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Sub Zero - Party Time
Views 293 months ago
Junglord - Feel No Pain
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Plata - Oceans77
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ARKiV - Nether Nor
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Johny Van - Save Tonight
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リアムMAZE1981 - Boy
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YUNG BAE - Day By Day
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Ghostek - Aequora
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Lorn - Tattered Flag
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DZA - Macross Plus
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Deaf-an - Horizon
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Moniker- Bank
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Neydah - Night Walker
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Slugabed- Molecules
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Re:Plus- Sunrise, Sunset
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Beatsforbeaches- Glide
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TENKOMORI- Disconnected
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Einum of- Sir
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Skyence- Polaroid
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  • joanelmak
    joanelmak 4 days ago

    Thank you it has Been 19 years since i do Not hear this beautiful theme

  • Astrozi Æ
    Astrozi Æ 12 days ago

    What does the audio at the beginning of the song say ? I’m really curious lol

  • Keynan Martinez
    Keynan Martinez 14 days ago

    Sampling Better Off Alone yet surprised it sounds original.

  • LSim
    LSim 15 days ago

    thanks pandora

  • microwave
    microwave 25 days ago


  • VkHardcorePower
    VkHardcorePower Month ago


  • alex beausire
    alex beausire Month ago

    could you send this to me too!

  • Thomas Paine
    Thomas Paine Month ago

    That solo starting at 2:05... ...fucking epic... This song is great.

  • Dominus
    Dominus Month ago

    An absolute banger

  • Siddfeed
    Siddfeed 3 months ago

    My morning jam as I get ready for a day full of booze and anime.

    • O
      O 3 months ago


  • O
    O 3 months ago

    Finally found this song

  • O
    O 3 months ago

    Chill out with these gifs

  • Tony Walker
    Tony Walker 3 months ago

    This is Jungle!!

  • bayzlordz
    bayzlordz 3 months ago

    Qué bonito!

  • stephen mctowelie
    stephen mctowelie 3 months ago

    damn thats a sick track, i love it🖤🖤🖤

  • sariah
    sariah 3 months ago

    henny boyz

  • StickThisUpYourAnus
    StickThisUpYourAnus 4 months ago

    And they don't stop coming, and they don't stop coming And they don't stop coming, and they don't stop coming And they don't stop coming, and they don't stop coming ...

  • Hans Kloss
    Hans Kloss 4 months ago

    Pozdrowienia Małgochunie. :) Dla kota tyż.

  • Ford Lad Uk
    Ford Lad Uk 4 months ago

    2019 😍😍😍😍

  • sten1s1k
    sten1s1k 4 months ago

    It's so good i want a 1 hour version!

    • French Fry
      French Fry 3 months ago

      Right click and press loop. Now you have infinite iglooghost!

  • Mack Sarnie
    Mack Sarnie 4 months ago

    Wtf, one of her ears is MUCH bigger than the other

  • Euromaster
    Euromaster 4 months ago

    Radio mix please

    • Euromaster
      Euromaster 3 months ago

      @Brandon BZoundshine is back, here is the link. laut.fm/zoundshine

    • Brandon B
      Brandon B 3 months ago

      Yusuke Hurameshi Yeah I was subscribed to Zoundshine too.

    • Euromaster
      Euromaster 3 months ago

      @Brandon B I do not know, the channel is Zoundshine but I remove all the music, maybe it was for the copyright.

    • Brandon B
      Brandon B 3 months ago

      Yusuke Hurameshi It was on youtube, don't know why it's down???

  • Joel Hardy
    Joel Hardy 5 months ago

    I’ve heard this before, just at the correct pitch and not with shitty splicing.

  • vilekilla
    vilekilla 5 months ago


  • data error 4543
    data error 4543 5 months ago

    It's always rap we need to change music now a days

  • M4rcom44
    M4rcom44 5 months ago

    Yang based 300 I.Q. Asian

  • gani
    gani 5 months ago

    such a good song man

  • Cedric
    Cedric 5 months ago

    that rammstein sample :o

  • BrokenBeats94
    BrokenBeats94 6 months ago

    Mate this should get released, it's been a few years now

    • Curien
      Curien 3 months ago

      Asa gave it out to the people that pre-ordered his 'Torn Together' LP alongside him and Sorrow's Archangel remix.

  • Captain Awesome
    Captain Awesome 6 months ago

    When you play this simultaneously on five devices, it turns you into an electric James Bond.

  • Pasteloween
    Pasteloween 6 months ago

    Awesome song

  • StellarNinjas
    StellarNinjas 6 months ago

    I can't believe I've only listened to this 500 times.

  • Ben Newton
    Ben Newton 6 months ago

    Got this back in 94 in Ruff house records staines .. never heard it out but got a bit of radio play on trance fm and don fm

  • LordBubuu
    LordBubuu 6 months ago

    la madre del cordero, superb!

  • Hallucinogen
    Hallucinogen 6 months ago


  • Nigel Ricci
    Nigel Ricci 7 months ago

    Dangerous ✌🔥

  • Hafersten Productions
    Hafersten Productions 7 months ago

    Love this. This gives off such a strong Mario Kart or Sonic the Hedgehog vibe.

  • DJ Ravegirl, the angel of rave

    sehr geil

  • résonance CKIAFM 88,3

    On 02-14-2019, this is gonna be played on the air at CKIA FM 88,3 quebec city 20:00 EDT, on the show resonance fb.com/electrockia ckiafm.org

    ABDULLH ALZEER 7 months ago


  • steve _
    steve _ 7 months ago

    smile chat SmileChamp

  • ChimpiMan
    ChimpiMan 8 months ago

    why music good like this don´t get famous?

  • steve _
    steve _ 8 months ago

    War music thread

    • B - bomb
      B - bomb 8 months ago

      Oh shit hahahahaha

  • diehard5830
    diehard5830 8 months ago


  • SativaBFM
    SativaBFM 8 months ago

    fuckkk, this out?

  • Alexander Fairbank
    Alexander Fairbank 8 months ago


  • ha woo
    ha woo 8 months ago

    holy shit 10/10

  • Pixelsam 7
    Pixelsam 7 8 months ago

    SERIOUSLY Underrated...!

  • Azmend Undram
    Azmend Undram 8 months ago

    This is so goddamn good. How does it have less than 100 views...?

  • KiLN
    KiLN 9 months ago

    Ace. Remember buying this with the last few quid from my giro fron Funky World in Stafford back n 96. Was skint for a week or two but still got that vinyl now 22 years later and still fuuking love it

  • Luis Fernando Hidalgo Jara

    Como que te transporta...

  • Kai Brinkmann
    Kai Brinkmann 9 months ago

    Verenas Stimme wird das letzte sein was mein Gehirn mich hören lässt bevor die Lichter ausgehen.

  • Crazy Wax
    Crazy Wax 10 months ago

    Any chance of uploading the B side

    • Crazy Wax
      Crazy Wax 10 months ago

      Cheers for that gonna be buying this in the next few days so underrated and unheard never heard this played bye anyone why I’ll never no wicked tune

    • Abraxas Strain
      Abraxas Strain 10 months ago

      If i found it i'll upload as soon as posible.

  • Crazy Wax
    Crazy Wax 10 months ago

    Absolute wicked idea that tune just fits the breaks so well moody dark and still uplifting sort of tune I can imagine playing while your getting ready for a mega night out 👍😆

  • Mr. Hellas
    Mr. Hellas 10 months ago

    Copying the rights of the record label... all rights of the producer and owner of the recorded work reserved.

  • M K
    M K 10 months ago


  • Ozi
    Ozi 10 months ago

    Got strong killing floor vibes.

  • Don Duke
    Don Duke 10 months ago


  • Syntox
    Syntox 10 months ago

    I'm dancing like a goofy asshole who is also a spy to this song, SO GOOD

  • rorz999
    rorz999 11 months ago

    I have this record and this isn't Michael's theme... different song entirely, not on either side of this record

  • 。航音樂
    。航音樂 11 months ago

    Fuckin Akane Tendo

  • Le Pre
    Le Pre 11 months ago

    Oh yes

  • Oli N
    Oli N 11 months ago


  • Hitomtom
    Hitomtom 11 months ago

    This song helped me get through the most emotionally toughest summer I've ever had to deal with. Thank you Abraxas.

  • R Ag
    R Ag 11 months ago

    Can u do another hard mix of i will always love u but make it longer n more whitney vocals

  • hardbass
    hardbass 11 months ago

    Todo un clasico temazo hardcoriano!!!!

  • Callum Brown
    Callum Brown Year ago

    80's pop was best!

  • Proiectediversediy

    Fuck mate.Thanks a milion .I am looking for this song for 15 years.Thank you,best of luck.

  • El if
    El if Year ago

    Acaba arkadaki ses Selin mi?

  • French Fry
    French Fry Year ago


  • Ecesu Yakar
    Ecesu Yakar Year ago

    Selim apla

  • tereyağlı bazlama

    selinden geldik

  • Can Manay
    Can Manay Year ago

    Seliiin ndksjdks

  • Ünzile Nedim
    Ünzile Nedim Year ago

    Selinden selamlarla geldik xlslsmxmzlslsmls

  • Selena Santorski

    Selin den gelenler

  • Ece kapaca
    Ece kapaca Year ago

    Selin den geldik hadi eyw

  • ROM Chik
    ROM Chik Year ago


  • artofviolence1
    artofviolence1 Year ago

    one of my all time favourites <3

  • gwn_talicia
    gwn_talicia Year ago

    memoriessss.. i love this one <3

  • ApTateS
    ApTateS Year ago

    year :)

  • mike tom
    mike tom Year ago


  • Anime und Cartoonkanal 70er,80,90er - 2000er

    Ach das waren noch Zeiten sie waren so schön und sind es heute immer noch 😊😉

  • Lliesse T I L D A

    symbiosize much

  • Mark Morris
    Mark Morris Year ago

    Big up man for postin

  • Milton Farfán
    Milton Farfán Year ago


  • El Solitario George

    Dieeeeeeez encontre este tema para hacer mis mezclas Gracias por subirle

  • mc77ification
    mc77ification Year ago


  • Anna Smith
    Anna Smith Year ago

    Awesome tune

  • Just Your Shadow

    Hella underappreciated


    this song reminds me of the things i used to do :(

  • Rick van der Putten

    Can you send me this version please?

  • Outside Mayor
    Outside Mayor Year ago

    clearer copy needed pleasssseeeeeeeeee ;)

  • Dune
    Dune Year ago

    Hey Abraxas, great and clear rip of the vinyl! Is it possible to get it in highres? And also extended mix and solid dance mix? Would be super :)

    • Dune
      Dune Year ago

      Great, got them :) Thanks!!

    • Abraxas Strain
      Abraxas Strain Year ago

      Send. Nice to help you ;)

    • Abraxas Strain
      Abraxas Strain Year ago

      Heaven, Extended Version: tvclip.biz/video/utyyOO3-E_s/video.html Heaven, Solid Dance Mix: tvclip.biz/video/nCShO00uc4g/video.html I'll try upload again the Warp Drive Club with better quality. Cheers ;)

  • adem
    adem Year ago

    porcodio ooooo

  • Ry J
    Ry J Year ago

    Respect for uploading ;)

  • jaythissell
    jaythissell Year ago

    Great song but can we appreciate the fact that this song mainly samples memes? Most of his work does.

    • logitech4873
      logitech4873 Month ago

      I don't recognise any of it from anywhere

    • defEnderr_ru
      defEnderr_ru 7 months ago

      memes? which? when? what?..

    • GAHd ZUWkz
      GAHd ZUWkz Year ago

      All producers use sample packs and pre made synth patches, but I think it's genius the way he uses these samples and memes

    • Slavko Stević
      Slavko Stević Year ago

      can you tell me in which parts are those samples?

  • RockJockey
    RockJockey Year ago

    I'm enjoying the music.

  • Vincent Price
    Vincent Price Year ago

    Unforgotten :-) my first Remix for a big Act.

  • Dj Viter - -Ukrajina


  • Fishylad
    Fishylad Year ago

    181 bpm?... this neighboor is crazy wack! fucking love it