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HUGE Sephora VIB Sale Haul
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  • Sandra V
    Sandra V 16 minutes ago

    That looks pretty much the same as a Pop Sonic The Leaf which I have and love.

  • Liz Anderson
    Liz Anderson Day ago

    What about the new line??? Have you done a video on the skincare md?

  • Debnmakeup
    Debnmakeup Day ago

    Hi Brianna i am wandering if I am putting too much on my skin at night definitely new at having all medical grade skincare. First I wash my face with Is Clincal, 2 tone , 3 Osmosis Rescue Epidermal , Stem Factor, then Osmosis calm 2 mist with Truth then the transdermal balm , sometimes face oil or moisturizer. One night I used the Osmosis Catalyst then I stopped I was worried I was really using too much. Greatly appreciate your feedback you are the greatest on skincare 😍Hugs Debbie

  • 000 707070
    000 707070 Day ago

    Lenses hide your soul . Nothing pretty than your own eyes .

  • noemigg1
    noemigg1 2 days ago

    I at about 2 weeks and my skin has been bad! I have suffered from cystic acne since my teens and have deep scars and hyperpigmentation. Wow...people today commented on how pretty I look....I have been using Transdermal C serum, Retinol 1% every other day, used the 5% 2xs only and the Bionetric mist. I'm gonna stick with these treatments...excited for the change in my skin...THANK YOU BEN!!!

  • Ms Holcomb
    Ms Holcomb 3 days ago

    Any suggestions for keloids

  • Ms Holcomb
    Ms Holcomb 3 days ago

    What would suggest for fading freckles and discoloration

  • Korleen Diaz
    Korleen Diaz 3 days ago

    Hi can you tell me where I can buy refissa online ? Thank you :)

  • Tanya's Jewelry Shop

    What about Zo skin health growth factor? From obagi?

  • slawomir potapiuk
    slawomir potapiuk 3 days ago

    what laser did you use for rosacea?

  • Rebecca S. Chen
    Rebecca S. Chen 4 days ago

    I completely gave up the top department counter brands after I encountered these medical grades products 3 months ago! Now I spent less (compared to La Prairie and La Mer) with after pay 😂😂😂😉 thank you Brianna!

  • Lauren Akers
    Lauren Akers 5 days ago

    Thank you for being so raw and open and willing to share what you’re going through. My parents got a divorce when I was 11 and I grew up watching their very unhealthy relationship. I’m 23 now and my mom has been in the most fulfilling, loving, happy, respectful, life-giving marriage for almost 10 years with my stepdad. Staying together for your children can sometimes do more harm than good! Kids deserve a happy parent so it’s SO important that you put your needs first as well! You’re the best mom for setting the right example for your boys!

  • purple9rain
    purple9rain 5 days ago

    Why is it not good to use salacilic acid products before retin a products?? Thank you.

  • So Flo
    So Flo 5 days ago

    Love your channel. New suscriber. Would u be willing to do a review on Jane Iredale mineral makeup?

  • Jessica Hall
    Jessica Hall 6 days ago

    Wooo love! Fav Pregnancy safe skincare ?!

  • Natalie Jones
    Natalie Jones 7 days ago

    I have rosacea and I have just discovered the same thing. It is so great to see that it is not just me. All the products you recommend look really great. I am going to start the same supplement regimen!

  • qveenissac
    qveenissac 7 days ago

    Hi Brianna. I'm not clear on what the difference is between Retinaldehyde and Retin A Micro. The way it delivers into your skin sounds very similar to Retin A Micro with it not taking in more than your skin can absorb, etc. Also, the whole "activating mist" with the Osmosis system sounds like a bit of a gimmick or fancy branding of basically what water or any hydrating mist would do to increase absorption of any product. This is obviously advised against with Retin A as it's already potent so damp skin isn't necessarily a good thing to further pull it into the skin hence why they say apply to dry skin...but I'm not here to talk about Retin A. My main question is why this over Retin A Micro?

  • Aude Drizzles
    Aude Drizzles 7 days ago

    Animals tortured? Is that what you mean by testing?

  • Mr. & Mrs. Tellez
    Mr. & Mrs. Tellez 7 days ago

    If you would like to experience the Cle De Peau product i offer free facials/cosmetic session, come see me at : Nordstrom Oakbrook il 60523 see Patty😉 U will have a wonderful experience!!! 💕

  • Ameena Rasheed
    Ameena Rasheed 8 days ago

    Your hair looks like barbie doll hair..its stunning.

  • MyWorld3
    MyWorld3 8 days ago

    Yes, been asking for a few yeas to do subscription boxes! You look great! Hope you’re happy, I know you have been through a lot

  • Ana Wimmel
    Ana Wimmel 8 days ago

    How do you feel about drunk elephant brand? Is it not strong enough to really penetrate the skin? Also can you recommend your favorite facial moisturizer for dry skin? Thanks!!:)

  • natalia duda
    natalia duda 8 days ago

    So there is really no scientific research that shows effectiveness of Retinaldehyde. I saw one study that actually showed no difference between using retinaldehyde and regular cream. Ladies be careful cosmetic industry is not regulated so they can claim whatever they want and it’s up to you to do your own homework.

  • Ana Wimmel
    Ana Wimmel 8 days ago

    Well now I’m confused about retinol because of The Truth Treatments video? So is Truth Treatments retinol dangerous!?

  • ashley hakins
    ashley hakins 8 days ago

    I use te trial sample containers from then to put the concealer in so you can pull a little out at a time 😊

  • Dori Kell
    Dori Kell 9 days ago

    Looks the same! Sorry!

  • Evelyn Stone
    Evelyn Stone 11 days ago

    I’ve heard some say not to put vitamin A on the neck.

  • W A
    W A 11 days ago

    I like how you didnt just give in to the Rx route. you are inspirational, thank you for this informative video 😁 Edit: subscribed. those 84 dislikes are from doctors bribed by pharmaceutical industries

  • Jennifer Romero
    Jennifer Romero 11 days ago

    Brianna are retinyl propionate and retinaldehyde the same thing or does one work better than the other ❤your skin is amazing .

    • Jennifer Romero
      Jennifer Romero 10 days ago

      @Brianna Stanko Thank you very much.

    • Brianna Stanko
      Brianna Stanko 11 days ago

      thank you! No they are VERY different! Retinaldehyde is extremely effective!

  • atikahhanip •
    atikahhanip • 11 days ago

    Is broken capillaries are the same as spider vein?

  • Rasha Sarandah
    Rasha Sarandah 11 days ago

    I just ordered the oxygenetix foundation from your site yesterday. It was the regular one, not acne control. I’m 33 and get breakouts now and then. Convo skin. Should I have ordered the acne control version instead? Does that one hold up better? Wishing I would have ordered the acne control one now...

  • lxs
    lxs 12 days ago

    Has anyone used hydroquinone for dark spots?

  • Kara O
    Kara O 12 days ago

    ❤️❤️ YES!!! The Sigma F80 was EVERYTHING! Can’t wait for your FAVORITES VIDEO! Glad to have you back, the summers are crazy when you have kids especially ❤️❤️ What is going on with your skincare line? And when will Ben Fuchs be on again? Please bring him back please!!!! 😘

  • Cassie Brown
    Cassie Brown 12 days ago

    Hello. I've been using a C serum with Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate for a year now. Most people refer to it as THD Ascorbate for short. THD Ascorbate is a very expensive ingredient. I use Glytone's Antioxidant Vitamin C + E serum with Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate. Gytone's is 20% THD Ascorbate. I won't be without this product in my skincare regimen. I only wish more people could get Dr. Dray on board with Vitamin C skincare. She believes there's not enough scientific studies to prove these C ingredients are beneficial or work. I can tell they do work. I enjoyed your explanation on the two C ingredients. Cassie

  • R Noor
    R Noor 12 days ago

    Great video as always! 👍🏼👌🏼. I have recently purchased the Obagi C RX Serum. I am getting irritation under my eyes, red, dry & itchy - is that normal & will it subside as my skin adjusts to it? Or should i not apply it to my under eyes? X

  • II Lydia II
    II Lydia II 14 days ago

    So I should use spf at night when I use retinoid?

  • Kara O
    Kara O 14 days ago

    Hey Brianna! WHERE IS BEN FUCHS ??

  • Añuli
    Añuli 15 days ago

    There's a HUGE jump from Warm Sand to Intense Mocha 😭

  • Alejandra Rivera
    Alejandra Rivera 16 days ago

    Hi Brianna, I would like to know if you have ever used a light mask. I you have would you share your thought with us. If you have not, could you please try it? thanks

  • Simone S
    Simone S 16 days ago

    Carrier oils: Emu oil Jojoba oil Grape seed oil Tamanu Squalene Essential oils: Lavender Tea tree Frankincense Geranium Sandalwood Roman chamomile Fill a 1 oz bottle with 3 favorite carrier oils (1/3 each). For a 5% dilution, add 30 - combined - drops of favorite essential oils There you have it. No need to waste 18 minutes.

  • Elenitsa Antos
    Elenitsa Antos 16 days ago

    Do you set the painterly ? With powder I mean

  • Maria Rodriguez
    Maria Rodriguez 16 days ago

    My apologies Brianna

  • Wendy F
    Wendy F 16 days ago

    Why does everyone have to discontinue good products, like the Bobbi Brown corrector? 😢 I was going to finally get it but it’s no longer made. I’m surprised a stick concealer doesn’t feel dry underneath the eyes.

  • S B
    S B 17 days ago

    Beautiful Brianna 😘❤ as always. Sorry, if i can ask which part of states you live in? Love American accent.Keep up loading more videos, love, love how you present everything. Kisses and Hugs to you dear.

  • Frances
    Frances 17 days ago

    I just had an Osmosis Facial Infusion with the regenerate pen and cannot believe how great my skin looks!! Retinaldehyde for me , over any of the other's. No irritated skin to deal with and major results .

  • purple glitter
    purple glitter 17 days ago

    Way to much talking

  • Amy Young
    Amy Young 17 days ago

    You look terrific. Really lovely. Glad to see you back. Thanks for the video.

  • Megan Montez
    Megan Montez 17 days ago

    Mac Prolong wear is my favorite and I have darkkkk circles

  • naturally
    naturally 17 days ago

    What texture is the Glowbiotics Acne Treatment cleanser?

  • Kayla C.
    Kayla C. 17 days ago

    I have very thin skin under my eyes and I used an eye serum with retinyl palmitate for 3 days and my skin looked thinner .. is this normal when using vit A ?

  • Maria Rodriguez
    Maria Rodriguez 18 days ago

    Brianna you were the one person who I have always credited for teaching me about alcohol in makeup , urban decay from what I remember has denatured alcohol as 3rd or 4th ingredient. I just wanted to let you know because ever since you edu dated me I have stayed away and my dry skin is so much better. I thank you ,hope this doesn't come off as I'm kind of reprimanding you in any way .just wanted your opinion on the alcohol in the foundation. Thanks

    • Maria Rodriguez
      Maria Rodriguez 16 days ago

      It is the third ingredient, I just wanted to let you know because you really put time and care into your skin and educating us , so I was looking out for you. This all started when I was using YSL all hours , that till today was my favorite foundation. I got so so many compliments , well after a month of daily use , I could not figure out why my skin was extra extra dry more than usual , until you educated me , once I stopped it literally took 6 months to repair the dryness in my already dry skin. Thank you Briana

    • Brianna Stanko
      Brianna Stanko 16 days ago

      Hi!! Does it?!!! I could have sworn I looked over the ingredient list and I didnt see it! I will have to look again but yes I always check too

  • Marla Mann
    Marla Mann 18 days ago

    Bri-you look gorgeous-Long time- hope life is amazing mama xx

  • Isabel
    Isabel 18 days ago

    Out of all those concealers the BEST is Clea de Peau...but every skin type has different issues ... just interesting to see how every product works differently on different skin

  • Erika Flannery
    Erika Flannery 18 days ago

    Can you pleas tell me what is your favorite eye cream ? I remember seem it in a previous video but I can’t find it . Pretty please

  • Teky Hnialum
    Teky Hnialum 19 days ago

    im 20 can i use this.. i. live in india.. i want to have glowing pinkish skin.. can. i use this

  • Margaret A
    Margaret A 19 days ago

    Brianna, could you please review some of the newer Zoe models I.e. the Plus and the Luxe?

  • Beauty and the Vlog
    Beauty and the Vlog 19 days ago

    YES to skincare!!!

  • Alexis Murshed
    Alexis Murshed 20 days ago

    I'm like you, I go back and forth between my favorite concealers. I'm 55 and I have dry aging skin and my favorite concealers that work wonders are, MAC Studio Fix 24-hour COncealer, Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser and Two Faced Born This Way Concealer. I have probably tried 15+ different concealers but the three I mentioned works the best. I would love to hear what you think about foundations that you've tried.

  • TheAlrait
    TheAlrait 20 days ago

    My dear Brianna! My heart goes out to you, but we live in a different world then our parents, it’s no longer till death do us part , it’s till love dies. Ladies don’t need to heal after a man , WE need to grow. Watch this it has a lot of truth about the realities of today. And be good to yourself.

  • Lee Dgh
    Lee Dgh 20 days ago

    I will buy this because I struggle from this proplem so much

  • Katdavi1
    Katdavi1 20 days ago

    Miss you girl! But those vacation pics look amazing! ❤️

  • Alex Baker
    Alex Baker 20 days ago

    If I can give one suggestion (I have been a follower of yours for years) I would appreciate closeups of the products that you are showing us. I find it not always easy to see and I happen to love your taste and I agree with you a lot. Also, can you do an updated ride or die since you have been away from TVclip for a bit? I really miss watching you twice a week. Cheers 🥂

  • Wendy Johnson
    Wendy Johnson 20 days ago

    I agree with you completely about the worst concealers. Top of the line name brand concealers don't always work well.

  • Annette Barletta
    Annette Barletta 21 day ago

    Hi Bri! Just now got to view this! The Bronzing Duo by Color Science is fab, comes off on my clothing and bathing suits!! Help!!

  • Susan Lyons
    Susan Lyons 21 day ago at first, I thought you were insane...and then you started talking about gut health and I was like...okay, that makes sense. I have the same issues. You talk fast.

  • LemansSunset350
    LemansSunset350 21 day ago

    I want your earrings! Where did you get them? TIA!

  • Mellissa Cook
    Mellissa Cook 21 day ago

    What a nice treat to look on you tube and see a video from you! Looking as beautiful as ever!! Yep, those are some cute shoes 👠 . Question are you still,loving the Revitalah voluming blue primer? Mine is almost put and i am kinda on the fence about repurchasing. You always seem to really practice good lash care so interested in your thoughts. Take care, M

  • patr70
    patr70 21 day ago

    Which Nordstrom did you buy your items? South Coast Plaza or Fashion Island? Thanks

  • Sarah Matthews
    Sarah Matthews 21 day ago

    this was so helpful! i felt so helpless about my skin condition but now I will give it a try with cutting out gluten and dairy and get some probiotics.

  • Lisa Domingue
    Lisa Domingue 21 day ago

    Yayyyy you are back!!!!!

  • Hayfa Barash
    Hayfa Barash 21 day ago

    Love your hair color where do you go for color you look so beautiful

  • Rick Herrmann
    Rick Herrmann 22 days ago

    can you please tell me what eyeshadow pallet did you use? your eyes look amazing xxxx

  • Heather Hernandez
    Heather Hernandez 22 days ago

    Omg I’ve missed you so much!!!!! Glad to see you please come back soon

  • Lisa Zale
    Lisa Zale 22 days ago

    you have to try the Benefit eye brow gel. So much better than ABH.

  • chola-goth513
    chola-goth513 22 days ago

    What’s your foundation shade in Mac so I can kind of compare it to this one

  • Tanisha Harrison
    Tanisha Harrison 22 days ago

    Great video as always and so great to have you back! Your top is adorable. Would you please share the brand and where it was purchased? Thank you! 💕

  • April Coker
    April Coker 22 days ago

    Where have you been girl? Peony & Blush Suede is not new. I have been wearing it forever. I believe 2013 or so was when this one made its debut. I love these fragrances but they do not seem to last on me more than 3 to 4 hours 😂

  • Toby Catone
    Toby Catone 22 days ago

    Hi honey. You’re looking gorgeous! Nice nude lip pies as usual, lol.

  • foranimalwelfare
    foranimalwelfare 22 days ago

    Would you mind doing an updated foundation/contour routine? Your makeup looks gorgeous :)

  • RachR Asmr
    RachR Asmr 22 days ago

    *Hey love, what size did you get in the black ribbed long sleeve t?*

  • Robbie Curbo
    Robbie Curbo 22 days ago

    So glad to see you! I’m loving the AB foundation. Btw you look fabulous 💕

  • Alexandra Pastoreková

    We missed you. Happy you‘re back!

  • Colour Poppy
    Colour Poppy 22 days ago

    I’ve missed your videos. I hope you’re well!

  • Anne Marie leopaldi
    Anne Marie leopaldi 22 days ago

    Glad to see you back ❤️🥰

  • Olya Lytvynenko
    Olya Lytvynenko 22 days ago

    Finally, missed you so much, my beauty routine with you turn in chat with bestie.

  • Amanda Love
    Amanda Love 22 days ago

    Thank you for sharing ❤️

  • Evelyn Stone
    Evelyn Stone 22 days ago

    Your eye makeup is always so beautiful. You have such large beautiful eyes for these looks.

  • Elizabeth Lovebird
    Elizabeth Lovebird 23 days ago

    You are so beautiful ❤️

  • Rosa María Vélez
    Rosa María Vélez 23 days ago

    Happy to have you back. You look so beautiful. ❤️

  • Paulina Cordova
    Paulina Cordova 23 days ago

    Was so excited to see you back on TVclip!😊😊 Def want to try the urban decay foundation, but i first have to use the Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation (i know totally late to the party) i just bought. Also very excited to see your August favorites. And hopefully your current skincare routine 😬😬 could definitely use your insights on how to pair my products.

  • Rosie Bess
    Rosie Bess 23 days ago

    I love seeing your video pop up in my feed!! Those shoes 😍

  • Alisa Sepe
    Alisa Sepe 23 days ago

    ❤️❤️❤️the shoes

  • Linda Laverdure
    Linda Laverdure 23 days ago

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  • Frompradatomomma
    Frompradatomomma 23 days ago

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  • Christine Mack
    Christine Mack 23 days ago

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  • lethopefloat
    lethopefloat 23 days ago

    What is your favorite foundation ever?

    • lethopefloat
      lethopefloat 16 days ago

      @Brianna Stanko Thank you! Out of curiosity, do you think Alima Pure Sedona would work for fair-light skin tones? Have you ever tried the shade lighter as bronzer? Thank you!

    • Brianna Stanko
      Brianna Stanko 16 days ago

      still Osmosis Satin Foundation ;)

  • EricOrlando
    EricOrlando 23 days ago

    ❤️ missed your videos!

  • Shabrea Street
    Shabrea Street 23 days ago

    Hey Brianna, I bought the new Anastasia foundation, and I love it!!!

  • Graciela Frias
    Graciela Frias 23 days ago

    OMG!!!... I was just wondering where have ya been!!! Missed ya ❤️

  • joe Williams
    joe Williams 23 days ago

    Hi Brianna, sending love and good wishes. xoxo roseingeorgia