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The Flat Earth Soccer Team
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Expensive Bongs
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The Post-Apocalyptic Car Show
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  • Mandrake ElMago
    Mandrake ElMago 4 hours ago

    Dude said they did the same thing to Donald Trump lmao sooo basically it doesn’t work is what I gathered

  • Paving 1995
    Paving 1995 4 hours ago


  • Mike Stanfield
    Mike Stanfield 4 hours ago

    " Hoo Ba Ba Kanda " LMAO WTF?

  • Clay Warner
    Clay Warner 4 hours ago

    3:54 "I'll explain about the charity angle." I hope someone heard this.

  • angel marte
    angel marte 4 hours ago

    People only follow their constant need to consume and will never unite against those that are tearing society apart and killing the hopes of a brighter future.

  • Maria Hernandez
    Maria Hernandez 4 hours ago

    Jesus Christ is powerful and he defeated witchcraft Satan Wizards in the cross he saved me I should know when I was doing just about the same he appeared and wash my sins and now I worship the true most powerful God Jesus Christ my savior

  • Alex Campion
    Alex Campion 4 hours ago

    "i tried to not look..." tell me that's not the sweetest thing you ever heard.

  • rade
    rade 4 hours ago

    rubbish , bunch of lies

  • HypnoWolf
    HypnoWolf 4 hours ago

    See at 3:00 this is a great video and all but that isn’t mma... he may be trying to do self defense but like definitely not mma.

  • James
    James 4 hours ago

    This is what satan does to the ignorant and the those who do not believe in Jesus...they are worshiping a fake might as well pray to a Pepsi useless and worthless..and all those smelly people...who cant tell the difference between a bar of soap to a hockey puck!

  • Robert Lewis
    Robert Lewis 4 hours ago

    *_Thought Stefon was Tyler The Creator_* 😂

  • 3029283
    3029283 4 hours ago

    Damn this is very mind blowing. After watching this, i will go and make myself a bacon, beef and cheese omelette and think about it.

  • angel marte
    angel marte 4 hours ago

    I hate corporate talk, so devoid of humanity and honesty. Their statements mean nothing more that sheer shamelessness.

  • Rosandro Abergas
    Rosandro Abergas 4 hours ago

    what is better yaba or Shabu?

  • Lorenzo Mugelli
    Lorenzo Mugelli 4 hours ago

    parla di ignoranza subito dopo aver detto che le droghe sintetiche costano meno delle altre...perfetto

  • Yadava Scudu
    Yadava Scudu 4 hours ago

    Anna Poli, lei si che è una Donna! Immenso rispetto nei suoi confronti da parte di un uomo👏🏻

  • Eladio Iglesias
    Eladio Iglesias 4 hours ago

    Getting over heroin is tuff. If you're an ex heroin addict and you've been sober for years.. my respects, keep up the excellent work.

  • Laeveld Paraatheid
    Laeveld Paraatheid 4 hours ago

    Lol Vice has become the new and shitter buzzfeed.

  • Chris Lackey
    Chris Lackey 4 hours ago

    Two weeks later he was found dead

  • owlie alim
    owlie alim 4 hours ago

    Do they do international shipments? i need my crazy government( UAE) &Saudi Arabia to stop bombing the sh*t out Yemen...Thank you.

  • forfengeligfaen
    forfengeligfaen 4 hours ago

    2:22 the automobile is obviously also proprietary

  • Shadxed
    Shadxed 4 hours ago

    Why is alcohol legal? That drug kills people whilst weed just gets you really sick but won't kill you

  • TheLaneSplitter MC
    TheLaneSplitter MC 4 hours ago


  • ocean wave
    ocean wave 4 hours ago

    The music played over footage of their traditional ritual and ceremony was kind of annoying. Sorry to complain about free content, but it came off as kind of disrespectful and condescending.

  • Nenith
    Nenith 4 hours ago

    Hes built like someone that only eats Mac and cheese

  • yanni kbl213
    yanni kbl213 4 hours ago

    Imagine a sorcery fight between these witch and haitien witch i wonder who can win if they curse each other

  • Demetrius Archuleta
    Demetrius Archuleta 4 hours ago

    America first.... with that being said GOD bless you

  • z
    z 4 hours ago

    respect bro!

  • Derebail Bharath
    Derebail Bharath 4 hours ago

    Wish such things were done in India.

  • Anthony Bishop
    Anthony Bishop 4 hours ago

    my first time watching his shows..he's funny and awkward..reminds me of tim and eric shows..will definitely be watching season 2 of this shit..its a fave now.

    BVBZ WENT WILD 4 hours ago

    5:40 bruh this is not what I was taught as a muslim

  • Kentucky Bear Arms
    Kentucky Bear Arms 4 hours ago

    The Government is about to make the SOUTH RISE AGAIN.

  • blunt rollerxx
    blunt rollerxx 4 hours ago

    im cryn rn

  • GURBET 26
    GURBET 26 4 hours ago

    oh mon dieu c est vraiment dégoûtant bande de nase

  • Fatality Beam
    Fatality Beam 4 hours ago

    I hope the best for Liberia because everyone doing bad things are just trying to survive.

  • JJD
    JJD 4 hours ago

    I live in Denver. It you really believe my straw ends up in a turtle’s nose in the Gallapagos you are insane.

  • Jose Solorio
    Jose Solorio 4 hours ago

    I noticed for years they come over here have a boat load of kids for financial gain this is sick minded when I see them with their kids like 4 or 5 or more they're shopping like crazy off of free government money paid by our taxes they have better health care than most Americans like me and I'm Hispanic too but American and I don't even get this type of aid from my own government because they said I make too much and am still struggling to pay each bill. I know for a fact they get a percentage for each kid of cash and at most 700 to 800 worth of foodstamp aid and low income housing geeze not all of them the the percentage is over 80% percent who have children to scam into getting paid. Money is the root to all kinds of evil plotting even as to bring a child into this world for selfish financial gain. Not all of them but the majority is overwhelming

  • Karol Żuchowicz
    Karol Żuchowicz 4 hours ago

    Was that a joint with heroin in it? 10:54 you said „yeah I can taste that”

  • Farida Salim
    Farida Salim 4 hours ago

    He needs love, support and people who really love him.... preferably without beating his ass up

  • Joe Blackman
    Joe Blackman 4 hours ago

    Is there any BLACK PEOPLE apart of any of these groups

  • Space Exposed
    Space Exposed 4 hours ago

    Blacks have been in this country thousands of years before ANYBODY! Get that straight!

  • JJD
    JJD 4 hours ago

    After her crazy speech I was certain I was witnessing Sweden’s next active shooter.

  • Joe Blackman
    Joe Blackman 4 hours ago

    A lot of this stuff is going on way before Obama and it's still going on today

  • JJD
    JJD 4 hours ago

    Sit up straight son. It denotes weakness.

  • Joe Blackman
    Joe Blackman 4 hours ago

    I wonder whether they believe now that Obama it's not the president no more🤔

  • Space Exposed
    Space Exposed 4 hours ago

    Shows you how lost a lot of Blacks in this video were when they said that you are traitor to your race when you leave the democ-Rat plantation. MALCOLM X said "a vote for a democrat is a disgrace to your race", now who is the traitor? All the democ-Rats have done for Blacks in the last 60 years is cheat them out of their funding.

  • Joe Blackman
    Joe Blackman 5 hours ago

    This shit here is funny but Sirius

  • killøurdreams _
    killøurdreams _ 5 hours ago

    What the fuck is the moderator even there for

  • killøurdreams _
    killøurdreams _ 5 hours ago

    Jesus, stop cutting each other off like children

    M0NSTERPR0 5 hours ago

    Pizza gate is more credible than flat earth!

  • Black Mamba
    Black Mamba 5 hours ago

    It was a peice of glass you cutt your foot on bro

    BVBZ WENT WILD 5 hours ago

    Polygamy isn't bad when you follow the rules: If you are a Muslim being polygamous means equality between your spouses, you should value and respect each one of them, you shouldn't objectify them. It's not like how westerners are trying to sell it like some sort of slavery. It's just man willing to be more than 1 women and no more than 4. In developped countries, people are embracing it but since it's a "Muslim" thing they are rebranding it as polyamorous relationship and it has no limit which is bad and unethical. As for me, I'm not Indonesian but I respect the way they choose to live and even tho I'm Muslim I don't see myself married to more than 1 women for personal reason. You should know that there's radical thinkers everywhere so don't put everyone in the same bag

  • marissac870
    marissac870 5 hours ago

    I dig that shit. Theres an over all aura of good vibes. Good shit good shit

  • Patrick Droppleman
    Patrick Droppleman 5 hours ago

    We have gone from 2pac to this...

  • Gokuzu
    Gokuzu 5 hours ago

    Kick as much as you can you say? *invites Buakaw*

  • David Ramirez
    David Ramirez 5 hours ago

    Anybody looking for plugs come to First and Belmont!!! I’m Posted all day

  • The Scribe
    The Scribe 5 hours ago

    He has 11,464 letters that will be going straight to the Microsoft shredder.

  • The Reckoner
    The Reckoner 5 hours ago

    This brother is just not discouraged or intimidated, he's a very intelligent inspiration and motivation for all of us. Like a Tesla battery he's a bundle of energy as well as a jack of all trades and on the front edge of the downstream side of production of our next big technological quantum shift. Stride on brother, we gonna be reading about you for years, hopefully not in legal documents tho.

  • Mark IT Geek
    Mark IT Geek 5 hours ago

    Haha... is it really any different than Christianity, or Islam, etc.? It's almost 2020, and still... billions of people believe ancient nonsense.

  • Adorable Nurse :3
    Adorable Nurse :3 5 hours ago

    so satanism is about self love and individuality. Even though its always portrayed as super psycho crazy in movies and news :/ Wow am i glad to have seen this.

    CAJUN W33DH3AD 5 hours ago

    A natural ass is the best ass

  • Average Savage
    Average Savage 5 hours ago

    Y'all killing me with the ominous music 😂

  • J. W.
    J. W. 5 hours ago

    Tesla is the Apple of the car world. I love Tesla and Apple but c'mon man let people repair your own stuff!

  • Luis Mora
    Luis Mora 5 hours ago

    Damn homie know what hes doing

  • Akram Safirul
    Akram Safirul 5 hours ago

    For someone who lives in a country that outright ban guns, i could never wrap my head around the extent of how much people are willing to oppose gun control

  • Dheemant Anil
    Dheemant Anil 5 hours ago


  • Adorable Nurse :3
    Adorable Nurse :3 5 hours ago

    the upside down cross isnt a satanic symbol :p its the cross of st peter.

  • Tom
    Tom 5 hours ago

    so when is the government raiding the CIA headquarters for creating the dark web where many worse things go on. LOL fucking dumb ass government

  • Mike K
    Mike K 5 hours ago

    5:14 Looks almost identical to an ex girlfriend of mine.

  • Rodney Taylor
    Rodney Taylor 5 hours ago

    Good work guys keep it up

  • Alex Coman
    Alex Coman 5 hours ago

    Me and the boys against hog cycle deck player base

  • El houssein Mohamed
    El houssein Mohamed 5 hours ago

    I Like how facetime & WhatsApp bring people together .... even witches. Hope they use that as ad.

    CIERESETTE 2.0 5 hours ago

    Che due palle sto conduttore. Rompe il fluido e spezza i discorsi nei momenti più belli...

  • JustOneAsbesto
    JustOneAsbesto 5 hours ago

    So, uh... How's the education system over there?

  • iSm1lez
    iSm1lez 5 hours ago

    Witches: We will curse you asf Politicians: Git Gud

  • James Hackney
    James Hackney 5 hours ago

    They ain’t your brothers g

  • Chris Dare
    Chris Dare 5 hours ago

    Send him to prison

  • SS Groot
    SS Groot 5 hours ago

    Niemand tipt aan Chronoispoor

  • Don Jon
    Don Jon 5 hours ago

    Current Liberal logic = When one victimhood status fails, just find the next one to claim. We have the damn oppressed victim olympics over here.

  • opie manifesto
    opie manifesto 5 hours ago

    That goat at 4:35 : oh shit..I need take some pee before the ritual 😆😆😆

  • Gbhofficial
    Gbhofficial 5 hours ago

    that money exchange was so dadly

  • rhuttrho88
    rhuttrho88 5 hours ago

    Sooooooo, you're admitting democrats are witches? Mad Maxine Waters that you? Nasty Nancy???🤔

  • Elizabeth N
    Elizabeth N 5 hours ago

    Using people for free to rewrite the DSM maybe. Psych peeps get cars paid off, new homes (the ones stolen from the targets) etc. Someday the Targets of the horrible experiment will seek payment. Personally each target and their families should get at least 5 million for their lives being destroyed.

    PWN HUB 5 hours ago

    The therapist is surprised the guy has some awareness of his problem...lady he's had this problem for over a decade nearing 2, yea he has probably done research and thought in depth many hundred if not 1000's of hours. Obviously, this is a candidate for marijuana, he needs to get absolutely fucking stoned and possibly drunk to where his inhibition levels hit 0 and while he might hump his best friend, he will also try other foods. Shouldn't other pastas be reasonable to him also? Like for instance I don't know a cheese filled ravioli ???

  • Funk Shiz
    Funk Shiz 5 hours ago

    Why do i feel like theres only like maybe one real life person there thats not an actor. Everyone else look like posh twats

  • Nancy Webb
    Nancy Webb 5 hours ago


  • IntoTheWildSea
    IntoTheWildSea 5 hours ago

    OMG.....GOD BLESS HER ALWAYS!!!!! As a modern world citizens WE TAKE SO MUCH FOR GRANTED!!!! I send her my strength n the warmest hug thru the distance.

  • goo turner
    goo turner 5 hours ago


  • Sean Baca
    Sean Baca 5 hours ago

    Slanderous title!! Typical feminism lies

  • kelvin robertson
    kelvin robertson 5 hours ago

    this host is so sexy

  • पटिच्चसमुप्पाद

    Here is capitalism.

  • goo turner
    goo turner 5 hours ago

    Saudi are so foolish... being friends with america is a betrayal of your own kind... america is Islam's second worst enemy only second to the zionists. Saudi regime has to be removed to save the sacred cities from hooligans from Vice and other propaganda hate speech media.

  • Cormac Donaghy
    Cormac Donaghy 5 hours ago

    I feel as if Martin is honourable in what he is trying to do; making money to research more drugs and ultimately save lives etc. But has gone about it the complete wrong way and has made himself look like some kind of evil genius

  • Uno Qualunque
    Uno Qualunque 5 hours ago

    "Ho detto per me prima di tutto l'ittttalianoh è ciò che mi rende italiana"

  • Your Grace _
    Your Grace _ 5 hours ago

    Mihaela Minca follows me on ig, I should ask her to do a spell for me. A love spell for a billionaire to fall in love with me hahaha 😂

  • bo3llwa
    bo3llwa 5 hours ago

    the way the coach looked at him after that face punch actually LMAO 10:48

  • #kleinevlog
    #kleinevlog 5 hours ago

    Gewoon baas 👌🏻 next level ondernemer respect

  • Zakiry
    Zakiry 5 hours ago

    What's wrong with working out

  • J. Luis
    J. Luis 5 hours ago

    This is not a get the Black American Vote Republicans. These are Americans exercising the 2nd Amendment. They are Americans living as Americans. To the Reporter can you show us your credentials, your questions are raciest you are racist or lack journalism skills.

  • Suriprofz
    Suriprofz 5 hours ago

    Van 32K gekocht naar voor 37K verkocht in een jaar. Toch lekker mee genomen