B is for Build
B is for Build
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  • extended range techmetal
    extended range techmetal 25 minutes ago

    awwwww <3 congratz

  • Spesial Program
    Spesial Program 30 minutes ago


  • Heifetz C
    Heifetz C 30 minutes ago

    So now here’s the question When will we get a c for a child?

    BOOSTED_PHOTOGRAPHY 31 minute ago


  • PG Scirocco 16v
    PG Scirocco 16v 36 minutes ago

    It’s about time👰🤵

  • كُــتمان .
    كُــتمان . 39 minutes ago

    Congratulations have a nice life 😍🤍.

  • Abri Van Wyk
    Abri Van Wyk 39 minutes ago


  • Steve Boucher
    Steve Boucher 40 minutes ago

    Congrats Chris and Chelsea!

  • Brett DiMichele Studios

    *Congrats* Chris and Chelsea! Oscar did a great job! :)

  • sinnexz
    sinnexz 41 minute ago

    damn :*)

  • Simon Acosta
    Simon Acosta 41 minute ago

    I'm literally crying! Never seen before on this channel.

  • Brian Strang
    Brian Strang 41 minute ago

    she wasnt from before.. but ok? plan A an B wasnt that long ago to me!

  • phil childress
    phil childress 42 minutes ago

    Congrats to you both!!

  • EvanJayAwesome
    EvanJayAwesome 43 minutes ago

    that's awesome. soooooooo happy for the two of you

  • Jacob Staples
    Jacob Staples 45 minutes ago

    Your best post yet! Congrats!

  • tip me over
    tip me over 46 minutes ago


  • Kuldeep Giri
    Kuldeep Giri 50 minutes ago

    i always thought you guys were married until now LOL

  • Steven Berchtold
    Steven Berchtold 51 minute ago

    Wonderful. Congrats to the both of you

  • JW Mortorsport
    JW Mortorsport 51 minute ago


  • Its me Chrispy
    Its me Chrispy 55 minutes ago

    I'm not crying, you're crying.... Congrats, you two! If you want someone to marry you, I'm a pastor and a huge fan of the show. Just saying.

  • Jesse Allen
    Jesse Allen 57 minutes ago

    Congratulations you two!

  • claus kristensen
    claus kristensen 57 minutes ago

    congrats guys :-D

  • Js S
    Js S 58 minutes ago

    Congrats! I got engaged a year ago and got married this month, November 2nd. I was also with my now wife for 5 years. It’s all worth it bud. Before you know it, You’ll be married and you’ll ask where time has gone. Congrats again

  • Paul Kline
    Paul Kline 59 minutes ago

    Congrats guys.

    -KMVIDEOS- 59 minutes ago

    Congrats man! Well done

  • Rafał Jarema
    Rafał Jarema Hour ago


  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia Hour ago

    Congratulations Chris!! Hope everything goes well for you both!!

  • Lucas Torget
    Lucas Torget Hour ago


  • Kyle Phillips
    Kyle Phillips Hour ago

    Congrats guys!

  • PRAZGZS -etagnroht

    Congratulations! God bless!

  • Shumba Garo
    Shumba Garo Hour ago

    Half of everything u own now belongs to her even if she or u wants out 2mrw . I really wish the best , its just that marriage is worth it for men this day and age

  • Carsten Pedersen

    About time.. Congratulations you two. 👍👍❤️❤️

  • Macken D
    Macken D Hour ago

    Congratulations Chris! Youre the Man. Wish you really to live happily ever after ;-)

  • Daniel Korn
    Daniel Korn Hour ago

    Next episode: B is for Baby... Including lots of AN fittings, oil changes, and fabrication. Stay tuned.

  • Infamous Smithy
    Infamous Smithy Hour ago

    Massive congratulations to you both so pleased for you

  • Bryan Bennett
    Bryan Bennett Hour ago

    Congrats, Chris! Super happy for the two of you!

  • daniel ferrara
    daniel ferrara Hour ago

    the best couple ever. I wish you the best of the best

  • Thomas Watters
    Thomas Watters Hour ago

    C is for congrats. N is for nice lambo.

  • Usman Haider
    Usman Haider Hour ago


  • Michael S.
    Michael S. Hour ago

    Congrats Chris !! Great parallel event, wow that must’ve been a stressful few weeks. Waiting for the next build !!

  • KevB
    KevB Hour ago

    Congrats..... Lovin the boat theme...... I proposed to my wife on the Maid of the mist in Niagara..... Awesome job...

  • Mad21Equynox
    Mad21Equynox Hour ago

    Congratulations! B is for baby? :D

  • Julius Kwak
    Julius Kwak Hour ago

    It's it just me or do all of his projects go like this: 1. Hey guys, I got a plan! 2. Okay, the plan backfired! 3. Guys, I'm running out of time! I have to make this work!

  • Aaron Zeph Cabebe

    Looks Like a replica

  • MNgigman
    MNgigman Hour ago


    UJJ VDM Hour ago

    Congratulations all the way from South Africa!! Come here for a proper game drive!

  • Javier Alvarez
    Javier Alvarez Hour ago

    Brooooo now that’s a ring!!! Congrats!!!!🎊 🎊🎊👍

  • Allen's Garage
    Allen's Garage Hour ago

    Congrats guys!

  • Raukawa Palmer-Merritt

    Grats on the B is for Bride my dude.

  • Dirceu Corsetti
    Dirceu Corsetti Hour ago

    Dude built a whole car for sema just so he could fake a celebration to give his girlfriend a proposal. That's a keeper.

  • Awesome Games
    Awesome Games Hour ago

    So happy for you guys! Looking forward to seeing the wedding video!

  • Cory Dekanek
    Cory Dekanek Hour ago

    What kind of evil people would dislike such a wholesome video? Sheesh. Congrats Chris and Chelsea!

  • kenlude97
    kenlude97 Hour ago


  • Modfyd GARAGE
    Modfyd GARAGE Hour ago

    As much work as Chelsea put in, 3+ karat ring was of necessity! Congrats! 🎉🎈🍾

  • Darren Geary
    Darren Geary Hour ago

    So happy for you two. fucking tears in my eyes.

  • William Nash
    William Nash Hour ago


  • nmakris2004
    nmakris2004 Hour ago


  • David Wade
    David Wade Hour ago

    Congratulations to you both. All the best for the future and thank for you sharing your moment with us all

  • Ryan Schreinert
    Ryan Schreinert Hour ago

    Congrats !!! Building cars and families like a pro! Haha

  • Robert Evans
    Robert Evans Hour ago

    Congrats you two💕

  • Clark
    Clark Hour ago

    I'm not crying, you are! CONGRATS

  • Matt Kessler
    Matt Kessler Hour ago


  • elliott Dalton
    elliott Dalton Hour ago

    im not crying, your crying!

  • Kevin Garrett
    Kevin Garrett Hour ago

    Dude! Nice job on the ring, it's beautiful! Congrats to you both!

  • Richard Dortch
    Richard Dortch Hour ago

    ABOUT DAMN TIME MAN!!!! I'm SO happy for you guys! Here's to the rest of your lives together.

  • Jeremiah School
    Jeremiah School Hour ago


  • John P
    John P Hour ago

    congratulations on hitching her burden to your mule

  • James Sanford
    James Sanford Hour ago


  • Lethal Timing
    Lethal Timing Hour ago

    You guys are so cute! Congrats brother 👍

  • Ted Milonski
    Ted Milonski Hour ago

    I had a dream that Chelsea proposed to you at SEMA. 'Bout damn time, congrats.

  • HatimB
    HatimB Hour ago

    Congrats! Wishing you a life full of health, wealth, prosperity, and happiness 🥂

  • Oliver Y. - Oy Hardis

    Next Chapter : B is for Baby's :)

  • thesampson
    thesampson Hour ago

    man the 228 people who thumbs down'ed this video are heartless bastards

  • Jose E Alvarado
    Jose E Alvarado Hour ago


  • tidus2244
    tidus2244 Hour ago

    🤔Is there a way I can like this video twice😁

  • Ichiban Noodles
    Ichiban Noodles Hour ago

    Congrats !! All the best !!!!!!

  • Charles Coby
    Charles Coby Hour ago

    Congratulations 🎉

  • Vann Dwight Edralin

    Why don't u build a 70s-90s muscle car and put a lambo engine in it or any other supercar engine. That might be cool

  • Jay's Eye View
    Jay's Eye View Hour ago

    Is it a coincidence that I got an ad for a company that designs rings? I think not

  • robert vega
    robert vega Hour ago

    i thought you will be building a ring..

  • Chris Baines
    Chris Baines Hour ago

    Cheers bruv congratulations to both of you💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💯💯💯💯

  • Brendan Donovan
    Brendan Donovan 2 hours ago

    I asked my wife at the Moscow circus about 4 yrs ago

  • Francesco Giuseppe Barretta

    Best build bro!!!

  • Scott Lovejoy
    Scott Lovejoy 2 hours ago

    Congrats guys! Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Charles Kennedy Hilario

    Man genuinely almost got me into tears....... .

  • Floortile83
    Floortile83 2 hours ago

    "Ok, now let me propose again for the thumbnail" lol. Congrats, Chris!

  • Rafael Vazquez
    Rafael Vazquez 2 hours ago

    I’ve had close friends get engaged and I’ve not been this emotional

  • Richie Affonso
    Richie Affonso 2 hours ago

    Congratulations to the both of you. Quick story for you. I just turned 40 October 1st. My wife and I have been together for almost 18yrs. We just got married Sept 1 2018. 😝😁

  • udovdh
    udovdh 2 hours ago


  • jojo bs74
    jojo bs74 2 hours ago

    Im gonna watch as many ads as you need to! We all have enough time for some ads in our life. You deserve all of this!

  • Jacob Johnson
    Jacob Johnson 2 hours ago

    Congrats Chris! I also built my wife's ring. Picked out the ring, shank, and band, and had a custom jeweler assemble it. Way better than picking one off the shelf!

  • William Strickland
    William Strickland 2 hours ago

    Next is b is for baby

  • Qays Uchiha
    Qays Uchiha 2 hours ago

    Congrats !!!!! 💪💪💪❤

  • James Allen
    James Allen 2 hours ago

    Congratulations, wish you both all the best for the future.

  • PurpleVacca
    PurpleVacca 2 hours ago

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And i wish you goodluck for your future and the future of the channel ❤❤❤

  • Steve Jackson
    Steve Jackson 2 hours ago

    Awesomeness congratulations to you both

  • Phoenix 5418
    Phoenix 5418 2 hours ago

    Wow man you did spectacular on the proposal im so happy for you

  • Joe Ziegler
    Joe Ziegler 2 hours ago

    Congrats Y’all!! So happy for you!!

  • Malith Wijesekara
    Malith Wijesekara 2 hours ago

    Congratulations both of you...!!!

  • Darren Swails
    Darren Swails 2 hours ago

    BIFB 2021: welcome to the next episode of BIFB we are welcoming our new son Aston Lamborghini in to the world. Congratulations on the engagement 👍👍