Hoonigan Daily Transmission
Hoonigan Daily Transmission
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  • Boston Bmx
    Boston Bmx 3 hours ago

    Reach out to DDE damon loves roasting tires

  • Cedar
    Cedar 3 hours ago

    When you don’t know The Whp of your own car... 430whp.

  • Ethan McAffee
    Ethan McAffee 3 hours ago

    Who else drives a fusion??

  • Ryan Isley
    Ryan Isley 3 hours ago

    FUCK to the hell yea🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤛🤛🤛🤛💥🔥💨👹👹👹

  • Mattdog2020
    Mattdog2020 4 hours ago

    In the late 90s on the SHO forum a guy built a tempo with 2 SHO motors...

  • waitwuttt
    waitwuttt 4 hours ago

    thats A LOT of tire grip for 350WHP those donuts are nothing to how many G's that porsche can pull.

  • ruskeee
    ruskeee 4 hours ago

    "It's really not a fast car by any means" 2 seconds later "It's definitely a fast car"

    • Cedar
      Cedar 3 hours ago

      Track vs straight line headass

  • Oceanic Dangernoodle

    Competition bean dorito

  • DankKronix
    DankKronix 4 hours ago

    Should have had Betim from BBi there to spit some knowledge. Missed opportunity.

  • jacket
    jacket 5 hours ago

    Im just imaginating the car rips in 2 pieces

  • Colin Armstrong
    Colin Armstrong 5 hours ago


  • tompwh
    tompwh 5 hours ago

    This guy knows how to drift love the throttle control

  • Gta5andstuff _
    Gta5andstuff _ 5 hours ago

    My mom has a 2014 Ford Fusion

    EASYMONEYTONE 6 hours ago

    Those crack head trailers need to go! The wall tap would be amazing!

  • AMPhoteric
    AMPhoteric 6 hours ago

    A better bracket? It doesn't get better than you guys.

  • MahoneyP573
    MahoneyP573 6 hours ago

    Confucius say..Highestt level of scumbagging is always done to one self

  • Abhilash Gogoi
    Abhilash Gogoi 6 hours ago

    That's an amazing build. F***in Awesome.

  • electron being
    electron being 6 hours ago

    The car is cool, video is terrible. Man are these guys bad.

  • Umut KÖSE
    Umut KÖSE 7 hours ago

    It's crazy damn

  • Adrian Anderson
    Adrian Anderson 7 hours ago

    Its a 997 not a 911.

  • Tim Be
    Tim Be 7 hours ago

    I can always appreciate creativity at this extent, unicorns one of a kind high difficulty builds... BST. (Blood sweat & tears)

  • Flutterguy96
    Flutterguy96 7 hours ago

    the original german pronouciation would be Porsch-uh not porsch-ay.

  • nicholas clark
    nicholas clark 7 hours ago

    I think this is the same car Ryan Dunn from jackass wrecked

  • Right Hand
    Right Hand 7 hours ago

    She hot bro

  • jizz us
    jizz us 7 hours ago

    Burnouts, donuts and drag races, americans can not do any thing else with a car

  • Bobby Decatur
    Bobby Decatur 7 hours ago

    Props bros active asf

  • Tech
    Tech 7 hours ago

    Eat a sandwich was pretty funny ;)

  • Chris Travis
    Chris Travis 8 hours ago

    Somebody build this man some transmissions!

  • Brandon _ C36
    Brandon _ C36 8 hours ago

    that kid needs to goooo

  • Gustavo Figueiredo
    Gustavo Figueiredo 8 hours ago

    This thing sounds gooooood.

  • Kristofer Studer
    Kristofer Studer 9 hours ago

    Everyone in the comments sucks. Everyone had fun in this video and you’re all mad af. Grow up and enjoy content

  • Michael ,
    Michael , 9 hours ago


  • Constantine
    Constantine 9 hours ago

    I love Italian sports cars but the German came , roasted the tires and it's going home. 😏

  • chapel976
    chapel976 10 hours ago

    OOO. New Horizon hat colorway...

  • Ghassan Alghamdi
    Ghassan Alghamdi 10 hours ago

    His sound like chris fex

  • jerome duane
    jerome duane 10 hours ago

    Tasteful mods, modest individual. Good stuff

  • Tyler Hand
    Tyler Hand 10 hours ago

    His breakdown about this car was painful to listen to.

  • Kalin Tachev
    Kalin Tachev 11 hours ago

    U got an ecu for this? "Twoo"😂😂😂😂

  • chris day
    chris day 11 hours ago

    Obviously non of these guys have seen Fords Australian FGX Mustang powered 4 Door Falcon sedan.Almost identical design to the Fusion,but straight off the factory floor.They could have used the Falcon instead of grafting 2 cars together.

  • Standly UA
    Standly UA 11 hours ago


  • Garmshow
    Garmshow 11 hours ago

    Get @ricermiata too come out with his ls3 m3

  • scottsvxr
    scottsvxr 12 hours ago

    Nice bus😎

  • HEKTIC458
    HEKTIC458 12 hours ago

    It looks and sounds perfect!

  • Vu Le
    Vu Le 12 hours ago

    Waste of a drivers car

  • Geo Gmz
    Geo Gmz 12 hours ago

    Ok it sounds really good.

  • Bill Clinton
    Bill Clinton 13 hours ago

    Porsche, Mclaren and Lambo have come, whos the first to bring a Ferrari?

  • Joe Tee
    Joe Tee 13 hours ago

    top vid get this guy back every week and give him cars to kill

  • Omgitsjoetime T
    Omgitsjoetime T 13 hours ago


  • Theoplis Lynch
    Theoplis Lynch 13 hours ago

    Goddamn she can slide but u can see them tires got sticky pretty quick i bet it was hot asf that day to

  • driojal
    driojal 14 hours ago

    He should have put one transmission on reverse and the other one on 1st

  • B McEstes
    B McEstes 14 hours ago

    He looks like Xzibit who gave up on Life and chose the vending machine diet🤤

    • nicholas clark
      nicholas clark 7 hours ago

      Lol so your saying he is Xhibit from 8mile movie

  • Guardian Gent
    Guardian Gent 14 hours ago

    burnout king *laughs in Australian*

  • The Rhins Ranger
    The Rhins Ranger 14 hours ago

    Bumper clips ripped out = ☑️ Car covered in rubber = ☑️ 2 pair or rear tyres destroyed = ☑️ 2 rear alloy wheels ruined = ☑️ Car won’t burnout due to overheating = ☑️ Hellcat engine blown gaskets = ☑️ 10 minute video = ☑️ Welcome to Hoonigan, May we borrow your car please sir? 😂

  • Billy Banks
    Billy Banks 14 hours ago

    Adam lz aint got shit with his Porsche

  • beatshack
    beatshack 15 hours ago

    "it's really not a fast car by any means".... 15 seconds later... "it's definitely a fast car yeah"

  • Victor The Poet
    Victor The Poet 15 hours ago

    When you a JDM and USDM fanboy...lol

  • Donald Duck005
    Donald Duck005 15 hours ago

    On question. Is that black guy hert? He sounds different but looks the same

  • 7808y
    7808y 15 hours ago

    This is why I can't get into Subarus .cool car, dude still looks like he's getting roasted just talking about it. Like it's a car for kids unless it's in full blown rally form

  • Shawn ruttle
    Shawn ruttle 15 hours ago

    Disappointing the new yard is awesome but it’s no man line or dock launch

  • Yas
    Yas 15 hours ago

    The first people to do a burnout must have been like 🤔😮😲🤯

  • Hanibaltherogue
    Hanibaltherogue 15 hours ago

    ice skating on tar^^

  • wassupYOUTOOB
    wassupYOUTOOB 15 hours ago

    That was awesome, man can that fella drive!

  • Matt_The_SuperbikeRider

    Best Porsche made best looking, best everything, love that car!

  • Noah Arnold
    Noah Arnold 16 hours ago

    Put the coyote in a first fiesta 😂

  • Foster chance
    Foster chance 16 hours ago

    makes me wana throw up id rather see a kswap in it

  • Buddy Piper
    Buddy Piper 16 hours ago

    That is so wrong to do with a GT3. It is not a Hellcat.

  • Gile the Car Guy
    Gile the Car Guy 16 hours ago

    Daily Transfusion

  • Hiram Martinez
    Hiram Martinez 17 hours ago


  • Nick Yi
    Nick Yi 17 hours ago

    I feel like they should replace the trailer with something else

  • Tim. Sanderson
    Tim. Sanderson 17 hours ago

    Clear bras suck in white cars.they yellow out hella.fast

  • D Nevinski
    D Nevinski 17 hours ago

    720s is one of the finest in supercars....its so gorgeous

  • max sebion
    max sebion 17 hours ago

    Little late to the party lol

  • kosta karamanlidis
    kosta karamanlidis 17 hours ago

    come to Australia and you will see some killer burnouts

  • NY Shxt
    NY Shxt 17 hours ago

    Holy fuck when he started that shit up!! Them 5.0s sound so fucking vicious, nothing compares to a Ford V8.

  • Brian Barthelmess
    Brian Barthelmess 18 hours ago

    450 dick

  • Peter Pumpkin Eater
    Peter Pumpkin Eater 18 hours ago

    This car is the type of stuff I expect to see in Area 51

  • Jeff Vader
    Jeff Vader 18 hours ago

    nice Porsche doughnuts but he's no Lonman

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 18 hours ago

    Another great vid

  • Randall Hosier
    Randall Hosier 19 hours ago

    It made my heart happy that Zac pronounced Porsche correctly

  • Antwon61 32
    Antwon61 32 19 hours ago

    I just broke 3 bones In football and I want to say thank you for giving me joy during this time and I can’t wait to drive my baby agin she’s going to sit for a bit

  • Berat Baltacı
    Berat Baltacı 19 hours ago

    Mondeo+mustang voav

  • Aj Lauzon
    Aj Lauzon 19 hours ago

    Dude is hella cool. Respect for my dude Ali.

  • Anthony Ciccariello
    Anthony Ciccariello 19 hours ago

    A drifting Porsche, who would have thought. It kind of makes sense though. They already kind of want to spin out when you let off the gas in a turn.

  • Einzel Motorsport
    Einzel Motorsport 19 hours ago

    Puts other people's "350whp" into perspective 😂

  • Dylan Higginbotham
    Dylan Higginbotham 20 hours ago

    Yo zack what were them pipes call you put on you c10

  • Jew Killer
    Jew Killer 20 hours ago

    Finishing tires means there ment to go bang bro

  • Brandon Bernal
    Brandon Bernal 20 hours ago

    Gary is a fucking scum bag😂

  • Calvin Millis
    Calvin Millis 20 hours ago

    The chop level 8.9

  • Volodymyr Holovatiuk
    Volodymyr Holovatiuk 20 hours ago

    There’s a dude in russia who 2jz swapped a wrx and turned it into a street drift missle

  • Paul Chapman
    Paul Chapman 20 hours ago

    That was an awesome shred, especially for some triple 8s! That guy’s steez is on-point.

  • James Boaz
    James Boaz 20 hours ago


  • Jonathan Villarreal
    Jonathan Villarreal 21 hour ago

    Who wasted them faster? This viper or hell cat Miata?

  • VentoDriver
    VentoDriver 21 hour ago

    I think it's sad when people don't know much about their own cars like that. I know not everyone is able or want to wrench on their own car but man, at least know what's done to it. At least he seems able to drive it

  • PRO_GAMER 493
    PRO_GAMER 493 21 hour ago

    M3 gtr from nfs most wanted 2005 pls one day! (Pls like so that see if u like nfs)

  • Skyler Reichow
    Skyler Reichow 21 hour ago

    Doesn't entirely look like a sleeper now does it guys?

  • noah varicalli
    noah varicalli 21 hour ago

    I mean.. why the fuck not

  • Team Ally Racing
    Team Ally Racing 21 hour ago

    I like this kid

  • CrippledMerc
    CrippledMerc 21 hour ago

    That poor guy looked like he was seriously regretting his decision to bring his car out at the end. He looked like he was hurting seeing those rims at the end, but he held it together for the video. I’d be pretty pissed, personally.

  • andy wahl
    andy wahl 21 hour ago

    I'm a simple man. I see Gary King JR, I hit like. I love this man.

  • Xpofy
    Xpofy 21 hour ago

    saw this beast at fd texas