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Meet a Toenail Fungus Expert
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The Worst Pickup Artist Ever?
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  • HeartsAgainstRobots

    Only 2 years?????? Must be nice to be white

  • Jennifer Williams

    And it isn’t even good macaroni and cheese, it’s VELVEETA...gross. Really. Just gross. I hate that cheese.

  • TestifyIam
    TestifyIam Hour ago

    So we can't repair old computers.. damn Microsoft u are out

  • Diocletian
    Diocletian Hour ago

    Holy fuck I was not expecting them to actuallly do it LOL These guys are fucking nuts.

  • Paul McLellan
    Paul McLellan Hour ago

    It's all psychological. 100% guaranteed. A body doesn't only tolerate man-made concoctions like this. Sheesh... some rough upbringing or parents that never actually parented. Convince me otherwise.

  • Gimailo G
    Gimailo G Hour ago


  • Rigdon Steinhauser

    That haircut is MAD

  • Urboi Jeff
    Urboi Jeff Hour ago

    At least it’s not cheesy potato slices

  • Fukitu
    Fukitu Hour ago

    Sponsored by Velveeta Mac and Cheese

  • Sires Orb
    Sires Orb Hour ago

    Buy why? I get showing your support.... But the guys gonna be outta the office in (1-4) years? Then what?

  • Sean Ranger
    Sean Ranger Hour ago


  • Jesse M.
    Jesse M. Hour ago

    Of course he's from Florida!

  • poisonousnut
    poisonousnut Hour ago

    ptsd from a fight with dad. i fear for the future of this once great Republic.

  • Jen Espi
    Jen Espi Hour ago

    Umm please tell me there’s a second part to this. You can’t just leave us with a cliffhanger

  • Sires Orb
    Sires Orb Hour ago

    Instead of renting why not just start a campaign to buy the deed. Just go for the source y'know.

  • df julesful
    df julesful Hour ago

    I really want mac and cheese now...

  • ScarStains .
    ScarStains . Hour ago

    Is it weird that this remind me of domestic violence??? Beat your wife/husband nourish them later

  • PatisserieBoy
    PatisserieBoy Hour ago

    Do the bush?

  • LOVE LAB 'Unearth The Soul'

    Nice last words... It sure is (:

  • Joshua Ji
    Joshua Ji Hour ago

    Did anyone count how many times “mac & cheese” he said?

  • EziohasICE
    EziohasICE Hour ago

    You think he would switch up and make it fancy put some pepper in it or some different cheeses or make homemade mac and cheese

  • matt g
    matt g Hour ago

    20 years old.. Looks like hes 43

  • A 9nm
    A 9nm Hour ago

    hes 20 but looks like hes 40

  • TheSmartCash
    TheSmartCash Hour ago

    2:41 he’s looking at the borderlands 2 menu lol

  • Sires Orb
    Sires Orb Hour ago

    24:28 Huh? Wait, what happened to house negros my guy? Why you mumbling now too?

  • machomano207
    machomano207 Hour ago

    I was watching this while eating cup o noodles and I suddenly became very self-aware... jeez thanks Ashley

  • Deyvid's Channel

    Only thing that deserves to be on trending. Congrats on still being alive 👏 Edit: oh he's a Florida man. Makes more sense now

  • PicoDeGallo
    PicoDeGallo Hour ago

    The v is so off centered tho😭😭

  • chris brooks
    chris brooks Hour ago

    He kinda looks like cheese

  • WestCoastIndigo
    WestCoastIndigo Hour ago

    Id rather see the monument of Albert Pike in DC yarded off in pieces first.

  • Chuck Wilson
    Chuck Wilson Hour ago

    So what did the chick in the overalls have to say?

  • Josh Gardiner
    Josh Gardiner Hour ago

    Good luck Austin, lovely guy.

  • Mixed Man
    Mixed Man Hour ago

    Holy shit this kid is uncoordinated.

  • yoonponk
    yoonponk Hour ago


  • RosèBlack
    RosèBlack Hour ago

    Of course it's in Florida.

  • Myles Lamarre
    Myles Lamarre Hour ago

    By Allah if you call this journalism

  • Wapow27
    Wapow27 Hour ago

    his tattoos are really good though

  • nomad raps
    nomad raps Hour ago

    if anyone is

  • Sara qz
    Sara qz Hour ago

    I’m constipated for this dude just from watching this. Damn man I just want this guy to be able to eat veggies and be free from his childhood BS

  • Chris Jimenez
    Chris Jimenez Hour ago

    Looks like someone riding a shark like a jet ski

  • wfdix1
    wfdix1 Hour ago

    I started to watch this but I couldn’t tolerate the ignorance of this person.

  • Sgt Stupid
    Sgt Stupid Hour ago

    Weird. Microsoft as a whole to be on the wrong side of humanity is simply saying that Bill and Melinda are on the wrong side as well. Odd, is it not? Where's the disconnect?

  • mettaworldpeace
    mettaworldpeace Hour ago

    wtf joe

  • Richard Sanchez
    Richard Sanchez Hour ago

    Did Mike rowe ever do this?

  • • Lovelyu •
    • Lovelyu • Hour ago

    I hate Mac and Cheese o_o

  • Uridien 1
    Uridien 1 Hour ago

    20? Damn, mac n cheese ages you.

  • June Glow
    June Glow Hour ago

    Behind the smile you can tell this man is broken inside.

  • Banksy
    Banksy Hour ago

    🖕🏽Greta! Meanwhile I put the pedal to the metal in my ford raptor truck and threw out a beer can out the window. You asburger phucker.

  • Axel Morales
    Axel Morales Hour ago

    7 years later on my feed. At least it is better than what vice is putting out now even though ive already watched it..

  • Shoot Right Here

    OMG I'm not crazy it has a name Don't tell him that mental disorders all have names

  • DNA
    DNA Hour ago

    If Lenny McLean was young in this era, he would be amazing

  • So Wong
    So Wong Hour ago

    well youve met one that doesn't like cheese. me

  • derek
    derek Hour ago

    my mother was paranoid schizophrenic and she would never admit to being crazy but she was crazy as fuck. I don't believe this girl on this video at all. She ain't on my mom's level of craziness. Bitch step your game up!

  • Bunker Funker
    Bunker Funker Hour ago

    Und solche leute sind er grund, weswegen es die Atomwaffen division gibt #readsiege

  • Richard Sanchez
    Richard Sanchez Hour ago

    Dude. Wear a bunny suit n face shield man. The fuck.

  • DJ YZ
    DJ YZ Hour ago

    I like what he did but I still think it's shady enough to be illegal. He doesn't have the right to distribute stuff that wasn't his to begin with. I'll start there.

  • jonathan rojas
    jonathan rojas Hour ago

    CAP he said he’s twenty and he’s been addicted for 17 years?

  • Chantel Haywood
    Chantel Haywood Hour ago

    I honestly can totally see how other textures make him gag. His textural palette isn’t exercised.

  • gs bdhdi
    gs bdhdi Hour ago

    Of course he's from florida

  • Nathan Anderson
    Nathan Anderson Hour ago

    Vice used to be so good.

  • Mr. Tonka
    Mr. Tonka Hour ago

    The county should have a specific board of trustees that is in control of the assets, and the officer should not get any cut in any way, except through the county.

    TRUST NO ONE Hour ago

    I know

  • James Blanton
    James Blanton Hour ago

    This dude a dumbass.. He wait till grown to join a gang that does nothing but drag you down.. Its like giving your life away and any chance of suceeding

  • Paradroid
    Paradroid Hour ago

    Boy, do you realize you're a greek god under neath this mac and cheese shenanigans . if only you change your diet and lose weight

  • Isaac Collins
    Isaac Collins Hour ago

    Who’s eating Mac and cheese right now?

  • Need Gore
    Need Gore Hour ago

    Life is so stupid

  • Noah 94
    Noah 94 Hour ago

    Hello, my name is Velveeta and I’m addicted to 20 year old boys.

  • ᄏᄏno ticks
    ᄏᄏno ticks Hour ago

    Wait... Vice uploading new content in 2019 that isn't a steaming pile of trash? Am I dreaming?

  • bobbyblazes1
    bobbyblazes1 Hour ago

    Is velveeta any good? Honestly never tried it.

  • George Mulligan
    George Mulligan Hour ago

    What a looser

  • Urbro Dooli
    Urbro Dooli Hour ago

    six months ago, I came out as a black gay conservative. You came out as black?

  • naru hodo
    naru hodo Hour ago

    Why aren't there any christian,buddhist,hindu terrorist organisation?just asking

  • Ben Gallant
    Ben Gallant Hour ago

    Poor guy looks 35, not 20yrs old.

  • Brandon 2SS
    Brandon 2SS Hour ago

    16:20 Paul Pierce after a fight with a wheelchair.

  • Justin Swica
    Justin Swica Hour ago

    do only weirdos live in flordia?

  • sa as
    sa as Hour ago

    I came here to feel weird about some guy's obsession with mac n cheese but this video is too deep and real. Holy shit poor dude! I hope he gets the help he needs :(

  • Sasha Feldman
    Sasha Feldman Hour ago

    The bro monk diet.

  • edward starling
    edward starling Hour ago

    You can probably still sue the state.

  • SBkev Gaming
    SBkev Gaming Hour ago

    I actually felt my heart beating once he stepped through those doors...

  • Javaun Saddler
    Javaun Saddler Hour ago

    I wanna quit before it affects in physical, Boi you weight 375

  • Benjamin March
    Benjamin March Hour ago

    I will mail him real food.

  • Kirk Earles
    Kirk Earles Hour ago

    I wish I could just walk away from food like an alcoholic can walk away from alcohol but I can't. This body requires me to eat daily and I have to face the ed everyday. It's damning.

  • Ty
    Ty Hour ago

    This makes me want an omelet or maybe some chicken.

  • Daniel Lambert
    Daniel Lambert Hour ago

    Everyone is going to exploit this market no matter what happens. 1.)If it goes back underground, small time farmers will be raking in reasonable livings and brick weed will start flowing in from the south again and taxes will be minuscule 2.) if it continues course to become regulated at a rate that tobacco and alcohol are, the floodgates will open and investors will be the only ones that profit. They’ll invest in extremely process driven growth and become the big bad Monsanto that drove the price of a pound down to $20 (making it impossible for small farmers to compete) thus creating a monopoly. Did I mention corporations are REALLY good at not paying taxes? So still a tiny tax revenue 3.) Leave the business to the states to choose as has been happening and the federal ban will maintain itself as a cock block for multinational corporations that can only dream of exploiting this cash crop until the federal ban is lifted. As we’ve seen in Colorado, the taxes go to much better use when the state controls the revenue

  • Literal Vampire Potbellied Goblin

    Bunch of sheep in the comments. Greta=George Soros

  • BurntTransistor
    BurntTransistor Hour ago

    Let's face it, his real problem is using Cherry MX blue's on his keyboard. So much damn clacking.

  • Oliver Josue
    Oliver Josue Hour ago

    vice do a video on that boxing instructor bet he has a worse eating disorder

  • Rabatlybuttmuncher III

    My idol

  • Homeland Security

    This man makes the supermarket restock about 7 times a week

  • Andrew
    Andrew Hour ago

    Why does the term "reverse racism" continue to be used, racism is racism, there is no such thing as reverse racism.

  • Anthony Sunday
    Anthony Sunday Hour ago

    You’re gonna turn into a mac n cheese

  • Chuck Wilson
    Chuck Wilson Hour ago

    The fastest car there probably runs 14’s

  • Native Redman
    Native Redman Hour ago

    Should be renamed, " Stay free minipads".

  • Anna B
    Anna B Hour ago

    He has such a likeable personality. If he had a TVclip channel, people would probably love him.

  • Jeremy Oakes
    Jeremy Oakes Hour ago

    I love that he daily drives a limo

  • Adrian Ferreno
    Adrian Ferreno Hour ago

    Any one from 3022

  • Ricky Roma
    Ricky Roma Hour ago

    The way he talks and his vocal fry makes him sound like a serious fagott

  • Paul Nenninger
    Paul Nenninger Hour ago

    I will be happy when competition shuts Microsoft and their bad products down!

  • Pbl112
    Pbl112 2 hours ago

    She has a really nice voice, like a mother's.

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius 2 hours ago

    Nobody: Dr. Mirza: RIGHT LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN