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  • Mini Penko
    Mini Penko 3 hours ago


  • Bludix Elite
    Bludix Elite 3 hours ago

    I think he maked 50% money from youtube:)

  • Felipe Santos
    Felipe Santos 3 hours ago

    It sounds like he voice overs it

  • not your business
    not your business 4 hours ago

    when rich people get bored

  • Bludix Elite
    Bludix Elite 4 hours ago

    All is perfect put black white black white but in right down is one black :(

  • veljko17062008
    veljko17062008 4 hours ago


  • Bludix Elite
    Bludix Elite 4 hours ago

    A rich guy

  • واي المصارعة

    Lekie love Roman Renz 💖

  • Midnight Marshmallows -Roblox

    Where did he get a gun

  • واي المصارعة


  • benjamin melo
    benjamin melo 4 hours ago

    I I I I

  • SlurpyTeh Slurp
    SlurpyTeh Slurp 4 hours ago

    this was hard to watch 😂

  • Faniya Aurell
    Faniya Aurell 4 hours ago

    Gila ni orang TwT

  • OAR
    OAR 4 hours ago

    TechRax: *Drops iphone 11 pro max and samsung galaxy fold* *They fall in someone's head* 😂😂

  • Mr.Matthew Boi
    Mr.Matthew Boi 4 hours ago


  • Elisabeth Case
    Elisabeth Case 4 hours ago

    Awh crap IPhone XR has failed me, better call off my plans to drop it phone in liquid nitrogen

  • Saltine Cracker
    Saltine Cracker 4 hours ago

    iPhone 28 = 1$ “That’s good I only paid 194729264916492$ for it

  • Kisan Playz
    Kisan Playz 4 hours ago

    wait a minute THE IPHONE 6S IS NOT WATER RESISTANT DONT BE DUMB (still like ur vids)

  • Willie Mae Wright
    Willie Mae Wright 4 hours ago

    Are you dumb o my God how dare you

  • Kisan Playz
    Kisan Playz 4 hours ago

    if u want to turn your iphone off JUST SMASH UR IPHONE INTO SHATTERED MODE

  • SpikefallYT
    SpikefallYT 5 hours ago

    I wish I had an iPhone :/

  • Gaming With Essa
    Gaming With Essa 5 hours ago


  • Iwan Jones
    Iwan Jones 5 hours ago

    Hey 👋 wt doing

  • The football
    The football 5 hours ago

    Мне одному жалко айфон?😱

  • Muhammad Mujahid
    Muhammad Mujahid 5 hours ago

    Man:ohh!guys this phone still works so we can use it.

  • AG Silver
    AG Silver 5 hours ago

    That's a knockoff Nokia 3310 Real one woulda just destroyed the building

  • Tanya_not_Tania
    Tanya_not_Tania 5 hours ago

    Me: What the hell…? IPhone XS: *I BELIEVE I COULD FLY!!!!!!!* (A few night hours later in space, the balloons pops the phone dies [Unless if could survive in space], stays in the moon forever, or when it’s close to Earth, it falls to the road and breaks)

  • Toru the Red Fox
    Toru the Red Fox 5 hours ago

    so, they went back to the iPhone 5c's durability, huh?

  • Kasey Malep
    Kasey Malep 5 hours ago

    How do yall get all those phones I want oneee

  • Juggy Juggy
    Juggy Juggy 6 hours ago

    Bro y Wolof u do dat unless u crazy rich lol

  • Klinton Falkera
    Klinton Falkera 6 hours ago

    Quando avviene il funerale

  • Jamesf Nguyen
    Jamesf Nguyen 6 hours ago


  • Moonx Star
    Moonx Star 6 hours ago

    ur such an idiots like who does that to a freaking phone🙄🤯

  • Hotdog Gaming
    Hotdog Gaming 6 hours ago


  • Hotdog Gaming
    Hotdog Gaming 6 hours ago

    Nice phone bad drop off

  • Lillie Eskew
    Lillie Eskew 6 hours ago

    Don’t worry, I don’t think we will leave our phones on Coke, Milk, Or Bleach for 10 hours straight. 😂😂

  • Rahul Ps
    Rahul Ps 6 hours ago

    What for ? Did you sacrifice a Mini Drone

  • Enzovexx
    Enzovexx 6 hours ago

    I love how it just coincidentally says like what date it dies. And then dies. It's like, "Friday, March 6th" is the day it died, Also, when he used a drill on it. It went to the notes app, it spelled. "Really?"

  • someone lol
    someone lol 6 hours ago

  • Zach The Legend
    Zach The Legend 6 hours ago

    How is the 2G survived in liquid even the three and four and five are all not waterproof

  • Marvn Deleon
    Marvn Deleon 6 hours ago

    My dream phone

  • Marvn Deleon
    Marvn Deleon 6 hours ago

    unfortunately that is me but not usable

  • Marvn Deleon
    Marvn Deleon 6 hours ago

    Awww sakin nalang hahahaha kesa sirain mo hahaha

  • Yohan Judistio
    Yohan Judistio 6 hours ago

    Waoooo... I can't say anything just opened my mouth....please pin it

  • Glenn Pugh
    Glenn Pugh 6 hours ago

    Drops smartphone 20 stories... "horrible condition"... Ya don't say?

  • I am Gay
    I am Gay 7 hours ago

    For those of you wondering I think he is using the crystal form of Fluoroantimonic acid but the reason it wasn't as hazardous and didn't melt the glass is because he didn't activate it with HF(hydrogen fluoride)

  • Abdull rahman Anwar
    Abdull rahman Anwar 7 hours ago

    His a i phone fan

  • keiana rivera
    keiana rivera 7 hours ago

    *strongest acid, which explodes from moisture in the air* Him: Imma put a phone in it in a plastic bottle and imma die but I'm also not gonna die cause it's not the right acid

  • Chauhan Nimitt
    Chauhan Nimitt 7 hours ago

    Waste money😁😁😁😁😁

  • Gabriel 8Ball
    Gabriel 8Ball 7 hours ago

    😭😭😭 BRAZIL 🙏

  • game zone
    game zone 7 hours ago

    Man are you bill gate's son . From where the hell you get that much amount of money . I have been using sinlge phone for more than 4 years

  • Smoke H
    Smoke H 7 hours ago

    Could have given me a cell phone; -;

  • Kifha Awes
    Kifha Awes 7 hours ago


  • Sahar Gasim
    Sahar Gasim 7 hours ago

    Cmon some people don’t even have a phone....

  • nature lover
    nature lover 7 hours ago

    Don't waste the phone give it to me free

  • XxangelmayaxX yep
    XxangelmayaxX yep 7 hours ago

    The phones are third class and what do u mean like it will stay perfectly pergectly and not hzppen anything bitch

  • XxangelmayaxX yep
    XxangelmayaxX yep 7 hours ago

    Better ides throw hr self of thoose stairs watse of money

  • Aidan Gaming
    Aidan Gaming 7 hours ago

    1:41, you idiot

  • Golden Freddy64
    Golden Freddy64 7 hours ago

    iPhone is better than samsung

  • Pizzaboiii
    Pizzaboiii 7 hours ago

    Why is this in my recommended section?

  • DeAndrea brown
    DeAndrea brown 8 hours ago

    Why would you do that you're cray cray sacre-coeur like I wouldn't do that I will do watch it that is so beautiful I would have that for my whole life

  • DeAndrea brown
    DeAndrea brown 8 hours ago

    How would you drop a brand new iPhone 10 not a Minecraft you're so crazy for me to me for free crazy you're so crazy but

    BYDYL MORADO 8 hours ago

    Por qué no me regalaste los celulares si ya no los querías pues yo si los hubiese aceptado y cuidado demasiado

  • Тьомич
    Тьомич 8 hours ago

    Кто руский?

  • Shaik aamir
    Shaik aamir 8 hours ago

    all those 20k dislikes are from the phone manufacturers employers

  • Diego Banda
    Diego Banda 8 hours ago

    U should send me a iPhone 11

  • Genshine
    Genshine 8 hours ago

    1:41 are you ok?

    JULIAN LAGMAN 8 hours ago

    😂 4:32

  • Dynamax Gaming
    Dynamax Gaming 8 hours ago

    Wastage of money, don't subscribe this channel,instead he can donate some money to the charity or poor people

  • Mind Ko sambhal
    Mind Ko sambhal 8 hours ago

    This stairs goes directly down to the hell

  • Paolo Di bello
    Paolo Di bello 8 hours ago

    Noo money

  • FZN F1L4
    FZN F1L4 8 hours ago

    Imagine what the train driver is thinking

  • Matthew Juaño
    Matthew Juaño 8 hours ago

    Give me that 🤣

  • Toha Mony
    Toha Mony 8 hours ago

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  • YT_MeganLoveWolfs
    YT_MeganLoveWolfs 8 hours ago

    This is how much money he wasted 👇🏻

  • Original name
    Original name 8 hours ago

    Introducing the new iTide

  • shabyafra
    shabyafra 8 hours ago

    Nobody is more stupid like than you

  • selin oyun oynuyor
    selin oyun oynuyor 8 hours ago


  • Yash Garg
    Yash Garg 8 hours ago

    That hole looks like my buddy's anus... too deep.😂

  • Rahul Ps
    Rahul Ps 9 hours ago

    The Hulk among samartphones 😁😁😁😁 take that much force with ease

  • Anos Al3nezi
    Anos Al3nezi 9 hours ago


    DAVE'S VLOGS 9 hours ago

    Use hot knife in cutting rubber band

  • Maryam Khan
    Maryam Khan 9 hours ago

    Chutiya hai sala

  • Nichollas Patrick
    Nichollas Patrick 9 hours ago

    Para que fazer isso :/ poderia dar para mom

  • aleyx309 Xd
    aleyx309 Xd 9 hours ago

    Ma se ti butto io

  • Arianator96
    Arianator96 9 hours ago

    Just give me the IPhone 11 instead 💙☁

  • Nebhan vp
    Nebhan vp 9 hours ago

    Bro your wasting money I have no mobile. So please give it😯😂

  • Landon Ramirez
    Landon Ramirez 9 hours ago

    I have an iPhone 7 and it's Matt black. Like if you do

    RAFIUDDIN JAGIRDAR 9 hours ago

    Give to me

  • samia Islam
    samia Islam 9 hours ago

    Was any need to make this faul task??

  • Thatboy Pop
    Thatboy Pop 9 hours ago

    Brand new game systems

  • Thatboy Pop
    Thatboy Pop 9 hours ago


  • AnarPlayz MCPE
    AnarPlayz MCPE 9 hours ago

    How Rich People Play With Phone

  • Uzayir Seraj
    Uzayir Seraj 9 hours ago


    RE. ZERO GAMING 9 hours ago

    Just put meat 🤔🤔🤔

  • Kristijan Certan
    Kristijan Certan 9 hours ago

    Apple is shit!!

    GALACTIC M 9 hours ago

    Who thought the bullet won't go through its body😄

  • Diego Cejudo
    Diego Cejudo 10 hours ago

    Well, now I know my Note 10 will survive a fall like that one :^)

  • adrian syahreza
    adrian syahreza 10 hours ago

    Ngilu gw liat ny 🤤🤤

  • Pee Pee Poo Poo
    Pee Pee Poo Poo 10 hours ago

    0:33 0:41 the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro