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  • Marley Wesson
    Marley Wesson 55 seconds ago

    So is anyone else rewatching all of his videos for like the hundredth time or is it just me 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Collin S
    Collin S Minute ago

    I come back and watch this a lot... the part of this that make it so great (other than the joke) is all the wonderful experiences he gave Ms. Nash! <3

  • Empath the
    Empath the 2 minutes ago

    I know Justin Bieber, but I don't know who David Dobrik is.

  • S K
    S K 5 minutes ago

    The 1st video of Justin that I actually enjoyed watching...

  • Amy Lawson
    Amy Lawson 6 minutes ago

    Ok who has a recording of David's reaction to how much money Jeffrey makes a year? Would love it for my notifications!! 🙏

    BIG GAMER BOI 7 minutes ago

    That’s my question just how!??.

  • Sam Lowe
    Sam Lowe 7 minutes ago

    Lol why can’t my friends be this fun 😂

    BIG GAMER BOI 8 minutes ago

    How to make me attractive ?

  • I don't Know what I'm doing

    Imagine the complaints Alex gets

  • That Other Guy
    That Other Guy 15 minutes ago


  • Raul Gomez
    Raul Gomez 17 minutes ago

    Lmao!!! Scott's arms in fire lol 😂😭😂😂

  • Dan
    Dan 24 minutes ago

    did the bartender not think when he was blowing the fire towards scotty lol

  • MrJughead87
    MrJughead87 25 minutes ago

    Scott catching on FIRE was the best part. His reaction was like, "the fuck man... I just wanted a drink" LMAO

  • Ankit Bera
    Ankit Bera 26 minutes ago

    All of my 5 favorites (David, Jason, Jeff, Natalie & Alex) in Vlog Squad are in this video. 😊😍

  • DQ Editss
    DQ Editss 28 minutes ago

    K but Zane fine .

  • sam casey
    sam casey 29 minutes ago

    Love this!!!!!

  • kaitlin
    kaitlin 29 minutes ago

    Suprise me with shawn mendes I'm begging you

  • Sungoku 47
    Sungoku 47 31 minute ago

    “Ask his father” 😂😂😂😂

  • frog with 20000 subs
    frog with 20000 subs 31 minute ago


  • Zoilo Ruaya
    Zoilo Ruaya 32 minutes ago

    Damn! If ever i get to choose $5k check or Kiss Natalie!? I would choose the latter. Natalie is too too precious in this World. Just f@cking Marry Her David. 😅😂🤣✌️

  • Jean Calix
    Jean Calix 32 minutes ago

    David is frickin crazy and I love it

  • Aniyah Newby
    Aniyah Newby 35 minutes ago

    its 2020 end the prank now please 🥺

  • Aniyah Newby
    Aniyah Newby 36 minutes ago

    the saddest video in existence

  • saja sharaf
    saja sharaf 36 minutes ago

    This is hilarious

  • henok football
    henok football 38 minutes ago


  • The Peacock Brothers
    The Peacock Brothers 39 minutes ago

    This is too funny 😂

  • Brittany Simpson
    Brittany Simpson 40 minutes ago

    “My dick and everything, sucking on my -“ 2:25 😂😂 why has no one ever talked about heath singing

  • Downey Plz
    Downey Plz 41 minute ago

    Not a 10 min clickbait video. this was to the point, no BS. You are the only vlogger I will ever sub to.

    HILLARY SURIEL 42 minutes ago

    That kid is so cute aww

  • Richg2713
    Richg2713 43 minutes ago

    Am I tripping or was that Julia Abner?

  • Jayden Explosion
    Jayden Explosion 44 minutes ago

    Sub to David doobrick haha

  • Nathan Gars
    Nathan Gars 52 minutes ago

    1:39 look at her face she knew her dreams were over

  • KrampusG
    KrampusG 52 minutes ago

    Is nobody gonna acknowledge Jeff sounds like Pennywise when he laughed? 2:04

  • Jacqueline Fernandez
    Jacqueline Fernandez 54 minutes ago

    why did I cry, David deserves the whole world

  • Xxfoxy KillerxX
    Xxfoxy KillerxX 55 minutes ago

    I want to see more of jack

  • Covexe
    Covexe 58 minutes ago

    2:40 whos re-watching this after they have a podcast

  • Bolin Cartest
    Bolin Cartest 58 minutes ago

    This dudes abs must hurt like a bitch from fake laughing so much

  • FaZe Bathtub
    FaZe Bathtub Hour ago

    Really 85 puppies

  • Savannah Tanuvasa

    Here’s an idea you guys should come to my school Carson street Elementary Steam Academy

  • bone
    bone Hour ago

    Was this to get rid of that mole thing in the ground eatin the grass

  • Clay the baber
    Clay the baber Hour ago

    Tana tho 😍

  • Alyza Cobos
    Alyza Cobos Hour ago

    Damn. I feel bad for the person running around for the “action movie”.😭😭

    IAM ORY G Hour ago


  • allycat!
    allycat! Hour ago

    omg that would be my dream come true to meet nicole scherzinger!!! and just dance to her song buttons! 🤤

  • Perucci Gang
    Perucci Gang Hour ago

    David dobrik edited our latest vlog! Check it out on our channel!

  • Perucci Gang
    Perucci Gang Hour ago

    David dobrik edited our latest vlog! Check it out on our channel!

  • vulpes_black_fox


  • Damian Correa
    Damian Correa Hour ago

    Did david just went to the house reaction time squad or freetime

  • Gemil Soriano
    Gemil Soriano Hour ago

    Yoo someone in 2020 ? 😎🎆

  • Haha Hee
    Haha Hee Hour ago

    Last music???name???

  • ThatGrL Jess
    ThatGrL Jess Hour ago

    Song was epic, record label ready!!!

  • _OtapOtep
    _OtapOtep Hour ago

    watching in 2020

  • Veronica Portillo

    David deserves the whole world.

  • Potatoes are hot!

    Scott's song be vibing tho

  • Be happy Lol
    Be happy Lol Hour ago

    The way she screamed lmaooooo

  • charlee oop
    charlee oop Hour ago

    "it's broken. why does it open like that?" David getting in his Tesla with his flying Tesla doors

  • Kyle Viernes
    Kyle Viernes Hour ago


  • chicka Fil A
    chicka Fil A Hour ago

    why is it that every time i see one of david’s videos, i just think how fucking boring my life is💀

  • Isobel EDMONDSON

    I watched this when it first came out. I rewatched it today and cryed

  • PhAz3_Shyft 0a
    PhAz3_Shyft 0a Hour ago

    2:55. U can see the head of his dick for a quick second 😬

  • bayden lit
    bayden lit Hour ago

    Zane hit his head on a car! Charli met Charli! Nicole Scherzinger gets sprayed by a skunk ! Oh and I think scott caught on fire or something

  • sofia tanttu
    sofia tanttu Hour ago

    the only person who can do a good transition from a happy child to people drinking in a club is david

  • FreshXpert Original

    Damn jb with that pedo stache

  • Major League Bag Chaser

    It’s in my Diary. Why did that go over everyone’s head ?... 🤔

  • Plansue Cabot
    Plansue Cabot Hour ago

    Scott’s so gorgeous and his loud and crazy laugh is scute

  • Iris Ursino
    Iris Ursino Hour ago

    Ear peircing don’t hurt

  • JusticeDymond_
    JusticeDymond_ Hour ago

    Ty looks like batmans sidekick robin in that sweater

  • Chris Szczesiak
    Chris Szczesiak Hour ago

    I feel like Jonah is lying and didn’t have sex

  • Melissa Parra
    Melissa Parra Hour ago

    I absolutely love this video! Fucking hilarious lmao

  • Jared Anaya
    Jared Anaya Hour ago

    The aron is ugly and bones

  • Beetle Juice
    Beetle Juice Hour ago

    Oh it’s oooon

  • Manda Jacobs
    Manda Jacobs Hour ago

    Oh I want more Scotty I want more Scotty

  • charlee oop
    charlee oop Hour ago

    2:48 who else felt David's pain

  • LifeofMeh_YT
    LifeofMeh_YT Hour ago

    “It’s just a flesh wound.”

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha Hour ago

    The end part was so cute

  • jack nicol
    jack nicol Hour ago

    jasons girlfriend is a cow

  • Estefania Gallegos

    3:17 Jason looks like he’s about to kill him

  • Dãńñię
    Dãńñię Hour ago

    Dang and this is where it all started we’re in 2020 and 4 yrs later, 600 vlogs later n hes fuckin rich 😂💯 das crazy

  • Monix 210
    Monix 210 Hour ago

    This made me cry lol

  • halie davis
    halie davis Hour ago


  • AnnTheSoSnazzian

    i can’t be the only one that wants more scotty...

  • Hamburger Boy
    Hamburger Boy Hour ago

    Nattley came lol

  • Chaos John
    Chaos John Hour ago

    Erin is evolving dun dun dun into Corina V2

  • Meosh
    Meosh Hour ago

    Hey look! TVclip recommendations isn't broken afterall!

  • Kelsey Kulpa
    Kelsey Kulpa Hour ago

    me watching this in 2020 thinking it’s not a prank

  • Ricardo Quinones

    David... someone’s crushing on you hard.

  • Madison Wolfs
    Madison Wolfs Hour ago

    I found you. ☺️🤟🏻

  • Xoxo Estefany
    Xoxo Estefany Hour ago

    poor zane 🥺

  • johnny Avitia
    johnny Avitia Hour ago

    Why’d they get a sheet like wtf there were no towels around

  • Marian Gutierrez

    te amo

  • sanakausar ughratdar

    The layout of this vlog vs his current ones, show just how much David has improved in vlogging.

  • pearl wehbe
    pearl wehbe 2 hours ago

    The end where Jasons on the sidewalk has me dead

  • Dan Mac
    Dan Mac 2 hours ago

    Seriously just get back together already

  • Chelle Eve
    Chelle Eve 2 hours ago

    I cried when Suzy cried

  • keira cullen
    keira cullen 2 hours ago


  • Pizza is here I like pizza

    Why are all ur vids 4:21 long just make ur vids 4:20 long

  • Noob gamer
    Noob gamer 2 hours ago

    Y did i just notice its longer then 4:20 mins

  • Sergio Vazquez
    Sergio Vazquez 2 hours ago

    Scared money don’t make no money... but what if you’re scared of the money? 🧐

  • Wild of Sorts
    Wild of Sorts 2 hours ago

    Hahahaha Alex breaking the table right after setting it up is the best! 😂

  • Da Hacks
    Da Hacks 2 hours ago

    Jason : I have an army coming 😂 2:32