I woke up early

  • Perk
    Perk 5 hours ago

    How do people still listen to this lmao

  • Hollow Productions
    Hollow Productions 6 hours ago

    i didnt realise i was watching watch mojo video

  • sara kokie Riv
    sara kokie Riv 6 hours ago


  • Mochi
    Mochi 6 hours ago

    Omg I have a main coin named olli and we got him for free because he got thrown out and I love him

  • Ailika ;;
    Ailika ;; 6 hours ago

    00:00-00:12 yo 00:13-00:18 00:19- 00:36 yo 0w0 00:37-00:42 00:43 - 0:48 0:49 -00:55 0:56-1:00 1:01-1:08 1:09-1:20 yo 1:21-1:27 also yo :v 1:28-1:33 1:34-1:47 1:48-2:05Yo 2:06-2:13 2:14-2:18 2:19- 2:24 2:25-2:32 YOOo 2:33-2:37 2:38-2:44 2:45-2:51 2:52-3:03 Yooo 3:04-3:10 3:10-3:16 3:17-3:26Yooo

  • Aidan Lemus
    Aidan Lemus 6 hours ago

    I no joke have too create a art portfolio and for my art class

  • Ninja Dogs
    Ninja Dogs 6 hours ago

    🙏🙏 my boi Jesus

  • Kats Productions
    Kats Productions 6 hours ago


  • FandomFriend
    FandomFriend 6 hours ago

    Oh geez, I’ve played bike tag when I was little. We stopped after we realized we had to tag people...

  • Vrapor
    Vrapor 6 hours ago

    watching this makes me feel more lonely.

  • sarita sanchez
    sarita sanchez 6 hours ago

    I'm the only peruvian here? 😅😅😅

  • Lionblaze's Channel
    Lionblaze's Channel 6 hours ago

    sacramento killed a sushi place for a dollar tree

  • Cookie ABC
    Cookie ABC 6 hours ago

    Meh;sees kanna from miss kobyashis dragon maid also .me:DIES FiNd Da WeA

  • the oogie boogie man

    Everyone I'm sure has gone threw this, so of you have anymore thoughts like anything like your feelings, get help. Same with other people. I've been there too, and have tried to do the same thing, and I got help and don't worry, no one hates you, so be your self and don't keep your feelings secret. You do you

  • Xexiah
    Xexiah 7 hours ago

    Uh oh volcano they have to go into it

  • Kawaii Kitties
    Kawaii Kitties 7 hours ago

    Me: *sobbing* Sister: what’s wrong? Me: *shows video* Sister: *cries with me*

  • Skully The monkey
    Skully The monkey 7 hours ago

    Ummm I saw Jaiden Animations and now I'm confused because I thought for a second this was Jaiden's video because the art is kinda similar

  • nadedog
    nadedog 7 hours ago

    youre lying

  • Kevin Emeh
    Kevin Emeh 7 hours ago

    Night guard is lowkey hot tho

  • cata and connie rojas

    I liked and subscribe because this is beutful :)

  • RandomlyNamed 88
    RandomlyNamed 88 7 hours ago

    When he said “Obama Care” I thought he said *Obama Cat* lmao

  • Ellie Bruehl
    Ellie Bruehl 7 hours ago

    bobs burgers

  • Kay L.
    Kay L. 7 hours ago

    I've been in a hard place for a long time. This video helped. Thanks

  • SparkyChutie
    SparkyChutie 7 hours ago

    Lil ghostie boi

  • Pãwś Thê míštērüøs

    Aye lemon boi

  • Rainy gaming
    Rainy gaming 8 hours ago

    Jonny Jonny yes papa eating sugar no papa telling lies no papa open ur mouth HELL NAH

  • Girlgirl
    Girlgirl 8 hours ago

    Anime Trump is hot

  • Francelys Ramos Paredes

    se va a volver diabetico el johnny :v

  • Ayaan Bakshi
    Ayaan Bakshi 8 hours ago

    If ur watching in 2019 rip juice wrld 😭😭😭

  • Burgerking Myers
    Burgerking Myers 9 hours ago

    I bet that lady was like "I am going to give these spoiled brats mother a earful the second she gets out of the bathroom."

  • mario rivas
    mario rivas 9 hours ago



    AMAZING JOB SHGURR! Best one yet!

  • Luna Playzgacha
    Luna Playzgacha 9 hours ago


  • Johnber Laurin
    Johnber Laurin 9 hours ago

    You know what would be great? ... Shgurr + jaiden Collab :D

  • Anali martinez
    Anali martinez 9 hours ago

    Haha yeetttt

  • Magic Tomato Face
    Magic Tomato Face 9 hours ago

    CL: "How the heck do you earn a living" Shgurr: I work from home. CL: "What does that even mean? Shgurr: I think we're done here

  • miguel rivera
    miguel rivera 9 hours ago

    L must go to mah brodas clock clock clock clock

  • Anali martinez
    Anali martinez 9 hours ago

    Dude it's a kids show and they be talkin about panty raids. It's funny but whyyyyy

  • Donovan Kennelly
    Donovan Kennelly 9 hours ago

    I used to have suicidal thoughts, I’m a little better now but I still have bad days.

  • Anali martinez
    Anali martinez 9 hours ago

    Anyone here in 2019 If so ayyyy boiiiiiis

  • Hollandspotje
    Hollandspotje 10 hours ago

    I kinda forgot about re:zero but the emotions and beautiful moments are coming back

  • Stend Gaming
    Stend Gaming 10 hours ago

  • Stend Gaming
    Stend Gaming 10 hours ago

  • A Spartanic Wolfy Ravenpuff

    So, here’s the lesson of the day: Never, EVER eat Shannon’s Doritos

  • Stend Gaming
    Stend Gaming 10 hours ago

  • Aynissa Mangum
    Aynissa Mangum 10 hours ago

    Awww :3

  • Anali martinez
    Anali martinez 10 hours ago

    Omg if I actually paid attention to youtubers I could've found your account ages ago

  • Moondust Jason
    Moondust Jason 10 hours ago

    Hey shgurr how are you..? Well I’m not fine I hope your fine..that’s all I care about! Bye Shgurr ❤️💙💜

  • Just Anya
    Just Anya 10 hours ago

    So this is what 6 year old anya liked to listen to xD

  • Notato
    Notato 10 hours ago


  • Dalila Bout
    Dalila Bout 10 hours ago

    I like it😍

  • • Oreo Cookie •
    • Oreo Cookie • 10 hours ago

    *0:23** : a emo knuckles* I know I'm late

    DRIPXY ANGEL 11 hours ago

    I'm so sorry for u :(

  • CredibleDerek6511
    CredibleDerek6511 11 hours ago


  • AYWhales07
    AYWhales07 11 hours ago

    My friend got a can of spaghetti for Halloween

  • Игорь Самойлов

    ппиром иакнпгоргоакепр наекеуецуорг

  • puppy lover LPS 16
    puppy lover LPS 16 11 hours ago

    There once was a Bittersweet man and they called him and lemon boy

  • Marik Anims
    Marik Anims 11 hours ago

    I like that you used the big time rush song instead of the original

  • BestMimikyu
    BestMimikyu 11 hours ago

    if you were in my school and you were that age nowadays id be nicer cut "I bully the bullies"

  • Toongamer
    Toongamer 11 hours ago

    Damn my life is much different than yours. I've been to almost every restaurant under the sun.