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Fake Mall Cop Prank!
Views 3.4M8 months ago
5 Ways To Compliment Boobs!
Views 1.3M10 months ago
Jesse from NELK is in JAIL..
Views 3.1M11 months ago
BEEFING Tennis Players!
Views 1.4M11 months ago
Why did we go to jail ...?
Views 1.1M2 years ago


  • mgdwill sendit
    mgdwill sendit 6 minutes ago

    anyone know the song at the end when they escaping the wine tour xD ?

  • Baby Bitch
    Baby Bitch 7 minutes ago

    Kyle needs to get off dope already his face is looking rough

  • J Wizdum
    J Wizdum 8 minutes ago

    R.I.P Hella Sketchy, wish y'all talked to him 😪

    TECSZN 36 minutes ago

    Who else doesn’t care that NELK changed content and think they still funny af 😂

  • Xarnius Cloutwell
    Xarnius Cloutwell 42 minutes ago

    All the boys have made insane content the past two months. Spin the glove went off, break well deserved after Ibiza. Big sends big fan -xan

  • Jaydan Meador
    Jaydan Meador 54 minutes ago

    the girl was like fucking die

    JAMBOSS ! Hour ago


  • Brandon Bryan
    Brandon Bryan Hour ago

    What if he got up and said Tatiana won't bust down so I'm out

  • thotsonrocks
    thotsonrocks Hour ago

    0:44 mr beast??

  • Jan Hvasti
    Jan Hvasti Hour ago

    1991 - Full Send:

  • FB I
    FB I Hour ago

    16:00 he said all guys past - there’s a mother fucking dude sitting back there like he’s a girl

  • Big potato
    Big potato Hour ago

    19:38 I like how they didn't realize that they are Canadian also

  • Big potato
    Big potato Hour ago

    The people they were talking to at the table (19:37) are Canadian too... how ironic to meet in Italy!!!

  • Josh Best
    Josh Best Hour ago

    Kyle is hilarious

  • Zachary Bauman
    Zachary Bauman 2 hours ago

    Steve goes so hard in this.

  • Trevod Anderson
    Trevod Anderson 2 hours ago

    Nell boys go to a church and get lit off communion

  • alex erickson
    alex erickson 2 hours ago

    9-0 def got head from Riley Reid

  • Bob De Lignie
    Bob De Lignie 2 hours ago

    Get the fuck out of my country fkn nerd

  • Arty fn
    Arty fn 2 hours ago

    Jesse : Hops into Creative His keyboard: Ah sh*t, here we go again

  • Steve
    Steve 3 hours ago

    @Nelk , i have a serious question for you guys. How does steve keep on drinking? He is throwing up after a bottle of red wine and after that he just keeps drinking :d What an animal :d

  • Maz
    Maz 3 hours ago


  • Logan Rozengard
    Logan Rozengard 3 hours ago

    Trailer park boys irl

  • Uri GamerYT
    Uri GamerYT 3 hours ago

    Rip iphone

  • superlouis914
    superlouis914 3 hours ago

    thats why they call this country a shithole

  • Logan Rozengard
    Logan Rozengard 3 hours ago

    Trailer park boys irl😂

  • John Schilleci
    John Schilleci 3 hours ago

    Y’all are the trailer park boys.

  • Melodic metal ❤️

    First couple mins is a full send production 👌

  • Bankrupt David
    Bankrupt David 3 hours ago

    The lady at the end wanted to get the car as an award for getting his car back

  • Fun Face
    Fun Face 3 hours ago

    Plot twist.. this made luca leave the squad.. :(

  • Dias06
    Dias06 3 hours ago

    I really hope you paid for all the damages....

  • Jeremy Kooi
    Jeremy Kooi 4 hours ago

    Hope TVclip bans these people.

  • FaiisHD
    FaiisHD 4 hours ago

    These guys straight up are dumbasses and have nothing to look forward for in life lmfao

  • Joseph New York
    Joseph New York 4 hours ago

    i was just in canada last night. I fuckn love nelk

  • Hashtag EV
    Hashtag EV 4 hours ago

    These dudes look like losers high key. The fighters.

  • Death Threatz
    Death Threatz 4 hours ago

    Lmfao this one had me dying 500k and under on this side 😂

  • CC Bahd
    CC Bahd 4 hours ago

    Uncle mike and 90 lmao

  • Fun Face
    Fun Face 4 hours ago

    great anti-smoking ad

  • Freddy Benway
    Freddy Benway 4 hours ago

    4:03 he really drop hard R?

  • Htop Skills
    Htop Skills 4 hours ago

    who else is watching this video over 6 years old?

  • Abufaza3_Gam3r
    Abufaza3_Gam3r 5 hours ago

    Dont worry not a big deal its just couple a years in cell

  • Danny Danny
    Danny Danny 5 hours ago

    That old guy had Knowledge.

  • Dakota Stukins
    Dakota Stukins 5 hours ago

    Yo i cant even find the flops

  • Bravodude
    Bravodude 5 hours ago

    How come I’m just barely seeing this 😂?

  • Ancientbeast
    Ancientbeast 5 hours ago

    Count me in

  • MonsieurCHING
    MonsieurCHING 5 hours ago

    02:47 wait what word did he use?

  • Kluqster
    Kluqster 5 hours ago

    9-0 was tryna get some pussy yo 🤣

  • eddie gonzalez
    eddie gonzalez 5 hours ago

    so i just watched the movie. i can officially watch this video. the movie sucked wtf was i thinking.

  • G Nation
    G Nation 5 hours ago

    They make the best montuges

  • 재진이
    재진이 6 hours ago

    What if there were 'cokes' inside the can?

  • Brqxton
    Brqxton 6 hours ago

    Click so you won’t have to click more You have immunity from all cursed comments and please share to get rid of them

  • fish
    fish 6 hours ago

    Just realized if you click on the screen and then click again full send turns to fu

  • Bryce G
    Bryce G 6 hours ago


  • Bryce G
    Bryce G 7 hours ago

    Go to a Verizon wireless store and ask how to clear porn from your search history.

  • SlurP_Sandy
    SlurP_Sandy 7 hours ago

    6:40 Özil

  • zee indacut
    zee indacut 7 hours ago

    Cause their catholic gays

  • Mikelitterus
    Mikelitterus 7 hours ago

    If you guys wanna prank in Canada grande prairie will most likely let you get away with just about anything.

  • Jake Walkz
    Jake Walkz 7 hours ago

    What’s Nelk mean???

  • Will Lyons
    Will Lyons 7 hours ago

    2:09 that bitch was so cringe

  • SammiBoii Sosa
    SammiBoii Sosa 7 hours ago

    I Fucking Love NELK BOYS!!! 🤘🏾🤘🏾🤣

  • Matthew Buchanan
    Matthew Buchanan 7 hours ago

    7:09 cringe

  • sour airhead
    sour airhead 8 hours ago

    This shit is not even remotely funny not one bit.

  • SammiBoii Sosa
    SammiBoii Sosa 8 hours ago

    I Can Smoke More Than Steve 🤣🤣 But Not drink More 🤣🤣

  • V3INS Inc.
    V3INS Inc. 8 hours ago

    TRUMP 2020

  • eddd412
    eddd412 8 hours ago

    You're so savage wasting police officers time as somebody could be getting murdered

  • dylan dietzel
    dylan dietzel 8 hours ago


  • Rami Ibrahim
    Rami Ibrahim 8 hours ago

    You smell like ass

  • Håvard Osa
    Håvard Osa 8 hours ago

    1:32 Rip phone

  • Raymond Tzun
    Raymond Tzun 8 hours ago

    Good video

  • Stephen Kershaw
    Stephen Kershaw 8 hours ago

    1.... who the fuck are you and who would buy those cheap generic hoodies? 2.) your pranks suck... they're lame at best....

  • Squizzy 614
    Squizzy 614 8 hours ago

    super savage

  • Maddox Carranza
    Maddox Carranza 8 hours ago


  • alex haes
    alex haes 8 hours ago

    Lol the fans are pathetic... always copying shit lines like "the boys"... pathetic

  • alex haes
    alex haes 8 hours ago

    You must be such a douch to interrupt a prank......

  • Kemp Sanders
    Kemp Sanders 8 hours ago

    Bring back the days of harmless NELK pranks.. not ruining tours that people have paid for. Part of the success of groups like Jackass was they almost always did pranks that were lighthearted or poked fun at themselves.

  • James Celenza
    James Celenza 9 hours ago

    Guy: Are you a manager Bloke w Clout goggles: ye Guy: What section do you work in Bloke w Clout goggles: just over there

  • Chance Morris
    Chance Morris 9 hours ago

    I raise money for cancer

  • Charanjeet Goraya
    Charanjeet Goraya 9 hours ago

    Yall Caused Bankruptcy of Toys R Us Bc u can go in an employee shirt and just rob them and the workers won’t even care LOL

  • Moldy apple123
    Moldy apple123 9 hours ago

    Lucas was so funny

  • Will James
    Will James 9 hours ago

    I miss old Nelk. Steve has ruined them.

  • Frequalize
    Frequalize 10 hours ago

    How 9-0 gets laid, is beyond me at this point.

  • XxxZombierackXxx
    XxxZombierackXxx 10 hours ago

    2019 anybody?

  • Boof Tv
    Boof Tv 10 hours ago

    Everytime I see the world star guy filming with his phone, he reminds it a creepy fan filming 😂

  • Nikhil Jain
    Nikhil Jain 10 hours ago

    The guys at 6:20 and 7:23 were so cool

  • Evan Hussey
    Evan Hussey 10 hours ago

    So we’re just gonna ingore t-Mac on the raps

  • Will James
    Will James 10 hours ago

    The good ol days

  • Squizzy 614
    Squizzy 614 10 hours ago

    omg i'm so glad i found this channel... yall are off the fuckin hook hahaha

  • Jus why not
    Jus why not 10 hours ago

    give me ur gloves ''' the guy are u fr man

  • Tha Gloden One
    Tha Gloden One 10 hours ago


  • adamaria cruz
    adamaria cruz 11 hours ago

    90 is ruining the videos. Throw him behind the camera or just get rid of him💯

  • Lachlan Vanzyl
    Lachlan Vanzyl 11 hours ago

    12:00 lol that Asian bloke running away

  • Paw X
    Paw X 11 hours ago

    Damnit kyle

  • Jojogatts 7
    Jojogatts 7 11 hours ago

    coke prank pt 2

  • Jordan R
    Jordan R 11 hours ago

    Kyle carries the team. He's off the cuff and witty and saves it when its getting boring.

  • Zayvid Tillman
    Zayvid Tillman 11 hours ago

    The way buddy slammed dude has me in tears😭😭

  • JT
    JT 12 hours ago

    Why is there an influx of fuckin vegans all of a sudden? haha The brigade came to town boys

  • carT
    carT 12 hours ago

    Why are all these comments from 4 days ago, did some vegan bitch make a Diss track on this vid yo

  • Vance Mac donald
    Vance Mac donald 13 hours ago

    I will smuggle Steve into Canada next year,

    NEYMAR T 13 hours ago

    Come to India nelk....crazy content u ll get

  • Lucashayesvlogs Hayes
    Lucashayesvlogs Hayes 13 hours ago

    What is the song that you played for Jakes party

  • Reign Faroe
    Reign Faroe 13 hours ago

    Plz dooooooo more