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  • kizzimom
    kizzimom 6 months ago

    Here I'm a cat

  • Elskates
    Elskates 6 months ago

    That was a wonderful Catathon today, 6-24-18 <3

  • MT Promises
    MT Promises 10 months ago

    Why would you disable the chat for such a heartwarming stream? Anyways God Bless, I was moved enough to come here and say that. Peace.

  • Olle Werner
    Olle Werner Year ago

    Wishlist: a daily close-up-stream of about 15 minutes would be good for the viewer base, similar to what Kitten Academy does. Ie. going thru the rooms, introducing the kittens waiting for adaption, vet and medical stories, ie. a summary of the day. Does not need to be live, just daily uploads.

  • Delta Nine
    Delta Nine Year ago

    Thank you for all you do for these lovely cats! I notice a couple of the adult cats appear to be wobbly on their feet. Wondering if they are getting over anesthesia? I enjoy looking in and wishing the cats and their caretakers well. Thanks again and happy new year! :-) Jen

  • leeann cornell
    leeann cornell Year ago

    Love you all and hugs to you two legged and four legged. I share your lovely kitties with everyone on my youtube account and FB account

  • Jeff Baker
    Jeff Baker Year ago

    It's really nice that you take care of those cats.

    LEWBETH 6 years ago


  • Xander Taylor
    Xander Taylor 6 years ago

    Big hugs for (((Derecho))) a brave, little fighter and for (((Bravo))) a patient, good-hearted boy. Love and kisses to all the other kitties.

  • FOFRescueCenter
    FOFRescueCenter 6 years ago

    To find videos outside their group, click Videos at the top instead of Featured and then look by date.

  • Barbara Cofer
    Barbara Cofer 6 years ago

    Cute decoration on the page.

  • Mudjie50
    Mudjie50 7 years ago

    Thanks for the postings! Good way to catch up or just remenise(sic)....