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  • The African Pro
    The African Pro 12 hours ago

    How did you get the original video into the green screen in the first place?

  • SportLeo
    SportLeo 3 days ago


  • Cucuyo Cuyo
    Cucuyo Cuyo 4 days ago

    What is the name of the minute 0:52?

  • Phonney
    Phonney 4 days ago

    0:05 do fearless bruh

  • creaper3 pvp
    creaper3 pvp 6 days ago

    This is all the sound effects i need in 1

  • Notis Btw
    Notis Btw 7 days ago

    Can you sub me pls I want some subs😕

  • Zac Smith
    Zac Smith 8 days ago


  • DXD Bladed
    DXD Bladed 8 days ago

    Times like this I wonder how this gets on the recommendation and I’m over here trying for dear life xD

  • The Zer0w
    The Zer0w 8 days ago

    jak odstraním to zelené ? od toho memu?

  • 1000 sub bez filmów

    Thank, you

  • mtik man
    mtik man 10 days ago

    Я один тут русский?

  • ShiFt Adrian
    ShiFt Adrian 11 days ago

    Are they safe for my phone

  • Storm Rat
    Storm Rat 12 days ago


  • Evan Rothenbacher
    Evan Rothenbacher 12 days ago

    You know, I was going to say thanks for doing this so we didn't have to; but then you went and made all of the audio files m4a files. You monster

  • Titanuak
    Titanuak 12 days ago


  • hi
    hi 14 days ago


  • Funny Fudge
    Funny Fudge 17 days ago

    Here’s are rare one you can never find in the wild... *epic power action breakbeat - pandocrator*

  • Пажилая Скумбрия

    2:37 how is this meme called?

  • ProMan
    ProMan 18 days ago

    0:45 what music?

  • XxAgentNuBzxX
    XxAgentNuBzxX 19 days ago

    Thx u just just gave me more ideas for mah video

  • Hatsumi Rose
    Hatsumi Rose 19 days ago

    Omg thank u

  • Guido Cerbito
    Guido Cerbito 20 days ago

    The guy raging is Danny g

  • Mr. Peeter
    Mr. Peeter 20 days ago

    hello , I m from Brasil i like to know if your channel its monetized

  • Mortal MOD
    Mortal MOD 21 day ago

    It is no copyright

    ProGAMER DOMMSDAY 21 day ago

    0:40 wait isn’t that totally blue screen I am unsbubbing bro

  • Rocky
    Rocky 21 day ago

    this shit reminds me of the 'mlg songs lmao'

    REAPER 22 days ago

    2:06 god bless him

  • FlamerZEdits
    FlamerZEdits 22 days ago

    me: sees this, subs, me a second later, TIME TO MAKE 1 MILLION MEME VIDEOS AHAHAH

  • Pur3_UG
    Pur3_UG 23 days ago

    Nice video man, Improve like me :)

    • Caddy
      Caddy 22 days ago


  • Zensei
    Zensei 24 days ago

    And what about montages music. ??

  • Mr. Stark
    Mr. Stark 25 days ago

    2:37 Wtf was that🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • BAPEmeAcake
    BAPEmeAcake 25 days ago


  • Speedy22RO
    Speedy22RO 25 days ago

    Love your videos!

    • Caddy
      Caddy 25 days ago

      Thanks so much! I appreciate it <3

  • Speedy22RO
    Speedy22RO 25 days ago

    You should have some more likes and viewers, you are doing a very good job! I subbed and liked the video!

    • Caddy
      Caddy 25 days ago

      Thanks! I need to upload more to have more viewers xD

  • The Everything
    The Everything 26 days ago

    The Dislike Is The people Didn't Get What They Want

  • Crow TV
    Crow TV 26 days ago

    1:55 Best microfone Ever

    • Eder Benavides
      Eder Benavides 5 days ago

      Crow TV something about this comment made me burst out laughing

    • No Name
      No Name 7 days ago

      @Syink agreed xD

    • Syink
      Syink 8 days ago

      Microphone* stupid

  • Fallin Freak
    Fallin Freak 27 days ago

    How to remove back ground

    • Caddy
      Caddy 27 days ago

      use a ultra key/colour key in editing software

    GAMERS NOOB 27 days ago


  • HentaiLover69
    HentaiLover69 28 days ago

    "fOr CeEdY/AnThOnYpIt1" everyone that else that uses 4K downloader

  • Lazerrr_kittens
    Lazerrr_kittens 29 days ago

    1:53 I mean I guess that ones funny but god sometimes I wanna go up to the person that screamed like that and slap them in the face cuz that is earrape at its finest

  • Price gaming
    Price gaming Month ago

    3:33 my life every time I rush a defult Aka fake defult

  • a person
    a person Month ago

    0:41 It says green screen but proceeds to be blue

    • Michael
      Michael Day ago

      It doesn't Matter tho, you can still use it as a "green" screen

    • Lina
      Lina 14 days ago

      @SECRET Jpeg r/wooooshwith4os

    • Joint x
      Joint x 14 days ago

      tis called a chroma key my good sir

    • SECRET Jpeg
      SECRET Jpeg 22 days ago

      @Lina r/wooosh*

  • BRN Byron
    BRN Byron Month ago

    *fade had entered the chat*

  • jvn.
    jvn. Month ago

    choke on my peen!

  • Mansa ZzSlitherzZ


  • Lil Poppy Hot Ni**a

    So this is how I make memes

  • Dr.Mello
    Dr.Mello Month ago

    The favorite part 0:20

  • Halid Serifovic
    Halid Serifovic Month ago

    0:40 title Green screen me:'ses blue screen also me:this is avenders level treat

  • ToxicFin
    ToxicFin Month ago

    0:17 is what i needed

  • Fire Demon Suites


  • INeedToStartStudying

    I nees the girl saying YEET

  • NICEツ
    NICEツ Month ago

    Поставте лайк пусть амереканцы думают что я что то крутое написал

    • NICEツ
      NICEツ Month ago

      @Danfront эх жаль

    • Danfront
      Danfront Month ago

      А вот и нет

  • logicking 17
    logicking 17 Month ago

    Your awesome

  • GaUtAm ThApA
    GaUtAm ThApA Month ago

    Love you man

    • Caddy
      Caddy Month ago

      thanks ;)

  • Pixel Gun 3D Vietnam

    Omg 0:49 is what i need

  • Abhishek Dubey
    Abhishek Dubey Month ago

    0:39 is he a special secret agent?

  • Spooky Isaac
    Spooky Isaac Month ago

    whats good

  • pink potato
    pink potato Month ago

    3:37 its what I needed

  • Fatma Ayari
    Fatma Ayari Month ago

    Video funny

  • free memes kids
    free memes kids Month ago

    00:40is that a green screen ??hhh

  • Typurr
    Typurr Month ago

    3:50 is what I needed

  • Ankit Anand
    Ankit Anand Month ago

    You win bro ko

  • Alien Joe
    Alien Joe Month ago

    2:57 is so iconic thank you!

  • pignosis
    pignosis Month ago


  • Vision Lunatic
    Vision Lunatic Month ago

    1:51 lmaoo💀💀💀💀💀💀🤡💀💀💀

  • Cosmic Ivaan
    Cosmic Ivaan Month ago

    2:47 was what I wanted

  • T-Soar
    T-Soar Month ago

    cheers boss

  • Exility
    Exility Month ago


  • Wonderwear121
    Wonderwear121 Month ago

    Thank you sooooo much!

  • TTV_Clawstrike36
    TTV_Clawstrike36 Month ago


  • Floatzy
    Floatzy Month ago

    These are literally the same key binds as Ninja. I used to use them but then I switched and I'm 10x better than before.

  • Teedz
    Teedz Month ago

    im having trouble with green screens can you help

  • Harvey De Sagun 2

    Where is the one where the guy screams "TYGA!"

  • The Fancy Fox
    The Fancy Fox Month ago

    Okay this just popped into my recommendations and I'm so using these in my vids haha

  • Phizz
    Phizz Month ago


  • xCLAPp
    xCLAPp Month ago

    Now it’s time to edit

  • Celebrationss Official

    Where r zombies YAAAA

  • FrogTheBeast
    FrogTheBeast Month ago

    where is VAMBO CAMBO

  • Nugg3t Wiz
    Nugg3t Wiz Month ago

    it says i need to upgarde to premium

    STUNNED Month ago

    Now it’s time to edit 😏 x2

  • Ruxisy
    Ruxisy Month ago

    Not mp3.

  • Telugu Tech&Gaming


  • OME B`
    OME B` Month ago

    Loved it! Thanks for sharing!

  • ResBear IOS
    ResBear IOS Month ago

    First of all…how do I use them?

  • zMissExpert
    zMissExpert Month ago

    NCS at 0:00

  • Bio
    Bio Month ago

    Could you maybe do NoOb3 sound effects please?

  • Bio
    Bio Month ago

    This is AMAZING I’m just sad that some of NoOb3 sound effects are not here but still Amazing

  • AcidChip 649
    AcidChip 649 Month ago

    What about the one when u miss a shot it goes taaaaahhhhh

    • AcidChip 649
      AcidChip 649 Month ago

      WHEEZE tysm

    • WHEEZE
      WHEEZE Month ago

      Search "not to be racist but asian people"

  • The PearTree Lane

    I do green screen on my channel if anyone is interested :)

  • Vaibhav Khatak
    Vaibhav Khatak Month ago

    The best one

  • KJW redmatter
    KJW redmatter Month ago

    Why do you have to be 35 or older tho 😂

  • Khang Nguyen
    Khang Nguyen Month ago

    Us video editor appreciate this Thank you legend

  • Gooted
    Gooted Month ago


    ALFI GEMINI Month ago

    Song? Opening....????????

  • ZariuzTheGreat -PUBGM

    Whats the title of the intro? I love that sound

  • inkalicious
    inkalicious Month ago


  • Fortnite Is ass
    Fortnite Is ass Month ago

    3:08 I thought it said oh hell yeah

  • Mr.Orichalcos
    Mr.Orichalcos Month ago

    I was looking for 2:18. Thank you very much

    • SotraL
      SotraL 8 days ago

      @KevinPra12 fat guy dancing

    • KevinPra12
      KevinPra12 Month ago

      You know that png name?

    • Тим
      Тим Month ago

      I'm too)

  • NETFLIXiano DanySam

    Thank you, this is the best green screen effects pack! 😁😁