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Ne-Yo - So Sick
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Disclosure - Control
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The Smiths - Panic
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The Smiths - Cemetry Gates
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  • ovi lopez
    ovi lopez Day ago

    I accidentally skipped this song on Spotify so I’m here hahaha!!!

  • Aliyə Qədirli
    Aliyə Qədirli 2 days ago

    Mənim də bir qatqım olsun 🍃

  • darktube 994
    darktube 994 6 days ago

    The Smiths!!

  • Klaus Momberger
    Klaus Momberger 8 days ago

    Bought this album in 1987 and still love it.

  • Nt4ubs
    Nt4ubs 15 days ago

    I voted remain but this would be a fuck of a good Brexit anthem

  • Marcus Rogers
    Marcus Rogers 21 day ago

    Great lyrics.. as usual

  • Ed Edwards
    Ed Edwards Month ago


  • Mente Universal
    Mente Universal 2 months ago


  • rob turner
    rob turner 2 months ago

    its beautifull

  • Megan Ward
    Megan Ward 2 months ago

    Regardless of the lyrics this seems to somehow capture my mid-twenties, suffering from mental illness, nor lived up to expectations spirit :'(

    • L Daniel
      L Daniel 2 months ago

      Stay strong boy. Don't let family expectations ruin you, they ruined me first.

  • Thomas Hall
    Thomas Hall 2 months ago

    Another amazing song by The Smiths

  • ROSWELL Official
    ROSWELL Official 3 months ago

    Oh hello I am the ghost of Troubled Joe Hung by his pretty white neck Some eighteen months ago I travelled to a mystical time zone And I missed my bed And I soon came home They said : "There's too much caffeine In your bloodstream And a lack of real spice In your life" I said : "Leave me alone Because I'm alright, dad Surprised to still Be on my own..." Oh, but don't mention love I'd hate the strain of the pain again A rush and a push and the land that We stand on is ours It has been before So it shall be again And people who are uglier than you and I They take what they need, and just leave Oh, but don't mention love I'd hate the pain of the strain all over again A rush and a push and the land that We stand on is ours It has been before So why can't it be now? And…

  • Cat Fish
    Cat Fish 3 months ago

    Oh but don't mention love, no no don't mention love. . My B-DAY 2019. .Oct.5, Got My Morrissey tickets!!!!!🙉👍 Ca. # RobGioHerrera

  • Feliphe gonçalves
    Feliphe gonçalves 3 months ago

    Love Smiths

  • stephen dean
    stephen dean 4 months ago


  • A Kirk
    A Kirk 4 months ago

    really lovely

  • James Dorman
    James Dorman 4 months ago

    He slid down a bannister in a tutu. Lol

  • Thomas Hall
    Thomas Hall 4 months ago

    Amazing song

  • Tobias Lewis
    Tobias Lewis 5 months ago

    D O P E......

  • SuperSpurs 69
    SuperSpurs 69 5 months ago

    The Smiths go SKA

  • fightpollution
    fightpollution 5 months ago


  • Umay Edin
    Umay Edin 5 months ago

    izmir otogara benziyor bu şarkı

  • Claudia Nuñez
    Claudia Nuñez 6 months ago

    Ou shot whe ar again

  • Rebeca Ramirez
    Rebeca Ramirez 6 months ago

    Oh, I think I'm in love...🎶💔

  • João Belgrano
    João Belgrano 6 months ago

    wieger !

  • wayne pinnock
    wayne pinnock 6 months ago

    Brilliant fade in intro; Morrissey at his laconic, bathetic best. But for me it set the tone for a repeated punchline of an album. Mirthless, irony bereft,content in its own self importance; an unfortunate concomitant of a waning synergy between The Smiths dual protagonists.

  • md abdool
    md abdool 6 months ago

    Anyone from bumblebee ?

  • Jere Xavier
    Jere Xavier 7 months ago


  • Alexander Dahoola
    Alexander Dahoola 8 months ago

    And people who are uglier than you and I

  • Edsel CM
    Edsel CM 8 months ago

    am i that old? i love this tune; when it first came out I was beginning 8th grade. now that fact makes me sad and music these days suck donkey balls.

  • Óscar Ruvalcaba
    Óscar Ruvalcaba 8 months ago


  • goth fairy
    goth fairy 9 months ago

    I swear he's singing "fuck me" instead of "phone me"

  • Pete Shields
    Pete Shields 9 months ago

    Brighton cemetery

  • yeah
    yeah 9 months ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Belljargrrrl
    Belljargrrrl 9 months ago

    One of my favorites!

  • Luis Lizard
    Luis Lizard 9 months ago

    Who have visited the holy Name Church in Manchester the very same church which this song is based on?? I have :)

  • C Arios
    C Arios 9 months ago

    Love respect and admiration from Greece keep England British

  • mmzen
    mmzen 9 months ago

    43 people are confused Pantera fans

  • NSC
    NSC 9 months ago


  • Paul Large
    Paul Large 10 months ago

    Anybody who seeks their own glorification by accepting a knighthood commemorating the heinous crimes of empire deserves to be viewed as a low-life snake.

    • David Guyett
      David Guyett 2 months ago

      Um, who the heck are you referring to ?

  • Paul Large
    Paul Large 10 months ago

    Anybody who seeks their own glorification by accepting a knighthood commemorating the heinous crimes of empire deserves to be viewed as a low-life snake.

  • John Tyrrell
    John Tyrrell 10 months ago

    This song ain't on spotify

  • S
    S 10 months ago

    Johnny's style has a very African vibrant kinda sound to it. I wonder if that's intentional on this song.

    • Angela Riley
      Angela Riley 9 months ago

      @S of course you have your own interpretation but I can't see how that would be the intent of this song at all.

    • S
      S 10 months ago

      @Johnny Malcho I find it evokes colourful African vibes of flamboyance and otherworldliness, of course its completely subjective, but I really think its there, and intentional.

    • Johnny Malcho
      Johnny Malcho 10 months ago

      Sam Cummings Don't hear that at all, what do you mean?

  • Mariangela Trifogli
    Mariangela Trifogli 10 months ago


  • MrDarkTides
    MrDarkTides 10 months ago

    God bless British music.

  • Eka khimshiashvili
    Eka khimshiashvili 10 months ago

  • William nascimento
    William nascimento 10 months ago

    I think was Pantera.

  • Duncan Brimble
    Duncan Brimble 10 months ago

    Yeah i luv this its just so unfair i wasn't there..

    • Duncan Brimble
      Duncan Brimble 8 months ago

      That quote is spot on. I am enjoying the sunshine and The Smiths ❤️

    • Duncan Brimble
      Duncan Brimble 8 months ago

      I don't even remember writing this!! But yeah this is one of my fave. Meet me at the cemetery gates on a Sunday

    • louise magill
      louise magill 8 months ago

      , I was there, literally, but that means I'm getting old now. Ahhhh! How did that happen cos it seems like yesterday. Like Oscar Wilde said ' youth is wasted on the young' 😂 Bittersweet memories. Enjoy your time now x

  • Luis Lizard
    Luis Lizard 11 months ago

    And trips you up and laugh when you fall !!!!!

  • The Mercury 13
    The Mercury 13 11 months ago

    Interesting interview with Marr :)

  • The Mercury 13
    The Mercury 13 11 months ago

    Growing up I think I took the music for granted, focused on Morrissey - who's fabulous of course - but it's only now I really appreciate the talent of the rest of the band, particularly Marr, & realise how rare that actually is. & how lucky for us they combined as The Smiths ❤️

  • Angie Yunnye
    Angie Yunnye 11 months ago

    Amo essa musica <3

  • Paul Large
    Paul Large 11 months ago

    Knighthoods: an exercise in tagging tails onto snakes. If you tag a tail onto a snake is it more of a snake than it was before? Or is it the same old snake?

  • Cally Salter
    Cally Salter 11 months ago

    Great song!

  • joel santiago
    joel santiago 11 months ago

    to joel santiago

  • Julio Gatti
    Julio Gatti Year ago

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr rush and a push and the land that we stand on is ours

  • CallOfDuty1BOSS
    CallOfDuty1BOSS Year ago

    The ultimate band for 'know-it-alls'

    SPACEDOUT Year ago


  • Richie Alvarez
    Richie Alvarez Year ago


  • Katie
    Katie Year ago

    It's not about immigrants or anything, it's about how we live in a world that should be ours but other people control what we do and how we live.

    • magicmulder
      magicmulder 7 months ago

      I think it's sarcasm - "with just a little bit of (fake?) self-esteem we can turn from losers into winners... yeah right, as if!"

  • Dennis Kissane
    Dennis Kissane Year ago

    I remember I first saw pet sematary before I heard this song and this gave me a chill , i was only a kid then

  • Altay Abidin
    Altay Abidin Year ago

    cok uzgunum

  • Kővári Ferenc
    Kővári Ferenc Year ago


  • Patrizia Anzevino

    So phone me phone me phone me

    • Alone.
      Alone. 4 months ago


    • Ricardo Sampaio
      Ricardo Sampaio 8 months ago

      Liga me , liga me in portuguese ( brazilian) liga( leegar)

  • Chip Douglas
    Chip Douglas Year ago

    Top 20 Smith's song

  • Jordan Parks
    Jordan Parks Year ago

    People think its about nationalism and patriotism and things like that because Morrissey started singing about those types of things a bit in his older age. But this is still The Smiths, long before Morrissey became what he is today, when he was still this sulking Oscar Wilde-loving socially awkward person. This song is just like most Smiths song, it's about insecurities, loneliness, not getting what you truly want, romance, all the usual things we find in most Smith songs. He's using the taking of land back as a metaphor. He fell in love with someone and that was him "traveling to a mystical time zone". He's making a satirical (Oscar Wildish) joke out of this by saying "I missed my bed so I soon came home", basically saying that things didnt work out and he had to return to his own bed and his life of loneliness. He didnt have a choice in the matter as he was probably dumped by this person when they met someone else, but hes making a joke in saying "I missed my bed". This all happened 18 months ago and he's been counting the days ever since, meaning he's miserable. (Similar to how he says "It lasted 20 years, 7 months, and 27 days" in the song Never Had No One Ever). Everyone around him like his parents are telling him he needs love and he has "a lack of real spice" in his life, and hes like "leave me alone, Im perfectly alright being alone and lonely". "Dont mention love, the pain and the strain all over again", he doesnt want to take a chance on love again and get hurt again, as lonely as he is. Hes too insecure to fight for this person and just take them back and make them his, and the "land" that he talks about is the happiness you get when you're in love or is the person hes in love with. Hes saying "this person or this good feeling of love is ours, we have every right to love just like everybody else, so I need to be less insecure and just take whats mine". When he says "the people who are uglier than you and I, they take what they want in life". Hes talking about more secure people who are able to just sleep around and not fall in love with others and who seem to just get everything they want even when they dont appreciate it. At the end he keeps saying "phone me phone phone me' because hes desperately hoping the person that dumped him calls him. He doesnt have the confidence to call them or to go out of his way to try to win them over (to take back the land).

    • James Humphrey
      James Humphrey 17 days ago

      "Long before Morissey became what he is today". A patriot, you mean?

    • sexualspaghetti
      sexualspaghetti 21 day ago

      nothing wrong with loving your home land, especially if your ancestors carved it out for you.

    • Sergio Di Nucci
      Sergio Di Nucci 2 months ago

      Morrissey dont need you, and your theories

    • ross beake
      ross beake 2 months ago

      There's definitely nationalism and snark comments about immigrants in this

    • fitch
      fitch 3 months ago

      shut the fuck up

  • dean b
    dean b Year ago

    "Some dizzy whore, 1804"

  • Claudio Dean
    Claudio Dean Year ago

    Uns dos melhores Lp's dos Silvas.

    • Roy Gato
      Roy Gato Year ago

      lol são mais os Ferreiros

  • Craig Anderson
    Craig Anderson Year ago

    A packer and a tutu

  • wauwi33
    wauwi33 Year ago

    That's just brilliant 😘

  • fusilier92
    fusilier92 Year ago

    The Smiths really are a treat for people wanting to post lyrics on uploads...guffaw.

  • Fernarda Celes
    Fernarda Celes Year ago

    Não existem mais musicas como essas

  • nanosmaria
    nanosmaria Year ago

    But sometimes I feel more fulfilled Making Christmas cards with the mentally ill...epic

  • Thaina Penha Padua Adell


  • Nitai Gauranga
    Nitai Gauranga Year ago

    reverend, reverend is this some conspiracy?

  • Mack Sarnie
    Mack Sarnie Year ago

    I wonder if this is about On the Buses

  • marshmallowmayty

    Damn eat a snickers dimebag you aren't yourself when your hungry

    • mattiti
      mattiti Year ago

      Best comment on all of TVclip.

    • Stanetti Els
      Stanetti Els Year ago

      marshmallowmayty You’re. It’s “when YOU’RE hungry.”

  • Robert Lefkowitz


  • Eddie Martinez
    Eddie Martinez Year ago

    Phone me phone me.....phooooone me!!!

  • Madafaca
    Madafaca Year ago

    i am a motherfucker anyway

  • swannytd
    swannytd Year ago

    Pantera brought me here.

  • John T
    John T Year ago

    i truly dont understand how some people dont get the smiths ....they are literally perfect.this song is sublime from start to finish.

  • Dean Appleby
    Dean Appleby Year ago

    I want to go down in musical history

  • Diego Elfuego
    Diego Elfuego Year ago

    Vicar in a Tutu The Smiths I was minding my business Lifting some lead off The roof of the Holy Name church It was worthwhile living a laughable life To set my eyes on the blistering sight Of a Vicar in a tutu He's not strange He just wants to live his life this way A scanty bit of a thing With a decorative ring That wouldn't cover the head of a goose As Rose collects the money in a canister Who comes sliding down the bannister ? The Vicar in a tutu He's not strange He just wants to live his life this way The monkish monsignor With a head full of plaster Said : "My man, get your vile soul dry-cleaned" As Rose counts the money in the canister As natural as rain He dances again My God! The Vicar in a tutu Oh yeah Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Oh... The Vicar in a tutu Oh yeah Oh... The next day in the pulpit With freedom and ease Combatting ignorance, dust, and disease As Rose counts the money in the canister As natural as rain He dances again and again and again In the fabric of a tutu Any man could get used to And I am the living sign And I'm a living sign I am a living sign I'm a living sign I am a living sign I'm a living sign Sign I am a living sign

  • murphymagic33
    murphymagic33 Year ago

    "There's too much caffeine In your bloodstream And a lack of real spice In your life" wow

    • Julio Gatti
      Julio Gatti Year ago

      Heavy, isn't it? At the same time so relatable

  • Daenerys Targaryen

    "A rush and a push and the land we stand on is ours, it has been before", never was more relevant. The royals and ultra wealthy stole and continue to grab all the wealth and best lands for themselves, sell everyone else down the river.

    • Jordan Parks
      Jordan Parks Year ago

      Its sad that you misinterpreted this song in the way that you did.

  • Guto Salles
    Guto Salles Year ago

    This song takes me to another dimension

  • Joe Mc
    Joe Mc Year ago

    Definitely the worst song on the album

    • Wolfgang Gog
      Wolfgang Gog 2 months ago

      Stupid idiot

    • Rockdoo
      Rockdoo 11 months ago

      Mr. Shankly is not too great either.

    • Leslie Schmidt
      Leslie Schmidt Year ago


    • Cebola Pão
      Cebola Pão Year ago

      I think the whole album is great except The Queen Is Dead

    • chrner
      chrner Year ago

      Goes to show how good the entire album is.

  • Mark Richardson
    Mark Richardson Year ago

    Give us your money!!

  • scottish/enlightened guy/escape/hell

    strength measured by my own heart is unscalable

  • GamefXd
    GamefXd Year ago

    Damn, Pantera has changed

    • Christian
      Christian 9 months ago

      Fucking Hilary Arse..

    • SavoPaddy
      SavoPaddy 9 months ago

      Brilliant :)

    • S
      S 10 months ago

      @Fernando Pagan nice! Fair do's!!

    • Fernando Pagan
      Fernando Pagan Year ago

      Actually phill anselmo is a bigggg fan of the smiths and he wrote the pantera cemetary Gates after this song

  • Tomas Miranda
    Tomas Miranda Year ago

    "A rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrush and a push and the land" I love that part haha

  • Laetitia
    Laetitia Year ago

    my favourite band & song

  • jason bailey
    jason bailey Year ago

    this song makes me remember my friends and I playing in an old graveyard mother nature had reclaimed

  • John Barry
    John Barry Year ago

    Wilde's definitely on my side!!!

  • that's the guy
    that's the guy Year ago

    If this song can make it anything can🙈

    • Robert B
      Robert B Year ago

      That's a shame, I think this is great

  • BillyFreethought

    Genius. The love I have for it comes from a place I wish I could live in

  • PantatBuduk
    PantatBuduk Year ago

    "All those people, all those lives Where are they now? With loves, and hates And passions just like mine They were born And then they lived And then they died" This lyric always make my eyes teary Moz you did it again,even today.

  • A lll
    A lll Year ago

    I really love this band

  • Sergio De cristofaro

    Moz, thank you for introducing me to Keats!!