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Mommy & Daughter SNOW DAY
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YumeTwins Unboxing!!!
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  • Aurax
    Aurax 4 hours ago

    I loooove the intro bc my idol Is ariana grande so yuh btw luv you so much❤️❤️🤣🥰😂😊😜😅❤️

  • love kids
    love kids 4 hours ago

    Wow this was nice

  • eventuallies
    eventuallies 4 hours ago


  • Lu M
    Lu M 5 hours ago

    Could you film it how to build that house??

  • Catherin Paiz
    Catherin Paiz 5 hours ago

    Why did you unfriendly those police officers? (9:10)

  • Leyla- LuluIsBlank
    Leyla- LuluIsBlank 5 hours ago

    lel i think she forgot to edit out “ go drive “ but it makes it even better

  • Kelly Krm
    Kelly Krm 5 hours ago

    These policemans girls were really good actors actually 😂 *Even though on a minute of the video it looks like you unfriended them*

  • Yvar Kain
    Yvar Kain 5 hours ago

    When you were chopping down the tree you could get Into Lumber Tycoon and chop off a tree

  • Cloud Moon
    Cloud Moon 5 hours ago

    I love how u left in the behind the scenes!! Lysm

  • PinkKitten
    PinkKitten 5 hours ago


  • Cosmic Dreamer
    Cosmic Dreamer 6 hours ago

    0:58 what’s the name of that normal sized tree I can’t find one smh.

  • •Gacha_julia• Gacha life vids

    comfy:~panics a lot~ also comfy:*SOBS CUTELY8 me:i-

  • PeachyBish 1328
    PeachyBish 1328 7 hours ago

    I like bts too❣😍❤

  • ThePokeballGoku
    ThePokeballGoku 7 hours ago

    what about ur husband?

  • Short Uni
    Short Uni 7 hours ago

    Comfy: I’m gonna call *an* Uber! Dads house is right behind her..

  • Cee Why
    Cee Why 7 hours ago

    OMG just this intro and the music Not my favourite totally

  • Cee Why
    Cee Why 7 hours ago

    Omg the intro song and the PART WHERE IT SAYS HI SISTERRS ON AND ON IS JUST NOT great nothing it’s just this music

  • Cee Why
    Cee Why 8 hours ago

    Breakfast bath dinner the end Hehehehehe

  • ghost01883
    ghost01883 8 hours ago

    Dont yell

  • Liberal Dad
    Liberal Dad 8 hours ago

    I had epilepsy, now I don't since the intro gave me a epileptic fit and put me in a coma.

  • Morgan Covell
    Morgan Covell 8 hours ago

    The plane place where is it like what game is it

  • Cee Why
    Cee Why 8 hours ago

    Why does the mum and dad say does everything cutely

  • jabir jones
    jabir jones 8 hours ago


  • ~♥Zåshïa♥~
    ~♥Zåshïa♥~ 9 hours ago

    TYSM for uploading! <3

  • Breezy Rubin
    Breezy Rubin 9 hours ago


  • Ignore my profile pictures

    When BTR came on I started screaming!

  • Jazlyn Cuttie
    Jazlyn Cuttie 9 hours ago

    idkk i feel like your rps ain’t it.

  • Kitty Puppy Caleb and uni Roblox

    Dather XD 😂

  • Mish Bush
    Mish Bush 9 hours ago

    Dont listen to the haters

  • Olivia Rosales
    Olivia Rosales 9 hours ago

    There were some parts where she had to correct them but that was funny. Ps love you comfy please keep doing these videos

  • Gacha Puff's 2019
    Gacha Puff's 2019 9 hours ago


  • Danish Hayil
    Danish Hayil 9 hours ago

    She dont what is a burger?...she have a school or not

  • amazing world of art and more

    U used the same music I did in one of my speed drawing videos

  • Cactus Magic
    Cactus Magic 9 hours ago

    Omg I never knew that you were an army!

  • Taquitos Voladores :D
    Taquitos Voladores :D 10 hours ago

    You ugly af

  • Matt Hoffman
    Matt Hoffman 10 hours ago

    Hey it's Eva from roblox great job!

  • Sxd Clouds
    Sxd Clouds 10 hours ago

    SKDHNANSHA! SO HERE IS MY STORY I was gonna get flamingo Merch but it was sold out and my mom was gonna buy it for meh, she felt bad and said I could fine someone else’s merch to buy so I THOUGHT OF COMFYSUNDAY I WAS SO HAPPY SO NOW IM GETTING YOUR MERCH CANT WAIT TO GET IT AHH SKDYSHHS 🎉💕🤪

  • Small Pauls
    Small Pauls 10 hours ago

    “I won’t burn down the kitchen,I’m not like other girls.”

  • Euree Robles
    Euree Robles 10 hours ago

    Sharemystory? Lol

  • Adventures In Blox
    Adventures In Blox 10 hours ago

    Hi, small TVclipr here!, I wanna grow in my channel and for some reason can’t Maybe you can sub :D

  • Zara Elizabeth John
    Zara Elizabeth John 10 hours ago

    Oh goosh I love her skits but she spoils it by telling wait cut go drive and stuff like that soo. That's kinda bad for the vid make sure to make it better next time but I love u comfy!

  • Dhini Dp
    Dhini Dp 10 hours ago


  • Dhini Dp
    Dhini Dp 10 hours ago

    Dat to harsh on your child :6

  • michellecatunicorn
    michellecatunicorn 10 hours ago

    Ahah the go drive at 6:26😅😂

  • xxAlixiiaxx
    xxAlixiiaxx 11 hours ago

    What app do u use for your intro?

  • All about caseylia
    All about caseylia 11 hours ago

    I finally am on a holiday and i go bacl to school at 7th January 2020!

  • Sumalinog Gaming
    Sumalinog Gaming 11 hours ago

    HI.can i Join your Group in Roblox?

  • Kiwi Kiko
    Kiwi Kiko 11 hours ago

    dam it you turned 911 off its my fav song

  • Emeilyah Sands
    Emeilyah Sands 11 hours ago

    I LOVE THE INTO GOOD JOB!!!!!..and good job on THE video!!

  • Melydee Cruz
    Melydee Cruz 11 hours ago

    ~*likes cutely*~ ~*Subscribes cutely~* ~*shares cutely*~

  • Catnxip
    Catnxip 11 hours ago

    7:36 h e I p

  • Sergio Playz
    Sergio Playz 11 hours ago

    I loved when they forgot what to do and u said “go drive”

  • Mello Jello
    Mello Jello 11 hours ago

    *clicks cutely* *watches cutely* *likes cutely* *subs cutely* *comments this cutely*

  • I love DjPlaysGames
    I love DjPlaysGames 11 hours ago

    Who hates when people have the fat legs Two likes so you don’t have tp like

  • I love DjPlaysGames
    I love DjPlaysGames 11 hours ago

    You don’t always have to say cutely it’s getting annoying

  • PopcornPlays Roblox
    PopcornPlays Roblox 12 hours ago

    Like omg I’m your biggest fan I have almost all your merch!

  • Mello Jello
    Mello Jello 12 hours ago

    But, how old was she when she got kidnapped, and how long was she gone?

  • Marina Klonari
    Marina Klonari 12 hours ago

    I’m from Greece 🇬🇷 ο λονε γούρ νιδεος ;D it says I love your videos bc I do <3

  • Sofia Isabel C
    Sofia Isabel C 12 hours ago

    comfy dog like dora??

  • Electric Dingus
    Electric Dingus 12 hours ago

    Worst scenario- *Doing heaps of U-Turns when you are about to puke.*

  • Kali Boeing
    Kali Boeing 12 hours ago

    Comfy I have a question why did you add in the bloopers? I would love to see a behind the scenes video on how you make these please. I have been a suscbfiber forever

  • VereuS Hunt
    VereuS Hunt 12 hours ago

    make the song of the sea Roblox story pls

  • Brynney Wynney
    Brynney Wynney 12 hours ago

    She said I will flip the flop out of you LMAO😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tess !!!
    Tess !!! 12 hours ago

    Comfy: Go drive! Them:1 minute later...*drives* Point is Comfy directs the whole thing! :) which is good!!! ☺️

  • Natalia Vasquez
    Natalia Vasquez 12 hours ago

    You should do a daughters first play date :) ❤️

  • Ace Dats me
    Ace Dats me 12 hours ago

    Dude I _love_ these episodes I NEED an episode 5 !!

  • Kali Boeing
    Kali Boeing 12 hours ago

    6:26 was she she supposed to say “go drive” we’re we supposed to see that? Comfy I love sooo much I am soo glad you saw this comment

  • fro yooo
    fro yooo 13 hours ago

    eats cutely poops cutely breaks in cutely *dies cutely*

  • Kawaii Potato
    Kawaii Potato 13 hours ago

    I liked 164 comments ✓ <3

  • xMochiix
    xMochiix 13 hours ago


    • xMochiix
      xMochiix 10 hours ago

      EEEEE I GOT A HEART OMG OMG IMA HUGE FAn! COMFY CAN U BUILD ME A HOUSE THATS NICE LIKE URS FOR 400k? I have only multiple floors and premium pass, nothing else. User: XXKynleyXX

  • Jimena Gonzalez
    Jimena Gonzalez 13 hours ago

    Ay comfysunday like...... I had a cat name comfy and she was crying I was like bruh

  • feel special
    feel special 13 hours ago

    *dont fear, varlis here*

  • Jimena Gonzalez
    Jimena Gonzalez 13 hours ago

    *next day* I was a vsco girl EVERYONE was nice to me I was like wut

  • brian hodnett
    brian hodnett 13 hours ago

    Some oops in there when you said like cut but it was ALSO

  • •Daisy Gacha•
    •Daisy Gacha• 13 hours ago

    All i want for Christmas is ur merch 🥺❤️

  • • Kimeko Gacha •
    • Kimeko Gacha • 13 hours ago

    2:14 FBI I OPEN UP 😂😂😂

  • Shauna Ferguson
    Shauna Ferguson 13 hours ago

    I’m herreeeeee

  • * -Splitxn- *
    * -Splitxn- * 13 hours ago

    Ibought your merch! Called “Papi” 😂

  • Eralyze
    Eralyze 13 hours ago

    UM YES IT"S OUT YASSS I've waited for a long time and it's worth waiting for!

  • burcu kayhan
    burcu kayhan 14 hours ago

    Ily comfy, merry Christmas

  • Regina See
    Regina See 14 hours ago

    They are in trouble with driving

  • yarixr
    yarixr 14 hours ago

    IM DEAAADD! 😂 guys do u hear that? *yessir*

  • allyloverunicorn
    allyloverunicorn 14 hours ago

    there are a few "Behind the scenes" areas

  • Skyler Laining
    Skyler Laining 14 hours ago

    Comfy:*Keeps Uploading* Me: *Checks* Nope :( *Watches the Other Videos* Comfy: *Uploads Part 4* Me: Yes! I been Waiting for this for a long time!

  • Sunset_angel 715
    Sunset_angel 715 14 hours ago

    She said no no it’s escape then she was like go star5 they forgot to stop recording

  • Bella Minks
    Bella Minks 14 hours ago

    When you accidentally zoom out (This is a joke)

  • Samia Harb
    Samia Harb 14 hours ago

    Santa tell meh ....

  • bxbie_lucy 33
    bxbie_lucy 33 14 hours ago

    Yay my mom is getting me your hoodie merch for Christmas! I love you so much!!🥰

  • Distinctwi
    Distinctwi 14 hours ago

    Can we play?

  • Jude Lawson
    Jude Lawson 14 hours ago

    *Drinks* *tea* *britishly* that’s some nice tea and nice comfy Sunday videos

  • Abak Maraial
    Abak Maraial 14 hours ago

    R u mixed

  • iiNiteLxt E
    iiNiteLxt E 14 hours ago

    There was parts were she said, “wait cut” but I love these skits

  • Lauren Cook
    Lauren Cook 14 hours ago

    when it says 36 seconds ago but your grandma calls you fro dinner: *yes*

  • Miss CrazyCuddly
    Miss CrazyCuddly 14 hours ago

    I LOVE YOUR VIDS COMFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mikah Mccraney
    Mikah Mccraney 14 hours ago

    That’s if you have 500k Oh and my account is Foxy_lokistar Tank you

  • Mikah Mccraney
    Mikah Mccraney 14 hours ago

    Can you totes give me 500k if not that’s fine......NOT oh android what’s ya account u wants to be yo friend soo please can I have 500k

  • Zoey Napolitano
    Zoey Napolitano 14 hours ago

    Hi! Btw your the best

    • Zoey Napolitano
      Zoey Napolitano 11 hours ago

      OMG comfy thank you soooo much for liking my comment that means sooo much to me!

  • Aesthetic Strawberry
    Aesthetic Strawberry 14 hours ago

    Comfy really running out of ideas it’s trash now :/