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Halsey - Graveyard
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Halsey - clementine
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Halsey - Nightmare
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Halsey - Without Me
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Halsey - Alone (Audio)
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Halsey - Tour Diary Pt. 2
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  • Wiktoria Belekekeke
    Wiktoria Belekekeke 4 hours ago


  • Ayse Meryem Başaran

    Halsey Im come here baby look at me Im dead....

  • Fernando migas
    Fernando migas 4 hours ago

    Cool and misterious all you look for in a halsey song. I like how it sounds

  • marcelo
    marcelo 4 hours ago


  • Manoj Behera
    Manoj Behera 4 hours ago

    At some point she look alike Millie Bobby in stranger things

  • Subscribe Me
    Subscribe Me 4 hours ago

    Her voice 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • marcelo
    marcelo 4 hours ago


  • Naømi Welleman
    Naømi Welleman 4 hours ago

    This song makes me think of the San Juniper episode by Black Mirror.. the lyrcis just fit right in

  • Fatima Sarr
    Fatima Sarr 4 hours ago

    I like this song,so sexy

    ARMY BTS 4 hours ago

    Ilove this song

  • Yuzu Aihara
    Yuzu Aihara 5 hours ago


  • Hurry
    Hurry 5 hours ago

    Halsey songs : Thinking you could live without me ? FANS :sure i can't .

  • Fk Teck
    Fk Teck 5 hours ago

    I like zayn malik dusk till down before this song and Now this song is always playing on my device how it is possible whene i here this song Getting thoughts of my #crush

  • Rashmi Natasha
    Rashmi Natasha 5 hours ago


  • Adam Czubaszek
    Adam Czubaszek 5 hours ago

    this song kinda sounds like a commercial from youtube or a song that plays on spotify between the songs you actually listen to in a clip that promotes buying premium

  • C V
    C V 5 hours ago

    She's lookin like Micheal Jackson 😍

  • Stephenie Mcmillan
    Stephenie Mcmillan 5 hours ago

    I love this

  • sara Ahmad
    sara Ahmad 5 hours ago

    2019 the best song to her 💖💖

  • muhd nabil
    muhd nabil 6 hours ago

    skull and butterfly. death and beauty. a beautiful combination

  • L Vong
    L Vong 6 hours ago

    Why do we love things that only hurt us?

  • God is a woman
    God is a woman 6 hours ago

    This is Halsey's song. Not Rosé. Remember it!!!

  • Thyia Colt
    Thyia Colt 6 hours ago

    Society: smile, young lady, don't be so depressed blah blah Me: 😬

  • jace mela
    jace mela 6 hours ago

    tvclip.biz/video/0N-9LSaXCPA/video.html Randall Fowler - NO DISTURBING (Stripped) Official Music Video

  • christian gentiles
    christian gentiles 6 hours ago

    that's true she could live without me 😏

  • Mr Viral
    Mr Viral 6 hours ago

    2years running This lyrics i make my fb bio

  • Yamilka Martinez
    Yamilka Martinez 6 hours ago

    Halsey omg gorgeous 😍

  • Sirluvalot88
    Sirluvalot88 6 hours ago

    I'm light year's away from how toxic that dude is in this video and I can't find a woman like that I wouldn't even think about doing 2% of what that dude did to her in this video. I would never put a woman through that, and what's sad it's women out there going through that smh guess you got to be a screw up to get a woman like her 😔eh Oh well Still love this song💜💜💜 I be the only 6'4 black dude singing this song in my car like Terry Crews on the White Chicks movie lol



  • Mohammad Salah
    Mohammad Salah 6 hours ago

    Who's here in 16 October?

  • Lindsey Lawrence
    Lindsey Lawrence 6 hours ago

    Love Graveyard!

  • Dada Duck
    Dada Duck 7 hours ago

    Damm g eazy ya let go of someone amazing

  • Dada Duck
    Dada Duck 7 hours ago

    I fuckin love how she isnt auto tuned

  • Lucas Zanini
    Lucas Zanini 7 hours ago

    This is art. Literally

  • Azira
    Azira 7 hours ago


  • Mahidhar !
    Mahidhar ! 7 hours ago

    So I just want you to watch my cover. I am not doing this for likes or views but I just want to tell you that I am putting all my efforts for youtube but I am struggling to get even 100 views m.tvclip.biz/video/5jK60-YKiHE/video.html Hope yall watch it . I am sorry for my bad singing but definitely improve in it

  • Gabriel Augustavo
    Gabriel Augustavo 7 hours ago

    8.4M 16/10/19 11:50

  • Jianwei Lee
    Jianwei Lee 7 hours ago

    who can't stop listing to this song

  • Sanu Rana
    Sanu Rana 7 hours ago

    I love this song

  • Yasmim Torres
    Yasmim Torres 7 hours ago

    Minha rainha se você soubesse o quanto eu choro escutando essa música.... 😢😢😍😍

  • nayima haneef
    nayima haneef 7 hours ago

    I love this song..anyone from tiktok?❤

  • Andrew Sinclair
    Andrew Sinclair 7 hours ago

    I can hear Jon Bellion in this :)

  • Fairy Mushroom
    Fairy Mushroom 7 hours ago

    this really looks similar to that one Euphoria episode

  • military girl
    military girl 7 hours ago

    The cops say damn thay got a way Girls say bye bitch 👇

  • Nair Devika
    Nair Devika 7 hours ago


  • Elizabeth Parker
    Elizabeth Parker 7 hours ago

    Pls don't do drugs that's bad for ur if u use it for abuse u might go to jail so don't do drugs Kids 👇 👇👇👇👇👇

  • Francoeur Valparaíso

    1:00 *Bowie, is that you?*

  • Franca Ikrumale
    Franca Ikrumale 8 hours ago


  • شاكر دواي
    شاكر دواي 8 hours ago


  • Ygor Viana
    Ygor Viana 8 hours ago


  • Ygor Viana
    Ygor Viana 8 hours ago


  • Ygor Viana
    Ygor Viana 8 hours ago

    Eu amo essa música com toda minha força 😍👏🌈

  • Lilia Obrien
    Lilia Obrien 8 hours ago


  • Selena Francisco
    Selena Francisco 8 hours ago

    i love your music so much keep it up the good work i wish i could meet you in person it would be a dream come true but it will not happen.

  • Aktion knight
    Aktion knight 8 hours ago

    The whole vid be like .... pls dont drink too much ... halsey has gone nuts

  • Anna West
    Anna West 8 hours ago

    I love how some of the choreography mirrors clementine

  • Danah Alawadhi
    Danah Alawadhi 8 hours ago

    Sedney looking SO CUTE OMG miss “everything sucks”

  • Dyarah Msp
    Dyarah Msp 9 hours ago

    how did you do this in one day tho tf

  • Mario King
    Mario King 9 hours ago

    She The Most Female Singer For Song That’s Help You Find Your Way Up “🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Is This My Username?

    I don't know why but the ' i think there's a fault in my code' gives me chills

  • Elias Prime
    Elias Prime 9 hours ago

    Why are you stealing the title name from Eminem? For the klicks?

  • Gu Retsnom
    Gu Retsnom 9 hours ago

    300 milhões!

  • Mr . Billson
    Mr . Billson 9 hours ago

    This song: **exists** TikTok : yeeeepty daaapty that’s my property rn

  • Keely Jalissa
    Keely Jalissa 9 hours ago

    I love you halsey😭💜

  • Afin Diary
    Afin Diary 9 hours ago


  • Gu Retsnom
    Gu Retsnom 9 hours ago

    Essa música é boa por de mais!

  • Gu Retsnom
    Gu Retsnom 9 hours ago

    Vou assistir até chegar nos 100 milhões, merece muito!

  • ღHebara_the _foxღ

    I don't love you naalsey😡💢

  • Juliana S.
    Juliana S. 9 hours ago

    This reminds me of my first boyfriend. He's successful now and asking me for forgiveness. 😭

  • Nguyễn Hồng Nhung

    *_Congratulations Without me 300M view_* *_Congratulations Halsey_*

  • sneha shetty
    sneha shetty 9 hours ago

    I'm fucking crazily in love with your voice. from 2 day I'm continuously listening to your song Clementine and graveyard in repeat 😭 I love it's so much. Thank you sister for this song. I love you till death.

  • Oliviier
    Oliviier 9 hours ago

    Almost a year ago this song was released. Still listening to it 😌

  • arash agharahimi
    arash agharahimi 10 hours ago

    real manic

  • arash agharahimi
    arash agharahimi 10 hours ago

    real manic

  • MonteCristo
    MonteCristo 10 hours ago

    I remember smoking spice falling asleep against the toilet door in prison earlier this year with this song on, Christmas and new year it was.. got out in sept. Good song to get smashed with.. shout out to the D block mandem at HMP Parc

  • Henry Grochola
    Henry Grochola 10 hours ago

    Good god..

  • soul soul
    soul soul 10 hours ago

    حبيت الفيديو حتى الحركات منسجمه مع كلمات الغنيه 😍😊

  • TheRealBambihooves
    TheRealBambihooves 10 hours ago

    Her voice is purest perfection 😍😘😙

  • BoD
    BoD 10 hours ago

    remembering me to avril lavigne voice

  • Anagha KS
    Anagha KS 10 hours ago

    A day 'without me 'is hard😍

  • Elliot
    Elliot 10 hours ago

    So we can put almost naked women on TV but we can’t drop the f bomb?

  • Robert Summers
    Robert Summers 10 hours ago

    I love this song stoned 😂😂

  • Moureen Marwa
    Moureen Marwa 10 hours ago

    The damned tears won't fall, will they?

  • GalacticGirl
    GalacticGirl 10 hours ago

    With that girl, that almost drowning scene, some of the lyrics, kinda seems like it could be about a dead person she knew. “Drunk at the steering wheel” “I woulda followed you all the way to the graveyard.”

  • GalacticGirl
    GalacticGirl 11 hours ago

    “I woulda followed you all the way to the graveyard” “Drunk at the steering wheel” And the scene were she looked like the almost drowned.. theory maybe it’s about someone she knew who died??

  • GalacticGirl
    GalacticGirl 11 hours ago

    Holy crap, this is a nice song and cool, awesome visuals.

  • محمد ا
    محمد ا 11 hours ago


  • 91mamamooxbts
    91mamamooxbts 11 hours ago

    Can anyone explain me the mean of this video 😔 I don’t get it

  • Marisya
    Marisya 11 hours ago

    Watching halsey running with her beautiful smile makes me too happy 💜

  • Ivana Zivotic
    Ivana Zivotic 11 hours ago

    I think her voice is the most beautiful voice I ever heard. The range and the melody she has in her voice...I mean, I don't know about you but I'm in heaven

  • Yazeed al-harbi
    Yazeed al-harbi 11 hours ago

    Halseyyy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Jassim Hamad Al Darwish Fakhroo

    whos here before 100000 views???!!!

  • Natthich
    Natthich 11 hours ago


  • Robert Vliegenthart
    Robert Vliegenthart 11 hours ago

    That doesn’t sound healthy Halsey.. don’t waste your loyalty on ppl that are not loyal to themselves.. you’re way better than that. And I saw your pumpkin 🎃 painting challenge WOW! You are really good with a paintbrush 🖌👌🏼😳😁😉❤️it looked awesome👌🏼😉

  • Erin Lia
    Erin Lia 11 hours ago

    Watching this video made me want to make time lapse video of my drawing with this song in the background. But I'm scared to get my as* copyrighted.

  • I’m a Person
    I’m a Person 11 hours ago

    Is it just me or she looks like Billie Eilish

  • علي محمد
    علي محمد 11 hours ago


  • aiman sheikh
    aiman sheikh 11 hours ago


  • OutCast 911
    OutCast 911 11 hours ago


  • watherby29
    watherby29 11 hours ago

    Thank you to all the people who made it possible for me to listen to this music.

  • Jomer Daniel Pamintuan

    Who is here october 2019?? 👇🙋