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Saying Goodbye...
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A SQUIER Like No Other!
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Play Authentic...or Else!
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Now THIS is Different!
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What's The Best $200 Guitar?
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Busting A BIG Guitar Myth!!
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  • J C
    J C Minute ago

    First time I've seen pickups without single magnets in them. Sweet.

  • Silvano Schwetscher
    Silvano Schwetscher 9 minutes ago

    Whoah, the tone is ... kinda Brian May-ish. VERY singing

  • nandosuke nanda
    nandosuke nanda 37 minutes ago

    is your string action sits high?

    STYNCLSY 55 minutes ago

    Isn't Fender made in China also?

  • Prem Mihiraa
    Prem Mihiraa 59 minutes ago

    Travel guitars are not playble Ed sheeran : ok👌🏼

  • Armstrong Canon
    Armstrong Canon Hour ago

    He sounds like harrison wells from flash.

  • Michael Ogden
    Michael Ogden Hour ago

    Good to know that the DiMarzios don't sound like humbuckers! I'll be taking a look at them.

  • Burning Pheonix
    Burning Pheonix Hour ago

    To me Alnico 2 deffinetly! :)

  • AnCap Dawg
    AnCap Dawg Hour ago

    I just started and I'm learning a ton from your videos. Thank you!

  • Counterclockwise Films

    Les Paul

  • Tony IOMMI-74
    Tony IOMMI-74 2 hours ago

    I love SG and LP guitars! They are my dream guitars since my childhood. Especially a good SG b'cos of Iommi. I bought a Japanese Greco LP and played for a long time. At the beginning of my back issues, I found a 2nd hand 2015 Epiphone Iommi SG. BAM! Hit the bull in the eye! Solid as rock, stable, stays in tune for a long time, no fizziness, no fuzziness. Sold my beloved but heavy Greco.

  • Kwindrex Dulay
    Kwindrex Dulay 2 hours ago

    2:19 ilove that laugh id replay it dozens of times to be true 🤣

  • B Man
    B Man 2 hours ago

    Tagima has the T-635 you can find for 199 bucks right now that beats the brakes off of the affinity. They have a full size alder body, 2 point trem, bone nut, split post vintage style tuners, rosewood or maple fretboard, satin neck, and sound fantastic...with no squier logo.

  • Khalazia Faqih
    Khalazia Faqih 3 hours ago

    Well, honestly they sounds good with not so much difference, compare to what pickups brand said about how far the difference beetwen alnico 2,3,4,5,8 or ceramic

  • ibanez gerald
    ibanez gerald 4 hours ago

    my name is ibanez gerald im from indonesia

  • Francesco 018
    Francesco 018 4 hours ago

    Great lesson! A question for you, please. The electric guitar you used on this video... what kind of guitar is that?! Thanks.

  • Sebastian Sefyu
    Sebastian Sefyu 4 hours ago

    Does anyone know if they go on sale at christmas time? And what % is it discounted by? Thank you. I'm looking for my first amp. It will either be this or Katana 50.

  • Pief Luszpinski
    Pief Luszpinski 5 hours ago

    let me guess: you are using one of those modern Jensen speakers? Speaker has a rattle. Besides that...nice demo. Thanks

  • Puia Lusei
    Puia Lusei 5 hours ago

    You forgot the Deluxe version of the tele.

  • Doc Tari
    Doc Tari 5 hours ago

    I thought the PRS was a bit muddy sounding. Might just be my ears though.

  • Mehdi S
    Mehdi S 5 hours ago

    Pacifica all the way, great build quality and will last forever, its built like a tank! BUT if you go with a Pacifica get the 112V much better Alnico V pickups than the cheap ceramics on the 112J or the cheap 012. The 311H is even better with quality parts and not very expensive

  • Stuntman D29
    Stuntman D29 6 hours ago

    I took my Blackstar HT Stage100 and changed to Tungsols and it turned into a metal monster! Extremely impressed over the Chinese Ruby’s that came in it!

  • zoundsic
    zoundsic 6 hours ago

    Really need to know what windings and magnets they both use before you can compare like for like between pricey brands and cheapo's. Preferred the Duncan's but not by as much as you'd expect. Cheapo's did ok for the money. Have heard better pickups than Duncan's and other top dollar pups that cost a lot less though, so just a shame you can't try them out like this in a shop.

  • Edward Bartley
    Edward Bartley 7 hours ago

    I can get Mexico Strats here in Chicago land for well under $300. I picked up one for $200 . I found the trems on the Mexican Strats to be pretty crappy.

  • Fossil Draws
    Fossil Draws 7 hours ago

    I scalloped an epiphone sg neck, by hand, with sandpaper. Took ages, but was absolutely worth it.

  • akhilleusvhector
    akhilleusvhector 8 hours ago

    Watched this video out of curiosity. Just ordered one. Hope it's as good as you say.

  • SiggyMe
    SiggyMe 8 hours ago

    Is this standard American Fender Stratocaster specs such as the neck pocket? Sounds great and looks wonderful really well built. Thanks!

  • SaucePussy
    SaucePussy 8 hours ago

    Put some expensive flatwound strings on the thing. Sasquatch believes in you!

  • guitarlicks101
    guitarlicks101 9 hours ago

    The Rg sounds better. It's cleaner, fuller and has more sustain

  • doppelganger nemesis

    good bye

  • HUKABUKtx67
    HUKABUKtx67 9 hours ago

    Squire is a Fender.

  • Dennis Rivizzigno
    Dennis Rivizzigno 9 hours ago

    Here’s the thing I’d rather play through a boogie any day. A guitar through guitar speakers as apposed to a 4 thousand dollar guitar through a modeler through 5 inch monitors that’s no fun

  • Valiant Noob
    Valiant Noob 9 hours ago

    So, all power chords are double stops but not all double stops are power chords. Or is it the other way around? Edit: I guess what I mean to ask is, are they roots and 5ths or is it any two notes? Just trying to better understand the theory behind it.

  • r burns
    r burns 10 hours ago

    I think I lean to the S

  • Khanyay
    Khanyay 10 hours ago

    We’re gonna build these in school, I got the bck 10 one, I’m kinda nervous lol

  • Christopher Yoos
    Christopher Yoos 10 hours ago

    Monoprice has them on sale for Rocktoberfest for $199.99 ... ask me how I know! :D

  • Roberto Vaquero Bazán

    Hello, does this would work in a PRS SE?, I am having problems keeping in tune the Guitar, Thanks!

  • Gina Disantis
    Gina Disantis 10 hours ago

    Wow! That's how I play my bar chords!! Since age 14 n now I'm 63 lol. Way to go! Thank. Be keep on, keeping on.

  • Jack kelly
    Jack kelly 11 hours ago

    It was $250 a few days ago. I bought one today for "20% off" but still paid an extra $43 for tax and shipping.

  • Marlow Kingsley
    Marlow Kingsley 11 hours ago

    I preferred the tube amp every time. I hate the sound of an A/D converter.

  • LAW Cover Band
    LAW Cover Band 11 hours ago

    Excellent coverage of the G&L Legacy. I was on the fence and your video convinced me. Thanks Darrell, keep up the good work!

  • Alex Terrero
    Alex Terrero 11 hours ago

    white knobs ftw

  • Deante J
    Deante J 11 hours ago

    Thanks for the promo code Darrell I used it for the Orangewood Morgan Mahogany live acoustic electric guitar should be be here on Thursday.... I'm stoked 😎

  • muchotone
    muchotone 11 hours ago

    Possibly the biggest difference is that you can't resist after-marketing most strats, but I would leave the PRS stock. Both great for different reasons.

  • gritsana sittiwong
    gritsana sittiwong 12 hours ago

    Where do i can order every part? Where is the custom shop?or website

  • gritsana sittiwong
    gritsana sittiwong 12 hours ago

    Where do I can order every part?

  • David Karr
    David Karr 12 hours ago

    Great video Darrell, both guitars sound great, close your eyes and pick, both tele's are great! I really can't pick, i' ok take one of each. Lol. Thanks bud! Enjoy your wisdom my man. God Bless!

  • Nadi Zahadi
    Nadi Zahadi 12 hours ago

    Ok actually tht smoke on the water was funny 😂

  • squish _
    squish _ 12 hours ago

    I actually really love the color of this thing.

  • Rio Riggs
    Rio Riggs 13 hours ago

    Finally someone making sense!

  • murryw
    murryw 13 hours ago

    I have never maintained that the two types of fingerboard sound different. But they feel different, and THAT is everything.

  • Hayden Darby
    Hayden Darby 13 hours ago

    My brain, fingers, ears, and heart say both

  • gevansmd1
    gevansmd1 13 hours ago

    The maple fretboard had deeper lows and more sustain.

  • Shawn Tubbs
    Shawn Tubbs 13 hours ago

    Awe MAN!!! I've always wanted to play one of those!! Great vid!!!

  • MyWorkshopScotland
    MyWorkshopScotland 13 hours ago

    Fekin love it. It just shows you that you always have to play the guitar to know if it's any good never go by name!!!!

  • Aaron Williams
    Aaron Williams 13 hours ago

    Epiphone Les Paul 100 it’s a pretty decent guitar considering it’s about 300 new and it stays in tune well and it’s fairly light

  • Stuntman D29
    Stuntman D29 13 hours ago

    Just buy a Schecter and be done with it Braun. Lol

  • NuKe Plays
    NuKe Plays 15 hours ago

    Song at 6:13 ???

  • Dis Ablevet
    Dis Ablevet 15 hours ago

    Great, definately added some grit when not using pick.

  • JeySin83
    JeySin83 15 hours ago

    Awesome! Where is the sound coming out from? Speakers?

    NATE HOWE 15 hours ago

    DAD level trolling on the copyright infringement lmao love it

  • jj dogg
    jj dogg 15 hours ago

    Taylor Guitars has been manufacturing necks in mexico using cnc machines for YEARS...any company can make a good guitar. It's about sourcing and supply, pride and playing. I'd sink a boatload of those for one USA 50s tele

  • Mario Gamutan
    Mario Gamutan 15 hours ago

    I appreciate the way you show the scales and tell what to do with it basically. It can expand curious minds' imaginations to new levels. Also, you presented it within a quarter of an hour.

  • lukin86
    lukin86 15 hours ago

    Hey Darrell, you should try a Godin guitar on a channel. They are made with a pure candaian maple syrup glaze.

  • Fülöp Lengyel
    Fülöp Lengyel 15 hours ago

    Get grovers and you wont have a problem

  • michael allen
    michael allen 16 hours ago

    You dont know the neck radius of a standard Strat off hand?. Strat is much "chimier". Ibanez sounds a bit more metal/hard rock. F.R. bridge allows one to do some crazy stuff and not fear being 100% out of tune after two measures. I prefer the Strat. You have preserved your musicality with your advanced technical ability. This always seems to be a rare thing with any advanced musican. As Keith Richards famously said: "The music is in between the notes." And "Whos got the heroin?"

  • Tushar Vazirani
    Tushar Vazirani 16 hours ago

    Gibson has ruined that guitar's tone with those super bright pickups. They are definitely going against the natural tone of the les paul.

  • BubbleCube
    BubbleCube 16 hours ago

    my first electric was a surprisingly good fully functioning guitar for £10. i needed new strings but they were like £6.99 it seems to be a strat copy called “Boston” if that helps anyone. i got it second hand from a shop called Ca$hing Inn most stuff in there is old and boring but i was surprised to see a £10 guitar and decided to check it out so i bought it.

  • J C
    J C 17 hours ago

    Isn't Slash's iconic guitar a Les Paul? Gotta be my favorite specific guitar ever.

  • Hobo Boxcarro
    Hobo Boxcarro 18 hours ago

    It looks Very Similar to the Guitar Fetish XV-560 SOLID Maple Top Semi Hollow.I owned on bought 2018, had Dr-Fret in Laguna Beach CA put different PkUps like those shoen, and it is a Great Guitar. Not Thousands. just $300 +/-

  • Alan St.
    Alan St. 18 hours ago

    Great to see a double stops lesson on your channel, Darrell! It's a kind of sound I definitely love, especially in rock music.

  • James Allen jr.
    James Allen jr. 18 hours ago

    As the sponsorship grows the smile disappears.

  • Rick Skeels
    Rick Skeels 18 hours ago

    If I was rich ( or single) this would definitely be on my list.

  • MrThomasv
    MrThomasv 18 hours ago

    I like the Fender strat

  • SaxJockey
    SaxJockey 19 hours ago

    The example at 6:10 is a good one, fretting the B string with the pinky and bending the G. Seems like a unison bend; I'm more familiar with fretting the B further down the neck and bending the G further up the neck. Everyday is a school day!

  • J P Williams
    J P Williams 19 hours ago

    Even the Crossroads version is out of my range, but this is the style of guitar I am looking for. What would you consider to be budge-friendly options for someone looking for this type of guitar?

  • Nishad Kulkarni
    Nishad Kulkarni 19 hours ago

    I can just buy the expensive picks

  • Harlan Harvey
    Harlan Harvey 19 hours ago

    Omg... the arguments this video has started.....😆 I'm tempted to post this in my luthier group🙀

  • Bjørn Harald Winge
    Bjørn Harald Winge 19 hours ago

    Thanks so much for your great videos. I love them all. What is your take on Godin guitars? I would love to see you compare the Fender Strat etc. against the Godin Session and Godin Progression Plus. Thanks, and keep up your great work!

  • pulsehead
    pulsehead 19 hours ago

    Double stops? Nah, I NEED MORE COWBELL!

  • ana garcia
    ana garcia 19 hours ago

    the tone depends 90% on the player and 10% on the gear honestly

  • Michael C
    Michael C 19 hours ago

    Amazing guitar... thanks for showing it Darrell!

  • Jethro X
    Jethro X 20 hours ago

    I'd put a sticker on it and call it a fender strat baby blue burst and sell it for 500 bucks

  • James Gross
    James Gross 20 hours ago

    Really love this guitar. Please send it to me.

  • Oneday App
    Oneday App 21 hour ago

    I got this squier for 250 dollars, so I think that changing the brow and the tuners would be a good guitar

  • John Pick
    John Pick 21 hour ago

    Incredible Tones from a guitar that costs as much as a car ! Cool !

  • J C
    J C 21 hour ago

    I don't even play guitar and I've probably watched 6 or 8 hours of content in the last 36 hours. Nice job. Really amazing stuff!

  • bobby deere
    bobby deere 21 hour ago

    Good video but no sorry won’t last buy a fender or orange

  • Pauline Follett
    Pauline Follett 22 hours ago

    A nice sounding guitar. Lovely finish.

  • Joe Carnaggio
    Joe Carnaggio 22 hours ago

    Hi Darrell. I have enjoyed your perspective and HONESTY regarding a certain manufacturer as that relates to headstock design, headstock angle, and string break angle at the nut. In your opinion does this guitar share the same design flaws? I have not had the opportunity to compare the guitar myself to that other brand. I would really appreciate reading your thoughts. All the best! Joe C

  • davva360
    davva360 22 hours ago

    I had an Epi LP a few years back and never had a tuning issue with it. I only got rid because it used to give me a back ache. It is crazy these issues are not solved. They have been selling them for decades.

  • eyonex
    eyonex 22 hours ago

    What song was that he was playing around 7:45?

  • Kingsley Schmidt
    Kingsley Schmidt 23 hours ago

    not really a beginner and solo is my stuff, in fact I'm too late to learn other solos so I mostly improvise but more knowledge and another point of view is great for me.

  • DMSProduktions
    DMSProduktions 23 hours ago

    Today is a VERY sad day for Canada! What WERE you thinking eh?

  • Kingsley Schmidt
    Kingsley Schmidt 23 hours ago

    AC/DC vibe, still a blue angel amp or a Marshall?

    • Kingsley Schmidt
      Kingsley Schmidt 17 hours ago

      SaxJockey Ah I see the thing is it’s so noisy in my house now that my life is a mess so the vocals is bad but the guitar is loud enough that I can hear but not clear enough to tell how great it sounds Thanks for the info.

    • SaxJockey
      SaxJockey 19 hours ago

      I'd be surprised if Darrell has moved away from the Blue Angel amp 😱. Maybe a pedal or some EQ in the loop for that tone? Edit: At the start Darrell mentions a Line 6 Helix with a Marshall patch!

  • Dr. Jerusalem
    Dr. Jerusalem 23 hours ago

    I only buy red guitars because they let me play faster.

  • Iker Garcia Martín
    Iker Garcia Martín 23 hours ago

    Uwi2o0101iwkwbwbdbxvxvccsfw I donť know what comment =( Sorry Viva España!!!!!

  • Paolo Caridi
    Paolo Caridi 23 hours ago

    Hi Darrell...How r u? I just want ask a technical advice...what r u thinking about the epiphone sg g 400? Thanks Paolo

  • Jesper Lian
    Jesper Lian Day ago

    could you make a review on the ibanez RG/S 1070 :D

  • Nico Stahlberg

    You know that you wont get any Money after playing Smoke on the Water?🤣