Tiny House Expedition
Tiny House Expedition
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  • maboh
    maboh 5 hours ago


  • Nick Mougros
    Nick Mougros 5 hours ago

    Some of these homes are so unlivable . This dude has a normal person living room. Unlike those stiff upright benches they call a couch in the other tiny homes

  • Nick Mougros
    Nick Mougros 5 hours ago

    If that was 250 books then I should open a library

  • Sam Keo
    Sam Keo 6 hours ago

    Wow I use to live in Jacksonville. Close to orange park ( argyle Blvd )

  • Trevor Wilson
    Trevor Wilson 6 hours ago

    What about a toaster oven? I couldn't live without that at least

  • Global REI Delta 1
    Global REI Delta 1 6 hours ago

    I need to do this 2020 let's go

  • Paul Brenton
    Paul Brenton 7 hours ago

    Hey . So good to see a real woman. At her best . Any one that doesn't appropriate this person is not from the real would . Just great . We get 45.c temps here I love you.!. A opal miner can shovel too.

  • Blake Fetty
    Blake Fetty 7 hours ago

    Man... you are awesome.

  • Bless This Mess
    Bless This Mess 8 hours ago

    Gorgeous house and wonderfully smart young guy. Absolutely love this.

  • legend343
    legend343 13 hours ago

    Very nice 👍

  • mactns1
    mactns1 14 hours ago

    Take a shot everytime she mentions Greg !

  • Douhghlie04
    Douhghlie04 16 hours ago

    Wonderful woman

  • Jaime Carlton
    Jaime Carlton 17 hours ago

    when you have no friends come over like me then a small house makes more and more sense

  • Dayna Williams
    Dayna Williams 18 hours ago

    Your house is marvelous.

  • R Phillips
    R Phillips 19 hours ago

    I live in Casper Wyoming, your one gutsy girl Love it.

  • DAP ure
    DAP ure 19 hours ago

    A deck and a drive way should be a requirement. And fenced off

  • DAP ure
    DAP ure 19 hours ago

    A tiinyhome is not arrow dynamic discourages travel on a regular basis

  • Kitty C
    Kitty C 20 hours ago

    I simply can’t live tiny, I admire people who can, but not for me

  • DAP ure
    DAP ure 20 hours ago

    Bullcrap dame witch

  • DAP ure
    DAP ure 20 hours ago

    Thats evil im jist trying to live the the hell is wrong with the dame goverment

  • DAP ure
    DAP ure 20 hours ago

    Lower price thats the dame point of a tiny house

  • Alana Wall
    Alana Wall 21 hour ago

    Where do you do your laundry??

  • KiwiBanana
    KiwiBanana 22 hours ago

    Simple yet effective, thank you for sharing.

  • Helen Hampton
    Helen Hampton Day ago

    Awesome, great use of space. Love the victorian items.

  • Nick Mougros
    Nick Mougros Day ago

    I wouldnt go anywhere near a public hot tub. Who knows what kind of STD mutations have formed there

  • Nick Mougros
    Nick Mougros Day ago

    The "living room" is terrible. That gave themselves zero.space

  • lady of saints

    Add all those storage ideas to a regular size home. I can't get past the thought people crawl into bed literally!

  • meg Martinez
    meg Martinez Day ago

    how do i get ahold of you

  • Sophia
    Sophia Day ago

    Literally looks like Noah’s ark

  • dirtrider yamaha

    Very cool. Educational. Nice.!!

  • Raven T
    Raven T Day ago

    Yay for a tub!

  • Dave Anderson
    Dave Anderson Day ago

    I love it , you guys are so fun ,we want to put one down at the beach so w can eventually move re for retirement 🙏🏼

  • Dia L
    Dia L Day ago

    What was your budget? That net ceiling is crazy! Also love the shower!

  • ReallyOrganic
    ReallyOrganic Day ago

    Wow their house is a great conductor of electricity with all that copper. i'm not sure thats a good thing for health.

  • Kes *
    Kes * Day ago

    This isnt bad and is cute on outside but definitley not the greatest tiny house ive seen. The stairs up to the loft just really didnt mesh well, not to mention its gross using your counter top as part of stairs. I think they also have too much in too little of space but that could just be my OCD. Always glad to see these houses but can imagine alot of people dont remain in them for the rest of their lives especially when the initial floor plan isnt right or is very awkward like this one. They looked very crammed just standing in their living/kitchen area and ive seen thousands of these tiny homes but never one that made a couple look so uncomfortable and crowded just doing a walk through

  • Stephanie Sturgeon

    Where is the AC ? Or do u just have fans?

  • Felix Cat
    Felix Cat Day ago

    This build encapsulates all the beneficial aspects of comfortable, outdoor living. The skylight/roof access port is masterfully incorporated, and the rooftop seating platform is truly inspired! Likewise the rear kitchen hatch, serving multiple purposes simultaneously and ergonomically. Human beings need the ability to stand upright in their homes, and that too has been accounted for. Some may call this minimalist, but there's nothing minimal about having a full size bed with an exceptional skylight, a fully functioning, hygienic toilet, electric sockets, full standing height, full sized kitchen with weather protection (the shower curtain will also act as a rain protecter). This wonderful travel cabin has so many intelligently designed aspects that at first glance some may be overlooked, but it's really worthwhile to take in the details that make this so unique. The builder has created a unique travel cabin that's elegantly simple and simply elegant!

  • Steven Culbertson

    I'd love to live in there looks so spacious an warm

  • Teri Soto
    Teri Soto 2 days ago

    I love the tour but it is sure different without the cabinet door fronts.

  • Brandon Gamble
    Brandon Gamble 2 days ago

    Wes, you look like someone I used to surf with on Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz. Amazing work man!

  • Noni Lovechild
    Noni Lovechild 2 days ago

    Love it why no skylight

  • tiif shii
    tiif shii 2 days ago


    HANDYMAN 2 days ago

    I was hoping you say something about in all your traveling if you ever had to stop at any of the weight stations on the interstates. I drove tractor trailers for 15 yrs I hated having to keep stop at weight stations. Do you have to stop at any weight stations?

    • Tiny House Expedition
      Tiny House Expedition Day ago

      We have never had to stop at any weight station and we have bee though 40 states.

  • Mama Reed
    Mama Reed 2 days ago

    Is there any way to jack your house up higher to prevent flooding again?

    NICI LOVE 2 days ago

    Tiny house expert...right

  • Bless This Mess
    Bless This Mess 2 days ago

    Love it and love the fact that she mostly built it.

  • Maricel Mongcupa
    Maricel Mongcupa 2 days ago

    I prefer my electricals tucked away instead of being on display

  • Annamaria Dosseva
    Annamaria Dosseva 2 days ago

    This is a really well thought-out design! And really well explained as well! My only question is why didn't he opt for a skylight in the loft, for more light and for a beautiful view up at the sky? Did they consider it and decide against it for some sort of pragmatic reason (heating?) or was it just something they weren't interested in?

  • Wyoming Munchkin
    Wyoming Munchkin 2 days ago

    I love your little house.!

  • Agent Anderson
    Agent Anderson 2 days ago

    nice , has it all, living room, wood stove , full bath kitchen, steps to bed room!

  • André R. Boucher
    André R. Boucher 2 days ago

    All aspects are extremely well thought through. Super organized. The colours are light and welcoming quite soothing. A practical way to live. No way you can become a hoarder here 😂💕. Intelligent design. Much respect.

  • stacy decker
    stacy decker 2 days ago

    Couple years ago at the tiny home festival in Colorado Springs, one of the speakers said he'd never put solar panels on top of a tiny home and this is an example of why. If they pull the panels off the roof and put them on movable racks, they might have a few more parking options and more regular power.

  • Lance Norton
    Lance Norton 3 days ago

    I really love your place out in the Forrest. And your home is so beautiful. It's like a cozy place to live.but if you place a fan behind your wood stove. Your home will be instantly 30 degrees warmer or even warmer. You will realize how much heat you will save.if your vents outside were up really high. And you shoveled snow right up against your home n all around your home.about even with the bottom of your windows. It will not hurt your home.n your feet will be warm n cozy .eskimos build igloos with snow because snow is insulation.iam from North Dakota and it is the coldest place in the world when winter comes.if you put used motor oil in a squirt can.and give your wood stove just a tiny squirt, and shut the door quick and back away.because the stove will glow red with heat.so be very careful.but place a large fan behind your wood stove n you will be totally comfortable n amazed how much heat you will save.iam a sore gas specialist and production foreman. But retired now.i can tell a person how to unthaw a wellhead in the dead of winter n its frozen up with ice.you place a very large tarp over the wellhead. Then you put a exhaust hose under neath the tarp.have the other end on your exhaust pipe.then in 15 minutes, pull the tarp off the wellhead. And the wellhead will be completely unthawd. Just some good advice about living in North Dakota. Ty

  • Tim
    Tim 3 days ago

    Everytime me and my friends hear Greg's name, we are taking shots.

  • Tim
    Tim 3 days ago

    Eeew she sounds so fake. Just like a Christian with no heart

  • Tracey Slavnik
    Tracey Slavnik 3 days ago

    You and your tiny home are amazing. I love how you have adapted to your off-grid living and the little things that you do to make it work. I especially love the Astro van (I used to have 3, lol). You and your setup are fabulous 👍😉

  • Marek Mario
    Marek Mario 3 days ago


  • Vegas Strong
    Vegas Strong 3 days ago

    *uuum, ah, um, aaah* *SO ANNOYING*

  • islandwitt1
    islandwitt1 3 days ago

    I too have explored many many floor plans / tiny space ideas all in prep & planning future retirement. This by far is my favorite home. The planning is well thought out. The unique artistic expressions included (all of which are extra work) are quality finishing touches so many tiny homes lack. Well done. It especially spoke to my sensibilities because it joined two very different aspects of my life ...... being raised in NM with mesquite & turquoise & Native American influences. Now add in the Nautical aspects which were reminiscent of my 2 decades of living in the Caribbean islands, part of which was on a sailboat. Yes ..... this home spoke to me in a big way. Love it, well done, would like contact info for their company if in fact they are in the business of building tiny homes.

  • Erika Christiansen
    Erika Christiansen 3 days ago

    Poor poo! I felt so bad for the husband not having his cookie oven. Since house is plugged in for power, you could easily get a sizable toaster oven, store it in the loft, the dead corner or under sofa and take it out on baking days. It would add so much warmth and good smells to any tiny home. Very festive and special to bake at home. I really love this house though. Such a brilliant use of space. The Craftsman references. Gorgeous windows and door. I'd like to get them a deck and an extended overhang. Still--this house is brilliant. As a foodie, I might have put a freezer in the dead corner (if there were someplace else to put the utilities). I've seen gardeners, hunters and fishers do that in a tiny house. When you want to defrost something, you lift up a bit of the counter and reach down into your small top-loading freezer. Brilliant!

  • Lapreghiera
    Lapreghiera 4 days ago

    Where does your guest sleep when the bed is down?

  • Melissa Faye
    Melissa Faye 4 days ago

    This episode is my favorite so far ! They are so artistic I love how they thought about every single part of their home and it doesn't look like every other tiny house I've seen so far with all white and plants. They put a lot of hard work into everything - I love it !! 🦋🌿🏠

    • Melissa Faye
      Melissa Faye 3 days ago

      @Tiny House Expedition Yes Steph is very creative & hard working, I want learn more about the turquoise mixed into the countertop, that was just beautiful. I love learning about the people in these videos, they're all so interesting !! 🌿🌒

    • Tiny House Expedition
      Tiny House Expedition 3 days ago

      Definitely one of our all time favorite tiny houses! Plus how charming is Steph? 😊✨ Thanks for watching!!

  • Alyssa Malott
    Alyssa Malott 4 days ago

    I live in a studio apartment with my boyfriend and 2 month old son and I'm felling everything shes saying about her old tiny house deep in my soul rn 😂

  • Vivienne the Vicious

    Now this is my kind of tiny house. I would've loved to have something like this.

  • Kelsey Matthews
    Kelsey Matthews 4 days ago

    I am so jealous!

  • Peter Czorny
    Peter Czorny 4 days ago

    Hot , Daddy!!! A "COMPLIMENT!!"" I feel , A Bit for guys Not to have a Son , Esp Once Start Dating also , will lead to more than A Tiny House will Handel!!! 🚶🏽🚶🏽🎈🚩All Fun Swings & Swings Now! Teenage !,,, I Won't Wreck ur Dreams ... Enjoy Sharing Living On top of Each Other for Now!!! Will End In Tears,,, Wait n See!! Hope I'm Wrong!!! But , no Ill Wish U All the Best The Best of Luck Now N IN 15 Years... N Take Care HoT Daddy Or Ship him of to 🇦🇺 Australia 🇦🇺 C.O.D!!!

  • Del
    Del 4 days ago

    The couches in tiny houses always look incredibly uncomfortable.

  • Silver Boomer
    Silver Boomer 4 days ago

    like that big bathroom!!!!

  • Jojo’s Junkin, Journey, and Jesus

    It looks nice, but the office area and living area does not look comfortable. No where to get cozy.

  • Ann
    Ann 4 days ago

    Zoning is code for" government control of our lives".

  • Hilde Marie Flatjord Sundli

    I love hes energy😍and hes tiny houses😊

  • J D
    J D 4 days ago

    Good job I could give my boy that idea

  • holy shit
    holy shit 4 days ago

    Your links are of one product.

  • Raven T
    Raven T 4 days ago

    I love the light,--great windows overall.. Also dig the kitchen and the office. I think there should be a window to look out of as one works, though. And that inverter box is in a terrible space in the middle of the couch corner. But this is a nice home.

  • nosy alhassny
    nosy alhassny 4 days ago

    Beautiful 😍😍

  • Alina Maldea
    Alina Maldea 4 days ago

    All this tiny houses are so beautiful. In fact we don't need so much space. Wonderful 😊😊😊😊

  • Sonia Gonzalez
    Sonia Gonzalez 4 days ago

    Next time try to don't put ur clothes next to your stove went you 🍳 cook the smell will go to the clothes...

  • DatSheDevil Gaming
    DatSheDevil Gaming 4 days ago

    What a beautiful home!

  • Karen Van Zant
    Karen Van Zant 4 days ago

    Basically, they are well educated, unemployed, living in parents back yard, while she subs and tries to make money in real estate with a lot of other people doing the same, and he hopes to get a job someday near buy, because they can't afford to move or live anywhere else in the country. Welcome to tiny house living.

    • Tiny House Expedition
      Tiny House Expedition 3 days ago

      They are both professionals working full-time, and they rented that space...

  • vanita Major
    vanita Major 5 days ago

    I like this your a smart man you would stop some of the homelessness if you could build them for people

  • Kettelwell Children

    I am definitely living in a tiny home when I'm older these videos are so inspirational

  • Stacy Hackney
    Stacy Hackney 5 days ago


  • Doris Ballarddawjballard

    I truly enjoyed this

  • Lara Horhor
    Lara Horhor 5 days ago

    I would love to stay in one of these for like maybe a week or so, but to actually live in one must feel so cramped

  • Alice D
    Alice D 5 days ago

    Very beautiful..god bless you honey..

  • Micah George
    Micah George 5 days ago

    Love the build, I want to copy yours if I build mine.

  • KillBud Sanchez
    KillBud Sanchez 5 days ago

    Well...my 96 sq ft. Micro project is looking spacious. 😀

  • nigel mahabir
    nigel mahabir 5 days ago

    Bar far the best tiny house i ever seen!! U used the space wisely looks comfy. Damn i want one now and stop paying my $1320 rent. This is an awesome house.

  • Absolute Wellness
    Absolute Wellness 5 days ago

    how tall are you?

  • Rita G
    Rita G 5 days ago

    This guy is super inventive and repurposed so many items. I commend him for the functional and comfy home he's created.

  • adelaforce
    adelaforce 5 days ago

    All tht ice around u do u use it for yr water needs?

  • janice brown
    janice brown 5 days ago

    So cool 👍🏽

  • N Foss
    N Foss 6 days ago

    A very lovely home. How much does it weigh?

  • Tobias
    Tobias 6 days ago

    The couch area looks utterly uncomfortable and the solar box looks like an inconvenience.

  • Raven T
    Raven T 6 days ago

    I love the soaking tub! Great style overall. If the sleeping loft had dormers, it would be perfect. I like the bookcases, too. The micro tiny is nice, but a toilet/shower is essential if one were to live in it even for weekend trips. But the communal bathouse/kitchen would work for a fixed community.

  • Momm Berryman
    Momm Berryman 6 days ago

    Love your choices! Is your ceiling cedar? Well done!

    J VIP NEWS 6 days ago

    Move it to a better place.

  • Sandi W
    Sandi W 6 days ago

    Love your home. Love, love your fur babies ❤❤❤

  • Lois Laseau
    Lois Laseau 6 days ago


  • Rebecca Carlson
    Rebecca Carlson 6 days ago

    Nice Tiny house ! The decor is calming. I like the amount of space in the 30' tiny. You certainly can work eight hours a day in there without going insane! I'm jealous!