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Is Krav Maga Legit?
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  • Liz 928
    Liz 928 9 minutes ago

    Oh, and one more thing-klonopin doesn’t lay you out unless you’re taking way too much or mixing it. It’s actually designed to be used but keep you functional. I know ppl who have been prescribed this medication when their doctors know they do manual labor and things like that. So no, it doesn’t impair you unless you’re at the wrong dose or your body chemistry just doesn’t do well with it, OR unless you’re taking it when you don’t actually need it.

  • person 666
    person 666 9 minutes ago

    I believe a black hole is a star that exploded in one direction and the black part is the beginning part of it., Like the start of where a bullet starts it's journey but the power is so intense time looks like it stopped. I believe if you go into it you will travel twords the path of the exploded star 🌟 possibly crashing into it eventually or maybe into another dimension or part of the universe. I don't believe you will be stretched and killed. Time and space is relative so to those outside you might look stretched, inside your in your own space time and ok.

  • Co M
    Co M 9 minutes ago

    “He was a guy you were happy to have represent you”....... NOPE

  • Mega Man
    Mega Man 9 minutes ago

    This Joe Rogan guy should make his own podcast.

  • Tom Conlin
    Tom Conlin 9 minutes ago

    lightweight...ive eaten enough red mang da kratom capsuls to choke an elephant in one day and never felt even anywhere near high or even buzzed and i dont even take much 5mg percos on a regular basis

  • Bailey Btty
    Bailey Btty 9 minutes ago

    Nearly 3 m subscribers well done bro

  • Trace 23
    Trace 23 10 minutes ago

    Joe, I hope Jordan will do the show after he gets out to help enlighten people about the dangers of prescribed medication especially getting off of it.

  • Bistacheual Panda Eats
    Bistacheual Panda Eats 10 minutes ago

    Interview Donut Operator!

  • Basil Umeh
    Basil Umeh 10 minutes ago

    I hope JP gets better.

  • Cameron Coleman
    Cameron Coleman 10 minutes ago

    "who ya gonna call"

  • Celtic Hutcheson
    Celtic Hutcheson 11 minutes ago

    Nobody should get married unless they can and will be 110% loyal to that person till death! Cheaters are weak..

  • Ted Stryker
    Ted Stryker 11 minutes ago

    I like cops a lot more than I ‘hip hop culture’.

  • By the Dawn's Early Light

    Klonopin is a nasty, very addictive bad "medicine". I wish Jordan a speedy recovery. And his beloved.

  • CJ Martin
    CJ Martin 12 minutes ago

    Really hope Joe addresses this inequity. Completely misrepresented a position held by a man that he had a great long form discussion with on his own podcast. Referring to someone as “That ______ guy” when you’ve given them a platform doesn’t look good.

  • NP Complete
    NP Complete 12 minutes ago

    Joe talks to so many people, hears so many things from left and right, up and down. He is bound to talk about something he is not fully informed on, you are forgiven Joe.

  • krulos zzz
    krulos zzz 12 minutes ago

    Klon is light version of xanax

    • krulos zzz
      krulos zzz 10 minutes ago

      You guys are pretty fuckin stupid about drugs. -a medical student

  • Brad Randell
    Brad Randell 12 minutes ago

    I once dressed up like bin Laden with that classic New York City t-shirt under his army jacket. I should apologize for that too. Also, Short Circuit. A white guy plays the role of a scientist from India.

  • Uncle Scam
    Uncle Scam 12 minutes ago

    Jerry is lame

  • Eric
    Eric 12 minutes ago

    I understand all of this. In my opinion, philosophy is just Physics without equations. But the question being, how does one supersede the mundane existence of reality? By understanding every form of physics, esoteric science, and metaphysical science available to us in this world? My disdain for the claims of "how the world works" being complex is unbridled. For understanding the world is as simple as taking a breath. But understanding how to warp it into something you could control unabated, is different.

  • Scott Coston
    Scott Coston 13 minutes ago

    WRONG! It is a benzodiazepine... same exact class as xanax...

  • John Eberhardt
    John Eberhardt 13 minutes ago

    Yes, for sure....

  • Turkey trail honey bee farm Georgia

    He should do a movie about a back alley abortionist. Call the movie MOM.

  • U.S.Slave
    U.S.Slave 14 minutes ago

    they tried to get me working the "garden" when locked up for obvious self defense situation. I refused so they beat me. idk ya wanna call it reparations, restitution, or punitive damages but I know I'm owed big time. thousands lost to worthless bar maggot judge denied my right to fire, denied one measly continuance, abused in diagnostics by guard then 2 more times by multiple guards in camp/prison then lose of income via disenfranchisement. but I'm mr white privilege so.... the systems throughout all of history abuses anyone and everyone it can.

  • billybrooks1
    billybrooks1 14 minutes ago

    Its Xanex's little sister. Pretty weak

  • Liz 928
    Liz 928 14 minutes ago

    What’s sad about this is ppl will view this as him being an “addict”, and that’s not the case. The body develops a tolerance to anything you take, even Tylenol, so stopping that is always difficult. When someone experiences debilitating anxiety, it feels like you’re dying-can’t breathe, heart feels like it’s about to stop, sweating, and you can’t function, so klonopin would be the thing they put him on. I just hope ppl don’t use this to judge him (of course they will). I can hear it already-don’t listen to him bc he’s a drug addict! So sad that ppl can’t even be responsible for themselves without catching flak. Anyway, I’m happy for him that he’s doing what he needs to do and I wish him and his family the best.

  • Kernel Gaddafi
    Kernel Gaddafi 14 minutes ago

    I hope JP and his family pull through

  • Chris Gerhardt
    Chris Gerhardt 14 minutes ago


  • Sean D
    Sean D 14 minutes ago

    Anybody else notice that Old Camp whiskey bottle with a quarter missing? Lmao

  • Luke Stakelbeck
    Luke Stakelbeck 14 minutes ago

    Forced diversity in comedy? Try the whole world bub. No one wants to be around black or brown people & they get forced into living in close proximity with them.

  • Nikki Docherty
    Nikki Docherty 14 minutes ago


  • ZMan1471
    ZMan1471 14 minutes ago

    ...no maintenance? Lol. Electric cars are gonna break down just like every other car; people wear everything out. Besides, Tyson is forgetting the most crucial thing in a capitalist society: things are made to break down otherwise people wont buy things.

  • k k
    k k 15 minutes ago

    Joe you got this wrong

  • ICA
    ICA 15 minutes ago

    This dude has an underbite... that's a sign of downs - Daniel Tosh

  • Identifier
    Identifier 15 minutes ago

    This guy keeps it fuckin real

  • Matthew Kopp
    Matthew Kopp 15 minutes ago

    I went to the public hospital psychiatrist and they gave me a prescription for klonopine but did not inform of the addiction possibility. Luckily my therapist did. So I never filled the prescription.

  • Larry in a Towel
    Larry in a Towel 15 minutes ago


  • Fernando G
    Fernando G 15 minutes ago

    I guess Kermit the fraud needs to clean his room

  • Héctor F Traducciones
    Héctor F Traducciones 15 minutes ago


  • Shaun Allgood
    Shaun Allgood 15 minutes ago

    Majority of conservatives are robots lol Majority of liberals are soft. If only we could some how merge the best of the two and create more parties

  • lick bodys
    lick bodys 15 minutes ago

    Donated to the guy idgaf. If you sensitive then suck a duck. It's a costume from 18 years ago.

  • siddpr
    siddpr 15 minutes ago

    Definitely one of my fav stories!

  • jeanxmh
    jeanxmh 15 minutes ago


  • edward richard
    edward richard 15 minutes ago

    Yo you know when some one says " such and such can but you in a K hole too?" They themselves have been in a hole aswell. Lol

  • Troy K Goderstad
    Troy K Goderstad 15 minutes ago

    Hey guys, I like this Askarov fighter

  • John Wick
    John Wick 15 minutes ago

    House of a 1000 is one of my favorite movies ever regardless of genre.

  • benz500r
    benz500r 16 minutes ago

    I wouldn’t expect that from Mr. Peterson. At least he looked for help.

  • Alex Leadbetter
    Alex Leadbetter 16 minutes ago

    Sex is fixed, gender is fluid. There is a difference between sex and gender. If you're talking about Kaitlyn Jenner you should refer to her as she/her. Idk why people make such a big deal out of fucking words, it's no different than a nickname. Now a man who identifies as a girl and tries to play in women's sports is a totally different issue. That's one I can totally understand people having a discussion over.

  • zipp930
    zipp930 16 minutes ago

    Joe thinks Yang's plan is "elitist?" lol omg I love you Joe, but did you drive the Porsche, the Mercedes, or the Tesla today? haha don't worry if beef gets too expensive you can spend your UBI on it! Splurge it up on your favorite organic grass fed collagen bone broth or whatever it is you're into . . designer reservatrol and broccoli sprout supplements i don't really care. "elitist" smh

  • Theodore McCarthy
    Theodore McCarthy 16 minutes ago

    Everyone should take a moment to appreciate how high functioning Peterson has been while on those intense pharmaceuticals. That dumb tweet about Kavanaugh suddenly makes a lot more sense.

  • Ken Jo
    Ken Jo 16 minutes ago

    You're one of the greats Joe, which makes me wonder why you got this so wrong. Really? That guy Yang? And the misrepresentation is so sinister. I get it. No one's perfect, but you really need to revisit this point.

  • rainwolf034
    rainwolf034 16 minutes ago

    Klonipin is hard, but Xanax is worse, But Klonipin has harder withdrawal.. because it stays in your system for hours and hours.. Xanax is 4 hrs done.. you never been in real pain then.. Because I had my spine crushed, and the pain from that almost drove me to suicide .

  • Trikki Nikki
    Trikki Nikki 17 minutes ago

    "You give someone the puberty blocker until they are 17, and then you take it away, they would have been the exact same person they would have been without it" - Joe Rogan That's the fucking point Joe! So they can decide at 16 or 17 whether they want to continue transitioning or go through their birth sex's puberty. You were so close before veering off course. I'm sorry no one can explain this properly to you. I'm transgender, and I didn't hit puberty until I was 17 even without puberty blockers. I had a high natural level of estrogen. I could never grow actual facial hair. It's who I am biologically. Also fuck Matt Staggs for not suggesting having you talk to me, as I can finally explain my story to you.

  • Jameson Thomas
    Jameson Thomas 17 minutes ago

    Force Deeze

  • Markers
    Markers 17 minutes ago

    55 to 101 mil. Way to go guys

  • Hermes Gonzalez
    Hermes Gonzalez 18 minutes ago

    I used to snort the yellow Xanax 7mg bars just for the high with a 30 mg oxy . I'm glad I'm still alive now only vape and smoke some green.

  • William Baker
    William Baker 18 minutes ago

    Sadly all these medications are used for a wide range of things, they maybe work so they prescribe it all the time. After years of xanax for my anixiety attacks I learnt it can actual cause larger ones afterwards.

  • siddpr
    siddpr 18 minutes ago

    That is actually a good idea show, would totally watch it

  • 1stinkywizzleteets
    1stinkywizzleteets 18 minutes ago

    God bless Jordan Peterson and his family. He's done a lot of good for people, and has a heart to do it.

  • TrevorMelon
    TrevorMelon 18 minutes ago

    Watch the clip again Joe

  • Giovanni Guzzi
    Giovanni Guzzi 18 minutes ago

    Joe, He seems to not ever want too make eye contact with you longer then a second, really strange

  • Ben Rosenberg
    Ben Rosenberg 18 minutes ago

    I like how he used the term victim blaming in his own situation because he knows the victim can somewhat be at fault but of course it's taboo

  • Trace 23
    Trace 23 18 minutes ago

    It also takes a strong person to realize what drug is dangerous for them personally and to abstain from it. For me, it was morphine after a surgery. I liked it WAY too much for it to possibly be safe

  • Pat Burns
    Pat Burns 18 minutes ago

    Fuck this guy

  • Frank Harrington
    Frank Harrington 18 minutes ago

    Good luck JP and beat of luck to your wife

  • Gen. Douglas McDonalds
    Gen. Douglas McDonalds 18 minutes ago

    Good for him. Takes balls to admit you need help.

  • Dallas
    Dallas 19 minutes ago

    Orange man bad.....

  • Scar
    Scar 19 minutes ago

    Only way i know em after a quick google search that they are greedy bunch of Cali looking faggots.

  • Steve Wills
    Steve Wills 19 minutes ago

    read Steve Albini 's article on the current music industry. It will leave you having no faith in the new music scene whatsoever. It's disgusting. Captain Beefheart ! CHEERS!

  • TheVotive
    TheVotive 19 minutes ago

    it makes him violent

  • markmtbrider
    markmtbrider 19 minutes ago

    Wow.sorry to hear of this....if anyone could deal with death and not seek out meds to deal with the reality, DR JP would have been at the top of my list. Like he said, we are all human.

  • Zombo Zombie
    Zombo Zombie 20 minutes ago

    What about poptartitarian?

  • Trace 23
    Trace 23 20 minutes ago

    It takes an intelligent, strong person to recognize their limitations and ask for help. I hope he gets through his rehab quickly.

  • Robert E Lee
    Robert E Lee 20 minutes ago

    People in CA are so smart and sophisticated, and they have the largest homeless population on the planet.. they’re actually not smart and socialist suck cokk

  • Michael Hiers
    Michael Hiers 20 minutes ago

    Forced diversity in every aspect of life.

  • Hump
    Hump 20 minutes ago

    Clonzapine (sp) and Xanax n vallium are all about the same. Bad. Xanbots are the worst ppl.

  • Pat Burns
    Pat Burns 21 minute ago

    I don't like this guy. I kinda hope he dies slow

  • Brainc0la :T
    Brainc0la :T 21 minute ago


  • Eastliky
    Eastliky 21 minute ago

    Wow bro now u dont know my boy yang when whole time u kinda introduced him to alot of us...smh

  • Stef H
    Stef H 21 minute ago

    You say you're conscious but you arent in touch with the same farmers that you admire... think fucking harder.

  • rixille
    rixille 21 minute ago

    It's obvious any country that doesn't follow central banks and their take on the world is a enemy of the "free world".

  • Bioniking
    Bioniking 21 minute ago

    ...and it’s always diversity in the most superficial ways.

  • dumaskhan
    dumaskhan 21 minute ago

    George Carlin has a whole bit about words and language and how it is used to control. I am so glad he's gone, if he was a live today, he'd die of a broken heart long before of old age. Sorry, he would expire, like a magazine subscription. If it happened in a hospital, it would be a therapeutic misadventure. Indeed, he wouldn't die, he would pass away.

  • kuracpickagovno
    kuracpickagovno 21 minute ago

    umm...emm... right?

  • elagc
    elagc 21 minute ago

    Jordan Peterson is one of the most important voices of our time. He stood up to government mandated compelled speech and the social justice thought police. That one voice may be keeping us all out of re-education camps.

  • Jaedon Hurles
    Jaedon Hurles 22 minutes ago

    Why is the dude joe has on a retard

  • Christopher Hensley
    Christopher Hensley 22 minutes ago

    I take a quarter of a xanax bar with an eighth of shrooms and I am happily on the moon without murdering my delicate ego.

  • cody Lovelace
    cody Lovelace 22 minutes ago

    Being a guitar player, I've never been a fan of Nugent. His music just wasn't intriguing like the druggies in his time.

  • The Ethalon
    The Ethalon 22 minutes ago

    I HATE my generation

  • Luke Winter
    Luke Winter 22 minutes ago

    Klonopin is not as strong as Xanax for starters so dudes talking about stuff he doesn't even know about next

  • Brenden Cox
    Brenden Cox 22 minutes ago

    "Clonipin! Thats no xanax, thats heavy stuff" bruh... really?

  • Simon Douville
    Simon Douville 22 minutes ago

    Remember White Chicks?

  • Brett Gomsrud
    Brett Gomsrud 23 minutes ago

    And we wonder why they wont tell us what cocktails these shooters r on (big pharma)!!!

  • Anonymity
    Anonymity 23 minutes ago

    Clonidine is the opioid mitigation medicine

  • Dalton Wade
    Dalton Wade 23 minutes ago

    Kolonopin is not stronger than Xanax

  • Hunter Schultz
    Hunter Schultz 23 minutes ago

    Yeah the answer is really easy to being to take beating repeatly and expect kids not to snap like how fucking stupid does joe and company have to be why do the kids have to get on anti depressents constant harassment and beatings

  • Life is nice
    Life is nice 24 minutes ago

    Listening to Joe talk about medications makes my skin crawl, I've taken his alpha brain and it made me feel like a dumpster fire.

  • col
    col 24 minutes ago

    Rehabs for quitters

  • WorldPeaceNow!!!!!
    WorldPeaceNow!!!!! 24 minutes ago

    courage to jordan peterson! that s responsible and mature to get into rehab!

  • chainframe
    chainframe 24 minutes ago

    I use benzos to get off of nasal spray. Stay medicated all weekend, Monday morning I'm clear as a bell. Works every time

  • Celtic Hutcheson
    Celtic Hutcheson 24 minutes ago

    Who cares if someone was or is racist! Stop being politically correct! It’s a bullshit story created by pedophile elite. Who cares