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  • Cyrus Igono
    Cyrus Igono 3 months ago

    good stuff!

  • Clarence Spangle
    Clarence Spangle 6 months ago

    *卐 “As soon as egoism becomes the ruler of a people, the bands of order are loosened and in the pursuit of their own happiness men fall from heaven into a real hell.”--Mein Kampf 卐*

  • Matter?
    Matter? 8 months ago

    Why you guys deleted the video? She said nothing bad, put it back! All these idiots, when she said "no borders no barriers" she meant we all should unite, not exactly like we should get rid of borders or securities. People are awful!, put the video back!

    • Matter?
      Matter? 7 months ago

      Who said about uniting with bad people? how about we all (doesn't matter the religion, people who believe in peace) just unite against all those stupid psychos! We (every country) just need to think beyond ourselves, if we really do that, unite and fight against them, they cant do shit! but no one cares about anyone!

    • Kenny Powers
      Kenny Powers 8 months ago

      Go unite and hug the guy strapped with a bomb. Let us know how that turns out snowflake!

  • Kenny Powers
    Kenny Powers 8 months ago

    Cowards! Disabling the comment section on the Katy Perry video is shameful! Keeping your head in the sand won't make it go away...

  • AusTraLiaNPsyChO
    AusTraLiaNPsyChO 8 months ago

    What a vacant piece of human refuse you are. Disable comments so as to not have to hear the commentary on your stupid comments with regards to a terrorist act. You fit right in that echo chamber of an industry you so enjoy.

  • ShowalterdontlikeME
    ShowalterdontlikeME 8 months ago

    Just watched Katy Perry video. What a glib, shallow, bastard you are.

  • mookie
    mookie 8 months ago

    Comments are disabled for this video. What a loser. You people worship death. Can't coexist with violent extremists.

  • Jerry Twinkletits
    Jerry Twinkletits 8 months ago

    You sorry cunts disabled comments on that Katy Perry video because you're afraid to hear the voice of the people. You want to obscure the truth. Shame on you shills.

  • IsaHerr8
    IsaHerr8 2 years ago

    I want to see all the All Time Low videos you have, kthanksbye :)

  • Star Struck ThirtySix

    one lonely comment later..........