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Never Doing This Again.
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My Pink VAULT Closet Tour
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  • Plethora Beauty18
    Plethora Beauty18 7 hours ago

    So, is it just me or did anyone else wonder why he isn’t doing a giveaway?? You just bought a multimillion dollar home and own a rapidly expanding makeup mecca. Do you really think we believe you need the money 🤔. You always talk about how much you love your followers, why not give them something that they could actually treasure and value. Just a thought.

  • Karalee Campos
    Karalee Campos 7 hours ago

    Girl I love how you just throw your stuff in the basket like you don’t care

  • Chloe Joy
    Chloe Joy 7 hours ago

    Your eyes are so pretty (just saying)🙃

  • Akari Chan
    Akari Chan 7 hours ago


  • Bidney Bloe
    Bidney Bloe 7 hours ago

    Just one of that jacket cost 12,500

  • Emily Mckinlay
    Emily Mckinlay 7 hours ago

    I cannot believe that there are people who have this much garbage in there house. ):

  • Michelle Denver
    Michelle Denver 7 hours ago

    Wow. One outfit would get me a new running car. That's just crazy. I've never seen anything like this. But glad you will be able to breath and enjoy your new endeavors

  • Débora Karan
    Débora Karan 7 hours ago


  • Wei Ken
    Wei Ken 7 hours ago

    are you girl or boy?

  • Adventari Egi Liniata Sianturi

    Nate eyes seeing jeffree.. I want someone like nate

  • Lexi Isca
    Lexi Isca 7 hours ago

    16:44 OH sHiT iTS a liTtLE cuMMy

  • Candy G.
    Candy G. 7 hours ago

    😹😹😹 ɪ ғᴜᴄᴋɪɴɢ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴘᴇʀsᴏɴᴀʟɪᴛʏ!! Jᴇғғʀᴇᴇ✰

  • Sydnie Lindsay
    Sydnie Lindsay 7 hours ago

    If Jeffree gets another dog he should name it u Gucci

  • Tóth Viktória
    Tóth Viktória 7 hours ago

    Jeffree *forgets to return a $12.500 jacket* Me *looks for a winter jacket for hours because I don't have one and I want to make sure the one I end up buying is perfect in every way and will last for years*

  • TN
    TN 7 hours ago

    "Clone me, bitch" Iconic

  • Lexi Isca
    Lexi Isca 7 hours ago

    14:03 JEsUs

  • Brianna Aldava
    Brianna Aldava 7 hours ago

    PLEASE keep your new house clean !! If not hire me and I’ll clean it for you 😜

  • Creepytoknow Right
    Creepytoknow Right 7 hours ago

    Damn you are so freaking beautiful I love you!!!!

  • Viviana Tapia
    Viviana Tapia 8 hours ago

    Why is he or she Sound and act like Shane dawson

  • alicia alonzo
    alicia alonzo 8 hours ago

    bruh nate is so hot and i’m so jealous

  • Gucci Horse
    Gucci Horse 8 hours ago

    Shane hoodie

  • Liam Garcia
    Liam Garcia 8 hours ago

    Jeffree Star making everyone feel poor for 19 minutes straight

  • Jodie Mitchell
    Jodie Mitchell 8 hours ago

    Him scared moneys gonna go away, me knowing my moneys going away no matter what every day 👍🏻👌🏻🙏🏻

  • Gerald Flores
    Gerald Flores 8 hours ago


  • Kiana Gonzalez
    Kiana Gonzalez 8 hours ago

    just bought this i’m so excited to slayyyy

  • Lexi Isca
    Lexi Isca 8 hours ago

    6:28 BiTCh

  • Plynns P.
    Plynns P. 8 hours ago

    How is he able to ovulate if hes a Male? Was it a joke?

  • Alexandra Shumovskaya

    Jeffree just shredded many-many layers of his very expensive very shiny skin to start even more magical New Beginning.

  • Tam Tam
    Tam Tam 8 hours ago

    I'm moving in 5 days into a brand new house, my first home purchase. I don't feel so stressed or overwhelmed now seeing that you have to pak SO MUCH STUFF😁 I've been stressing for weeks, giving away stuff, packing and moving boxes to storage. It's only my daughter and myself, mostly me doing the packing and moving boxes (and her dad helping, we're divorced👍🏼). We're excited for a new start and our own forever home with our 6 pitty furbabies😊

  • Douglas Orbit
    Douglas Orbit 8 hours ago

    Jeffree just finished building that beautiful closet now he's moving!! Wtf!! His new house is stunning tho!

  • bury me with my books

    “If your significant other won’t show your phone... :/“ “Run” “RUN” *RUUUUUUUUUUN*

  • Ashleigh Emma
    Ashleigh Emma 8 hours ago

    But where in Europe did you go, Europe’s huge full of different countries? Like did you go to Germany, Spain, the UK??

  • Gabriel I
    Gabriel I 8 hours ago

    Jeffree can you and Nate be my dads? I mean I know in 19 and an adult but 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Phoebe’s Fun Channel

    That was 10 years ago you look nice now I subbed sorry about that 😞😞😞

  • Kendall Spring
    Kendall Spring 8 hours ago

    i just have to say it even though you already know.......your outfit is ridiculously cute, i literally paused the video cause i cant stop looking at it. lmao

  • BLUV tv
    BLUV tv 8 hours ago

    Wow 😮 so much stuff for one person

  • teri qanyi
    teri qanyi 8 hours ago

    ......... DNA Samples, clone me beech

  • Kenneth Gray
    Kenneth Gray 8 hours ago

    What's funny is thinking about how the shot from inside the box was just staged for the video and they obviously reopened it and took the camera back out after lol

  • anakah stewart
    anakah stewart 8 hours ago

    And that's when jeffree was introduced to that shivering white powder foundation

  • Emu Duckie
    Emu Duckie 8 hours ago

    “*my skins attached*” When I say I was rolling on the ground 😂

  • Savage blood
    Savage blood 8 hours ago

    jeffree: *buys literally the whole shops*

  • Emu Duckie
    Emu Duckie 8 hours ago

    It’s almost 2020 and Shane hasn’t died yet sooooo...

  • Quentin Delaney
    Quentin Delaney 8 hours ago

    “Let’s see if we can cover up my dark circles and anxiety” MOOD THE HOUSE

  • SerenadingSiren
    SerenadingSiren 8 hours ago

    Jeffree: “Omg! Custom Gucci boots! I’ll never get rid of these, I’m just gonna put them here because I have nowhere to put them.” Also Jeffree: *entering the 18th closet in the house to pull clothes*

  • Smile Smith
    Smile Smith 8 hours ago

    “Is that a fish bowl?” “No uhhh it’s actually just a 5 ft bong” 😂😂😂🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • max denos
    max denos 8 hours ago

    AlL I wAnT fOR cHrisTmAS iS YoU To StoP CurSinG

  • Binit Mathews
    Binit Mathews 8 hours ago

    Jeff, please send me some too. I'll keep it as an art.

  • Bridget McDonald
    Bridget McDonald 8 hours ago

    The last blockbuster is in Bend Oregon!!!

  • bing bong
    bing bong 8 hours ago

    Jeffree Star's next video about to be: *"Revealing my even BIGGER PINK VAULT"*

  • Layla Davidson
    Layla Davidson 8 hours ago

    And this is how jefree star stays rich!

  • Trinity Gallaher
    Trinity Gallaher 8 hours ago

    Awh I'm LIVING for the casual Nate content

  • Annette Breton
    Annette Breton 8 hours ago

    PROUD of YOU!! It takes guts to let go of all that stunning apparel!! Good for you Jeff. Simplifying and cleansing your enviro, just in time for your new digs. Can hardly wait to see it. So many memories here though, it’s ok to get emotional- part of your life is there. Thanks for letting us in to your private life. Love your babies! Good luck! 🥰🐕💋

  • Claiclai D.
    Claiclai D. 8 hours ago

    Jeffree and Nate are soooo sweet 😍😍😍😍.. I wish I have a relationship like theirs

  • MandyLuv👠🎙
    MandyLuv👠🎙 8 hours ago

    There are so many emotions hitting me in this one video alone. - But I can feel you're ready to let go & starting a new chapter. I am wishing you the best! Also so many beautiful things, no doubt they will sell well! & saying goodbye to a beautiful home & hello to the New. ~<3~

  • M S
    M S 8 hours ago

    I legit love you but my eyes literally got stuck in my head when you said Hermès spoon

  • Patty Drouillard
    Patty Drouillard 8 hours ago

    Me: broke with 3 kids trying to make ends meet.... Jeffrey: $12,500 of one clothes just sitting in the closet forgotten... Glad he’s so successful you wanna spread some my way 😅

  • Rey Paniagua
    Rey Paniagua 8 hours ago

    Hermosos....saludos desde monterrey nl mexico..x favor mandame saludos soy fan tuya...los amo

  • Coleens Valcorza
    Coleens Valcorza 8 hours ago

    Jeffree making me feel poor in a good way hahaha

  • cooper binion
    cooper binion 8 hours ago

    jeffree said its hot out and hes wearing trackies and a jumper excues my slang im aussie 🇦🇺

  • 69dconway
    69dconway 8 hours ago

    I totally understand why he bought all those items. From being broke and afraid of going back w nothing. Was his 'security blanket' "If I'm going broke again? This shits coming w me!" It's a fear. Im broke af n would do same thing too. So I get it. Im happy for him.

  • Lacey Hays
    Lacey Hays 8 hours ago

    you’re not going to see this, but just so ya know there’s a video on TVclip that was made of the house you’re purchasing about 4 or 5 years ago that has now resurfaced and the title of the video is literally the address of the house.

  • Kelsee Bryant
    Kelsee Bryant 8 hours ago

    My impulse buy: a $5 drink from Starbucks Jeffrees impulse buy: Gucci

  • Mrs_All_ American
    Mrs_All_ American 8 hours ago

    The North Pole Blockbuster closed down, but I think the one in Fairbanks is still open! Love from Alaska <3

  • Fuyukai UWU
    Fuyukai UWU 8 hours ago

    Imagine being the next person to live here and finding a closet full of designer brands that Jeffree forgot existed.

  • BK33
    BK33 8 hours ago

    I’m scared

  • Reagan Sipiorski
    Reagan Sipiorski 8 hours ago

    Jeffree: spends millions on a pink vault and more things Also Jeffree: sells house and gets rid of everything

  • Inez Buffalo
    Inez Buffalo 8 hours ago

    You're a beautiful person don't listen to fake people.💖💖

  • P2IDE
    P2IDE 8 hours ago

    My baby cousin was born on this day

  • Bea Constantino
    Bea Constantino 8 hours ago

    Please make a giveaway!!! Hahaha

  • Lord Gremlin
    Lord Gremlin 8 hours ago

    Absolutely noone: Jeffree Star: "clone me bitch"

  • bing bong
    bing bong 8 hours ago

    How do I become Jeffree Star's assistant. I will do anything.

  • kihatemylifek
    kihatemylifek 8 hours ago

    me pergunto o do pq o TVclip me recomendar esse vídeo, ok.

  • BrandyAnn Wildman
    BrandyAnn Wildman 8 hours ago

    If you’ve never seen the x files don’t talk to me *me realizing he won’t talk to me now* 😂😂

  • Oliver The Chinchilla

    i wiah i had like 3 of jeffree’a purses so I could pay off my medical school loans 🤣

  • Eat & Beat
    Eat & Beat 8 hours ago

    Xoxo wishing luck and prosperity at your new home Jeffrey ❤️ anyone who is willing to subscribe a support a small youtube channel? please and thank you

  • gacha life stormieUWU


  • Aayesha Khan
    Aayesha Khan 8 hours ago

    I have watched this over 50 times now. ❤️❤️

  • Oliver The Chinchilla

    js: we’re moving! me: BUT THE VAULT CLOSET JUST GOT FINISHED also me: hmmmm if the house is on the market... maybe the vault closet could be mine.....

  • Madison Hensley
    Madison Hensley 8 hours ago

    I love this journey! I can’t wait to see more

  • annabelle Reda
    annabelle Reda 8 hours ago

    the fact that jefree kept one of shane's hoodies in a designer closet.

  • normandie Kniola
    normandie Kniola 8 hours ago

    “I need some water and a Red Bull and a hit.. and a kiss.” 😂😂😅 I freaking cant but I love Jeffree!

  • Lisa Biesterfeld
    Lisa Biesterfeld 8 hours ago

    I wish you two a wonderful new start!!! .make memories 🥰🥰🥰

  • ________holly
    ________holly 8 hours ago

    I love The Real Real. I am a frequent buyer and seller. Went to their pop up shop in Vegas. Super friendly employees and customer service! 🎈 Id love to buy one of your LV pieces.

  • Brenda Jayden
    Brenda Jayden 8 hours ago

    Where can I go and enjoy the donated clothes?

  • Huffle Puffle
    Huffle Puffle 8 hours ago

    kinda really want Nate to start his own channel cause his bromance with chris is everything

  • John Eric
    John Eric 8 hours ago

    Jeffree STAR being rich for 19 minutes.

  • Evelyn Tang
    Evelyn Tang 8 hours ago

    When he attempted to blur it but showed it at 14:12 anyway

  • Kookieed
    Kookieed 8 hours ago

    bitch im telling you jeffree is horny af in this video

  • tiffany pollack
    tiffany pollack 8 hours ago

    Seeing jeffery as a boy just uh scares meh

  • Gem Magat
    Gem Magat 8 hours ago

    Jeffrees hands are therapeutic. Fight me 😔🤚🏻

  • Bea & Geeky Jesse Diary

    Can i have one of your gucci or celíne bag Jeffree?? 😍😍😭😭

  • Cydney M
    Cydney M 8 hours ago

    If you’re comparing Jeffree’s life to yours. Just remember! We all start somewhere! Keep dreaming big and succeeding! You got this!

  • Jess Lanting
    Jess Lanting 8 hours ago

    Omg such amazing clothes would die lol

  • Geena Greybull
    Geena Greybull 8 hours ago

    It's weird seeing Jeffree with short nails! Anyone else? ⬇️

  • Julie Boucher
    Julie Boucher 8 hours ago


  • C W
    C W 8 hours ago

    "Tarte's like 'yay we're not the worst'" lol! Hilarious. Jeffree, you look so beautiful in full makeup, but I will say it's a shame how the foundation covers up your cute beauty marks. They're so lovely, you should try to keep them uncovered. xo

  • ClairePlays Games
    ClairePlays Games 9 hours ago

    they are the best representation of gay couple EVER

  • Andrew Sanchez
    Andrew Sanchez 9 hours ago

    So where we donating this clothes ? LMAO

  • laura reid
    laura reid 9 hours ago

    Your highlight is BANGING!!!

  • Oksana B
    Oksana B 9 hours ago

    I love Nicole .bahd babie, and keep up with all things her, but, I’m disappointed she seemed like she either didn’t know sh about her own products, or just didn’t give a sh. 😫 the blush palette tho, I agree... looks good !!! U should’ve done a west test, Jeffree, lol. See how long it lasts 🙏🥴