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Fortnite At E3 2019
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14 Days of Summer
Views 8M2 months ago
Fortnite - Prop Hunt
Views 1.8M3 months ago
Fortnite - Horde Rush LTM
Views 2.2M3 months ago
Fortnite X Jumpman
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  • Benjamin Hammack
    Benjamin Hammack 2 hours ago

    The birthplace of a monster.

  • NorCal TBE
    NorCal TBE 2 hours ago

    Khanada Tfue and Fiber gonna win it all

    CGSDR JC 3 hours ago

    Probably the first music pack that i don't feel like spending 200 vbuck on, if only they use the raining doubloon music I'd be sold for it.

  • L Face
    L Face 3 hours ago


  • walerus gg
    walerus gg 3 hours ago


  • muhammad taha
    muhammad taha 3 hours ago

    wheres FalaQ

  • Snoopy Gamer
    Snoopy Gamer 3 hours ago

    Huawei p8

  • Snoopy Gamer
    Snoopy Gamer 3 hours ago

    Huawei p8

  • Snoopy Gamer
    Snoopy Gamer 3 hours ago

    Huawei p8

  • Snoopy Gamer
    Snoopy Gamer 3 hours ago

    Huawei p8

  • Snoopy Gamer
    Snoopy Gamer 3 hours ago

    Huawei p8

  • Goldfish
    Goldfish 4 hours ago


  • Riva1er Plays
    Riva1er Plays 4 hours ago

    Song name?

  • Ifteqar Hussain
    Ifteqar Hussain 4 hours ago

    The 1k dislikes are from people who are broke

  • Ryzer Fighter
    Ryzer Fighter 5 hours ago

    Remove the Mech!

  • Ryzer Fighter
    Ryzer Fighter 5 hours ago

    Remove the Mech!

  • DerNoob
    DerNoob 5 hours ago

    Epic Games/Fortnite did I understand it right and everybody is allowed to upload Fortnite Gaming Videos? (I know this question is dumb but I just wanted to know)

  • Jonah Remignanti
    Jonah Remignanti 6 hours ago


  • alextitin yt
    alextitin yt 6 hours ago

    If you don't like fortnite never vault the B.R.U.T.E

  • Slater Meade
    Slater Meade 6 hours ago

    Season 11 anyone btw it’s because season 10 almost over

  • Tompan
    Tompan 7 hours ago


  • KashishMandia
    KashishMandia 7 hours ago

    1.5x sounds better whole different vibe

  • Liljohnnynandos
    Liljohnnynandos 7 hours ago

    Who else is switching to my minecraft because of mechs Just me ok

    • XY-Dancebro Fist
      XY-Dancebro Fist 2 hours ago

      Liljohnnynandos GO AWAY U STUPID MC KIDDIE

    • Benny
      Benny 3 hours ago

      Yes just you because it’s stupid. Mechs aren’t even overpowered anymore and they’ll be gone by the end of the season which is in roughly 3 weeks already

  • Lara Elwassif
    Lara Elwassif 7 hours ago

    Put pennywise in fortine again please

  • Maxim
    Maxim 7 hours ago

    Mongraal, Mitr0 and Benjyfishy will win this.


    2017: 20 million 2019 100000000

  • Vája Vajush
    Vája Vajush 9 hours ago

    ....Takže Skailer se tam asi nedostal, že?

  • raafat king
    raafat king 9 hours ago


  • O'Connor Mayhem
    O'Connor Mayhem 10 hours ago

    Congrats, you found a comment that’s not self promoting

  • Man like Fadz
    Man like Fadz 10 hours ago

    It’s been two years

    FUELED VANSH 10 hours ago

    Why is it showing on my feed

  • Rajasthani Gamer
    Rajasthani Gamer 11 hours ago

    Support me

  • Ryzer Fighter
    Ryzer Fighter 11 hours ago

    Germany? 😂

  • 64D9 Jeu Vidéo
    64D9 Jeu Vidéo 11 hours ago


  • Mr banana
    Mr banana 11 hours ago

    I need a long term trio partner please can u help

  • Agent 1
    Agent 1 11 hours ago

    Why does this look more fun than the current state of the game?

  • Kylie Hargrave
    Kylie Hargrave 11 hours ago

    When is the Batman collaboration

  • Alex Ligma
    Alex Ligma 11 hours ago

    Fortnight can you do me a favor next season please remove pleasant park

  • DB Hindi
    DB Hindi 12 hours ago

    Please fix middle east servers of creative

  • banánek v čokoládě

    Fortnite please remove robot. I'am Czech my english is bad 🙄🤫

  • HARYANA Total 90
    HARYANA Total 90 12 hours ago

    Acha h thanks

  • SAved_PewDiePie raflex

    Delete B.R.U.T.E. I love you epick games

  • irfan ggs1
    irfan ggs1 12 hours ago

    Whatsupp fortnite dogshit we are adding more dogshit weapon

  • Nightcore4Turks 2
    Nightcore4Turks 2 12 hours ago


  • Dhani The Great
    Dhani The Great 13 hours ago

    Fortnitized Vector -_-

  • Jonahhhh
    Jonahhhh 13 hours ago

    I just remember waking up early on a weekend and getting hyped to do squads Those were the good days Not trying to self promo but like if u were the same (just wondering)

  • Tc-Chemica
    Tc-Chemica 13 hours ago

    No more B.R.U.T.O

  • Johnathan grant
    Johnathan grant 13 hours ago

    Number of fortnite fans I V

  • lovexcameron
    lovexcameron 13 hours ago

    yeah sundown bout lit 😂

  • Nicholas Lisson
    Nicholas Lisson 13 hours ago

    Happy Hamlet, AQUA AND NYHROX

  • يوميات محمد كارتون

    😭😭😭😭 wat am band 10eyer

  • shadow kob
    shadow kob 14 hours ago

    احذفو الالي جن

  • The Botwacazador
    The Botwacazador 14 hours ago

    Fresh,rel,and Jynx

  • FahadPlaysツ
    FahadPlaysツ 14 hours ago

    I can’t wait for Fortnite X Batman Who Else🔥👀

  • Panikkos Liva
    Panikkos Liva 14 hours ago

    Im pro in fortnite

  • Panikkos Liva
    Panikkos Liva 14 hours ago

    The best game ever

  • DeadPanda543
    DeadPanda543 14 hours ago

    Only fags play fortnite competitive 😂

  • Edwin Alejo
    Edwin Alejo 14 hours ago

    Why is the mobile fornite screen small make it normal size plz plz:/

  • Dilcia lily vargas Vargas amador

    Tron bikes very fast very loww health like 200 or 500 hp

  • GamerBro14
    GamerBro14 15 hours ago

    Epic, please make a storm area 51 game mode and release it on September 20!!! And add a Naruto running emote.

  • alex garzon
    alex garzon 15 hours ago

  • Risfik
    Risfik 15 hours ago

    Batman skin please

  • Jellyfish Fields
    Jellyfish Fields 15 hours ago

    Lol, I remember when some people thought it was gonna be OP

  • Luis Felipe Rubio campos

    Me regalan una skin no tengo :'(

  • sap app ツ
    sap app ツ 16 hours ago

    So we’re gonna remove 60fps glitch on mobile, which did nothing to no one so now I have to play on 30fps. Well I guess I’m going back to anime

    KIROCK 16 hours ago

    Still looking for a 2014 comment

  • Toño Menera
    Toño Menera 16 hours ago

    Fortnite sucks

  • Benjamin Saavedra
    Benjamin Saavedra 16 hours ago


  • Horribal Memes
    Horribal Memes 16 hours ago

    Anyone watching in season 69

    RAPBOR MUKHIM 16 hours ago

    Ka ia bun nia kine te❤

  • Krishan Nimesh
    Krishan Nimesh 16 hours ago

    Fortnite season 11

  • Hameed Saad
    Hameed Saad 16 hours ago

    Me:i want to be in the cash cup The first one who died

  • get rekt faggot
    get rekt faggot 16 hours ago

    Season x anyone

  • Juan Mercado
    Juan Mercado 16 hours ago

    Fortnite pls y want sezzle gts get skins pls

  • Zeus G
    Zeus G 16 hours ago

    Imagine qualifying but can’t enable 2 fac...😔

  • steeve robinson
    steeve robinson 16 hours ago

    Now spam creeper or minecraft we’re starting something more dead then the Area 51 raid

  • Blu Scythe
    Blu Scythe 17 hours ago

    What about greasy, huh epic?

  • Lil_murky20
    Lil_murky20 17 hours ago

    Make this blue if You Love These Video 👇🏼{I make Fortnite Videos🤗}

  • JNB217
    JNB217 17 hours ago

    12:59:59 (Tap On These Numbers)

  • ShutUp and eat a cinnamon roll

    Remove the fcking new fortnite lobby update,it takes soo damn long to play fortnite.

  • Mario Sanchez
    Mario Sanchez 17 hours ago

    Add penny wise

  • Random Killz YT
    Random Killz YT 17 hours ago

    When are ziplines coming back

  • Ana Rosa Mendoza Carrillo

    Porfa no cancelen la temporada 11 de fornite

  • DriftyZM
    DriftyZM 18 hours ago

    Fortnite's dead just give up Epic...

  • Spider brave
    Spider brave 18 hours ago

    Pongan una skin de batman

    ARI FLAMINGO 18 hours ago

    big suck

  • massive bot
    massive bot 18 hours ago

    Mechs are cancer remove them. So bad.

  • احمد ضيدان
    احمد ضيدان 18 hours ago


  • ヨッシー22%
    ヨッシー22% 18 hours ago

    nihonzin ⬇

  • dzrkvoid
    dzrkvoid 18 hours ago

    can we renew our refund things each season because i don’t want some of the skins i have

    PAVEL KING 18 hours ago

    Epic crate new game mod (just pistols please)

  • Bluzro
    Bluzro 19 hours ago

    lol what im winning west

  • Wild Card
    Wild Card 19 hours ago

    So I hear you have Batman?

  • S S
    S S 19 hours ago

    Upload the wiggly wild lobby track

  • José Santiago Lopez
    José Santiago Lopez 19 hours ago

    El ingrediente batalla del movimiento es usando coraje pero

  • Osiris Gg Ghost
    Osiris Gg Ghost 19 hours ago

    Please make the Batman skin gift table

  • Its huxo
    Its huxo 19 hours ago

    Eliminate de robots plis

  • Denzel Brandon
    Denzel Brandon 19 hours ago

    Remove mech brute please please it is unstoppable i am about to start playing Apex legend

  • echoeee
    echoeee 19 hours ago

    I predict that this game will make its comeback in 5 years

    • Benny
      Benny 3 hours ago

      You mean Fortnite? Cuz if you do it’s stupid because competitive is constantly growing

  • alex Garcia
    alex Garcia 19 hours ago

    Fortnite fix ur game my mobile experience is going horrible and it is because the new update