Hoonigan Daily Transmission
Hoonigan Daily Transmission
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  • Michael Rowley
    Michael Rowley 31 minute ago

    I love how this guy goes on the show and acts like they are buggin him lol

  • Oliver Konsap
    Oliver Konsap Hour ago

    First e36 that i see without any rust

  • ghostinthetreeline

    Finally, someone prettier than Zac. Seriously though, she shreds. Instant Crush.

  • Hans Zuerner
    Hans Zuerner 2 hours ago

    She knows more about her car then alot of the guys that show up to rip lol sounds like she damn near did the whole build on her own

  • Darth Taco Slayer
    Darth Taco Slayer 3 hours ago

    as soon as you said not to.. i had to search for vinny eats nuts on the internet.. this was the first thing tvclip.biz/video/OOrs_fP71WY/video.html .. i was actually disappointed

  • CJ Gamer
    CJ Gamer 3 hours ago

    I WANT ONE!!!!

  • Southseven customs
    Southseven customs 4 hours ago

    Lmfao Scott pulling the call out at 4:25 😂😅

  • KO '
    KO ' 5 hours ago


  • Greg Kowalski
    Greg Kowalski 8 hours ago


  • Jae White
    Jae White 11 hours ago

    This dude is a dooshbag. Tpain-n-the ass

  • Ryan Vazquez
    Ryan Vazquez 12 hours ago

    Dude is crazy

  • Eric Thompson
    Eric Thompson 13 hours ago

    Earplugs 🤣 Grow a pair!

  • Muniz Tv
    Muniz Tv 14 hours ago

    They should make this guy a video game character

  • Muniz Tv
    Muniz Tv 14 hours ago

    The whole video I was thinking this guy ain't no real driver. Then 8:30 came up. Dudes handles are on point

  • Ryan Byrd
    Ryan Byrd 14 hours ago

    This thing was gnarly at SEMA. Scared the crap outta me. 😂

  • The Motorsport
    The Motorsport 16 hours ago

    Diesel doesn’t need a big wastegate. They can run boost at anytime. I deleted my wastegate on my 7.3. The best part is the king resi’s zip tied to the wing lmao weight reduction.

  • friedkangaroo
    friedkangaroo 17 hours ago

    whos the qt waifu

  • thatkyleguy 1
    thatkyleguy 1 17 hours ago

    I'm new here, I thought hert couldn't drive cuz of the way he took off then emerges as the donut king!!! Awesome car!! I love yalls videos!!

  • smokeopp angel
    smokeopp angel 17 hours ago

    yall wacc

  • kentatnight
    kentatnight 17 hours ago

    His dad over hyped the 2 step was pretty quiet lol

  • Colvin Clarance Jr. Thompson


  • thatkyleguy 1
    thatkyleguy 1 20 hours ago

    9:19 the one time I accidentally walked in on my dad taking my mom to poundtown......

  • 83j049733rfe4
    83j049733rfe4 23 hours ago


  • Mothusi Raseroka
    Mothusi Raseroka 23 hours ago

    I'm generally not for heavy tunes because you cant use them daily but this is a compromise I would happily make. What I really like is the clean "stock" look and the passion and knowledge this guy has. Wow.

  • Aj C
    Aj C 23 hours ago

    I just got wood

  • Parah
    Parah Day ago

    anyone find the brass fitting he uses for the half surge?

  • Chunkkrink
    Chunkkrink Day ago

    But can it do burnout in neutral?!

  • art jaimes
    art jaimes Day ago

    Sick ass truck bro

  • Dani Motovlog RC

    idk why but.. these guy just look like dominic toretto

  • Sneakeraddict987

    13:55 if there was an engine sound this would have been epic

  • Adam Mashburn
    Adam Mashburn Day ago

    That's the sound of America right there. Give Chevy all the hell you want but they made a true masterpiece with the LS motor

  • Rik von Himmlick- Schpoonler

    Touch my frickin titties!

  • Dmitriy Panasyuk

    HO . LY . SHIT .

  • Eli Livezey
    Eli Livezey Day ago

    no one: No soul: Not a single human being: Tesla powered BMW M3: SSSSSSSSKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE POP!

  • Big Vic
    Big Vic Day ago

    Idk if it's because I'm high af. But the editing of the car shots along with the music was dope af. Had me trippin

  • Jesus Baez
    Jesus Baez Day ago


  • cima 7749
    cima 7749 Day ago

    Q45に1Jなんてすげえ‼︎ 外装プレジ仕様ならもっと凄いのに‼︎

  • Beach&BoardFan

    Looks like a 14y/o was allowed in the shop and had their way with a junk car.

  • Mario Zamarripa

    He can drive the fuck out that car

  • Tomas Tylecek
    Tomas Tylecek Day ago

    i love watching your presantations, but pls...... let the car ownners talk, and the narator sucks, pls stop talking for once

  • X-_RnG_-X
    X-_RnG_-X Day ago

    The intro gives me fifa vibes

  • Drake Murphy
    Drake Murphy Day ago


  • Steven Mayer
    Steven Mayer Day ago

    I can do that in my 350

  • Daniel Carter
    Daniel Carter Day ago

    He likes to party

  • Tyler 1.0
    Tyler 1.0 Day ago

    13:12 listen for a kids voice

  • enigmaPL
    enigmaPL Day ago

    CAR: * boiling over like Vesuvios * Micah: Yo I'm still seeing some tire left. Scumbagging level: 9000/10 lol

  • Shred
    Shred Day ago

    fuckiing dope

  • Shred
    Shred Day ago

    lowkey this could be a insane rally car if they found a way to get the engines hooked really good , i think lol

  • Miles Kee
    Miles Kee Day ago

    When are y'all going to rename it Hoonigan Weekly Transmission lol..... Going through content withdrawls overhere

  • M P
    M P Day ago

    Dream truck right there

  • 2Take X
    2Take X Day ago

    That girl really tried getting in there a lot.

  • DirtyCove 7ho7

    Need more episodes like this!!

  • Naik van der Wielen

    and aim cameras towards automobiles face off uglies cars on. espcl..larry and boldy

  • Pax Humana
    Pax Humana Day ago

    @Hoonigan Daily Transmission, why not go with the most obvious candidate, namely, a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T? Barring that, though, I would totally put one into the Dodge Rampage, Second Generation Plymouth Scamp, or the Plymouth Arrow. Seriously, you have a bad ass little American ute/CUV and they put in a shitty little engine into all of them? The design totally screams "Put a Hellcat engine into me!"

  • Naik van der Wielen

    ken block is nothing more than a commercial, Brian Scotto watch yourself. ken piss o...

  • Caleb Tran
    Caleb Tran 2 days ago

    The beginning clip sounded like an A-10

  • MrCukydoh
    MrCukydoh 2 days ago

    What part of this is LeMons approved exactly?

  • Timbo Gym
    Timbo Gym 2 days ago

    Thats just wild

  • Luis Oropeza
    Luis Oropeza 2 days ago

    Oh so that's how tires sound

    JEFFREY ASH 2 days ago

    1987 SS Monte Carlo/1969 Camaro.

  • bruce 82
    bruce 82 2 days ago


  • TYGA909
    TYGA909 2 days ago


  • Jon Martis
    Jon Martis 2 days ago

    LOVE it great truck !!!

  • Kasper The Ghost
    Kasper The Ghost 2 days ago

    Nastiest s-chassis on Hoonigan yet.

  • Joe Silva Sr
    Joe Silva Sr 2 days ago

    I stumbled upon this guy's TVclip channel. CRAZY tallented!!!!!

  • George Fales
    George Fales 2 days ago

    What an awesome car awful engine, if you must go v6 go vr38

  • john doe
    john doe 2 days ago

    How many cool rare cars need to get damaged before they realize their show format in these tiny yards fucking sucks? Oh priceless artifacts lets do something highly reckless, damage it, and repeat with a 100 others.

  • Coda Kanjo
    Coda Kanjo 2 days ago

    How much is it to build a 4 rotor

  • Jonathan Sanchez
    Jonathan Sanchez 2 days ago

    My service just went down to 3g for this lol #sombreros and mustaches

  • Linolól
    Linolól 2 days ago

    you heard it first here poeple batshit is just crazy appearantly who the fuck came up with that phrase batshit crazy .... what a dumbass

  • Sandi Jack
    Sandi Jack 2 days ago


  • VolKaino
    VolKaino 2 days ago

    This car looks like something from the gta arena war

  • Richie R
    Richie R 2 days ago

    Would it be a good decision to trade my TL type s for a 350z ? Also if I was to keep the Type s how much would it cost to turn into rear wheel drive

  • Teguh Maulana
    Teguh Maulana 2 days ago


  • skunch
    skunch 2 days ago

    that thing is fucking terrifying

  • Wes Johnson
    Wes Johnson 2 days ago

    watching this video gave me feelings I hadn't felt for a long time when it comes to cars

  • Dontae Teng
    Dontae Teng 2 days ago

    You sure hes not your twin

  • Flava4TheSoul
    Flava4TheSoul 2 days ago

    That Q is dope asf!

  • Carlos Danger
    Carlos Danger 2 days ago

    Sounds awesome

  • Carlos Danger
    Carlos Danger 2 days ago

    If you’re a chick you have to give your car a name

  • Signs
    Signs 2 days ago

    1 kilo is 2.2 lbs or 2.2lbs equals 1 kilogram. 3 kilos is roughly 6 pounds.

  • Signs
    Signs 2 days ago

    Ok I am a gun nut and know what Mil Spec. means when it comes to guns,mis it the same when it comes to Engines? He said it's mil spec.

  • Jimmy Johnson
    Jimmy Johnson 2 days ago

    This wat happens when you sustain high r.p.m.s for waht? 2 n a haf minutes?? Why doesnt this happen 2 my moms car when i go out n do donuts??

  • Preston Lowery
    Preston Lowery 2 days ago

    This channel is unwatchable

  • Marvin Marquez
    Marvin Marquez 2 days ago

    This guys a F#$KiN CHOAD..

  • 冬Winter
    冬Winter 2 days ago

    "$500 budget"

  • 600pers
    600pers 2 days ago

    Roof spoilers redirect the airflow that's supposed to affect trunk spoilers. Should never have both if you actually care about downforce.

  • Vincent Beall
    Vincent Beall 2 days ago

    This man is such an inspiration. What an amazing driver and awesome person.

  • ippielb
    ippielb 2 days ago

    Best part, 6:28 the zoom in

  • Vincent Beall
    Vincent Beall 2 days ago

    I can drift a semi better than Hert drifting an RX7

  • Jonathan Aguilar
    Jonathan Aguilar 2 days ago

    Twisted metal

  • Isaac Berry
    Isaac Berry 2 days ago

    Big Slick Energy. Love that

  • chris lagowski
    chris lagowski 2 days ago

    You should have more garage builds 👌🏻👍🏻

  • meep
    meep 2 days ago

    Good thing he has those giant ugly fans on the back, for that extra cooling that it apparently doesn't use.

  • Oddly Right
    Oddly Right 2 days ago

    A $500 car and invest the rest towards a down payment on a home...

  • meep
    meep 2 days ago

    Why is rust a fad now? hideous.

  • Ted Bear
    Ted Bear 2 days ago

    Fucking sick m8

  • Ted Bear
    Ted Bear 2 days ago

    13:45 My face right when I saw 850 all motor x'DDDDDD

  • Colvin Clarance Jr. Thompson

    Omg! Smh !lol

  • Ronnie Walters
    Ronnie Walters 2 days ago

    I'm don't know shit about tuners but what's a 1jz come in originally?