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Fortnite - P-1000
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Fortnite - Zone Wars
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Fortnite At E3 2019
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14 Days of Summer
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  • cromic98 Xx
    cromic98 Xx 4 hours ago

    Italians are the best ... Mamma mia marcello

  • Rylan Stegall
    Rylan Stegall 4 hours ago

    Oh no Star Wars has went to the dark side😔

  • Blarry 2215
    Blarry 2215 5 hours ago


  • Nathan Ma
    Nathan Ma 5 hours ago

    Does anyone know how to remove playing with bots? I hate it when i’m Playing with my friends and I die and the last person is a bot! Bots r ez to kill, but there so annoying when they are on your team!


    i prefered the old grafics at season 10 it lookes so clean while no it looks dusty can you change at least the graffics pease

  • Ab Khan
    Ab Khan 5 hours ago


  • somerandomperson
    somerandomperson 5 hours ago

    Next is fortnite x xxxtentacion when u buy his skin u die from a gun shot right when u just get in a game.

  • Ricardo Pasten
    Ricardo Pasten 5 hours ago

    The fish stik Will return to The store

  • Leon Hogeling
    Leon Hogeling 5 hours ago

    Me thinking:there are donuts at the desk of steamy stacks so its maybe An Simpsons event. Fortnite: here i present you star wars Community: .....ok

  • Handy
    Handy 5 hours ago


  • Grum bum 6493
    Grum bum 6493 5 hours ago

    Can you just stop making the game

  • Elijah Pizarro
    Elijah Pizarro 5 hours ago

    Everyones worse nightmare being a stormtrooper because of the way the shoot they will give you bad luck

  • Jerosso 20
    Jerosso 20 5 hours ago

    Pls change the new autoaim to the old autoaim the new autoaim is sooo badddddd :(((((((( and dont fill the lobbys with pc players on ps4!!!!

  • Anene Schreuder-Engelbrecht

    PLEASE give us south African servers😭😭😭

  • Deep hug
    Deep hug 5 hours ago

    Finally a skin that I can wear that shows how good my accuracy is

  • Anene Schreuder-Engelbrecht

    PLEASE give us south African servers😭😭😭

  • Anene Schreuder-Engelbrecht

    PLEASE give us south African servers😭😭😭

  • Hashim Mansoor
    Hashim Mansoor 5 hours ago

    Fortnite is my favourite game in the world

  • Xery
    Xery 5 hours ago


    • Deep hug
      Deep hug 5 hours ago

      New Style for Fish plz xD

  • Michael reyna
    Michael reyna 5 hours ago

    Free Jarvis Trucker

  • Mihai Man
    Mihai Man 5 hours ago

    Delete the trap because îs useles

  • Meta
    Meta 5 hours ago

    What’s next Fortnite x Muppets xD

  • Vader
    Vader 5 hours ago

    8.9K Stormtrooper's missed the like button

  • Miniborgs
    Miniborgs 5 hours ago

    We’re is the banded bazook I have missions with that

  • ya Rebeimi
    ya Rebeimi 5 hours ago


  • Brawl Warriors
    Brawl Warriors 5 hours ago

    Fish sticks Da greatest skin ever made

  • HyperGamer 74
    HyperGamer 74 5 hours ago

    Coming back

  • HyperGamer 74
    HyperGamer 74 5 hours ago

    Epic Games I need to tell you something when is bandage boozoca

  • Koen Game lover
    Koen Game lover 6 hours ago

    Super cool i love fortnite

  • Omer Ginawi
    Omer Ginawi 6 hours ago

    Kids in 2040:” Oh stormtroopers, you mean those poor clones from Fortnite who can’t aim properly. Yeah we do , they were better than Batman.

  • HyPn
    HyPn 6 hours ago

    Fortnite X starwars

    ALESSANDRO INTER 6 hours ago


  • rosa /diego Sanchez /merino

    I wanna die now.....

  • Nic Danger
    Nic Danger 6 hours ago

    Kann ich den haben

  • Omar Zandoval
    Omar Zandoval 6 hours ago

    What happened to the bandage basuca

  • Ursu Octavian
    Ursu Octavian 6 hours ago

    Stars wars me NO SANS :(

  • J. M.
    J. M. 6 hours ago

    but why tho

    CLAN SNBK:D 6 hours ago

    New Style for Fish plz xD

  • Guest Is better
    Guest Is better 6 hours ago

    Is this getting into anyone else’s recommendations I miss this so much Playground with the bois Deathruns Stretch and shield per kill

  • Facemelt _
    Facemelt _ 6 hours ago

    Ah fortnite, how you have changed...

  • MrFragezeichen
    MrFragezeichen 6 hours ago

    fast ein Jahr :'(

  • TTVMingleLays
    TTVMingleLays 6 hours ago

    Fortnite what is you doing fix the bandage bazooka so i can do the challenge and claim the toxin skin style ):

  • Adrian F
    Adrian F 6 hours ago


  • Lord Zicko
    Lord Zicko 6 hours ago

    John Wick, Strange things, NFL, NBA,Batman, Avengers, Michael Jordon, star wars..what next...? MINECRAFT???

  • Arol Talbert
    Arol Talbert 6 hours ago

    Epic could you plz unbanned Jarvis and know yes but of you see the last time he play fortnite he said that a hacker gave him aimbot so you should banned the hacker epic

  • Leo Hayes
    Leo Hayes 6 hours ago

    Didn't the The Last Jedi do enough damage to star wars

  • sean sison
    sean sison 6 hours ago

    Im playing Battlefront while watching this

  • Patrick Stokes
    Patrick Stokes 6 hours ago

    When is it

  • Ab Khan
    Ab Khan 6 hours ago

    Who is watching this during chapter 2. This vid gives me so many flashbacks and i started crying cos i was an og from season 1 of chapter 1. The games i had been through, the overpowered weapons i had used, it just made me so sad to see the old map go. 1 like = 1 prayer for the good old map 😢

  • Nathan Ma
    Nathan Ma 6 hours ago

    Fortnite, plz add a report system. If there is one, p,ease make it more visible. I saw someone with aimbot, yet I couldn’t report it because you removed that option.

  • kuboid 08
    kuboid 08 6 hours ago

    My great grandpa told me about this game. Also who’s watching in 3017

  • Skunkeez Random games

    Stormtrooper: fishstick your not you when your hungry. Eat a snickers Fishstick:

  • thexxxpros savage45
    thexxxpros savage45 6 hours ago

    Fortnite please unbanned faze Jarvis he's my favorite fortnite player he doestn deserve it

  • True NZ8
    True NZ8 6 hours ago

    Like for stretched res back 👇🏼

  • xi3li-_-
    xi3li-_- 6 hours ago

    Best season ever 💔😢

  • Burps
    Burps 7 hours ago

    Hello Epic 👋 I really want you to either replace the Bandage Bazooka challenge on the lowdown or make the Bandage Bazooka come back. I have been playing your game 5 hours a day trying to find it but I don’t have any good luck sooooo...... please add it back 🙏

  • Pumped
    Pumped 7 hours ago

    I want season x again it are the best season the chapter 2 are so disgusting

  • Hermojenes _12
    Hermojenes _12 7 hours ago

    Fortnite is the worst game ever

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah 7 hours ago

    My aim is already bad enough

  • Grace Stinson
    Grace Stinson 7 hours ago


  • Dariusz Chamarczuk
    Dariusz Chamarczuk 7 hours ago

    Unbann jarvis

  • Dariusz Chamarczuk
    Dariusz Chamarczuk 7 hours ago

    Unbann jarvis

  • XxIaMdAbOsSxX
    XxIaMdAbOsSxX 7 hours ago

    I know it’s Chapter 2 but some click bait TVcliprs like ItsOwen said that this was the season X trailer

  • Jonas Werner
    Jonas Werner 7 hours ago

    Epic games can you Fortnite for nintendo 3ds make

  • XxIaMdAbOsSxX
    XxIaMdAbOsSxX 7 hours ago

    This is the first time a Fortnite skin has ever spoke

  • epic gamer
    epic gamer 7 hours ago

    like for fortnite reply for minecraft

  • AT_Andy’s 467
    AT_Andy’s 467 7 hours ago

    Please new skin for Fischtich

  • daeven birtunguis 5000 quewevos

    Like si eres el unico que habla español :V

  • Yoly Roman
    Yoly Roman 7 hours ago

    popo aaajajajajaj

    JMM CTM 7 hours ago


  • アジア人スウェーデン

    Epic why did y’all valted the bandage bazooka we need it for a challenge

  • ItzChildzPlayz
    ItzChildzPlayz 7 hours ago

    Fix your mach making work

  • Gustavojr Sonic
    Gustavojr Sonic 7 hours ago

    Sonic X fortnite

  • Dakota Torrez
    Dakota Torrez 7 hours ago

    Can fortnite like stop ruining good things and make there own content.

  • tkonegaming
    tkonegaming 7 hours ago

    Hohoho this is a Money machine 😯 thats the only skin i would buy But i dont Play fotnite

  • Naox glitcher
    Naox glitcher 7 hours ago

    Les’t go to december

  • pelato
    pelato 7 hours ago


  • Silver The Hedgehog
    Silver The Hedgehog 7 hours ago

    This was suck a long time ago 😂

  • BurkeTheGamer
    BurkeTheGamer 7 hours ago

    The comments: omg Star Wars skin Me: F I S H S T I C K

  • kody playz
    kody playz 7 hours ago

    Get Jarvis unband pls

  • Rolling Skyz
    Rolling Skyz 7 hours ago


  • Charlie Campbell
    Charlie Campbell 7 hours ago

    Take out the big bushes

  • Lilly roberts
    Lilly roberts 7 hours ago

    There is a airhead skin that never came out l whant it out!!

  • Sarah Hlt
    Sarah Hlt 7 hours ago

    They need Darth Vader

  • Sanchez Rolando
    Sanchez Rolando 7 hours ago

    Fortnite is getting boring add something new to fortnite

  • Anonymer Kleber Schnüffler

    Wtf happened to good ol star wars :'(

  • Dinis Barrueca
    Dinis Barrueca 7 hours ago

    Eu ñ consigo ter os estilos porque tiraram a básica de bandajens

  • 360 Edge
    360 Edge 7 hours ago

    Insaneo death squad unite

  • Yogurt sad
    Yogurt sad 7 hours ago

    THE BEST SEASON Who miss season 7?

  • Nick J
    Nick J 7 hours ago

    They haft to add a boba fett skin

  • Kameron Craige
    Kameron Craige 7 hours ago

    Please unban FaZe Jarvis he put his whole heart to this game even though he cheated that one time every one deserves a second chance he may have learned what he did wrong. But please I can’t even watch Fortnite anymore like Fortnite gameplay because you banned him I hope you see this but please unban him.

  • The One
    The One 7 hours ago

    Where the bandage bazooka fortnite

  • cchb clan
    cchb clan 8 hours ago

    bot skin they cart hit shots

  • Liu Kang
    Liu Kang 8 hours ago

    I hope they add anakin

  • David Gonzalvo Rossi

    When you put lettuce in a bowl of tomatoes:

  • Blue Dragon
    Blue Dragon 8 hours ago

    Why did you band faze Jarvis on fortnight

  • rio
    rio 8 hours ago

    won’t it be dope if vivids dad and benjis mom got together , cause he loves fishing , get it 😉

  • Witch of Misery
    Witch of Misery 8 hours ago

    These are not the skins you are looking for. hand wave-

  • Rozu
    Rozu 8 hours ago


  • krisko BG
    krisko BG 8 hours ago

    Fortnightly te please give ne legwndary skin and good stuff please please Username:0885773853