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  • Coll Buck
    Coll Buck 2 months ago

    Hey, Dulce- I am commenting here to let you know the reason I am unsubscribing after 6+ years.... For the first time I left a comment on your video recently and I got nothing but negative comments back at me. Because of this I no longer feel safe expressing myself on your channel and I wish you the best of luck with the rest of your youtube career.

    SUNSHINE DARK 6 months ago

    hey dulce I am a big fan of youu i was watching you videoS since 2011 AND NOW IAM STARTING MY KNEW CHANNEL AND I WOULD LIKE YOU TO HELP ME IF IT POSSIBLE

  • MaryBroadcastBand
    MaryBroadcastBand 7 months ago

    nice channel, have a look at my channel too, if you like to listen to pop music, thx! cheers mary

  • R'League View-Vined
    R'League View-Vined 8 months ago

    Filled With Things To Say, One Who Steps Out on Faith, The Women About Family- The Giver and Hard Worker. Thank You DulceCandy. We need more of this in the world!

    • R'League View-Vined
      R'League View-Vined 8 months ago

      I'm finally joining the land of interactivity- instead of just watching videos- which I have been doing for an entire year or so now. This is great to see!

  • BohemianAmore
    BohemianAmore 8 months ago

    Please review the new Rose Highlighter by Lancome - it's so pretty <3


  • Daily Beauty Tips
    Daily Beauty Tips 10 months ago

    Im Latina and you are a big inspiration to me ^^^^

  • Rebecca Williams
    Rebecca Williams 11 months ago

    Hey love! You are such an inspiration for years now. You taught me so much about beauty and fashion. And you also inspired me to start my own youtube channel. I would love if you would check it out and leave me your feedback. :)

  • Ashley Reis
    Ashley Reis Year ago

    great vids, check mine!


    preciosos peinados,eres muy linda

  • Tairica Brown
    Tairica Brown Year ago

    I'm deaf. Happy Birthday.

  • Kék Dragnal
    Kék Dragnal Year ago

    10/10 would bomb your homecountry

  • A Little Bit of Everything

    Im Latina and you are a big inspiration to me

  • Juana Elisa Jarquin

    asi te odio

  • Juana Elisa Jarquin

    yo no te entiendo tu español y peor tu ingles y lo q le dijeste ala gente no
    me gusto y sabes algo si soy perfacta niña openincisnffbvfjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

  • Josephine Maldonado

    I believe in you, Dulce. Life is happening exactly as it is supposed to be happening. <3

  • Sireness Effect
    Sireness Effect Year ago

    hi im Michelle im a huge fan i got a copy of your book the sweet life a while back and its helped me through so much i am very inspired to go for my passion i just finished reading it and was wondering if you ever do any meet and greet if you can try to come to Tennessee i would love for you to sign my book ! i hope you see this! bye

  • jupiterstar01
    jupiterstar01 Year ago

    You are loved and appreciated! Not just by me and other YouTubers but also in in a spiritual sense by those on the other side (non-physical plane).

    Please stand up for yourself when it comes to HATERS!
    I tried to report the offensive comments and icon on your behalf, and YouTube informed me that I'm considered a third party, but you have the power to block nyck1d36
    nyck1d361 week ago
    how do you clean your shit skin. Please Do!!!!

  • Ray Reyes
    Ray Reyes Year ago

    I have so much respect for you since watching the debate. Thanks for standing up for all those that have no voice...

  • Killmaven
    Killmaven Year ago

    Hi Dulce. I'm not a regular part of your audience, and probably won't be but I just had a two hour argument over you on Twitter, so I had to come see who I was defending. Glad I did. I wanted to wash the taste of hate out of my mouth by telling you thank you for your service to OUR country, and I'm glad you're here.

  • Carol Lopez
    Carol Lopez Year ago

    I was excited to see you on the Presidential debate tonight! Who do you endorse?

  • Fourhand1917
    Fourhand1917 Year ago

    Saw your question in the debate, I liked it, happy to subscribe to you. And I have to agree with Jeb, you have a really cool name.

  • Mary Mary
    Mary Mary Year ago

    Just saw your news reel on the debate! Excellent question!!! Congrats on your success!!!

  • WealthisoftheMind

    Saw you in the debate!!!

  • Chris Powell
    Chris Powell Year ago

    Good try collaborating with FauxRINO to try another gotcha with the Donald. You're a special kind of moron aren't you? And before you attempt to sneak across our borders illegally (like you did in 1994) you should check your own back door. You know the one that calls you a law breaker. The one that says ILLEGAL next to the word immigrant. I'm sure your questions were going to be real fair. Grow up sideburns and tell the truth.

    • Jill Ruben
      Jill Ruben 11 months ago

      Clearly he did not serve or he would have responded. What a mean spirited person, not a man. hate the haters. I think you're wonderful!

    • Chris Powell
      Chris Powell Year ago

      take your curiosity and shove it back into your propaganda machine. lol! i have compassion for people who obey the law. since she served in the military i grant you she should be allowed to be a citizen. that's a separate issue. unlike you i can differentiate.

    • Chris Powell
      Chris Powell Year ago

      she has no right to ask a question in a debate about immigration when she is illegal. what don't you understand? i'm sure the question was very fair. wake up and smell America.

    • Killmaven
      Killmaven Year ago

      +Chris Powell She was seven yrs. old, genius. What? She was supposed to tell her parents "Can't come with you, that's ILLEGAL!". Come on. Have some sense and compassion. She served in the Army and spent time in Iraq. What do you want from her? Just out of curiosity, have you served, or did you dodge like your Daddy Donald?

  • Claudia Stefania

    I admire very much Dulce , my name is Claudia and I am from Romania 17 years . The small 're watching and I hope that in the future I might be a wardrobe like yours < 3 do not get enough to admire your room organization and everything you do, please if you can do a "my closet tour" awaited him long and I hope that you will do sometime . I hope you understand what you 've written and you will see my message . A good day

  • sweetqueen1100
    sweetqueen1100 Year ago

    make test

  • sweetqueen1100
    sweetqueen1100 Year ago

    maybe u have thyroed

  • married to fashion

    HOLA ! Te invito a mi canal a que veas mi contenido y si te gusta puedes suscribirte ! gracias y un besoo enorme ... ya estoy suscripta ! ah y queria saber si quisieras hacer un colaborativo conmigo ?

  • marsha Sar
    marsha Sar Year ago

    would you please do a review on Younique Touch Liquid Foundation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lacasitade_ lucia

    Hello beautiful I love your channel  so I leave my support and invite you to that you pass by my channel  and give me your support  to.Hola guapa me encanta tu canal por eso te dejo mi apoyo y te invito a que te pases  por mi canal y me dejes tu apoyo tambien

  • Sarah Blackmon
    Sarah Blackmon 2 years ago

    Hey Dulce!! I love your videos! congrats on the new book<3 what camera do you use? xoxo

  • Lydia Ghendous
    Lydia Ghendous 2 years ago

    hello girls my name is lydia I am a law student, I look for girls who can help me give me clothes they no longer wear or damaging, please I count on you, please contact me if more information, I expect and I hope each of you will contact me

  • Flappiest Cat
    Flappiest Cat 2 years ago

    man you rock

  • Christina Haugen
    Christina Haugen 2 years ago

    Could you please do a fall skin care routine? Since the weather is getting colder I could really use some recommendations on how to keep my skin from getting dry. It you could that would be great! Thank you!!

  • Lesli Rodriguez
    Lesli Rodriguez 2 years ago

    Hi Dulce! I miss your home decor, DIY, hauls, fashion, and organizational videos. Please make more videos like those. I love your ideas and creativity, but I don't wear make up and all I have seen lately is make-up tutorials and make up reviews :(. Thanks! And congrats on your book!!! :)

  • Alexandra S
    Alexandra S 2 years ago

    Did you delete the video of your son opening his heart to you? That video was so touching and I couldn't fight my tears. You're very blessed!!

  • Mentyy2233
    Mentyy2233 2 years ago

    Congratulations DulceCandy!!!!!! (: Your SWEET youtube family is so proud of you. You have come a long way. It's amazing how you have inspired so many people to maintain a  SWEET heart,mind, and soul even when the world tends to get a little SOUR at times...We all thank you for all the effort you have put into your Youtube channel as well as your  book. You are almost at 2M subbies #theSWEETFAMILY is growing!!

  • TheWeirdosNextDoor
    TheWeirdosNextDoor 2 years ago

    Are you going to make a video about how you do your wavy hair like on your "10 Travel must haves" video? My hair is the same length as yours and I've tried to make it look decently wavy looking but the style of wavy on your hair looks like something that I'd like to try xD

  • Tom n.
    Tom n. 2 years ago

    what are your favorite shopping websites ?  plz make a video and talk about that. 

  • iro koutsouraki
    iro koutsouraki 2 years ago

    will translate your book ( the sweet life ) into other languages ​​?

  • bellaesthetics1
    bellaesthetics1 2 years ago

    please do a cover fx drops review and demo

  • nereida94
    nereida94 2 years ago

    te has planteado a poner subtitulos en español o hacer dos vídeos uno en ingles o otro en español para esas seguidoras que habla hispana? Los subtitulos que hay de traducción de youtube soy muy malos. Al menos los subtitulos estarían bien. Tus vídeos me encantan.

  • giorgia borselli
    giorgia borselli 2 years ago

    I'm italian, I discover your channel few months ago and I love it, you are beautiful,an adorable girl and a very good mom for your boy. now I decide to watch all your videos from the beginning. Goodjob and goodlife....I wish you all. xoxo
    Giorgia, Firenze

  • Melanie C
    Melanie C 2 years ago

    Hola Dulce! Me encantan tus vídeos y especialmente cuando los haces en español! eres mi inspiración, me he vuelto adicta a tu canal por favor puedes llamar al 911 que alguien me auxilie jajaja te adoro sigue enseñándonos a quedar hermosas como tu, te amo besos .) 

  • Shobbena Srikanthan
    Shobbena Srikanthan 2 years ago

    Where's your makeup collection????

  • Rusha
    Rusha 2 years ago

    You're gorgeous babe, keep being awesome :)

  • Caitlin Carlos
    Caitlin Carlos 2 years ago

    Dear Dulce Candy, 
    I just recently starting watching your channel and it has become my go-to for makeup ideas and tips. 
    You're designs always end up flawless and I get more and more excited as videos get uploaded. 
    I would love to have my own YouTube channel for amateur beauty enthusiasts such as myself. 
    Do you have any tips/tricks for someone who wants to start a successful channel? 

    Caitlin :) 

  • Daniela López
    Daniela López 2 years ago


  • Fatima Gutierrez
    Fatima Gutierrez 2 years ago

    Hola Dulce Candy.... me encantan me encantan tus videos, aunque le entiendo poco al Inglés las imágenes son muy explicitas y les entiendo a la perfección.....

    Si alguien entiende mi comentario estaría encantada que me apoyen en mi canal...soy principiante y me encantaría contar con el apoyo de todas Ustedes :)

  • Aureus Arts
    Aureus Arts 2 years ago

    Hi there, I enjoyed watching your video "Spring Cleaning My Bathroom!'. Wow your bathroom looks so organized and clean after you have cleaned it up. It's very helpful and inspiring. 

  • carmen barrios
    carmen barrios 2 years ago

    i just love how your hair color looks
    can u do a video on  how u color ur hair ?
    please please god bless you. 

    BETTY SPARKLES 2 years ago

    Would love to do a collab video. I did send a tweet to you but don't know whether you would get it. Thanks, message me on twitter or here. would be amazing if we did do one!! xx

  • Reem
    Reem 3 years ago

    Bae, love you :D

  • Konstantina Koliaraki

    Ηey Dulce! I love both of your channels and I have a request but its a more personal one so I thought I'd write it here! I also did this on your other channel because I didn't know if you would see that. So I'd like to see you talking about your relationship with Jessie! I mean how do you guys manage to get through all of your issues and problems and have a good relationship through all these years! I really hope you'll do it! Love u and keep up with all the great work!

  • Mini Storage
    Mini Storage 3 years ago

    Your videos are so helpful and you are so beautiful. Thank you so much.

  • Mens Harem Pants
    Mens Harem Pants 3 years ago

    Love your channel! Super great videos!

  • Kalin Doorsamy
    Kalin Doorsamy 3 years ago

    Hi, could you please do a tutorial on applying foundation using a product called Coverderm. 

  • Larissa Melo
    Larissa Melo 3 years ago

    Oi! Meu canal é novinho! Corre lá pra ver! Ainda tem poucos videos, mas ainda vou postar muito mais! Tem um video sobre um programa de likes no instagram! Se gostar se inscreva  (Vai ter videos de makes,dicas,diy,decoracão,receita,vlogs e muito mais!) Já me inscrevi no seu 

  • Ani V
    Ani V 3 years ago

    Hi D.Candy, what do you do since this video 'How To- Groomed Eyebrows' to your eyebrows? Actually mines look like them with the same form, but i want they become like yours in the latest video (sorry for spelling mistake). Please help i'm so desperate.. Kisses

    • Derma Logi
      Derma Logi 3 years ago

      I like this topic too. I will definitely watch this video. 

  • Magdalena Cazarez
    Magdalena Cazarez 3 years ago

    Hello Dulce Candy!!
    I am the Chief Editor for my chapter's online magazine, hercampus.com/unl 
    I recently did an article on you and other gurus and thought you might be interested in reading it :)
    You are by far my favorite guru and I would say others would agree you are the best at what you do. I look forward to hearing your feedback on the article!

    Stay beautiful!


  • Gloria A. Felix
    Gloria A. Felix 3 years ago

    hi! i´m sorry i don't know where else to ask this: do you know if there is a foundation for hot-humid weather? if that makes sense... I´m in a part of Mexico thats always HOT and theres TONS of humidity and i just can't get the right combination of foundation and powered for that type of weather without it getting all cakey looking,  btw, love your videos :) you are such a classy lady! :) 

    • Beauty ByDre
      Beauty ByDre 2 years ago

      You'll love this foundation!! Oil control, I'd go with this one.

  • لمى  سلطان
    لمى سلطان 3 years ago

    hi dulce

    pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse do another vlogs

    ilooooooove your blogssssssss

    i love you

  • Carmel Muz
    Carmel Muz 3 years ago

    you are gorgeous,can you make a new video of your makeup collection please!

  • Unity Bub
    Unity Bub 3 years ago

    Hey there! I'm new at making videos and I don't want to spam anyone but I just started making videos and I'd love it if you could check me out

  • Weirdo277
    Weirdo277 3 years ago

    hi im new to your channel.

  • Zara Rabbani Rashid
    Zara Rabbani Rashid 3 years ago

    hey Dulce, can you please please please do tutorials on the make-up you had done in your 'nighttime skincare routine' (the latest one) and your april favourites? I've been requesting since very long. thank you
    and happy birthday <3 :):)

  • rubycelica
    rubycelica 3 years ago

    happy birthday dulce, may you have an awesome new year in your life!:)

  • Eline Timmermans
    Eline Timmermans 3 years ago

    I would not know what the best way is to contact you, but I just wanted to trie this out and I truly hope you will read this and perhaps even contact me. I'm a girl, recently turned 20, and my lifelong dream has been joining the air force (Belgium). The only thing is, I'm also sort of like you, I am trying to have my own fashionblog, I care about my looks and all that. But my passion for flying is really haunting me, especially now that I am getting older. So I just wanted to talk to you and possibly get some advice, it would really mean the world to me.

    • Joannie Sunshine
      Joannie Sunshine 3 years ago

      Hi Eline, I'm new to YouTube and I just came across Dulce's page and saw your post. I can definitely relate to your question. I joined the US Marines when I was 17. It was something I really wanted to do among many other things and I'm glad I did. You're young and full of life and I think you should follow your dreams. Don't let yourself ever look back and wonder, what if? Who said you can't be a fashionable and in the air force? I think people should make time for what makes them happy. If flying is your passion then go for it, but don't forget you can still be a fashion blogger. Just have faith in yourself bcuz that's what's going to make anything possible. Hope this helped and Good Luck! :) 

  • Lourdes Anders
    Lourdes Anders 3 years ago

    Hello Dulce... just wondering when you were little you lived in Santa Barbara Ca..? 

  • Serenity Facial
    Serenity Facial 3 years ago

    Your video "My Night Time Skin Care Routine" is really inspiring and very informative. Skin care products are really important in making our skin stay healthy and youthful, but we really need to choose the best product that really helps with our skin type. Skin cleansing is the best way to remove dirt from our skin just like what you have been doing in your video. Great skin there!

  • i snipe
    i snipe 3 years ago

    Do a back to school giveway! please you are asome

  • Niara Wolf
    Niara Wolf 3 years ago

    Video Suggestion: Kylie Jenner Look. :)

  • XoBella
    XoBella 3 years ago

    Love your videos, big fan at what you do been watching for years inspired me to make my own youtube channel, I made my first videos, and would like for you to check it out and maybe subscribe it will mean the world thanks.

  • Green Tea X50
    Green Tea X50 3 years ago

    You are so beautiful! Your videos are really awesome. Glad you shared them. 

  • Fanny & Moi
    Fanny & Moi 3 years ago

    hello girls, I am waiting for your opinions on my youtube page ;) 

    GIBELI RODRIGUEZ 3 years ago

    hi DULCE you are very cute greetings from Venezuela, please help I am new to my channel

  • Lissie Gonzalez
    Lissie Gonzalez 3 years ago

    I love all of your videos I was wondering if it was hard for you to get ready when your son was first born, I am about to have a baby  so I don't have alot of time to get dolled up and was hoping maybe you could post some fast and easy hair and makeup tips for moms on the go!

  • dehallmo's Thunderhaus

    are you a believer in Jesus Christ?

  • Faniefefe
    Faniefefe 3 years ago

    He I'm Mexican Like You And Live Where You Were Born =)

  • Sabrina Huntley
    Sabrina Huntley 3 years ago

    Awesome videos,nice

  • charla jade
    charla jade 3 years ago

    Hey! whats your backround? you look a little mediteranean - italian(ish) or are you just American?

  • Lat1napr1nc3ss
    Lat1napr1nc3ss 3 years ago

    luv all your videos!! your great! I too aspire to be you someday... Loved your confidence video!! have a great day and so happy for you with all the new opportunities that are coming your way.. God Bless You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LaTigraVioleta
    LaTigraVioleta 3 years ago

    Hope to see you gain 2 million subscribers :)

  • emna bouhlel
    emna bouhlel 3 years ago

    were you on an episode of awkward season 4 ? cause thereis a girl that look exactly lke you on episode 5

  • Artistrybysara
    Artistrybysara 3 years ago

    hi dulce would you tell me if naked eye palletes or too faced eye palletes to buy? which ones are better quality

  • NiicollEstefany
    NiicollEstefany 3 years ago

    Que pena no hagas videos en español :l 

  • Starla Munoz
    Starla Munoz 3 years ago

    Can you please do a video on graduation makeup.

  • Sabrina SMILE
    Sabrina SMILE 3 years ago

    I'm so happy that you made a Spanish video good luck and God bless you

  • Akshaya Srinivasan
    Akshaya Srinivasan 3 years ago

    dulce candy can you do a updated makeup collection video??

  • Jennifer Jay ♡
    Jennifer Jay ♡ 3 years ago

    Love your videos, it inspired me to make my own youtube channel, I made my first video, hope you guys can check it out! ♡

  • Varja Mitrovic
    Varja Mitrovic 3 years ago

    Do a makeup collection video plss

  • QueeenSava
    QueeenSava 3 years ago

    Love Your videos the first video i watched was your diaper bag video and since then started following u I'm a mom as well and just started my channel i would love to invite you to check my videos out and it would be very honoring if u can give me some tips or suggestions  me as well as all of us here on You Tube just wan to grow here so i hope u take the time i bet your busy but i hope u can squeezed some time to check me out love you    

  • MayraUrrutia
    MayraUrrutia 3 years ago

    Good evening, 
    My name is Mayra Urrutia, you don't know me and I hope you don't think I'm some fan asking for money or anything because I am a fan but, I am not asking for money. I would appreciate it if you spread the word on this fundraiser I am doing in order to surprise my sister. I don't know a better way to be able to contact millions of people.. This act of kindness is for my sister. She means the world to me, I want to repay her for all that she has done for me. I love her so much she has given up so much for and done so much for me so I want to say thank you and show her my appreciation. She is seriously my inspiration my motivation to do better in life. She has always put me first and given me all that she could from such a young age nothing I mean nothing will make me happier then being able to surprise her with this. Please check out the link provided and if you are willing to pass the word along I would very much so appreciate it.


  • lezliier5
    lezliier5 3 years ago

    Love your channel especially the beauty videos

  • Krishna Solanki
    Krishna Solanki 3 years ago

    Can you do a review/ tutorial on Drew Barrymore's Flower Beauty makeup line?

  • Carol Hardy
    Carol Hardy 3 years ago

    Can you please do a haul on physicians formula products especially the nude wear line.

  • Rachita Jain
    Rachita Jain 3 years ago

    hey there, i am from India and have been following you for about 3 yrs now. I just wanted to tell you that i'm not a big makeup person but i love to see your videos just because you are a very nice and lively person and bring a smile to my face. have a great day and be yourself....

  • moccacine
    moccacine 3 years ago

    Dulce I loove your channel, help me a lot with makeup!!

  • Taylor Shymanski - Beauty Vlogger ♡

    Hey everyone! I want to invite you all to my beauty channel :) I'm just getting started here on YouTube, & would love it if all of you stopped by! Thanks so much, xo. (I know these are annoying, but I really want to get my channel out there) :)

    • Courtney Val
      Courtney Val 3 years ago

      Hey ladies! I have been looking for new youtubers too! I started my channel not too long ago too  (my adorable bunny makes cameos). I hope you all can check out my channel and I will definitely go check out yours and subscribe. Can't wait to see your videos! Hugs!

    • Rebecca Williams
      Rebecca Williams 3 years ago

      +Cindy Nguyen  Hey giiirls... Me 2! Started doing youtube videos a while ago..:)
      Maybe someone is interessted to check out my beauty channel.. :) As you may know it is pretty hard to find subbies.. i'd just like to let you know that i am in the same boat as well.. :) xo

    • Cindy Nguyen
      Cindy Nguyen 3 years ago

      hey girl!! I noticed you are new to youtube as well!! I just wanted to let you now that I am in the same boat!! I just uploaded a video yesterday. Please check it out and we can subscribe to each other :))

  • Seniors11
    Seniors11 3 years ago

    Can you please do a review on flexi rods on your hair??!?!?! 

  • Elle Avi Skin Care
    Elle Avi Skin Care 3 years ago

    Great videos!

    MARCELA MORA 3 years ago

    me gustan mucho tus vídeos pero la verdad es que no entiendo mucho, pues no se ingles seria rico que pudieras colocar un subtitulo o algo. gracias.

  • S Martinez
    S Martinez 3 years ago

    WHOA... why did  u take down your video... so glad I didn't click off it and got to watch the whole thing :)
    Hope u put it back up cuz I felt the same way for a while... not any more though,.. not for a long time... mostly cuz i never wanted my daughter to see me as weak or being put down so she learns to stand up for herself but she can be sweet and nice as well...

    Anyway i hope u put the video back up it's great advice for anyone at any age <3

  • Day by Day Beauty
    Day by Day Beauty 3 years ago

    Hello there!  What an upbeat personality you have - it comes through very well in your videos.  I was curious how you edit your videos? You do an artful job with the typography and graphics.

  • Andrea Alvarado
    Andrea Alvarado 3 years ago

    i love ur videos and most of all ur story..luv u dulce!

  • glosumm
    glosumm 3 years ago

    I aspire to be you :)

  • lea babee
    lea babee 3 years ago

    love your videos :)

  • TheMcmanus13
    TheMcmanus13 3 years ago

    please do some hair tutorials! 

  • Karina Lopez
    Karina Lopez 3 years ago

    So DulceCandy, how would you describe your style? You have a mix and balance of almost everything! So I was wondering what type of style you think you have? Cause I LOVE IT!

  • Vanessa Herrera
    Vanessa Herrera 3 years ago

    Thank you so much for being my first follower, I saw your girl power video and I was really inspired by what you said. I've been wanting to start a YouTube channel for the longest time but I never had the confide too but thanks to you here I am.. Thank you so very much :)

  • Regina C
    Regina C 3 years ago

    Why are there so many of your videos on Amelia Paige channel did that used to be your channel name?

  • Bonita Baaby
    Bonita Baaby 3 years ago

    Video Suggestion: Outfits for a professional workplace (=

  • Monique Yslas
    Monique Yslas 3 years ago

    Dulce I love your videos you're so pretty and your family is so cute :) But I was going to ask if you try any of the other stuff from forever 21 makeup line like the smoothing face blam face primer anything like that can you make another video? I've recently started to do my makeup so I'm a newbe and wanted to know where to get so good stuff without breaking my bank. :)

  • Sabrina keke
    Sabrina keke 3 years ago

    i like your videos.

  • kalalynnwoods
    kalalynnwoods 3 years ago

    Dulce I feel like there is a lot of hate on your channel and girls bullying and arguing with each other all the time. Is there maybe some way you could mention it in your videos and figure out a way to get your subscribers to stop! When ever someone disagrees with you it seems your subscribers go mental. Some of the girls I see getting bullied are 13 and younger and people are even personally attacking them giving death threats or telling them they are worthless and to kill them selves.. I really hope you can address this. Its getting out of hand.

  • Mai Mai
    Mai Mai 3 years ago

    Take a look at LUMINOUS LUST they are a new used, resell and brand new item store.  They have a great giveaway that is pinned to the top of their page. Visit www.facebook.com/luminouslust Thank you!

  • Lizandra Quinonez
    Lizandra Quinonez 3 years ago

    You are BEAUTIFUL!!!! 

  • Cutes Beauts
    Cutes Beauts 3 years ago

    Hey Dulce, i am soo obsessed with your videos, your my insperation i love your family, your beautiful, and i dont even know what to say but please post more videos and i love how you keep your dreams going and your so organised and very childish (i am not trying to imply that in any rude way, thats what i really like about you Dulce) , also your "draw my life" video was sooooo beautiful and it really touched me heart. please subcribe me and read my posts. ILYSM <3 

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    Dulce! :( Can you tell me the name of the music you played towards the end of the "How I remove my Facial Hair-" video? I am desperate to know how to play it :/ Pleasseee if you can...tell me....or if somebody can...

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    does anyone know what camera and lens she uses?

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    Hola Dulce! Estoy comenzando mi canal de belleza en español, me encantaría que pudieras pasar a verlo y decirme qué opinas. Mil gracias <3

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    Hey dulce , in your last video about waxing you mentioned that your hair is rather darker because of your nationality , (mexican) well im cuban and jamaican and my hairs are dark also , especially on my arms and legs . do you use the same shaving/waxing technique ? do you think you can make a video ? 

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    Hey Dulce! I really enjoy your channels and have the biggest favor to ask: I saw on one of your videos you mentioned seeing Jennifer Lopez on TV, and I was hoping you could do some tutorials on her best makeup looks? I came across an old music video of hers, "Ain't it Funny," and all the makeup in the video is incredible, but my favorite is the orangey look. It's so old school, but maybe include tips for different skin tones in trying to recreate the look or product recommendations? I would so really appreciate it! :)

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    "People were making videos to make others happy. It was so laidback and so AUTHENTIC. Now, YouTube’s a business for most people, and there’s just so much stupid shit going on behind the scenes, it’s ridiculous. People get so many subscribers and followers on Twitter, and they think they’re Beyonce. " -Kingsley

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    hi :) Dulce I love u so much I was woundering could you do a make up or fashion haul video ? :) You are my idol and I would love to see more of your wounderful style and beauty tips love you forever and always :) xox

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    Hey Dulce! can you do  an updated makeup collection video? :) I'm trying to build my dmakeup collection and would love to be inspired by yours :)

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    Hey I was just wondering if you could msg back about your plastic surgery payments and all about the financial aspects I myself am considering some and need some tips and advice thank yooou :)

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    Hey Dulce! Do you think you can do a New Year New Year tag? Here are the questions:
    1. What new things do you think to try?
    2. What item will you buy again?
    3.What new foods will you try in 2014?
    4. What item do you think you buy most?
    5. Will you color your hair again?
    6. What things from M.A.C will you try?
    7. Will you upload an updated makeup collection video?
    8. What did you do on New Years Eve and day?
    9. Will you miss 2013?
    Thanks Dulce! Hope you Do this tag!

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    I know you probably wont see this but I had to give it a shot! I'm reaching out to all the beauty gurus that I watch here on YouTube to try to get some help! I'm from a really small town in Kentucky and in my town are TONS of underprivileged families that struggle annually and especially during the holidays! Every year my high school (Hazard High School) comes together and tries to provide basic clothing items and things for the kids at the high school that don't have stable home lives. The reason I'm reaching out to you guys is because the majority of these underprivileged teens are girls. Growing up and going through high school is hard as I'm sure you all know and we know how cruel kids can be. Especially if you aren't the wealthiest. So what I'm trying to do is find a way to have more girly things donated to these teen girls like make up! I know many of you found escapes in experimenting with make up and have now become popular gurus! If you read this at all and can think of any ways to help PLEASSSSSSSSSSE message me on here. I really want to be able to help these girls feel more confident and beautiful. My little town and high school mean so much me and I just really want to do something good for all these girls! I would really appreciate anything! I'm not asking you to send me money or give me subscribers or anything like that I'm just asking for help! ANY HELP. It can be as simple as advice on what I should do to get donations or anything like that. So if you read this PLEASE respond and if not I still love ya anyway! Wish me luck! Have a happy holidays!
    Courtnie <3

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    Hi dulce I love your videos but I was wondering and so many other people have noticed how did you remove your manly sideburns cuz girl you had them hairyyyyyy lol you should make a video of what you did ASAP hahaha love ya

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    i am a young adult in my 20's and am curious about what you did to finding the right doctor to go to for the procedures (specifically breast enhancement)? I've been thinking about getting a procedure done but don't know where to start & what to be aware of when searching for the right doctor for me. any tips and advice toward looking for a doctor & research you've done to find yours is greatly appreciated ^_^

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    Hey girl I am turning 21 soon and I was wondering if you could give me ideas on what to wear please and thank you

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    Sol =D

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    Hi Dulce, I was wondering if you can do video on how you clean your makeup brushes, what are your top brush cleaners, and if using baby wash is okay to use on them. Thank you and I just want to say I love watching all of your videos they really help a lot.

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    Hi Dulce, Can you do a video about lipstick colors for olive skin tone? I have yellow under tone and its pale, I now that I dont have fair skin but it is pale anyways...hmm I don't know if you can understand me...hope you do.
    And it is very hard for me to find lipsticks shades that suit me well

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    Hey Dulce, I'm an Irish fan and would love for you to check out my haul video! X

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    Hi! Gearing up for Halloween, was wondering if you could share some tips on creating a look like Joan Jett's in Joan Jett - I Hate Myself For Loving You [ Original HQ ] if you get a chance? You're so talented at both achieving a look and teaching it. I would really appreciate some tips, thanks!!

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    Dulce Candy, you were  tthe first person I wached on youtube and you're the reason I started too! I'm absolutly inspired about how you went to the army, made this awsome channel and got a beautiful baby boy! I hope you keep on maing videos because I enjoy them so mutch! <3
    If you could ckeck my channel out, it would mean the world to me! And sorry if it's annoying to see those kinds of comments, I understand if you're to busy :)
    Thanks for everything!
    Lots of love

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    hi, love your videos..
    I was wondering is there anything you would recommend for dry damaged fried hair
    I recently went to the salon and they bleach my hair and it is fried I've never had my hair this damaged.
    thank you Rosie

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    Top 10 Fall Lipsticks!!!!!!!

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    Hi Dulce, I ws wondering if you can make a Stila Foundation video. I want to know your opinion on that foundation or if you havent used it, can you check it out? I just bought it yesterday and i think its great but i really love your opinion.

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    can you help to mention that books? thanks dear

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