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  • shivaleela bk
    shivaleela bk 2 years ago

    i want photoes of comaind swaroop of shiva+ brahmababa with light emiting and 3d copies how to to get traffic control and 1min song

  • satya Kesari
    satya Kesari 3 years ago

    Hello brothers and sisters. Om shanti. This channel is channels to connect every one. To send baba's message for spreading peace in this universe. I love Baba and his misssion. SATISH CHOPRA, Editor-in-chief SATYA KESARI,KARNAL ( Haryana)Always remember Baba on

  • jacy von david
    jacy von david 3 years ago

    Hello, I am looking for the Freedom From Fear meditation with Sister Jiyani's voice. This mediation was so important to me and has helped me more than words can even describe. I believe it was posted on this channel before but recently I cannot find it. It would show up if I searched protection meditation on TVclip. Can you post a link or upload again if you know which one I'm talking about. Thanks.

    • Pradedeep Bansal
      Pradedeep Bansal 3 years ago

      you can find video on

  • Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar Jatt

    They are brain-washed and they have no knowledge of ParBrahm. When I asked them, they got upset with me and told me to go to Sikh Gurdwara instead of listening to me. Here near Oxford a Gujrattan is the head. They are just psychic luring simpletons into their nets. Simpletons are many.

  • Sangz's world
    Sangz's world 5 years ago

    Hello, THank you for the great knowledge. I am truly learning a lot about myself, about God and about our planet. A question, I am unable to find Healer Within epsoid 36. Is it missing? Also if you can create playlists of all the diffrent topics like Happiness unlimited, going beyond, healer within in proper sequence that would help out immensly. the names from one epsoide to next don't match for Healer within and its hard to do searchs to find the next epsoid. Just a humble request if at all possible to implement. Thank you for all the lovely work. Om Shanti.

  • 28deltay
    28deltay 5 years ago

    it's such a gr8 channel..

  • malika monica
    malika monica 5 years ago

    thank you very much for all wonderful videos Happiness unlimited going beyond healer within has answered most of my questions. one thing for sure I clearly understand is" I am the creator of my destiny" so used to blamed others but after all these listtenng I started to look at myself. Thanks once again

  • Azim Aslam
    Azim Aslam 5 years ago

    Thank you for helping me find myself , spirituality is the solution .

  • Ashita Mehta
    Ashita Mehta 6 years ago

    This video helps us so much in our spiritual journey!

  • Ashita Mehta
    Ashita Mehta 6 years ago

    I would like to watch awakening episodes with Ushaben! Omshanti! Thank you for baba's service!

  • Hoor Azami
    Hoor Azami 6 years ago

    Om the album God's Revelations available in audio? Thanks for any information regarding this.

  • sushil bhardwaj
    sushil bhardwaj 6 years ago

    awesome,gr8,mind blowing,no words

  • Ashok Hindocha
    Ashok Hindocha 6 years ago


  • Rajan Dalal
    Rajan Dalal 6 years ago


  • Veena Juneja
    Veena Juneja 6 years ago

    immensly satisfactory

  • Nirbhau Gulati
    Nirbhau Gulati 6 years ago

    it really helps me... im glad i can subscribe your videos online... i dont watch tv... so i hope il be updated.. keep updating the videos...thanxx a lot... have really changed my life... Om shanti