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  • jewel roxas
    jewel roxas 50 minutes ago

    Nice eye

  • lol it's me SHAA

    2:40 suelgi looks like Rose

  • g0at_ angel
    g0at_ angel Hour ago

    BAHAHAHA finesse

  • mawimawii hyunjin
    mawimawii hyunjin 4 hours ago

    Nayeon x iu Are you jok

  • Gabriel Dorquier
    Gabriel Dorquier 4 hours ago

    I Just want to ask why you think that big hit could replace yg on the big 3

  • Gracie Following Acc

    momo is dating heechul nos

  • Madison walker
    Madison walker 4 hours ago

    Why is no one talking bout how she didn't put Jennie with Kai wtf smh

  • ひもうとMicriza-senpai

    I thOught K-pOp gg aNd bg aRe nOt alLoWeD tO dAte

  • Daddy my superhero
    Daddy my superhero 6 hours ago

    Hatters disliking the video 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Youtube Angel Ameerah

    For the reason to be suicide and not a natural death cause, it hurts me a lot, JongHyun made so many good works while he was alive, I believe he is in a good place for God is merciful and of course, the heart and mind of the boys how were in that time with everything still freshing. May God be with them and comfort their hearts until the end, for their bond was so strong. 비디오 정말 주셔서 감사합니다~~♥ 일각수의 키스~~♥

    {BLACK AZRA} 9 hours ago


  • taemins hips
    taemins hips 10 hours ago

    damn im taller than all of em

  • ryan aries
    ryan aries 13 hours ago

    play this video on mute mode LOL

    ARFA ANSARI 14 hours ago

    Never say that to a Thai Queen called Lisa.

  • mowni freins
    mowni freins 15 hours ago

    Tae you should thank them Because they help to make a cool K-pop idols New friends are daimond Old friends are gold So don't miss the gold and diamond

  • Qliqzy
    Qliqzy 16 hours ago

    She deserves that

  • Jennie ARMY Sharika
    Jennie ARMY Sharika 17 hours ago

    how can we believe on it?

  • jack bauer
    jack bauer 17 hours ago

    don't worry jihyo Kang Daniel will protect you and rescue you from the rude fans

    SURYA O M 17 hours ago


  •  18 hours ago

    You just talk about rose ans Jennie wer's Lisa and jisoo

  • Lalaine San diego
    Lalaine San diego 18 hours ago

    Sign my heart BTS I love you

  • Erika Mae Tobias
    Erika Mae Tobias 18 hours ago

    Nooo wayyy

  • #Loner Love
    #Loner Love 19 hours ago

    Taeil wouldn't give shit about this girl. He's busy flirting with the members.

  • Try Gidle
    Try Gidle 19 hours ago

    I think clc eunbin and after school uee are pretty similar

  • Sezuweu Rhakho
    Sezuweu Rhakho 19 hours ago

    Ahhh ❤❤❤❤❤they proved it that girls really looks good in suits

  • Shin
    Shin 20 hours ago

    Can someone please tell me what is the name of drama

  • Bangtanieee Xx
    Bangtanieee Xx 21 hour ago

    *Any Filipino Blinks Here?☹️* *I'm so embarrassed for my countryyyy😞*

  • Sheynaya Lafou
    Sheynaya Lafou 23 hours ago

    Bullying doesn't prove anything but the fact that bullies have no morals. It's an awesome thing to see when people like V choose to stand up for themselves and confront the bullying. There's no need to hide or run away from it... Confrontation and communication are definitely key to resolving situations of bullying. Thanks to V for sharing his story..💕💖

  • Cynthia Dowling

    the Title Should Be "10 Times Jennie & Lisa Proved That They Have The Sweetest Relationship" #JENLISA SHIPPER (LOVE JENLISA)

  • Cynthia Dowling

    More Like The Sweetest Relationship (Lol)

  • Jordan Torres
    Jordan Torres Day ago

    Many of you are quick to judge people by their dancing but none of you could probably dance to save your life

  • miss bella
    miss bella Day ago

    Whatever doing on his self still adorable.. Naturally handsome ..

  • Emma G.
    Emma G. Day ago

    I’ve always thought Dahyun had one of the prettiest bodies in twice

  • pxrkmin DREAM
    pxrkmin DREAM Day ago

    She have fans? I think this is impossible

  • Namjoons Unshaken Hand

    Sometimes I feel guilty because I like how they look and want to look like them

  • cherriyeri
    cherriyeri Day ago


  • Honeyplum
    Honeyplum Day ago

    They all looked so gorgeous at their thiccest, I really hope kpop can start letting people have normal weight :(

  • Fizz Official
    Fizz Official Day ago


  • Supinya Armymino

    where was lisa tho

  • Supinya Armymino

    wow.. sunmi and chunga weight 43 kg and 42 kg.... i weight 48 kg and im 11

  • Spider Man
    Spider Man Day ago

    Ugh black people hurt with a finger wave? How fucking sensitive are you guys? I bet 100% that you KNOW someone personally who does that. You want a welfare check with that? Just dont leave your kids ok? I know you have to rob and go into gangs and stuff but please dont leave your kids. Again, dont leave your kids

  • 아가mono
    아가mono Day ago

    But it's actually different for some companies

  • Yryss Vadvyl
    Yryss Vadvyl Day ago

    As someone battling depression, I can feel every word.

  • melva chavez
    melva chavez Day ago

    Look together and pretty

  • Nikolas Gunadi

    I can see why but thats no reason to bash her. Advise yes but call her out no!

  • caty cute
    caty cute Day ago


  • Avery Q
    Avery Q Day ago

    Don't you know how to spell you dummy

  • Maui Garcia
    Maui Garcia Day ago

    It was lele pons and bts v lmao

  • jade clariz
    jade clariz Day ago

    he id a truly worldwide handsome... visual king indeed

  • My Roopliam
    My Roopliam Day ago


  • MIN SANIYA 123
    MIN SANIYA 123 2 days ago

    Ima attack them nl

  • cheldahyun kimselirio

    That's why many people around the world love dahyun so much

    BHUWAN THAPA 2 days ago


  • Sol :3
    Sol :3 2 days ago

    Where is Itzy ?? Where is Park So Dam? Where is Kim Sae Ron? Where is Nancy? Where is Irene and Red Velvet ? *Yeah don't shout that Irene got plastic surgery because she's sensitive girl she gets scared with little things and plastic surgery is out of way* Where is Blackpink? Where is Ella Gross? Where is all beautiful children in South Korea lol (Just a joke) Where is IDK what to say lol. I think I need to be in the list lol haha sadly I'm not k pop idol lol I'm just a normal American Korean Girl haha.

  • Alice Park
    Alice Park 2 days ago

    Why the fick its always TZUYU.

  • No Name
    No Name 2 days ago

    Where is Taemin (SHINee), Heechul (SuJu), Ren (Nu'est) and Jeonghan (Seventeen) ??!! They should be in the list

  • Blue Butterfly
    Blue Butterfly 2 days ago

    Just have the author play her, duh!

  • Mohd Arif
    Mohd Arif 2 days ago

    ChoA is love

  • Suha Dris
    Suha Dris 2 days ago

    Jennie and jimin's duality arent joke 💜🔥

  • Jordan :D
    Jordan :D 2 days ago

    This man is DISCUSTING! Someone get a restraining order on him

  • say 1234
    say 1234 2 days ago

    Whatever,i ship them hehe

  • Aeon
    Aeon 2 days ago

    Yes it's true. Eyebrows play an important part of our appearance, a change of eyebrow can make our faces look completely different for the better or worse.

  • Widodo 29
    Widodo 29 2 days ago

    Beautiful japanese girls

  • jjam jjam
    jjam jjam 2 days ago

    my heart broke when Jihyo said "I'm a Twice member, too."

  • jjam jjam
    jjam jjam 2 days ago

    and y'all still calling them "fans". the audacity

  • Lagreta gimena
    Lagreta gimena 2 days ago

    Now the blackpink doesn’t like philipins is so 😩

  • I love everything
    I love everything 2 days ago

    Jungkook's brother really looks like him!

  • Random Cat Person
    Random Cat Person 2 days ago

    Taehyun from txt low key looks like suho but he’s too short lol

  • Alisha Limbu
    Alisha Limbu 2 days ago

    She is my angle

  • Zero Maverick
    Zero Maverick 2 days ago

    wat....dating and then slipping on the stage....what's the connection?

  • casey acantidalo
    casey acantidalo 2 days ago

    Black dog frequents me lately, good thing i'm not famous.

  • Noverlyn Tellama
    Noverlyn Tellama 2 days ago

    dont you dare hurt them

  • Jasmine Falible
    Jasmine Falible 2 days ago

    My bias is so perfect 💕💋💜💋♥️💋♥️💕💕♥️💕♥️💜💜

  • chocokookie My luv
    chocokookie My luv 2 days ago

    but.. they all look pretty fair. lol i myself am more tanned than them

  • Emmanuel Melekwe
    Emmanuel Melekwe 2 days ago

    As a jin bias I’m proud he’s number 6 😁

  • Dizzy 396
    Dizzy 396 2 days ago

    I still don't understand why people want Jisoo to play the role, I just don't see her playing it even though she's gorgeous, and does she act? IDK if YG would let her

  • Isabelle Lau
    Isabelle Lau 2 days ago

    𝙹𝚒𝚜𝚘𝚘: 𝚓𝚒𝚗 𝚋𝚝𝚜 𝚁𝚘𝚜𝚎: 𝙹𝚒𝚖𝚒𝚗 𝚋𝚝𝚜 𝙹𝚎𝚗𝚗𝚒𝚎 : 𝚝𝚊𝚎𝚑𝚢𝚞𝚗𝚐 𝚋𝚝𝚜 𝙻𝚒𝚜𝚊: 𝚓𝚞𝚗𝚐𝚔𝚘𝚘𝚔 𝚋𝚝𝚜

  • Jessica Vaha
    Jessica Vaha 2 days ago

    Well am I the only 2020 comment here ?

  • jennierubyjane kim
    jennierubyjane kim 2 days ago

    I'm gonna say the truth but all off that dating thing was only an media play. tvclip.biz/video/pG7PC7bJsAE/video.html

  • Scratcher_425
    Scratcher_425 2 days ago

    I don’t get it... I mean... idols are humans too...

  • burgers
    burgers 2 days ago

    And they call themselves a "ONCE" rude.

  • burgers
    burgers 2 days ago

    They should give them their private space and respect, famous or not.

  • Bork PomPom
    Bork PomPom 3 days ago

    Honestly the author looks like Sujin.

  • April Rose Cataluna

    Yge didn't allow them to undergo some plastic surgery.

  • Wahyu Jp
    Wahyu Jp 3 days ago

    Idc, i stan nation leader RM and Irene

  • Chriyang
    Chriyang 3 days ago

    they still eat it anyways

  • Uh UhHuh
    Uh UhHuh 3 days ago

    How does a ‘black woman’ talk anyway? Like a human?

  • Psalmay Toquero
    Psalmay Toquero 3 days ago

    김진우 짱! 😍💞💙💟💝💚💛💛

  • Eean_123
    Eean_123 3 days ago

    I watched SHINEE since my teenage years hmm around 13 I guess well this group accompany me during my teenage years, and yeah I stop listening to their songs until I got into college where I heard the news that jonghyun passed away.....I almost broke into tears.. cos I cant forget those memories that The group accompany me growing up. Sigh...its been 2 years and now I am an adult listening still SHINEE.

  • Bea GamerHD
    Bea GamerHD 3 days ago

    Nobody: Tzuyu-suyu Pronunciation is a whole mess

  • Ursule Pustule
    Ursule Pustule 3 days ago

    Si je comprends bien, elles ont toutes été refaites ?

  • Retal Hamad
    Retal Hamad 3 days ago

    You can literally see its makeup or it can be a “natural makeup look” dont hate on me cause I’m a fan of her’s but I’m just saying :) love you Irene

  • Angel
    Angel 3 days ago

    1:31 now wait a goddamn minute--

  • Maria Cookie playz
    Maria Cookie playz 3 days ago

    #Youdidwelljonghyun 😭

  • meet me in the hallway oopies

    Eunha made short hair her bitch

  • amis cotton
    amis cotton 3 days ago

    are somi and sunmi the same person? im generally confused oof

  • Rutendo Faith
    Rutendo Faith 3 days ago

    I knew there was something horrible behind his sucide

  • BTSgirl - Artemisia

    Worldwide expression changer

  • Leila
    Leila 3 days ago

    i don't agree with the "justin bieber's best friend part."

  • Croatoan Girl Yaz
    Croatoan Girl Yaz 3 days ago