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Im sorry
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Man of Medan - ENDING
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IT CHAPTER 2 in Fortnite..
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Fortnite literally hates me
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EARLY Modern Warfare BETA..
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HALO in 2019..
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    ELxCHVKO 15 seconds ago


  • War Daddy
    War Daddy Minute ago

    Why can’t I log into the online services.

  • Miko Re™
    Miko Re™ 2 minutes ago

    So excited for Realism mode...looking like it's gonna be a lot of fun

  • Joshua Rodriguez
    Joshua Rodriguez 3 minutes ago

    It sucks we need a real hardcore it takes 2 many shots to kill and we need a kill name feed wth

  • aj cianciolo
    aj cianciolo 4 minutes ago

    Yo I just started watching your videos and I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard before! Definitely gonna have to keep watching

  • Jackedrado
    Jackedrado 4 minutes ago


  • unknown uchiha
    unknown uchiha 6 minutes ago

    How do you mark him on the map

  • Joseph Vincent
    Joseph Vincent 8 minutes ago

    Everyone will be using ghost perk in this mode for sure

  • CWE iNK†
    CWE iNK† 8 minutes ago

    This game is trash

  • Nick Schaible
    Nick Schaible 10 minutes ago

    God you’re a child.

  • EmeraldGamingNewz
    EmeraldGamingNewz 10 minutes ago

    No mini map, no kill streaks, no confirmed kills. This might be it boys

  • marky mark
    marky mark 11 minutes ago

    this mode is fucking awesome! loving every bit of it. i wish they would add night maps to the realism playlist

  • Boudy
    Boudy 11 minutes ago

    Drake wow I didn't kno ur good at call of duty damn!

  • Vanish MG
    Vanish MG 11 minutes ago

    Don’t mind me, just some self promo

  • ANormalGamer
    ANormalGamer 12 minutes ago

    So in realism mode it would takes 1-2 or maybe 3 to kill the enemy or nor

  • Oscar Renouf
    Oscar Renouf 13 minutes ago

    Where’s the Arkham knight upload!

  • Rhett Ohlerking
    Rhett Ohlerking 14 minutes ago

    I like the idea of this game mode but I probably won’t play it very much.

  • Ao400
    Ao400 15 minutes ago

    it comes down to this, if you started playing cod after black ops 2, mw 3. You will most likely not like this game. because you sir are a pussy. jk its a completely different game style of gameplay. However to all the original cod players i salute you! and will see you at game launch :P

  • Derek Forrey
    Derek Forrey 16 minutes ago

    Makes video just to showcase realism mode. Cant stop bitching about the realism.

  • Knight Rev
    Knight Rev 16 minutes ago

    Freaken hate campers !! Smh lol

  • June Dasilva
    June Dasilva 17 minutes ago

    Yo @Hollow I really appreciate your reviews. Cheers man! Keep doing your thing.

  • Blunt Trauma
    Blunt Trauma 17 minutes ago

    Just play hardcore modes without the map? I don’t see why people care about the map

  • Adrian Soto
    Adrian Soto 18 minutes ago

    Gunfight and the other game mode are trash cyber attack is the best game mode

  • Dobbies Revenge
    Dobbies Revenge 18 minutes ago

    Im not sure about the whole serious player thing, I've been shitting people going 20+ kills a game and im not even that good

  • Ahny Mus
    Ahny Mus 19 minutes ago

    its realism, i dont think you would just run around a corner at full speed if two bullets can put you down. lol no hit markers in real life, people shouldn't knock this game mode when its intended to be the opposite of the original mode. i guess if you dont like it , i dont play it lol.

  • Ivan C
    Ivan C 19 minutes ago

    Fuck the dot chasing. That should be a reward after you get a streak. The minimap should only help you out with awareness about where you are and where your teammates are. I think it’s perfect

  • Marc-Alain Marcotte
    Marc-Alain Marcotte 20 minutes ago

    It's called hardcore

  • Nate McElroy
    Nate McElroy 22 minutes ago

    4:14 and that sir is what u get for playing like a ho

  • Steven Nunez
    Steven Nunez 22 minutes ago

    I think I might enjoy this mode actually. It will force me to be tactical. The camping though is going to suck. I think it will be way more fun if the campers actually join the immersive gameplay unless they want to be snipers. Other than you have to watch the corners which to me is fun.

  • Jonathan Spegal
    Jonathan Spegal 24 minutes ago

    Does anybody not know that the character from the beginning of the video is Nøkk from Rainbow Six Siege? Like damn.. that’s badass asf.

  • AwesomeJeff XD
    AwesomeJeff XD 24 minutes ago

    This should be called rainbow six siege remastered, seriously you can lean and there is basically a nøkk

  • Daniel Devries
    Daniel Devries 25 minutes ago

    Definitely don't need to make a character

  • Jonathan Spegal
    Jonathan Spegal 25 minutes ago

    Yooooooo that’s Nøkkkkk

  • Military Mind
    Military Mind 27 minutes ago

    They better make a realistic SnD

    WOLFGANG ZANDER 27 minutes ago

    I dont normaly get this fuckin mad but im tired of you big youtubes cryin about a fuckin mini map.

  • Joseph Noronha
    Joseph Noronha 27 minutes ago

    Wtf, you look like Drake... O-o EVEN THE VOICE.

  • Ian Anderson
    Ian Anderson 28 minutes ago

    I thought I was good at cod until I played realism mode. Never playing it again.

    WOLFGANG ZANDER 28 minutes ago

    Yeah our military is running through war zones with mini maps. Fuckin pussys

  • Michael Kolakowski
    Michael Kolakowski 30 minutes ago

    is it just me or do the death animations kind of suck

  • Arturo Mora
    Arturo Mora 31 minute ago

    Not knowing what’s going on is the whole point of realism.

  • WiFi Poison
    WiFi Poison 31 minute ago

    Add me UtapN1 on PS4. ty

  • Sanuja Kaushalya
    Sanuja Kaushalya 34 minutes ago

    They should add team kill too hahah

  • zanex x
    zanex x 35 minutes ago

    I’ve been waiting on u to play this game u should also play the whole series

  • Daddy Cal
    Daddy Cal 35 minutes ago

    on this episode of hollow complains

  • Marc Valdez
    Marc Valdez 36 minutes ago

    It’s like hardcore bro...

  • Unhooking
    Unhooking 36 minutes ago

    Great video keep up the good work hollow been here since 800k

  • Qorion Litty
    Qorion Litty 36 minutes ago

    The spawns are horrible and people camp too much in this game

  • Ed Ali
    Ed Ali 36 minutes ago

    🤣🤣🤣 lmao you got destroyed....

  • J Reed
    J Reed 36 minutes ago

    TDM is fucked. I am and always will be a TDM player and the maps are so small. You can literally sprint from 1 side to the other in less than 30 seconds. Makes it to easy to spawn trap the opposite team and they all just quit, it's like Battlefield hardline.

    WOLFGANG ZANDER 37 minutes ago

    Trash. Mini map is stupid.

  • KillerSalvi
    KillerSalvi 37 minutes ago

    Why do you jump when you engage someone???

  • cruzberg84
    cruzberg84 38 minutes ago

    I enjoyed it I don’t care how many kills you got it was fun watching you freak out

  • Sanuja Kaushalya
    Sanuja Kaushalya 38 minutes ago

    Imo they should add the mini map for the people who need it,for others they have realism mode anyway...

    WOLFGANG ZANDER 38 minutes ago

    Stop cryin and go back to regular mode if its making you you PMS so bad. God leave our hard core mode alone you got your mode we have ours dont ruin ours with your bullshit

  • Chief Silver Stacker
    Chief Silver Stacker 38 minutes ago

    Realism is the best mode

  • iRevO_FbE
    iRevO_FbE 38 minutes ago

    Insurgency Sandstorm comes out for Consoles

  • Expect BulletDrop
    Expect BulletDrop 41 minute ago

    It doesn’t matter to me tbh. I’m all for realism mode. Give you an edge if you catch all these “modern” cod players running around acting the fool. Then bitch when they get waxed lol.

  • Anthony Tapia
    Anthony Tapia 41 minute ago

    I think they should keep outlines because you can tell if your teammate is up stairs or if he isn't.

  • Cartel Jr.
    Cartel Jr. 41 minute ago

    good vid btw 👍

  • Cartel Jr.
    Cartel Jr. 41 minute ago

    i like watching ppl play realism mode cuz I get to to watch yall rage ... just being honest 🤷‍♂️🤣🤣

  • Buzz Lightyear
    Buzz Lightyear 41 minute ago

    This is my fav game, back in 2015 where i play a lot of Batman videogames

  • SneakNDestroy Gaming
    SneakNDestroy Gaming 42 minutes ago

    Bruh there’s so many campers

  • Nicio Rojas
    Nicio Rojas 43 minutes ago

    They should have the hit market when u kill some one also. Friendly fire. It just feels empty if you don’t know if you killing something

  • sickandloose
    sickandloose 43 minutes ago

    Y'all young folk complain and rage way more than anyone else

  • Wicked
    Wicked 44 minutes ago

    Awesome video bro...I'm happy I found your content!! Really awesome and funny as shit!!🤣😂 hope to see more!

  • Tony Giovanni
    Tony Giovanni 44 minutes ago

    I camp because they camp :(

  • ima freak luv showin mutha fucka

    It's very pleasing to see me naked than not see me naked so it's good to have the core not realism hahaha weeeeeeee. And yes I want a mini map plzzz infinity ward

  • Juniorey
    Juniorey 46 minutes ago

    Omfg that music at the beginning, was that in game menu music??? Or did hollow implement that?

  • Charles Kimbell
    Charles Kimbell 46 minutes ago

    I think there needs to be some visual thing the enemy animation does to signify a kill happened

  • Karen Allan
    Karen Allan 46 minutes ago

    Should of switched to Michael because there's a special scene

  • [KEOS] YNB
    [KEOS] YNB 47 minutes ago

    This game mode reminds me of insurgence And I’m fine with not knowing if I got the kill or not

  • Fr33domSouL
    Fr33domSouL 47 minutes ago

    I think its nothing wrong if they can show the number of kills in realism mode, plus which killstreaks is ready.

  • PoKoJoE
    PoKoJoE 48 minutes ago

    So Infinity Ward should now be with EA games... this battlefield game looks nice!

  • Douglas Willie
    Douglas Willie 48 minutes ago

    Why does he remind me of fez from the 70s show

  • Jake Hindman
    Jake Hindman 48 minutes ago

    I really enjoyed realism mode, but I enjoy the no mini map and no hit markers. Yeah it can be a little frustrating not knowing if I hit or killed someone. But I enjoyed how much it kept me on the edge of my seat.

  • Christopher Stone
    Christopher Stone 49 minutes ago

    Dude the camping is unreal. All the level 20s with the best shit just hiding while the levels 1-3 get destroyed.

  • Daniel Devries
    Daniel Devries 50 minutes ago

    Having a good time watching this... Then comes the goddamn leftist propaganda ad. Thanks TVclip 👎. #maga👍

  • NewYorkgiants#1fan -
    NewYorkgiants#1fan - 52 minutes ago

    Is the compensator on m13 good

  • Lucas Medeiros
    Lucas Medeiros 53 minutes ago

    I Just loved this mode!!!

  • Retr0Mxsked
    Retr0Mxsked 53 minutes ago

    Why does this dude look like Drake?

  • Xavier Phillips
    Xavier Phillips 53 minutes ago

    where tf is the friendly fire??

  • Christopher Granger
    Christopher Granger 53 minutes ago

    You mean everyone’s not running around spraying bullets? So it’s kinda like idk.. realistic? Fail to see the problem especially when there are already a dozen or so call of duty entries that are all about run and gun tactics not every cod needs to be the exact same online experience 😂

  • Russ Ormrod
    Russ Ormrod 54 minutes ago

    Pretty pumped for this

  • Alex Solis
    Alex Solis 55 minutes ago

    I hate when people like this play this game without playing and knowing about the previous games

  • Aleqerk
    Aleqerk 55 minutes ago

    I can't wait to play the campaign

  • TehFineztJokerX
    TehFineztJokerX 55 minutes ago

    LOL At the kids sweating in a Beta of all things. I expect that kind of thing in the full game. I enjoyed the beta but fuck the campers. Well it aint CoD without those kinds of kids in it.

  • Timothy Ramirez
    Timothy Ramirez 56 minutes ago

    Isn’t this just like hardcore mode

  • GameCaptain
    GameCaptain 56 minutes ago

    Just getting back into COD since MW3 and found your channel well done on your videos

  • Karen Allan
    Karen Allan 57 minutes ago

    Remember Michael invited franklin

  • Blake Turner
    Blake Turner 57 minutes ago

    I love this game but the only thing I hate is no mini map I don't mind it not being there just it makes the pace very odd n everyone camps even more.. idk jus me tho! Should be a option if I dont want mini map I'll play HC

  • J Co
    J Co 57 minutes ago

    If this game does get the MUCH NEEDED hardcore mode with limited health, I'm not buying this shit game. I just love getting six hitmarkers then getting shot two bullets and dieing. I love black ops 3 hardcore mode cuz u could run around with a pistol and one shot everything so much more fun

  • D3EZ NUZ
    D3EZ NUZ 58 minutes ago


    • D3EZ NUZ
      D3EZ NUZ 57 minutes ago

      Really not tho people like it’s fucking fornite

  • Jose Torres
    Jose Torres 58 minutes ago

    9:10 I feel like hardcore is not as hardcore as this one 😅

  • TheReaperMufasa
    TheReaperMufasa Hour ago

    Realism mode for those that are no life's that will turn into school shooters and for those that almost "made" it into the military or trying to be😂💀🙌🙌

  • royland walker
    royland walker Hour ago

    Man that was a good video 👍

  • Redneck Sniper
    Redneck Sniper Hour ago

    Got to wait til next weekend I’m on Xbox

  • Scott Alex Brandon Parasram

    The Realism looks like a beast 🖒🖒🖒🖒. Oct 25 is it.

  • Aidan Luna
    Aidan Luna Hour ago

    weaver, noooooo, im crying bro

  • JP Matt
    JP Matt Hour ago

    could have done it without the annoying sound effects, and if the gameplay was 60 fps that would be good too

  • Michael Wheater
    Michael Wheater Hour ago

    I see nothing positive about this mode from my opinion. But I think activision is just being smart by trying to appeal to everyone with this game. Just not my kind of mode