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Tom and Josh's Day of Fun!
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The trouble with yellow
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Renae’s Mow Lawner Business
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Tailwind Smartloop Review
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Ultimate SEO Nightmare
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Public Apology
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Google vs Etsy SEO
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  • T Hicks
    T Hicks 13 hours ago

    Yes, please, to Ruth!🍰

  • Leslie Cude
    Leslie Cude 17 hours ago

    Yes a live with Ruth would be great

  • Leslie Cude
    Leslie Cude 17 hours ago


  • Leslie Cude
    Leslie Cude 17 hours ago


  • Leslie Cude
    Leslie Cude 18 hours ago

    Loved replay

  • Leslie Cude
    Leslie Cude 18 hours ago

    Loved replay ❤️

  • debbie sadler
    debbie sadler 21 hour ago

    Thanks so much!

  • Ford's Farm Studio

    Also, unfortunately, right now may not be the best time to ask for reviews. With the FTC/TVclip issue TVclip is changing their platform, policies, and what they allow quite considerably. Being given a product to review falls under “sponsored” and especially for anything to do with toys and kids will be drastically changing in coming months. TVclip has yet to fully clarify, if they ever do, but many TVcliprs are concerned and trying to figure out how to proceed.

  • Ford's Farm Studio

    I may not have a huge following, but I’ve been on TVclip, belong to a group with all levels, and talked to others for quite a while. I’ve noticed a few things that maybe will help when the times comes. ;0) Channels with under a 1000 subscribers are not yet monetized and want more subscribers, views, and watched hours. First and foremost watch their content to make sure they are a good fit for your product... which helps them with views and watch time. Second SUBSCRIBE. Do not ask for a favor without doing those two steps first! Especially with smaller channels this is crucial and trust me they'll notice it in their analytics and appreciate it! Contact them first or check into their steps for reviewing products. Unasked for items may not be reviewed. I have noticed that MANY in that under 500 subs range do not have a website, and MANY, sadly, do not understand why they need a website. They may not have a postal box yet and be wary to have it sent personally. Just something to keep in mind. I also notice we all get a bunch of inquiries so wording is VERY key; even saying, “I know you’ll love such-and-such” might get the message booted to the spam folder. Everyone says that, even scammers. Stating about something you enjoyed in one of their videos, and briefly why, would probably garner you their attention more and let them know you know who they are and give you some validation. You need to have all your details listed, with your own site, so they can check to see if you are legit, first off, and honestly how much of a following you have to see if they might be interested. And to be very honest a business with a gmail or some other e-mail address as the domain is not going to look as valid as someone with their own domain name. If all you have is an e-mail address through someone else make sure it is your business name or full name, not kt528hello or some such coded username. Without searchable valid credentials an inquiry is likely to be filed under spam. Do not copy, cut, and edit a review video. For one thing that is likely to get you into gray area at best or copyright strike at not so good or blacklisted with a bad rep at bad… lawsuit being worst. Also, you should strive for honesty and chances are if you use a quote or pirate and cut the video someone is going to look for the original and if you cut it… let's just say... not good for your business reputation. Cutting a copy lets the community know that you do not want honest reviews. Word spreads online. You are better off to contact them or comment and ask how it could have been better just like you would on your site or Etsy. If you are lucky enough to get a review link it everywhere. Do not just use the quote or a screenshot… the TVclipr takes the time to make the video, as Renae said, and they want and need that watch time. Make sure if you have a website you link to the video and also their channel. If they help promote you it’s best to promote them. A couple lines of why you enjoy their content would be greatly appreciated! Maybe a couple social media posts before and after sharing their channel. Don't forget to "Like" the video and leave a comment... so that helps with their engagement.

  • D Wynn
    D Wynn 2 days ago

    This may be a dumb question but how do you shout out about an influencer on your Instagram page, what do you say?

    • D Wynn
      D Wynn Day ago

      @Renae Christine thank you!

    • Renae Christine
      Renae Christine 2 days ago

      If it's someone you have collabed with for photos, you post your photo and say something like "thank you to __________ for sharing her amazing photography skills with this shot!" or something to that effect

  • RivqYahBat Tanakh
    RivqYahBat Tanakh 2 days ago

    Thank you Renae. Will download this :)

  • Pandy Grenville-Evans

    I am so sending you a dog toy ;-)

  • Monique Wintle
    Monique Wintle 3 days ago

    Thanks Renae!!! 😘

  • Scott Tovey
    Scott Tovey 3 days ago

    Good info Renae. But honestly, I never have a problem getting into a store. I just walk through the door! 😱👍😎

  • william gittens
    william gittens 3 days ago

    Hi There, thanks I did give a thumbs-up but you deserve 10 for that presentation.

  • Autumn & Company
    Autumn & Company 3 days ago

    had a customer email me 87 times! for a fricken potpourri. She asked every and any question I ever could think of.

  • Jamey M
    Jamey M 4 days ago

    I love how you describe just going full steam ahead. I have several projects/collections that I work towards constantly. And when they're ready that's when I photograph/list/launch. I do however like writing down goals, even knowing I will probably never look at it again. I think very big picture and work work work until that is fulfilled. No deadlines, just do what you have to do. Full steam ahead!

  • Deb Schlier
    Deb Schlier 4 days ago

    In a recent article about Etsy, Silverman is quoted as saying, "Handmade is not the value proposition!" These days that seems like it might be the case. So although I always use hand-crafted as a selling point, it seems, buyers aren't that keen on it in my case and he seems to confirm that. Struggling with the idea of using hand-crafted as a selling point.... The article:

  • realpinkmonkey
    realpinkmonkey 4 days ago

    You are such a genius and a HUGE blessing!!! I watched you religiously about a year ago because I have not been able to sell cakes right now and wanted to sell doll clothes. long story short, I struggles with which one to focus on. your knowledge definitely can apply to selling custom cakes, BUT every time I read an email from you or watch a video, it makes me wanna go back to selling doll clothes. its so hard. I LOVE BOTH. anyways, I said too much, lol. but thank you for all your help. I want to take your online courses and training too one day!

  • Busy Working
    Busy Working 4 days ago

    What happened to the live scheduled for Saturday the 14th?

    • Lexi
      Lexi 4 days ago

      check your emails, one was sent on Sat with a link

  • Lexi
    Lexi 4 days ago

    0:47 sound starts here

  • Sharon Johnson
    Sharon Johnson 8 days ago

    OMG! I remember the fat free craze!!

  • Lexi
    Lexi 9 days ago

    The link

  • Queen Yaa Bae
    Queen Yaa Bae 9 days ago

    You're the best

  • BodyCareBoutique
    BodyCareBoutique 12 days ago

    New Bestie here! Thank you so much for being such an awesome guiding light to all of us who are wanting to share our passion of creation with the world!!! You are REAL, kind, giving, and funny...just what we all hope for in a Bestie!! I am looking fwd to following you and being blessed with your helpful, encouraging, hard earned advice for my business venture! The world needs what you offer, and it's SO appreciated! Thank you kindly! 💐💝

  • Marlene Rocha
    Marlene Rocha 14 days ago

    Aaawwesome!!! Thanks a bunch!

  • Monica Smith-Lopez
    Monica Smith-Lopez 15 days ago

    Thank you so much

  • Lindsey Gustad Finance

    I feel like you have to have been doing something for such a long time to make goals about it. When you're starting out and your business is changing so quickly, it just doesn't make sense. And I despise making goals over things outside of my control, so I guess I really just make a plan or to do list, not a list of goals.

  • Bobby Jean
    Bobby Jean 16 days ago

    Thank you so much'

  • tracy jones
    tracy jones 19 days ago

    How do I find my target traffic?

    • tracy jones
      tracy jones 3 days ago

      @Renae Christine O.k. great! Thank you!

    • Renae Christine
      Renae Christine 4 days ago

      A lot of it comes with experience, but you can also do some research on sites like IG looking at people who currently follow you and finding similarities and also peeking at who follows your competition.

  • tami rabold
    tami rabold 20 days ago

  • tami rabold
    tami rabold 20 days ago

    I appreciate so much what you're saying. Mt thought about saying "goals" out loud or posting it somewhere gives some people a sense of accountability. But it doesn't work for everyone. 😊

  • Celia Dionne
    Celia Dionne 21 day ago

    Been there, done that. Craft fairs are a different dynamic completely and I love them when the public comes and the weather is fine BUT it is not very stable and you need to be in good physical shape if you are doing it yourself. Making money while you sleep is a wonderful complement to any other scenario.

  • Yolanda Montalvo
    Yolanda Montalvo 21 day ago

    Thank you so much for this information.

  • Mai Shunk
    Mai Shunk 22 days ago

    Renae I am a professional in the corporate america platforms for a very long time until I had my twins. Now I have my own consulting company but the artsy side of me still want to come out. I have now cultivated and germinate dwarf water lilies and lotuses to sell and came upon your videos for pinterest which are no nonsense and logical. You'd be surprise how common sense is not common. Keep chugging....

  • sally goldsmith
    sally goldsmith 22 days ago

    I tried on line but much prefer craft fairs. I've had many people go to mt fb page and order stuff after seeing me at a fair even though I only do the local ones that I can get to by bus with a loaded trolly

  • Snezhana Fiuortt
    Snezhana Fiuortt 22 days ago

    Thank you so much for amazing templates!!!

  • Ladybird
    Ladybird 22 days ago

    It looks sooo yum! If I'm ever there, I will definitely go to Joe's.

  • Sakyibea Adu
    Sakyibea Adu 22 days ago

    Thank you Renee. You're the best😊

  • Laurisa Borlovan
    Laurisa Borlovan 22 days ago

    it's so weird... I already go through this pattern and these steps. :D When I come up with new business ideas, I throw myself back into my "sinking" business and work harder at it. And I actually will have fresh ideas for it.

  • Sasset Sheldon
    Sasset Sheldon 23 days ago

    Feels like I’m looking in a mirror. I have that shirt on right now. Also love you sharing your personal stories with your dad

  • Nadeen Sivic
    Nadeen Sivic 24 days ago

    I had to watch this again. I have a customer that just makes delivery so impossible. I am starting small in my local town, and all my deliveries go without hiccup. But one woman. Who sends over constant messages in the middle of the night, tried to get delivery before she had paid (I promptly removed bank transfer as an option), got me to deliver to her old house that is under construction and has NO letterbox. And in between every text constantly says 'oh lets just catch up for coffee and you can deliver it then'. Her idea of coffee is 1 hour or maybe 2 where she biatches about everyone including her ex husband and how hard done by she is. You know the type?! I am at the point where I think now, I am going to just ping her orders unless she provides a deliverable address! The time I have to spend getting her a delivery out of a system that I have automated is just beyond annoying. I actually want to just tell her straight out but she is soooooooo passive agressive, she would immediately go into little girl lost drama control. Ug. Pray for the day I can have all deliveries sent from a fulfilment centre!!!

  • tracy jones
    tracy jones 25 days ago

    I have a fever at work every day,thinking about what is next,New ideas,and then at night,I think so much about my business that I can hardly sleep,lol,by the time I can get started with my next project I know exactly what it's going to look like,or pretty much...but I didn't know it was a fever,makes so much sence!

  • Cynthia Zwick
    Cynthia Zwick 25 days ago

    Watching on a replay (this while fun series) So I am loving this goal NON-Goal thing totally!!! Plans and Ideas - Yes! It also has already relieved some pressure actually. Attitude and Approach <3

  • Cathy Oliver
    Cathy Oliver 26 days ago

    Thank you for this! I was just looking for this info!

  • Cecily 95
    Cecily 95 29 days ago

    NOOO New York is too far for me lol. The middle of the country would be awesome because we can all meet in the middle 😉

  • Jenilee Steigerwald
    Jenilee Steigerwald 29 days ago

    Im using this idea for my easy peasy return policy :)

  • Teresa king
    Teresa king Month ago

    Thank you!

  • WendySue Hagins
    WendySue Hagins Month ago

    I went through the same thing with both parents...I healed when I said" F***k them!

  • WendySue Hagins
    WendySue Hagins Month ago

    I do that all the time. When I've "had it" , I stop doing everything and just read fiction for two days. Sorry Renae, but when I need a break, I have to think of something else. It's called switching attention and it really helps get the head right again.

  • WendySue Hagins
    WendySue Hagins Month ago on goals

  • WendySue Hagins
    WendySue Hagins Month ago

    I get the same way. I agree. For me what I get excited about is something new I'm learning. Then I want to tell everyone, except there is no one to tell....AHHHH

  • Altagracia Vasquez

    Huh, You need wraps and bags at Craft shows so customers could take the product with them ... BOTH! However, it's best to start online. WHY? You are already established and could show ALL your products and what sold and selling. Customers have a place to go to buy since we don't have a PHYSICAL store... unless people are going to hit EVER craft fairs NATIONWIDE... THAT IS COSTLY (I know in NYC - streets fairs in the summer and special holidays the cost table/spot is $400+... depending on location! Every weekend there's more than one fairs.)... Hmmm. They are shipping pickup, you know.

  • Bella Vintage Notebook

    I did to throw in the towel when I was being bullied terribly on my TVclip channel ,,never on my social media sites of course you would be able to see someone’s profile and then I saw some of my products being copied and I have ISBN so I almost just bowed out of even taking down my channel until ,,I spoke to an attorney and a few friends of mine and thought about you and came back on here I’m not letting them blow me off thank you for being you ..I’m sure you help a lot of women out here because you certainly helped me . Been in business for over 33 years but new to the Internet I guess I better get that skin thicker . 🌸

  • Teri McCartney
    Teri McCartney Month ago

    I think your Dad was maybe related to my Mom - I am sorry you had to endure that

  • MJ Chandlers Corner

    Thanks for sharing, Renae. I have issues with parental approval as well. I have come to the realization that my parents are perfectionists and that no one is perfect so I will never measure up in their eyes. Of course they have excuses for themselves not being perfect. I often say to my closest friends that I would have to be the president to even be noticed by my father...but then even then I am sure he would have something to say.

  • Dee M
    Dee M Month ago

    Renae, you can't believe the negative comments of others. It does hurt more when it's family, but look at all that you have done and all of the people that you have helped. You're the best bestie!

  • Jenn C Lindquist
    Jenn C Lindquist Month ago

    I needed rule 4. I tend to start new projects while I'm in the middle of a big one.

  • Nadeen Sivic
    Nadeen Sivic Month ago

    Oh lordy. Most people in management corporate jobs think they know how business operates because they work in a complex arena. But they don't. I know this because I was one of them. Only after I lost half my life savings did I learn. Corporate gives people an immense sense of security and arrogance. Its why I only listen to coaches who have done it. Ie not a coach who is coaching you on the success of their coaching businessl...does that make sense? Oh and ps, it is tough but your dad isnt your yardstick. There are only 2 opinions that matter. Yours. And the big man upstairs. 😀

  • Daina Joksiene
    Daina Joksiene Month ago

    Big thanks ❤️

  • IsleStyle
    IsleStyle Month ago

    #Replay, #4 totally makes sense to me. I am compulsive about finishing things, and when I get really frustrated and have to walk away, I get disgusted with myself, beat myself up, and finally just avoid it all, by doing something else. Yes, when a new light bulb comes on it does motivate me to jump back in and get the thing before done. The thing I was doing before, is easier when I go back to it, so I can get to the new thing. I'm so sorry, about how it went with your Dad, sounds like he is in the corporate mental brainwash. My boyfriend is like that, he doesn't get it either. Wants me to get a job.

  • Beth Hansen Art
    Beth Hansen Art Month ago

    Oh Renae - The 5 steps are just the thing I need right now! Thanks for keeping it real and giving me a way to channel my passions.

  • XrotarebiL
    XrotarebiL Month ago

    The fact that you are in a position to hire people at all (let alone have enough staff for him to tell you to cut the number in half) proves to me that you’re doing better than most. I often use those 5 steps, but often it’s a shorter timespan. I quit all of the time, but then have to get back into what I was originally doing to get things done. Often coming back to a task allows me to see things I couldn’t see because I was too close to it. I also have a list of annual goals on my fridge that I rarely look at and I think I will remove them as my situation changes all of the time.

  • Laurisa Borlovan
    Laurisa Borlovan Month ago

    The phrase, I believe is from the Civil War, when Captain Faragut was at the battle of Mobile Bay. Perhaps someone alluded two it during world war II, but it originated in the 1800s in the heat of battle.

  • Joan Dickie
    Joan Dickie Month ago

    Thank you for your honesty on this video. It is very hard when you put your heart into repairing a relationship, but the other person just isn't ready. I also appreciated hearing about your thinking of getting a job. I have been doing the same thing, but you have moved me to actually double down on what I am doing, and let go of another income source. Thank you so much for these videos. You are a wonderful coach and mentor for us.

  • Senem Gray
    Senem Gray Month ago

    Thanks Renae! You’re the best!

  • Aiesha Dhas
    Aiesha Dhas Month ago


  • Lando Knight
    Lando Knight Month ago

    Most beautiful fangs I've every seen. hmmm

  • Pandy Grenville-Evans

    oh gosh yes. I quit and sulk for a couple of day - and come back fighting all the time!

  • DL Lu
    DL Lu Month ago

    The link shared in this video isn’t available. Where else can we read the list?

  • Ac Gardener
    Ac Gardener Month ago

    Dear Renae, I can't express how much that touched me. I was very blessed in that my father was a great & loving dad, & continually made sacrifices in order to stay a huge part of my life after my parents' divorce. Every piece of media you have made, I've consumed & learned so much from, but every time you mentioned your dad, usually when discussing product photography &light, I always thought you had it as good as I did. You never spoke one bitter or snide word about him. I find that to be so incredibly graceful & it just adds to my continually increasing respect for your class & poise. This video, which I watched 3 times! actually made me cry, I guess just because you're so generous in so many ways, but also so private, which is exactly what I want to emulate. This little peek inside meant so much to all of us. That's another thing you just taught me. Lastly, I just wanted to second Tom & your's assessment of your dad fearing for you. That's the wierd thing about parents, they can believe in you to the max, but never once give you any indication of that, because they're sure that it must be so clear from the concerns they're constantly expressing, which, of course, are keeping you from screwing up even worse. Additionally, our parents lived through a hella bad time in history, even if they were just kids, where ,for example, if one had too many employees when the Depression hit, they'd have had to lay them all off. Anyways, enough commenting on your personal life, as if I have a right. Thank you for sharing, it meant so much. Muchlove, suki

  • Cynthia Campbell
    Cynthia Campbell Month ago

    So sorry about your Dad. I have so much respect for you for being transparent and vulnerable. When family lets you down, you can depend on Besties to remind you that you know what you are doing. We love you!

  • Cynthia Campbell
    Cynthia Campbell Month ago

    What an amazing idea!!!! Love that. I can stick to that rule.

  • Godschildyes Brown

    Renae, I can not tell you how much you have helped me and my daughter! I have been able to grow my business very well with your training and advice. My daughter has a small resell business and she has learned a lot too! We both have been so blessed by your funny and clever videos! You bring such joy to everyone and you are so encouraging while offering such practical instructions. Oftentimes I feel so light and joyful after I have watched one of your videos or tuned in live with the other "Besties"! Please know that we all love you so much and appreciate you immensely! We also admire you and have great respect for you! Love You So Much! Autumn and Hannah Rose (my 13 year old daughter).

  • Kawaii Cactus Rabecca

    I wish I could relate to this series. I'm type b, dyslexic, and adhd it took me 25 year to figure out that setting goals and deadlines is what motivates me. Even when I get a fever I will get distracted by shinny objects. If I don't set a deadline I will keep adding tweeking until it is perfect. I also know how to pace myself and take breaks when needed so I don't burn out. This no goals thing probably works for most people. I'm the exception to the rule.

    • Renae Christine
      Renae Christine Month ago

      setting goals and deadlines only works when you have a plan to achieve those. They can be there, but without the plan they are just fluff. It's all about the plan over the goals and deadlines.

  • Kawaii Cactus Rabecca

    I know I will never get my mom's appoval. She told me the other day that she is afraid to die because what would happen if I can't pay my bills and I don't have a full time job. She forgets that my brother with his engineering degree got fired a year ago and can't find another job. But she is proud of him. Meanwhile I can pivot and find my cheese when it is moved. I'm adhd and can't work 9-5.

  • Frandalicious McGuirt

    Renae, I hope that you realize how Essential and Potent you traininings are to ALL of us BESTIES. without you, I could have never felt excited about my business, without you I could have never overcome my anxiety of throwing myself to the wolves. You ARE a trailblazer in the world of handmade and I feel the sadness of loosing a family connection due to “a handmade business” I PROMISE you that your name will resound amongst the GREATEST of greats in the world of artistry and definition of it. So Thank You, ALL of your efforts, illnesses, sleepless nights and sacrificed grace ( which I find you more than graceful) with truly give you the end of the day comfort of knowing that you made a difference in the world through helping others. 🤗🤗’s

  • Resplendent Clarity

    ❤ Glad you are back to your business. I understand the same issue only too well. You're doing awesome. Tom, your children, friends and besties are proud of you Xx

  • Dancing Mooney
    Dancing Mooney Month ago

    Renae, thank you for sharing your story. It seems on the outside that you have it all figured out, and you're having all the fun!! But we are all REAL people, outside of what we see on social media. You are brave, and courageous, and strong, and unique. Keep doing you. ♥♥♥

  • Courtney Smith
    Courtney Smith Month ago

    You're amazing, Renae💙

  • Lexi
    Lexi Month ago

    On my graduation day of my bachelor's degree my mother admitted she was ashamed of me. It hurts when it comes from a parent, sometimes it is more to do with their own issues though but it takes a while to realise that. Glad you bounced back :)

  • Tom Cote
    Tom Cote Month ago


  • Katherine Hamar
    Katherine Hamar Month ago

    I need to do this. I have had SO MANY products half-designed and looking back it makes it so hard to be motivated because that's a lot of work that was never usable. This year I have been working towards FINISHING those half-designed products and it has been a really healing and a learning process for me as an aspiring business owner. This year I will file my business as a legal entity!

  • Nancee Bayles
    Nancee Bayles Month ago


  • Gregory B. Howard Edmonds

    Your personality and energy are captivating and galvanizing, so add your honesty and integrity, and your desire to teach and help others is ABSOLUTELY destined for full unadulterated success. So, stop comparing your success to your father. Your journey is not for approval, its most likely for service and impact on others.

    • Scott Tovey
      Scott Tovey Month ago

      @Godschildyes Brown 😎

    • Godschildyes Brown
      Godschildyes Brown Month ago

      @Scott Tovey Mkay, you take care and I just believe that things will get better for you. Have a good one. ❤

    • Scott Tovey
      Scott Tovey Month ago

      @Godschildyes Brown "you seem very stressed in your life right now." While the odds are with you in your presumption, it is none the less a presumption. You do not know me; how therefore, can you say: "you seem very stressed in your life right now."? In addition, your allegation of being negative is not coupled with why you think I am being negative. Just because you feel I am being negative, does not make me negative. To the majority of the people on earth, God is being very negative. He rejects the majority of what they believe to be true as being what they are, lies. Despite God's rejection of world's lies, God is quite affirmative and positive in that His desire, position and point of view is what is in the best interest of every human being on earth. But the heathens rage not because they can not handle the truth, but because they refuse to accept the truth.

    • Godschildyes Brown
      Godschildyes Brown Month ago

      @Scott Tovey With the utmost respect in my heart towards you, I put to you that it very well may be you who has applied a negative connotation. I'm not accusing you. I'm just giving you food for thought. Also, you seem very stressed in your life right now. We tend to process things negatively when we are very stressed and sometimes we can come down on people a bit too strong without realizing it. We've all done it. ❤

    • Scott Tovey
      Scott Tovey Month ago

      @Godschildyes Brown Be that as it may; his negative connotation is still wrong.

  • G Morgan
    G Morgan Month ago

    In my house, your "quit" is called an 'epissany', or that thought you have about a problem that solves it, usually while on the toilet. Hope thats not too graphic, but it is what it is. We look forward to those moments every day.

  • Heidi Edwards
    Heidi Edwards Month ago

    Thank you for sharing your unread email fiasco! I’m a subscription addict... and I try desperately to keep up but I now have 21,475 unread emails 😱 my business emails are tagged VIP senders or go to my shop email address so they don’t get buried in the daily avalanche!

  • Courtney Smith
    Courtney Smith Month ago

    Gahhh I just FREAKING LOVE YOU!!

  • Heidi Edwards
    Heidi Edwards Month ago

    Tom and I are alike with Krispy Kreme doughnuts! A serving size is 6 (original glazed)... with fresh coffee!! (Possibly four if creme or jelly filled 😁🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩)