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  • Murat KURUCU
    Murat KURUCU 3 months ago

    where the hell are you?! İf you are death then Rest in Peace, if you are allive then come back and inspire all those peoples with your motivational videos... Otherwhise you are nothing then another looser!!!

  • Iedliq
    Iedliq 3 months ago

    Mati M Is dead i see... Szkoda.... Łezka sie czasem nad własnym losem zakręciła.... Umieram razem z Tobą.

  • Moray Bernal
    Moray Bernal 3 months ago

    Come back!

  • Moray Bernal
    Moray Bernal 3 months ago

    Hello! Are u ok bro?

  • Florian Gruber
    Florian Gruber 3 months ago

    new video pls!

  • tonylvez
    tonylvez 4 months ago

    You are the best at this.... The whole world is waiting for your next masterpiece.

  • Dyn0might
    Dyn0might 4 months ago


  • Adrian Perez
    Adrian Perez 6 months ago

    love your videos

  • JAYANTH joseph
    JAYANTH joseph 6 months ago

    Bro why are you not putting out more videos these days

  • Llew Gibson
    Llew Gibson 7 months ago

    Great video Mate, keep smashing it! View my channel we both love to gain!

  • Augusto Compag
    Augusto Compag 7 months ago

    Come back please

  • poldek17
    poldek17 8 months ago

    Any new video??

  • Nikhil Thokal
    Nikhil Thokal 8 months ago

    Been quite a while since you've uploaded any videos. Have you moved to some other platform?

  • Anass Bahida
    Anass Bahida 9 months ago

    Dear Mateusz, I’ve been watching some of your videos and I love the content you are making. I can see that you have helped hundreds probably thousands of people with the videos you make. I want to thank you for that. Also, there is a guy called Alex Haigh who just as shown in your videos works whole days, many hours past bedtime and never stops trying to reach his goal. At this moment he is busy with a charity program and I think it would be amazing if you two would be in touch. Alex is a very positive guy and he likes to help others. Thank you for your time reading this.

  • jacky zeng
    jacky zeng 9 months ago

    Alex Haigh contacted you, he is working on an incredible project, PLEASE be part of it!

  • Jhon AppleBurger
    Jhon AppleBurger 9 months ago

    where are you man. I need you

  • strengzy
    strengzy 10 months ago

    @mateusz M What happened to your "Work Hard" video? If you still have it I'd absolutely love if you could put it back up! It was one of my favorites but I haven't been able to find it anywhere for a long while. Anyways, thanks for your consideration mate!

  • Mark Anzick
    Mark Anzick 11 months ago

    We miss you man :(

  • Wolf-Dieter Schellin

    Wonderful motivating videos. Thanks a lot, Mateusz!

  • Mike Battista
    Mike Battista Year ago

    Please keep uploading man youve gotten me through some tough times. I think I speak for all of your fans when I ask you to keep creating content. Thank you for everything thus far

  • Leke Ojikutu
    Leke Ojikutu Year ago

    When are you coming up with a new video bro. Been a while.

  • Mello
    Mello Year ago


  • Batuhan Güntay
    Batuhan Güntay Year ago


  • Bponi
    Bponi Year ago

    Supreme Motivation is Here...

  • Emil Garcia
    Emil Garcia Year ago

    in 2016 i did something i thought impossible, 3 years of hard work on my swim team let me to qualify fir regionals. before i went to bed i listen to Desire and to this day i am 100% sure that, that video is the reason i perform so well. thanks a lot Mateuz M

  • Honourer Iaen
    Honourer Iaen Year ago

    Hi Mateuuuzzz, i'm Honourer the Messinese Doc

  • Mukesh Gajapathi

    You're awesome...Keep going...

  • Batu Doğan
    Batu Doğan Year ago

    When u upload new video?

  • Sasha Zherebchuk

    What happened with "Why do we fall" video?

    • BL M
      BL M Year ago

      I want to know too..

  • Manfrosss
    Manfrosss Year ago

    i needed your video

  • Investment Graphs

    You are a star, Mateusz M

  • SmilesonFleek
    SmilesonFleek Year ago

    Awesome Channel. like seriously. I envy you

  • Matedor23
    Matedor23 Year ago

    Hi, friend, why i can`t see you old videos? i want see you old videos, help me friend!!!

  • Ace Philosophy
    Ace Philosophy Year ago

    Mateus congrats !! I am watching you 4 years and you are doing a great job.MY purpose is the same with your and I would like to collaborate so we can do something nice together!THANKS! Have a great day!!

  • Sergio Suarez
    Sergio Suarez Year ago

    Mateusz M, what's the song in this video: The Greatest - Muhammad Ali Inspirational Video

  • Maverick Day
    Maverick Day Year ago

    where is "why do we fall" gone? i thought that was your best one! why was it removed after all these years

  • JZorio
    JZorio Year ago

    Thank you SO much for your videos, your content is an inspiration. I wish you are doing great in your life.

  • Musab Al Rawahi
    Musab Al Rawahi Year ago

    you are amazing bro, inspiring videos. i have a question? where can i have motivational speeches without music ?? i want to create my own videos..

  • Chabringa 27
    Chabringa 27 Year ago

    What ever happened to that video you had with the Les brown quote about being on your death bed and the graveyard quote one of my fav vids. cannot find anywhere

  • Marko Pavlovic
    Marko Pavlovic Year ago

    Mateusz M you give unfollow from me because you delete Why Do You Fall .

  • Georgi Kolarov
    Georgi Kolarov Year ago

    Great videos man. Wish you the best and Thank you!

  • Alejandro Vega
    Alejandro Vega Year ago

    Mateusz M ich danke dir für die motivations videos, sie sind der grund warum ich mein leben verändert habe. ich will dir mut machen weiter zu machen den viele sind von dir abhängik. keep going forward...

  • Bruno Janev
    Bruno Janev Year ago

    What happened to the Rocky Balboa video?

  • soldabur
    soldabur Year ago

    Thanks for your videos Can you put the spanish subtitles Contenders, please

  • Omar Osama
    Omar Osama Year ago

    hey man why you are not doing any new videos?? I need your motivation

  • OperationFoxley19441

    I love this channel Thankyou!

  • gerson david cux chajon

    son videos que te hacen reflexionar y te empujan hacia delante y los quiero llevar en mi cel pero no me descarga su subtitulo arreglenlo porfavor gracias.

  • gerson david cux chajon

    hola, como puedo descargar los videos con su subtitulo

  • Nuno Loureiro
    Nuno Loureiro Year ago

    What happened to the video: why do we fall?

  • Qing Yin
    Qing Yin Year ago

    how come you have stopped posting? it's been a year man please!

  • Samy Amriou
    Samy Amriou Year ago

    @Mateusz M come back my friend the world needs you!

  • dirtynate42
    dirtynate42 Year ago

    When are you dropping another one?

  • Matedor23
    Matedor23 Year ago

    ¿Cuando subirás un próximo vídeo?

  • Eric Teku Dotse
    Eric Teku Dotse Year ago

    thanks for ur video , u've done a great job

  • DruMn Beatz
    DruMn Beatz Year ago

    whats goo, I like your profile. Maybe, Listen some of my tracks. See if you feel it.

  • Fredrik Olsson
    Fredrik Olsson Year ago

    Dropping something new soon? Love your videos!

  • You Can Do It
    You Can Do It Year ago

    ?Could I translate your videos into Arabic and upload them in my channel ,please .And thank you for your amazing videos

  • Jessica Roquet
    Jessica Roquet Year ago

    Tout simplement: MERCI. Jessica

  • Qing Yin
    Qing Yin 2 years ago

    where are the new videos man please hire someone in india or something please upload more often

  • Sean Byrne
    Sean Byrne 2 years ago

    Stop leaving comments pressuring him to make more videos please stop... Just realise hes not being payed for this, He has other responsibilities than making videos just be grateful that some of the most motivational speeches have been brought together so perfectly into these videos he produces even if he takes his time, just Respect that he makes these videos selflessly making no money whatsoever off of this yet he still puts everything he has into making a video knowing that it will change lives and thats why he does it not for any other reason and you have to respect that, So just be patient!

  • Theo
    Theo 2 years ago

    please can you make more video. These video inspired me and helped me when I was demotivated.

  • * Silvia *
    * Silvia * 2 years ago

    iskritta ..ciau ^^

  • ig
    ig 2 years ago

    hey why did you stop posting videos they are awesome there are not channels with the same quality tan yours

  • Jouni Eskola
    Jouni Eskola 2 years ago

    Do a video of Conor McGregor. He is truly living legend. He has inspired me a lot with his story. It would explode!

  • Brian Ortega
    Brian Ortega 2 years ago

    where is the new video m8???? :(

  • Nicholas Yamasaki
    Nicholas Yamasaki 2 years ago

    Happy new year dude. Thank you for the help this year, I really needed it. Greetings from Brazil (:

  • Hybrid tk
    Hybrid tk 2 years ago

    MORE VIDEOS !! When ??

    ALHBLAN A. 2 years ago


  • Şeref Bayhantopçu
    Şeref Bayhantopçu 2 years ago

    More video please. We are waiting for new videos :)

  • Jesse Ybarra
    Jesse Ybarra 2 years ago

    I just want to tell you. You have helped me. You have helped my friends. You have helped my platoon. Your videos, your vision in them, the words you choose to put in them has pushed us on. You've carried me through difficulties, and hardships. When i am at my worst i watch your videos and it gives me the courage, the inspiration, the drive to carry on. With your help you have inadvertently made me better than I was yesterday, and for that i thank you. From the bottom of my heart, I honestly thank you with every waking moment.

  • Wang Boy
    Wang Boy 2 years ago

    Lol,when are you really going to upload a new video man.....I know good video takes time but don't you think is too mucH?

    • Sean Byrne
      Sean Byrne 2 years ago

      +Wang Boy Its a non-profit channel this isnt his job, He is like either one of us i certainly wouldnt have the time to make these perfect videos in the time he does aswell as chasing my dreams and goals. He has said before that he puts out the videos slowly but when he does start a video he puts everything he has into it and the fact hes not even being payed for it, you have to respect that and be grateful for that I know iam but he cant put out videos every month or every two months or 3 or 4 or 5 cause hes not being payed for it simple as, he has other responsibilities than making these videos

  • Captain687
    Captain687 2 years ago

    Hey do you monetize your videos?

    • Alex Pan
      Alex Pan 2 years ago

      he does even though he says its a non-profit channel

  • chung yin Lau
    chung yin Lau 2 years ago

    Waiting for the new video

  • Dawid Bałut
    Dawid Bałut 2 years ago

    Dude, you're doing amazing job with this channel. Keep it up buddy!

  • QueBall
    QueBall 2 years ago

    Hey any idea on when your next video will be out? If you haven't started making it yet, you should make one featuring McGregor and his story. He's probably one of the most inspirational example of everything this channel stands for in recent memory. Would get tons of views as well

  • Jewrine Brown
    Jewrine Brown 2 years ago

    I hope you never stop posting videos. I truly enjoy them. I have shared your dream video with other 300 people in the last two years.

  • Ritvars Golubevs
    Ritvars Golubevs 2 years ago

    Hey ! You can make insane video with Conor McGragor !! he done so much so far !! and you can defenatly make video ! so much highlights and talks and quotes to use !

  • Gail Doby
    Gail Doby 2 years ago

    Would love to see some videos with women vs. athletes.

  • Tristan Wolf
    Tristan Wolf 2 years ago

    I need a new Video. We need a new Video! Your videos give us strength! Please.

  • James Damron
    James Damron 2 years ago

    Just wanted to say that I'm a huge fan of the videos that you've put together and they've been a big influence in my life this year. I've seen a lot of videos of speeches that Bernie Sanders have given and thought that I might suggest a motivational video based around some of them. Some of the things I've heard him say and the ideals that I believe he possesses seem to echo the themes that you build your videos around.

  • The-owner
    The-owner 2 years ago

    Mateusz, you're the best TVclipr in your category, why no video for a long time ?

  • Qing Yin
    Qing Yin 2 years ago

    common man it's been 4 month! when is the next videos coming out, please !

  • Kacper Migacz
    Kacper Migacz 2 years ago

    Could someone share me the best video of M Mateusz? I mean "Why do we fall?" I would be so happy, because 4 years ago it changed my life. I'm serious now. Please help me :)

    • shadows5525
      shadows5525 Year ago

      nagrasz jeszcze cos? :/

    • Patrykx98
      Patrykx98 2 years ago

      O właśnie tego szukałem. Dziękuje chłopie !

    • Mateusz M
      Mateusz M 2 years ago

      Hey, right now it's blocked but you can still watch it here:

  • oscar andres gomez cruz

    i really miss your videos MatZ, hope you are doing very well!!

  • TheSchw4rtz
    TheSchw4rtz 2 years ago

    You are a legend. Period.

  • Maaz Ahmed
    Maaz Ahmed 2 years ago

    FOUR MONTHS!!! No VIDEO??!!!!

  • may be
    may be 2 years ago

    hi , i really like your work , but there is a video " why do we fall" i can't watch it from my country or smthing , i don't know why can u fix it please ? thx and keep on the good work

  • Alexander Pascoe
    Alexander Pascoe 2 years ago

    hey i just want to say thanks for these awesome videos, and had a suggestion. Maybe make a video about the quote "the man in the arena". I think you'd be the best person to represent this quote from teddy Roosevelt with an epic video.

  • Bryan Reyes
    Bryan Reyes 2 years ago

    More video please!!! you are great

  • Zes
    Zes 2 years ago


  • AMit GhaTge
    AMit GhaTge 2 years ago

    Hat's off ! Mate , your video's played a vital role in my life and boosted my confidence too a greater extent, perfect synchronization of videos and music which gives goosebumps whenever i watch it.. Rise and Shine .. God bless you !

  • javier Villanueva
    javier Villanueva 2 years ago

    Hey, do you plan on making a Michael Phelps video? I think it'd be amazing

  • Victor Adatsi
    Victor Adatsi 2 years ago

    hi , all the way from ghana . seriously your vidz kept me moving .......... had so much struggle in my startup but your vidz keep me going . Thank you so much man

    NEW HOME SALES 2 years ago

    Keep up the good work Mateusz! You are making a positive impact! Quint Lears - New Home Sales

  • King Koch
    King Koch 2 years ago

    Hey Mateusz M could you Upload the Video on a other Website like dailymotion or something??? Please dude Im German..that explains my crappy english^^ But we in Germany cant watch this video anymore...because of the "GEMA-criminals"...they protect copyright and sh*t.. so its unavaliable for every one of the 83million germans :) It would be awesome to watch this video again... Its one of the best video i've ever seen on YT!!! It is perfectly cuted, epic Music and it gives me the feeling that everything is possible!! Love your work!! gez: Dave Walther 28

  • Mateov SW
    Mateov SW 2 years ago

    Mateusz jestem pewien że brakuje jednego filmu na kanale , co się stało?

  • Arunraj R
    Arunraj R 2 years ago

    all the vdeos are nice,,,hats off to you for such creativity

  • Fredrick Butts
    Fredrick Butts 2 years ago

    Why don't you have a Bruce Lee one yet?

  • Control Da Game
    Control Da Game 2 years ago

    Mateusz, thanks for giving me a morning buzz better than coffee with your vids. Keep it up!

  • nafeez h
    nafeez h 2 years ago

    Hey bro, just wanted to know if you have any motivational bodybuilding vids that have like rock/metal music on the background?

  • Sarthak Sharma
    Sarthak Sharma 2 years ago

    Hey! I really found your videos helpful. I was an athlete when i was in school. But when I was confident in myself and thought I should try for the school team, I suffered a serious injury which changed my life. After 3 years I was down and thought this is my life now. But I discovered your videos and just thought to myself, Am i really this weak? After thinking that. I took a stand to change my life for the better at any cost. Started working harder, studying harder. I lost weight , got good grades and against all the predictions of the doctors regained my athleticism once again. I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

    • Jo Scruggs
      Jo Scruggs 2 years ago

      Congratulations! Well done!!!

  • Anthony Vincent
    Anthony Vincent 2 years ago

    I dont know who you are but today I realized that I had been listening to all your videos over and over. I have transformed my life and reclaimed the shadow I was. Now I am punching through to a new level in all areas of my life. Words are power, music and words even better.

  • Naoto Kizaki
    Naoto Kizaki 2 years ago

    Hi I really love your videos!! But I am really disappointed with the Japanese translations. Often times, the translator doesn't understand the original message.It is hard, and I know that because I have been doing it professionally. If you could allow me to revise them, please let me know, I am delighted to spread this video for Japanese people too.

    • Aalberto Cedeno
      Aalberto Cedeno 2 years ago

      あなたの夢を追う! ™ @ acebooks.xyzAnata no yume o ou! ™@ Acebooks. Xyz

    • Aalberto Cedeno
      Aalberto Cedeno 2 years ago

      あなたの夢を追う! ™ @ acebooks.xyzAnata no yume o ou! ™@ Acebooks. Xyz

    • Mateusz M
      Mateusz M 2 years ago

      Hi Naoto, Thank you for your proposition. Please send me a email at

  • Make it your Season
    Make it your Season 2 years ago

    This new Video is going to is going to take us to a Million fans that love us Quick..

  • Make it your Season
    Make it your Season 2 years ago

    im anticipating the Muhammad Ali video..licking my chops..

  • Dinesh Krishnan
    Dinesh Krishnan 2 years ago

    Every time i'm down, i will watch your videos. Truly inspiring and sends shivers through me.

  • Eder Barrios
    Eder Barrios 2 years ago

    Te escribo desde Colombia y tus vídeos son geniales MateuzM, monta mas videos. Gracias

  • deine Mutter
    deine Mutter 2 years ago

    hey lovely people, i have one big problem with all this kind of videos, what is if i have a dream and follow them for years, i am very close to be where i wanna be, but now i notice that the way i went and the last part i must go to reach the target make me sick (ill) physically and psychologically. is it wrong to quit and find an other dream ? according to this videos is it a clear yes. made my dream me sick?

    VIPIN YADAV 2 years ago

    Mateusz M - I had a low time in life and the videos posted by you helped me overcome that phase of my life. These videos give inspiration and a purpose to survive the bad times. I am thankful to you for this stuff here.

  • Sidharth Parmar
    Sidharth Parmar 2 years ago

    New videos Please.....!!!! :) :)...

  • Mrhackerman200
    Mrhackerman200 2 years ago

    The 1st thing after i do my morning routine(bathroom, prepare other shit and stuff) i watch your videos. Never felt this good for entire week! You are a great person and your editing skills are awesome! Zajebista robota!

  • Cowboy Dog Costume
    Cowboy Dog Costume 2 years ago

    good videos here! thanks

  • Cindy Abregu De Marco

    This is the best channel ever. You're awesome. You always motivate me. Always. A lot. Keep on waking people up!

  • theCHILDofALRA
    theCHILDofALRA 2 years ago

    Hello Mateusz, I'm David from Ohio in the USA. Please, continue to be my fuel, my guide, my mentor, my teacher, my ally. Whether or not you know it yet, but life is a seamstress and we are cut from her same cloth. Thank you; your messages resonate within me.

  • The Royal House of Israel

    love your videos. May I upload some to spread the word of encouragement?

  • Dat's .A. Toilet
    Dat's .A. Toilet 2 years ago

    whens the vidio coming out

  • joubas joub
    joubas joub 2 years ago

    Great work m8 keep it up!!!!!

  • Rahim Mahtab
    Rahim Mahtab 2 years ago

    Hey, mat Been following your channel for a while, i have always wanted to inspire people aswell I know this sounds like those typical "check my channel out" messages, But i actually have videos that would be of interest to u My newest one is called "WHY IT IS NECESSARY TO BE ALONE"

    • Anwar Saadad
      Anwar Saadad 2 years ago

      +Rahim Mahtab me 2 bro visit mine i recentyl uploaded 1 called " its time make change"

  • bestLetsplayer
    bestLetsplayer 2 years ago

    What happened to "why do we fall"? did youtube take it down? It was your masterpiece.

  • ella entonces
    ella entonces 2 years ago

    wow your chanel is amazing i love it thank you for making great videos!

  • Milan Horák
    Milan Horák 2 years ago

    Dear Mateusz M, Thank you! Your videos help me change my life.

  • rémy thomas
    rémy thomas 2 years ago

    Reupload Dream please :(

  • wallflower rose
    wallflower rose 2 years ago

    thank you for making the video broken, it has spoken to me to not give in in life but i should move forward and not give up although i have lost everyone i cared for.

  • Fabio Scalzo
    Fabio Scalzo 2 years ago

    I love your video bro.. when the next??

  • Hussam Mahmoud
    Hussam Mahmoud 2 years ago

    Mateusz , your videos spark creativity. Keep up the good work.

  • ProntoGamers
    ProntoGamers 2 years ago

    Could i use your Why Do We Fall video convert it to mp3 and use some of it for one of my videos? any copyright?

  • Maquinaria y Equipos

    Hey Mateus, I would like to meet you sometime, can it be possible?

  • elvismemphisjedi Gregory-Sayce

    Love it. So glad I found this channel.

  • Marita T_
    Marita T_ 2 years ago

    my friends.. I have a question. I would like to put these in my Ipod.. Ive tried everything but I am not very computer savy.. can anyone suggest how.. Thank you.

    • Markoi Green
      Markoi Green 2 years ago

      +Marita T_ Just google "youtube download mp3" and you will download with ease youtube videos,you can even download with video.

  • GhostonePS3
    GhostonePS3 2 years ago

    Danke für diese Videos, sie geben mir neue Kraft und Motivation aufzustehen um weiter zu machen!

  • Matias Mataloni
    Matias Mataloni 2 years ago

    Love your videos... so perfect way to say someone to stay strong in front of tough times (sorry bad english)

  • Trackstar
    Trackstar 2 years ago

    Glad you're back dude

  • Ytalo Pietro
    Ytalo Pietro 2 years ago

    ola mateusz... seu vídeos são maravilhosos me ajudaram muito em horas de crise... admiro seu trabalho... gostaria de saber se você ainda postaria mais de seus vídeos? eu o sigo e sempre busco em esperança mais do seu talento para motivação... muto obrigado por tudo... bye bye XD

  • Hamza Enn
    Hamza Enn 2 years ago

    so excited to see ur new video mateusz! I'm certain that it will be a masterpiece again ;)

  • EDarien
    EDarien 3 years ago

    Just wanted to stop by and say thank you.

  • Sauvez La pharmacie
    Sauvez La pharmacie 3 years ago

    plz plz plz make a new video. I really need motivation right now ; and your videos are the best!

  • Mark Little
    Mark Little 3 years ago

    when is the next one you are brilliant

  • Mufaddal Abdulrasul
    Mufaddal Abdulrasul 3 years ago

    Please Please Please make a new video. I really need motivation right now and your videos are the best!

  • Gabberjens23
    Gabberjens23 3 years ago

    why u dont make vids anymore? :(

  • lakshay choudhary
    lakshay choudhary 3 years ago

    Hi can you please share your email or contact

  • Joan Bernad
    Joan Bernad 3 years ago

    We miss your great videos Mateusz! I hope u are alright and keep uploading them!

  • placido campos
    placido campos 3 years ago

    Man your work is incredible , really incredible , please dont stop !

  • Nikos Megalooikonomou

    we NEED new oneeeeeeeeees

  • FluentRanger
    FluentRanger 3 years ago

    as many who said this: one of the reason i started my youtube channel is because of your very motivational videos, i believe that i will become a great youtuber, never give up, and just believe!

  • Paul De
    Paul De 3 years ago

    Hi, Does anyone have the new vid that they can send?

  • Mark Anzick
    Mark Anzick 3 years ago

    Where's the masterpiece, your a great artist, unless your doing something you love more than this, come back.

  • Harsha Vardan
    Harsha Vardan 3 years ago

    hey mateusz ,please can you reupload the buster douglas resilience video.

    • Lenin Almanzar
      Lenin Almanzar 3 years ago

      +Matthew Vogel Not to be the last one to the party. If you dont mind may you please send it to my, email thanks again.

    • Matthew Vogel
      Matthew Vogel 3 years ago

      +Coyard Julien Mateusz M did put the video back up! If you still want mp3, what's your email?

    • Coyard Julien
      Coyard Julien 3 years ago

      +Matthew Vogel Hey can you send it to me to please?

    • Matthew Vogel
      Matthew Vogel 3 years ago

      +Harsha Vardan What's your email? I'll send over the .mp3

  • wpgahl
    wpgahl 3 years ago

    更新楽しみにしてます!! 新作まだかなぁ・・・

  • Matt Aslin
    Matt Aslin 3 years ago

    Where's the buster Douglas video? I need a jolt of motivation!

    • Jentzen Fong
      Jentzen Fong 2 years ago

      +Matthew Vogel Hi, mathew. Pls send it to me too :) Much love and TQ

    • Matt Aslin
      Matt Aslin 3 years ago

      +Matthew Vogel Forgive me, Many thanks.

    • I'LL fux u up m7 i kno jue jisto
      I'LL fux u up m7 i kno jue jisto 3 years ago

      +Matt Aslin Don't mean to be too late either, but could I get the file as well? (email:

    • Rakshit Rao
      Rakshit Rao 3 years ago

      +Matthew Vogel i want it too

    • rémy thomas
      rémy thomas 3 years ago

      +Matthew Vogel pls i want this video too :(

  • Domagoj Vuković
    Domagoj Vuković 3 years ago

    wheres the last vid man??

  • Hans Wurst
    Hans Wurst 3 years ago

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