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  • Cody Gornall
    Cody Gornall 6 hours ago

    My opinion on the red flag laws I feel that the Democrats would try and do something to jeopardize someone's right just by turning them in just so their guns are confiscated. I think this is a infringement on the Second Amendment and I don't think it's right.

  • Cody Gornall
    Cody Gornall 6 hours ago

    They fired Kelli because she was a conservative and these days conservatives get attacked all the time but when it happens to a Democrat there's no punishment at all!

  • aaron mack
    aaron mack 6 hours ago

    I'm completely fine with Rob Jr. Tropic thunder role I think the majority got what was going on. The people who are upset, are the same that get upset about white folks wearing dreads. Which isn't a black thinking it's a human thing. People just want something to be upset about.

  • Zenkai76
    Zenkai76 6 hours ago

    Phil is back and defending Terrorist, nice way to start the year. The strike wasn't illegal, if it was then all the Strikes that happened under Obama would be. FFS fire your research team so you don't sound so stupid.

  • Lithenton Danarian
    Lithenton Danarian 6 hours ago

    My thoughts on Brexit? As a Brit... just get it fucking over with already.

  • Dr Downtime
    Dr Downtime 6 hours ago

    When ever I see "backlash " I think oh shit someone sneezed again.

  • OmegaSconer
    OmegaSconer 7 hours ago

    None of this shit matters. The average life expectancy is 30'000 days.......think about that, and you sleep a third of them and thats IF you don't die of illness or aren't killed sooner, no matter what youl be dead sooner rather than later and your reality and existence is over, forever......think about that.

  • Cody Gornall
    Cody Gornall 7 hours ago

    I miss watching yout videos Phil. Sorry I've been absent. I blame it all on TVclip.

  • Squirrel
    Squirrel 7 hours ago

    Fml everyone is a snowflake nowadays... nobody can take a joke

  • Jesus Balls
    Jesus Balls 7 hours ago

    Guns were allowed at the rally, just not in the fenced off part where there were speakers. It was the dumbest decision ever made by a governor. Basically it was a cage of 8000 people who could get shot at by anyone and they couldn’t shoot back.

  • Harry Lewis
    Harry Lewis 7 hours ago

    "Largely peaceful"? You can't resist the bias from MSM. Also, please show evidence of extremist groups? I saw videos of minorities and LGBT out in support, not extremists.

  • Matthew Pickard
    Matthew Pickard 7 hours ago

    Didn't wayans dress up as white chicks . I thought both movies were funny but everything is a issue nowadays.

  • Justafollower
    Justafollower 7 hours ago

    Were really gonna get offended and shitty about something that come out got massive, everybody well most know about tropic thunder and we are NOW gonna go for RDJ, fucking go outside and pick up some trash

  • Justafollower
    Justafollower 7 hours ago

    if one person on Twitter with a few followers getting offended can be called a controversy

  • San Martinez
    San Martinez 8 hours ago

    Umm! Just went to Ting. 1 line with 16 GB, with 100 min of talk and 100 text, cost $172. No thanks. I rather keep my $75 Verizon plan for unlimited everything

  • Life of Fox
    Life of Fox 8 hours ago

    Train to Busan 2: Train to Wuhan

  • Osama Isa
    Osama Isa 8 hours ago

    as a Muslim, I like Hollywood movies even tho they make a shit ton of racist jokes about Islam and Arabs I still find it funny cuz I know it's not true ppl nowadays love to bitch about anything because they have no conflict in life and they just want to create one #pplarestupid

  • Samantha Dudgeon
    Samantha Dudgeon 9 hours ago

    Im not happy about Brexit, which we didnt have to leave but its happening now. So i think most people just want it over & done with as we are sick & tired of hearing about it. Im also interested to see how this is going to affect our day to day lives & what costs are going to increase because of it, but I guess thats to come

  • Random Jar
    Random Jar 9 hours ago

    I was wondering from which laboratory this virus has again broken out... deliberately... *hust* erroneously, released into the wild? Accidents, obviously. Every year some new shit comes along. How long are you gonna keep playing dumb with humanity? New drugs and vaccines including nanoparticles for tagging included. High-frequency radiation welcome. - In an article from 2017 the magazine "Nature" reported about the Medical Research Institute of the University of Wuhan, where the laboratory is located. A laboratory in Wuhan is about to be released for work with the most dangerous pathogens in the world. Some scientists outside China fear the escape of pathogens. These fears are well-founded, as such laboratories have already experienced several serious incidents: The SARS virus has escaped several times from high-level containment facilities in Beijing, notes Richard Ebright, a molecular biologist at Rutgers University in Piscataway, New Jersey. The laboratories now handle even more dangerous pathogens such as haemorrhagic fever. This is the case when man must / wants to play God and stand above nature at all costs. Something has been predicted which is now coming to pass and will once again find its origin in China. Until the middle of the 19th century, it was still correctly described: Virus = poison = warfare agent. Bill Gates has already announced a virus of this kind. Just look for it. Gates presented a simulation from the Institute for Disease Modeling that shows how a new type of flu - like the one that killed 50 million people worldwide in 1918 - could kill 30 million people within half a year.

  • 420Effect
    420Effect 9 hours ago


  • Anne Schultz
    Anne Schultz 10 hours ago


  • hwXD
    hwXD 10 hours ago

    Brexit is bad for Ireland, Scotland should have left the UK when they got the chance a few years ago.....

  • Dillon Larche
    Dillon Larche 10 hours ago

    I just dont like how black people can do white face but white people cant do it I think it’s both stupid but the hypocrisy is unreal

  • Mr. Danger Noodle
    Mr. Danger Noodle 10 hours ago

    I was watching some video and this guy added 6 ads to a 10 minute video so I don’t really care about the James Charles situation

  • Mr. Danger Noodle
    Mr. Danger Noodle 10 hours ago

    Why am I just now hearing about this and how is this not as.. popular? (Sorry can’t think of the right word I’m dumb) as the daddy of five situation

  • SaneNoMore
    SaneNoMore 10 hours ago

    Blackface-Whiteface...good night people.. who gives a damn. Grow up.

  • Kristie Pustejovsky
    Kristie Pustejovsky 10 hours ago

    They are not fucking fake you asshole

  • Kristie Pustejovsky
    Kristie Pustejovsky 10 hours ago

    The bitch was silent when it came to that one bookshelf

  • Kristie Pustejovsky
    Kristie Pustejovsky 10 hours ago

    Oh shit you cant fucking push a kid into a bookshelf then say It jUSt a PraNk BrO

  • Kristie Pustejovsky
    Kristie Pustejovsky 10 hours ago

    I fucking hate these parents I'm glad they lost custody of their 2 kids cody and their sister

  • Mizta Shy
    Mizta Shy 10 hours ago

    love tropic thunder - really funny

  • Aoife O'Leary
    Aoife O'Leary 11 hours ago

    Dude, I love this show so much. Happy wishes from Ireland

  • Avi
    Avi 12 hours ago

    My mom never cussed at me so my opinion probably doesn’t that much but jesus,,,, she was screaming at him and he reacted to it like it was normal. Idk it’s jus weird to me.

  • Aftab Ahmed
    Aftab Ahmed 12 hours ago

    That's why the government of Pakistan totally not allowed housemate visas for pakistani womens infect our great General Ayoob he refused to visit Kuwait he said The Kuwait is just a petrol pump of America they don't have any independent policy for their own country now this lady she is trying to say something bad about great Philippine even she doesn't have any idea what the fuck she is talking I totally agree the Philippine is a poor country but they have their own independent great political leader they don't scare from any other country they have one of the most fearless army they have good education they are so much talented and hard worker. Respect for Philippine from Pakistan.

  • PuthSardaraDha
    PuthSardaraDha 12 hours ago

    Meghan Kelly is not a journalist. She’s a tv personality who gives her opinion.

  • Kelvin Mendez
    Kelvin Mendez 12 hours ago

    People have to stop taking shit way too seriously if it wasnt for these satire that are out there and bold the industry would be so Boring, Comedies are made to be daring and funny. Tweet your opinion but dont try to start some fucking cancel culture bs. Live and let live, speak your mind but dont try to ruin and sensor someone's art.

  • Sammy Hewson
    Sammy Hewson 12 hours ago

    RDJ is an amazing guy, an actor and a stand up guy

  • Hunter is Here
    Hunter is Here 13 hours ago

    It’s been a long time since leafy is here that I’ve felt disgust twards him and hear nothing but bad things about him still consistently. Just Every so often, and it’s about time I stop hearing about him and he gets locked up for some of the bad things he’s done.

  • J L
    J L 13 hours ago

    Ya'll acting like influential people aren't allowed to have their own political opinions.

  • Trevor Vaught
    Trevor Vaught 13 hours ago

    The problem with red flag laws is that they can be abused by a jilted lover or an ornery neighbor

  • Lazarus Rex
    Lazarus Rex 13 hours ago

    On the red flag laws. Ignoring the Second Amendment implications.... It's a complete inversion of the right to due process. If you want to limit or remove someone's rights, you have to give them their day in court.

  • Lazarus Rex
    Lazarus Rex 13 hours ago

    Waiting for the outrage over White Chicks... You know... Other than over how bad it was.

  • Carolina’s Thoughts Show

    Imagine thinking that everyone just hates and is jealous of onision.. that’s literally what it means to be an onsion fan. It’s literally him vs the entire world... you can’t be that delusional man. At this point natural selection needs to take its course. Or I wanna give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe they are just scared he will come for them too if they stop supporting him.

  • kerberospanzer
    kerberospanzer 13 hours ago

    Why is race an issue? isn't race always being the talking point the problem? people are people only thing that matters is culture, religion and how much money you make. Race is wgaf

  • Jarl Shmarx
    Jarl Shmarx 14 hours ago

    These racism controversies are so dumb and most of them are clickbait. At the end of the day there is no one right answer. Everyone has a different interpretation of what they think is acceptable. There is no amount of debating that will change how people feel about something.

  • Ace Rain
    Ace Rain 14 hours ago

    A Tulsi ad played before this, interestingly.

  • All Me
    All Me 15 hours ago

    The parents are emotionally unbalanced, and the environment is unstable. Not because they pull pranks or make jokes.... Many families do that sorta thing. But, because they create these highly emotionally charged situations by intentionally provoking their children to respond in a highly emotional way... so that the parents can post videos and get attention from others. They even admitted that a part of what's hurting their kids is some the attention. So, they are now intentionally taking part in something that they know can cause issues for their kids. It's almost like a Munchausen by proxy situation. The children (& even the parents, themselves) can't see the selfishness behind this type of behavior.

  • Oracle
    Oracle 15 hours ago

    Man this video is BURIED, y'all ain't gonna find this one in your suggeested

  • j swift
    j swift 15 hours ago

    finally proud to live in va

  • Lee Murdock
    Lee Murdock 15 hours ago

    Wow. Pick a lane. What a confusing grouping of content.

  • Tony Gomez
    Tony Gomez 15 hours ago

    I think the issue with Red Flag Laws is that they are centered around stripping not only an individual's Second Amendment right, but also some of these laws violate an individual's Fifth Amendment right to Due Process. The government, Federal/State/Municipal should not have carte blanche to strip away a right, not a privilege, but a RIGHT, without due process and first being accused and convicted of a crime. That's not how this country is supposed to operate. I will concede that some people do own guns, that absolutely should not. At the same time, some people have children that absolutely should not. Do we ask the government to regulate that? As much as I would like to, for the children's sake, we can not.

  • Polkarou Gaming
    Polkarou Gaming 15 hours ago

    How about we Pokemon go to attack Bernie sanders

    • mnika voli
      mnika voli 9 hours ago

      I hate how left you've become......

  • Rob Jones
    Rob Jones 15 hours ago

    Here is how red flag laws can be misused. For example: A criminal calls in and reports a lawful firearm owner. The cops disarm the citizen, and there is no violence involved. The criminal then breaks into the citizen's home and kills them. The citizen had no form to defend themselves, but the criminal can always get a gun off the black market

  • OmegaSconer
    OmegaSconer 16 hours ago

    Sad to think this is the sort of primitive shit we talk about still.....maybe as a collective we try find out why anything exists, why is there something rather than nothing, what is consciousness, what happens when we die?.......important topics. We have an averag of 30'000 days of life IF you live a long health one.....but this is the shit we waste our time on. Oh and you sleep approximately 10'000 of those night obviously. We show interest in this pointless shit cause it's in our natural programming to look at the short term, but your still gona die someday, maybe sooner than later, you die and that's it, your reality that your experiencing right now, reading this comment, feeling tired, comfortable, stressed, bored, sad, whatever.....none of that will ever exist again and thats an absolute certainty. Good luck apes, enjoy our reality while it exists.

  • Polkarou Gaming
    Polkarou Gaming 16 hours ago

    so we should chase the wayne brothers in white chicks and tare them down right?

  • MegaTech81
    MegaTech81 16 hours ago

    Phil, is that fucking ice in your pint?

  • The Seal Rebellion
    The Seal Rebellion 16 hours ago

    The best quote “Donald Trump announced he would be running for president. Nine people were killed last night.” ~Philip DeFrencho

  • Caliab
    Caliab 16 hours ago

    Tropic Thunder was hilarious. I watched it maybe 5 times.

  • Ben Klopps
    Ben Klopps 16 hours ago

    guys ngl, i still dont think putting black makeup on for a costume is bad..

  • CountessOfOle
    CountessOfOle 16 hours ago

    I knew it was just a matter of time before people to started to ignore the context of Downey's character in Tropic Thunder and cry blackface on him for it.*smh*

  • sdot
    sdot 16 hours ago

    Please report on the tragic news regarding Kobe Bryant

  • Libertarian Soldier
    Libertarian Soldier 16 hours ago

    Civil Asset Forfeiture sounded like a great idea at first and even did well as it stemmed organized crime. Now, this law is used and abused to the detriment of the American people. It is by far the worst law as far as it's abusive use. Red Flag laws will become the same. It may seem great, it may even help at first, but then it will be used and abused in ways most cannot foresee. Especially if law enforcement can initiate it, worse if it goes beyond family. Any conservative has a liberal family member who may abuse the red flag law. Can a neighbor initialize it? Of course, this can and will be abused by liberals to disarm conservatives especially since the entire point of red flag law is to take the gun immediately and before due process. It's a form of "pre-crime" reminiscent of "Minority Report" but instead of psychics, it can just be any disgruntled family member who doesn't like your politics. Red flag laws create an atmosphere of guilty until proven innocent and that is absolutely unAmerican.

  • Bulletproof Mannequin
    Bulletproof Mannequin 16 hours ago

    The only crime RDJ committed is talk about an old movie he felt strongly about. If you are upset about this, especially after hearing him speak, you're a silly person and deserve to be upset.

  • BRKN glasses
    BRKN glasses 16 hours ago

    New sub! Not sure what took me this long, bad...

  • annag cocl
    annag cocl 17 hours ago

    Onision: Shane Dawson is a child predator!” Everyone else: no no are...

  • scorcher117
    scorcher117 17 hours ago

    How the hell can people even argue against that gun law? Stopping people that are potentially dangerous from having guns? Abso-fucking-lutely!

  • Cedric Walker
    Cedric Walker 17 hours ago

    Whether or not his role in Tropic Thunder conveyed the notion that "blackface is wrong" is a completely subjective opinion, Phil... you dumbass! Let me guess... you spent exactly zero minutes on introspection or objective self-reflection during your "extended" holiday vacation? You cannot even objectively differentiate between opinion and fact, as when you attempted to do so regarding Megyn Kelly when you claimed objective fact, only to state your opinion. SMH. Megan Kelly's comments were representative of a common opinion among many different races. Black Conservstives were not offended by her comments. Only progressive democrats were offended by Megyn Kelly's opinion of black/whiteface NOT being offensive. Her comparison is directly relevent and comparable to Robert Downey Jr. Character being in blackface. They both made blackface relevent in social debate... HOWEVER, I can't help but notice that nobody gives a shit about the wayans brothers in WHITE GIRLS which is on par with Tropic Thunder in regards to offensive racial stereotypes. Nobody gave an F about White Girls... just like nobody gave an F about Tropic Thunder... just like nobody Really gave an F when Megyn Kelly stated a common opinion and completely valid position. To agree w her getting fired you are telling all black ppl they have to be offended by blackface. Personally, I don't ever want ppl to know if I am offended by sonething... it gives them the power even if it's wrong and makes me feel weak. It would seem to me that a stronger individual would look at black/whiteface and not allow themselves to be offended by another's insensitive lack of awareness. It is all subjective... if a white guy tells a joke about an Asian guy knowing a black man will order chicken before he does so... it's racist... when Dave Chapelle does it... it's hilarious and broadcast on comedy central 15 years later. Tribalism is pathetic when there is no purpose or intention for the tribe. Phil DeFranco is the biggest hypocrite grifter on youtube. Dude used to be moderately libertarian and now is borderline progressive. Yeah right! Nobody goes left from libertarian. You dont move away from large government to wanting none or minimal, only to go back to large government. Unless its highly profittable for you to do so. GTFOH!

  • Kevin Vincent
    Kevin Vincent 17 hours ago

    Meanwhile, the Wayans in "white-face" made the comedy White Chicks and it came and went without such controversy.

  • cornerstone masonry
    cornerstone masonry 17 hours ago

    I've worked my ass off to provide and be successful. I didnt need some bullshit excuse because my work showed for itself. Anyone who has failed. I say work harder and persevere.

  • Stephen Grigg
    Stephen Grigg 17 hours ago

    As far as the RDJ story goes, it's just further evidence that context doesn't matter in this day and age

  • rektkilla UwU
    rektkilla UwU 18 hours ago

    Mike has such a punch able face

  • Chuckodile
    Chuckodile 18 hours ago

    I'm surprised that with all the outrage over the blackface no one seems to give a fuck about Simple Jack. I guess people only defend those who are already able to speak up for themselves...

  • —lala— —bandzzz—

    U remind me of Cory monteith

  • mocochang
    mocochang 19 hours ago

    I hardly ever join the hate bandwagon, but I've been utterly disgusted by Onision's behaviors for years, and I'm downright glad he's finally being investigated and I hope he gets what he deserves. The guy is basically a criminal and I can't believe youtube still hasn't banned him, specially now that they're going with this new anti-harassment policy which he has broken countless times.

    • annag cocl
      annag cocl 17 hours ago

      I am confused. This is NOT his first vid in 2020. He has mad e a vid everyday in 2020.

  • Brian Clark
    Brian Clark 19 hours ago

    Libtards for ya

  • tapsnjazz
    tapsnjazz 19 hours ago

    WAIT. So Megyn Kelly got canned over stating that when she was a kid, it was fine to dress up as a character that is black? How is that a problem? Am I missing something?

  • MyJizz UrEye
    MyJizz UrEye 19 hours ago

    This guy likes to wave his arms a lot.

  • KingPetra
    KingPetra 19 hours ago

    Sounds like Bezos is caught up in a proxy fight to gain control of his own pecker. Couldn't he just buy the thing outright like he did the WAPO? I realize it is the pecker of THE Jeff Bezos but still. Has he priced himself out of his own market? How has Amazon stock price reacted to this latest development? I suggest that Bezos consult with the legal team of Hulk Hogan who went after Gawker. The American tort system can be quite vicious, er, I mean lucrative, once precedent has been established. And Saudi Arabia has lots of money. By the way Phil your summary of this was a good one. It brought all the dribs and drabs on this into a coherent and concise whole. As for Bezos, the guy runs a mail order house. He should hire professionals to do his board room work and he should stick to stick to licking postage stamps.

  • Caonex De Jesus Melo Romano

    OMG!! Its so good to have you back

  • Rafael Silva Daniel
    Rafael Silva Daniel 20 hours ago

    hey phill, i need to congrat you, we need to admit that as non brazilian this video was very wall researched, and you are clearly liberal but were very factual in the observations, brazilian politics are so complex bacause our political class is a fucking mess, the ones who arent corrupt are fucking lunatics, the only solution for brazil is total political reform

  • louie monje
    louie monje 20 hours ago

    Been watching Sxephil since i was about 12. Im 24 now. Wow. Staying Philed in.

  • Sin
    Sin 21 hour ago

    The major difference on context for these examples of blackface, is that Robert Downey Jr. isn't a racist, and this instance of blackface is literally the only thing being criticized, while Megyn Kelly had a long history of saying questionable things.

  • KU Chapel
    KU Chapel 21 hour ago

    TLDR: 1. Rich guy does unethical act, but owns WaPo, so it’s trumps fault. 2. Major corporation manipulates views for profit, 3. communist China shows off dictator benefits by shutting down entire cities over night. 4. Old white lady bashes young minority lady nationally, but walks it back when caught.

  • RichieDee123
    RichieDee123 21 hour ago

    Anyone who takes issue with RDJ's comments can suck my unit. 😂🤣

  • no thank you
    no thank you 21 hour ago

    lmao joe rogan is getting all his podcast guests in trouble

  • Supreme Gentleman
    Supreme Gentleman 21 hour ago


  • frumT18
    frumT18 21 hour ago

    Ugh Hillary is just SO unlikeable. Regardless of what side of the Political spectrum you're on.

  • Droemar
    Droemar 22 hours ago

    Saying "You need to be punished" for ANYTHING is a giant red flag. No one who loves you willingly wants to hurt you. I don't give a fuck what "mask of virtue" it's under: to improve you, to help you, etc. You DO NOT punish someone you claim to love and are in a relationship with. PERIOD. That's textbook abuse. That alone is enough for me to claim probable cause. Look into his phone, his computer. He's got shit, guaranteed.

  • stecky87
    stecky87 22 hours ago

    There are some groups that are so big, you should have at least heard of them. Van Halen, like them or not, are one of those groups.

  • Jacob Bridges
    Jacob Bridges 22 hours ago

    I know this is fucked up to say. But looking back now I totally understand why Chris Brown hit Rihanna. Looking back at the case it seems she initiated everything. Anyways glad they forgave each other.

  • Michelle McKnight
    Michelle McKnight 22 hours ago

    I like the Netflix change. If there’s a show/movie you want to watch but don’t have time to yet, you can play it for 2 minutes just to show support before you get around to fully watching it. This would have been great when Sense8 was still around! 😩😩😩

  • drago2drago
    drago2drago 22 hours ago

    Im willing to bet money that there will be more mass shootings not because the gun laws are more strict but because white republicans in general value making their point more than protecting human life. No doubt in my mind repubs will start shooting random people to convince voters across America to oppose common sense gun laws

  • stecky87
    stecky87 22 hours ago

    The strangest criticism of the Peloton ad is that it shows wealthy people in a nice house. Of course it shows wealthy people in a nice house. Who the f*&^ do you think they're marketing to?!

  • Harry Rashford
    Harry Rashford 22 hours ago

    Leave means leave!

  • http
    http 22 hours ago

    I hope Tulsi wins in court, she deserves a fair shot at this election and shouldn't be subjected to baseless accusations, especially from the likes of someone like Hillary Clinton who she herself should be locked up.

  • Ruth Amui
    Ruth Amui 22 hours ago

    Sigh! Trump and America have blood on their hands with the actions that culminated in the death of those passengers in the plane crash in Iran yet here you guys are arguing about stupid things like an actor playing a character that wears black face 🙄

    UFDA CREW 23 hours ago

    Me and my wife love your show. My wife thought it would be a good idea to reach out to you and your team. We need someone to voice about the FAA NPRM and how they are trying to banned all hobby flight and have total control of all our airspace. I tried finding y'alls email but didn't have any luck. I'll post it here in hope that maybe it gets picked up. Us drone pilots knows whats going on in the industry but the general public doesn't have a clue on whats fixing to happen to our airspace. Me and my team have put together a protest @ FAA HQ in Washington DC on Feb 29, 2020 A Proposed Rule by the Federal Aviation Administration on 12/31/2019 Protest Info Thank You for all you do. - Michael Rhodes

  • Caroline Guy
    Caroline Guy 23 hours ago

    My opinion on the VA gun laws, as a VA resident, is that... We about to be on some Minority Report type shit and that's not cool. And if anyone doesn't know what I'm referring to, pls watch Minority Report or read the book by Philip K Dick, both are fantastic and terrifying