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  • Sports Appetite
    Sports Appetite 46 seconds ago

    Do it on NBA2K20

  • Sports Appetite
    Sports Appetite Minute ago

    Is this FNG?

  • Christian Pelaez
    Christian Pelaez Minute ago

    Ronaldo a high/low

  • razor racer
    razor racer 3 minutes ago

    10th I guess

  • Ricardo Benzi
    Ricardo Benzi 4 minutes ago

    No CR7?

  • Tom George
    Tom George 7 minutes ago


  • Sopita Ramen con Apio
    Sopita Ramen con Apio 8 minutes ago

    Luis Suarez best defenders: Number 1. Messi

    EDIK AVAGYAN 16 minutes ago

    6 me

  • Goat Baaa
    Goat Baaa 16 minutes ago

    Son deserves all the love and more

  • SoAn CG Moore
    SoAn CG Moore 17 minutes ago

    Piomonte Calcio

    PURE CHELSEA 17 minutes ago

    I love this channel cause of Niran

  • The Truth
    The Truth 17 minutes ago


  • Tony Plascencia Hernandez


  • Abdulqahhar Azeez
    Abdulqahhar Azeez 19 minutes ago


  • Darragh
    Darragh 20 minutes ago


  • CHUBA 10
    CHUBA 10 21 minute ago


  • Jordan Walthour
    Jordan Walthour 21 minute ago

    Good show HD Cutz!!!! We need a video with Sancho, Tomori, and Tammy!!!

  • Memes Best
    Memes Best 33 minutes ago

    BTW Messi has 3 more Champions league's than Van Dijk Hmmmm

  • Jay B
    Jay B 35 minutes ago

    The best part is I'd put Messi at the top of any list for any position forward of the back line. LOL

  • Dinger Bell
    Dinger Bell 44 minutes ago

    Long story short, number 1 is Divock Origi

  • cyu 02
    cyu 02 52 minutes ago

    I guess Ronaldo made the UK grunt. There’s no Keats in Kim Lee 👍

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman 52 minutes ago

    Me when I speak English

  • Alex Dumitrescu
    Alex Dumitrescu 59 minutes ago

    Lol, doesnt put christiano Ronaldo on his list

  • Gamer Thanos
    Gamer Thanos Hour ago

    suarez gonna eat messi

  • Daniel Lau
    Daniel Lau Hour ago

    I actually thought his number 1 would be Lewandowski, but since it's Messi I'm cool with it. 😄👍

  • Chris This
    Chris This Hour ago

    Did anyone actually vote for neymar for the ballon d‘or? Like actually?

  • Samin Yead
    Samin Yead Hour ago

    Absolute attack beats absolute defense!

  • JustAnExperiment

    The gameplay of Fifa 17 was quite enjoyable compared to the crap we play now.

  • Tennessee Flipper

    This is the lamest thing I have ever seen. If you're a full grown man and you're that afraid of a computer generated image, you have some serious mommy issues you need to resolve.....smh

  • HHTV3
    HHTV3 Hour ago

    Imagine if your your parents have the same full name!

  • Nizi B
    Nizi B Hour ago

    He is a very clean soul. Very chilled and underrated.

  • Cheikh Ball
    Cheikh Ball Hour ago

    What about CR7

  • youssef nayel
    youssef nayel Hour ago

    Should've said LEWANDOWSKI

  • adam santini
    adam santini Hour ago

    Did he get skinny or?

    • vlad majorally
      vlad majorally 28 minutes ago

      The season started months ago he went back to his strict regimen.

  • Faze Chino
    Faze Chino Hour ago

    Man Suarez can talk better in English than Agüero

  • Elias Sancho
    Elias Sancho Hour ago

    Suarez just called El Fenemeno the Fat Ronaldo. 🤔😁🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • geeta anand
    geeta anand Hour ago

    Seems like Suarez is a Brazil fan

  • StrikerYT 01
    StrikerYT 01 Hour ago

    Where am I this I a fuc**** disgrace Suarez you disappointed me

  • Filip Antkowiak
    Filip Antkowiak Hour ago

    Can we talk about how apparently Mahrez is Man City’s best player

  • justogmula
    justogmula Hour ago

    When Messi played Striker he scored 91 goals what are people talking about 😂😂 G.O.A.T BUSINESS 🔥

  • A S
    A S Hour ago

    Son is one of the most decent footballers now adays besides Mane and Mo Salah. He is truly pride of Asia as West Asian and Reds supporter.

  • chander kant
    chander kant Hour ago

    1 bite 2 just one bite 3 one more bite 4 bite once again 5 ahhhhhhh ahhhhh repeat

  • Muhammad Ibrahim
    Muhammad Ibrahim 2 hours ago

    Cr7 the GOAT

  • Tahsin Tasnim
    Tahsin Tasnim 2 hours ago

    I'm so happy to see Batigol and Forlan. Both of them are underappreciated strikers. Good choice from El Pistolero.

  • Rafael Nunez Jr.
    Rafael Nunez Jr. 2 hours ago

    He is even a great keeper! Remember his late minute save vs Ghana in 2010's world cup?

  • Rafael Hasanov
    Rafael Hasanov 2 hours ago

    Lewandowski > Suarez

  • Felix
    Felix 2 hours ago

    Was about to click away, then I realized, FNG. Only reason I watched.

  • Kaktusowy
    Kaktusowy 2 hours ago

    Suarez is the best Striker ❤️

  • The Southern Guy
    The Southern Guy 2 hours ago

    This guy sounds like Count Dracula 🧛🏽‍♂️

  • adfasd
    adfasd 2 hours ago

    Freddy Mercury is still alive?

  • Attacking3rd JP
    Attacking3rd JP 2 hours ago

    This is stupid and biased

  • OM4Rx
    OM4Rx 2 hours ago

    Ojala la pases bien Luis! Eres el numero 1 en varios ojos

  • Muslc Edits
    Muslc Edits 2 hours ago

    if lewandowski won't stop scoring...

  • Bhavya Shah
    Bhavya Shah 2 hours ago

    Would put R9 2nd behind Messi

  • FunnyJokes tv
    FunnyJokes tv 2 hours ago

    Next video: Luis Suarez’s Top 5 Best Tasting Players Of All Time!

    • Sully Ali
      Sully Ali 32 minutes ago

      Yes very good joke 😂😂

    • Jake T
      Jake T 38 minutes ago

      Give him credit this is a fucking hilarious joke

    • robizzlor
      robizzlor Hour ago

      @Julian Banks So Top3?

    • Julian Banks
      Julian Banks Hour ago

      You dip$hit! He has only bit 3 players.

    • FunnyJokes tv
      FunnyJokes tv 2 hours ago

      SIBI K he really enjoys the italian cuisine flavor of chiellinis shoulder

  • The Big LeeBowski
    The Big LeeBowski 2 hours ago

    The nationalism speaks loudly. But let's be honest with Messi, he's not a striker.

  • Gospodarstwo Rolne Goiński


  • Beautifuljustnotmagic

    I love when he trolled City after United beat them and tweeted “I think that was a footballing lesson.”

  • Truelsen
    Truelsen 2 hours ago

    Did Suarez just say ´´The fat´´ 0:35 It honestly sounded like he said the fat Ronaldo WTF lol.

    • SIBI K
      SIBI K Hour ago

      @T. K 14 i didn't mean it as an insult, i am sure suarez didn't either

    • robizzlor
      robizzlor Hour ago

      Yeah, he said the fat Ronaldo and Ronaldo was also known for having a bit overweight at Real (and is now fat).

    • T. K 14
      T. K 14 Hour ago

      @SIBI K don't do him like that, he has very bad metabolism, it's amazing that he could stay in shape during his career

    • SIBI K
      SIBI K 2 hours ago

      Yea sounds like he did. To be fair, Ronaldo is fat now, very fat.

  • E Vill
    E Vill 2 hours ago

    Why is the black guy always the first to die😢

  • Daniel Haiqal
    Daniel Haiqal 2 hours ago

    His *tooth* was the best striker no doubt.

  • Sensei
    Sensei 2 hours ago

    Top 5 players Luis Suarez wants to bite

  • Biz kroos Boss kroos

    The original Ronaldo 😆 So cr7 is crap

  • Footy Creations
    Footy Creations 2 hours ago

    My man's just listed Batistuta and Forlan ahead of El Fenomeno and Romario...🤔🤔🤔🤔 but I ain't complaining....Everyone has his or her own choice

    • R Drizzy
      R Drizzy 2 hours ago

      I don’t think it was in order

  • Trash Talker
    Trash Talker 2 hours ago

    Top 3 Strikers of all time: 1. Heskey 2. Akinfenwa 3. Origi Don’t @ me

  • John
    John 2 hours ago

    Biting content.

  • Steven Colney
    Steven Colney 2 hours ago

    But Messi as Striker...Why??

    • robizzlor
      robizzlor Hour ago

      Because the main objective for a striker is to score goals and well.... Messi does it while doing also other things.

    • Finu Faiz
      Finu Faiz 2 hours ago

      False 9

  • Alex Oxlade Chamberlain

    FNG <3

  • Fred Muglia
    Fred Muglia 2 hours ago

    If you’re a PSG fan and you see Mbappé as the new Ronaldo 🙌😅👌 tvclip.biz/video/oqYewOFlAqY/video.html

    LONG LIVE PRINCE X 3 hours ago

    The fat one 😂😂

    • Rick Sanchez
      Rick Sanchez 2 hours ago

      He buried the respect in his backyard lmao

  • Hulk Messi
    Hulk Messi 3 hours ago

    Great humility from him, not including himself. Still, him calling Ronaldo "fat" is not cool.

  • Montemex23
    Montemex23 3 hours ago

    Brazilian Ronaldo has to be number 1 WTf

  • Cucu 10
    Cucu 10 3 hours ago

    My top 5: 5 Villa/Zlatan 4 Shearer 3 Lineker 2 Romario 1 Ronaldo

    • Cucu 10
      Cucu 10 2 hours ago

      @akhenatuh actually I'm a messi fanboy...Yeah he is so good and the Goat...But this is for pure striker,Messi is versatile player,he can play at every position thats the reason why i don't put him... Don't underestimate me,Messi is a good striker...btw that ronaldo is R9 not CR7...

    • akhenatuh
      akhenatuh 2 hours ago

      Cucu 10 How come Messi has 6 Golden Boots? But technically he’s not a striker, that shows you he’s most complete player ever.

  • stephen chege
    stephen chege 3 hours ago

    "This guy was stabbed, this is a back stabbing."

      WXK ANIMATIONS 26 minutes ago

      *reads note* what I mean is, if anyone wants Neymar out of the way, it’s- uh uh uh- CAVANI!

    • the black guy rfvgyt
      the black guy rfvgyt 31 minute ago

      Yes you, the dark wizard who wishes to have neymars place as the crown jewel of el canarinio

      WXK ANIMATIONS 31 minute ago

      Yes you, the dark wizard, who wishes to take Neymars place, as the crown jewel, El Canarinha!

    • the black guy rfvgyt
      the black guy rfvgyt 33 minutes ago


    • Getroy
      Getroy 36 minutes ago

      @stephen chege unlike Coutinho...

  • Sapo 123
    Sapo 123 3 hours ago

    CR7 THE BEST 🐐👌👌

    • robizzlor
      robizzlor Hour ago

      Not on the list and Messi is the GOAT. Pointless comment.

    • M Billa
      M Billa 2 hours ago

      Nice joke mate

    • Jack 26
      Jack 26 2 hours ago

      This is your opinion...that is Suarez's opinion

  • cak sontong
    cak sontong 3 hours ago

    Lord Vampire Suarez Victims: Ivanovic, chiellini, etc.. LOL

  • Zackismo MC
    Zackismo MC 3 hours ago

    Where the fuck is CR7 ?!?!

  • Werner Florêncio
    Werner Florêncio 3 hours ago

    Its kind sad when we saw magnificent players today always putting brazilians legends strikers in top 5 but nowadays we barely have a good striker :/

    • Advenco
      Advenco 2 hours ago

      Werner Florêncio Firmino is world class

    • Werner Florêncio
      Werner Florêncio 2 hours ago

      Imaad Uddin he is good, no doubt. Jesus is also a good name, we also have Richarlison... but none of those names are close to what Ronaldo, Zico, Adriano were in the past.

    • Imaad Uddin
      Imaad Uddin 2 hours ago


    • Sir SwearsAlot
      Sir SwearsAlot 3 hours ago

      Yep, Brazil has zero strikers. No proper no. 9.

  • ItalianoD'Blaugrana
    ItalianoD'Blaugrana 3 hours ago

    Besides messi(who isn't really a striker) the list seems backwards

    • BUZZTROLL Inc.
      BUZZTROLL Inc. Hour ago

      You probably want Penaldo on the list lol

    • robizzlor
      robizzlor Hour ago

      I mean, Messi goals more goals than any "real" striker. You have to put him on this list since the strikers main objective is to score goals and he does it too while being also the playmaker....

    • Julian Banks
      Julian Banks Hour ago

      It's HIS Top 5, not yours!

  • Fernando Torres9
    Fernando Torres9 3 hours ago

    No 1: Messi.... Wait a minute... Corner taken quickly... *ORIGI* !!

    • Bronze Gamer
      Bronze Gamer 2 hours ago

      @Sir SwearsAlot finally somebody said it

    • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 2 hours ago

      @Sir SwearsAlot Its just that a comeback is more memorable

    • Sir SwearsAlot
      Sir SwearsAlot 2 hours ago

      @( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Ofcourse it does. But let's not pretend the 3-0 never happened

    • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 2 hours ago

      @Sir SwearsAlot but the end result matters

    • Sir SwearsAlot
      Sir SwearsAlot 3 hours ago

      Not before Messi scored a banger from 30 yards out though.......

  • Luciano Levy
    Luciano Levy 3 hours ago

    Only South America players and Ronaldo Fenômeno is not number #1? C'mon Suarez 🤦‍♂️

    • robizzlor
      robizzlor Hour ago

      If everyone would agree on one player you wouldn't need votings. Obviously, there are different opinions and I rate Suarez' opinion very highly since he is one of the best ever.

    • Vailtsur :-D
      Vailtsur :-D 3 hours ago

      Luciano Levy It’s called A opinion dumbass

  • Atlètico needs a UCL immediately

    I misread the title... I thought it said Suarez top 5 biters

  • Fady Emiil
    Fady Emiil 3 hours ago

    I thought he will put himself in the list hhhhhhhhhhhhh , for me 4th Top scorer in Barca history should be in top 10 list

  • Vishnu L
    Vishnu L 3 hours ago

    That smile on the thumbnail tho......

  • ItalianoD'Blaugrana
    ItalianoD'Blaugrana 3 hours ago

    In his prime Luis Suarez was the best Striker of the 2010's-2020's decade. Man was unstoppable at ajax Liverpool has his first 3 seasons at Barcelona

  • Devaldy Jonathan
    Devaldy Jonathan 3 hours ago

    _bUt meSsi is nOt a stRikerr_

  • /\/\ X /\/\✅
    /\/\ X /\/\✅ 3 hours ago

    Disrespect to Cristiano Ronaldo

    • Sir SwearsAlot
      Sir SwearsAlot 2 hours ago

      @Marco Lopez He definitely was. Anyone who saw him play will tell you that. His career took a huge hit after getting seriously injured. Sure he never won the UCL, but he has won almost everything else, World Cup, Copa America, Confederations cup, Ballon D'or, etc. Watch him before you make stupid comments.

    • Marco Lopez
      Marco Lopez 2 hours ago

      Sir SwearsAlot he never was. Not numbers wise nor trophy wise cristianos better than both suarez and Ronaldo the Brazilian

    • Sir SwearsAlot
      Sir SwearsAlot 3 hours ago

      Not when you know that Ronaldo, the phenomenon, is actually the better Ronaldo.

  • Sachet Shetty
    Sachet Shetty 3 hours ago


  • Sir SwearsAlot
    Sir SwearsAlot 3 hours ago

    The best Ronaldo, The phenomenon.

    • Shak
      Shak 3 hours ago

      You're right. The Ronaldo from Brazil is a phenomenon.

  • Fernando Torres9
    Fernando Torres9 3 hours ago

    Hate him or love him, you just gotta admire the lads consistency...... Forza Luis!!

  • The OG
    The OG 3 hours ago

    Messi was a must on this list

    • Sharon Nyabuto
      Sharon Nyabuto 2 hours ago

      @R Drizzy Yu tell them

    • R Drizzy
      R Drizzy 2 hours ago

      Trash Talker Messi is everything for Barca nowadays

    • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 2 hours ago

      He shouldn't because he's mostly a winger

    • Trash Talker
      Trash Talker 3 hours ago

      The OG but Messi isn’t a striker 😂

  • Jefferson Huang
    Jefferson Huang 3 hours ago

    Wow, Forlan ahead of Romario and Ronaldo? Uruguayan love I see!

    • Real AMG
      Real AMG Hour ago

      @Clank's Deep Mind he was a cf

    • Real AMG
      Real AMG Hour ago

      @Clank's Deep Mind I've always seen him as more of a cf or cam second striker. I think a pure St is someone with more physicality and power in the shots, messis more a cutter through defense.

    • Clank's Deep Mind
      Clank's Deep Mind 2 hours ago

      @Real AMG cause when he played striker he broke every goal record...

    • Sam Rockwell
      Sam Rockwell 2 hours ago

      @Real AMG messi isn't a striker right now but he used to play as one so i guess that's why he chose him.

    • Real AMG
      Real AMG 3 hours ago

      yea and messi aint a striker. wut is this list.

  • The Kobster 05
    The Kobster 05 3 hours ago

    5. O 4. R 3. I 2. G 1. I

  • Nancy Saju
    Nancy Saju 3 hours ago

    What ? Messi 🐐 is not a striker .

    GOKUL 3 hours ago

    That spoiled girl need some real life!

  • FoshoGotFlow
    FoshoGotFlow 3 hours ago

    Luis Suarez is the Kelly Rowland to Messi’s Beyoncé 😂

    • FoshoGotFlow
      FoshoGotFlow 28 minutes ago

      robizzlor lmao 😂 you just now realized you’re wasting your time? You a real goofy for taking TVclip comments so so seriously , tryna debate me over jokes in the comments LoL get a life

    • robizzlor
      robizzlor 33 minutes ago

      @FoshoGotFlow yeah you're right. Why waste time on a 12yo troll.

    • FoshoGotFlow
      FoshoGotFlow 42 minutes ago

      robizzlor Jeez! Suarez really doesn’t need you to cape for him over jokes in the TVclip comments 🤦🏾‍♂️.. you really don’t got nothing better to do? Lmao Are u in love with him or something? 🤣

    • robizzlor
      robizzlor 59 minutes ago

      @FoshoGotFlow well if I can sense your nationality based on your opinion on football you're obviously doing something wrong. Suarez was successful for Uruguay and before he joined Barca he was a monster at Liverpool. Guy could go to any team and be a top striker. But obviously you only watch champions league since like 2 years and never heard of Suarez at Liverpool xD

    • FoshoGotFlow
      FoshoGotFlow Hour ago

      robizzlor I’m American asf! And u sound butt hurt over a international soccer star who doesn’t even know u exist 😂 chill bro it’s not that serious. Ur opinion is as valid as mine... and in my opinion, he’s the Kelly Rowland to Messi’s Beyoncé 😂

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith 3 hours ago

    Origi or fake list

  • BCcompsJR
    BCcompsJR 3 hours ago

    Visited me 💥🙏

  • jacksrandomadventures

    they should have put the screen and person on the same side .. instead of making the guys watch only one or the other

  • Michelle Nikita
    Michelle Nikita 3 hours ago

    “Traditional Italian clothing” *pulls out Mario costume* 💀