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  • Aakeon
    Aakeon 3 hours ago

    I just realized davids got them vamp teeth like me

  • strxwberry tae tae
    strxwberry tae tae 3 hours ago

    0:44 “can i just say, this has all happened because david made a tiktok with natalie that got 3 million likes” 😂

  • Esky Dinpuia Chhangte

    3:01 Casey niestat ??

  • Tamanna Patel
    Tamanna Patel 3 hours ago

    Awwww they were the cutest😭

  • Ella R May
    Ella R May 3 hours ago

    For people who makeout with dom Dom: would you like chamidea ah umm to make out Girl : hmm mm sure why not

  • Jeremy Tole
    Jeremy Tole 3 hours ago

    No ones gonna talk about Casey Neistat making an appearance again?

  • B B
    B B 3 hours ago

    Did people realize he didn’t got sponsored in this video? He paid those people from his pocket

  • Tiger Time
    Tiger Time 3 hours ago

    this is how much money David spent on cars ''\ jhrh fuehfwgdc

  • ツNitro Virus
    ツNitro Virus 3 hours ago

    Vlog #69 NICE -2019

  • drift kids
    drift kids 3 hours ago

    I'm dead

  • Beatrice Davy-Sutherland

    kylie be like 0:42

  • Nashwan Saddam
    Nashwan Saddam 3 hours ago

    Murdered a body?

  • Carwyn Murphy
    Carwyn Murphy 3 hours ago

    Your dad looks like someone who has a mail order bride

  • Joshua Rivera
    Joshua Rivera 3 hours ago

    2:31 is why you're here

  • Nashwan Saddam
    Nashwan Saddam 3 hours ago

    If you don’t fly to Malaysia and give me a high five I’ll Fukien unsubscribe

  • Gabe Dawe
    Gabe Dawe 3 hours ago

    it would have been so funny if you picked scissors. they would of all been so upset but then you still give them the money

  • Joe Rams
    Joe Rams 3 hours ago

    For anyone that doesn't think Jason is a funny guy... F**k off lol

  • Joe Rams
    Joe Rams 3 hours ago

    Wonder how many takes it took to make that basketball shot

  • Jorfizle23
    Jorfizle23 3 hours ago


  • Saad S
    Saad S 3 hours ago

    Damn David activated Jeff’s ptsd

  • Aprunq
    Aprunq 3 hours ago

    Bigman staunching a little kid

  • tea sis
    tea sis 3 hours ago

    The big box, hehe it was the "gender reveal" episode 🤪

  • Claudia Garcia
    Claudia Garcia 3 hours ago

    Cutest cleaning ladies! Awwww

  • Dylan Hill
    Dylan Hill 3 hours ago

    In 1:44 we get to finally see Alex. For only a split second though. 😢😭

  • Zylle Abejero
    Zylle Abejero 3 hours ago

    David once said that if he becomes successful and receives fame and glory he's gonna sahre it to his friends and family

  • Thomasharvey19
    Thomasharvey19 3 hours ago

    Girl was a good actor

  • nicoleta Lupu
    nicoleta Lupu 4 hours ago

    David stopp making so many good videos, I literally can’t stop watching them! You’re the best!

  • Zdaren
    Zdaren 4 hours ago

    You know honestly, I'm not sure if there is a more attractive women out there. Honestly just wow. Gorgeous

  • ashley tapia .
    ashley tapia . 4 hours ago

    she said “ happy Halloween “ 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Donny K
    Donny K 4 hours ago

    Dude that clip of the movie is actually fucking funny dude lol should do more movies.

  • Victoria Orozco
    Victoria Orozco 4 hours ago

    *people making a video about a dog dying* Us: okay. *david and Liza break up* Us: 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔

  • Peris Nimmo
    Peris Nimmo 4 hours ago

    Finally we see who cleans up after them😂😂

  • Gacha Studios
    Gacha Studios 4 hours ago

    Message to David Dobrik: If you ❤️ this comment and replied it would meen sooo much to my best friend she loves you sooo much that she actually covered all her school books and her bag Sooooooooooooo Pleaseeeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeee replie and ❤️ -LOVE YOU

  • sehtx_ cuh
    sehtx_ cuh 4 hours ago

    Today is bday fuckers!! David just dropped a vids! Let's go!!

  • Lindsey Taylor
    Lindsey Taylor 4 hours ago

    david if you don’t come visit asu i’m gonna cry scream and punch you all at once

  • Diane Vargas
    Diane Vargas 4 hours ago

    corina before lip injections

  • Awash Alali
    Awash Alali 4 hours ago

    His tan looks like the hot choco I was drinking

  • Oceana Korunich
    Oceana Korunich 4 hours ago


  • Justin Davis
    Justin Davis 4 hours ago

    This has got to be one of the most iconic vlogs in my opinion

  • Pariss Williams
    Pariss Williams 4 hours ago

    Zane was not paying attention from the start 😂😂😂

  • Lara Rackham
    Lara Rackham 4 hours ago

    we need more of those coke videos

  • Kevin
    Kevin 4 hours ago

    0:40 lol bet you regret that comment now no name

  • RAW Brothers
    RAW Brothers 4 hours ago

    “I don’t wanna go, I just want to be your friend David” 😁😂

  • Rachel Riede
    Rachel Riede 4 hours ago

    I know your videos are supposed to be so funny and weird, but when you surprise these people and give them all of these free things out of the pure goodness of you heart, I cry every single time. Bless you David for taking your situation and using it and returning it in the best way possible.

  • Truman Crapo
    Truman Crapo 4 hours ago

    The diet coke and mentos prank will never get old....also my favorite part of the vlogs now is the 5 second clip at the end! hahaha

  • Mekhi Layaoen
    Mekhi Layaoen 4 hours ago

    Are you and Liza ever going to get back together?

  • Abdurrhman Saifi
    Abdurrhman Saifi 4 hours ago

    I didn't know Jimmy Kimmel worked at a Ferrari dealership

  • blake carey
    blake carey 4 hours ago

    I wish David chose sizzors 😂

  • Natalie Nicole
    Natalie Nicole 4 hours ago

    we need more people like David in the world....

  • Blake Thompson
    Blake Thompson 4 hours ago

    Is it just me or does Jason laughter sound like a mini gun no affense

  • David Antunes
    David Antunes 4 hours ago

    What the F did I just watch. Thought this was gon be a video of this hot chic Gabbie. I might sue for false advertising. *ssholes.

  • austinoj11
    austinoj11 4 hours ago

    When all their parents already paid their tuition upfront

  • Daniel Caballero
    Daniel Caballero 4 hours ago

    What if David “no matter what, choose paper” Girl *chooses paper* David *chooses scissors*

  • Yolanda Perez
    Yolanda Perez 4 hours ago

    David is a genuinely nice guy.

  • Miss Hazeldine
    Miss Hazeldine 4 hours ago

    I am a real big fane of David

  • sheentheexplorer
    sheentheexplorer 4 hours ago

    That guy’s head omg

  • XOnyxBladeX
    XOnyxBladeX 4 hours ago


  • Johnny Linares
    Johnny Linares 4 hours ago

    I like how literally all of those students were white and probably don't need help paying their tuition

  • Maribel Plascencia
    Maribel Plascencia 4 hours ago

    But did Corinna actually clean the room?

  • Thartei KT
    Thartei KT 4 hours ago

    Come here againnnnnnn for the 10th times

  • Alex Ashcraft
    Alex Ashcraft 4 hours ago

    The montage had me like 😭😭😭😭😭

  • John L
    John L 4 hours ago


  • Trenese Cote
    Trenese Cote 4 hours ago

    Get a native person to buy drugs

  • GML
    GML 4 hours ago

    Holy shit that singing was sooo bad I couldn’t even recognise the song they were singing hahahs

  • SAS
    SAS 4 hours ago

    my dog died yesterday this was light to watch thank you :)

  • Eric Buck
    Eric Buck 4 hours ago

    love love the vlogs but this one seemed really pieced together

  • Nikeairmax95
    Nikeairmax95 5 hours ago

    Happy Halloween lol

  • keren morales
    keren morales 5 hours ago

    Come to Rhode Island college !!!

  • Katrina D
    Katrina D 5 hours ago

    So is everyone just gonna ignore the fact that Jonah was on a jet ski in the pool?? Like what the what??

  • Anna Holmes
    Anna Holmes 5 hours ago

    Can you do the mentos in coke with Corinna.. I feel like she would just put her mouth over it and swallow 😂

  • Mya Powell
    Mya Powell 5 hours ago

    The second half of the video was the most chaotic set of clips ever put together

  • ris hovis
    ris hovis 5 hours ago

    *breeeeath* you shaped like a wisdom tooth

  • Bacon Lover125
    Bacon Lover125 5 hours ago

    You should start shooting Jonah with the paintball gun is his toes because he can’t reach them

  • Soffia Rvyn
    Soffia Rvyn 5 hours ago

    this was funny

    ZVSZN 5 hours ago

    This title and thumbnail is clickbait😊🤡

  • NikyOreo
    NikyOreo 5 hours ago

    oh hey this was my birthday vlog

  • M M
    M M 5 hours ago

    Omg I wanna know more about that skin guy lol

  • Nadia Fucci
    Nadia Fucci 5 hours ago


  • Assain Wolf
    Assain Wolf 5 hours ago

    Where is a time stamp for when there are leaches

  • Francisco Carbajal
    Francisco Carbajal 5 hours ago

    1:17 anyone notice his phone upside down

  • Jacy
    Jacy 5 hours ago

    of course it was the white students 😔

  • BarbART
    BarbART 5 hours ago

    we have to appreciate the detail that Alex put the same shoe-socks-pants combo which exactly on his merch

  • Emma Hos
    Emma Hos 5 hours ago

    Holy shit this dude was in my hometown, I feel so special.

  • Adam Fame
    Adam Fame 5 hours ago

    I cantttt stop watching this video omggggg im in loveeeee thank u guyssss u making me so happyyyy and i love Kylie really wanna meet her oneday 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Loxs09
    Loxs09 5 hours ago

    Needdaaa link!!

  • Loxs09
    Loxs09 5 hours ago

    So wtf is the guy in the end that’s smoking, ig?

  • Assain Wolf
    Assain Wolf 5 hours ago

    Title: I ATE MY FIRST BUNNY!! Me:yeet yeet your going to hell yeet yolo a bunny is a friend

  • Allison Keck
    Allison Keck 5 hours ago

    David, your videos never cease to make me smile, and make me laugh! Thank you!!!

  • jade silano
    jade silano 5 hours ago

    He's such a good person

  • Noxid
    Noxid 5 hours ago

    These are the asshole neighbors we all hate but love

  • javier rocha
    javier rocha 5 hours ago

    Thank fuking gawwdd....the one video with jeff not in it....ENOUGH ALREADY.

  • Zerchas
    Zerchas 5 hours ago

    This break up video would’ve been better if it was 4:20 instead

  • Adam Fame
    Adam Fame 5 hours ago

    The most beautiful video omg im in love i wish i can meet Kylie one day 😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Max The Random Lepurchaun

    vardon knew lol

  • Dante_Girl105 JJ
    Dante_Girl105 JJ 5 hours ago

    come to orlando for new years or even after new years and jonah can punch me in the face

  • leslie huerta
    leslie huerta 5 hours ago

    The coke and mentos kills me every time 😂😂😂

  • Filthy Rat
    Filthy Rat 5 hours ago

    To be honest Matt is a pussy

  • Dynamite G
    Dynamite G 5 hours ago


  • The Derpy Unicorgi
    The Derpy Unicorgi 5 hours ago

    David's vlogs were so boring lol but nowadays DAVID: CHUG CHUG CHUG!!!! OMFG I CUT MY FINGER OPEN GET THE CAMREA

  • Cristal Conchas
    Cristal Conchas 5 hours ago

    I’m not crying.... yeah I fucking am because I’m a broke ass college student watching this video hoping some miracle like this would happen to me 😭 you’re seriously the best David 😢💗