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Evil Morty Is A Clone
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  • Gaming knight
    Gaming knight 2 hours ago

    Weird i remember the unicorn fight scene not missing in my country and also the real wendy and dipper scene

  • Julie Moum
    Julie Moum 2 hours ago

    My thoughts are, that Steven is going trough something. He's friends are figuring out their problems on their own, with no need for his help. His powers are going out of control! If Steven gets corrupted, I hope Connie, Amethyst, Pearl and Garnet will try their best to fix or help him. Maeby Connie tells Steven how much she cares for him, even as a curruption. Maeby she says "Corrupted or not. Human or not, I still like. We can fix this, together. But I'm gonna need you help, Steven". And not long after that, Steven turns back to his org. form, just with horns. That whould be awsome😁

  • Graceless Reflection

    A possible restated theory considering all the info we still keep learning (in case no one brought it up yet): what if it was actually Pink Diamond who caused the corruption in some way? Or she, in and of herself, is a form corruption beyond the theory of being White Diamond’s cast-off emotions. There’s still revelations surrounding her abilities resurfacing through Steven. The thorns showing up as the visual symptom could directly tie to Pink’s rose design, which is not shown in any part of the other Diamonds’ design or aesthetics. Visually, it doesn’t make sense that White, Yellow, and Blue would have a real bearing. They’ve clearly used their powers on screen and not a single time did it leave that kind of effect. Also, starting with Jasper, gems have brought up the view that Rose Quartz (Pink Diamond in disguise at the time) brought gems to her side through “manipulation” with the way she treated other gems, a form of behavioral corruption as far as gem-kind was concerned. Yellow Diamond was extremely direct and showed no need for that kind of behavior, Blue Diamond commanded order but through fear of shattering (her only exception being those with ties to Pink Diamond), and White Diamond simply directly controlled or destroyed gems as she saw fit from what we know so far. None of the three high court diamonds showed affinity for basically rewriting gem behavior or design. That all presumably started with Pink. It could be argued that the Gem Rejuvenator used by Spinel in the Steven Universe movie is an exception, but even that doesn’t count since it doesn’t change gem behavior, it fully resets it through basically reformatting to what was originally programmed, like wiping an entire hard drive and registry, then starting over with a basic boot up disk. It’s very possible that Pink’s behavior as seen by the other Diamonds could have inspired them to make that tool in the first place. And even further, with proper triggers, the gems affected still retain their memories and can reform without any notable physical adverse effects. ........Thinking about it now, is it possible that Pink Diamond could have been created to destroy gem-kind? The rejection of the hierarchy and colonization of the universe, the corruption that started on her planet alone, her intrigue into organic life, etc. Her volatile tendencies have only been directed towards the Diamond Authority and its actions, nothing else. If all gems are supposedly “programmed”, even the Diamonds, has anyone mentioned her actual purpose yet? Assuming she even had one.

  • Gamerboy8261 0
    Gamerboy8261 0 2 hours ago

    “Green Dorito” XD

  • Michelle Caucci
    Michelle Caucci 2 hours ago

    Larry sucks hes bacicly anais but dumbervi would put rob or gumball

  • 4jay 64
    4jay 64 2 hours ago

    Shera forgot one thing, where's skeletor

  • Just Me?!
    Just Me?! 2 hours ago

    I don't know why they believe this theory, which makes no sense. Why would Steven who is the protagonist be corrupted? And diamonds wouldn't make him big monster! And there is no other way for Steven to be corrupted, only diamonds can do that!

  • Alicia Perez
    Alicia Perez 2 hours ago

    I love how they looked as humans

  • ehd9embehd e8eienbd
    ehd9embehd e8eienbd 3 hours ago

    White diamond sounds like the A.I from portal

  • LandoBando
    LandoBando 3 hours ago

    I thought symbiotic titans was a figment of my imagination

  • Helplessshi
    Helplessshi 3 hours ago

    Okay but what about Chowder Tho?????

  • Keyontea Cooper
    Keyontea Cooper 3 hours ago

    Posted 3 days ago why do I feel like I’ve seen this before

  • ROSE quartz
    ROSE quartz 3 hours ago

    When is going to be new episodes of steven universe future?

    THE FRAG SUPREME 3 hours ago

    Looser blooper this idiot sucks

  • Sleepyboi Sora
    Sleepyboi Sora 3 hours ago

    I just noticed the shaved ice Steven was eating is yellow, pink, blue, and yellow....

  • David Krosht
    David Krosht 3 hours ago

    Why is there no animeeeeee

  • Tyler Lyons
    Tyler Lyons 3 hours ago

    She’s goooooooooooone

  • Zackary Wilburn
    Zackary Wilburn 3 hours ago

    I think jasper will be the one yo help uncorrupte steven by helping him through his problems somehkw

  • Nehuen del Cerro
    Nehuen del Cerro 3 hours ago

    Weekly releases, I'm tired of asking for weekly releases! It's so much more easy that way And the waiting for the next episode could be really good for the service too, it gives more time to process things and do theories and analyses (the people that do them, not me)

  • The Lizzillas h
    The Lizzillas h 3 hours ago

    What if the "Corrupted Steven" Is just something Pink Steven can turn into when it just gets mad? After all they can survive separated from each other. So in a cenario that say Jasper manages to peeve Pink Steven off so much that it turned into "Corrupted Steven?

    • The Lizzillas h
      The Lizzillas h 3 hours ago

      But I think I'm just in dental that stevano is corrupting -_-

    • The Lizzillas h
      The Lizzillas h 3 hours ago

      And also Also! Ya know how one of Rose's lions died so she healed him. (This creating lion) what if a caterpillar and or worm was killed in front of Rose because of some reason. So she healed it and took it in as a pet. (And we all know how forgetful Rose is when it comes to her companions AKA stretchy early 60's cartoon gem) she forgot about it. And it wants revenge for being forgotten... Or homeworld might have made "Corrupted Steven" for her and so... Ya know what Rose did? (DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!) She forgot about "Corrupted Steven" and it wants revenge.

    • The Lizzillas h
      The Lizzillas h 3 hours ago

      Also Steven can shapeshift

  • Maria Velazquez
    Maria Velazquez 3 hours ago


  • Maria Velazquez
    Maria Velazquez 3 hours ago


  • Sapphire
    Sapphire 3 hours ago

    So if pink diamond took spinel that means spinel and pearl would've knew the secret.. I wonder how that would work.

  • RSB’sArt Show
    RSB’sArt Show 3 hours ago


  • thunder stormwilliams

    what if when steven becomes pink steven he become a full gem and not just half human

  • Bastion Robin
    Bastion Robin 3 hours ago

    Why do people think this is a worm!?!

  • none of your buisness

    Even the theme song of the owl house sounds like gravity falls

  • TheSleeper YT
    TheSleeper YT 3 hours ago

    Is there going to be another seasone of Steven Universe Future or not

  • napolien 1
    napolien 1 3 hours ago

    18:32 NO they don't have Rava no

  • beanie boi
    beanie boi 3 hours ago

    Plz can u do a review of adventure time distant lands when it comes out

  • A n n e r ø s e
    A n n e r ø s e 3 hours ago

    Tbh in the thumbnail steven looks 👌🏻

  • napolien 1
    napolien 1 3 hours ago

    13:17 sorry that wasn't a satisfying moment she get her bending back with a touch and she can go in and out of the AVATAR state without training or anything. Now that's a WTF moment

  • Justin Xdd
    Justin Xdd 3 hours ago

    Flapjack was creepy asf 😂😂

  • napolien 1
    napolien 1 3 hours ago

    "Korra is a series that's has a darker tone from the get go" Sure

  • Draconian Beast
    Draconian Beast 3 hours ago

    Roundtable’s theory of snowflake: she’s probably a builder Actual snowflake: you get a snow cone, and you get a snow cone, everybody gets a snow cone

  • Joe
    Joe 3 hours ago

    steven universe future hasn't been too good so far in my opinion

  • Star guy
    Star guy 4 hours ago

    This is what happens when you combine Steven with Groudon.

  • Jake Gamer
    Jake Gamer 4 hours ago

    Awestruck:Genuinely Me:Gem-uinely

  • Icein icesicl
    Icein icesicl 4 hours ago

    I just wanted to say something why does Pink have a little bit of a form like Tinkerbell and why does some of her actions remind everyone that Tinkerbell I mean Tinkerbell she was casted out most of the time Peter Pan and all of them she got mad and had temper tantrums and Tinkerbell and all the other movies she but one of the movie the first one she well someone thought she was a good enough and she made giant mistakes

  • XLRO8 F8
    XLRO8 F8 4 hours ago

    Yea i hated Flapjack i admit that but i can definitely appreciate it now, you got me

  • Tam Mat
    Tam Mat 4 hours ago

    I bet Jasper is gonna fuse with them

  • get noob
    get noob 4 hours ago

    It’s too bad that The Amazing World of Gumball is getting cancelled

  • MissingNo. Gamer Bros

    HELP! I FOUND A MYSTERIOUS SECRET! In episode 2 of The Owl House, at time stamp 15:27 (on DisneyNOW App, that is), to the very left there’s a tree with the following message carved into it: an eye 👁, a triangle, and the numbers 1413. I have NO clue what this means... any help, anybody?

  • Kyubeyz _
    Kyubeyz _ 4 hours ago


  • Lauren F.
    Lauren F. 4 hours ago

    Why does fake corruption art look like Groudon from Pokémon lololol

  • Kyubeyz _
    Kyubeyz _ 4 hours ago


  • Rocky Reyes
    Rocky Reyes 4 hours ago

    Am I the only one who has realized that Captain K'nuckes is just the older adult version of Blue from Foster's house for imaginary friends and that Flapjack finally does find Candy Island and becomes Finn from Adventure Time

  • it’s grey not gray

    I’d love to see an episode if Steven becomes corrupted where the gems have to ask Jasper for help. Since pearl, garnet and amethyst have never been corrupted they would need someone with experience to help Steven.

  • Connie Maheswaran
    Connie Maheswaran 4 hours ago

    *[I don't want Steven to get corrupted! I hope he's safe and well]* 😞

  • Connie Maheswaran
    Connie Maheswaran 4 hours ago

    *[Poor Spinel... I really feel sorry for her... She really didn't deserve that D:]*

  • Dazzle3 B
    Dazzle3 B 4 hours ago


  • Dazzle3 B
    Dazzle3 B 4 hours ago

    Omg seeing Bill Cipher pop up in The Owl House would be Amazing 😆😭✨

  • oK bOoMEer
    oK bOoMEer 4 hours ago

    I’m my opinion ducktales was pretty boring until they found they’re mom

  • Mr.Sandman 117
    Mr.Sandman 117 4 hours ago

    Editing is on point 👌

  • magic owl slayer 453 washington

    When you make another video about wormy boi can you have half of his face corrupted and the other Steven when he glows pink

  • Mihnea Zaharia
    Mihnea Zaharia 4 hours ago

    Guys when the ep 11-12 will release?

  • Pro H
    Pro H 4 hours ago

    Aw not bird mom😭

  • Thanos
    Thanos 4 hours ago

    Even I was born from it

  • Noneye2 Cool
    Noneye2 Cool 4 hours ago

    Kirby cracked homeworld confirmed xD Because in kirby superstar for the snes theres a minigame you can play which you crack the world that kirby lives on

    MEMES & GIFS 4 hours ago

    This man had a dream, they thought it was a nightmare so he woke they ass up

  • Basri Ruslan
    Basri Ruslan 4 hours ago

    Steven want to fix the problem so he become the most addictive make more problem 26

  • Basri Ruslan
    Basri Ruslan 4 hours ago

    I know what is it Stephen for corruption because

  • nam pham
    nam pham 4 hours ago

    So is Stephen now the shield hero from the rising of the shield hero

  • n8opot8oW
    n8opot8oW 4 hours ago

    I actually think the network just skipping them is great. Censor the episodes and people will just be like "oh, okay. So that's what happened". Whereas if you skip these episodes, as you pointed out, people will seek out what happened in them. People will hear "hey, the original run had an entire arc here that got skipped." They'll find a way to watch, they'll see the show in its uncensored form, and the representation will be there.

  • Tamaochi
    Tamaochi 4 hours ago

    Lmao, "Steven stretching out his hand to peridot" IF HE ONLY KNEW IT WAS AMETHYST-

  • Bificalera 1
    Bificalera 1 5 hours ago

    she remind me of Zim a lot and that's why she is my favorite

  • Joker
    Joker 5 hours ago

    starting at number 25 i better not see TTG on this list or PPG

  • Pearl Willows
    Pearl Willows 5 hours ago

    Also I’m there gems and a baby they came back after a few months and based on previous context it takes pearl a while to reform.

  • Steven Universe
    Steven Universe 5 hours ago

    I have 16-17

  • Dragon Rager09
    Dragon Rager09 5 hours ago

    And i Enjoyed fanboy and chum chum

  • ThunderStorms 211
    ThunderStorms 211 5 hours ago

    Honestly, it will be cool if he does look like that. Reminds me of God Zella!

  • Thunderman2468
    Thunderman2468 5 hours ago

    I wanna see Steven fuse with Lars

  • Dragon Rager09
    Dragon Rager09 5 hours ago

    I enjoyed bread winners at least a bit i give it 4 stars

  • Dumbin theHouse
    Dumbin theHouse 5 hours ago


  • sTone ForesT
    sTone ForesT 5 hours ago

    I didn’t wanna believe the corruption theory and I don’t wanna believe it still, but god dang every episode he gets more spend more stressed and it’s slowly becoming more plausible

  • TARDIS MarvelEarth616

    Flapjack was amazing! I still remember my mom trying to stop me from watching it saying it would ruin my intelligence as well as Chowder. But I’m glad I didn’t let her stop me from watching it because the show was great. Honestly the disturbing parts are probably what hooked me in like they did for Courage. It’s uniqueness is also hooked me in as well and when I was young I would always try to imitate the art of the show I’m watching in a way to appreciate the hard work that was put into the show. Ugh the show brings back so much memories

  • Jessica Herring
    Jessica Herring 5 hours ago

    Nooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Terrence Mitchell
    Terrence Mitchell 5 hours ago

    I was afraid of over the wall cause it gave me a attack on titan vide

  • Female Katsuki Bakugou

    I was lowkey gay for Red action & Enid

  • Sebas G
    Sebas G 5 hours ago

    They should cancel it and make a spin-off on the Rowdyruff Boys for a while if they still want to sell any merch whatsoever.

  • Kirishima In A Cowboy Hat

    *I CAN FINALLY CATCH UP!* ( I'm still on Season 2 ;-; )

  • crusade_rat2014
    crusade_rat2014 6 hours ago

    he's falling into depression feeling useless i can relate

  • Malachi
    Malachi 6 hours ago

    YEAH cross over also alex huirsch is the little animal king.

  • Sebas G
    Sebas G 6 hours ago

    a negative reboot.

  • David Williams
    David Williams 6 hours ago

    Since she's gone I hope that they return the old shows on boomerang

  • itsyoboiduck 4
    itsyoboiduck 4 6 hours ago


  • Happymasks
    Happymasks 6 hours ago

    hmmmm i wounder if we ever gona see the cluster as full body i mean it looks BIGGER than even white diamond .. and mind monster.... ! internal demon's ?

  • agiar2000
    agiar2000 6 hours ago

    Another reason I knew that Steven was 12 at the beginning of the series is because, in one of the early comics, (which are level 2 canon, meaning, canon unless they ever explicitly contradict the show), he and Connie want to get into see the new Unfamiliar Familiar movie, but it's rated PG-13, and they figure that they cannot go in as Steven and Connie to a PG-13 film, because they are too young, so they form Stevonnie in order to get in. Thanks for presenting the evidence like this! I really like it. :)

  • thebloxxer of world
    thebloxxer of world 6 hours ago

    imagine if the epilogue just ends here and the leaked audio was to make fans exited

    GACHA_ LION 6 hours ago

    What if Steven got currupted by the cluster Like the cluster got out of control and Steven couldn’t help this time the only thing he chould think of it to fuse with it.since the cluster is made up of multiple gems maybeee it affects him?and he becomes currupted?i dont know ;-;

  • Joshua Castillo
    Joshua Castillo 6 hours ago

    I think Steven's current development has been following Pink's reverse development. Think about it, one of the most common questions about Pink is what her purpose is. By the end, she made her purpose to right the wrongs of the diamonds. But at the start, she was purposeless. No colony, no actual authority, all she was, was a diamond in name. Now as for Steven, he started off wanting to help both human and gem kind. But now that that part of his life is over, mostly everyone is happy now, the Diamonds aren't planning to destroy earth anymore, Steven's starting to lose purpose. Then again, the Diamonds really seem to be a perfect representation of battle arena games. Yellow's a tank, she oversees all of homeworld's offensive and militant gems, and she can one hit any gem. Blue's the mage type hero that attacks and gives debuffs. White, in a way is like an assassin type hero, who can off an enemy without them even noticing her, or does so indirectly by "summoning minions" or in this case, bleaching them. While Pink is a support type. Healer, and can be OP if you play your cards right.

  • Just _Jad
    Just _Jad 6 hours ago

    Greg's hair represent all his memory's cutting off the bottom of his hair his him letting go of Rose...

  • thebloxxer of world
    thebloxxer of world 6 hours ago

    Why doesn't he comes back to little homeschool he was very useful here

  • Bluemycool 320
    Bluemycool 320 6 hours ago

    If Steven does get corrupted, it will be the first corruption not associated with the diamond's blast. I mean, Jasper did get corrupted by fusing with a corrupted gem, but I still think that's still associated with the diamond's blast, since the fusion was of a gem corrupted by the blast. Heck, if it was the diamonds that caused the blast in the first place, maybe Steven will be able to corrupt himself because he has that power of a diamond. Or maybe he seeks the diamonds for help and they try to see if their powers can help and accidentally corrupt him in the process. I just can't wait for what comes next in Steven Universe Future.

  • Maskr bloodwyle
    Maskr bloodwyle 7 hours ago

    Ya know what I just thought of? Is the Spinel we met in The movie the *only* Spinel in the universe? If not, then she probably shouldn't have been alone in the garden. One would think they'd put more than one in there so as to avoid exactly what ended up happening to Spinel in the movie. where are the other Spinel? Did the diamonds only allow Pink 1 Spinel at a time? If she is the only one, then that would make her even more rare than the diamonds (4 of them, 1 of her) that, coupled with the fact that, according to Pearl "her cut is perfect" wouldn't that make her extremely valuable to *any* gem? And wasn't spinel given to Pink as an emotional replacement for Pink Pearl *(WHOM SHE PHYSICALLY BROKE?)* I'm sure that if the diamonds were worried about Pink breaking gems, they would have made more than one Spinel in case Pink damaged one the way she did with Volleyball. So where the heck are they? Are they all just sitting in some space warehouse, waiting to be let out? Are they all bubbled like the Rose Quartz gems? My personal theory is that there is only 1 Spinel, which is why the diamonds don't recognize her, aside from yellow who referred to her as "Pink's little playmate" one would think if Pink had multiple Spinel , yellow would have said something akin to " *one of* Pink's little playmates" so I think that being with rare, (formerly) high class gem is right where Spinel belongs, because if my theory is correct, Spinel would be an insanely rare gem herself. Agree? Like Disagree? Comment why not.

  • yrm159
    yrm159 7 hours ago

    Watched the first episode and immediately got a bad feeling. I think it's gonna be extremely preachy. And if that was your favorite first ep, you need to expand your horizons. Trust me, there are much better. For example FMB: brotherhood

  • phill booth
    phill booth 7 hours ago


  • gangboy dabeast
    gangboy dabeast 7 hours ago

    I hope granddad uncle ruckus and others are in it

  • Drfreakoman 99
    Drfreakoman 99 7 hours ago

    They're not magical They're anomalous

  • Yokaihi B
    Yokaihi B 7 hours ago

    Based on how the witcher series went with its timeline flipping around would have had people confused and want to drop it.