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  • Fulguri
    Fulguri 4 minutes ago

    Can I just say sign on Morgo's palm looks like Aegishjalmr - norse sign, which name translates as "helm of terror"?

  • larnsie13 0
    larnsie13 0 14 minutes ago

    Max or Sean everyone? For me it is Max

  • Александра Павлова


  • Callista Zara Aurelia
    Callista Zara Aurelia 41 minute ago

    I still remember it so clearly That fluttering feeling I felt for the first time The first time we met eyes My trivial hopes were slowly coming true In those dream-like days They were unbelievable days Each happy day that you gifted me I don’t think I can forget forever Will you remember me like I remember you? I don’t want to be Just one out of countless memories I want to place this shining moment Inside your heart Even if there are hard times As long as we’re together Always in your heart (Forever) I want to be remembered I want to be remembered I want to be remembered I’ll always engrave it deeply in my heart Your voice that pulled me Let me ask you one more thing Will you cherish me, who shined because of you? We were so happy that it felt like eternity would stop Like we were in a place that wasn’t real On days I broke down and fell down, you raised me up You held my hand and it changed all of me I don’t want to be Just one out of countless memories I want to place this shining moment Inside your heart Even if there are hard times As long as we’re together Always in your heart (Forever) I want to be remembered I want to be remembered I want to be remembered Remember Me Remember Me Remember Me Forever Remember Me Remember Me Remember Me Forever Even after a long time passes And this world changes To you I want to remain beautiful I want to be remembered I want to be remembered Forever I want to be remembered

  • teamhex
    teamhex Hour ago

    I got stuck at 18:41 because I didn't watch the TV. I didn't know you had to move that gate to get up the stairs. I was just trying to pull myself up last night. I should go slow and take my time, but I want those guns man.

  • King Lenny
    King Lenny Hour ago

    *Yikes Foreva*

  • đucklingdučkerducked 90duckerofthewelĺ

    Me: I want uncharted Mom: We have uncharted at home Uncharted at home:

  • Victoria Hales
    Victoria Hales 2 hours ago

    part 2?

  • Om Nom
    Om Nom 2 hours ago

    a walkthrough is like, a full game-play with each and every bit of battling, dialouges, and secrets, side-quest and events that the game has you followed through to proceed with the main story. this is more like a playthrough of its own with no commentary that skips out on almost everything

  • Victoria Hales
    Victoria Hales 2 hours ago

    what is this game REALLY about someone please explain 😂

  • games528
    games528 2 hours ago

    I was dumb enough to press the skip button on the ending cinematic so I had to come watch it here.

    • Ben Gibson
      Ben Gibson Hour ago

      games528 exact same reason i’m here because there is no way i’m climbing that ladder again.

  • Tokyo Smoke
    Tokyo Smoke 2 hours ago

    You got dirty with that fight lmao

  • erhe etrherh
    erhe etrherh 2 hours ago

    Should have listened to Abigail this decision got him killed.

  • Kevin
    Kevin 2 hours ago

    Wait her mommy is fran bow!??!!?!?!?

    KAC MAN 2 hours ago

    Really enjoy it so far. Reminds me of half life.

  • Anmol Marwaha
    Anmol Marwaha 3 hours ago

    I saw the trailer and thought the game would be great, but this game looks so boring! thanks you saved my life.

  • michelle powell
    michelle powell 3 hours ago

    14:41 WORLDSTAR

  • arturo belano
    arturo belano 3 hours ago

    Jesus I hate this game, this is not the only scene killed by the saving system.

  • nop diddley
    nop diddley 3 hours ago


  • Aceland! Countryhuman! Animates!

    Why does misfortune's mom look like fran bow?

  • Izan Eyh
    Izan Eyh 3 hours ago

    Shows Good.

  • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔღ ღcamila gacha jgs ღ

    Hi, my theory today is this. I think that cave with a skull face was where your voice was, then those blue things on the tree was her eternal happiness then they killed her and her eternal happiness went to her mother, but that doesn't make much sense because she gave It's eternal happiness for her mother but she died so how her mother would be happy, now about the masks, you saw that her mother was wearing a mask and she was looking happy, but when her mother took off the mask she was crying

  • Pehpo Pompestes
    Pehpo Pompestes 3 hours ago

    don´t fkn lie dude! That was only one ending. I don't get it.

  • TheCommandCenter
    TheCommandCenter 4 hours ago

    Thank you 🙏

  • GT Kenshiro Your already dead rpgs

    The face jimmy has reminds me of the playstation 2 beta version

  • Ratcat17
    Ratcat17 5 hours ago

    I cant click confirm no matter how hard I try!

  • reconr7
    reconr7 5 hours ago

    this is the worst gameplay video i ever watch

  • Robocal 1234
    Robocal 1234 5 hours ago

    Completed it yesterday day lol

  • Alexis Rose Aldan
    Alexis Rose Aldan 5 hours ago

    I felt like this is a sad story in that game

  • محمد ابن الجنوب

    ToMBRAlDEA I love this movie

  • Rizki Fajar Firdaus
    Rizki Fajar Firdaus 6 hours ago

    I think almost everybody doing the same thing in VR 23:00 😂😂😂

  • Soumyasrr Unevengerm2204

    nice game

  • owo
    owo 6 hours ago

    and Max Caulfield, don't you forget about me.

  • Hunter7370
    Hunter7370 6 hours ago

    I have a problem with this quest. I cant hit this mutant. I can only block his hits but at the end he is killing me...

  • tostadalol :v
    tostadalol :v 7 hours ago

    10:12 i see the finaly a loot of time and is so sad dude T_T

  • Mi Sis
    Mi Sis 7 hours ago


  • tyty2 wild
    tyty2 wild 7 hours ago

    Well it's obvious that Fran Bow and Little Misfortune take place in the same universe. We see deadlee worms, I think they are called lucerns? And we see the skeletal figure I forget his name atm. So by little misfortune seeing all of these figures doesnt that prove that everything Fran went through is real? Because Misfortune takes place in the 90s and Fran Bow presumably takes place in the 40s. We dont stumble across anything that makes Misfortune aware of Fran Bow or what she saw. So for her to see the same thing Fran did makes everything Fran Bow went through real. Also for what happened to Misfortune, she was crossing the street when her father was driving home drunk. He tried to swerve out of the way, hence the tire tracks that lead to the house. But ended up hitting Misfortune and killing her. When this happened the parasite Morgo took her soul to the beyond. But Benjamin being a protector leaves her warning signs all around the beyond to tell her not to trust or go along with what Morgo told her to do. The entire game is her confronting the problems of her life. Every sparkle item is her coming to peace with something. At least that's how I imagine it, hence why if you sparkle every problem it brings the mom peace. Once every problem is sparkled Misfortune is at peace and can move on without regrets. Somehow Misfortune sends this peace to her mother and she finally leaves behind the mask that hides her true emotions. In being able to finally show her sadness and grief she finds happiness and relief. If none of this is to be believed and all of this has a symbolic meaning. Then I believe the meaning is that many cling to life and want to live forever. Ending up in an infinite loop where they find no happiness. But only by accepting the inevitability of death can people really find happiness in the life they live.

  • Tofu
    Tofu 7 hours ago

    It took this dude way too long to solve the balloon puzzle. A 7-year-old could have figured that out.

  • Anonymous Andy
    Anonymous Andy 7 hours ago

    Thank you for a silent playthrough.

  • Rodney Baker
    Rodney Baker 8 hours ago

    Thanks for sharing! Much appreciated.

  • Casprrz0ni
    Casprrz0ni 8 hours ago

    11:13 Shelby just insulting herself nothing to see here.

  • Doofles Woofles
    Doofles Woofles 8 hours ago

    Just curious, how many levels are there? I'm currently on the sewer level and I'm not sure how far I am through the game

    • heehaw
      heehaw 4 hours ago

      there are 3 pages of "scenes" on the 3rd page there are 3 levels. so however many on the first page x2+3 levels

    • kylez12394
      kylez12394 6 hours ago

      @Doofles Woofles The game is around 6 hours long

    • Doofles Woofles
      Doofles Woofles 7 hours ago

      @Fledge okay, thank you. Good to know!

    • Fledge
      Fledge 7 hours ago

      i'd say the sewer is about halfway through the game, maybe between 1/3 and 1/2

    • Liquify
      Liquify 8 hours ago

      Doofles Woofles same

  • Eisbal Perez
    Eisbal Perez 9 hours ago

    Same thing with snowblood but like 5 times because the wolves gang up on you. But on the bloodfang it was first try because I used a cave bear

  • Eisbal Perez
    Eisbal Perez 9 hours ago

    I died like 3 fricking times but I tamed him

  • gamingwithaji
    gamingwithaji 9 hours ago

    great game friend😊👍

  • InkySquid 2000
    InkySquid 2000 9 hours ago

    A boy literally half the size of Captain America and Thor ultimately killed Ultron Sigma

  • Mad Man
    Mad Man 9 hours ago

    There is a lot of comments here saying that Superman and Wonder Woman are hypocrites to what they stand for and that taking a life is unforgivable as a hero. However, does Superman not kill Zod in the movie because there was no choice and Wonder Woman kills Ares because she is literally called the God "killer" in the movie. The simplest truth is that sometimes taking a life is the best way to save lives and that it takes a monster to fight monsters when all else fails.

  • Ethan Edwards
    Ethan Edwards 10 hours ago

    Ulala you are not, Shepard.

  • Savannah Anderson
    Savannah Anderson 10 hours ago

    How do I even close the cupboard?

  • Thunder Take You
    Thunder Take You 10 hours ago

    She blinded him guys calm down guys

  • MrRepoman197
    MrRepoman197 10 hours ago

    Jane's face looks like a glass doll

  • Abel Villa
    Abel Villa 11 hours ago

    This scene without the OST just doesn’t work the same.

  • rio andika saputra Saputra


  • 99JayTaz99
    99JayTaz99 11 hours ago

    Jesus i cant stand slade

  • Xander Findlay
    Xander Findlay 11 hours ago

    No one: Riddler: diDdlE diDdle

  • StijInSpace
    StijInSpace 11 hours ago

    Very funny, didn’t need voice, could tell what you were thinking by your very expressive hand gestures:)

  • TurboElite
    TurboElite 11 hours ago

    God damn how many times does that bitch have to say “ mommy “

  • Pepper pig
    Pepper pig 12 hours ago

    9:14:42 also just saving my spot 😂

  • DJ Party People
    DJ Party People 12 hours ago

    Dammit im 8 minutes in and ive already spoiled at least one death scene. Rdr 2 overall top quality piece of game

  • Jeremiah Goombi
    Jeremiah Goombi 12 hours ago

    1:09:07 I SWEAR I LOVE BB

  • Weave Snatched
    Weave Snatched 12 hours ago


  • SilverSauce
    SilverSauce 12 hours ago

    the new remind trailer is making me side eye everything in kh1

  • John Corr
    John Corr 12 hours ago

    The voice in the beginning is Sam Gorski, a friend of the developers

  • rishab basera
    rishab basera 12 hours ago

    Is this how the pyramids were formed

    TURBO LEGEND 12 hours ago

    did anyone else cringed when misfortune blushed over Benjamin's paw JUST me oh

  • Infinite_ Arr0w_
    Infinite_ Arr0w_ 13 hours ago

    2:43:58 Man, I love it when riot shields just fly through the air randomly.

  • Renee Wardlaw
    Renee Wardlaw 14 hours ago

    my day look like today you have all the Resident Evil thing the Resident Evil see you later

    • Renee Wardlaw
      Renee Wardlaw 14 hours ago

      Let it be with my with my day more favorite Angel of Death Valley

  • alex dalton
    alex dalton 14 hours ago

    Putting ww1 into assassins creed destroyed the game there was no need

  • Mr. Hyde
    Mr. Hyde 14 hours ago

    What kind of shoplifters eat their stolen goods right in front of the store they just stole from lol

    SPECKTER'S DESTINY 14 hours ago

    Man warhammer is intense af

  • Rick Jones
    Rick Jones 14 hours ago

    10:52 Did they really have black dudes running through the street yelling for Kool-Aid?

  • bill liu
    bill liu 14 hours ago

    Actually, nice work.

  • Alexandre Rotundo Da Silva

    this whole game looks like hardcore henry. I guess the movie inspire most VR FPS game

  • Entity
    Entity 15 hours ago

    Hey she could make a prosthetic with compartments for weapons, tools, and even first aid

  • Gospel Guy
    Gospel Guy 15 hours ago


  • Spinellious
    Spinellious 16 hours ago

    Arthur Most caring and nicest videogame character to actually make me cry for once

  • Alyssa Haydon
    Alyssa Haydon 16 hours ago

    *Imagine Fortune: I want you to leave, Go! Evil dude: Oh ok bye

  • daveice20
    daveice20 16 hours ago

    PC Ultra? I don't even want to know what Low looks like...

  • Andrew Sharpe
    Andrew Sharpe 16 hours ago

    Here's a theory: She was dead from the beginning of the game but her soul was not ready to leave yet. Her dad ran her over because the tracks are already there on the road when you first play the game. Which explains why her mom won't respond to her at the beginning of the game and keeps drinking wine and smokes cigarette (trying to get over the whole situation). You never actually see Misfortune's dad because he probably died in the car crash? When you first interact with the car parked at the house she says that "This is where daddy sleeps" and then "Daddy..?". Game starts while she is playing in her room and Mr. Voice says that she is going to die, that was the day her soul was ready to leave. Mr. Voice (being the evil) wanted to take her soul but Benjamin was trying to get her soul to the angel of death, where she actually finds eternal happiness. (And if we go by the best ending) Once she finally found the eternal happiness is the only time her mother could finally accept the situation and be happy. :'( What a beautiful story to share a message and prevent child abusing.

  • Maria
    Maria 16 hours ago

    1:37:57 pyke ult?

  • Devil Summoner24
    Devil Summoner24 16 hours ago

    Entonces life is strange 2 hace canónico el final donde decides salvar a Chloe y la llamada😢😢 al fin se llevaron bien David y Chloe❤😭😢

  • Alexander Kravchenko
    Alexander Kravchenko 16 hours ago

    23:46 Is that a fucking Freeza's voice?

  • July garza 3rd
    July garza 3rd 17 hours ago

    Fat lady: Are you Callin... Me..... FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATT!?!?!?!?

  • AimB YT
    AimB YT 17 hours ago

    No music ?

  • ThatWhiteGuy
    ThatWhiteGuy 17 hours ago

    every since I first saw this, I've always felt bad for the Bakers.

  • Privateer Bouncher
    Privateer Bouncher 17 hours ago

    There is some missing John Seed, such as the first call to his cult. And after you have destroyed his YES sign

  • ZacCry Blackshi
    ZacCry Blackshi 17 hours ago

    Is it just me... or does she look like Franbow?.... But older? So is Misfortune her daughter? Is that why the Little Lady herself can see Benji? As Fran could hear Mr.Midnight?

  • Elsa Mandzhieva
    Elsa Mandzhieva 17 hours ago

    11:30 the most beautiful couple ever.

  • Aaron Bentley
    Aaron Bentley 17 hours ago

    This is really fucking stupid, and doesn't feel like halo

  • Emma Raeymaekers1
    Emma Raeymaekers1 18 hours ago

    😂 alright, let's go you fucked up son of a bitch 6:06:35

  • mr. gamer
    mr. gamer 18 hours ago

    it is a good game but I was expecting a game like the others I hope there will be an "episode" of the series of this game when all of them is reunited and take down the council for once and for all and revive humanity

  • Patriot 101
    Patriot 101 18 hours ago

    It’s driving me insane I can’t tell what kind of accent that is

  • STEPHEN Kisala
    STEPHEN Kisala 19 hours ago

    How is battling Superman Wonder Woman's greatest fear? Wonder Woman has held her own against Superman and even defeated him several times! Wonder Woman's greatest fear would be being captured by the Nazis, being stripped of her Amazon powers when her bracelets are chained by a man and the Nazis using her magic lasso to force her to reveal the location of Paradise Island so that they can conquer the island and enslave the rest of the Amazons.

  • Rokus.A.Norkus !
    Rokus.A.Norkus ! 19 hours ago

    Rdr2: "you did your worst you tried your best" Arthur Morgan: "I gave you all I had" You don't know how many times I cried doing this scene

  • Samuel Coelho Silva
    Samuel Coelho Silva 19 hours ago

    I LOVE U

  • Jesus the atheist From Asda

    Why is loads of the music missing

  • Conner L
    Conner L 19 hours ago

    @50:04 who else put the trashcan over there head to get past that thing!

  • angrytoy Beats
    angrytoy Beats 19 hours ago

    Very intresting story and i finished the game i enjoyed it. Recommend

  • TattleTailBlox
    TattleTailBlox 19 hours ago

    This game doesn't make sense at all, because like the part where the police are chasing you on the highway or somewhere Vincent doesn't do anything about that Leo shoots at the police vehicle then why is he officer and doesn't do anything about that? He helps Leo sometimes, also, he is running away from cops, killed the most cop with Leo, crashes and killed the guy...What kind of shit is that? Welp, I agreed with dartigan/game sins, this game made my brain went dead and everything make no sense. I wish they made a good ending where they're both alive

  • Tyler lambert
    Tyler lambert 19 hours ago

    44:20 lmao is this the toy story opening