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Classic House Music
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  • Diego Cortes
    Diego Cortes Month ago


  • Ant W
    Ant W Month ago

    What fuckwit disliked this? Seriously

  • stephen welby-jenkins
    stephen welby-jenkins 2 months ago


  • Megan Lawton
    Megan Lawton 3 months ago

    Am to young 2 die

  • Nyree Dix
    Nyree Dix 3 months ago

    That bass wow

  • dmguk gtown
    dmguk gtown 4 months ago

    sadly its out of sync.

  • Aller Foki
    Aller Foki 4 months ago

    Классно Джейсон.

  • aroy3719
    aroy3719 4 months ago

    The peak of MM!

  • Thomas Larkin
    Thomas Larkin 4 months ago

    sick ....sick and sicker ,,,, house music bullet and gem ... stunning ....

  • FarmYardFlavours
    FarmYardFlavours 4 months ago

    i love miguel migs so much

  • Sifiso Nzimande
    Sifiso Nzimande 5 months ago

    Amen grant!!!

  • Mark stephens
    Mark stephens 5 months ago

    My two favourites in one spot, says it all. Please please pleeeeace can we have more of the same.

  • Issere Nijobe
    Issere Nijobe 5 months ago

    I prefer the Slow Jam!!!!!

  • ANGEL manell
    ANGEL manell 5 months ago

    This track takes me way back.......during the days of good music!

  • The bad guy
    The bad guy 5 months ago


  • Colin Hunter
    Colin Hunter 5 months ago

    Ahhh yes Floetry, raving to this back in the days, bring the DP

  • Tom Lender
    Tom Lender 6 months ago

    2019.....&... This Remix is Still Dope AF!

  • Lyndel Davis
    Lyndel Davis 7 months ago

    3:50 Yho!

  • John Francis
    John Francis 7 months ago

    4:20 good lord!

  • Jens Vercammen losemymind91

    This is one to play Out loud feeeeeeeel the vibe whooopa enjoy the midnight drive 🎶🎶🎶🎶let the Music in 🌺🌺

  • Hongo Haruhisa
    Hongo Haruhisa 8 months ago

    Kng Street Sounds MRMYX MYL

  • john howell
    john howell 8 months ago

    SCORCHIO 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶☝️☝️👍😁😁😁😁

  • 8 months ago

    a classic

    DRAREG CNALBEL 9 months ago

    j'adore ce titre.

  • Jason Hepworth
    Jason Hepworth 9 months ago


  • Danilo Mesa
    Danilo Mesa 9 months ago


  • Abel 'Abza' Selomane
    Abel 'Abza' Selomane 10 months ago

    1st time i heard this was in 2004

  • 94110mission
    94110mission 10 months ago

    Love the song but I don't think this remix improved on the original. They speeded it up which robbed the tune of much of its sensuality.

  • Rodney Marable
    Rodney Marable 10 months ago

    9 years old and it still makes me move...

  • Raj Choudhury
    Raj Choudhury 11 months ago

    4.20 booooooooom

  • Raj Choudhury
    Raj Choudhury 11 months ago

    Yooooo Grant and Jay go hand in hand!! Love this remix. Thanks grant

  • Antonio Rizzo
    Antonio Rizzo Year ago

    It seems I can't deny Some days just don't seem right I think I feel, I feel much better At night......

  • Sylvester Khoza
    Sylvester Khoza Year ago

    Love this song

  • dawn layton
    dawn layton Year ago

    hot still in 2018

  • Nazim Lamine Hadj hammou

    Knee Deep is always the best remix :) :) :)

  • huize lijkzicht
    huize lijkzicht Year ago

    hey, luister even, de feut vindt dit niet heel chill ofzo, dus volgende keer even beter je best doen. bedankt voor het luisteren! :) groetjes, Annie

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Year ago

    Tommy and joe used to fuck this song up !

  • Danilo Popovic
    Danilo Popovic Year ago

    Soo god

  • Suzanne Manuel
    Suzanne Manuel Year ago

    This tune just does not date. Such a happy vibe

  • Carolyn Maroney
    Carolyn Maroney Year ago

    Hell yeah, love,love,love this song.

  • Cian Galvin
    Cian Galvin Year ago

    Love island

  • ManuelMoroniDj
    ManuelMoroniDj Year ago

    this track I did it again in 1999 :P Gus Gus feat. Ebtg - Fathoms Vip / white label

  • ron
    ron Year ago

    nice remix

  • Sho Kosugi
    Sho Kosugi Year ago

    Good back in the day..bit dated now..

  • Sho Kosugi
    Sho Kosugi Year ago

    Takes me back..

  • Akinkunmi Cook
    Akinkunmi Cook Year ago

    So the sh%t!!!!

  • Kopronko
    Kopronko Year ago

    Goood. Thank you. But, there was another house song, singing : "... everybody rich , rich to the top - don't stoppp ... " Maybe anyone knows this one ? I have heard it on the Radio Italia network, more than 25 years ago . Thank you.

  • Rodney
    Rodney Year ago

    Came here looking for I can't get no sleep but this is good too. It's almost 10 years later. Hope you are still around

  • Peter Fitzpatrick

    I love this remix! Thanks

  • Thomas Larkin
    Thomas Larkin Year ago

    Worth and grand cash 💰....what a tune .......

  • Abel 'Abza' Selomane


  • Angel Sanchez
    Angel Sanchez Year ago

    this base was used in "Gus Gus : Vip (Maw vocal mix). Im sure it is the same base, but is cool!

  • Marlene Blennberger

    Where can i find this digital..??? please <3

  • Underground music lover

    This is still a great tune! I first heard it in 2007 on Select UK 89.6FM and only found out what this tune was in 2010. I still really love this tune to bits!

  • TV Nação Nesta 2


  • James Crews
    James Crews Year ago

    I got somebody new that's new forever!!!!! Thank you GOD for the song and the new FOREVER

  • basani mahlaule
    basani mahlaule Year ago


  • Vladan Andric
    Vladan Andric Year ago

    Grant Nelson + Jamiroquai = sublime !!

  • Andrew Mcintosh
    Andrew Mcintosh Year ago

    Superb ...a real talent x

  • DJ X-Ray
    DJ X-Ray Year ago

    Always smashes every dance floor when I drop it! #banger.

  • 321 Biz Development

    2 min intro too long

    • Mityahu Ben Keshet
      Mityahu Ben Keshet 8 months ago

      Perfectly normal for a house track. As a DJ, you got to have something to mix into and out of. I can't mix it if it doesn't have an intro like that.

  • Théo Sacchi
    Théo Sacchi Year ago


  • The Knight of Awesomeness

    I feel like this is one oh those songs you can literally just shake your finger to and it will go the beat... Love it

  • David Sharpe
    David Sharpe 2 years ago

    I love the original and this remix is just a fantastic compliment to the original work

  • The 4
    The 4 2 years ago

    man i remember this remix.! they don't make house music like they used to... :( thanks for putting this up man!

  • rollinsjp1
    rollinsjp1 2 years ago

    I like this knee deep mix and Frankie Knuckles mix the best. So so sleek and stunning.

  • paul STARKS
    paul STARKS 2 years ago

    Enjoy the sax into to this remix. Like the song in general but love this particular remix. Very picky about remixes.

  • Debra Sutherland
    Debra Sutherland 2 years ago

    I love this track

  • Thabang Zulu
    Thabang Zulu 2 years ago

    iyooooonnnna mmawèhh I just heard this track on metrofm, I love love love it. DAMN

  • deano9110
    deano9110 2 years ago

    from 4:38 insimbi yodwa , ziyawa Nkosi yami. Mama yooh

  • paul STARKS
    paul STARKS 2 years ago

    This takes a already good song and pushes it into maximum overdrive. The beat is driving

  • Cris Love
    Cris Love 2 years ago

    Super nice!!!

  • Malthom
    Malthom 2 years ago

    from 3:00 to 3.29 it's a piece of bliss!

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 2 years ago

    Funky.. Funkyy... I feel Funkeehhhhh...

  • Groove LaMay
    Groove LaMay 2 years ago

    Song will never get old! Hotness!!!

  • SuperGreene76
    SuperGreene76 2 years ago

    mozinor quelqu'un?

    ALAN LACORTE BRITO 2 years ago


  • Underground music lover

    Good mix of the original.

  • Naidy Walburgh
    Naidy Walburgh 2 years ago

    thanks Funkbox for this awesome ReMix...

  • mafijan stylař
    mafijan stylař 2 years ago

    Best mix of jamiroquai little L the best Nice XD Keep it

  • Frederick-Nrunk Kamara

    I heard this track compliments of Naked Music.

  • Giorgio Bertuccelli
    Giorgio Bertuccelli 2 years ago

    check out the original cut and video on my channel

  • Takalani Petrus Letlalo

    remind me of Dj monde

    • deano9110
      deano9110 2 years ago

      you make wanna cry , dj helmet was the ish

  • Joanne Campbell
    Joanne Campbell 2 years ago

    Soulfuric memories! ❤🎶💃🏻

  • ChrisERoots
    ChrisERoots 2 years ago

    This is probably the only remix that does any justice to the original source material. The original is on another level and I'd be nervous of anybody trying to cover it today. Knee Deep managed to take it, make it their own and really add something special. Listening to this doesn't make me wish I was listening to the original. Great work

    • Karizma
      Karizma Year ago

      I'm a man deep into house....and I can assure u this aint rubbish. Definitely a credible alternative

    • ChrisERoots
      ChrisERoots 2 years ago

      Ah man, I quite like some of that kitsch cuban/brazilian stuff. Que sera sera...

    • Antz hudz
      Antz hudz 2 years ago

      well first of all its cheesy af.. second of all it sounds like something you would here in a lift in a cuban shopping mall

    • ChrisERoots
      ChrisERoots 2 years ago

      Yes, I do. When judged against the efforts of some remixers on other classic tracks. The Original is a seminal piece of music...period. But I think it's a miracle somebody managed to take this song in particular and not completely destroy it. That's my opinion and I've been around long enough to know that I have good taste. Just out of interest, what's your main problem with this piece of music?

    • Antz hudz
      Antz hudz 2 years ago

      this remix is complete dogshit

  • KB
    KB 2 years ago


  • Matthew Benton
    Matthew Benton 2 years ago

    Truly amazing track

  • Ultimea Santix
    Ultimea Santix 2 years ago

    4:20 - 5:05.

    • Underground music lover
      Underground music lover Year ago

      Ultimea Santix The part after that covers me in goosebumps, I feel like they are gonna burst!

  • Stu D
    Stu D 2 years ago

    Grant Nelson is arguably one, if not the best at remixing house music. His remix of Negrocan is amazing.

  • Lita lsumu
    Lita lsumu 2 years ago

    ❤❤❤❤Don't ever stop.....House Music.....🎛🎛🎶🎸

  • Dániel Balla
    Dániel Balla 2 years ago

    Jó, csak így tovább.Már csak a klip hiányzik.

  • master 82575
    master 82575 2 years ago

    amazing song

  • djmixnmagic
    djmixnmagic 2 years ago

    This song so takes me back to the days of Devotion at the End Up...

  • Sigurd Sagen
    Sigurd Sagen 2 years ago

    Missing this nice remix on spotify.

  • SpookyNero
    SpookyNero 2 years ago

    fantastic track. one of the first records I bought, when I started spinning House music...

  • Anang E Purnawan
    Anang E Purnawan 2 years ago


  • Eve Maher
    Eve Maher 2 years ago

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙 Makes me want to bruk out round me bathroom!!!😂😂😂

  • carlo gambino
    carlo gambino 2 years ago


  • Keithko007
    Keithko007 2 years ago


  • Scott Jason
    Scott Jason 2 years ago